Friday, April 22, 2011 believes it has definitive proof that Sarah Palin DID give birth to her fifth child. Update!

From's Justin Elliott:

Steve Quinn, who is now a freelancer, was the Alaska-based Associated Press journalist who wrote the wire story reporting that Palin was pregnant in early March 2008. He told us that rumors were circulating that Palin was not truly pregnant even back then -- before she gave birth and well before she was tapped to be John McCain's running mate. So, like any good reporter, Quinn looked into it -- twice -- and came away with solid reasons to believe there was no hoax.

According to Quinn, in the days immediately after Palin announced her pregnancy that March, he was in the governor's office and asked her directly about the rumors. Palin smiled and, Quinn says, lifted an outer layer of clothing to show that she was indeed pregnant. "She was able to show a thin layer of clothing against her stomach that revealed an enlarged abdomen area," he says.

Quinn added that he heard from female legislators and friends of the governor that they suspected, based on physical changes, that Palin was pregnant well before she announced the news.

Several months later, after Palin had been tapped for the No. 2 slot on the GOP ticket, Quinn began looking into the rumors again. He called Palin's doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who had personally induced Palin's labor in April. Baldwin-Johnson called him back several days after the Republican convention ended in early September. Quinn asked her directly if Trig was Sarah Palin's baby. "The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled.

We also spoke to Erika Bolstad, a veteran McClatchy reporter who covers Washington for the Anchorage Daily News. In early 2008, Bolstad began working on a story about the vice-presidential buzz surrounding Palin. When Palin traveled to Washington for a meeting of the National Governors Association, held the weekend of Feb. 23-25, Bolstad caught up with Palin for an in-person interview.

This was about a week before the pregnancy was announced, and about seven weeks before Palin gave birth to Trig. Bolstad told us that she distinctly remembers thinking that the governor looked pregnant.

"When I interviewed her and heard the news a few days later that she was pregnant, there was no doubt in my mind that it was true," she said. "I saw her. She looked pregnant."

At the time of the National Governors Association conference, Sam Bishop was a staffer in the Alaska governor's office in Washington. Bishop, who is now an editor at the Fairbanks News-Miner, spent a large chunk of the second day of the conference -- Feb. 24, 2008 -- accompanying Palin to interviews and meetings. When he read the announcement about a week later that Palin was pregnant, Bishop told us, "I just slapped my forehead, and went, 'Duh!'"

Added Bishop: "It was so clear to me that she had been pregnant. She was wearing large scarves, clothing that was not form-fitting. Her face was more filled out than normal. She was very much pregnant, and fairly far along, when I met her."

Others reporters who were covering Palin at the time said she was showing clear signs of pregnancy.

I have interviewed over a dozen people who either worked with Palin or saw her during the time she says she was pregnant.  Not ONE of them knew she was pregnant before she announced it.  Almost ALL of them had some sense of doubt when they heard the news.  And SOME of them simply never believed she was telling the truth.

And those are people who saw her repeatedly, including some on her own staff.

I hate to call anybody a liar, but I have to wonder if Elliott realizes that the person he is using to provide this absolute undeniable evidence is the same guy who was having an affair with Ivy Frye while he was supposed to be covering Sarah Palin from an impartial point of view.
As Geoffrey Dunn recently wrote, he tried desperately to put the rumor to rest, and was unable to do so: (And speaking of Dunn, here is a page from his book mentioning Quinn.  Does Steve Quinn seem unbiased to you?)

Hoping to disprove the conspiracy theory when I initiated work on my book--and to put the story to bed once and for all--I interviewed several close associates of Palin's, including her friends and political allies. I was anticipating, perhaps even hoping, that they would tell me conclusively that Trig was her child.

I was shocked by the response. One close friend of Palin's--a widely respected woman who had given birth to several children as well and who had close contact with Palin in Juneau up until the time of Trig's birth--told me that "Palin did not look like she was pregnant. Ever. Even when she had the bulging belly, I never felt that the rest of her body, her face especially, looked like she was pregnant." When I asked her point-blank if she was certain the baby was Palin's, she said, "No. I don't know what to believe."

I can tell you right now that Dunn is NO "Trig Truther."  He has made no secret of the fact that he wants that part of the story to go away, but he has not been able to make that happen.  And by the way, neither has Joe McGinniss.

So has Justin Elliott REALLY discovered heretofore unreported information, as well as brand new eye-witnesses?  Or is this, like last night's E- True Hollywood Story, just another attempt by the Palin camp to kill this story before it breaks into the mainstream?

By the way. according to Quinn he only saw her "belly" through a thin layer of material, but WE know somebody who saw it much, much closer than that. Yeah I think I will put my ex-prostitute who easily passed five polygraph tests against Ivy Frye's fuck buddy any day of the week.

I wonder what the Grizzled Mama will do next to kill this story?

Update: As for this KTVA reporter Cherie Shirey, that is mentioned in the piece:

Then there is journalist Cherie Shirey of KTVA in Anchorage, who told the Huffington Post in 2008:

"We worked with Governer Palin many times in 2008. Our reporters worked her on location and in the studio and I worked with her myself. She was definitely pregnant. You could see it in her belly and her face."

Audrey of Palin's Deceptions wrote a long well researched piece about her attempts to make sense of Ms. Shirey's statements concerning Sarah's pregnancy.  Here is a short example, but I encourage all of you to read the entire post:

So... returning to Cherie Shirey's statement, "We worked with Gov. Palin many times in 2008... in the studio..."

Examining Sarah Palin's travel schedule at length, from the time of her announcement until Trig's birth reveals the following:

Circa March 4: Los Angeles to Anchorage
Circa March 7: Anchorage to Fairbanks
Circa March 9: Fairbanks to Anchorage
Circa March 11: Anchorage to Juneau
Circa March 14: Juneau to Anchorage
Circa March 27: Anchorage to Juneau
Circa April 15: from Juneau to Dallas
April 17: from Dallas to Anchorage

During this time, not counting days that she was traveling, Sarah Palin was physically in Anchorage / Wasilla approximately 17 days... out of the 44.

The first question I'd like to ask Cherie Shirey is how many times in these 17 days was Gov. Palin in your studio in Anchorage? What were the stories you were covering? Now certainly, a crew could have followed (and on at least one occasion did follow) Palin to various events: the famous Andrea Gusty shoot on April 13 was in Juneau, so the crew had to fly there. But you have stated specifically that you interviewed her many times in 2008 when she looked pregnant.

So... when? Where's the footage? What were the issues discussed? And, most pointedly, were you specifically claiming to Lee Stratham that there were those of you at KTVA who noticed or believed she was expecting prior to the official announcement on 3/5/2008? If so, why did you not state it immediately after the announcement when everyone else in Alaska was talking about shock and bombshells.

Gee, and people question the veracity of MY sources. Like I said, I will put my sources up against those of Justin Elliott any day of the week.


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    If I was pregnant and rumors that I WAS NOT pregnant dogged me and impacted the life of my firstborn daughter immensely...

    I think I'd have lifted the "thin layer of material" as well.

    A fake belly is still a fake belly under a thin layer of fabric.

    Spin, spin, spin.

    Gryph, since this dude just dialed up CBJ like she was the local top 40 station...can you do the same? Ask her to confirm on the record that Sarah gave birth to Trig?

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    A totally on point story from Good Morning America this morning. How a pregnancy can be a hoax as this girl told her mother but kept her siblings and friends in the dark. It was only when she revealed 'the fake tummy' that everyone realized the hoax and these people saw her EVERY DAY.

    So for 'supposed' reporters, interviewers, etc. to say Palin WAS pregnant - their back teeth are floating - in SHIT as they are space cadet bullshiters

    What is it - everyone wants their 15 minutes like Trump now.

  3. Anonymous6:52 AM should post a picture of Palin looking so "clearly pregnant" and "very far along" at the RGA in Feb.

    Yes, she wore a scarf.

    And a size 2 pencil skirt and suit jacket. She looks as "very pregnant" as an Olsen twin in those photos.

  4. Anonymous6:53 AM

    If CBJ gave confidential patient information over the phone to an Associated Press journalist, she should have her license revoked. I seriously doubt if that really happened.

    Why are all of these people coming forward with their stories about pregnant Sarah NOW? Seems a little fishy. (Actually a lot fishy)

    Looks like Sarah is worried that people are getting too close to the truth and is trying to do some damage control.

  5. dancingthroughlife6:56 AM

    Ok, then. If she wants to continue to say she was pregnant, the media should start looking into the "Wild Ride" and what that reveals about her. Her judgement in the (supposed) events of April 2008 show more question in her judgement and mental fitness than faking a pregnancy for her teenage daughter does. What decisions would that kind of person make given the most powerful office in the world?

    If she thinks she can get people to believe she was pregnant (which, I obviously don't), then she'll have even more questions to answer- questions that have infinitely more to do with her mental stability and her ability to be president than the "Trig hoax" does. If she continues to remain in the spotlight and a possible candidate, I think there are now people who will continue to ask questions, whether she likes it or not (finally!).

  6. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Did any of the women claiming she had her tubes tied, cut, and burnt, ever follow up with you?

  7. Laura Novak6:58 AM

    Permit me to say that my new post is up: Sarah Palin and the Pediatric Specialist: Another Conversation.

    A doctor's expert view. Please join us:

  8. Anonymous6:59 AM

    ONE last thing! (I just left two comments in a row)

    The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled.

    That's akin to Sarah's careful phrasing of "they say Trig is not my child" or "these rumors that Trig is not my son"...

    If CBJ were really "confirming" anything, wouldn't she have said "yes, Palin GAVE BIRTH" to this child rather than the vague "it's her child"...? Yes it's "her child" in that she calls herself his mother and claims him as a tax deduction. I did that with my daughter, adopted from Honduras. And my doctor would say that this child (well, adult, now) is hers. And she would not be lying!

    CBJ, CBJ...won't you put us all out of our misery???

  9. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Since Chuck was there "when he popped out", maybe he can send a photo of the birth.

  10. Anonymous7:01 AM

    And how does some lackey 'coming forward' after all this time constitute definitive proof? How much did the Tundra Twit pay this one?

  11. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Why didn't the reporter get the names of the people who worked with her and said she was pregnant and interview them instead of just taking the word of a palin panty sniffer . The ADN story did the same thing she talked to people that saw palin on the treadmill. Who were they and where were their direct quotes?

  12. Anonymous7:02 AM

    The statement that I hear robotically from Sarah Palin defenders is "Sarah Palin is the baby's mother" or Trig is Sarah Palin's child. She is notorious for wording it this way "they keep saying I'm not Trig's mother". The distinction has been noted but not enough. Saying you are a baby's mother is not saying the baby is your BIOLOGICAL child.

    I do not believe Trig is Sarah Palin's biological child. And I do believe she had a tubal and that there are many reasons her medical records were nothing more than a letter on the eve of the election.

  13. laprofesora7:05 AM

    Okay, so she was actually pregnant with Trig. So somebody explain why she endangered his life by flying from TX to AK while leaking amniotic fluid? Proving she was pregnant doesn't make the story go away, it makes it worse. By Paylin's own account she put the life of her unborn child at great risk. She'd
    probably be better off going with the hoax thing.

  14. oh bullshit! suddenly this guy appears? she still could have been wearing the empathy belly.
    i guess the pictures that were deleted and erased were the ones of her not looking pregnant.
    something is hitting home now that she is manufacturing false evidence. i would believe a massage person who actually touched her stomach, than some dude who is just speaking up now. why weren't pictures taken?
    the airline attendants that saw her the day she gave 'birth' didn't notice she was pregnant, but people that saw her a month prior did notice???? huh??
    she is scrambling now.

  15. Anonymous7:10 AM

    What does Dunn say about Quinn? The page isn't coming up for me. Thanks to anyone who can answer.

  16. Anonymous7:11 AM

    They are desperately trying to bury this story.

  17. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I burst out in laughter at the thought:

    The job description to work for Palin is you are required to 'hump' whoever can put out a story of lies inclusive that Trig is Palin's.

  18. Anonymous7:13 AM

    OK, I thought that ETHS mentioned that she never showed until a month before delivery. Now quinn is saying that she was showing? Which story to believe?


  19. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Erika Bolstad is full of shit. A week after that conference Palin appeared on camera with Newsweeks Karen Breslau and Janet Napolitano (former Gov. of Az and current head of Homeland Security) and neither one of them realized she was pregnant. That's the infamous video where she spends 20 minutes leaning forward with her legs crossed!

    Breslau said this about the interview:
    "as we waited in the green room, I urged her to "feel free" to make some news on stage. At the time, I didn't know that Palin, clad in a loose, dark dress, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child. An aide called me the next day to tell me that Palin would be announcing the pregnancy at home in Alaska and that she had wanted me to know as a courtesy. She was sorry she hadn't mentioned it the night before."

  20. I've been a newspaper journalist for 28 years and I've never seen a professional journalist do what the Salon writer has done -- write an opinion piece and then followup with an "investigative" piece that substantiates your earlier opinion piece.

    It is unthinkable that any editor(who does not work for Fox News or Andrew Breitbar) would allow someone to do something like that.

  21. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I suspect that Quinn might be a victim of the Pygmalion syndrome.

    Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved; Quinn was fooled and wrote the initial story and could not let go of it by admitting he'd been duped. He created the image; he stuck with it even though going through all the motions.

    He probably gravitated or was guided towards people who would reinforce his initial premise.

    Career counselors say that once management hires someone, it is often reluctant to admit to a hiring mistake. It will find all sorts of reasons to put up with sub par performance or an ill fit rather than admit to a mistake until productivity suffers, group morale falls below acceptable levels, or it is just too damn obvious that the person should go.

    I think we are all vulnerable to this; however, I think journalists should be aware of that tendency and work to overcome it - to the point of even stepping away from a story if evidence consistently contradicts what they themselves are finding.

    I would be more impressed with Quinn if he could make a convincing argument against the photos we've seen and would explain why those closest to Sarah for the longest time did not believe her to be pregnant.

    After all, even if her face were "full," you can force-feed yourself to gain adequate water-weight. Actors gain weight quickly for roles they want or need. Why couldn't Sarah? After all, I am pretty sure she's been living a lie (role) for a long, long time and has developed skills to do it fairly well.

    That is the heart of a grifter - being able to flim-flam people at first impression or for a short-time. However, most grifters don't associate with the same people for long periods because they cannot maintain the lie or people see through it given enough exposure.

    Just saying.

  22. Anonymous7:22 AM

    ¨...lifted an outer layer of clothing to show...¨
    That is obscene.

    sarah buys the least credible ¨ëye witnesses¨ on the market. She must be cheap.

    Also, too, how many women would lift an outer layer of clothing to prove they´re pregnant? Isn´t doubting someone is pregnant flattering to a woman?

  23. Anonymous7:31 AM

    WAAAIIIT A MINUTE!! The doctor told Quinn she had induced SP in April??? She induced her and then Sarah went to TX? Or induced her after the "Wild Ride" back, after she was already in labor?

    "Several months later, after Palin had been tapped for the No. 2 slot on the GOP ticket, Quinn began looking into the rumors again. He called Palin's doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who had personally induced Palin's labor in April. Baldwin-Johnson called him back several days after the Republican convention ended in early September. Quinn asked her directly if Trig was Sarah Palin's baby. "The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled."

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

  24. All you have to do is watch this video made less than two weeks before Sarah Palin purportedly gave birth to know there is no way she was 8 months pregnant. Check out the screen shots!!

  25. Anonymous7:35 AM

    6:56, I am one of the people who knows Sarah had her tubes tied...she whined incessantly that it was painful when in reality she had it done during her csection with Piper so there was NO additional pain. (I am not saying csections don't hurt, only that tubals don't ADD pain)

    And I personally did not follow up with Gryphen.

    I am just scared. Yes, I feel a sense of duty. But knowing the Johnstons computer was wiped, Sherry was SET the F up, Shailey is being followed everywhere, they probably know how many squares of TP the poor woman uses...

    It's NOT that I don't trust Gryphen. I do- implicitly. But I know what lengths people will go to in order to keep this covered. What if they remotely tapped into G's computer(s)? Or phones?

    I also feel that it doesn't matter what I say...the media won't hold Sarah accountable. In the face of ALL this evidence...not only does Sarah skate, but she's lauded as a frontier woman supermom. Why would I risk my family's safety so she and her minions can have ONE more target?

  26. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Salon has another article up!

  27. Anonymous7:44 AM

    over to Salon to debunk - come along.

  28. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Two words: birth certificate.

    Where is it?

  29. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Under privacy laws, would the doctor be able to confirm or deny such a thing?

    And why would the doctor induce labor?

  30. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Actually the picture that this reporter claiming Palin , was pregnant, The picture attached to his storyas prrof that Palin was pregnant, with that orange scarf, even proves the point that Sarah WAS NOT pregnant at all.duh!!!

  31. Enjay in E MT7:57 AM

    So after making the big announcement that she was pregnant - Quinn asks about the rumors and Sarah shows him her "baby bump" - in the Gov's office? Later CBJ tells an Alaska AP reporter on the phone that Trig is Sarahs child?

    Nope - don't believe it!

  32. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Put cbj under oath and see what she says. She is a liar and a palin flunky. Her little missive on palin's pregnancy is pure T fiction.

    If she was pregnant why was there a doubt of a 6-7 month pregnant mature woman.

    I would like to ask justin what he thought of palin's "Wild Ride." He probably would say it didn't happen.

  33. Anonymous8:00 AM

    New entry in the "Hilarious Justice" category of fun things to watch:

    Sarah Palin will very soon be trying to keep this controversy in the news.

    It will be the most positive coverage she will get, once the emails and books begin to peel back the mask.

  34. Anonymous8:00 AM

    sarah gave birth while she was giving the speech in Texas. She kept Trig from dropping to the floor by applying an iron-like thigh lock upon him. She then tucked Trig into her carry-on bag, stuffed him into the overhead compartment, and flew merrily home to Alaska. This did not bother Trig, because he is a palin.

    Why not?

    It is just as feasible as the wild ride.

  35. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Please. Men are such fools. Showing a man a thinly covered empathy belly is no proof of anything.

    And everyone's convenient "recollections" are just that: convenient. Conveniently supporting their own opinion.

  36. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Al \right I have been thinking about this lately and with all the chatter about Obama's birth certificate, yada, yada, yada, they are trying to build another FALSE EQUIVALENCY wherein if they give up on the Obama birth certificate issue (there is really no issue!) then the left must give up persuing this. Quid pro quo. We'll admit the Obama birth story is absurd, so all of us SURELY will have to drop the Trig birth story. Only problem is, these two stories do not have equal merit. One can probably be proven true (if the right person would step forward!) and the other has already been proven (Obama's birth)> These dolts think these two issues are mutually exclusive.

  37. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I am just scared. Yes, I feel a sense of duty. But knowing the Johnstons computer was wiped, Sherry was SET the F up, Shailey is being followed everywhere, they probably know how many squares of TP the poor woman uses...


    Nice try there, whoever you are. Sarah has never had a csection. Sherrys arrest had nothing to do with Sarah (why would a woman who has high aspirations want an inlaw arrested? Even Sadie denied this and she would incriminate the Palins in a heartbeat with lies, rumor or truth). There is also a ton of contradictory info from Shailey, including a lot of inaccuracies about living in AK. There was also something very wrong (technically) with an email. I sincerely doubt she's being followed. No one knows where she is.

    Think, if Shailey had a true story, the NE would NEVER NEVER NEVER have walked away from it. I know peoplep say Shailey left them, but she's never actually said that publicly. I think the NE smelled BS and said, "you are crazy bitch".

  38. Anonymous8:11 AM

    lol at "my ex-prostitute against a fuck buddy"

    Oh man, you are bad Gryphen!

  39. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Sarah could easily prove she's the birth mother. She chooses not to. You have to wonder why.

  40. Anonymous8:14 AM

    @7:05 am: Exactly. If I was Palin, I'd want people to believe the hoax story too, rather than focus on why she decided to take a 3000 mile trip right when she was going into premature labor with a special needs baby.

  41. The doctor's expert view posted by Laura Novak is a masterpiece of vagueness. He's all over the place in his assessments of various aspects of the Trig issues.

    Essentially it boils down to this sentiment--that Sarah Palin is weird (and the doctor doesn't like her politics) but she's not "that weird." And since Trig turned out all right, Palin's actions during her wild ride, taking Trig to work with her at 3 days, etc. are just no big deal. Anyway, people do things differently in Alaska, because they're frontiers-people or something.


  42. Lynne8:17 AM

    And, of course, there is the question of why a doctor would induce labor to bring on a premature birth.

  43. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Time has changed things.

    Todd´s henchmen are in jail. Shailey is safe. sarah´s lone Alaskan howler monkey has a restraining order against her.

    sarah has fled to AZ.

    The law is on your side.

  44. Gasman8:18 AM

    I really think that this story is rattling Palin's cage. No matter what, she cannot make this go away.

    This is just the latest attempt at Palin's revisionist history to try and rewrite the record to fit her self serving narrative.

    As to the main stream press being rather wary of this, I can understand why. None of them questioned the veracity of Palin's story, no matter how improbable, unlikely, or flat out impossible it seemed. To cover the story now is at least a tacit admission that they fucked up on the first go around.

    In their defense, why would they question a sitting governor who said she was pregnant? Imagine how big the story will be when it breaks that it was all a big fucking lie.

    Oooh, it's really going to suck to be Sarah Palin when that happens. Between then and now, Palin and her flying monkeys are going to come absolutely unglued trying to get rid of this particular tar baby. It sure is going to be fun to watch.

  45. WakeUpAmerica8:19 AM

    Hey, how about a profile and frontal picture of someone wearing the empathy belly with a thin shirt over it. Can we see the empathy belly?

  46. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Well this paragraph in Elliot's article sets off my BS detector.

    After all, there's a strong argument to be made that politicians' private lives should not be subject to investigation unless there is suspicion of hypocrisy (e.g., Larry Craig) or some public policy implication (e.g., Mark Sanford). As Atrios put it, "if Trig was sired by Lucifer and birthed from a hippopotamus it's really none of our business." Sullivan has claimed that the birth of Trig, a baby with Down syndrome, played a key role in Palin being chosen for the GOP's 2008 ticket, because it solidified her pro-life credentials. But the idea that this had anything to do with John McCain's decision to tap Palin is easily debunked.

    So is it that there is no suspicion of hipocrisy on the issue; or is it no public policy implications for a Vice Presidential candidate to have in some significant fashion deceived in this way (if there was some deceit involved). No policy implications that IF the V.P. to be was actually pregnant, and then proceeded on a self organized "wild ride" for some reason? If she was pregnant, and did deliver on April 18, 2008; the wild ride did occur more or less like she described it in the many variations.

    The rest of this article features more of the same.

    One last highlight:

    In total, that's six independent witnesses, none of whom have a reason to lie for Palin. They all say she was pregnant.

    Did they have a reason to lie for Palin? That's a strawman argument, to construct it so all six are required to "lie for Palin" for something to have been missed (like a empathy belly). The more important question to have asked them was 'do you think you might have been deceived or misled about this?'. That might not have been asked.

    This is slightly better written than O'Malley's recent effort, but the prejudgement and inability to understand the religious right (does Elliot even think Sarah might be a part of that?) make it more of the same.

  47. Anonymous8:20 AM

    somebody is desperately trying to do damage control because they never figured the spiral of silence would be broken. Then came the paper and now come the stories. By the way, anyone who has the "hmmm something doesn't seem right after all" feeling also finds their way onto the 3 biggest palin blogs and start nosing around don't they? I bet you have seen the traffic increase since that paper came out haven't you? I think Paylin is probably pretty afraid that her story is going to bust loose after all. Tight abs can't contain this baby. No way.

  48. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Bunch of idiot panty-sniffers paid for by Palin, sure like Sarah showed them her belly.

  49. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Wait, Sarah had a C-section with Piper? So Trig was a VBAC????????

    And she bypassed three hospitals to go to MAT-SU????

  50. Anonymous8:22 AM


  51. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Sure CBJ said it was Sarah's baby, Sarah did not give birth.

  52. Anonymous8:26 AM

    At that point in her pregnancy, those last 44 days, she must have had MULTIPLE Dr.'s appts for her high risk pregnancy---I know I know....belly bumpit pregnancies don't need actual care...but a "rill" Amuriun pregnancy would have involved at least 4 or 5 why wasn't her staff or security aware of any Drs appointments and if she wasn't having regular appts during a high risk preg than her Dr needs their license to practice pulled for endangering mother and high risk fetus.
    Surely her old calendar would have been filled with appts = No pregnancy

  53. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Thanks Gail, I hadn't seen this in a while. Just feast your eyes on the 9:58-9:59 point where SP pushes up against Piper (or some other child). Flat. As. A. Board.

  54. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Sarah wore loose clothing and scarves, which meant that she was pregnant. Wow! I've seen overweight women and men who do not tuck their shirt into their waistband. No, they wear it out, to cover up all of the effects of too many doughnuts and ice cream treats. They're not pregnant, even if their wear seven veils and scarves. There are also photos of Sarah where is abdomen is flat as a board, weeks before she was supposed to have given birth. Please! But, she must love the attention. At least it keeps her name in the media, while people are busy watching Donald, Michele, and anyone other than Palin. She is last years' media darling, and she isn't in the spotlight any more. Maybe it's time for another baby.

  55. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Ok you women who have been pregnant before, tell me if I am missing something in this video, which one of you at late six month pregnant, could be in high heels, and fold your legs for almost an hour, bending in front of your belly? I am small, 6.10Ft, 130 pounds, a marathon runner, and I can tell you this, I could not fold my legs in the office or bend forward easily. How about you guys? But here is the bionic super woman Sarah... She did it. What a fraud. Anyone who supports this fraud,either duh or just another fraud supporting a fraud.
    Here is sarah pregnant. Watch all the videos, and tell me this woman was 7 months pregnant.



  56. Good! Now that we "know" sarah was pregnant, we MUST question her CRAZY and DANGEROUS RECKLESS RIDE!

    Far better for her to have faked a pregnancy than to do what SHE, in her OWN words, said she did!
    Her OWN words, on tape and in her book, say that she leaked amniotic fluid, had contractions (LABOR!)- then gave a speech and flew through the air 10+ hours - with a known special-needs baby! Then bypass Anchorage (where there is an excellent ICU) and drive to MatSu Regional.

    Her decision-making processes are horrifying! Crazy! How DARE she put herself, the other passengers, and baby Trig at such risk!

  57. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Gee, her water broke so why in hell would she be induced into labor?

    Liar, liar, pants on fire Palin paid troll.

  58. Anonymous 7:35, as much as I want to trust your information, I have a problem.

    You see reports are that Palin returned to work THE NEXT DAY after having Piper. Women who have caesarians, just don't do that.

    Also yours is the first report that she ever had one.

    If in fact she did, that changes EVERYTHING.

    Women who have cesareans usually have them in every delivery going forward. So Palin would most likely NOT have been induced by CBJ. She would instead have been prepped for minor surgery.

    If you have more evidence, or more people willing to back up that story, I would LOVE to hear from them. But as of right now, everything we know points to the birth of Piper as being a vaginal delivery.

    Are we wrong?

  59. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Wait, did Sarah have a c-section with Piper? Is this the first we're hearing about it???

  60. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Any time that people write that Trig is Sarah's son, they are probably telling the truth. By now, she has probably adopted him, or she has publicly taken the responsibility of raising him as her son. That doesn't mean that she gave birth to him.

    By now, with the wonders of photoshop, Sarah has had time to craft a beautiful birth certificate. That won't prove anything, either. Orly Taitz produced several birth certificates for an Obama birth in Mombassa, Kenya which were clearly fakes. The only thing that would offer conclusive proof would be a court orders and supervised DNA test, like the kind they do on the Maury Povich show. (Preferably outside of Alaska, where Sarah has no control over the people in the lab).

    It really doesn't matter whether Trig is her natural born son or an adopted son. He served his purpose as the prop for her right-to-life credentials when she ran in 2008. If Sarah runs in 2012, she is going to need more credentials than a DS kid. She is actually going to have to read any and all of those newspapers and magazines. She is going to have to prove that she is intelligent, has studied the issues and can analyze complex economic, political, and international problems. She can't even speak on Fox, even when she has been given the questions and answers in advance.

  61. Anonymous8:46 AM

    That is strong!

  62. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Gryphen - don't forget to keep posting the pic of Palin wearing that red tent of a shirt with the huge belly poking out from when she was REALLY pregnant. People who might casually visit this site without background on Babygate need to have that photo shoved right under their noses so they can see what Sarah really looks like when she is pregnant! :)

  63. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Are we supposed to believe that CBJ had Sarah Palin's permission to give out private medical information over the phone to reporters?

    Or did CBJ violate HIPAA?

    Imagine in this day and age a doctor confirming a medical condition over the phone with the press or with anyone for that matter with or without patient permission. And COME ON! Why in the world would Sarah give permission for that? And of course, later, when CBJ makes a statement, she has her lawyer present. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

    Either this reporter is lying, Sarah Palin told CBJ it was ok to give out Sarah's medical information over the phone to reporters, or CBJ should be brought up on charges for violating HIPAA.

    I don't think the patient has to be the one to file charges. I think it's clear what the next step is. Somebody get CBJ on the line to confirm or deny this reporter's story.

  64. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Thanks Gail, I hadn't seen this in a while. Just feast your eyes on the 9:58-9:59 point where SP pushes up against Piper (or some other child). Flat. As. A. Board.


    I meant to say 8:58-9.

  65. Anonymous8:57 AM

    He called Palin's doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who had personally induced Palin's labor in April. Baldwin-Johnson called him back several days after the Republican convention ended in early September. Quinn asked her directly if Trig was Sarah Palin's baby. "The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled.

    I don't work in the medical field, but wouldn't it be a violation of HIPPA (sp?) law for Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to speak about a patient like this? Yes, Palin could have given her permission to speak on the matter, but then why later on did Dr. Baldwin-Johnson only comment about the subject while accompanied by her lawyer?

    I smell something fishy, and it's not that can of "Savory Salmon Feast" my kitty is devouring right now.

  66. Anonymous9:01 AM

    To your last comment. Iseem to remember that Sarah ONLY went to check her email with baby Piper and then left right away. AS for being released the next day after a C-section---many women are--not to be too graphic but if you have "pooped" after a C-section or a hysterectomy you can be released. While this is the first I've heard about a C-section...many women with natural child births DO go through and have surgery to have their tubes tied at the same time of their child's birth. And the old adage about once a C-section, always a C-section hasn't been foolowed in DECADES. It all depends on the reason for the C-section.

    Former RN with no info about Pipers birth but just general info.

  67. Regarding Piper and C-Section. Perhaps Sarah told them she had a C-section so she could garner more sympathy for herself (and get out of more car-pool duties, and look like even MORE of a super-mom than any one else when SHE returns to work the next day--which I don't believe she did, any way).

    I really wouldn't put it past her...

  68. Anonymous9:10 AM

    @ 7:35

    Are you sure Palin had a c-section with Piper? I read all of her deliveries were vaginal.

    If you really are one of the women who heard her complain of pain from having a tubal at least contact Gryph. I know he will keep your confidence. At least he will be able to confirm that "someone" in Wasilla is making that claim.

  69. Anonymous9:13 AM

    8:57 would there be a HIPPA violation if Sarah wasn't her patient?

  70. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I'm sorry, but the group picture of the RGA attendees at that convention, with Palin right in the front row, shows her flat as a board. No way, no how, "far along" in a pregnancy. Wearing a scarf, yes, but seven weeks from delivery, even prematurely, absolutely not. Within three weeks of this photo, pictures of Palin with a big round tummy start to be made public. She knew she was under consideration in Jan 2008 and was questioned about it in interviews. She knew when she attended this convention that she would be meeting with McCain personally. Hence, the beginning of the scarf dance, she was laying the foundation for the scam, but not so much that if it were not successful, that she couldn't retire back into the shadows without having put herself out there as pregnant.


  71. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Speaking from a purely practical female point of view, I have to wonder what was this "thin layer of fabric" under the outer layer of clothing. The "witness" is oddly vague. A long underwear shirt? A blouse? A knit tee? Because any of those would be opaque. Women don't wear see-through clothing for business attire. That's the point of having clothing, even a underneath layer -- to cover up and not allow the average joe to see your nekkid body. Unless $arah has a habit of wearing transparent undershirts (do they even make those?), this is non-evidence.

  72. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Okay so after many years, this guy Quinn, a reporter - an Alaska-based Associated Press journalist comes out of the woodwork to make a statement that Palin was pregnant!

    So tell me what happened, was this guy Steve Quinn in a coma and just woke up last night? This story has been around many moons and a reporter, a person trained and paid to get breaking stories just decided to open his mouth becaaauuussseee what… he just remembered?

    “Quinn says, lifted an outer layer of clothing to show that she was indeed pregnant. "She was able to show a thin layer of clothing against her stomach that revealed an enlarged abdomen area,".

    Okay Dr. Steve Quinn, medicine man, I want you to stand in front of a mirror and stick out your stomach and then lift your shirt up. Now tell me if you see an enlarged abdomen? Steve Quinn does this mean you too are pregnant? I can walk around all day with my stomach stuck out and I’m positive I’m not pregnant.

    LOL Great job there reporter Steve Quinn.

    Everybody knows, Sarah is a conniving scheming person and will lie or exaggerate to back up any story she can come up with.

    1) Remember Sarah Palin said she is an energy expert even though she never went to school or took classes on the subject.

    2) Sarah claims she raised Track, a combat veteran that never seen combat.

    3) Sarah said that Todd does not solicit prostitutes just ask Todd even though the prostitute is selling his emails on EBAY.

    I believe Sarah as far as I can throw her and I believe you even less Steve Quinn, ace Alaska reporter!

  73. Anonymous9:27 AM

    The truth oozes out no matter how someone tries to plug the holes with lies. If Sarah wants to embellish her pregnancy story with this minions on the E! Hollywood Story, and many believe it, then so be it. And, if she has loyal friends in high places that will play along with her pregancy story, again so be it.

    And, even if we were all shocked to one day find out without a doubt that she really did carry and was pregnant with Trig, then there'd be no option but to accept it.

    However, if she proved she delivered Trig, and stands by the story she gave, and the collaboration of the story that Dr. CBJ gave, people everywhere need to know and need to know fast that any woman who would take such a risk is not FIT to make any decisions.

    Imagine what she could have suggested to Bristol during her pregnancy? Would she have brushed off a similar wild ride if her pregnant daughter decided to follow in mom's footsteps?

    This story from Sarah's lips is the biggest insult to protective loving parents all over. Her wild birth story is not a mama grizzly story about a bear doing anything to protect her cubs.

    Investigations should ensue if this story is true.

  74. Anonymous9:28 AM


    Alaska's finest reporter with the up to date news.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha

    What? Tomorrow are you going to report that Obama is the first African American president of the United States?

  75. Anonymous9:28 AM

    The ADN is reporting it now.

  76. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Um hello! I just found an old blog on Blue Oasis that says Steve Quinn was having an affair with Ivy Frye. . .and that's why he was removed from his AP Alaska position. Unbiased? I think not. He has been in the Palin pocket from day one. Might still be. Anyone have an update on this relationship??


  77. Anonymous9:30 AM

    If Quinn was in a relationship with Ivy Frye, then I would discount everything he says. (Sorry to say, as a former reporter, I do know a small handful of journalists who have been known to lie, or to be involved in romantic relationships with their sources that haven't been disclosed, etc.)

    However, I used to work with Sam Bishop, a long-time Alaska reporter who did work in Palin's D.C. office. He is a completely trustworthy person.

    Having said that, I don't think his impressions represent good evidence, and nothing anybody told Elliott negates what Palin's head of security, the trooper, told Dunn. (That he saw her in jeans shortly before her announcement and noticed nothing at all.)

    For me, the trooper's statement is the most damning. As far as I'm concerned, the issue is still in play.

  78. Anonymous9:30 AM

    The blog is dated July 17, 2009. I don't know how to embed links on IM comments, sorry.


  79. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Hey Steve Quinn I got a tip for ya to report.

    Breaking News: Chuck Heath has been seen with a belly protruding... CHUCK HEATH IS PREGNANT!

  80. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Keep up the work Gryphen. You guys are getting too close. The spin machine is out overtime trying to squelch this story. Why on earth would a sitting governor show herself to a reporter? Why not produce medical appointments and ultrasounds or the amniocentesis report?

    Nope, aint' buying it. Keep digging, get it out there. There is only so hard they can push back with spin before people start to tell her to put up or shut up.

    There is progress being made and she is scared. Pay no attention to the bullshit put out by her professional spin masters. Remember, they are being paid a pretty hefty sum to try and change the public perception in this matter. Just like the RNC paid a pretty penny to try and convince the public that this stupid, ignorant woman possessed the necessary character, integrity, grace and most importantly, the INTELLIGENCE to be the US VP, a heartbeat away from the Presidency. See how they spent all that money and did such a good job initially and fooled so many people? Don't allow that to happen again.

    If you keep pushing, several things might happen: either she will run out of money to pay the professional publicity machine and have to confess, the public will demand that she show proof that she is the mother in order to put the rumors to rest, or she will have to confess. Either way, you have her on the run. Don't get discouraged and allow her big money machine to shut this down. Keep going Gryphen. Now is the time to push harder than ever. The light is at the end of the tunnel. She is scared. If she wasn't, we wouldn't see this type of spin.

    Keep the pressure on. Palin will make a misstep and this thing will blow wide open. Then we can all really celebrate. The bitch will be gone.

  81. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Of course she appeared pregnant....THAT'S the look she was trying for! DUH!
    And..if I read that correctly, Dr. CBJ said, "Trig is her child", DUH again!
    Did she say Palin actually gave BIRTH to him??? Did the good doctor say she delivered Tri-G from Sarah?
    I doubt it!

  82. Virginia Voter9:38 AM

    Gryphen , I was just going to post the same response to 7:38 am. No where was it ever reported that Sarah had any c-sections...that would make it even more unlikely that CBJ would even agree to let her have a VBAC with her fifth child. I always doubted the tubal story, if it were true, someone would have come forward by now. Sarah has abysmal approval numbers in Alaska, the militia dudes are in jail, and Todd has his own skeletons. There is nothing holding anyone back from telling the truth if it exists.

    Sorry 7:38 you are full of shit

  83. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Quinn is a sycophant. All of the articles written about Palin prior to his ouster at the AP were glow-worms, entirely complimentary.

    For him to write this newest article and not disclose his prior relationship with Frye/Palin is also unethical.


  84. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Well, first off, it's been proved (by Palin herself) that one tell lies with impunity about anything and attribute the lies to Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson and CBJ will say NOTHING.

    Secondly, my hope is that this sudden spurt of statements of "proof" will be the tipping point for those who KNOW that these stories are total lies. Why so chatty all of a sudden, Palin friends?

  85. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Anyone who accused me of not being the birth mother of any of my kids had better STAND BACK. I would get the birth certificates out pronto. Why is Palin not doing this? There is only one reason, the rumors are true, she did not give birth to that little boy. Furthermore, the truth needs to come out, since this is a hoax on the entire country. No wonder the screeching bitch thinks she is smarter than the rest of us. The "fix is in" someone is paying big bucks to keep this undercover.

  86. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Recall last year some young asian traveller had put on a very convincing mask of an aging man to get through airport security. If reporters had been questionned at first sight "is that an older man", they would have said, "yes".

    Any woman can wear a strap-on an empathy belly. Did Quinn poke her stomach with a finger til she yelled "ouch"? I don't think so. The thin layer of clothing thing still doesn't prove anything.

    And as far as Sam Bishop, then staffer in the Alaska governor's office in Washington goes, of course she was going to be prepped with belly for him and the Washington crowd. She had everything to gain from convincing the Washington DC crowd she was really pregnant.

    What doctor would ignore their pregnant patient travelling 17 days out of 44 in the last stages of pregnancy and put their foot down and give an ultimatum?
    They'd tell their patient, "listen to my instructions" or "find another doctor".

  87. emrysa9:47 AM

    man that article is complete garbage.

    “Quinn says, lifted an outer layer of clothing to show that she was indeed pregnant. "She was able to show a thin layer of clothing against her stomach that revealed an enlarged abdomen area..."

    REEAALLY? that passage is so funny I really can't believe that this person isn't embarrassed for writing it. this is something that they hold up as "proof?" damn that's embarrassing.

    and cbj called someone back to give information about one of her patients? I suppose this guy has a bridge to sell us, too. please. load. of. shit.

    I find it rather curious that the perpetual victim hasn't lashed out about this, especially given that recent dust-up over at wonkette. when has the quitter not taken every opportunity to proclaim herself as a victim? she did look pretty beat-up on hannity the other night, I do think that shit is weighing on her. reap what you sow, quitter, no sympathy.

  88. Anonymous9:47 AM

    The fact that they are trying so hard to debunk this without SP saying a word or providing clear proof says to me that they are concerned. I'm not buying the Ivy Frye boyfriend or the other reporter's account or the bullshit quotes in the E story about her not showing until the last month.

    How many times do we have to say that looking pregnant doesn't prove you are pregnant. Actresses in movies look pregnant but in most cases aren't. Look at the teen who faked being pregnant and fooled everyone including siblings for 6 months. And why oh why do they keep talking about how fat her face was? No one carries a baby in their face for crying out loud. I am so pissed about this bullshit article. This journalist hasn't looked at any fo the facts. We show photos of her not looking pregnant and they claim photo evidence doesn't mean anything, and then they show this picture as evidence. I see a close up pic which makes anyone's face look fat and a big jacket and giant scarf. WTF? Someone needs to explain why she doesn't look pregnant in so many photos. A non-pregnant woman can look pregnant with a fake belly. A pregnant woman cannot look not pregnant. You can't hide a 6lb.s baby. I also love the dumbass O'Malley from the ADN using the TLC show "I Didn't Know I was pregnant" as some kind of proof. Journalism at it's best.

    Since Salon "debunked" the faked pregnancy, I think they should then explain her "wild ride" and why she would put her unborn child at risk as well as all the people on the plane. Maybe she'll change her tune and admit the fraud when the spotlight is on her attempted fundie abortion.

  89. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Wow, I don't ever remember hearing that Palin had a c-section with Piper. Is this true?

    If it is it would make it ever more unbelievable that her doctor would let her travel or travel with leaking amniotic fluid. You have to be carefully monitored if you have a vbac (vaginal birth after c-section).

    Wow - just wow!!!!!!

    JFI- I had 2 c-sections and let me tell you it is painful. You have the hardest time getting up from sitting or from bed. I also had my tubes tied (not with the sections) and let me tell you the cramping is awful. I suffer from severe cramps and it was just as bad. By the way, if anyone does get a c-section the prescription meds they give you do NOT work. Make sure you have some Advil gel caps they work much much better.

  90. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Todd you've been putting on a little weight there. Ya might want to give Dr CBJ a call there, we don't want you leaking water and delivering ahead of schedule.

    Am I right Steve Quinn?

    Ya phoney bastard!

  91. Anonymous9:51 AM

    So, hold up... does this mean that these men disputing the tightness of Sarah's abs? Blasphemy!

    LOL, what a farce. This whole charade smacks of Frank Bailey's stories about how Palin and her lackeys would deal with stories that they didn't like. Quinn's and Loy's "revelations" are fabrications to attempt damage control. And, like all of the Palins' attempts at damage control, will only make the situation worse by drawing more attention to it.

    Well played, Governor Dipshit.

  92. Punkinbugg9:54 AM

    Did this blouse-lifting incident occur before or after the Elan Frank video, where she's playing the (square) belly like a bongo drum? I'd say she was just trying it out on as many idiots as possible before heading to Texas.

  93. Anonymous9:54 AM

    We in Alaska especially know Mrs. Palin and for this ALL to come out 'together' and 'suddenly' is very circumspect.

    She is known to have had people write Letters to the Editor in her behalf and having these folks come out all of a sudden saying she was pregnant is nuts!

    Mrs. Palin is obviously trying to get this story stopped...prior to the three books being published and REALLY giving us the FACTS about her and her family.

    Or, is she seriously thinking of running for something and trying to get 'supposed' proof out there? We'll see how it all works. But, I don't believe Palin or these sources.

  94. Here's a still from the video that AKABC ran on Mar 5 '08 when they reported on Palin's pregnancy announcement.

    “Some are calling it the biggest shocker of the year. Gov. Sarah Palin dropped a bombshell today. She’s PREGNANT! Palin says today that she and her husband Todd are expecting their fifth child sometime in...AND GET mid-May. So much for transparency and openness.”

    The shot occurs while the reporter is questioning her 'transparency and openness'. A moment later the camera zooms in on her mid-section.

    The full news report starts at 3:48 in this video:

    There is no accompanying notation that this is 'stock video'. I wish we could confirm the date and circumstances when the video was taken, along with evidence to support the date. At this point, it seems there are people willing to 'make things up'.

  95. Anonymous10:03 AM

    If she looked so pregnant, why was everyone so shocked by the news? As evidenced in the articles at the time, other eyewitness accounts and her coworkers. The Frank Bailey book/e-mails support that she didn't look pregnant and that the rumor about Bristol was out there. Why would anyone question her pregnancy if she really looked pregnant? Makes no sense.

  96. Re: inducing labor. This is one part of Sarah's story that makes sense.

    IF she were at a late stage of pregnancy, and IF her water(s) had broken, she'd need to deliver within 24 hours because of the risk of infection and labor would be induced if necessary.

  97. Anonymous10:16 AM

    She can have it either way to me I don't really care. Either she faked the whole thing and is a complete lunatic, or she didn't and did everything in her power to ABORT her 8 month along pregnancy, which makes her the world's largest hypocrite and disgusting! So which is it Sarah?

    BTW Bots tell me again how evil planned parenthood is please. Maybe if Sarah had ever used their services (ie birth control) she wouldn't have had a baby she so obviously doesn't want! Tell me how it was better for her to have Trig, and then abandon him. I have yet to see a bot address the wild ride except to say "but a mother knows.." so mother's know huh? Wow mother's are psychics! We can apparently see at least 10 hours into the future at time! Wish I would have known that on lottery night ;)

    I now view anyone who still supports her with a mix of contempt, scorn, and pity. You are pathetic!

    Right to life does not mean do anything and everything in your power to KILL your unborn baby! Hypocrites!

    Go ahead and defend that! Dare ya'.

  98. Forgot to mention -- The jacket Sarah's wearing in the AKABC video is the same one she wore for the National Governers Conference group photo on Feb. 25 '08.

  99. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Priest/Penitent confidentiality apparently has the power of law in the U.S. So, HIPPA laws one would think keep an M.D. from disclosing a yes or no about their patient. If the case was about a patient being pregnant or not, the M.D. wouldn't have to say if they were or if they weren't? Is this correct?

    So Steve Quinn, a then Associated Press journalist, "asked her directly if Trig was Sarah Palin's baby. "The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled.

    Did Sarah Palin give Dr. CBJ a signed permission to give this private information to Steve Quinn?

    If not, then CBJ may have broken HIPPA laws.

    Let's just assume Sarah did give Dr. CBJ that permission to disclose she is the mother of Trig to anyone who asks. Why go through all these hoops? Why couldn't Sarah Palin just show Trig's birth certificate?

  100. Anonymous10:30 AM

    "Gryph, since this dude just dialed up CBJ like she was the local top 40 station...can you do the same? Ask her to confirm on the record that Sarah gave birth to Trig?"

    yes gryph, do it do it!

  101. Anonymous10:33 AM

    In response to-

    Um hello! I just found an old blog on Blue Oasis that says Steve Quinn was having an affair with Ivy Frye.


    The blog is dated July 17, 2009. I don't know how to embed links on IM comments, sorry.


    Gryphen has the link to that Celtic Diva's post (July 17, 2009) in his post.

    Here is what Halcro had on this Ivy Frye to Steve Quinn email:

    It appears that one of the more confidential acts in the state capitol is having a cup of coffee.

    It's hard to understand why when the governor's assistant Ivy Frye and Associated Press reporter Steve Quinn get together for a cup of coffee and then communicate via the state email system, why that would rise to the level of a state secret.

    What kind of secret brew are they drinking?

    Link to Halcro's blog where the "Privilege Log" of Frank Bailey and Ivy Frye emails for February 2008. These are the emails withheld for various reasons like executive privilige. (These were not the emails on the off the record yahoo accounts that Ivy Frye helped set up). 78 pages worth just for the two for one month.

  102. Anonymous10:38 AM

    So, hr called Cathy Baldwin-Johnson and asked her if Trig was her baby and .........."Baldwin-Johnson called him back several days after the Republican convention ended in early September. Quinn asked her directly if Trig was Sarah Palin's baby. "The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled."

    First off, if Sarah adopted Trig, then yes, he is her child. He didn't ask directly if Sarah gave birth to Trig. So this is all BS.

    But if he has and Baldwin-Johnson had answered him in any way excepr "no comment" she'd have been breaking the law by releasing confidential information about a patient. So this whole story is a bunch off fluff aimed at convincing people who don't think logically that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

    But if she were breaking her oath and answering questions, the first one I'd ask is........Has Sarah Palin ever had her tubes tied?


  103. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Gryphen, put up the "square pillow" in the Elan Frank video front and center.

  104. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Gotta love the lingual agility of the doctor! "it's her child" also applies if she adopted him, right?

    Remember, this is the same doctor who refused to answer questions later, and showed up to the interview with a lawyer. And that was with a FRIENDLY journalist who believed the story was fake and was trying to debunk it!

  105. Anonymous10:47 AM

    "Keep the pressure on. Palin will make a misstep and this thing will blow wide open. Then we can all really celebrate. The bitch will be gone." - 9:33

    I second that emotion!

  106. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Gryphen, put up the "square pillow" in the Elan Frank video front and center.

  107. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Soooo...rather than show definitive proof of biological parentage, she trots out her lapdog mouthpieces to shut down the story? Give me a break. This tells it all. She ain't got no proof so she's gotta get people to lie for her.

    I call bull shit. The fact that she is going this far tells me all I need to know about Pathological Liar Palin.

  108. Anonymous10:57 AM

    O/T Good article about Sarah's blatant hypocrisy and self-serving pragmatism:

    In Sarah's world: "We've got ours. Who the hell needs unions anymore. If bashing them will get me more; I'm all for bashing them." Medred

  109. Anonymous10:58 AM

    A 17 yr old girl faked a pregnancy in Wa. state for a school project and no one knew except her mother and boyfriend the kids and teachers, when she told the whole school and took off her fake belly at the school assembly they were shocked..if a 17 yr old can fool her family, friends and everyone at school that saw her everyday then sarah can fake a pregnancy...

  110. We have to keep the pressure on...Palin is attempting big time damage control. We cannot let this story go away!

  111. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I had an old fashion c-section and when the children in the neighborhood asked their parents where they came from, the parents sent them over to my house to see my scar. Problem was all the kids in the neighborhood thought I was their mother.

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Ratfish11:51 AM

    Steve Quinn was covering Palin while COVERING Ivy Frye.

    He is about as ethical a journalist as Plain is a politician.

  114. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Does Quinn seem unbiased? No, he seems like he carries her panties around in his pocket.

  115. Anonymous12:14 PM

    "Palin smiled and, Quinn says, lifted an outer layer of clothing to show that she was indeed pregnant. "She was able to show a thin layer of clothing against her stomach that revealed an enlarged abdomen area," he says."

    What reporter writes like that? Total bullshit. A woman wrote this. A man/reporter would say lifted her jacket, or sweater, or shirt, not lifted an outer layer of clothing.

    I think Palin wrote this: "Quinn added that he heard from female legislators and friends of the governor that they suspected, based on physical changes, that Palin was pregnant well before she announced the news." No reporter would say that; sounds like a defensive person. (Sounds like me when I was lying to my parents, and they didn't quite believe me, and I'd throw in the extra little thing [other people thought so too!] to sound convincing.)

  116. Anonymous12:19 PM

    There's a whole lot of wiggle room between ""The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," and "SP is the biological mother.

  117. Anonymous12:26 PM

    QUOTING SOME JOURNALIST: that politicians' private lives should not be subject to investigation unless there is suspicion of hypocrisy (e.g., Larry Craig) or some public policy implication (e.g., Mark Sanford)

    But the Trig Truther story is about hypocrisy.
    Hypocrisy about being pro-life (what pro-life person takes a wild-ride and bypasses hospitals with NICU units for a clinic)
    Hypocrisy about being honest (just who are the two or three babies that have bene presented as "Trig")

  118. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Gryphen -
    It used to be that once a c-section, always a c-section. It was probably true when you child was born. But I believe that has changed and is no longer standard protocol. I don't know what the new protocol is - if most woman can trye a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC), or only some that meet certain conditons. But I don't think it's remarkable. It very well may require a better medical facility than a clinic.

    However, if that's the first you've heard of a C-section then it's probalby not true on that grounds alone.

  119. Anonymous12:57 PM

    In the interview with Elan Franks Sarah says that Piper was born on one day (I forgot what day) and that she was back at work the very next I doubt she had a C section. However, who knows what the truth is..if she even really did return to work the next day. Since she had hired a city manager for that tiny little town (that is NO city) why would she need to go back to work so quickly? She tells so many lies, she has no clue what the truth of any given matter is any more.

    I think the person who posted that was a plant giving their side a chance to cry "foul". I do believe she had her two bull, but not at that time.

    I also believe there are many people who, for reasons known only to themselves, have not come forward to dispute her lies. After reading about Todd's AIP friends, I can't say that I blame them.

    I will admit, I had never watched the Elan Franks video until today. What a bunch of bull she spouts off...she and Todd were so fake the entire time...the scene where she greets Piper "I do this every day" is so staged and poorly acted. She is truly a sad, sick person! Bet she was very excited, being interviewed by a person from Israel. Is that when she stuck that stupid cheap assed flag on the curtain of her office?

  120. Anonymous1:01 PM

    In the first place, why lift up your clothes to veritable strangers? and if she was indeed pregnant, the lifting of said frock would have been unnecessary as said belly would have been showing any how.

  121. Anonymous1:29 PM

    "The doctor flat-out told me it was Palin's child," he recalled."

    that's not definitive. That could mean Todd, Bristol, Diana, ANY Palin. All of 'em.

  122. Anonymous1:48 PM

    All this new evidence smacks of the kind of media manipulation $P and her cohorts engaged in during her short time as governor as evidenced in Frank Bailey's manuscript which is backed up with e-mails.

    They had a system for creating letters to the editors in her favor and having supporters signed their name. She created a whole lemonade stand with Piper just to create a story and get back at someone in Juneau who complained about Sarah bus tours and the noise. We know lies and manipulation are what she does best and this little charade fits in with her MO as do the "friends" who mentioned that she didn't look pregnant until the last month in her all her pregnancies and that she wore a bikini and no one knew she was pregnant. She thinks she is so clever, but thinking people will not fall for her manipulation.

    How did Elliott get in touch with these folks? Did he make extensive calls? Did he interview people who were around $P up in Alaska? Or did they contact him with the exact copy and he printed it? things that make you go hmmmmm.

  123. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Palin is a lying uneducated idiot, and those who take up for her lies make themselves look even worse than Sarah does.

    This BS of Sarah being pregnant is just BS capitalized.

  124. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Nice work, keep on it!

  125. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Fuck Salon! I've subscribed to them for almost 10 years, and I just contacted them to cancel my subscription. They won't be using any of MY money to defend that lying sack of excrement.

  126. FrostyAK3:58 PM

    Too many obvious cover-up lies, WAY too late.

    Thanks to professor Scarlott for bringing this out in the air again. It has been hidden away so long that it stinks to high heaven. Spiral of silence has turned into spiral of cover-ups.

    It is not only $palin spinning it, it is WAY bigger than she ever was. Look at McCain and the corporations that own him (and her).

  127. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Just read Andrew's Sullivan's comments. I had not heard the story before that she made the man running against her for mayor show his marriage license to prove he was truly married (and he did). That is just crazy....for a woman who lives a life full of lies and constantly hiding facts.

    I agree..if she made him show that..she has to be willing to release her SIGNED medical history..with NO "wite outs".

    Keith is right...the woman is an IDIOT!

  128. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I have been trying to figure out the "scarf" thing for a while now. It was clearly designed to obscure her tummy, and she certainly tells people that she used it to hide her pregnancy. But just as easily, should the "adopt a Trig" not work out, she could come into May, take off the scarf because of the warming weather and no one would be the wiser. I'd say the scarf was obfuscation - knowing all the while that even though $carah is very good at it, she's never heard the word before.

  129. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Gryphen, can you manipulate the photo attached to this post? From my view, you can actually see the outline of the faux belly. First it looked like her right breast was placed very oddly on her frame, but then from there, you can see the outline of the fake belly. Is it possible to highlight and lighten that portion of the photo?

  130. Anonymous7:12 PM

    My 14 year old grandson can suck his stomach in so far it looks like he is nothing but ribs and backbone. He can also puff his stomach out to make it look like he is about 5 or 6 months pregnant. Does that mean he IS pregnant?

    Hard to believe there are people like Quinn and the others with the late blooming memories. Has anyone researched their religious affiliations? Might they be part of the Dominionist crowd?

  131. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Sarah spends soooo much time and energy on perpetuating her Trig hoax. But, in the end, it doesn't matter much who gave birth to him. If people believe someone else gave birth, then Sarah conspired to use an innocent Down Syndrome baby to prop up her political career. If people believe that Sarah gave birth, then Sarah purposely endangered her at-risk baby with her wild ride. In either case, she's a lousy, self-absorbed mother.

    What really matters is that the majority of the voting public know all they care to about Sarah Palin and we dislike her. And she can't un-quit her job. She'll always be a quitter and she'll always be unelectable. That's her destiny.

  132. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Of course Trig is Sarah's baby. If you had adopted a child, that child would be yours, even if you hadn't given birth to it.

    And don't ask for an Alaska birth certificate, I am told they no longer say Certificate of Adoptive Birth.

  133. I've had three c-sections, and believe me, you're NOT out and about after three days. So I rule out a c-section with Sarah/Trig.

    Even after a vaginal birth, it is RARE to go back to work after three days, but we're all used to Sarah being a super-woman so it was NO PROBLEM for her to do so with Trig - special needs child and all - wild ride and all those messy details with water breaking and miraculously giving birth a few hours after setting foot at Mat-Su Regional. Induced at that.

    What the hell would you need to be INDUCED - your water has already broken? Duh? Infection anyone? Delivery is imminent and again, she was INDUCED?

    Liar, liar, pants on fire - you're so busted Sarah and it's only starting for ya hon.

  134. FloridaDem4:53 AM

    I've always reserved judgment until proof, but even I can smell something rotten. Why are these people coming out now with no explanation as to why they held this information back?

    Sarah says she has tight abs, no one knows, and now these people are saying the opposite that they all knew? Either you know or you don't know, make up your mind.

    And it seems to me that a private person like Sarah, who wears coats and scarves indoors to hide her condition, is unlikely to practically disrobe in front of a perfect stranger. Plus, it's so awkwardly worded - that whole outer layer/inner thin layer thing. Just say what she wore! What did she wear?! It's almost as if this reporter is creating some kind of plausible deniability. He vaguely talks about the clothing in a way so that later if the hoax is proven, he can say, well she had stuff on, I couldn't tell. Yet his verbiage creates an image in the readers mind of some kind of thin, sheer undergarment. In reality, we don't know what she was wearing. And why would a hot, sweaty, pregnant woman be wearing multiple layers anyway? If you're hiding a pregnancy you wouldn't want to be BIGGER than you already are, you would just wear something large and loose. Layers would make you fatter and more obvious.

    Doesn't sound right to me.

    Also, one other point, why would people claim she must be pregnant because of the scarves? Bristol wore long hot scarves in steaming Haiti....are we to say that proves Bristol was pregnant? Oh it doesn't? Then why does it for Sarah?

  135. FloridaDem5:02 AM

    Also, is it just me, or is it weird that the elephant in the room is never talked about by Palin, the Alaskan papers, or former reporter friends of Sarah's? I'm talking about Shailey Tripp. This is a person not in politics or media. She is in some respects, an outsider. She had special access to Todd and Sarah in a very unconventional way, and now this person is out and talking.

    I have to admit at first I had some doubts of her story, but frankly, since they've said NOTHING about her and avoid her name like the plague, (even though her last name is oddly Tripp), that leads me to believe she holds the truth. Shailey has submitted herself to pretty rigorous questioning by us on all the blogs, and she obviously has real emails from Todd because she's selling them on ebay and hasn't been sued. I tend to believe her at this point. And remember, she massaged Sarah some time between Jan to March. That's the time some people claim Sarah was huge and yet Shailey couldn't tell, even with the woman half naked lying down? Come on.

  136. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Im late to this thread, but someone please, show me one pic of her face looking preggers.

    "You could see it in her belly and her face."


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