Monday, May 02, 2011

Sarah Palin's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. (Well two days actually.) Update!

Boy this last 24 to 48 hours have not been very kind to poor Sarah Palin.

Just imagine if you were her for a moment.

First you learn that the President, who you have been aggressively attacking and accusing of not knowing how to do his job in the hopes that perhaps YOU can take that job from him, orchestrates the killing of the most dangerous terrorist on the planet essentially assuring his victory in 2012.

Then you send out a bitter, and clearly insincere tweet (and follow up Facebook post), in which you thank the troops for killing Osama Bin Laden while denying any credit to the Commander in Chief, which once again identifies you as a hateful, immature attention whore, and which receives richly deserved  condemnation from all over the blogosphere.

And just when you believed that things could NOT get any worse, somebody posts a picture of you on the Internet with food stains (At least we hope they're food stains!) ALL over your expensive outfit.

Here is closer look.

Okay I don't want to start any unnecessary rumors, but exactly what was on the menu at that Vanity Fair after party?

Oh well Sarah, don't forget that tomorrow is another day!

And the mind reels to imagine how badly you will fuck up THAT day!

Update: What? And she wore clown shoes that night too?

Okay can we just pretend that this woman did not come from Alaska? Please, just this once?


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    It gets even worse...


    After a careful examination of our White House Correspondents Dinner weekend pics, we realized that -- in addition to having sunburned legs -- Sarah Palin's shoes didn't fit.

    In fact, her heels were about to fall off of her feet as she pranced down the MSNBC After-Party's red carpet.

    (Not to mention that she was flaunting a black suit on the red carpet.)

    Tsk, tsk! Sarah, any former Miss Wasilla would know better than that.

    And so, we must award Sarah with this weekend's "Too Big Shoes" award.

  2. Anonymous4:21 PM


    Also, it makes the flattering WaPo story about her disappear from the news cycle.

    Poor Sarah!

  3. palinsuxass4:22 PM

    Palin is an ignorant hideous slob.

    And she looks 8-months pregnant in that photo, also, too.

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I think that's from when she tried to wipe all that messy egg off her face.

  5. Haha! I was wiping at my computer screen trying to get the offending smudges to go away. I finally gave up and read the post. Poor, poor $arah...

  6. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Well, Quitler and Toad did have 2 whole bottles of expensive wine with dinner.

    They're real lushes.

  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I am watching Lawrence O'Donnell. The raid was led by the CIA using Navy Seals. It was the combined effort of civilian and military. Sarah is only thanking some of the people. The CIA obtained the information, planned and led the raid.

  8. Irishgirl4:32 PM

    Another pic of the dirty jacket and shoes here.

    You can dress them up - well no you can't actually. :)

  9. Anonymous4:32 PM

    So true! But you forgot a couple more of her terrible events:

    Obama releases the long form of his birth certificate

    He calls out the carnival barkers and points out that he's got more important stuff to do (reminding her, and everyone else, that he's the president and she's not)

    She arrives in BLACK for an afternoon garden party, which indicated on its invitation that dress would be "Garden Chic" (hint: this would not include black)

    At the correspondents dinner she is humiliated 3 ways: IGNORED as insignificant and/or irrelevant (no direct mention) and RIDICULED for her thin qualifications (beauty contestant qualification) and idiotic challenge to the FLOTUS' healthy eating program (the easter candy joke), and REPLACED by Michelle Bachman (born in Canada, that's how it starts joke)

    Then it's reported that she arrived first and 25 minutes early to an after-party, apparently the one where this photo shows her sloppy table manners

    Oh, and just for the record, every woman - except for the very young, very inexperienced, or very trashy (ahem) - knows you can't mix black separates and shouldn't try because it is ALWAYS an epic fail. Especially when photographed. Food or no food.

    True Blue Girl

  10. Anonymous4:33 PM

    @Anon 4:20 Someone also pointed out that Sarah's jacket has pinstripes and she is wearing a plain skirt. They don't match, and the shoes didn't match either.

  11. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Sarah Palin has an eating disorder.

  12. Anonymous4:34 PM

    RE: The too-big shoes on the Red Carpet - didn't Palin just recently snark on someone for being accustomed to walking the Red Carpet, making it sound like doing so was beneath her?

    God, the woman's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  13. Anonymous4:35 PM

    That teaches Sarah a lesson for actually trying to do something human normal - anything but Diet Red Bull and Power Bars do get awfully messy.

  14. Olivia4:35 PM

    Oh, come on y'all.Give her some credit. She did all that on purpose. She knows she is a trend setter. Soon all the bots will be clumping around in shoes too big. They already have food stains all over their clothes. Next she will be drooling in public just like her fans do.

  15. Anonymous4:36 PM

    She pulling a Lewinski? It's the only way she'll
    stay in the press. Isn't he pretty? Isn't she nice?

  16. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Gryphen, you have to add the shoes!

  17. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Did she bring her best loved prop Trig? She can throw him under the bus and say she was nursing him when he spit up on her as she was pulling one of her heroic, multi-tasking feats (all in a day in the life of Sarah) writing her new book, teleconferencing with her top notch advisor team, twittering and Facebook posting, editing Bristol's new book while checking on the chastity belts of her daughters and husband.

  18. Anonymous4:42 PM

    And then there's the jacket with no blouse under it, not even a camisole - which, if it had a little shine, texture or embellishment MIGHT have made this outfit almost work for the occasion. Well, except for the awful mismatch of two different fabrics, patterns and shades of black. Or the laughably huge shoes flopping on her feet, drawing attention to her tanning bed legs and thick ankles. That's before we even get to the food she's wearing. Trashy is as trashy does. But it's nice to see her show her ass like this, isn't it?

  19. Anonymous4:45 PM

    She should be grateful that you didn't include the upper part of that photo in the close-up.

  20. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Going back a few more days, she was totally ignored by Pres. Obama and Seth the comedian at the Press Club dinner--she was considered so insignificant they didn't even do a bad joke about her.

  21. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Poor Sarah! You know she had to probably borrow those mismatched black suit pieces and too big shoes from Greta because she doesn't have fancy schamcy clothes like those elite Washington types. She's a rill down to earth 'merican and doesn't have "garden chic" clothes. Even if she is a multi-millionaire........

  22. Tyroanee4:47 PM

    No, no not my hair and face... it's my bread and butter!

    Gesh, can't take a Wasilla-billy anywhere with out her going down on her knees for a few bucks.

  23. Hey Gryphen, you're being a little hard on the poor woman, aren't you? It really isn't nice to make fun of retarded, er I mean "intellectually and developmentally challenged" people.

  24. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Anonymous said...
    I am watching Lawrence O'Donnell. The raid was led by the CIA using Navy Seals. It was the combined effort of civilian and military. Sarah is only thanking some of the people. The CIA obtained the information, planned and led the raid.

    4:32 PM

    Sarah said you forgot to mention that Combat Vet Track Palin was there too. Something tells Track must of cut the hydraulic lines on the helicopter that crashed in Bin Laden's compound. Silly Wasilla kids, can't take them any where.

  25. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Emergency Prayer to Sarah:

    O divine Sarah, listen to my plea. I pray that Thou saveth me. I am tormented. The long-form birth certificate was released. Osama Bin Laden was killed. Unemployment is down. Poll numbers are tanking for thee and for the Tea Party.……

    Is this the end of the world? I can’t see anything. Why is this happening to me? Is this real life? Is this going to be forever? Ohhyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I am adrift in a sea of pee. Help! I’m drowning! Desperate…

    Sainted Sarah, tell me what to believe. How am I to interpret these horrific events? My mind is blank, Blessed Mistress. Console me. Fool me into believing again. Fill my soul with thy empty word salad. Make this unbearable reality fade into visions of white supremacy and legions of white babies.

    And grant that I may yet walk with thee along the heavenly shores of Lake Lucille.


  26. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Is that a square pillow under that suit?

  27. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Gryphen, you have to add the shoes!

    4:39 PM

    Dumbass hill billy! I don't think President Obama would leave the White House in shoes that are 5 sizes too big. I wonder if these are the shoes that were too big for Sarah and were supposed to be returned to Saks after the 2008 loss to Obama? Some how they were never accounted for, they just vanished off the plane?

  28. Anonymous4:55 PM

    LOL! Love the post! She is such a skank.

    I predict she'll have a bad night tonight also. She's speaking with the creepy Lt. Gen. Boykin who is a fundamentalist and loves to rile up the Muslims by saying his God is better than theirs. I can see him getting her worked up enough to say something utterly stupid about our President capturing and killing bin Laden...cuz you know they just hate that he accomplished what Bush couldn't in two terms.

  29. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Okay, ripping on Sarah's looks I can get my head around. Frump. Who shows up 45 minutes early? Desperate much? Did she think she was in the receiving line? Gotta go - Rachel on in 10 - she made Scarah a drink! Although, that little anecdote will probably have to wait for another night - it will be preempted by stories of our Presidents awesomeness.

  30. Anonymous4:57 PM

    LOL Gryphen!! Ha-ha ha! I am rolling over here. Thanks. Man she's a piece of work, huh?

  31. Anonymous4:59 PM

    What's that on Sarah Palin's jacket?

    Why it looks like Track's, Bristol's, Willows's and Piper's half brother or sister to Be Named at a later date.

  32. Anonymous5:05 PM

    What's that on Sarah's jacket you asked?

    Well firt of all, that is not Sarah's jacket, it belongs to Bristol. Sarah just borrowed it.

    Second, you asked about the stain? Well, you are going to have to ask Gino, Ben or Levi. For some reason Bristol kept that jacket in the freezer next to her blue dress.

  33. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Gryphen, you have to add the shoes!

    4:39 PM

    OMG! Those are the shoes Todd wears when he is at home by himself or when he does role changes with Shailey Tripp.

    That's the problem when you marry a transvestite who has bigger feet than you.

  34. Just to add, the too big shoes had glitter on them! Since she uses Sarah Pac for everything else, why not hire a wardrobe stylist? She is the picture of a "fashion, no, no". Can this truly be what she wore to a garden party and to give a speech for which she was paid $100K. No wonder the NRC had to fork over mega bucks to dress her and the rest of the family.
    PS: All of your comments are fabulously funny.

  35. Anonymous5:10 PM

    uh oh, might have a Monica-Blue-Dress sort of problem. Was she spending time on her knees just prior to this photo?

  36. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Checked my shoe rack. Several pairs a little too small. One pair a little too big (harried shopping day). All other pairs, just right.

    WHO even owns shoes 3 sizes too big?

  37. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Was the a wig?? -E

  38. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Todd wants to know how Sarah gets pregnant when he keeps missing his shots.

    Todd, it is because you don't have a 45, you have one of those dainty little girly pistols that can't shoot straight.

  39. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Hmm, no HUGE pregnant lady for photo-op, so fall back to plan-B, food fight.

  40. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I don't know whose shoes those are, but that jacket is one she has worn repeatedly, always with the mismatched skirt or pants and never with a top under it.

    I remember the odd hardware (cheap looking nonworking zippers), and because every time I see those sleeves I wonder if no one has ever explained tailors to her.

  41. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Sarah Palin's jacket stains? She was on her way to the bank to make a deposit and she coughed and some of the deposits slipped out.

  42. Virginia Voter5:18 PM

    Good god, this woman made $200k over the weekend and STILL looks like poor white trash in her mismatched Dress Barn separates, clown shoes, and DIY piss poor self tanning job. Who wears funeral suit with large silver hoops to a black tie affair?

    Please, Sarah, since we know you are obsessed with this blog, get the name of the stylist from the McCain campaign, and don't go out in public again until she approves of your wardrobe choices. I know your money train is slowing, but for Gods sake woman, you look like shit. While you're at it, toss the clip in weave and get a real haircut.

  43. Okay. I understand getting spilled on or spilling on yourself during an event and there's nothing you can do about it.

    But the shoes? Seriously? Does Bristol have big feet and Sarah was raiding her closet for shoes?

    I also can't help but feel she was inappropriately dressed for the after party. She's tarted herself up for speeches before. Why wear a low key suit now?

    And those shoes don't go with that suit, whether they fit or not.

  44. Irishgirl5:19 PM

    Also too. What is that on her lower lip?

    Third pic again. Close up may determine it. :)

  45. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Sarah's going to Hell. She should know that every sperm is scared:

  46. Anonymous5:23 PM

    "Okay can we just pretend that this woman did not come from Alaska? Please, just this once?"

    Okay, but only if you help me pretend that this woman WAS NOT running for V.P. back in 2008. Cause where she's from doesn't bother me nearly as much as where she thought she was going. (Easy to say when you're not from Alaska!)

    Man sized safe in her office? Hells bells, she would have needed a drive through vault to stash all her mistakes in.

  47. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Olivia, you made me laugh out loud.

  48. Anonymous5:25 PM

    gotta say this, those are really nice shoes.


  49. Anonymous5:25 PM

    How exactly was her tweet bitter? It was identical to what most people were tweeting that night. Seriously!? You read soooo much into things it's ridiculous.

    Btw I don't know if you want to mock her clothing. Wasn't it your president who once bottoned his jacket wrong? Why does she get attacked for wrongs everyone commits? That question deserves an answer.

  50. Anonymous5:28 PM

    She looks about 7 1/2 months along again. She bagged the scarves, and has crafted a new form of camouflage.

    This is so gratifying! I can't wait until my conservative friends learn the harsh truth about this ridiculous woman.

  51. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Love the comment on the shoe site - she's so stupid she doesn't even know her own shoe size. The jokes write themselves.

  52. Anonymous5:30 PM

    anon at 5:09
    I think you are correct and that those must be Tawd's "dress up " shoes.
    That raggedy old jacket and mismatched skirt are pure white trash. and the food stains are just damn funny.

  53. Anonymous5:30 PM

    You can keep her. ROTFL at her choice of shoes. Sometimes a woman should just give it a break and stay home with the children she has brought into this world. Mrs. Todd Palin, this is one of those times.

  54. Anonymous5:31 PM

    glittery shoes $20

    2 1st class tickets to DC $1849.00

    Pics all over the internet of White trash Sarah with food stained clothes ARRIVING at a party PRICELESS

  55. Anonymous5:31 PM

    How classy $creech...f-moron..

  56. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Sarah, how come your jacket is pin striped and your skirt is not?

    I don't want you to feel like we are jumping on you, but your shoes are too big and do not match the outfit.

    One more thing, what happened to your chest? I remember seeing you in your tighty white t-shirt at the Belmont Track and your girls were fighting to get out and now in your picture with the pin striped jacket, you are smooth as a Ken doll.

    What happened to your chi chi's or cleavage? Did Bristol needed them back that night?

    I think Aunt Molly, Sarah's sister should of worn that jacket without an undershirt. Sarah could of borrowed one of Piper's shirts.

  57. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Looks like Todd got a little happy. Car fun on the way back from the speech?

    I bet you anything those are bristols shoes.

  58. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I cannot even think of words to say about those shoes begin waaay too big for her feet.

    Fucking amazing. I wish she'd have tripped and fallen on the red carpet.

    She's the sorriest excuse for style we have in the 'elite' crowd, to which she certainly doesn't fit even though SHE'S TRYING SO DAMNED spite of the fact she says she hates the elite.

  59. Anonymous5:36 PM

    And this is what John McCain picked to be his vp?

    What? He could not find a homeless person who dressed better?

  60. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Reasons for the stains: She had to feed Trig before the parties; or, she actually did accidentally drop food on her jacket, or she did this on purpose to get bloggers to speculate on what it could be?

    Reasons for the too big shoes: She borrowed them from aides or her sister because her regular shoes had a broken heel; or she saw them in a window and asked Todd to have her size sent to the hotel room and they were too big; or, she wore too big shoes to get bloggers to speculate on why she did that.

    I vote for the last one of each category; this of course would mean that she is completely insane.

  61. Anonymous5:43 PM

    SOOOOOO funny!!!

  62. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Another "cold sore" blossoming on her upper lip.

    Blacks don't match. Skirt is wrinkling in an inappropriate place, meaning it is too tight. Jacket sleeves are too long. Fake eyeglasses need adjustment. Out of alignment.

    Basic ick factor? On the mark!

  63. angela5:46 PM

    I'm sorry— Palin's clothes are mismatched, stained and her shoes don't fit her and more than likely are not her own?!

    Saaaraaaahhh, were you mixing it up in the limo and accidentally put on someone else's shoes? Todd's maybe?

  64. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Now we know why Sarah Palin did not win Miss Alaska!

    If she dresses like this and took second place, I hate to see the last place contestant.

    What kind of pageant you runnin' in Alaska?

    We know you are a poor state relying on handouts from taxpayers in the lower 48, but JESUS, maybe you people need to stop building roads and bridges to no where and hockey rinks that bankrupts your cities and instead buy clothes that match and shoes that fits you.

    One more thing, stop spending money and building 14 ft fences, they just fall down with the first wind.

    I suggest opening lemonade stands in Alaska and sell drinks to the tourist and buy something more appropriate to wear to the lower 48.

  65. emrysa5:47 PM

    so CLASSY!!!! rofl

    did obama get shit on his outfit at the dinner? don't think so! the man has class and decorum, something that the quitter doesn't have and never will. did bristol wear a bib?

  66. Anonymous5:47 PM

    She looks so Presidential doesn't she? With her white stained black suit and too big looks like she gave Toad a quickie blow job for escorting her around the town.

  67. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Was it Greta's husband in the closet for a quick one?

  68. Ripley5:52 PM

    OMFG!!! I am hysterically laughing at those shoes!!! I thought the idea that she had spilled food down her jacket was funny.... then you threw those shoes in! Wow, this woman is clearly losing her last marble! LMFAO!!

  69. EX Cat5:53 PM

    As more information comes out about the bin laden raid, it sounds as tho women and children were used as human shields.What kind of despicable monster would hide behind a child?...Oh.... never mind.

  70. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Gryphen, I hate to ask you for a favor, but can you update this post with a picture of Sarah's sister "Good Golly Miss Aunt Molly" from the correspondent's dinner so that Sarah can see what a lady with cleavage looks like instead of Sarah dressing like a bag lady or a Palin?

    Really would appreciate it and thanks, you are doing an excellent job!

    By the way Aunt Molly, nice necklace!

  71. Lynne5:54 PM

    Anon. 5:20. I got the best laugh out of your comment...of any of them, all of them. I think you meant "sacred", but I loved how it turned out.

  72. Olivia5:54 PM

    Sarah Palin says: "The lamestream media is taking my dirty mismatched clothing and my elephant shoes out of context."

  73. Anonymous5:55 PM

    That burn on her legs looks painful.

  74. Anonymous5:55 PM

    The messy jacket is gross, and of course SHE is gross, but really that pic of the clown shoes doesn't look real.

    On another site I read it was photo-shopped. That's just nuts if she really wore shoes several sizes too big, but I think that photo is phony. (I'd be amused to be proved wrong, though)

  75. Virginia Voter5:55 PM

    Notice how long and full Sarah's hair looks in this posts's picture?

    Well, check it out just a few days before when Sarah was doing her Fox gig from Bristols house:

    Just like Sarah grows a six pound baby in her uterus in 5 days, she can grow 4 inches of hair too! Superwoman, nah, just her "Lee Press On Hair" and strap on square pillow.

  76. I think we should all nominate $carah for What Not to Wear on TLC. It’s her own network, after all.

    And while we’re at it, why not nominate Bri$tol as well? What’s better than a twofer?

  77. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Anonymous 5:25 PM said...
    Why does she get attacked for wrongs everyone commits? That question deserves an answer.

    Sarah Palin does not get attacked. Her mental stability is a legitimate topic of discussion because she has not withdrawn herself for consideration as a presidential nominee.

    Many things indicate Sarah Palin is not mentally stable. Consistently appearing unsuitably clad and ill-groomed is a symptom of much bigger problems.

    McCain's staffers began the discussions about Palin's mental stability. And Palin herself has done nothing to quell those discussions.

  78. Ahh, the flying monkey squad can't keep up with the slime dribbling out of the front of her fat body thing.... So since I've seen nobody in the last few days ask the question... WHY does the Hag never never give a press conference with REAL journalists or even un-journalists that get to ask RANDOM questions??

    TOO STUPID?? That's what I thought...

  79. Anonymous6:04 PM

    How stupid do you have to be to think that you can enter an event like this and no one will notice that you are flopping along in shoes 3 sizes too big? Do you know how hard it is to walk in heels that high with that kind of loose fit?

    Is she addled on drugs?

  80. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I just left a comment on the "Glittarazzi" website under "Too Big Shoes".

    I'm speechless. She couldn't afford to buy her correct shoe size? Did the store run out of black shoes? Did she forget to pack her shoes and stole that pair from Greta's closet?

    Frankly, this is a very bizarre wardrobe blunder.

  81. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I could zip over to Nordstrom (or upscale retailer of your choice), spend about 20 minutes with a sales person, try on a few of the suggestions and, voila, be correctly attired in garden-chic or whatever.

    It's not rocket science, Sarah.

  82. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Ha ha -- take a look at the 3rd pic down on this page -- Snooki in black with too-big shoes, too! Must be the latest fashion!

  83. Two questions:

    Is it too late for McGinniss to add the clown shoes to his book cover silhouette of Sarah the Slob?

    Do Crunch Wrap Supremes come with sour cream?

    Just wondered...

  84. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Waste of space at 5:25-

    Btw I don't know if you want to mock her clothing.

    Why not? Her style and presentation failures are continuous, and approaching legendary status! There a tv show for that, shows 'em how to shop and so forth. When you mingle with an inside the beltway media elite crowd, they all know how to dress correctly, and know when it's a MAJOR FAILURE. The right wing lobbyists frown on funding sloppy dressers with food on their clothes.

    Wasn't it your president who once bottoned his jacket wrong?

    What country are you living in Asshole? If it's the U.S.A., then
    he's your president also, too. If not a Legal resident of the U.S. then WTF are you commenting about this woman here? About the buttons: Maybe he made a mistake with a button? Why didn't Faux News cover it? That's Breaking wind like Faux does if I ever heard it. Where's the Fucking video?

    Why does she get attacked for wrongs everyone commits?

    I know that our ally is South Korea, not North Korea; and that her extensive ignorance of all subjects is well proven by her own statements. So you might be as poorly educated and informed as she; I'm sure as hell not. I'll point it out ever chance I get- That woman is a Fucking Idiot!

    That question deserves an answer.

    See above. Also, too, I'm not getting paid $100,00K per appearance to pimp my family and act like I'm running for president.
    I don't share my hate for cash like she does.

    P.S. If dat's U RAM then U r failin too.

  85. Anonymous6:15 PM

    If I knew they hired a clown with big shoes at the party, I would of brought my nephew.

    I'm thinking $100,000 for a clown with big shoes, stained clothes that does not match is a little to expensive for my taste.

  86. meena6:15 PM

    Tammy Bruce‎ tweeting - Palin Doctrine WTF

  87. Anonymous6:21 PM

    You know, this weird stuff with her grooming and appearance is not happening randomly. You couldn't TRY to do this and make so many missteps. I think her judgement is genuinely impaired right now. She is not aware of how she is presenting herself, or else she doesn't care about it any more. Or there is an arrogance at work, and she is telling herself that she is so special she doesn't need to wear shoes that fit, for example.

    She is being reckless, in other words, for a woman so firmly planted in the public eye - whether live, on footage, or in printed images. She is certainly aware of that reality about her life; as we all know she thrives on it!

    Clearly no one around her has her back when it comes to being appropriately groomed, which is sort of strange in itself. She is obviously dressing and accessorizing herself (hello big Star of David), and making a mess of it.

    But, it mostly makes me wonder if she isn't under the influence of something.

    Or, a teensy bit manic, and hence out of control.

    Take your pick, it just doesn't add up.

  88. Anonymous6:22 PM

    If Sarah Palin's Alaskan beauty pageant talent was playing the flute, how did she get those drippings all over her jacket and skirt?

    Flutists are suppose to be expert with their mouths and hands?

    I just don't get it!

    Maybe she really is crossed eyed and needs to wear her glasses when she performs?

  89. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I recall a STAIN ON A BLUE DRESS a few years ago that sent the repugs into a shit hissy and ended costing the taxpayers millions of dollars which did not bother the damned repugs one bit!!!

  90. Anonymous6:24 PM


    Her shoes are Dorothy's from The Wizard of OZ, dyed black for the occasion.......and in that spirit, I wish she would click her heels 3 times and FUCKING disappear!!!!!!!

    There is not enough ridicule in the world to make this pathetic joke realize what a complete laughing stock she has become.

    Truly amazing!!!!!!!

  91. lol. This post and the comments made me giggle. All the money in the world and she still can't put together a decent looking outfit. Sarah, hon, it really doesn't matter if you starve yourself on Red Bull and skinny mochas, burn your legs in Arizona, or demand that Tawd shave his vaguely bearded face. You still look like shit. All that botox and crap just can't turn you into the queen you think you are. I hope you still have that valley trash t-shirt. You can sharpie out valley and replace it with Arizona, but you still look like a doofus in those big shoes. lol.

  92. Anonymous6:26 PM

    woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown! Look out!!!!

  93. Anonymous6:30 PM

    And Greta thought her dog and pony show would rule the news, wasn't she tweeting about everyone talking about the gov... karma is a bitch!

  94. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Sarah, were you under the podium practicing that abstinence thingie you learned?

  95. Damn, she's a mess for sure. Maybe the shoes were Molly's or Toad's spare ones.

    I know you guys are going to kick my butt for saying this but are we 100% sure that was Bristol Palin even though everyone said that it was Bristol? I thought someone might have been used as a decoy to throw off the pregnancy on dwts. You know like Bristol couldn't have been pregnant cause look at her now, you know how the Palins work. Nothing is ever 100% true when they release things cause they lie a lot.

  96. Anonymous6:34 PM

    "Wasn't it your president who once bottoned his jacket wrong?"

    Are you from another country? If not, he's our president.

  97. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign6:34 PM

    If ever there were a pair of stupid shoes to set off the orange jumpsuit she's destined to wear, those are it. Is she going all Vicky Hollywood on herself? That will only delay the inevitable style of her attire!

    Sis & Barbies

  98. 10CatsinMD6:36 PM

    Bristol's shoes were too big for her also.

  99. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Hi Sarah! The GOP gang bang is over. You got your money. Time to go home and clean up now. You are really starting to reek.

  100. OverMountainMan6:40 PM

    OK ? It's not a blue dress but CUM on ????
    Mean while back at motel 6 Todd is sleeping soundly with a smile of victory on his freshly shaven face.

  101. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Anonymous said...
    I could zip over to Nordstrom (or upscale retailer of your choice), spend about 20 minutes with a sales person, try on a few of the suggestions and, voila, be correctly attired in garden-chic or whatever.

    It's not rocket science, Sarah.

    6:06 PM

    For Sarah, taking a dump is rocket science. She can't quite figure out how that stuff keeps geting into her oversized shoes.

  102. meena6:44 PM

    Palin thanks former President Bush for bin Laden's death,0,6647521.story

  103. 5:25 pm Tweet bitter? You want answer-

    You can't spell or construct sentences worth shit, so you want an answer Bristol? Go take care of your kids and quit showing your ignorance.

  104. Anonymous6:44 PM

    And she has cankles.

  105. nswfm6:45 PM

    Anonymous said... And this is what John McCain picked to be his vp?

    What? He could not find a homeless person who dressed better? 5:36 PM _____
    A drunk homeless person. There, I fixed it for you.

  106. OKOKOK! Sarah is a twat that, more than anything, needs to be drug across broken glass, covered in lemon juice, then honey, and left out in the hot sun on top of a heaping fire ant bed, but 7 1/2 to 8 months pregnant? Are you friggen kidding me? I'm sensing some jealousy that supersedes the animosity... And aside from the mystery stains and ginormous shoes, she actually looks kind of pretty in this picture, not so much like a screeching- harpie-shrew-banshee-grandma-sucubus as per the norm we are accustomed to.

  107. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Sarah Palin vs. Snooki: Who Has The Hottest Orange Tan?

    "She may "own" Alaska, but girlfriend apparently owns some spray tan, too.

    Sarah Palin attended White House Correspondents' Dinner festivities this weekend and looked like her new mantra had changed from "Drill, Baby, Drill!" to GTL.

    She looked so Jerseylicious, in fact, that we bet only Snooki could beat her in a tan-off."

  108. Anonymous6:53 PM

    The reason that Sarah's appearance is fair game for criticism is because her poor choice of clothing is an example of her total lack of self-awareness. She wore a bright shiny silver coat to Ted Steven's funeral. She wore red strap sandals with a high cork wedge to a Memorial Day service which honored the war dead. She sits on the platform wearing skirts that ride up, way way up. Sarah dresses in a sexy way to attract attention, and then she plays the victim, claiming that the comments are sexist.

    For someone who might have been elected to VP, and who has designs on being the President of the United States, Sarah constantly displays bad judgement in the way she dresses. Women who want to be taken seriously in business or politics learn early how to dress, wearing a smartly tailored suit and make a professional appearance. Sarah is having a good time playing at being a political spokesperson or candidate, but all of the make up and packaging won't hide the total lack of intelligence inside.

  109. Anonymous6:55 PM

    This almost makes me feel sorry for the flying monkeys, but since most of them are flaming a-holes, I get over it quick.

  110. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Sarah gets mad because every time Bristol goes out she gets pregnant.


    Every time you go out you get goo goo juice on you missy!

  111. To Anon@6:21, I think you nailed it. There's something seriously wrong with the WGE. No one would appear in public in that condition--dirty and dishevelved, mis-matched clothing inappropriate for the event, shoes a couple of sizes too big--without being completely disconnected from reality.

  112. "You can't buy class", isn't that a quote Gryphen uses a lot? He is so right.

  113. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I guess the Palin women don't believe in condoms?

  114. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Well Todd, we know that stuff on Sarah does not belong to Curt Menard or Alaska State Trooper Wooten, so you can scratch their names and your name off the list.

    Has anybody seen the Donald? Sarah has been praising him a little too much lately. Something cooking there?

  115. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Hahahahahah I love the perils of Palin blog. You gotta buy some bigger shoes for the Sarah doll and show her posing in her stained suit for the elitist event she claims to hate.

    Good job!

  116. Anonymous7:01 PM

    You do know that if winky is reading this blog, there will be innocent cans of food and a harmless refrigerator that will pay for our comments?

  117. My "gutteral" feeling is that this is another attempt by Palin to garner sympathy for herself. Remember the marks-a-lot on the McCain visor and writing on her hand? Those were deliberate attention-getting measures intended to spur mockery and disdain, which Palin used to elicit sympathy as she pretended to be the victim of the "hotty-totty" elites.

    This time, it's poor Sarah Palin, here she comes to the party looking to make friends and everybody makes fun of her clownishly large shoes and ill-conceived outfit. They want her to be all matchy-matchy! Don't they know she's an unconventional dresser? Look at her, she's just like us: she wears her dinner!

    Why does Palin do this? Well, because she just can't measure up when competing on a standard field. Palin must bring the whole process down to her level. The comparison is even more striking as we see our actual President: confident, clever, and classy, whether he's delivering a well-timed joke or sharing important news with the Nation.

    She should just be ignored. She is well into pathetically embarrassing. Is there no one on her team who can handle her with some much-needed tough love?

  118. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Sarah, were you under the podium practicing that abstinence thingie you learned?

    6:31 PM

    At least Sarah is not going home pregnant tonight.

    Now Bristol, thats a different story. At least Bristol is wearing white, it hides the drippings!

    Sarah, you can learn a thing or two from Bristol!

  119. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Sarah Palin! Gotta love those fake Christian girls, you can take them home to mommy and then take them and take them and take them!

  120. icstraights7:09 PM

    She effs herself either way like usual!
    She did it for attention, which is completely mental.
    She didn't know what she was doing, which is completely mental!

    Someone get the straight jacket & Lithium STAT!!!

  121. Anonymous7:10 PM

    It's really sad that people comment more on fluffy bullshit posts than real issues that affect us as a human race. I am curious why no one has addressed the Murdoch/Axelrod hosted brunch. It must burn you that repubs and democrats not only get along, but they areprobably in this together. In the end, no politician in DC has the countrys best wishes at heart

  122. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Bill Clinton, do you have anything to say for yourself?

    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman... Sarah Palin!"

  123. Anonymous7:39 PM

    nonymous said...

    And Greta thought her dog and pony show would rule the news, wasn't she tweeting about everyone talking about the gov... karma is a bitch!

    6:30 PM

    That explains the mess on Sarah's clothes, the dog and pony did it. Oooohh, Sarah is kinky.

  124. Anonymous7:41 PM

    President Obama's classy grace and demeanor obviously affected her adversely.

    What a fine Commander in chief, and law professor he is. I found the timing of his announcement on the east coast quite ironic, the news broke just as Trump's show started. Obama's a genius, serves justice and poetic justice at the same time.

    Sarah's just a circus side show.

    Alaska isn't associated with the Grifter anymore.

    Alaska is associated with you, the "Gryph-ster", and I mean that as a compliment.

  125. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I had to look up what a cankle is. It sounded like something Sarah would have and that I don't want to catch.

    No doubt about it- she does have cankles. The things I learn here!

  126. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Anonymous at 5:55

    Photo-shopped? Don't think so. Go to the Getty Images website and take a look for yourself. You can plainly see the shoes are way, way too big.

  127. Anonymous7:47 PM

    She is no more than a circus oddity trying to fit in.


  128. How can she expect to fill Obama's shoes if she can't even fill her own?

  129. justafarmer7:48 PM

    barns/yarn @6:33 PM said "I know you guys are going to kick my butt for saying this but are we 100% sure that was Bristol Palin even though everyone said that it was Bristol?"

    That as my thought, too. She looked so different, my first thought was one of the cousins.

  130. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Greta: Sarah, when was the last time you wore that outfit?

    Sarah: I haven't worn this in a long time. It was the night I convinced John McCain to pick me as his VP. I had to work very hard for the job. Why do you ask?

  131. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Good Lord,

    This woman is one hot mess as we say in the south.

  132. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I still can't believe there are people in this free and wonderful country who basically stalk celebs and politicians. There's a reason why those people are jealous and unhappy with what they have (evidenced by snarky, immature comments and outright cruelty). People who are successful don't stalk the internet and watch every single speech given and orgasm experienced. This goes for you and bots alike. Heck I don't even watch the President speak. Any, all of em. (But the reason for that is their words make me ill. All lies and nasty games - any, all of em)

    You spend day in day out analyzing photos (which is pointless btw). You ask yourself "why is Sarah smirking" "why does biden look gassy" "why does obama look smug" "why does michelle always look depressed" "why does bush look drunk"

    Seriously pe
    ople?! These arepeople. They are you. They lie like you. They eat like you. They have kinky sex like you. They have secrets like you. They love like you. They have friends like you. They hang out with the kids like you. They call in from work like you. They remark 'I hate my job' like you. They aspire to greatness and achieve it.

  133. Ferry Fey8:05 PM

    There's that old saying about someone's IQ being smaller than their shoe size. Maybe she feels it raises her IQ a couple of notches if she has a bigger shoe size.

    Or maybe it's to say that it'll take someone with pretty big feet to fill the shoes of the former governor.

  134. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Even the palinbots must realize by now that all the praise directed at sarah is sarcasm.

    This, sarah, is what everyone was whispering about.

    Poor thing.

  135. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Sarah may have gotten advice on how to dress from her BFF, Greta. Greta was wearing a black suit at the WHCD.

  136. Anonymous8:17 PM

    "It's really sad that people comment more on fluffy bullshit posts than real issues that affect us as a human race. I am curious why no one has addressed the Murdoch/Axelrod hosted brunch."

    Well what are you waiting for?

    Do some research and submit a comment. Include a link or two for facts not generally known.

  137. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Blah Blah Blah

    "They aspire to greatness and achieve it."

    8:05 PM"

    Paid by the word dipshit?

  138. I love those shoes but they look more of the size 10 that I wear rather than the petite foot size of the Palin! If she needs to find a home for those oversized shoes I'll take them!

  139. Anonymous8:31 PM

    @7:10 - Democrats and Republicans gather for charity events all across America. It's not just in D.C. You need to get out more.

  140. Anonymous8:33 PM

    @8:05 - Brain scramble needs deciphering, sending help: go read a book. Start with 6th grade level. You're welcome.

  141. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Seriously, 8:05PM, Sarah is not a normal person. She's a delusional dangerous narcissist. She must be closely watched, inspected, analyzed, classified, and labeled. People must be warned that she is near in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from deadly contamination. This blog is only a small part of the country's vast early warning Sarah detection system, running 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Oh afraid, be very afraid.

  142. Anonymous8:40 PM

    People who take the trouble to chastise those of us who scrutinize Sarah Palin (which we do for the sole purpose of making sure she never gets anywhere near the White House again, a noble cause) are rather hypocritical, no?

    Why read this blog and its threads at all? Why even take the time to criticize, with comments peppered in sexual references, I might add?

    Just. Plain. Weird. And. Contradictory.

    Clearly Sarah or someone close. No surprise on the weirdness, then.

  143. Anonymous8:43 PM

    She can't draw a decent crowd.

    "The small crowd didn’t even completely fill the bleachers. And though the event was ostensibly a celebration of the troops, it felt more like a B-list conservative gathering – replete with booths for little-recognized social conservative groups, iconic imagery of Ronald Reagan, and of course dozens of copies of Palin’s two books. One of the small university’s music instructors had prepared an original trumpet composition to commemorate Palin’s visit. And the National Anthem was sung by what could have been a barbershop quartet were it not for the odd variances in octave.

    The other painfully noticeable aspect of the crowd was the advanced age of the attendees, especially given that Palin was speaking on a college campus."

    Read more:

  144. Anonymous8:43 PM

    She is no more than a circus oddity trying to fit in.


    7:47 PM
    Sadly I think you are right. Palin seemed to never fit in.
    She had that moment in the sun as a jock in High School, but we never heard about her rushing a Sorority or being engaged in any sorts of clubs or extra curricular activities at any of her colleges. She just seems to be a run of the mill chick who wasn't very popular in her younger years. So yeah, I think she's overcompensating now with her various elected positions that she won and now having a contingent of stupid, but very loyal people dedicated to stroking her ego (read PeeBots).

    She's regressed back to her teenage years and is reliving them and reveling in the adoration of her "fan club"; she is the Cool Kid this time around, to her PeeBots only, though. She finally has a clique to worship her. However, she still can't handle it; she still can't perform like the real "cool kids" do, and she'll never be one to anyone but her blinder-wearing worshippers. That makes me feel a little sorry for her, but she could try harder and she might actually get to be a "real" cool kid, but all signs point to that not happening.

  145. Lynne8:47 PM

    Well, I got curious and had to look up cankles too. It does sound a lot worse than it actually is...not that I would want them.

  146. LMAO! OMG- the shoe update had me rolling on the floor in hysterics. That is AWESOME!! Okay, I don't think I'm going to worry so much about her anymore. IF she can't even find a pair of shoes that fit for a WH function, then, well, I don't know. Nothing I guess. She's nothing.

  147. Anonymous8:50 PM

    She be looking a little broad in the beam there too in that 5:19 photo link

  148. Gasman8:52 PM

    Oooh, it sucks to be Sarah!

    Pack your bags you ignorant bitch, it's time to go.

  149. Anonymous8:52 PM

    UH, 5:25 p.m. she did not include the person who made the decisions, and took the responsibility - our Commander in Chief , President Obama.

    You know, that Obama who got Osama?

  150. Anonymous8:52 PM

    You are all haters. Sarah had a wonderful day so you really don't know what you are talking about. She just gave an extremely successful speech tonight. She laid out her foreign policy strategy like a pro. She's such a smart whippersnapper. The audience clapped like crazy. They adored her and begged her to run for president. With Donald Trump as vp! She really proved her foreign policy credentials and knowledge tonight. She's so pretty and so smart, she's going to be a great president. See the politico article if you don't believe me.
    What a night. You have it all wrong as usual.
    Oh and she looked stunning!

  151. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I agree Palin can not get one outfit together. Utilize a personnel shopper OT hire a a stylist. It will be Monet well. Spent.

  152. I want to know how she even walked in those shoes. Ever see one of your kids try to walk in your shoes? Mine used to trip and fall all over themselves.

    I want to see video of her struttin' her stuff down that red carpet in those shoes.

  153. She looks like the airline lost her luggage and she had to borrow something to wear. Really with all of her money and her narcissism this is really weird, especially the shoes which were way too big. Something is seriously wrong. Take it from a total spaz next time you spill food on yourself just ask for soda water Sarah.

  154. Anonymous9:10 PM

    So wait, so now I'm hearing that a) she wore someone else's shoes and b) she wore mismatched separates to a business-dressy event, and c) she arrived 45 minutes early for an after-party by herself? Who was with her? and d) she spilled food on her clothes.

    Wow. bad night. But weird, too. What did she do, decide at the last minute to go? She didn't have suitable clothes with her - and didn't have time to buy them?

    she couldv'e spent that 45 minutes shopping for shoes and a matching suit, you'd think.

  155. Anonymous9:17 PM

    @8:52 - “The small crowd didn’t even completely fill the bleachers. And though the event was ostensibly a celebration of the troops, it felt more like a B-list conservative gathering – replete with booths for little-recognized social conservative groups, iconic imagery of Ronald Reagan, and of course dozens of copies of Palin’s two books. One of the small university’s music instructors had prepared an original trumpet composition to commemorate Palin’s visit. And the National Anthem was sung by what could have been a barbershop quartet were it not for the odd variances in octave.”
    Read more:

  156. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Just take some deep breaths, Lou Sarah @8:52PM. Calm, calm down. You just have to praise yourself so your head doesn't explode, huh? Now then, is your uncontrollable shaking subsiding?......Oh, good. Take good care of that ego of yours. We all need you around for laughs, dearie.

  157. Anonymous9:22 PM

    OMG! The shoes!!! How the hell did she walk in those. Swear to g-d there is a definite mental issue going on with that woman.


  158. Are you sure that isn't Brad Hanson's DNA on her dress?

  159. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I still can't believe there are people in this free and wonderful country who basically stalk celebs and politicians.

    Yeah. Why, it's just a darn shame that people will look at photos of celebs doing private things like walking red carpets!

    If only poor, poor Sarah Palin could walk red carpets and have her picture taken by professional photographers without the invasiveness of people paying attention to her!

    If only she could go about her celebrity life in peace without being bothered!

    Freaking idiot troll.

  160. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Liberals are begging her to run for President too, also with the Donald as VP!

    Obama's only challenge with those two lightweights on the ticket would be to keep himself from laughing uncontrollably during the debates.

  161. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Interesting article -

    It would appear that there a lot of fans who signed up just to see what she is saying and only a few loyal fans do most of the posting...

    ...The number of people who have “liked” Sarah Palin’s Facebook page—2,931,786 as of this writing—is an oft-quoted figure on Palin’s wall, held up as evidence that Palin’s movement is huge and growing unstoppably. But the commenters who echo her statements make up a vastly smaller group of avid fans. Of Palin’s 3 million “likers,” only 175,716—or 6%—have ever commented on her wall. And just 10% of those who have commented account for 61% of the postings on Palin’s wall, according to figures drawn from my database...

  162. Anonymous9:50 PM

    RAM, you are as delusional as she is. So pathetic. Why do you Palin Panty Sniffers still come over here with your truly psychotic rants? Do you really think you are going to change someones mind about your false idol? You are going to hell right along with her. SHE is the Queen of HATERS; treasonous, lying, arrogant, yellow bellied unpatriotic,lowlife, classless, dumb-shits of all times.

  163. Anonymous9:58 PM

    A ticket of Trump and Palin or Palin and Trump is being suggested. It'll never happen - both have huge egos and want the top spot. Neither would drop to the VP roll. Remember, sister Sarah ran for VP last go around w/McCain, but you'd have thought she ran for the top seat in listening to her today.

    Trump would bully the hell out of her and she'd lie, cheat and be unethical...they'd kill each other.

  164. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Anon 8:52 you forgot your meds again honey.

  165. Anonymous10:04 PM

    OMG! What's up with the over-kill of spray-on tan with her legs?

    And I'm convinced that her leopard shoes [that she wore to the Long Island word salad] and Brissy's shoes [wore to the W.H. Corr. dinner] are from Candies shoes. They so look very similar to the new ones on the Candies website.
    Which means that $carah is horning in on her daughter's freebeeies.

    $P is a walking, talking joke bag.


  166. @8:05 Anonymous

    Your use of the phrase "Any, all of 'em" sounds familiar...

  167. @8:52 Anonymous:

    I can't wait for the "I Quit!/You're Fired! 2012" bumper stickers.

    BTW - You're seriously delusional if you think Trump's over-sized ego would allow him to take second ticket to anyone, much less a low-wattage candidate like Ms. Palin.

  168. Anonymous10:47 PM

    @8:52 and other commenters:

    The details on $P's dressing - messy stained clothes, wild, long gnarly hair, mismatched clothes with too long sleeves, crooked glasses, shoes too large, plus her inability to construct sentences appropriately, are significant issues experienced and used as diagnostic parameters for those with Asperger's syndrome.

    $P certainly suffers from serious mental compromises from some afflictions.

    Perhaps the alcohol intake takes its toll, or screws up whatever meds she is taking, but more likely she simply has a deficiency in her thought processes.

    Unfortunately, her followers are missing some "smarts" and blindly follow this very off balance woman who is truly ignorant.

    Take a look at some of the pictures of her before she started campaigning - her clothing selections were bazaar or just really, really tacky.

    I am forever po'ed at the stupid promoters of $P & her truly dumb and ignorant followers for foisting this very sick, incompetent psychopath on the public scene.

    It shows the weakness and sick behavior of each and every one of them that listen to or contribute to her idiotic ramblings and money grabbing.

  169. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Are you telling me the steaming Cow Pie of Wasilla,
    the proud mother who raised the official unofficial combat vet of the North,
    the mother of the most unruly kids of Alaska,
    the wife of the man who prefers prostitutes over the Alaska beauty pageant runner-up,
    the lady who has constantly degraded our president since the day he took office has the cajones to walk around in our nations capitol among the lame stream media wearing her finest trailer park Wasilla Hillbilly attire of stained mismatched funeral clothes and the over sized shoes of her transvestite husband....


    This is something only SNL would come up with...

    This is not something a person with presidential ambitions would consciously do?

    Or would they?

  170. When I look at that dress the first thing that comes to my mind is Monica Lewinsky. But that's one way to stay popular with the bigwigs in the GOP, I guess.

    "What do Arianna and Rupaul have in common?"

  171. I really thought the first snapshot of the shoes were a Photoshopped joke, but upon closer inspection of other photos realize it's real. What a hillbilly slob.

  172. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Comparing Sarah's performance on Saturday to those on Sunday and Monday, I'd say she has a new strategy: She appears as crazy as a loon when among the Media, the purpose, I suspect, is to generate negative articles that continue to support the "I am a DC outsider" mantra.

    However, when giving speeches at small fundraisers across the country, she appears to pull herself together, dresses better and reads her RAM-prepared speeches. Still no questions allowed, though.

    I think she realizes the harm she has done to her brand, with the hateful attacks on the President and the narcissistic foaming at the mouth on FOX News. She's trying to undo the harm, one fundraiser at a time.

    It's probably too late, though. Perhaps she's got her eye on 2016 and has decided she doesn't want to be the sacrificial candidate in 2012.

  173. AKinPA3:04 AM

    Aw, come on. She's just trying out her clown shoes. She's getting ready to audition for the Carnival Barker. Give her a break. Dumb and Dumber 2012! Classlessness personified!
    Or maybe she's trying to show the bots, she's one of them. You know, she had to borrow shoes to "match" her outfit because her checks from her "speaking" engagements haven't cleared yet.

  174. $arah, next time some really rich guy asks if he can make a night deposit ya may want to consider the circumstances.

  175. Randall3:41 AM

    Poor Sarah - she used to be poor white trash and now she's just RICH white trash.

  176. Kimosabe3:46 AM

    Anon 8:52:

    ^5 hee hee hee well played

  177. 8:52

    You all know that this has to be a joke. If you read the Politico article only a few hundred even bothered to show up, and the ones who did were b-list people.


    Anyone can button a jacket one button off. Have you ever seen the president in clothes that are "wrong" for an event? Have you ever seen him wearing shoes that are at least 3 sizes too big? Does he show up on TV and events looking like he just rolled out of bed?

    Thought not!

    How anyone could stick up for this woman at this point is beyond me. I could see when she first was announced. She was polished up by stylists, speech writers, etc. and they were PROFESSIONAL.

    Oh & to the person who commented that we research her and spend so much time at it. We are stalkers - NOT! How do you know we spend so much time examining this or that unless you are "stalking" us?

    The only reason I even spend one second on her is because she is the WORST possible person ever running for office or should I say trying to look like she is running so she can collect more money.

    I can't even believe these idiots think that Trump would run with her as the vp. Isn't it obvious that both of them think they are all that? They'd kill each other over who got their name on top. Although I am sure if Trump couldn't get the religious right vote he would PAY her to run as his vp.

  178. Anonymous4:21 AM

    "They are you." 8:05

    So Christine O'Donnell is commenting for Sarah now, too? Funny that this person "knows" so much about what happens at IM.

    @ 8:52 I really do wonder who you are trying to convince. Yourself?

  179. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Re the comments from "C" at 7:04: Sarah may be playing for attention and sympathy, but after her odd missteps now I'm wondering if - like most sociopaths - in her attempt to appear normal (disguise her sociopathology: total lack of conscience, etc) and pass undetected among us she must mimic what she imagines "normal" people would do.

    Think about the lady alien with big hair chewing gum, in evening wear entering the White House as an after hours guest, I think it was in the movie "Independence Day" - their movements are stiff and mechanical, gliding along... programmed to appear in human form

    I knew someone who was later understood to be a sociopath, and this overdone effort to act normal, as if, is what was most noticeable

  180. Anonymous4:55 AM

    What did you expect? The Republicans created the mess/monster that is $arah. How does Paylin's 5.00 an hour supporter's feel about her blingin' life style?

  181. Anonymous4:58 AM

    I agree that Palin displays poor judgment in her attire also. I find her to be more of an embarrassment or poor representative of professional women. IMO she harms her self and credibility with her wigs, hair extensions and shoes inappropriate for her attire and events.

    After the drastic facial reconstruction of Bristol I believe neither of them see the whole picture that other people see. Something is off mentally.

  182. Anonymous5:07 AM

    She could have stopped a payless on her way there.

  183. Anonymous5:08 AM

    She really should be wearing clown shoes.

  184. Olivia5:18 AM

    I did figure out how she walks in them. All that gum she chews comes in handy at times.

  185. LMAO--when you don't pay for your own shoes, you take what the makers toss your way.

  186. Sarah seems to be completely disorganized, if no one gets her clothes together for her then this is probably the result. She probably threw a bunch of stuff together at the Arizona mansion to take to D.C. and probably had no shoes or "hooker" shoes she picked out. Those shoes probably belong to Molly or Bristol. I don't think Greta wears heels that high, she always dresses low key and simple.

  187. Anonymous6:16 AM

    "Perhaps she's got her eye on 2016"

    She will be long gone by then.

  188. Sorry, but that damn flag pin looked really trashy on that outfit. Even the men did not wear one cause this was not that kind of an event.

    Wearing a big cross to try to prove you are christian, or wearing a flag pin to try to prove you are patriotic is just silly and only proves that you have to wear symbols to get attention with a fake resume.

  189. This was such a great weekend. The shaming of Donald Trump, and the shaming of Sarah Palin.

    I wish every weekend could be like this

  190. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Those too big shoes probably belong to Sister Molly. From the pics taken this week, Sister Molly was blessed with more than just larger feet.

  191. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I also saw other pictures of her at the event and those shoes were not photoshopped..they were clearly many sizes to big for her feet.

    I also noticed that she continues the habit of always carrying her damned cell phone in one hand at all times. What in the heck is so important that she has to have her phone ready.

  192. Anonymous9:19 AM

    All of them, Katie...

  193. Anonymous9:27 AM

    That ain't food. That is splooey. And that is why everyone was so eager to have their picture taken with her - look again at the ones with say, seth meyers and others with a bigger grin than palin - she was part of a joke, on her, did not know it.

    Now the question is, is her own husband's, or Greta's?

  194. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I think that's called Goin' Rouge. Maybe it could be part of her trademarked line.

  195. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Those shoes are the strangest thing I've ever seen a woman wear. I do believe that Sarah Palin is on the brink or in the midst of a (probably) drug-induced breakdown. Either that or she was high at the time she chose to wear those shoes.

  196. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Don't understand how she can got food in the places she did... when you are supposed to put the napkin on your lap

  197. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Instead of putting the napkin on her lap she put it on her head in an effort to hide from the press.

  198. The shoes are probably from Candies. Rejects she found in the dumpster out back of their headquarters or samples they sent to brissdall and she kept to use anyway even though they were not her size. Sample sizes are always too big or too small--but they were Free, so gotta use them, right scara.

  199. Anonymous2:46 PM

    my guess is Sarah and Todd had matching pumps - Sarah grabbed the wrong pair of shoes. Innocent mistake.

    The jacket and skirt are the same old ones she's worn for 3 years and they need to go to the cleaners - they stink too.

  200. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Those too big shoes probably belong to Sister Molly. From the pics taken this week, Sister Molly was blessed with more than just larger feet.

    8:52 AM

    Oh yes sister Molly.

    Todd is thinking maybe I should try hitting that.

    Yes sister Molly is truly blessed.


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