Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Grizzled Mama bares her teeth in response to question about who is financing her Wasilla-billy road trip. Update!

Courtesy of ABC News:

At the Statue of Liberty today, ABC News asked the former Alaska governor how much her tour has cost so far and how she's paying for it.

"How am I paying for it? SarahPAC," she said, adding that she's traveling in "our own personal motor home that we've had in Alaska."

Palin didn't answer when asked how long she's owned the bus that's adorned with the Constitution and a larger-than-life version of her signature. When asked, twice, how much her "One Nation Tour" has cost four days into the trip, she got visibly irritated.

"Check," she said. "I don't know why in the world you would ask a question like that. I'm just thinking about America and our foundations and our freedoms and our opportunities. Why would you ask something ..."

ABC News pointed out that she often talks about the economy and how much money we're spending.

"What does our economy have to do with how much we're -- I'm not asking you to pay for a penny of this trip," she said.

"I'm not asking YOU to pay a penny of this trip! I am only demanding that the most ignorant people on the planet, who are so delusional that they still believe I could be President, pay for this trip!"

Isn't it a crime to take advantage of people with a diminished capacity?

Speaking of things that make Palin pissy, I do believe that the State of Alaska has officially run out of excuses for not releasing her e-mails. Of course as predicted, the important ones will never see the light of day.

The state is about to release more than 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin's emails from her time as governor. But officials are also going to withhold another 2,415 pages the state deems privileged, personal or otherwise exempt from Alaska's disclosure laws.

Screw these other 24,000 e-mails! I only want to see the 2,415 they WON'T release!

Update: It looks like somebody fixed the message on Palin's bus for her.  Now it is MUCH more accurate!

Oh yeah, she is definitely winning people over with this tour! Totally!


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Soundbite Sarah. Talking about our foundations again. WTF?

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I hope that Frank Bailey comments on the emails that are to be released and then releases all that he owns. You think he'll have an idea of the ones that were NOT released after seeing the ones that will be?

    It's going to be fun seeing commentary from the various national outlets upon their review of the emails.

    Plus, we have two to three books left to be published about Palin - that of McGinniss, Levi and the babygate one. God, I so hope her ass is nailed to the wall and that more of her lies, deceit and unethical ways are disclosed to the nation.

    Perhaps we'll FINALLY hear the last of her and her family.

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    If Sarah can't manage a couple of million dollars in SarahPAc, and she spends donations wildly, then she will have a much tougher time managing a budget with billions of dollars.

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I suspect there has been a major family blow up. Don't see Willow, Bristol or Todd. Some family vacation. Can't wait for Piper to call a taxi and get away.

  5. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I don't care what's redacted as long as they left the "puppy is ready and needs to be picked up a Mat-Su" one. Or the "Gov. Palin, your pregnant nun costume was shipped on March 2" one. Especially the one that says "I liked you in high school - I'll illegally funnel money to you if you run the dairy".

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM

    LOL Is that pic legit? If it is, it is pure awesome.

  7. Enjay in E MT2:06 PM

    On one hand - it is a bit rude to ask someone how much something costs but then again we are talking $arah Palin.

    Yes, it is the "Palin MOTORHOME" however, I am sure not only is SPAC paying fuel, maintenance, driver, and the wrap job but family costs of food, drinks, etc. And it wouldn't surprise me if the Palin's perhaps leased the bus to SPAC and SPAC is paying them a per diem to use the bus.

    After all - the state of Alaska paid her to sleep in her own bed!

    A quick FYI -


    800 PM EDT.

  8. Anonymous2:11 PM

    that's her own personal Arvee? really ? did todd drive it from wasilla to Washington DC last thursday? what a flippin liar.

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Isn't this the motor home featured on "her" Alaska? Which means that the taxpayers of Alaska paid for it. She really does not like answering questions, does she? Must be hiding something.

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM

    @ 1:58 as to Frank Bailey's emails:

    I hope he feels a moral obligation to fill in some blanks, if he can. He did start the process in the book. If she’s going to get away with something illegal or unethical because of redaction and he has information to add, I hope he will…for AK and for the country.

  11. You just gotta love NYC and New Yorkers. Thank you New York(er); whoever did this. If you read these blogs and can get in touch with me through one of them, I'd like to buy you dinner. You are my hero!

  12. Anonymous2:19 PM

    It would be fun to see bailey,sarah,e mails and dunn do a round table on fox.This good christian.

    the whole tour was to deflect from the books and the e mails,she knew the media would be stupid and follow her.

    bailey should just release all his e is the christian thing to do.

  13. sixdollarman2:19 PM

    One would have thought that Palin would have, since 2008, at least made some effort to attempt to develop a coherent platform and convey to the public what her policies would actually be -- rather than just blabber on ad nauseum about "our foundations" and "our freedoms" and "our opportunities" and "common-sense conservativism" and "time-tested truths" and "free market solutions" and blah blah blah blah blah.... but no.

    All sizzle, no steak.

  14. Anonymous2:19 PM

    We are actually talking about federal law.

    What is amazing to me is that one of her team didn't realize it would be a blatant conflict of interest, and perhaps subject to legal review.

    All she had to say was, "This is an exploratory trip sponsored by my PAC" or something to that effect. That would have covered it, and made it ok. She could even have gotten away with being uncooperative towards any press showing up to ask questions.

    But nooooooooooooo, Sarah had to be clever. Not.

    God knows poor Piper can't understand how this nightmare is supposed to count as a family vacation.

    (The Palins could have taken this trip in an unadorned RV, Sarah could have worn typical, casual vacation wear, and they would have gotten a bit of attention from the press, anyway, as they can't really do anything with much privacy thanks to their quest for celebrity. But she wanted to dress as a candidate at historic sites and lecture the rest of us uninformed/unpatriotic citizens - all while collecting precious images and tapes of herself for her future propaganda purposes, I am convinced of it. She couldn't figure out what to call the damn trip, and was too embarrassed to call it what it truly is - a tortuously long photo/film op.)

    Dumb people.

  15. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Just saw in one of the news clips that she is now telling the press where she is going next? Making sure they are there. Just love the way she comes out and runs over to the press... What a ditz!

  16. Anonymous2:21 PM

    So, what has Obama gotten away with now that all media attention is on Palin? Probably a lot. I'd like to see THOSE emails. But I'm sure they would ALL be redacted and shredded immediately following his final term.

  17. Anonymous2:23 PM

    What a great sign. Right over We the People. Gotta hand it to NYC.

  18. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Trust me, we will never hear the last of Palin. Sarah may end her political career, but they will always be here.

  19. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Maybe, Sarah Palin, you should use some of your millions or sarahPAC's millions to purchase supervision for Piper when she is in crowds. Piper is young and small. The kid needs an ADULT to make sure she is not crowded, stepped on, run over. And with those millions you surely can find someone that won't just IGNORE the kid like you do.

    Another use for those millions? How about a scriptwriter to work over you apology routine. It needs a lot work.

  20. Anonymous2:26 PM

    "Isn't it a crime to take advantage of people with a diminished capacity?"

    No, the answer is no, because we can't criminalize religion.

  21. Anonymous2:28 PM



    THANK YOU Gryphen for posting this.

    I was wondering if someone would report what is going on with this Catch Me If You Can Palin Bus Tour.


    People have been wondering how will Sarah launder money from SarahPac to the Palins and this maybe one of the ways she is doing it.

    Sarah admittedly takes her own family RV/ bus, slaps some shrink wrap on it, leases or rents the RV/bus to SarahPac and then takes her family and parents on a family vacation to historic sites in America. It is hard for her to explain what this trip is all about, but we can see right through it.

    Who is paying for the gas?
    Who is paying for the bus drivers?
    Who is paying for room and board for everybody on the trip?
    Who paid for the shrink wrap?



  22. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Baahahahahaha! Fuck you, Palin!

  23. Anonymous2:28 PM

    SO this isn't a real bus, it is a motorhome from Alaska?

    I have these wonderful visions of Randy Quaid and the motor home in the "Griswald Family Christmas Tree." Hee, hee, can't wait until the sewer explodes.

  24. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Bwahahha, So she doesn't want attention, she doesn't want the media, but she wants SarahPAC to pay for her family vacation in a huge bus painted with her own version of the flag pin? The woman is completely insane.

  25. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Maybe we all should start a Pac to pay for our vacations; Sarah Palin is taking people's money and living high on the hog.

    Her ignorant supporters are giving her their social security checks and hard earned cash so she can live in million dollar mansions and go screaming around the country putting crosshairs on people and getting them shot.

    Sarah Palin is the Queen of Grifters and she won't be happy until she has all of her bots money. She needs to be in prison for all her illegal doings.

  26. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Sarah Palin is a nobody!

    She does not work for the US government!

    She has no title!

    So I ask how does the Palins and Heaths get a personal tour of America's historic sites with government paid park rangers?

    If I go to Ellis Island, can I too have a personal escorted tour by park rangers?

  27. Anonymous2:32 PM

    "And it wouldn't surprise me if the Palin's perhaps leased the bus to SPAC and SPAC is paying them a per diem to use the bus."

    I could totally see her doing that.

  28. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Go here to see the cute quote from Piper about her family's road trip:

    A Diva is Born!! (Another one.)

  29. Anonymous2:33 PM

    This is off topic but todays is the 3rd day I've overheard people in the Valley trash talk Levi and say things like "of course he's going to rot in hell". Let him have his fun, he has nothing in life and no future, blah blah.

    I know Levi's lost and misguided and told a lie will get him farther than truth and told people love him. I wish people would be straight with him. He needs to get his shit together before he really has nothing.

    His book isn't going to be truthful. It isn't going to paint who he really was. It's going to make him look like an angel. He needs to self evaluate.

  30. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I just had an epiphany. This lie about the bus tour being a family vacation is just another in a long line of compulsive lies.

    Sarah can't help herself. She lies even when it doesn't behoove her to do so and most strangely, when it isn't necessary in the first place.

    She is a compulsive liar and so she lies, about everything.

  31. Anonymous2:34 PM

    This bus that Sarah Palin said is hers, who paid for it?

    Whose name is it under? Some LLC?

    Where is it stored when not used and who is paying the storage fees, maintenance fees and insurance?

    All by SarahPac?

  32. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Questions reporters should be asking Palin...

    1. Sarah, do you think americans have forgotten our grade school history?

    2. Is this a family vacation paid for by SarahPAC?

    3. Sarah, do you think this tour is good use of your donors money, given the fact that they already got this information in public school for free?

    4. Why are you so obsessed with Obama?

    5. Have you discussed your possible run with FOX news?

    6. Sarah, why are you so indecisive?

    7. When are you gonna stop pussy footin around and make up your mind.

    I could go on... but those would be good questions.

  33. wakeUpAmerica2:36 PM

    "I the Media Whore" that's hilarious! I also too (it's all about job creation) want to know where to find the original document of the Statute of Liberty.

  34. Anonymous2:39 PM

    is that Bristol quietly walking away from the media whore sign? is that Sally with her? ROFL

  35. Anonymous said...
    So, what has Obama gotten away with now that all media attention is on Palin? Probably a lot. I'd like to see THOSE emails. But I'm sure they would ALL be redacted and shredded immediately following his final term.
    2:21 PM
    Oh, nice try, you silly idiot. The topic of discussion is your grifting, sleazebag, attention whore queen.

  36. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I don't feed educated and energized, do you?

  37. I see yet another photo of Piper who can't take her eyes off her mom. She's just begging for some...any...attention from that miserable excuse for a mother. If it takes bad behavior to get herself noticed, you can be sure this is just the beginning. Poor kid.

  38. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I'm sure she was expecting a whole lot worse than one sign taped to the bus. Shes not stupid.

  39. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Did Sarah Palin or one of her Limited Liability Companies (LLC) buy this bus/rv for use in Sarah Palin's Alaska?

    That probably means she wrote this bus / rv off on her income tax as a business expense?

    So now she uses this bus / rv for her personal family vacation trips?

    Sarah said, "How am I paying for it? SarahPAC," she said, adding that she's traveling in "our own personal motor home that we've had in Alaska."

    What does the IRS or America have to say about this? This is not a personal motor home for family vacations. This was a business expense!

  40. A J. BIllings2:45 PM

    PALIN, the MEDIA WHORE. That's exactly right. Sarah, you reading this? There are 20 million of us out here who will work TIRELESSLY oppose you if you get in the race. We will give to Obama' campaign, even if, like me, we aren't big fans of his.

    We will demonstrate wherever you go, waving signs like QUITTER, ETHICS VIOLATER, MEDIA WHORE, or

    Now what we need is for some brave soul to SPRAY PAINT the words
    GRIFTER on the side of tbe bus.

    You are so classy throwing little Piper under the bus to give flowers to some random photo guy.

    Thank you to whomever put that poster on the PAY-lin bus..

    You did us a big favor.

    Here's hoping that gets picked up by CNN and makes it to the evening news.

  41. I don't know how long this exchange will last on "Sarah Palin's" Facebook page, but here it is as of this second. :) Obviously, Mr. Robert Brown misunderstood the comment...funny.

    [Paula Holland
    I do hope somebody got a photo of the idiot that put the sign on her bus. Show the world WHO you are!!!!!!!!!!!
    39 minutes ago
    Alice Brown likes this.

    Donna Farrell Hoy ‎?? Didn't hear about this...Can you elaborate?
    27 minutes ago

    Robert Brown Did someone hit you with an ugly stick ? sure looks like it. crawl back into your Democratic hole
    19 minutes ago]

  42. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Sarah said, "How am I paying for it? SarahPAC," she said, adding that she's traveling in "our own personal motor home that we've had in Alaska."

    So this bus was in Alaska and somebody drove it to the east coast. We can be pretty sure Sarah, Todd, Piper, Willow, Bristol, Chuck Heath, Sally Heath and whoever else went on this boondoggle did not ride the bus from Alaska.

    So the question is, who paid for all those people to fly First Class from Alaska or Arizona to Washington DC?

    Was it SarahPac? How can SarahPac justify paying for all those people with money they collected from America?

    What does the IRS or America have to say about this?

  43. rural juror2:52 PM

    So, my daughter's 4th grade class was at Ellis Island today the same time the Quitter Queen was there. One of my daughter's friends had her picture taken with SP and it sounds as if the rest of the kids didn't give a crap she was there AT ALL.

    I was sort of disappointed that my daughter didn't go up to her and say, "Y'know, my mom and Gryphen and everyone at Immoral Minority want to know where Trig is and if he's your baby".

    Damn. I KNEW I should have volunteered to chaperone the field trip. Such a lost opportunity. Sigh.

  44. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Isn't it against the law to use funds from SarahPAC for her personal family vacation?

  45. Olivia2:54 PM

    The quote from Piper is her telling a reporter "Thanks for ruining our vacation." I guess Sarah has taught her well. Blame someone else for the mess she created. "Sorry Piper, it isn't mom's fault that people keep following us around, I don't know how they found us honey."
    Lots of people take trips in motor homes and even buses and visit historic landmarks. But who the hell tells their little kid that they are going on vacation in the bus and then wraps it with a big freaking ad promoting yourself? "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, I'M SARAH PALIN. Go away and leave us alone, we are just trying to have a nice family vacation. No wait, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, I'M SARAH PALIN."

  46. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I don't live in AK so don't know Levi. Why are these concern trolls spouting off about Levi needing to "self-evaluate"? Is that Granny Lou typing away because she fears what he could say?

  47. Anonymous2:55 PM

    "So, what has Obama gotten away with now that all media attention is on Palin? Probably a lot. I'd like to see THOSE emails. But I'm sure they would ALL be redacted and shredded immediately following his final term."

    2:21 PM

    So far, Barack Obama has been scandal free, much of to the disappointment of re-pigs, unlike $arah Palin who's got ethics problems, and a wrap sheet a mile long! Since when did it take the media three years to get Barack Obama's e-mails released to the public? Blame that media whore $arah Palin for sucking up all their attention. Dumbass.

  48. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Bet she spent a good 5 minutes on Ellis Island looking for that 'Statute of Liberty.' The one that welcomes all the 'legal aliens' here. She said she was against the Dream Act because it surpasses the law. What she really meant was that it gave children a chance at higher education, and we can't have those 'aliens' better educated than the Palin spawn.

  49. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Here's a quick explanation of PAC's - scroll down for the part that applies to Sarah's magical bus tour.

  50. Anonymous3:02 PM

    If we had the vin number couldn't we see who owns the bus and why are they staying in hotels what is the point of the bus?

  51. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Chris mathews makes me want to puke

  52. My earlier post from SP's FB page(4 minutes ago? LOL!) is now GONE from Palin's FB. That was fast. I am guessing her "Deletion Trolls" are busy busy busy making sure no one spills the beans on "THE SIGN". I wonder when the MSM gets ahold of it? Palin's response? "FIND THE VANDALS THAT DEFACED THE CONSTITUTION! ONWARD NYPD! THIS SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY!"
    Oh how I wish I could see the bus in person...I would use Silly String. (and pre-arrange my bail, no worries)

  53. Anonymous3:06 PM

    If you follow the link regarding the media whore sign, low and behold now that the liar and fraud is in New York, she has switched to wearing her giant Star of David. What a wing nut. It is downright disgusting.

  54. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I take that back about Chris Mathews Michael Steele makes me want to puke.

  55. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Oh noes! Now her bus has been horribly vandalized??11!!! Poor Sayruh! Libruls are meanies!

  56. Anonymous3:09 PM

    "I'm sure she was expecting a whole lot worse than one sign taped to the bus. Shes not stupid."

    2:42 PM

    Perhaps the person should have taken a page out of $arah Palin's playbook, and put crosshairs on the bus, instead?

  57. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Anonymous @ 2:28's reference to Randy Quaid made me laugh, and it's sooo appropriate. Sh*tter's full...

  58. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Gryphen, I am not usre that this is the same class A motorhome, I think this is the bus from the bok tour that ws different from the "family" RV. Can you post pics of all three together if you saved them, so we can look at the outline?

  59. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Not sure whether to be happy or sad that Palin is in NYC. She'll have to pass thru MA to get to NH. We are currently under tornado warning. I've been having Wizard of Oz images of red Naughty Monkeys peeking out from a shrink-wrapped bus.

    OTOH, I still have time to hang a Where's Trig sign from an overpass the Palin family RV will pass!

  60. Anonymous3:14 PM

    What do you expect from trailer park grifters?

    As the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin charged the state of Alaska and it’s taxpayers for per diem to stay at her own home in Wasilla and it was a large sum. She flew her kids to events in Alaska and to the lower 48 and stayed at very expensive hotels on the taxpayers dime and lied that the first family was requested and Sarah was forced to reimburse the state.

    Sarah is now charging SarahPac and it’s donors money to travel in “her own personal RV” with her family which includes her parents for their summer vacation.

    SCAMMERS and CON ARTISTS ALL OF THEM…. What a shame?

    Would the Obamas do this?

  61. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I hope the FBI steps in and takes a look at ALL the emails.

    The SP admin would just not be digging in their claws and making excuse after excuse unless there was something VERY underhanded going on.

    Clearly "the state" is having trouble with transparency. It's past time for the Feds to step in.

  62. lilly lily3:14 PM

    So the I the Media Whore owns the bus or whatever it is. Does she charge herself a good stiff fee and pay herself from PAC?

    I see they ask where you think she is going next over at Huffington.

    I wrote Hell.

  63. Anonymous3:16 PM

    SarahPac = Sarah's Personal Account

  64. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Your test balloon on a POTUS run is getting some reality bites huh Sarah?

    Is it so fun Sarah, to realize that you don't get to just say your jingoist platitudes and hide behind a Free Market meme as your solutions based platform?

    You thought you'd go around and be beloved by the masses, r'il Americans without the filter of media distorting your controlled fantastical narrative and record. . .you truly believed with the backdrop of amazing and humbling historic American sites that people would be begging you to run, to make you the reluctant candidate, to let you 'show the country' your Servant's Heart and throw your weave in?

    No. Not gonna happen. You are going to get vetted and questioned mercilessly, by the media and in the court of public opinion. And your thin skin and inability to think on your feet are going to be the only thing you feast on beyond diet Red Bull and pizza with utensils you idiot.

  65. Anonymous3:20 PM

    How can a PAC legitimately fund a "family vacation?"

  66. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I thought the money for SarahPac was political donations meant to be forwarded out to "worthy" republican causes and candidates....not to send the Palin family on a family vacation. Are all those Teabaggers who donated to the Pac happy to have their money being spent this way?

  67. Anonymous3:25 PM

    did Palin really think she could to New York and mess with New Yorkers?Awesome...

  68. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Actually Sarah is that stupid.

    How did she not know that plastering her bus with her PAC info, asking people to donate, and then saying she was on a family vacation - would be against the law?

  69. Anonymous3:26 PM

    They are scared of Levi, yes they are.

  70. Anonymous3:28 PM

    If she's on the search for National Treasures, maybe someone should tell her it's 5 stories below Trinity Church. Then, just keep her down there without a torch.

  71. Anonymous3:31 PM

    "Immigrants built this country and we want to highlight that on this bus tour"?

    WTF? Immigrants includes Asians and we know how Sarah Palin feels about Asians.

    Sarah your daddy told us that you are uncomfortable with Asians.

  72. Sarah Palin's "The Whore of Babylon" Tour is O. J. Simpson's Chase, on a much grander scale. She's got so many rabid bats coming home to roost that she is totally batshit crazy and has to do something--anything!--in a desperate attempt to get some kind of relief. Everything she does is the desperate act of a desperate woman. I'm loving it! Schadenfreude doesn't get any better than this!

  73. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Diva must run in the family. All this as the Palins are vacationing OPM* style.

    Jay Newton-Small
    Palin at gettysburg. Willow on the way out as the press caught up: tnx 4 ruining our day!/JNSmall/status

    *Other Peoples' Money

  74. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Olivia at 2:54

    Exactly, we do travel quite often in our motorhome (actually we have a construction co and when I have to be on a job site, I like my motorhome over hotels--I get to have my dogs with me and I can cook) I have met a few celebs at truck stops/rest stops--Willie Nelson(yes he is cool) and Whoopi Goldberg to name two that most people would recognize. Neither of their buses are splashed and wrapped, they are indistinguishable from thousands of others on the road ( in fact--Whoopi wanted to view the inside of MINE :)
    This was never meant to be a family vaca it is some strange political campaign where 10's of people try and see Sarah, yes 10's, up to 100 at one stop (quit laughing Gryphen, I know you are) and SarahPac is paying for it.
    How 2 people could ruin the lives of their children is beyond my reasoning as a mom and grandma.
    I think this is one last griting tour before the emails and the book about her faked pregnancy come out.

    Little Rabbit

  75. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Let's see, what's Obama been up to...doing his job.

    BTW, his kids actually go to school, spend time with their parents, and try to maintain a low profile during family vacations.

    Most of the photos of him and girls are shot with telephoto lenses.

  76. Shouldn't the FEC have some objections to paying for a family vacation from a PAC, when those PAC contributions are made by feeble minded palinbots who make donations because they believe she will be a candidate for POTUS?

  77. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Questions about the cost of your publicity whore tour? Is it still fun Sarah?

    You thought that if you put yourself out there wearing a flag and cross that millions of people across the country at rest stops were going to be begging you to run, make you the reluctant candidate and rev'il to the world what a Servant's Heart you truly have.

    It isn't fun to even answer one reporters questions outside your safety bubble of Fox News is it Sarah? It's get worse, more and more and you don't have what it takes to back up another run for any public office of any size.

  78. Sarah Palin has a new Facebook Page! It's called "Sarah Palin's Bus Tour"!
    There are more derogatory remarks on there already, even though the "FAN" count is only at 30-something. Too funny! I "liked it" with a disclaimer to appear on my own FB page...looks like her "deletion/blocking" squad is going to be very busy this evening. ;}

  79. I just spit soda on my screen! Priceless. She is the ultimate narcissist. Uck.

  80. So much to comment on........I laugh thinking about Jon and Steven running around trying to keep up with all of the new material scara keeps throwing at them by the minute. Then I just shake my head thinking how bad this has turned out for her so far, imagine what a real campaign would produce--it actually hurts my head to think of all the horror. I do know that when the palinbots finally wise up, if that is even possible, scara better run far away and hide--there will be blood. "I'am not asking anyone to pay a penny for this trip"....ha, ha, ha, justify that you palinbot idiots, let's hear your excuses.....come on....we are waiting.........

  81. angela3:50 PM

    Whoa! Sarah sure is touchy when someone asks her a basic question. She's so thin skinned I see her veins from a thousand miles away.

  82. Anonymous3:53 PM

    2:33 I think you are totally off-base about Levi. He's a very nice young man and I'm eager to read his book, as are many others.

    The Palin group is 100% worse than Levi ever thought of being. How would you like to have to be supposedly up against that family? Thank God, he got out from under them.

    Good luck, Levi, in the sale of your book!

  83. FloridaDem3:56 PM

    Hahahaha! That sign is priceless!

    It's how REAL AMERICA, not Teabagger America feels.

    But something I don't understand...if this is a family vacation, how can she scam SARAPAC into footing the bill, and not go to jail?

    And btw Sarah, that whole stupid comment about legal immigrants building New York - boatloads of us came over, not a dime in our pockets, and many of us didn't have papers. But America let us in because they needed workers to build the country. It's not like today, with special Visas and passports. Back then, as long as your country of origin let you go, and you didn't have a disease you could come in.

  84. There has got to be an attorney, IRS person, SOMEONE on this blog that can fill us in on how in the world scara is getting away with what she is doing regarding the financing of this fiasco. Malia???????can you fill us in or get a friend who knows about these things to help out? Steven Colbert had a guy on yesterday and they talked about it a little, but there has got to be some laws being broken here. YOu would think that she would have had this all checked out in advance, but based on her comments, she is clueless and probably saying things she should not, but too stupid to think on her feet.

  85. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I want to marry who ever put that poster on Sarah's "just our motor home."

    Lest we loose count. That's four lake front houses in Alaska, two different lakes, a McMansion in Arizona, a Greyhound sized "motor home," an airplane and a boat or two.

    Rill small town Amurkan red neck. Not.

    Just nouveau riche white trash.

  86. Anonymous4:22 PM

    If Palin is bold enough to finance a Palin Family Summer Vacation with PAC money, just imagine what she would do as POTUS?

    Why would we be shocked, as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah said

    "I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't."

  87. Anonymous4:25 PM

    2:33 pm Levi?

    Bristol Palin, is that you trashing Levi yet again? I wasn't aware that he was on the SarahPac Bus Tour to nowhere with idiot mother. Bristol, do you feel neglected that we aren't discussing you?

    Well Bristol, just keep on talking trash and we will talk about all your little hidden secrets. Keep it up girl, cause some of us have a lot to report.

  88. FEDUP!!!4:35 PM

    I *LOVE* that stuck-up sign on the side of her bus!!!!


  89. Anonymous4:46 PM

    "carrying(more or less)a cross and wrapped in a flag..." check. check.

  90. FEDUP!!!4:52 PM

    This 'bus' is the same 'bus' she used in her $PA miniseries. Same license plate#. (Don't remember where I saw this mentioned, but it was one of the blogs.)

  91. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Man, there are those pesky questions again, huh, Sarah? You know, the ones you want everyone to be asked except you. And you thought you could fool everyone by calling this a family vacation even though only your mom and dad felt like killing that much time with you. Piper had no choice, poor thing.

  92. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Hey Gryph, you have definitely touched a nerve with the Palin zombies the past few days. Keep it coming. I love it!!

  93. Beldar Malemail Conehead5:20 PM

    ""screw these other 24,000 e-mails! I only want to see the 2,415 they WON'T release!".

    Out of the mouths of middke-aged men.... Didnt Obama ask the repugs "do you think we're stupid?". On what basis to they get to withhold those emails? National securiry??? Executive privilege???

    Clearly, a concerted effort must be undertaken to secure both the "withheld" emails AND the ones theyre not even admitting to just yet....

  94. Olivia5:31 PM

    Hmmm. Batshit Bachmann is a tax attorney. Maybe someone should ask her if Sarahpac could be in trouble paying for a family vacation.

  95. Dis Gusted5:41 PM

    Jay Newton-Small
    Palin at gettysburg. Willow on the way out as the press caught up: tnx 4 ruining our day

    is Willow in the red sweater with her back to the camera? the only face I see is Bristol the chin.

  96. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Yikes! Twitler bares both teeth and toes:

    Dayum. That kinda toe-cleavage just oughta be a crime.

  97. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Anon said: 'I don't care what's redacted as long as they left the "puppy is ready and needs to be picked up a Mat-Su" one.'

    I would be interested in the one that says, "TODD! CM was just here and says I'm a shitty mother and he's going to go public that he's Track's dad so he can take him and raise him right! YOU HAVE 6 MONTHS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM."

  98. Somebody suggested that fishing season just started which would account for Todd's departure. Bristol appears to have left too. Why didn't they take poor Piper?

  99. Maybe this is a dumb question, but why would state emails be privileged? Diplomacy, defense and intelligence are federal functions.

  100. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Piper's got Bristol's old chin and looks like a very unhappy, entitled brat. Sarah lost a "teachable moment" and failed miserably for the world to see.

    She's freeloading off those who believe she toots rainbows and shits skittles. They're the ones who make Sarah look smart in comparison. I wouldn't call them idiots, just ill informed, inbred, misguided buffoons.

    Whoever did that sign, A grateful nation salutes you!

    In other hypocrite news, Gov Chris Christie of Snookie's State, used a Snookie's State Police Helicopter to attend his son's baseball game and meet up with Repugnican leaders who want to convince him to run. The man who slashed and burned the educational system and tossed public servants under the bus for "fiscal principles" rides on the taxpayers dime for personal business. Sarah's got some heavy competition in the grifting department.

  101. Anonymous6:28 PM

    "At one point, Piper approached our photographer and said, "Thanks for ruining our vacation.""

    Read more:

  102. Ratfish6:45 PM

    So it's Sarah Palin's personal motor home from Alaska?

    Strangest looking Alaska license plate I've ever seen.

    Another day, another lie.

  103. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I taught for years and one thing I can say is that you need to state clear objectives in order to keep people's attention. Sarah's is too ambiguous, confusing and hence, unsettling. I don't know if that's on purpose or because of incompetence, but she's not pulling this off too well.

  104. Anonymous7:27 PM

    "Piper approached our photographer and said, "Thanks for ruining our vacation.""

    Piper and Willow: your parents could have planned a nice vacation for you that didn't include media. It would not have included that RV or a way to donate to Sarah PAC. They chose the later. They are to blame for attracting attention even though they want you to believe otherwise.

  105. Anonymous7:38 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    "At one point, Piper approached our photographer and said, "Thanks for ruining our vacation.""

    6:28 PM"

    What parents this girl has. Why would a child even presume to speak to adults in such a manner? Wasn't Piper mouthing off to Sarah during their reality show? She said something smart, and Sarah didn't correct her? I'd be willing to bet Piper hits her mother.

  106. Anonymous7:49 PM


    What does Obama have to do with anything? Why is it whenever someone points out something incredibly stupid your mom is saying, someone has to try and compare her to Obama?

    Here's a clue: Just because we think Sarah is a moron, doesn't automatically make all of us Obama supporters. It's not a liberal/conservative issue, it's a moron issue.

  107. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Oh, God. I can't stand it. That poor girl really thinks she is on a vacation and that the media came along and ruined it! HOW HORRIBLE for her. Can you just imagine: 10 years old being told that you are going on an exciting vacation to all of these great historic sites and you get this FIASCO? Look at her face in this photo at Time (where she thanks the photographer for ruining their vacation). I said it before and I will say it again. Heart Breaking. Poor little thing.

  108. What a total douche... No wonder she's moving to Arizonie, she can't park that rolling pile in a yard in Alaska, it'll cause a cave in.. BUT, in Arizonie, where people 300 years old have been bringing buses like this to that state for 100 years, no big deal... AND, she can get the pedophile sheriff, what's his name, oh yeah JoJo, to send a squad by the new compound every couple of days...

    The flying monkey squad is on their own.... cause Grampy is there !!!

  109. Anonymous1:40 AM

    I'm with you. 2415!

  110. TwoBlueJays6:00 AM

    How WOULD you explain a non-Alaskan license plate on the bus? You don't get new plates in every state you visit, altho $arah is stupid enough to probably believe that one.


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