Sunday, April 17, 2011

500 of them, 5000 of us. More great video from yesterday's protest in Wisconsin.

Yet even with this clear indication of the waning power of the Teabaggers, and the evidence of how terrible Palin's speech was, there are some who are much too deluded to see anything but what they so desperately want to see.

The faster Sarah Palin falls, the more wind her sycophants blow up her skirt in frantic attempt to keep her aloft.


  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    The msm fall right in line and refuse to just tell the truth. See cnn

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Ugh... It makes me sick to know that, despite my best efforts, I can't get my relatives in WI to stop being enamored with this shiny piece of crow bait. I still don't regret coming here to escape my dominionist upbringing, though.

  3. Anonymous2:36 AM

    And we let these Troglodytes and their leader without a title, credentials or a clue call the shots in the Health Care debate, the 2010 elections and the budget debate.

    This policy kowtowing to these small minded, angry people is unprecedented. The Tea Party is a fringe group, you don't give the fringe a well publicized platform, unless they are white, conservative, and have a well finaced glitzy news propoganda entity elevating your numbers and influence.

    Sarah Palin is a humiliating embarressment to Alaska and real working people. With or without a title.

  4. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Madison is the new Waterloo.

    Sarah has never heard that many boo's in her entire life... and she deserved all of them.

    Fake life story, fake facade, fake baby..

  5. Anonymous3:22 AM

    "Hits a grand slam"!!! What a joke. Should say "Was hit by a Grand Slamming" Once again the media was sleeping on the job, or else bought off by the Koch brothers. No mention in the newspapers about this wonderful screech by $carah. Thank everyone who went, that was great to hear all the booing!!

  6. Anonymous3:31 AM

    I hope she does run; then she will have to provide HER long-form birth certificate. Which, from all indications, says she was born in Canada !

  7. Anonymous3:37 AM

    RAM obviously just takes her boss's word for what happened. She was Grandly Slammed, not "hit a Grand Slam" This is why people should get educated about their "leaders" because the media is sadly sleeping on the job. Thanks everyone who went. Loved the whistles, sounded like Palin's high pitched screech.

  8. Anonymous3:39 AM

    LOL That was terrific. I love the Wisconsin people. LOVE them!


  9. Anonymous3:51 AM

    This video made my day. Now I understand why she was shrieking so much.

  10. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Sarah really lost it while she was screeching her lungs out, epic fail.

    What a stupid, stupid desperate woman. She has no shame, what an embarassment she has become once again.

  11. Anonymous4:10 AM

    If you love Sarah Palin then please get her some help. She has gone off the bend, is she on drugs or is she an alcoholic?

  12. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Superficial comment perhaps, but when will Sarah realize that wearing metallic toned fabric and earrings worthy of J-Lo is not exactly helping her project an image of political gravitas?

    She looks like a call girl here.

  13. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Holy gawd... The headline for Palins speech yesterday should be titled "Palin declares war on those real people who filled her purse with cash"

  14. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Her speech flowed like a stopped-up toilet, was as interesting as a blank wall and sailed like a lead balloon. It was another example of her incompetence. Sarah and RAM will tweet 'til they're blue in their faces. They're fooling no one. If that's all Sarah can muster for a rally, she's washed up. Her party's over and it's time to go home.

  15. Anonymous5:05 AM

    What's up with the white rabbits ?

    A white rabbit appears around the 6:23 of the video, the same white rabbit that was at the Palin/Blecch snake oil show in Anchorage last year ?

    He's even carrying a bag with a picture of Bob Dobbs on it, strange, very strange.

  16. Anonymous5:06 AM

    They should have pelted her with fried cheese curds and Leinenkugels.

  17. Anonymous5:43 AM

    4:25... well she was paid by two Kochs to perform her version of oral sex.

  18. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Anonymous said...
    I hope she does run; then she will have to provide HER long-form birth certificate. Which, from all indications, says she was born in Canada !

    3:31 AM

    Palin aint running for nothing except to con people out of their money.

  19. Anonymous5:59 AM

    sarah has done a fine job of separating the far right from the rest of the country. In addition, she has alienated the very voters any Republican politician needs to win. And there has been a lot of collateral damage done in the process. For example, before the RNC voted on a new chairperson, each candidate was asked if he/she believed sarah palin could win a general election. Every candidate answered ¨yes.¨ Those ¨yeses¨ were paid for with money, but the ultimate cost cannot be repaired with all the money in the world. The little respect I had left for the Republican Party turned into contempt.

    I am not the type of citizen who will just stand there and take it.

    Anyone who has served in the military knows that the greatest security threat is a disgruntled crew member.

    I say, bring it on!

  20. Anonymous6:04 AM

    On her clothes: Is she just so cheap she won't buy a nice new outfit for speeches? Or does she hate her fans so much she can't be bothered and knows they don't care if she wore a meat dress like Lady Ga Ga?

  21. that was a wonder to behold. to hear her screeching only every five seconds or so make it over the boo's and go home's was cathartic. i am so glad she got to meet some rill americans, finally, and that she sees how we really feel about her. go home, sarah! the lower 48 doesn't want you. hey, maybe we could send her along with Gaddafi to whichever country will take them. oh they'd be quite a pair!

  22. anon@5:05, my guess is there is a white rabbit because easter is next weekend. either that, or there is a furry among the counter-protesters. to each his own, right ;o) ?

  23. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Sarah really lost it, her mental illness has gotten worse. The Koch Brothers are writing her super big checks and she is totally losing it day by day.

    Guess the Corporations don't mind funding a total corporate whore even if she is insane.

    Chuck and Sally must be getting paid big bucks since they have not gotten Sarah help. Money is the root of all evil and this family love money.

  24. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Wisconsin, you rock. Sarah, you stink.

  25. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Could the white rabbit be an indication that we have gone "through the looking glass" and are now at the mad hatter's tea party?

  26. Anonymous7:17 AM

    They got the idea of "Grand Slam" from Sarah having breakfast at IHOP.

  27. London Bridges7:37 AM

    Sarah continues to use her gun/assassination imagery in her speeches.

    "So now he's shouting, all aboard the bullet-train to bankruptcy."

    Is she being paid to incite violence against the Democrats to influence the election?

    This is no coincidence and the terminology is at least 6 grades above her intelligence/achievement level.

  28. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Go ahead, all you fools and send Sarah more money so she can get your Medicare and Social Security taken away.

    Sarah is for Wall Street and big business, she has hoodwinked you by bowing down to Koch Brothers and has become a corporate shrill whore.

    She is laughing all the way to the bank by making millions every month from money that is funnelled to her PAC. She gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to pretend she is for small government yet she received millions in payment from Alaska by dodging taxes and getting Alaska to pay her millions for her political Alaska un-reality show.

    Sarah is all for Sarah and you just got screwed by Sarah the grifting liar queen.

  29. Anne In DC7:48 AM

    Simple Sarah and Snotty Scotty are completely out of touch with the reality of the negative images they have both in Wisconsin and in the country as a whole. I love the dedication and persistence of the union supporters there, in spite of the MSM's attempts to either discount or deny the validity of their cause. Snotty Scotty may win in the short run, but he has inflicted long-term damage on his party and his own political aspirations. As for calling the clueless Tea Partiers
    "troglodytes" as 2:36 a.m. did, I can't think of a more apt description of them, Simple Sarah, or Snotty Scotty.

  30. laprofesora8:06 AM

    God Bless you, Wisconsin!!! That was a beautiful sight. Thanks for posting the video, Gryph.

  31. Anonymous8:17 AM

    "The faster Sarah Palin falls, the more wind her sycophants blow up her skirt in frantic attempt to keep her aloft.'

    I could not have said it better myself!

  32. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Maybe we ought to insist on her circumcison record!!!!!(joke) No one should let her get away with a letter in place of real medical records. She is something- insulting all the working people there in Wisconsin. While her pal Walker hired a no talent 2 x dui son of a worker and gave him a $180,000job. Reminds me of her no talent dau who got a job as a office manager( only a GED, if she got one?, no experience) for what 3 months?, and got on DWTS, being the worse dancer,the only one who gained several sizes by the end. Funny everyone this year,seems to be getting skinnier.

  33. I do covet the cow jacket one guy had on. Wisconsinites: you rock! I would love to have been there. I'll bet this is the last time Palin speaks outdoors in a public place. Much better for her to speak her drivel before adoring paid donors, barring the press and recording devices. Whatever turns up on the MSM, should be refuted by the other, true videos. This video needs to go viral. The good people of the US need to be assured that there are many others who see through the sham (and the shame) of the Tea Party.

  34. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Are Tammy Bruce and RAM competing to be Sarah Palin Heath's life partner? Wonder which one will win the battle for her hand in life partnership?

  35. honeybabe11:29 AM

    thanks for the video, so neat to see the spirit of recall walker is alive and thriving in wisconsin. go wisconsin! you are an inspiration to the rest of us.

  36. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I'm stunned that fraidy-cat Palin would appear at an event where anti-Walker protesters were present!

  37. MadCityKaren2:52 PM

    "The faster Sarah Palin falls, the more wind her sycophants blow up her skirt in frantic attempt to keep her aloft."

    LOL! Thank you for that! I sure needed the laugh!

    The video that you've embedded here from Jeremy Ryan, director of DefendingWisconsin PAC -- Jeremy has been on the "front line at ground zero" since the protesting started. I personally saw him receive a citation one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago for displaying a banner in the capitol rotunda; the Department of Administration had ordered that only specific areas of the capitol were designated for any kind of protesting. Ironically the seized banner (which will be used as 'evidence' when he goes to court for the citation -- this was the 3rd of 5 citations that I'm aware of) displayed the Wisconsin constitution with regard to the first amendment rights (freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, etc). Surprisingly, I didn't end up cited at the same time for carrying MY sign in the same non-designated-for-protesting-area.


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