Saturday, March 19, 2011

Apparently the Feds sold Schaeffer Cox and his fellow toy soldiers silencers and fake grenades which they then stored in a trailer. Brilliant military minds at work here folks!

This is my wife. I only have to choke her when she gets uppity.
Courtesy of the Newsminer:

Schaeffer Cox and a Peacemakers Militia associate allegedly stored a cache of weapons in the Fairbanks Ice Park parking lot and were duped into buying inert grenades, according to two federal indictments made available today. (The indictments can be found here and here.)

The indictment on the weapons charge alludes to multiple “weapons caches.” At one time, weapons were stored at Barney’s North Pole area property. They moved them to a white trailer in the parking lot of the Fairbanks Ice Park on March 10, according to the document. (Storing the weapons in a trailer  establishes their "white trash cred."  You CANNOT be a member of the militia without white trash cred.  Ask anybody.)

Cox and Barney allegedly had several meetings with a weapons dealer and wanted to buy 25 grenades at $70 each, according to the indictment. They were later told only eight grenades were available. They bought them, unaware the grenades were inert, according to the document.

They met with a weapons dealer?  Hell there are hundreds of gun sellers in Alaska.  It would be almost impossible to determine who they met with, and who sold them out to the Feds, based on only this information.

Unless of course there are other hints in the indictments.

b. From February 4 through February 6, 2011, on the direction of COX, VERNON and another person travelled to and stayed in Anchorage for the purpose of obtaining grenades.

g. On February 27, 2011, COX and BARNEY met with another person and requested to purchase, and ordered a pistol and silencer matched set, agreeing to pay$1,000 each. COX later agreed to trade a C-93 semi-automatic rifle, with a lower receiver, in lieu of the $1,000 cash purchase price. COX stated that the lower end receiver would, after a some modification, make the C-93 fully automatic.

h. On or about March 1, 2011, COX met with the same person that they ordered the pistol and silencers from and ordered 25 grenades. COX stated that the grenades he currently possessed had two-second fuses. COX asked if the grenades that were for sale were eight-second fuses and asked if he (COX) could get a volume discount on the price. COX stated if they could get the price down to $70 per grenade, he could buy as much as he wanted

So Cox traveled to Anchorage to make the purchases with this "person" who they believed could hook them up with grenades, silencers, and automatic weapons?  Now isn't that interesting?

Isn't Drop Zone in Anchorage?  I do believe that it is.

And isn't the owner of Drop Zone, William Fulton, the guy Joe Miller hired as "security" to rough up a local journalist?

And isn't William Fulton referred to as the "supply sergeant" because he is the go-to guy for militia members seeking weapons and supplies?

And isn't Fulton currently MIA?

So let's see what we have here. Schaeffer comes to Anchorage, where William Fulton, the militia "supply sergeant" has a shop, and purchases a bunch of deadly weapons in order to murder State Troopers, an IRS agent, and at least one Fairbanks judge.

It turns out that the guy selling the weapons is an FBI informant, and now William Fulton is nowhere to be found. (For those of you wondering how I know that the person who sold Schaeffer the weapons is the informant go back up and read the indictments again.)

Does that about sum it up?

Which brings me to the next part of the Newsminer story that I found particularly fascinating.

At a news conference in Anchorage Thursday afternoon, U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler would not comment on whether more federal indictments are pending or whether there are any other alleged co-conspirators.

Hmm, now if there are "more federal indictments pending," and Fulton DOES turn out to be the snitch, just who do you think might be next?

I know what you are thinking, "Gryphen are the people involved in the Alaska Militia's the dumbest human beings on the planet?"  Well, yes and no.

They are indeed too stupid to be allowed to play with pointy scissors, much less things that go boom, but it is NOT because they are Alaskans.

Here, perhaps this video will help to explain just what kind of simple son-of-a-bitch becomes a militia member.

NO, that is NOT a parody.  They were completely serious.

Remember kids, when you have blinded yourself with the smoke bomb that you dropped for effect, and find yourself stumbling through the woods like an eighty year old Alzheimer's patient, don't worry about going back for a reshoot, all you have to add to the video in order to still make it seem cool is an obnoxious heavy metal soundtrack. There all fixed!

So are the Alaska Militia members the stupidest people on the planet?  You betcha!  But sadly  they are also not alone.


  1. Chenagrrl9:25 AM

    The realm of bullies. They are afraid to show their faces, and very awkward walking through the underbrush. A real threat, though. I have found evidence of their escapades on our homestead property.

  2. Nothing would surprise me Gryphen. These guys are just a bunch of knuckleheads. I watched the video linked to this post and I have to say that I'd put my money on our military over these pencil necked geeks playing army any day.

  3. Chenagrrl9:29 AM

    I am sad for Francis Cox's wife. It would seem she might need domestic-abuse intervention. Maybe she will get it while he's in the can.

  4. Can't help but wonder about the timing of SP's trip to Inia and this whole indictment process...

  5. Anonymous9:41 AM

    From the Alaska Citizens Militia Forum
    re: DropZone

    Linton Daniels: "Last I heard, DZ was having problems with bad press. The last time I saw DZ; we were at the summit. He was wearing a bullet proof
    vest because of something he said was posted on CNN, taken out of context, etc.
    He could have had his phone disconnected due to the media pestering him. Will someone go and check on him?"

    Iron Artist: "I am beginning to wonder if he didn't fall off the radar getting some
    safe room ready cause of the fallout that could possibly be comeing"

    George Thompson: "To all,
    Did a recon of DZ today.
    Bill was last seen Last Monday, he met with his attorney at the store and signed over ownership of the store and all his assets to another person.
    He has not been heard from since. I assume he bugged out to a safer climate due to the number of threats he has received.He had to have received a credible threat to just vanish.
    I hope he is doing ok."

    Norm Olson: "Be steady.... Don't let them scare you. Show your strength by refusing to run."


    Clueless bastards

  6. Anonymous9:45 AM

    No blanks WHERE used in the filming...


    I also noticed quite a few Russian-style weapons. What kind of f-ing All American Milita person uses an AK?

  7. emrysa9:47 AM

    thanks for the update gryphen! I hope that justice will be served.

  8. Anonymous10:01 AM

    But he's so macho and dreamy!

    I had to stop watching as they were aiming at the helicopter. What would these pencil necked losers DO if the federal copter fell out of the sky and killed them? The survivors would sue!

    No one should want to battle the government: that is why we progressives get involved and try to change things and keep government by the people, for the people.

  9. OverMountainMan10:29 AM

    LMAO !! Right at the 5 minute mark, The white bearded fellow looks like he just saw a bigmac laying on the ground and had to think twice about picking it up, Also where they were covering eachother at the edge of the building the second man/woman ? through hits the first guy in the head with the barrel of their gun, This is some funny stuff LOL

  10. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Why do they call him Schaefer?

    Do the assholez realize that if we have no government that they will be at the mercy of an organized government? Like the Chinese or the English or a tribal council? What a bunch of idiots!

    Those idiots fanning out around the building remind me of my spouse's church-- they are indoctrinating the kids early. I mentioned that maybe church wasn't the place for gun replicas and I was told that I was disregarding their second amendment rights.

  11. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Hmmmm I was originally thinking Fulton may have been afraid he was a target of the FBI and ATF. He may still be if the informant turns out to be one of his employees or an associate. He may have figured if he sold the goods to Cox and Vernon that the trail would lead back to him.

    But a second possibility now looms if he himself was the informant. He is afraid for his life because these militia types are a vindictive bunch and surely don't like being double crossed. If he was the informant, he's probably in witness protection.


  12. I don't believe you, Gryph, it's definitely a parody. Hell, there's old men and women, and for Christ's sake, children. Are you kidding me?

    And Militia? What a joke. I thought one of them was going to kill themselves just getting into the back of an old beat-up pickup truck. Sheesh.

    Too funny!

  13. eclecticsandra11:13 AM

    What did Ron Paul have to do with that video? That was strange.

    Watching those soldiers jump in the back of the pickup -- Several of them needed help. Maybe those were the wounded. Certainly didn't impress me as a group that could protect anything.

  14. Anonymous11:22 AM

    This is serious business even if these accused conspirators are bozos like in the video. Unless all their weapons were fakes, even bozos can be lethal. Combine the element of surprise with some sort of tactical plan, even bozos can be killers. If they had functioning semi automatic rifles and the .30 or .50 cal MGs mentioned in the indictment, then this was serious.

    It seems likely that if anyone were not an informant and was involved in the sales of the weapons mentioned in the indictment to the arrested, they'd be under arrest. Other things may be under investigation, that might lead to a change in travel plans.

  15. I have heard that the military is having a hard time meeting its recruitment quotas. If these guys really wanted to shoot people for freedom, they would enlist.

    Some of you might think that is a bad idea. Maybe, maybe not. I have met a few guys that I think have actually killed people. Close proximity to real death seems to tone down bluster real fast.

  16. Anonymous11:35 AM

    White trash? Dude looks like he's ready to go quail hunting with Scalia, Cheney, and the Koch Brothers!

  17. Anonymous11:38 AM

    More Alaskans looking like idiots! People in the rest of the US think we are nuts up here. And, now we have Palin in India and Israel getting her 'overseas' experience. What a friggin farce!

  18. Anonymous12:42 PM

    What's with the faggy hat this dapper Schaeffer wears?

    Palin will go to Israel and become enlightened and study Kabbala like Madonna.

  19. Dale in San Angelo12:49 PM

    Gryph, I had that same thought in a post on one of your other stories. Keep up the good work, I LOVE this site!!

  20. Well, it wasn't very hard to connect those dots. I think I called Fulton in the comments in a few posts below.

  21. Anonymous1:46 PM

    He looks like a little bitch.

  22. Bullies with twisted logic are very dangerous. They interpret the constitution like they interpret the Bible, for their own agenda. Then idiots follow them. If the country ever fell apart these militias would not be our protectors, they would be our biggest threat. They believe they can do whatever they want and manipulate their followers to believe it is necessary to harm others to achieve their ends. Yes, there are militia groups all over the country and some have moved here. It isn't just them, there are groups like Anarchists who come here due to lax law enforcement in the rural areas. One of the guys who caused all the problems at the lodge in Homer where I stayed was from Portland OR and was an Anarchist. He made it clear he was in Alaska to do as he pleased. Then I showed up and proved the law enfocement was very lax. They only go after the whistleblower who reports the problems. I am glad the feds are involved.

  23. WakeUpAmerica3:15 PM

    More than a few of these people are war veterans, trained attack dogs with no job. So they go in search of paranoid, delusional, disenfranchised people to train into mini attack dogs. It is a sad bi-product of war. Some of those people have friends in the military. All it takes is a friend working at a supply depot, and there you are! Weapons go missing from the military all the time.

  24. Anonymous6:22 PM

    While they are at Youtube admiring themselves they should type AC130 into the search box.That's what the U.S. military sends after insurgents.


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