Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Andrew Sullivan weighs in on the two new eyewitness accounts of Sarah Palin's "pregnancy."

March 26, 2008. Twenty two days before giving "birth."
From The Daily Beast:

I urge you to read the latest data points on the story, specifically the eye-witness accounts of two journalists who, after two years of silence, are now saying they saw Palin's pregnant belly covered only by a thin layer of fabric before she gave birth. These are important new parts of this jigsaw puzzle, and they go alongside the handful of pictures we have of Palin pregnant in her one-month public pregnancy. They should be taken seriously and definitely buttress - powerfully - the case that this whole thing is a tempest in a spatula.

Does this long-delayed meta-story settle the matter? The key thing, it seems to me, is to look at all the facts we now have and try to get beyond the order and manner in which we found these things out. This is not easy. But having tried to do that over this weekend, I still believe that none of these new things, alas, prove the pregnancy the way simple medical records would. To me, however, they do strongly tip the balance toward establishing the pregnancy as fact. When you add in the date of Bristol's giving birth to Tripp (removing the likeliest alternative scenario, although there are others) and the odd, last-minute but clear doctor's letter on election eve, the balance of doubt shifts again. I don't see why Quinn or Loy would lie about this; and their accounts seem persuasive - although it is maddening they didn't report this before, and weird that they didn't. They get to an empirical nub: what did you see with your own eyes? It's almost the best empirical test we have. Almost.

Joe McGinniss weighs in, on Andrew Sullivan weighing in, on the two new eyewitness accounts of Sarah Palin's "pregnancy:"

I’m a Trignostic. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I don’t agree with Sullivan that the “recovered memories” of Loy and Quinn (neither of whom I know, by the way) should be accepted as having significant weight.

Not only is eyewitness testimony unreliable, but these were young male reporters covering the most dazzling & sexy political figure in Alaskan history. Sarah invites them to view her (veiled) belly in private? And now–contradicting what they wrote at the time–they both decide retroactively that she was obviously pregnant?

Something about that smells like fish to me: and not like fish that even Todd Palin could sell commercially.

Sullivan says the Loy and Quinn accounts “buttress–powerfully–the case that this whole thing is a tempest in a spatula.” He finds Loy and Quinn “persuasive.” I don’t.

I am with Joe on this one, something definitely smells very, very fishy about this suddenly appearance of two completely off the radar "journalists" with almost identical reports of seeing Palin's cloth covered baby bump. I mean could they not at least come up with two unique versions of what convinced that she was pregnant? Reading these back to back makes it seem that somebody, cribbed off somebody else's notes.

The idea that Sullivan might allow his Palin fatigue to convince him to accept these two extremely questionable accounts as believable, simply to put this behind him and move on to fresher topics, could cause some to worry about our chances of EVER getting to the bottom of this mystery, wrapped in an enigma, then shaped to look like Trig Paxson Van Palin.

But does that mean I am about to give up?  I'm sorry have we met?

Keep dodging Sarah, eventually one of these stories will stick,  And when it does, your whole web of lies will simply begin to unravel, no matter HOW hard you and your Palin-bots try to spin it back together.

And that will happen either with, or without, Andrew Sullivan's continued efforts in reaching that eventuality.


  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    The Loy and Quinn accounts sound like Sarah and Rebecca Mansewer writings and should be viewed as just another paid informant working for Sarah Inc.

    Not credible, at all.

  2. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Dear Dr. CBJ: Why did you need your lawyer with you when you went to the ADN? And, yes or no,is that your signature on the letter released the night before the election? I am not asking you to verify any of the information in that letter, which might be protected by HIPPA. I just want to know if that's your signature. [crickets]

    Of course Scarah would show off her throw pillow to a couple of bedazzled young men. Even if one of them had a wife or girlfriend about to pop, they wouldn't notice the difference. Hey, the Gov was practically pole dancing for them.

  3. Anonymous4:19 AM

    So...why not show them her bare belly? My theory is that these "journalists" are saying they saw her belly "under a thin piece of fabric" to cover their asses. So that if, in the future, it comes out that she faked it, they can just say she must have been wearing an empathy belly under that thin cloth.

  4. Anonymous4:41 AM

    The twinkle in Sarah's eyes were not the joy of impending motherhood yet again - it was that she was taking a calculated risk in flirting her way through a hoax.

    [T]hese were young male reporters covering the most dazzling & sexy political figure in Alaskan history. Sarah invites them to view her (veiled) belly in private?

    Yeah, she got off on fooling stupid men, men she's manipulated and cajoled all her life into believing she's got something to give other than a wink and a smile.

  5. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Gonna date myself, but remember "back in the day" when subliminal recorded messages were the big conspiracy? Play "this" backwards and you'll hear "this?" (pretty easy with the old LPs.) The trick was they would always tell you what you were going to hear before you hear it. Same with the new "white noise" phenomena. Plant the idea, and people will hear it. The same principle applies here.

    People see what they expect to see. I don't think it's unusual at all for people to see Palin as "pregnant"---they were told she was. I'm not surprised---if these accounts are true--they saw a pregnant belly. It's what they expected to see, probably what they WANTED to see. Who wants to have a nut job for a governor?

    Personally, I think these latest accounts smack of efforts by the ADN to assist in putting this story to rest. Loy may have moved on, but AK is small place, and I'm sure he still has friendly ties.

    Of course, I don't think Loy ever answered my question about what the difference between "corrosion" and "wall-thinning" was. I don't consider him an unbiased source for much. ;)

  6. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Sullivan needs to know that Quinn is/was Ivy Frye's boyfriend, so that makes his account suspect, or if one believes Quinn, why not Kim Chapman, a US Marine, who says she saw NO belly.

    So far there are eyewitnesses for both sides.

  7. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Sad that Joe is Trignostic, because that means he didn't get the goods.

  8. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I don't see this as Andrew accepting that she was pregnant with Trig. I agree that he's persuaded by these 11th hour "recovered memories", which is disappointing, but I don't think he puts much stock in them.

    Anyway, Andrew has never - to my knowledge - done any investigating of this matter on his own or with his team. The most he's done is keep up with the blogs, etc. He's great, but my point is: keep on keepin on, Gryphen.

  9. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I agree with 4:09. It would be interesting to know what Frank Bailey thinks of these suddenly recovered "memories". They smack of the Palin team's fake letter writing campaigns.

    The "twinkle in her eye" line must be from one of Becka's failed screenplays.

  10. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I think that Regina's post on "Palingates" today answers the big question: response of a qualified doctor on some of the photos of a supposedly pregnant Sarah Palin and on the "wild ride" story.

    I've always thought that reporters, especially male reporters, were unwilling to ask the right questions or even contemplate them because the subject makes them feel squeamish.

  11. Anonymous4:55 AM

    The trap just snapped shut on Sullivan!

    Taking the pregnancy as "probable" means Sullivan is stuck with the wild ride. Sullivan is saying it is "probable" that Palin horribly endangered the life of an unborn child after she leaked amniotic fluid.

    Sullivan got suckered by the people telling him to drop the story. And I used to think he was reasonably intelligent.

    Silly (and quite stupid) Sullivan.

  12. Anonymous4:57 AM

    I do not think Andrew has abandoned the cause. I think he is simply bending over backward to appear reasonable. He is still asking the tough questions and keeping it simple by just asking for the medical records.

  13. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Don't make trouble with Andrew Sullivan over this, Gryphen. He has not given up on this. He's just taking a new tack.

  14. Anonymous5:08 AM

    if you read Andrew's post, you realize that he is not going soft on the issue, and that he's still just as heroic as ever. did you see the photo he used to "prove" that she was pregnant when those two star-struck fellows glimpsed rah-rah's pregnant belly? it was absolutely square!!! come on folks. see Andrew for what he is: the only real media man to keep this story alive. The man has a thick beard for a reason. he is a Man with guts.
    as to the two "witnesses", it is clear that they've been bought.

  15. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Why didn't any of the airlines people notice that Sarah Palin was pregnant? Simple observation. Let's not over-complicate the obvious. She wasn't.

  16. sullivan is being subtle here. he is on the one hand showing respect to a fellow journalist he has no credible reason (yet) to doubt, whilst reminding us that this little matter can all be put to rest with the showing of official documents. underlying question: why have we not been shown those documents?

  17. Anonymous5:30 AM

    When Pat at ADN was trying to kill the rumor, why did Sarah offer to show her stretch marks?

    All she had to do was say.. your own reporter saw my belly, he will confirm I was pregnant.

  18. OT - law firm defending DOMA resigns!


  19. Anonymous5:33 AM

    That's pretty funny when you think about it. How did two male reporters notice that Sarah was pregnant, when her family who lived with her never noticed? ha ha ha ha

  20. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I don't care that you are holding Sarah accountable as a politician. I wish you'd hold dems accountable as well, but whatever. It's your blog. However, you stoop to repeating baseless rumors about her kids and that is uncalled for. Rememer, at the book signing you went to in Dec, Sarah did NOT say "You're the only trying to destroy me", she said "you're the one trying to destroy my children". Her kids deserve NONE of the criticize. They are kids, not politicians. I know pol's kids will inevitably be targeted but it will always be wrong to spread rumors and lies about them to "get to" the politician.

    How low will you go?

  21. Anonymous5:42 AM

    When my skepticism starts to creep in I just ask myself WHY HASN'T SHE COME FORWARD WITH THE PROOF?

    Now, I know she isn't a normally thinking person, but she's such an attention whore and seems to thrive on what she perceives to be persecution. Here is her one chance to stick it to everyone, sit back with a smug "I TOLD YOU SO" line, and show everyone she gave birth. She hasn't...because she can't!

    I have 3 kids. They youngest was born 10 years ago. We have moved more times than I can recall, but if someone knocked on my door right now, I could prove through a MULTITUDE of paperwork that I gave birth to each and every one of my kids within 10 minutes, tops.

    What say you, Sarah?

  22. Anonymous5:43 AM

    It's been THREE YEARS, NOT TWO YEARS, since Quinn and Loy's strange alleged belly observations. That makes it weirder still.

  23. Anonymous5:53 AM

    If the woman in the Gusty photograph had approached the gate at DFW Airport on April 17, EVERYBODY, including the guy driving the courtesy cart, would have known she "pregnant." Hell, someone would probably have gotten her a wheelchair. How did Sarah Palin suddenly deflate to the point that NOBODY noticed she was allegedly in an advanced state of pregnancy? Come on, people!

  24. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Sully is making it simple for Sarah: just show us some medical prxoof. I like it.

  25. No pregnant woman, especially after about 5 months, has to "show" anything in private to anyone. All she has to do is stand up. What a creepy, creepy scenario is that story by those two "reporters." Ewwwwww.....

  26. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Sully isn't going to pick a fight with fellow journalists. That would be falling into Sarah's trao--divide and conquer the enemy. Sully has his eye on the ball. It's Sarah he's talking to. I like it.

  27. Anonymous6:03 AM

    The new way to frame this is to call her chicken, say she doesn't prove it because she CAN'T.

    Has to be she CAN'T prove it, what loving mother would not get rid of these rumors that must bother the family from time to time. The media should all refer to this as the rumor she cannot refute.

    Any normal loving mother would be proud to prove her maternity when the rumors get this crazy. Why doesn't she prove it? Is she not a normal loving mother? Or is it because SHE CAN'T.

    It has been 3 years.....you have had your fun, refusing to prove it, but it is time, for Trig's sake.

  28. Anonymous6:04 AM

    When my skepticism creeps in, a recount of the wild ride and Trig's subsequent short hospital stay are what convince me what a big hoax her pregnancy was. If there was a reliable source on the tubal ligation, well that what just about do it, wouldn't it?

  29. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Of course Scarah would show off her throw pillow to a couple of bedazzled young men.


    most men wouldn't want to look. The darn pillow could have had flowers and they wouldn't have noticed.

  30. Anonymous6:10 AM

    So what do these two geniuses, Loy and Quinn, say about Bristol’s big belly and outie belly button on DWTS when she wore her (I believe it was) bluish purple barney gown? From their observation, did they notice Bristol was getting bigger week after week? We need them to really concentrate and remember from their photographic memory their pre-med visual examination of Bristol. They need to know the world will not be convinced with a simple birth certificate or a real doctor’s account of what happened, the world wants to know the opinion of these two journalists who kept quiet for two years their visual examination of Sarah Palin.

  31. Anonymous6:12 AM

    This story will be a media feeding frenzy once it breaks for good. The sharks are circling.

  32. Anonymous6:12 AM

    NEWSWEEK INTERVIEW people!!!! This all makes me mental---I cannot believe that anyone seeing that Newsweek interview from a couple days before she announced her pregnancy, would still believe she was actually pregnant. Do what I did: Ask an ob/gyn if a 7 month pregnant woman can sit comfortably and at length with (1) her legs tightly crossed AT THE KNEE, with one leg over the other, and (2) LEANING FORWARD SO FAR that her chest is but inches above her top knee and she is able to rest her elbow on her top thigh from time to time. The two ob/gyns I asked while imitating the position of Palin during the interview (both of whom like Palin but did not know I was asking about her) laughed and said it is not possible at that stage of pregnancy with a normally developed fetus. I don't know what more you need. When I told the doctors it was Palin, they looked extremely uncomfortable at the realization of what this all means.

  33. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Her kids deserve NONE of the criticize. They are kids, not politicians. I know pol's kids will inevitably be targeted but it will always be wrong to spread rumors and lies about them to "get to" the politician.


    actually, they're adults and they have been since Sarah changed their ages 3 years ago....SARAH PALIN put them on stage and in the spotlight for everyone to see and criticize. SARAH PALIN made Bristol dress up in the empathy belly to pretend/appear she was 9 months pregnant at the RNC. Bristol did have a baby, but not when everyone was told she did. It's ALL LIES. If the info came from SP, you can't believe any of it. She is the woman who cried wolf while she wore no clothes.

  34. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I think Andrew Sullivan is being very clever. Step 1: admit that there is irrefutable evidence that Sarah Palin was pregnant in 2008. Step 2: point out that with the "Wild Ride" she put her unborn child at huge risk.

    A faked pregnancy will probably do her very little harm with her fanbase; it could even be made to look heroic (protecting a daughter, desperately wanting another child and then adopting one, etc etc).
    However, endangering the life of an innocent fetus - maybe even going for a fundie abortion - will be very hard to defend. The more proof there is that she was pregnant, the more damning the whole Texas episode becomes.

  35. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I find all of this extremely confusing. Have the two reporters ever explained why they waited so long to come forward? I also don't understand why their recollections are considered definitive evidence, while people who state that Palin did not look pregnant are dismissed?
    The Salon reporter has responded to Sullivan and stated that it just isn't relevant whether Palin gave birth to Trig or not. He just restates that there is no evidence of a hoax and so no need for Palin to prove anything.
    So let me get this straight, Howard Dean's run for president imploded because of one scream during one speech (which it turns out didn't actually sound the way it was played in the media), but the question of whether Sarah Palin staged a pregnancy or recklessly endangered the life of her unborn child are not relevant to her fitness for office? Can anyone explain this?

  36. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Anonymous said...
    That's pretty funny when you think about it. How did two male reporters notice that Sarah was pregnant, when her family who lived with her never noticed? ha ha ha ha

    5:33 AM

    What's also funny is the people who worked for her never noticed Sarah was pregnant. The airport security people or flight atendants never noticed Sarah was pregnant. So I guess everybody will take the word of these two journalist and no need to look at the birth certificate or question the doctor or ask the people who might of help delivered the baby at the hospital or ask the hospital administration was Sarah admitted on the night of the delivery. We'll just go on the word of Ivy Frye's boyfriend.

  37. Sullivan was being sly. He asked if the two new witnesses saw the belly he pictured -- which of course was a square pillow. He very subtly called both those guys liars, while seeming say the opposite.

  38. Anonymous6:44 AM

    5:39 am How low will you go?

    How low will you go in taking up for Sarah with no moral compass and her children who have had various run-ins with the law?

  39. Anonymous6:46 AM

    5:53 am:

    Yes, exactly!

  40. Anonymous6:49 AM

    A Doctor Finds Sarah Palin's Wild Ride Absurd


  41. Anonymous6:49 AM

    @ 6:32 am

    But aren't these two journalists part of the LSM? And if so, according to Sarah, we aren't to believe them, yes? So, I guess we should follow her orders, and not believe them, right? I'm good with that.

  42. Anonymous6:49 AM

    What a pathetic, reprehensible, and stupid example she is as a parent and a human being. She is disgusting as she lies, makes up stuff as it suits her in the moment. Palin is a living nightmare. I really feel for her children who were/are exposed to the unbelievably dysfunctional liar they call mother or sister. What the heck's with that "sister" thing anyway?

  43. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Sully is just taking the high road, he is not giving up, in the end he puts the onus back on those reporters to get hard evidence. I appreciate his class and ability to keep the whole discussion elevated.

  44. Anonymous6:53 AM

    I love this "pregancy picture " My wife never looked like that ,nor has any other womens pregnant belly looked like a non pregnant Giesha ,that I have ever observed .

    Mrs Palin is and was so desperate for attention . She has carried this farce too far and is backed into a corner like the Rat she is .
    I wish her no harm , However, I am relieved that she is being found out and will hopefully never agian to be taken seriously by anyone .

  45. Anonymous7:00 AM

    If having a big fat belly covered by a thin piece of clothing is a sign of pregnancy, then there are many men out there who are going to be defying the laws of nature.

    Seeing what these so-called reporters call a belly doesn't mean anything. Where is the photograph? (Everyone carries a cell phone). A three year old memory, that was never mentioned before, is suspect.

    To anyone who thinks that a big fat belly equals pregnancy I offer this suggestion. Please go up to the next big fat belly person that you see and ask when the baby is due. The men will slap you, punch you and laugh in your face. Overweight women will burst into tears. A big fat belly is proof of being fat and nothing more. That's why women end up on the examining table, with their feet in the most awkward position imaginable and a doctor feels around up there. There are sonograms and they listen for a heart beat.

  46. Anonymous7:01 AM

    In this March 26 picture she has a square object under her blouse.


  47. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I thought Andrew Sullivan was being very crafty. I've used the same "reasonable" methods when talking to an unresasonable person. Works very well.

  48. Anonymous7:07 AM

    In the case of Palin and Trump, a much larger segment of the population ruled out supporting either candidate in 2012. Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults said they definitely wouldn't vote for Trump, while 65 percent said the same for Palin.


  49. Anonymous7:07 AM

    1071... That's how many comments have been left for the Politico story. Yet it has already been moved to page 3 of their 2012 section while, usually, they keep the same story up for days on a main page. The spiral seems to still exist.

  50. Anonymous7:14 AM

    I am a frequent flyer. I just flew this past weekend. Every flight I take is staffed with very professional, eagle eyed flight attendants. They see EVERYTHING. On my last trip, they commented on the slightly pregnant woman sitting one row up from me, and asked when she was due. She was due in 5 months. Do people really think a Flight Attendant in post 9/11 would not notice a baby bump, especially one as huge as is shown in the Gusty photo? They are trained to spot anything out of the ordinary. They would remember if the Gov. of Alaska was 8 months pregnant, leaking amsniotic fluid, and in labor. I guess if they didn't, than she wasn't.

  51. Anonymous7:25 AM

    AK Airlines statement has always bothered me. It didn't say they didn't see that she was pregnant, it said they could tell what stage of pregnancy she was at. This could have meant she looked 8 mos pregnant to them, but not 9.

  52. emrysa7:30 AM

    yeah I wasn't thrilled about sullivan's response however he is a smart man and I trust that he's got a plan, even if I don't see it at the moment. the fact that he put up the square belly pic says that he doesn't fully believe what these guys are just now remembering.

    I agree with the commenter who brought up the NEWSWEEK videos. to me, those have always been the smoking gun. we can scrap everything else, and those videos say it all. exactly 6 weeks after those were filmed she "gave birth" to a 6lb+ kid. uh, no. just not possible.

    thanks for keeping at it, gryphen! she faked a pregnancy and that is INSANE, period.

  53. Anonymous7:34 AM


    Doctors / professionals looked at Sarah Palin’s pictures and say no way was she pregnant.

    Sarah can’t produce a birth certificate or a hospital bill.

    Nobody from the hospital, not even other mothers who delivered the day before or the day after her delivery confirms they even seen Sarah in the hospital.

    Sarah’s family or co-workers never realized she was pregnant.

    Professionals trained in public safety and observation like Alaskan State Troopers or flight attendants or airport workers never noticed Sarah was pregnant and even went as far as to say they saw Sarah wearing jeans days before in her so called pregnancy delivery date.

    I'm relying on the one person who should know if Sarah was pregnant, not even the alleged sperm donor himself is convinced Sarah was pregnant. Todd said it himself that he does not know how Sarah gets pregnant.

    So why are we going on the word of two so called journalist after they kept quiet for two years on a story that has been talked about for so long?

    Maybe Todd and Sarah offered to buy the journalists a new car or give them cash if they said Sarah was pregnant like they offered Bristol a new car if she stopped seeing Levi, her baby's daddy?

  54. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Justin Elliott has responded.


  55. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Joe McGinnis stated yesterday that Sarah Palin is the one who is keeping this story alive!! And he wondered why.
    She could end all of this in a few minutes by releasing her medical records.
    And he is right!!! As someone wrote earlier in here wouldn't ANY loving mother end this all for the benefit of her children??
    Why doesn't she?? Her followers will say that it's none of our business and we are attacking her kids. Bullshit!!
    This isn't about her kids! This is about Sarah and a huge hoax she may have played on America and her own supporters! If she did fake this pregnancy, she lied to millions who gave her money because they thought she was so "pro-life."
    Don't those people also deserve the truth! And has she lied to Piper and her other kids about this?? Imagine in 10 years or sooner where Piper can read all of this.
    If she is asking a young girl to " keep her secret" that is child abuse. Conversely if she is lying to Piper ( and the other kids) about Trigs origins that is very sick as well!

    Sarah has woven a very large and deep web of lies without caring at all about how this effects her family emotionally.
    And if she had any heart, any depth or caring and respect for her family and those who gave her millions, she would release her real medical records. She was supposed to do that in 2008 and she didn't.

  56. @Anonymous 6:03.

    You have a good idea. Perhaps calling Palin a chicken would focus attention on the fact she hasn't shown proof she gave birth to Trig.

    Obama has shown all of his birth documents to which he has access. Surely Palin is just as brave as Obama.

    Even if not saying she's a chicken, maybe a slogan like:

    "Poor Trig. His mom can make this story go away and she won't do it."

  57. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Is there any pictures of Piper rubbing mommy's pregnant belly and if no, why not? Little kids close to their mommy would be seen showing affection to their mommy's stomach and new sibling in the belly. Or did mommy tell Piper don't touch my pillow or you'll move it out of place?

  58. Anonymous7:45 AM

    "Poor Trig. His mom can make this story go away and she won't do it."

    LOL, poor Trig and poor Piper and poor Willow and poor Bristol and poor combat vet Track and poor Ruffles and poor Todd and poor Sally Heath and poor Chuck Heath. They have to hear people calling Sarah a liar about being Trig's mother and all Sarah has to do is show one little piece of paper, a birth certificare. How interesting.

  59. Wild Tortoise7:46 AM

    Here's something else fishy- or maybe it just shows how unfamiliar the "journalists" (any of' em, all of 'em) are with women's reproductive issues. "Tempest in a spatula"-!?!?!? Hah! They must mean "specula", not that THAT would hold much tea....

  60. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Andrew Sullivan is being very diplomatic - which is what makes him credable and very good at what he does. He makes people think about what he writes about and then continue to ask questions and investigate. These two "eye" witnesses look blind and silly and Sullivan does it in such a nice way. As far as the AK Airline statement, they are also being very diplomatic and polite, saying that no one noticed she was pregnant would have either made the airlines sound like they were not doing their job or calling the gov a liar. It is more important what they didn't say - no one on that plane or in the service areas said palin was or looked pregnant, no one. A woman hours away from delivering a baby and no one noticed ... how can anybody believe that.

  61. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Another post today. Funny how these journalists stake their reputation on Sarah Palin


    By Justin Elliott

  62. Anonymous7:50 AM

    B said...
    @Anonymous 6:03.

    You have a good idea. Perhaps calling Palin a chicken would focus attention on the fact she hasn't shown proof she gave birth to Trig.

    Obama has shown all of his birth documents to which he has access. Surely Palin is just as brave as Obama.

    Even if not saying she's a chicken, maybe a slogan like:

    "Poor Trig. His mom can make this story go away and she won't do it."

    7:39 AM

    Hey! Sarah is no chicken... Sarah is a baracuda, she is a pitbullbull with lipstick, Sarah is a momma grizzly, she is a hockey mom! No way will Sarah let people call her a liar when she has proof she is Trig's birth mother.

    So there, my mom just does not feel like showing it to you.

  63. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Sarah Palin is Trig's birth mother! Didn't you idiots read the unofficial Anchorage Police Dept statement?

  64. Anonymous7:55 AM

    This could have meant she looked 8 mos pregnant to them, but not 9.


    it means she looked 8 WEEKS pregnant, not 9 months like the Gusty photo. IOW, she didn't look pregnant. She didn't look pregnant in the terminal where she was eating nuts and reading a romance novel and she didn't look pregnant when she boarded.

  65. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Sarah is willing to stand in front of gun toting teabaggers screeching from the mountains that Obama associates with terrorists, but she is unwilling to show proof she is Trig's mom?

  66. Anonymous8:00 AM

    the fake pregnant HS girl proves how easy it is to fake a pregnancy. Her parents and her immediate family never suspected that she was faking it!

    Nobody knew SP was pregnant until she stated she was 7 months along on March 5th.... 7 weeks later, she allegedly gave birth to a preemie born at 32 weeks gestation...around 7.5 months. He was either born at Mat-Su or Anchorage, SP doesn't remember which.... He had no abnormal features...except DS, jaundice and a HOLE in his HEART.

    EVERYBODY saw her belly covered with thin material - square pillow shot..... this does not equal a baby.

  67. Argh. Okay.

    The woman faked a pregnancy. If you fake a pregnancy any idiot knows that you have to, at some point, *look pregnant*. In a well-faked pregnancy one would actually look pregnant all the time, and gradually increase the size of the empathy belly. Honestly, it doesn't even seem that difficult. Especially if you only have to keep it up for a month!

    So "she looked pregnant" means absolutely nothing in terms of whether she WAS pregnant. $arah was clearly lazy enough to only bother wearing the belly some of the time, but even she's not THAT dumb - at some point during the whole charade, she's going to show up looking like she's pregnant.

    The real trick here is that 1) when you're actually pregnant and start showing, you then look that way ALL THE TIME. We could get 1000 photos of $arah with a great big round (or square) belly under her clothes - one flat-stomached photo mixed in with that timeline is all it takes to prove that it's BS. And 2) she can't have it both ways. She can't be obviously pregnant to two out-of-thin-air male reporters, a couple of eyewitnesses at the gym, and Andrea Gusty, and then simultaneously be surprising everyone in her office with the announcement, utilizing her "tight abs" to hide the pregnancy, and getting onto Alaska Air flights while in labor at 8 months without anybody so much as noticing her "state of pregnancy".


  68. Connie8:17 AM

    5:33 & 6:32 also, too, in addition to being deflated and no one at the airport or on the plane noticing she was pregnant, her amniotic fluid amazingly must have stopped leaking.

    I started leaking amniotic fluid about 12 hrs before giving birth. Any time I had a contraction no matter how small the contraction, fluid leaked. Did she wear adult diapers? How did she keep the fluid from getting on her clothes and wherever she sat. Surely she would have made numerous trips to the bathroom to change an adult diaper, some sort of pad, etc...because of the drip drip of fluid, well, only if she really were pregnant that is.

  69. Justin Elliott's new post says,
    "[T]here is no reason to suspect that Palin faked the pregnancy."

    A flat belly two months and one month before birth of a 6 lb. baby is "reason to suspect" she faked it.

    He is lying.

  70. Anonymous8:29 AM

    SarahPAC hired a lot of consultants for what? Were some of these hired to tie up loose ends of her hoax?

    When one steps back and reads the pathetic excuses these writers make on her behalf, there are two reasons: 1- Puppet masters are pulling strings, or 2-they had an affair with Sarah, and she could ruin their careers, reputation.

    Just saying......

  71. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I really don't think Sullivan is so naive as to think of the stupid stories of these two journalists as "powerful" testimony to weigh the evidence against the Trig-hoax theory.

    I believe he's playing along, and ending his response to the Salon journalist with: Oh, we'll just let go of that....just show us the birth certificate and it's all done.

  72. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Why should the word of two men who saw something rounded and obtrusive under SP's "thin shirt," which they presumed was her body but also could have been a "pregnancy prosthetic," be taken as proof of SP's pregnancy, when in fact the various statements made by SP about the birth and pregnancy are full of major inconsistencies; and the actions of her doctor, if the story true, were so unethical and dangerously neglectful that she would be have been guilty of malpractice.

    Women who have actually given birth, midwives and various MDs, immediately see Palin's Trig birth story for what it is--unbelieveable and absurd.

    The doctor, CBJ, who purportedly delivered SP of Trig made a genereric statement that does nothing to explain why she, CBJ, took such risks with her patients and makes CBJ look at best grossly incompetent, at worst guilty of malpractice, and/or deliberate decepetion.

  73. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Gryphen, you've posted more than once that you have incontrovertible PROOF that Sarah could not have been pregnant. You qualified each time saying that you couldn't say, but you have proof. Your word.
    So what's up with that.

  74. Anonymous9:03 AM

    In 2 of her released emails Sarah complains about skeptics of her pregnancy (this was during her supposed pregnancy). She jokingly states that any doubters can just "look at my stretch marks".

    Why didn't she show these doubting journalists her STRETCH MARKS!

    (which, BTW, is a most baffling response....why would someone be convinced of your current pregnancy by seeing stretch marks?)

  75. Ferry Fey9:53 AM

    Sullivan: "When you add in the date of Bristol's giving birth to Tripp (removing the likeliest alternative scenario, although there are others) and the odd, last-minute but clear doctor's letter on election eve..."

    Well I don't add them in. Tripp's alleged birth date has never been corroborated, and CBJ's alleged letter has never been verified as having been written by her anyway.

  76. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I like your comment at Elliot's post today.

    There are some other good ones too.

    John Edwards

    I'm not crazy about the "politicians are just normal folks" line of argument, because the truth--indisputably--is that they're not. People who make it into the A list are basically prima donnas who have an Olympian sense of self-entitlement. The question I'd ask of Elliott: is he one of these people who thought Edwards was being victimized by fabricators in 2007-8? Because the lesson of that scandal, simply, is that people who spend their careers inside the matrix of power can justify all sorts of things which common folk would find beyond the pale (not talking about Edwards so much as his enablers).

  77. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Andrew will have the last laugh and Sarah knows it. It is just a matter of time.

  78. Anonymous10:19 AM

    In 2008, Wesley Loy worked for Anchorage Daily News. He was located in an office in Juneau and his function was to produce "The Highliner", a feature of ADN, from March 2007 to April 2009.

    He moved back to Anchorage the same week as Sarah's birthing story. Now he's "The Deckboss."

    So when Executive editor Pat Dougherty was engaged in high drama with Sarah Palin by email and had assigned reporter Lisa Demer the task of putting the story to rest, why didn't Wesley Loy tell his boss Pat and his coworker Lisa in editorial staff meetings, that he KNEW Sarah was pregnant because he'd been privileged to have a private viewing of her stomach?

    No, seriously, this is not a rhetorical question. Why would he not say anything about this, THEN?

    Sarah Palin: "And is your paper really still pursuing the sensational lie that I am not Trig's mother? Is it true you have a reporter still bothering my state office, my very busy doctor (who's already set the record straight for you), and the school district, in pursuit of your ridiculous conspiracy?"

    Pat Dougherty: "Yes, it's true.
    If that's true, then why has Lisa Demer been asking questions about Trig's birth?
    When we heard that you were upset about Lisa's inquiries, we immediately extended an invitation to your office for you to meet with me and other editors so we could explain our interest in the Trig matter, and answer any other questions you might have. As far as I know, that invitation was never acknowledged.
    We remain willing and available to meet with you to discuss these or any other issues. I would be happy to meet with you one on one, as would Pat Doyle, or as part of any group of editors and publisher you would like. Based on our experience, I do not think it would be constructive to include Bill McAllister, but that's up to you."

    Considering THIS context, Loy's recent revelation sounds like a big fat lie to me.

  79. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Anonymous said..."Sarah Palin is Trig's birth mother! Didn't you idiots read the unofficial Anchorage Police Dept statement?"
    7:53 AM

    What does that mean? What "unofficial" police statement? Police statement about what?

  80. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I gotta say, I concur with Sullivan's approach here.

    Assume she did carry the baby. Here's the bottom line: To not inform an employer that you are pregnant after the first trimester is unprofessional; to not inform your staff if you're the chief executive of a company or an entire friggin' state is inexcusable. To travel at 7 or 8 months gestational when a 40 yo+ multigravida with a history of miscarriage is reckless and irresponsible. To fail to go to a hospital with any amniotic leak is, again, reckless and irresponsible. To deliver a high-risk baby at a hospital without a neonatal ICU is, yup, you guessed it, reckless and irresponsible.

    Focus on those, the facts she presents, and there is more than enough evidence that she is, at a minimum, unprofessional, reckless and irresponsible.

    I wouldn't let a person with that track record housesit my cats.

  81. Anonymous10:54 AM

    They refuse to look at the evidence, they just hunt til they find someone to say what they want to hear and dismiss the rest. Now they feel like big important writers,

  82. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I do not believe that she showed two separate people her covered throw pillow. That is a lie.

  83. Anonymous10:58 AM

    For someone with such tight stomach muscles why does her stomach look so squirmushy?

  84. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Anon @10:19:

    Your points and questions seem logical to me, but it seems that people are content to accept Loy's story at face value and consider it solid evidence. I don't think the Salon reporter is going to pursue this any more.

    Based on the vitriol being spewed against anyone who questions Palin's pregnancy and birth story, it seems many people in the media do not think a possible pregnancy hoax is relevant or important. They are defending Palin's right to privacy and accusing those who question Palin's story of misogyny. They really don't seemed bothered by the possibility of her lying and focus instead on how unseemly it is to question her. This is despite the fact that Palin herself has intentionally blurred the line between her private and personal life to a degree I have never seen in a political figure before.

    Because all of this involves personal, medical information, I am afraid that Palin might have pulled off the perfect con. Until someone speaks up, there is no proof.

  85. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Justin Elliott gives Sullivan a response. Go to his blog on Salon.

  86. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Those reporters are jackasses, and if they did feel her belly or her pillow, what did that prove when they kept quiet about it for over 3 years.

    Absolute jackasses.

    The horse is out of the barn fellas.

  87. Anon 11:04 - "...it seems many people in the media do not think a possible pregnancy hoax is relevant or important."

    Many on the left really, really want Sarah to be Pres. Obama's 2012 GOP opponent. Perhaps, they are afraid that seriously questioning the alleged pregnancy will take her out of the running. Instead of serious journalism, it seems we're being served 'packaged' stories to achieve an end result.

  88. Anonymous11:43 AM

    ' Here's something else fishy- or maybe it just shows how unfamiliar the "journalists" (any of' em, all of 'em) are with women's reproductive issues. "Tempest in a spatula"-!?!?!? Hah! They must mean "specula", not that THAT would hold much tea....
    7:46 AM '

    or, one of them, a "speculum"

  89. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I just revisited the tale of two babies story. It is so amazing that that tiny baby at the May baby shower turned into that giant child by October. Ever seen a 6 month old that size?? I have not.

  90. Anonymous12:18 PM

    @ 9:03 AM

    It is a baffling response. How would having stretch marks prove that she was pregnant? I've got plenty of stretch marks, and I'm not expecting a baby any time soon. However, I would have gladly offered to pee on a pregnancy test if anyone had ever questioned whether or not I was pregnant.

  91. Ah, ye of little faith:


  92. @Rationalist. Thank you! Sully makes a coherent case. And "they" know it.

  93. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Well, if she's going to run for POTUS, she would benefit from getting out in front of this by having these two come out with this BS.

  94. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Andrew Sullivan is rattling some people's tiny little brains, get ready for Sista Sarah to bring out the crosshairs again.

    Sarah and Ram neither have learned anything of past experiences where they have shown just how totally uneducated and vile they have become.

  95. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Quinn is entirely disposable because he was porking Ivy Frye at the time, and must still have the natural human impulse to bolster his own credibility, post-partum.

    Loy appears much more independent, but ever so young and ever so male, not having experienced pregnancy. And he does cover the seafood industry, possibly open (wittingly or unwittingly) to influence from this area, the leadership of which has been shown to lick Sarah's Naughty Monkey heels, according to the msnbc emails released last year.

    Have either Dunn or McGinniss addressed the wierdity of Palin making plans to fly to Washington DC (according to the emails) one week after having "given birth" to Trig? This as almost as queer as the Wild Ride. She's supposed to give birth in midMay but apparently had plans to fly to DC at the end of April? Or, had plans to fly to DC one week after having "birthed" special needs Trig? Any parent, male or female, knows that this is so out of bounds as to not be credible.

    There is no record so far that she went, but there is a record that she and her staff were considering it as of April 22, 2008.


  96. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Ya know, when it boils down to it, it is this simple: male and female journalists that have never given birth or having been a parent will jump the shark to report on sexual affairs. . .but pregnancy? Too icky. Too mysterious. They simply do not have the life skills and experience to even know how to analyze this situation, without looking like jackasses.

    And the rest of them that do, appear to fall into the camp of covering their own butts, having kissed Sarah Palin's for either love or money.


  97. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Why did Palin need show her belly since she was announcing her pregnancy anyway and it wasn't a controversy at the time of the announcement?

    Why did she need witnesses? And why did she need them at that moment in time.

    Why hide a real pregnancy or fake a false one, when both her own claimed one was announced and so was Bristol's

    On another note, since all her children's names stand for actual physical objects what do the Paxon and the Van represent in TriG's name?

    I know what Sarah said they are but what are they really?
    (Soap opera music sells)
    Could they hold the clue to Trig's origins?

  98. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said..."Sarah Palin is Trig's birth mother! Didn't you idiots read the unofficial Anchorage Police Dept statement?"
    7:53 AM

    What does that mean? What "unofficial" police statement? Police statement about what?

    10:26 AM

    This is my attempt at sarcasm. When the National Enquirer reported that Todd Palin solicited a prostitute, Sarah had a friend from the Anchorage Police Dept give an "unofficial" Anchorage Police statement to the National Enquirer. It was Officer Dave Parker of the Anchorage Police Department who issued a “press release” to the National Enquirer and that attempt by him gave the impression Todd was innocent and it turned out that it was their attempt to mislead everyone. Eventually Shailey Tripp who had the relationship with Todd sold his emails to her on Ebay.




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