Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shailey Tripp had her last court appearance today, and her charges have all been dropped. Now the fun begins.

From Shailey's blog:

My court date went great. The charges were dismissed and that was amazing news for my life.
But now I am free to talk about Todd Palin. What was so special about me and him? Why was my name put with his?

To put it simply Todd Palin along with other people recruit and groom men and women to be prostitutes. These prostitutes are eventually given positions inside a company and used to secure business deals. These business deals often involve obtaining military and government contracts. The people who use the prostitution services are usually in positions of power.

I have witnessed this first hand and am speaking from my own personal experiences.

Some of you have asked me for more information about Shailey, however until today's court appearance she was not terribly comfortable saying things on the record that she had told me in confidence.

Today that all changed.

And by the way, for all of you who keep trying to suggest that Shailey is less than believable, all I have to say is that much of what she has told me was backed up by the court records and e-mails which she shared with me, and that the National Enquirer has consistently expressed total confidence in her story, as well as stating that they polygraphed her multiple times and she passed every one with flying colors.

If she can back up these claims, which she swears she can, this may be just as big of a scandal as babygate.

If they are false, then Sarah and Todd Palin will have no choice but to respond to them.
And just when you thought this summer could not get any better.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Does this mean Sarah was aware of Tawd's behavior? Was he securing prostitutes to seal government deals when Sarah was Governor?

  2. Wow, Im glad you have posted this. I had just finished reading her blog entry regarding her court date.

    If what she's saying is true, I can understand why the MSM was hesitant. Unfortunately these sex crimes usually incriminate powerful people.

    Haliburton, Dyncorp etc....

  3. OMG!!! AWESOME! I can't wait to hear what she has to say now that she can speak freelY!

  4. Anonymous9:10 PM

    wow. just wow.

  5. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Good for you, Shailey. Wishing you the best of luck moving forward.

  6. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Holy cow. When did this "fishpicker" find time to fish?

  7. Anonymous9:22 PM

    No WONDER Her Heinous has been so silent. There simply isn't ENOUGH popcorn....

    C'mon Shailey. Keep talking and bring them ALL down.

    Thank you SO much, Gryph and Shailey!

  8. Anonymous9:23 PM

    So, Todd got her into this business? If so, he paid her? He employed her and paid her? Was he behind said government contracts? What was his gain? Being paid by those benefiting from the contracts? Or just as the "First Dude of Pimpville"? She is blurring her story when she goes broadly about women brought from various countries, etc. She should focus on her own story, how it happened, what she saw, etc.

  9. I sure do worry for the persona and prefessional well-being of people like Shirley, you, Joe McGinniss and others, who risk so very much to expose the reality of this so called "Christian family" and the seemingly UN-chritianlike behaviors and actions.


  10. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I'm speechless! I beleive, if this gets investigated (and it better!)it will be bigger than babygate.

  11. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Wow. If this is true, I guess we know how the Palins seemed to live beyond their means before the post VP nod big money started rolling in. Lots and lots of icebergs...income tax evasion, anyone? Fraudulent financial disclosures?

    I hope she is protected.

  12. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Shailey is smart - she will name names for the highest bidder is my guess. Good for her! I just hope she doesn't take a big payoff from the Palin's to "retract" ala Levi.

    It will be tempting for Shailey if the Koch's or Murdock offer her a million dollars - but I am hoping she gets the whole story out there.

    Maybe Michelle Bachmann's team will pay her to publish it. HA!

  13. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Does Shailey have some security to keep her and her kids safe? This is one a very brave woman!

  14. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Another fail for that hotshot candidate vetting team from the McCain campaign.

  15. Gasman9:29 PM

    Toad is a PIMP!? Pimp Daddy Toad! WTF!

    The obvious question in MY mind is: just exactly how does Pimp Daddy Toad "groom men and women to be prostitutes?" What kind of "man grooming" does Pimp Daddy Toad engage in?

    As Dana Carvey's Church Lady might opine: "Well, isn't THAT special!"

    Right about now, Palin's head is spinning counter clockwise.

    And the shit flinging flying monkeys are off in 3, 2, 1...

  16. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Oh snap!

    Go Shailey :O

  17. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Men and women prostitutes? Interesting. So about those rumors that Todd's gay. . .

  18. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Have they returned Shailey's possessions held by the cops???

  19. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Could that explain the missing emails from December 2007?

  20. Anonymous9:38 PM

    And Sarah knew this was coming, so she threw Todd under the Alaskan bus and headed forArizona. She'll say she divorced him the minute she found out - last week.

  21. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Flippin unbelievable. Except I have no idea what she is talking about. Hopefully, it will all become clear.

  22. I'm so happy to hear that's no longer hanging over her head! Congratulations Shailey :D I can't wait to hear everything you have to share.

  23. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Woohoo! Great news! I knew there was more to it...keep talking Shailey.

  24. dlbvet9:45 PM

    The mother hen in someone watching out for Shailey? I mean, I get the impression that the Palin clan is sort of mafia-like, not really ones you'd want to mess with. Without ending up dead or I was just hoping that Shailey (and all the rest of you fighting for truth, justice and the American way) are watching your backs. And "the American way" is of course referring to all of us left that wouldn't qualify as being part of "pro-America." Or those of us that couldn't be considered "real Americans." That is, according, to the leader of the Palin clan.

  25. I think I'm in shock, but I can say that thanks to Shailey & Gryphen, this could be The Best Summer EVER!

    Please watch your backs & stay safe!

  26. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Ditto what Anonymous number 1 says!!! Was Sarah was the Governor....when her husband was securing prostitutes to seal gov, that would be something wouldn't it?

  27. A good question is did they use these women to put men in compromising positions to blackmail them?

    To subtly imply if cooperation in a contract is met; or if you pad my wallet, the photos would disappear.

    Seriously ....

  28. Anonymous9:52 PM


    TOAD is Scarah's PIMP FOR REAL! No wonder why she can't even answer a simple question without consulting with him first. Scarah is some sort of "Madam" for the Rethugs & Co now, that she an ol' crusty-crotch.

    SO Disturbing Ms. Tripp. I don't doubt any of what you wrote. Good Luck & SS, spread your story far and wide.

  29. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Wow! But come to think of it, Toad being a pimp makes perfect sense. The guy oozes sleaze and meaness.

  30. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Anonymous 9:52 PM

    "TOAD is Scarah's PIMP FOR REAL!"

    So that's why he calls her "Sarah Palin" instead of "my wife"!

  31. SEX SELLS! The MSM may find her uterus untouchable, but THIS is GOLD!

    I can "see" it all now - sarah, once again the victim but Todd testifying that he did it for her career. What sayeth "Juicy?"

  32. Anonymous10:05 PM

    If she has got the goods, the Palins are going down , for sure.

  33. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Is this partly why so many in authority in Alaska are still covering up for the Palins? "Someone" is keeping "dossiers" on these people which would make Anthony Weiner's stuff look tame?

  34. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Shailey is a brave woman. I also think she is very savy and smart, thereby dotting her i's and crossing her t's in keeping her info very safe and family also too.

    I agree with Shailey, what is happening is wrong and it needs to be exposed and stopped.

  35. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Goes to show you all of
    sarah' pervert remarks and how everyone wants to rape her daughters, usually what you are guilty of , you accuse.These people sicken me. Weiner has been in the news all week, I told my husband I don't care about him, if they can't get Palin with all she's done what he did is inmaterial. I am so sick of this Palin stinch, our country's gone to hell. She should have been outed 2 years ago by the MSM, but they wanted ratings and money and kept this mccain released insect on us.

  36. Anonymous10:11 PM

    So Todd was basically running Alaska and a prostitution ring while Granny continued her high school hijinks and scammed Federal money for her dairy buddies?

  37. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Good Lord. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. And just in time for the release of the propaganda film depicting you as the model Christian know, the loving parents with the beautiful children. The great role models. The church goers...oh, wait, that was never in there. My question is, how in hell did they think this would not come out? How in heck is anyone arrogant enough to participate in this kind of scummy behavior and yet court media attention and think they can hide this?
    Let's see: Vitter, Edwards, Weiner, etc. etc. etc.
    Bye Sarah.

  38. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Say what? I detest the Palins and put almost nothing past them but I need proof on this.

  39. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Wow....finally someone dares to speak the truth. Hopefully, others will be talking soon about the hidden truths of the Palins.
    Please be careful Shailey, these people wouldn't think anything of silencing those who speak against them. Thank you for your courage and honesty.

  40. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Did Granny send any letters from God telling Todd he needs to start a prostitution business?

  41. Bristol's Old Chin10:18 PM


    No wonder the Palins want to cut back on welfare--more desperate, broke people=easy pickin's for the sex trade.

  42. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Is there something even weirder about the idea that if Granny knew what was going on, she went to this same woman to get a massage? Keeping it all in the family?

  43. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Must be how Sarah got her government jobs!

  44. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I don't understand: does "seal the deal" mean they take photos suitable for blackmail? Or is it like a favor upon signing?

    What is "grooming" for prostitution? Is it getting someone addicted to drugs?

    Shailey: I hope you are in a very very safe place. Please write down the best of your evidence X 4 and mail it to 4 trusted friends, to be opened/revealed only if you are hurt. If you haven't already done this, pls do it immediately. Making it pointless to hurt you is your best protection.

    Stay safe.

  45. Anonymous10:36 PM

    HA-ha! No wonder Todd fled back to AK and has been hiding out, and Snowsnookie had to quit her Mentally Challenged Patriot Tour to regroup.

    What a bunch of pathetic, grifting, sorry-ass losers.

    I hope those Palin kids have some gooood therapists.

  46. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I understand why Shailey couldn't speak before - legal reasons. Is that why Mercedes can't speak now?

  47. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Sarah has lost some of her clout in AK. She probably thought she could get Shailey in jail just like she did with Sherry Johnston. Good for Shailey and I hope she tells all she knows. Go Shailey!

  48. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Anonymous said...
    So Todd was basically running Alaska and a prostitution ring while Granny continued her high school hijinks and scammed Federal money for her dairy buddies?

    10:11 PM


    Sounds like that's about right !

    And don't forget, you can bet Grany got her cut of that scammed dairy money too.

    Just like Watergate; "Follow the money".

    Do they have orange jumpsuits in sarah's size ?

  49. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Shailey...God Bless you girl, you MUST get help on how to go forward with this. I would contact Gloria Allred first to get some security for you and your family and how to get this stroy out in the proper way. This smacks of Tiger Woods, Weiner, John Edwards, Arnold S., etc.

    This story would bring the entire Palin/Heath clan down forever. Please, it for the country but you must be protected. Be safe.

  50. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Anonymous said..."Is there something even weirder about the idea that if Granny knew what was going on, she went to this same woman to get a massage? Keeping it all in the family?"

    Well, the Palin's 2d grandchild appears to have been named after Todd's massage contact, in a most excellent "FUCK YOU, Sarah" from Bristol...probably payback for the way Grizz Granny handled Bristol's first pregnancy.

  51. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Can Todd spell DIVORCE?

    Sarah will pay off Todd with SarahPac money after the divorce to keep his mouth shut about Sarah's criminal activities.

  52. Anonymous11:14 PM

    John McCain should feel really proud of his thorough vetting of the Palins. Sheesh. He was either totally conned, or he's the most cynical political opportunist ever. Either way, it's a piss-poor legacy you have made for yourself, Johnnie-boy. Enjoy your golden years with the tundra albatross around your neck.

    Spill the beans, Shailey. You could save the country from another year (or more) of Palin's special brand of hate and nasty political division. Now, saving the country is a legacy worth bragging about...unlike Johnny-boy.

  53. Anonymous11:20 PM

    People keep asking why Sarah keeps Piper with her.

    Now we know, Todd is a predator.

  54. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Todd have you been sampling the male prostitutes you switch hitter?

  55. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Sorry Piper my mommy said I can't play at your house anymore. My mommy is afraid your daddy may want to play with me.

  56. ja.thought11:26 PM

    Anon at 9:23: "She is blurring her story when she goes broadly about women brought from various countries, etc. She should focus on her own story, how it happened, what she saw, etc."

    I do agree with the point that Shailey needs to stay specific to what she knows through her own experience. There was an interview with the author of the The Whistleblower on PRI's The World today. A movie based on the book will be released in the US in August. In this case, many of the women were underage as well.

    I don't know if Shailey was generalizing and putting the Alaska sex-bribes-and-blackmail-as-part-of-business into a broader international context. I do feel that her case is credible when based on the specifics of her own experience.

  57. Gave you a hat tip on this at my post on Shailey's bombshell, Gryph.

    Why does she feel Frank Bailey has something to add to the conversation?

  58. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Track and Britta's winter wedding reception... Can you say "AWKWARD"?

  59. Gryphen,

    This sounds a little far-fetched.

    I was hopeful when Shailey's story came about this would be proof of some serious hippocracy on the part of the Palins.

    Then I started to read her blog and it became apparent that perhaps the elevator didn't stop on the top floors.

    You state that there are court records that back up Shailey's claims. Those aren't private between you and her, I ask that you publish them, or at least excerpts to back these accusations up.

    You are making serious charges here, and you do this blog and the cause a disservice when you make a statement about an upcoming scandal or accusation and don't back it up. You have the power to do that now.

    It makes it easier for the flying monkeys to disregard things without critical thought when you don't.

    I'm only saying this because this sounds like some of the crazy stuff my bipolar ex used to come up with, I mean as I read the accusation, I saw her face saying it.

  60. Shailey needs to be very careful and contact local law enforcement where she is so they know she may be vulnerable if she thinks they can be trusted. Of course Alaska DOJ is not to be trusted, but maybe she could tell her story in the state where she is.

    From past corruption issues in Alaska we know teenagers have been flown in for corporate entertainment purposes. There have been many stories circulating about prostitution rings including children used by powerful people in this country.

  61. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Bwaahahaha! Unflippinbelievable! Dude shall now be known as:

    The Polar Ponce
    The Wasilla Whoremonger
    The SnowMachine Securer
    The Fairbanks Fancy Man
    The Juneau John

    Toad, I suspect Northwest Montana is the only place that will take you now.

  62. Wow. I always thought Todd and Sarah were horrible, but this is on a level of disgusting and depraved that shocks me. If this is true, this needs to be released immediately. And Todd may want to leave the country, possibly the hemisphere. Because Sarah is going to kill him.

  63. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Gryphen and Shailey - Normally, after reading the first two paragraphs of what Shailey wrote - I would disregard this out of hand as crazy and WAY over the edge. But just today, at about 12:30, I was listening to The World on NPR and they were featuring an interview with Kathryn Bolkovoc who wrote The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman's Fight for Justice that describes (from what I heard of her interview) what it sounds like Shailey is describing. Shailey: if you're reading this; please go to Amazon and order a copy of her book and try to get in touch with her. She might be a wise navigator to help you move forward while protecting your name and seeking justice. God speed and take care. Thank you for being brave and coming forward with your story.

  64. Anonymous1:21 AM

    can we please remember Todd is a sexual predator!!!!!! Not only did he coerce Shailey into giving him a handjob, but he sent his buddies to her for some sex for money too. A felony promoting prostitution charge. If Shailey can pass lie detector tests, can Sarah and Todd? Where are the Alaska state charges?

    From Shailey's blog;"When he placed my hand on his penis, I was so embarrassed. I just didn't see it coming. My face got red, I felt hot, I wanted to leave the room but there he was and said "please", coaxed me, and finally offered me money......well I did and at that moment I didn't think beyond that one time. It never occurred to me right then and there that he would be back for more of that. You can have all the education in the world, know about sexual predators, know about sexual abuse but until it happens in real life you just never know how you will react. Did I make stupid decisions? Yes! I had no idea where it was going to go and what it would turn into.

    That is what I think about Todd. I think he is a predator. And the worst kind as I think he thinks it is okay because he acts like your friend and therefore you will enjoy it or don't are consenting to letting him do this to you. I don't think on his part he feels any remorse or any guilt or any wrongdoing. If anything, after a while he starts trying to make you feel guilty, like this all started because it is your fault. If Todd might feel anything at all is "hurt" "surprise"," why is she doing this to me" "how can she make up all these lies to hurt my family". No one could ever know what goes on in someone's head or know how someone else may feel but I know I felt dirty; as time went on I felt trapped, and there were times I tried to do things on my own to break away, and yet it was all controlled, it was all watched, logged, recorded, and set in stone."

  65. Anonymous1:23 AM

    One more thing.....I am convinced Bristol named her baby Tripp as a giant "FUCK YOU" to her mother.

  66. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Oh happy day! This is the kind of truth that needs to be splashed in every headline - no way Sarah didn't know since it was done for government contracts. Are there Orange jumpsuits for the Todd and Sarah? - a dream come true if so.

    Stay safe Shailey And G. - and thank you both.

  67. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:06 AM

    The Wasillafellas! Now we know why SP could get away with anything and everything, including Troopergate, Dairygate, faking a pregnancy...BTW, who's funding all these shenanigans? Big oil? The ever-so-righteous Dominionists?

    Stay safe, Shailey, and thanks for speaking out.

  68. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Wonder if any of this (dates/people) coincide with the AGIA/TransCanada negotiations?


  69. Anonymous2:59 AM

    @ 10:32 PM

    Shailey: I hope you are in a very very safe place. Please write down the best of your evidence X 4 and mail it to 4 trusted friends, to be opened/revealed only if you are hurt. If you haven't already done this, pls do it immediately. Making it pointless to hurt you is your best protection.

    Stay safe.

    Excellent advice.

    Has any one of the national MSM outlets contacted you, Shailey? I would hate to see this story published only in the yellow press and then be dismissed as just another false rumor.

    Not sure if selling your information to the legitimate press would be as lucrative as what you would receive from the tabloids but it would give you much more credibility in the eyes of the American public.

  70. FloridaDem3:01 AM

    Hope this has legs, but Shailey's biting off a lot here. It went from Todd sleeping with her, to trafficking internationally.

    Her blog says they brought in people from all over the country and overseas. I doubt he was a major figure, because my first question would be where's the money? We're talking millions here. There certainly seems to be some truth out there that Shailey needs to share, but my guess is that Todd was involved incidentally, because of the intersection of business, politics and prostitution. You're in politics, the military, in big business, in the entertainment industry, in the alcohol/drug industry,...then you're going to find organized prostitution. It doesn't mean a person is running it.

  71. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Sex - huh - didn't Ivy Frye have sex with some journalist also too to get favorable treatment?

    Is it possible that Bristol Palin was also on the payroll? You know, sex and pregnancies, and dwts contracts, book deals and hollywood contracts.

  72. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Sarah of the wink wink, big boob, tight skirts short and hooker shoes. Sarah giving the old men hard ons including John McCain himself. Sarah coming out wrapped in a towel to have a conference with McCain's male staff. Yep, Sarah used sex, sex, sex all the time.

  73. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Bristol vacating her home now, is that just a coincidence?

  74. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Sarah, the truth will set you free. Wait, wait, wait, does Sarah and Todd like the color orange?

  75. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Mercede seems to have been silenced, Shailey, so I'm glad you are now free to speak. Only wish more of those folks who have inside information had your courage.

  76. Anonymous3:18 AM

    So how many lame stream media dudes have been silenced by the lure of prostitution? No wonder the dudes were not covering the lies and corruption that involved Sarah and Todd Palin.

    It looks like it is going to be a really hot hot summer and some folks are going to get really burned. Sex sells, coffee anyone?

  77. Anonymous3:29 AM


    The slime just keeps oozing from these people.


  78. London Bridges3:32 AM

    Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst) has a song called. "When The President Talks To God."

    Kinda like when Sarah talks to God!

  79. Anonymous said... Say what? I detest the Palins and put almost nothing past them but I need proof on this. 10:13 PM

    Agreed. Calm down, folks, you're running WAY ahead of the proven facts here.

  80. If the charges were dropped, can they charge her again if new evidence is uncovered? Or is this like being acquitted insofar as double jeopardy is concerned?

    It strikes me that, if she were found innocent, she could say as she pleases. And if charges were just dropped, they still have the ability to arrest, charge her again and try her.

    She may not be out of the woods.

  81. Anonymous3:47 AM

    explosive charges - but they need EVIDENCE to back them up

  82. This sounds a whole lot like a "MAFIA" operating out of Alaska.

    There had been blurbs in the past about the tourist ships that visit and young girls boarding.

    Please everyone stay safe...keep the evidence safe. I don't know who you can trust with information as it used to be you could send to nytimes or washingtonpost....but little ole Alaska...????

  83. Ms. Tripp should put up or shut up. As should EVERYONE else with the "nails in the iceberg" until someone has the balls to actually just DO IT. I hope Ms. Tripp can finally expose the palins. This will make babygate look like kid stuff. Pun intended and good luck.

  84. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Gryph go find Josh, he was working at Residence Inn Marriott and as a bouncer at Rum Runner's last time I saw him in Anchorage. You should find him ask about Todd renting him for Sarah etc... He was a stripper (Track's age now)also who says he was employed by Sarah in summer to work for the state of Alaska.

  85. comeonpeople4:07 AM

    Wasilla sounds like a really yucky messed up place to live in , grow up in, etc. It looks like a freak show up there.
    Just yuck.
    I look forward to Shailey's stuff. It's a good sign that the charges were dropped.

  86. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Also too time to start going after Todd's former Iron Dog buddy Scott Davis.

  87. grammy974:08 AM

    Good morning, Gryphen and all. Just for fun; there were three trolls here, keeping time and waiting for their instructions. That was when i read the blog at about 7:20 am, EDT. Since they didn't have the 'party line' yet, they couldn't send the right color flames; but as soon as one of the bosses gives them their orders, they'll be posting hot and heavy. ;-) Thank you for pointing us to Shailey Tripp. Her poetry is lovely; her spirit is admirable; and her information could be deadly to the lice who are corrupting our country.

  88. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Yes Todd's really hiding. He was just in AZ and just drove up with Bristol. Earlier in the year he and Track were checking out arctic cats in various states. He and Track looked happy at arctic man.

    If true, I wanna know the real extent of this, and how far back it goes in history. These things are typically decade long and involve the most random of people. Kind of makes me wonder where Bill Clinton REALLY gets his funding. If true, this shit is juicier than most of what I've heard about LA OR CHICAGO politics.

  89. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Gryphen, did Shailey get the stuff back that was confiscated?

  90. I don't know why people wouldn't believe this - well, I do: if they aren't at all familiar with the Corrupt Bastards Club, etc. My first thought was 'not so different than Vic Koenig' (hope I have that name right.)

  91. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I have always thought there were sex videos somewhere out there involving the Palins in some weird stuff. Remember lots of Washington conservatives took a cruise up there; were they treated to some loving?

  92. Anonymous4:38 AM

    As a commenter posted earlier, I have NEVER understood how they could support a lifestyle that included multiple real estate holdings, investment partnerships, a failed business or two (debt?), regular travel to Hawaii and the lower 48, several top of the line snow "machines", a airplane and 4/5 children to raise and support. A small town mayor and a fisherman/slope worker cannot possibly earn enough (legally) to support this expensive lifestyle.
    Please oh please oh please let what Sailey is saying be true. Please?

  93. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Family business? Was everyone in on it? Sex trafficking? What Christians these freaks pretend to be. Sickening.

  94. Anonymous4:51 AM


    If this is true, it will demonstrate what I have been saying all along: extremely powerful, scary people have been mixed up with the Palins for a very long time. There are people, in the deep background, who had a vested interest in the Palins being successful and getting to the White House.

    They are people about whom the Palins know very unflattering things (to put it mildly), and so the dance has continued. A stalemate borne of mutually damaging knowledge, and mutual agendas for power.

    Scary, scary, scary.

    It all makes perfect sense. Even if Sarah supposedly had nothing to do with it....yeah, right.

  95. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Sarah Palin: "I mean, Have you seen Todd?!"

    Nope. Not lately.

  96. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Why were the charges dropped? Was there a plea deal? Did Tripp agree to name names in exchange? Or did the prosecutors just decide there was insufficient evidence?

  97. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Is it true that the Palins can't sue bloggers because what they do is considered opinion? I would love to see the Palins pursue Shailey with a libel claim--no offense to her--to see how they would wiggle and writhe their way through this issue. Looked on a couple of other blogs and looks like a lot of people don't think she's telling the truth. I can't see why she would take a chance and lie about something like that, personally, particularly with children to protect and few resources.

    Also, what's going on with Mercede? She has poked her head out again to predict spring and hasn't said a peep since. Did you see the threatening comment in response to her recent post (9:31 am, I think). It sounds a lot like Wholy Mary from LN's blog. It's all so strange and convoluted. Just wish it would all get blown open.

  98. dis Gusted5:02 AM

    Is this partly why so many in authority in Alaska are still covering up for the Palins?


    makes perfect sense. I can only imagine who might be involved as customers.

  99. Anonymous5:04 AM

    All we have to do is ask Todd "Todd have you been pimpin' out men and women?"

  100. Anonymous5:04 AM

    If even remotely true, I'd be concerned with not only the Pros safety but with Todd's and those people as well. Shay may be on the bottom rung but Todd wouldn;t be that much further up and the masterminds of things like this wouldnt stop at nothing to protect themselves.

    There are several discrepencies in Shay's whole story though. Add to that the short story where she basically says she's a liar. Add to that her weird descriptions of AK.

    She claimed people knew about her and Todd. Um, no go. We've all seen that people in Alaskan cant keep secrets and I've heard or seen no evidence of ANY of this.

    If true, you can best believe Todd of all participants is no longer a participant but you can also believe there are still (MORE) powerful masterminds if you will who don't play games.

  101. Anonymous5:05 AM

    No wonder Alaskans "in the know" act like they live under some kind of crime family. They do.

    This definitely puts a new light on their high standard of living.

  102. Anonymous5:06 AM

    If this is true than both Palins are sociopathic. Like Tony Soprano they compartmentalize. He'll, even without this they compartmentalize their despicable calculated behaviors passing themselves off as the Christian patriot American family. Damn while doing so neither Sarah or Todd could be mothered to have their children live in the same city as them. Nor credit people who supervised them. If it wasn't on someone else's money these two would not spend their own money to see their kids.

    These people are sick.

  103. Anonymous5:09 AM

    This also tells me Shailey feels comfortable going forward with what she knows - probably because certain powerful people have asked her/released her to help take the Palins down. (And I would put good money down they are tied to the GOP, who has decided Sarah is not their ticket to the White House.)

    Not to bring it up again, but I think there was some feeling that perhaps Shailey Tripp isn't your run-of-the-mill individual who just got involved because she needed to make extra money.

    I think we have a brilliant woman who has skills far beyond that, and I think she probably has quite a lot of information on a world the rest of us can't even fathom.

    Remember the Profumo scandal in England?

    Something tells me those cruise ships going up to AK might have tales to tell.

  104. It certainly sounds plausible, and wherever men go far from home for work, like mining and logging and the oil slope, there are prostitutes, all through human history and I am sure Alaska is no exception. So it would make sense to offer their services to get deals done. In Houston they go to strip clubs.

    But this news is sort of too good to be true. And I hope she does have back up evidence or no one will believe a prostitute.

  105. Prostitution rings often produce babies....just sayin.....

  106. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Hmm. I've always wondered why people were sooooooo afraid of Sarah. Even after she left office and had no obvious source of power. I don't know if this explains it or not. Maybe we'll find out.

  107. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Sarah do you still stand by your quote after Todd has shared his goodies with several women and ......

    "Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd? I may be just a renegade Hockey Mom, but I'm not blind!"

  108. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Well this explains all that traffic outside the Governor's "House (of ill repute?). Maybe they can rewrite that movie and make it "The Best Little Governor's Whore House in Alaska."

    Makes you reconsider that whole Media Whore handle that Sarah picked up on this last road trip.

    Wonder what they have planned for the White House?

  109. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Okay, this explains why Sarah has been so quiet about Democrat Congressman Weiner's weiner pictures.

    Sarah could see the Todd - prostitute train wreck coming down the track.

    It's all clear now, Sarah has weiner problems of her own at home.

  110. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Does this make the ex first dude of Alaska a madam?

    If Sarah Palin assisted Todd that makes her a madam too.

  111. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Pimps and madams always has to stay connected with their stable. That's explains why Sarah has been working her two blackberries all the time. (jk)

  112. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Stay safe Shailey, and speak the truth!

  113. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Bombshell is an understatement. If true, crossing state line and involving government employees, this is a matter for the FBI. However corrupt Alaskan authorities, the FBI trumps them, can uncover their corruption as well Todd's activities. If true. If Shailey's in danger, the witness protection program might serve.

  114. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Wow. To all the Fundamentalist "Christians" who are reading the Immoral Majority, keep in mind that Sistah Sarah was a "Christian" before and during the time that this stuff went on. In no way did it happen without her knowledge - stupid as she is, these activities were carried on with her knowledge. She simply used her "Christianity" to fool you. hahaha

    Oh, John McCain what did you try to do to us?


  115. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Why do I believe Shailey Tripp you ask?

    It is because Sarah Palin can't keep her mouth shut when it comes to a Democrats messing up. Normally she would be screaming for Congressman Weiner's resignation but she has been very quiet about Weiner because she knows Todd's perverted activities is about to surface.

  116. Who is going to contact Frank for a comment?????? When is Shailey going to give it ALL up???????? Let's get this ball rollin folks...........sound of tapping fingers on desk................

  117. Anonymous5:51 AM

    When Todd and Sarah hears "Madam Palin", who responds?

  118. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Prostitution rings often produce babies....just sayin.....

    Oh my...That's a good point.

  119. Anonymous5:54 AM

    I wonder if Todd gave Levi, Ben and Gino the family discount.

  120. Anonymous5:56 AM

    It would be interesting to see if Creepy Chuckie Heath was Todd's number one client.

  121. Anonymous5:58 AM

    5:23 am 2 blackberries

    I have always wondered why she needed 2; I thought one was personal and the other business maybe.

    Kind of like how she did her emails from work, hiding everything.

  122. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Can't blame Todd for quitting the oil fields. Can't work the oil fields, run the Alaskan government and pimp at the same time.

    Pimping is haaarrrddd work!

  123. Anonymous6:01 AM

    What was that story about planes leaving for Vegas?

  124. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Do you think Todd got into pimping while working at the Alaskan oil fields? Those men have been away from their wives and girlfriends and they need loving too?

  125. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Was Todd renting out the cabins for some happy moments for some rich dudes?

  126. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Franklin Graham delivering cookies you say? Cookies, maybe just girls who were young.

  127. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Breaking - The "Weiner" is going to resign!

  128. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Makes sense now. Check with Chuckie, but back in the day in Idaho, the old madams use to poke their tongues in and out to identify themselves and to drum up business.

    How U Doin' Madam Sarah?

  129. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Why do you people keep talking about Todd and Sarah getting a divorce?

    All Todd has to do is give Sarah her cut of the money and everybody is happy.

    Business is business!

  130. Dinty6:49 AM

    Again, I'm skeptical, especially when it comes to claims made by Shailey. There's a reason the Enquirer dropped this story.

    That said, if women (or men) were brought across state lines, that's a violation of The Mann Act, which the feds take VERY seriously if any of it can be proven.

  131. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn6:52 AM

    While NOTHING this "Christian," "just-like-you" family does seems to make sense, pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place thanks to this post. Namely: two Blackberries, Noodnick of the North never being prosecuted or implicated in any of her or her brood's hijinx, possibly the cabin(s) they never paid property taxes on (easier to keep hidden that way?), the endless stream of expensive toys and vehicles, a stray baby or two...

  132. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Do you think Trig is the love child of Pimp Daddy Todd and one of his stable girls and he talked Sarah into adopting him?

  133. The National Enquirer did NOT drop the story because it was not believable. It was about money, only.

    The Enquirer promised a huge amount of money and then tried to whittle Shailey down later. Her attorneys got involved and the whole thing fell apart. (The guy she was dealing with was a dick.)

    Anyhow the Enquirer has said that any new agency which contacts them concerning Shailey's story will be told that she was 100% trustworthy.

    All they have to do is ask for John South.

  134. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I was wondering how Todd was able to support his hobby of flying in his airplane and riding-competing with his snow machines and then on top of that build a two story house with just a couple buddies.

  135. Anonymous7:01 AM

    leu2500 said...
    I don't know why people wouldn't believe this - well, I do: if they aren't at all familiar with the Corrupt Bastards Club, etc. My first thought was 'not so different than Vic Koenig' (hope I have that name right.)

    4:29 AM


    It's Vic Kohring, and he was found guilty of taking a $4000 bribe and is currently in the process of getting a retrial. He DID NOT solicit prostitutes, if that is what you are insinuating.

  136. Anonymous7:05 AM

    If this is true how can it not be huge in the news?

    Gryph, Are you in touch with Shailey? Does she have good representation? I don't understand why The Enquirer walked away from her story.

  137. Dinty7:06 AM

    Thanks, Gryphen. That clears it up a bit. I hope there's evidence, this is indeed a bombshell.

  138. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Just wondering...Are there any "code words" about this that might be found in Todd's emails??

  139. Well I guess that Todd was a "good provider" after all! Setting up those honey traps to force contracts to be signed- wow! I am kidding because I knew they were involved in some type of organized crime all along. That's why some of us called them the Paleones. It's the only thing that would explain their $$ life style. But since this is the "line" they were in, I must chuckle---- family values candidate indeed! This is so riotously funny-- it would make a great movie script.

    So Sarah- ya wanna teach us about some more American History?
    Have you heard about the half term Alaskan governor who's husband was a pimp?? That's history we can all remember!

  140. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I wonder if it's a good thing for Shailey to be posting about this first on her own, before sending it to the proper media channels to open this up.

  141. Isn't this how a lot of large businesses work? There's always an 'easy', attractive secretary somewhere in the organization who is used to smooth the road and seal the deal?

    Or maybe I'm watching too much Mad Men.

  142. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Unbelievable and shocking that, according to this possibility, SP would continue on her merry little way pretending she's serious about her run for presidential candidate. And she's speaking at more christian woman's groups in the fall.

    How can a functioning human being, with all that baggage, still have the mental capacity to deceive her public that she's a devoted public servant wanting the best for the nation?

  143. Whoa. Todd Palin ran a prostitution ring? Is that the allegation? Wow, that's gonna need some rock solid evidence because that is a huge deal (stating the obvious).

  144. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Does anyone still have the photo of the Palins sitting around looking like a bunch of Neanderthals? they were wearing headgear with antlers.

  145. KatieAnnieOakley7:37 AM

    Need PROOF. Hard-core, verifiable PROOF. Her computers, bookkeeping records and cell phones that are in storage in the APD Evidence room are surely tampered with / damaged beyond repair at this point.

    But if true, and verifiable - fantastic. Just get Palin off the national stage - pronto.

  146. Anonymous7:39 AM

    I can see it now, Friday payday on the North Slope and here comes Todd with his girls.

  147. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Wow. Trig's mother could be any one of the prostitutes Todd hooked up with.

  148. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Breaking - The "Weiner" is going to resign!

    6:22 AM

    Who? Todd? Todd is resigning from pimping for the good of Alaska?

  149. If these allegations are true, then Palin needs to be investigated for her knowledge of Todd Palin's illegal activities. Can she really claim she didn't know what he was up to? Palin says in all her books how he is the only one she trusts and he is her adviser. She also can't really claim that he didn't have any influence in her administration - her emails prove otherwise.

    If Todd Palin's "associates" held any positions in Palin's administration - her political career is over.

    If Weiner can be forced to resign because of sexting - even the MSM can't pretend anymore that Palin has a shred of credibility if she allowed her Pimp Daddy Husband to find "staff" for her administration. And if any of these "staff" is linked to government or military contracts? Then I hope Sarah's got some savings from her grifting for the legal bills.

    No sympathy here. I just want the truth and if this is what pushes Palin off the national stage - GOOD.

  150. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I've always wondered if McCain chose Palin under duress, like had the wild idea that Trig could be McCain's child. Too far-fetched, but maybe Palin got her way by having the goods on others.

  151. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Scarah is going to pretend she knew nothing about this as she was busy running s state, breastfeeding her babies, rasing God fearing kids, writing books, giving speeches, teachin americuns about history, and running for VP.

    Now look what her terrible husband has done to saint scarah after all she has done for him and rill americans... give her your money people, so she can buy a private jet to ease her pain and sufferin!!

  152. What happens in Alaska, stays in Alaska. Or maybe, please Jesus, not so much any more.

    Finally, stuff that starts to make sense about these wacky people. My husband has said for three years, that much fear means the Mafia. Prostitution = Mafia.

  153. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I hope she comes forward with more

    I hope she has all the information and evidence stored in a safe place

    I hope she has had a licensed and credible attorney who has deposed her in case something, god forbid, happens to her

    I hope she doesn't pull a one and done like Mercedes. That one time shot now seems very contrived, like she needed some cash and threw the blog out there to get Snooki to pay up. It has to be hard to juggle when you are paying off so many people who know so many things.

    Keep it coming Shailey, or get yourself a good writer with cred who will tell the whole story.

    Where is Sara? Hiding with Trig and Toad? Awfully quiet when there are so many things to fight back against. Paul Revere, falling poll numbers, Michelle jumping your shark, the "no thanks" from Maggie, and now Shailey back in action. Whew.....

  154. Anonymous8:13 AM

    oh, if this is anywhere close to the truth it will make weinergate seem like a pre-school event. worried yet sara?

  155. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Typical family conversation.

    Todd: Sarah I'm going to see one of my prostitutes.

    Sarah: Okay Todd, don't forget to wear your rubber.

    Todd: Ummm, you should of told me that 3 weeks ago. What do you think of the name Trig for a baby?


    Bristol: Mom I'll be back. I'm going to Levi's house.

    Sarah: Okay Bristol, don't forget to tell Levi to wear his rubber.

    Bristol: Ummm, mom you should of told me that 3 weeks ago. Mom what do you think of the name Tripp for a baby?


    Track: Mom I'll be back. I'm going to Britta's house.

    Sarah: Okay Track, don't forget to wear your rubber.

    Track: Ummm, mom you should of told me that 3 weeks ago.


    Sarah: Mom I'll be back. I'm going to Todd's house.

    Sally Heath: Okay Sarah, don't forget to tell Todd to wear his rubber.

    Sarah: Ummm, mom you should of told me that 3 weeks ago. Mom what do you think of the name Track for a baby?


    Sally: Mom I'll be back. I'm going to Creepy Chuckie Heath's house.

    Sally's mom: Okay Sally, don't forget to tell Creepie Chuckie to wear his rubber.

    Sally: Ummm, mom you should of told me that 3 weeks ago.


    Willow: Mom I'll be back. I'm going to my boy friend's house.

    Sarah: Noooooooo....

    Willow: Ummm, mom you should of told me that 3 weeks ago.

  156. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Gryphen, I would have thought this thread would have been bombarded by Sarah's loyal worshippers by now. I find their silence on this latest development, deafening.

  157. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I've been trying to figure out why so many people are afraid of Sara, this revelation could be the tip of the iceberg for what they know and will tell if people push too hard. Parnell listening and sweating yet? Ivy? Others?

    The money, or lack of reporting it may be her biggest problem. If Shailey has anything proving Toad got paid off then he and the little woman have some splainin to do

  158. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I'd love to believe Tripp's story but the fact she passed polygraph tests only indicates that she believes what she's saying is true (or that she's a pathological liar, or that she's familiar with how to cheat). It doesn't prove her story is true.

    The evidence? What evidence? Emails can easily be faked. After all, Tripp considers herself a writer, right? Court records? Of what? Her testimony?

    OK, the above is my reaction, and I hate Palin and believe she and Todd hoaxed the Trig "pregnancy." That belief is based on studying all the evidence presented here, on Palin Deceptions, Palingates, Laura Novak's blog, etc... examinations of documented timelines, photos, videos, expert opinion of same.

    I can't take Tripp seriously as a threat to the Palins until she produces something a whole lot more tangible than she has thus far.

    That said, I certainly hope she can and does, but I'm not holding my breath.

  159. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Seems like they have lived beyond their means, inexplicably, for years.

    Yet Sarah wanted to nickel and dime the government on everything she could claim in terms of family expenses, etc.

  160. Anonymous8:55 AM

    @8:38 - please don't hold your breath, unless you're under water. You're welcome.

  161. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Remember when members of the national GOP started saying in 2009 that Palin would't run because of things that were going to be revealed down the line? I think this is it.

  162. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Anon@438: AMEN to that! All of the toys, houses, properties, etc that were in evidence, even before Palin was governor?! I know what my husband and I make, and what toys our family has. Even allowing for the fact that the Palin clan clearly never worried about college savings, there is no way the financial picture added up. Could the rush to unload the lowly governor gig & chase big bucks have been motivated in part to replace an income stream that got lost when the Palins were under public scrutiny?

  163. Oh- I forgot to add this to my comment above:

    So, now, old Todd being the shadow governor takes on a whole new meaning doesn't it!?! Ha ha, he really had his hand on the pulse of things up there!! No wonder he was privy to most of the e-mails. No wonder Chuck Health said that Sarah doesn't make the decisions-- oh how the plot thickens!

    Ya can't make this stuff up!

  164. Anonymous9:19 AM

    If Shailey can back up her claims, this will make the most recent political / legal scandals
    like the one involving John Edwards ,
    look like child's play.
    I've always felt something was " off " about Todd.
    Is this why Todd suddenly disappeared
    from the bus tour ?
    Could orange jumpsuits be in their future ?
    Will Sarah wear her cross or her Star of David for her mug shot ?
    Shailey better have all her documentation held in a
    safe place ,
    hopefully with her lawyer.
    Will they have to rename her documentary
    " Beating Feet "
    as the Palins try
    and outrun the scandal ?
    How long can the lamestream media ignore this ?
    Since Alaskan politics appears to be a
    nest of corruption,
    an outside independent counsel
    must be appointed to investigate these very serious allegations.

  165. emrysa9:20 AM

    wow gryphen just read her post. this is some serious shit!!

    I am curious if you ever heard anything about this prior to talking to shailey? just wondering if the rumors where there before the bust.

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I hope you keep on this story!

    I tend to believe her even tho she has flaked out at her blog from time to time. Sounds like she has a rough life.

  168. emrysa9:29 AM

    yeah and I'm gonna say it - is this where brisdulls babies came from? was the pimp and quitter offering up their underage daughter for the pervs?

  169. Anonymous9:31 AM


    Just remember if emails can be faked what credibility do we give the emails the state of Alaska, loaded with friends of Palin, took three years to go over and only provided paper copies? I know that electronic copies have time stamps underneath so if you change the date on the email there is a time stamp showing when it was really created. Of course you can go back and forge about anything but still, the paper emails are really pretty easily faked. I wonder if Frank is looking at these and trying to see if the dates and content match up?

  170. OK, 7:01. Who then was the sleazeball up on the slope who ran thru mistresses up there & created at least an atmosphere of sexual harrassment that Celtic diva wrote about? She took her website down so I can't look it up. But vk was the name I remember & iirc part of what cd was upset about was how lightly he got off.

  171. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Well, I guess this at least partly explains how the Palins could afford that big house on the lake with the 'misappropriated' glass windows/handrails, etc from the sports arena, as well as two 'cabins', snowmobiles out the wazoo, a small air/seaplane (or two?)and all the other stuff on the measly salary of a small-town mayor...

  172. Sorry, 7:01. Seems I meant bill Allen/veco. Sooo sorry that I implied Vic kohring had anything to do with prostitution; it's so hard for a lower 48er to keep all the corrupt ak people straight. But I see that Influence peddling was more vk's thing per wikipedia. But maybe that retrial will clear his name. Btw, how's the weather in wasilla?

  173. Anonymous9:51 AM


    I remember from the days of Watergate there was a term used - "limited hangout" which meant to them that you let some less than flattering information come forward, sacrificing it so to speak, take the heat for it, get a buzz and then a collective yawn as new revelations about other issues came forward. I admire Frank for coming forward and writing what he did. The book was quite revealing but really didn't contain any information that would put Sara at risk. It stirred up the bots, probably got some more cash donations and Frank gets to look like a repentant hero. Then again, by his own admission, he held back a number of things or played a guessing game of not actually saying things. And it's obvious he is still enchanted by her.

    Now Shailey has dropped a bomb. Is it true or false? Time will tell. Will she run for cover like Mercedes? Time will tell.

    BUT, if these allegations are true then it's unlikely Frank was clueless. And it makes you wonder just how deep the rot goes with these people.

    Shailey alludes even the APD and FBI are aware of this information and are not apparently acting on it. Can the rot go as far as the FBI and Federal Justice Department? Wasn't there a rumor the DOJ was in Anchorage a couple of weeks ago? Do Sara and her backers have so much clout they can get to the highest levels of government? If that's the case then Sara may turn out to be a small to medium size fish in all this. Should Parnell and all of Sara's appointed officials in AK government be worried now? Are the emails they offered real or fake? Are the withheld emails proof of some of Shailey's allegations? Will her bombshell embolden someone to come back hard and fast against Parnell and state of AK to release all emails, from all accounts (six now?) pertaining to Sara's rise to power, governorship and resignation? One can hope.

  174. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I've never forgotten Austan Goolsbee, Obamba's economic adviser, joking about Palin and thinking at the time...someone knows something.

    "There's a lot of governors..." Goolsbee mused. "There's obviously Sarah Palin (wingnut) from Alaska, who's the former Governor (quitter) and you just cannot rule out that by 2012 (there may be a warrant for her arrest)...That she will be the nominee."

  175. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Be very careful, Shailey. Don't let happen to you what happened to David Vitter's (and a whole slew of other Republican politicians)DC Madam. She died in a very weird situation - I can't even remember what it was now but many people knew she was getting ready to come out with a lot of dirt on people with power. I will pray that you are safe Shailey and that you tell all you know about Todd and Sarah. Those two are just evil incarnate. I am so naive - I just never knew people could be so mean.

  176. Anonymous10:41 AM

    In one of Palin's e-mails (, Sarah implies that a critic of hers is a pedophile. "What else is new", I thought at first. What seemed odd to me is that (to the best of my knowledge) he was never publicly accused of being a pedophile.

    Now I'm wondering if she had information on him that she couldn't use because it would lead back to Todd.

    I'm also wondering how far back Todd's involvement in this prostitution ring goes. Was he involved while he was a member of the AIP? Are the Alaska militias benefiting from his services?

  177. Anonymous10:47 AM


    Are the bots quiet for the most part or are you sparing our eyes?

    Amazingly quiet here, Shailey's blog, Progressive and Regina's.

    This isn't something they can rewrite. Does Sara's attorney have a muzzle on her, hid the blackberry's and taped her hands into a pair of moose mittens?

    I'd got to the Sea of Pee but I'm guessing that and her FB are being scrubbed at each entry

    Keep at it

  178. honeybabe10:59 AM

    i'm so grateful this information has come out. i am still waiting for documentation of all these nefarious dealings. someone has records, information, knowledge and i pray it all comes to light. it will sooner or later.

  179. Anonymous11:04 AM

    So is the bus tour over ? Because I heard it was going to start up again and go to Iowa and other states...
    End of June and July......

    I still do not put it past Sarah to try to run because she truly believes her prayer warriors will keep her safe.

    If her prayer warriors knew the truth about all of this, would they still protect her? I wonder.

  180. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I always thought it was interesting that the APD and Palin both denied that Todd was involved in a "prostitution ring" when all the rumors were just about him frequenting a prostitute not about prostitution ring or about him basically being a pimp. It sounds like they told on themselves.

    Maybe this was the secret to her success in AK at one time. I think if tapes were made of the encounters, the whole ring was a way of blackmailing people to get what she wanted. She didn't actually have the brains or skill to be a politician, but she did have the talent of threats, manipulation, blackmailing and getting away with all kinds of things.

    I can also see the Frank Bailey connection since he was the "hatchet man". He could have been the middle man in blackmailing these folks. That way Todd & Sarah's hands were clean. This may also explain why she wanted all the private yahoo accounts. To handle these backroom (or bedroom)deals.

  181. hedgewytch11:24 AM

    @ Leu2500 - That was my first thought as well.

    IF these allegations are true, these activities Tripp outlines could very well be what Allen's little ring of girls was all about. Steven's could very well have been either involved, or knew about it.

    It makes me wonder all over again about how Steven's case was handled and the decision by the Feds to not pursue further charges towards Allen along these lines.

  182. Anonymous11:33 AM

    So far, you've twice announced that Shailey has some big news which will credibly show Todd was involved. So far, we've seen none of it. Maybe instead of crowing about all the knowledge you have you could wait until you (or Shailey) actually have something to share.

    The woman who was trying to sell emails on eBay for $500 a pop is now supposed to be believed when she says she has more information.

    Let's assume what you're saying is correct for a minute. Why can't she release this information NOW? Or else when do you predict this will come out? Let me guess, this is another "I'll let you in on my top secret information when it's already been released to others."

  183. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Todd held a slope 'job' for many years. Many high ranking players worldwide are involved with the North Slope oil fields. Hints of prostitution in the oil patch are rampant.

    Connect the dots and follow the money.

  184. Anonymous12:03 PM

    The connection between prostitution, "honey traps" and politicians is as old as time. Recent honey traps include Chandra Levy (things didn't end well for her) and Monica Lewinksy. If hope if Shailey Tripp has access to similar levels of information about how this stuff works that she is in a safe, secure location, with people to protect her, and that she is lawyered up to the hilt because these stories don't break in the mainstream usually without a world of hurt. Then the angle of "cruise ships" and prostitutes, frequently sex slaves whose identification and passports have been stolen from them, is another important angle. A lot of info about this started to surface during the Natalee Holloway saga since she was most likely a prized blonde potential sex slave. Whether she's still alive and suffering as a sex slave, transported from one place to another as so many of these people are, or she's dead, she was most likely kidnapped and forced into that type of life - or she fought back and paid the ultimate price.

    These stories are REALLY important and it's frustrating that nobody seems to care about them. Since there is usually a connection between law enforcement and politics and "alphabet soup" type agencies people who whistleblow have a lot of problems telling these stories. The DC Madam told reporters for years that she did not intend to commit suicide and she wanted to expose the names in her little black book -- and she explicitly said that if it was discovered that she "committed suicide" that that would be a lie and a sign that she had been silenced. And then a year or so later she was mysteriously dead of "suicide."

    Interestingly enough, the "family values" characters seem to have a huge part in this ongoing international drama - as do many in the clergy and priesthood.

  185. Anonymous12:24 PM

    OMG, how do you make this go viral?! Forget Babygate (for a moment because that sh*t needs to be exposed and Trig saved from those monsters), because nothing brings down a Republican faster than a sex scandal. Shailey, forget the money for now, you will get loads for the book you can write about in the future. Just go straight to the NE and expose these b*tches once and for all!!!

  186. Wow. I hope she has effective security and a really good lawyer.

  187. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Anonymous said...
    So is the bus tour over ? Because I heard it was going to start up again and go to Iowa and other states...
    End of June and July......

    I still do not put it past Sarah to try to run because she truly believes her prayer warriors will keep her safe.

    If her prayer warriors knew the truth about all of this, would they still protect her? I wonder.

    11:04 AM

    The prayer warriors are protecting Sarah from the outsiders. The prayer warriors overlooked protecting Sarah from "The Enemy Within". We know them as Sarah and her family.

    They overlooked Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and especially Todd and the devil within Sarah.

  188. Jeanabella1:13 PM

    Sarah hasn't tweeted since June 10, except for 1 she sent out from someone else.
    She must have another twitter account or two since she has/had at least 6 email accounts, and since she can't shut up. Unless this story with Sailey has the s..t hitting the fan.

  189. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Todd and Sarah's new RV and bus can be used for family vacation of two and when the vacation is over Todd can use it for his business.

    Traveling brothel, bordello, cathouse, whorehouse, sporting house, gentleman's club, house of ill repute, house of prostitution, bawdy house, etc.

  190. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Todd held a slope 'job' for many years. Many high ranking players worldwide are involved with the North Slope oil fields. Hints of prostitution in the oil patch are rampant.

    Connect the dots and follow the money.

    11:37 AM

    When you are in the prostitution business, people owe you. I wonder if it was Todd who got Levi a job on the slope without a high school diploma? To work on the slope apprenticeship training program you need a HS diploma.

    Did Todd call in a favor from one of his johns?

  191. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I just goggled "sex trafficking alaska" and tons of recent articles came up about it. One even stated that native girls in
    Anchorage are lured by men driving Cadillac Escalades! Read some of the articles. Very eye opening and informative. Shailly could be right on! Sheeesh!

  192. Anonymous1:29 PM

    There was a criminal gang recruiting girls from rural villages
    promising great jobs, big money &
    it turned out they forced them into prostitution. The girls, kids really, had no money, no one to turn to & had to rely on these creeps just to survive. ADN had stories on it & some of the rats were caught. Only, SOME
    were caught.

    Sharon TN

  193. Anon at 12.03.

    You are so right. Guerilla News Network had some very hard hitting stuff about the DC madam - but then, GNN was abruptly closed down.

    There is, as you say, a strong nexus between privileged male authority figures, police corruption and the sex trade. Anyone who talks about this puts their life on the line.

    One example - from far off Australia - is that of Shirley Brifman. She was a sex worker and brothel owner, who in 1972 began giving media interviews about corruption and police involvement in prostitution rings. She was found dead shortly before she was due to give evidence in court. As the Australian Dictionary of Biography blandly states: "Her death was treated as suicide and, at the request of the Queensland police, no coroner's inquest was held."

  194. Anonymous2:32 PM

    come on FBI! WTF?! I wonder if this is related in any way to all of those "homeless" Native men showing up dead in Anchorage? One woman too! Homicide... Did someone spiked their bottles b/c of what they knew?!

    Never have heard of any conclusions!
    Anyone got any info?!

  195. Anonymous2:35 PM

    THE ONLY WAY to have supposedly "overthrown" the Corrupt Bastards Club in AK is to have MAJOR DIRT on them. This makes SO MUCH sense now. The Palins act like nothing will touch them; Teflon! Why Scarah thought she was going to get handed Lisa's Senate seat, all the 'gates', not having to debate or talk to the media or release your medical records, etc...

    Now we know WHY!

  196. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Best of luck to her.

    Shailey please be very careful. I would put nothing past the Palin or Todd's "buddies."

  197. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Todd and Sarah are pimps. (Of course she knows.)

    Now we know why Sarah is so hung up on her daughters being raped. Look at who their mom and dad hang out with.

    Also goes a long way to explaining why their kids have no morals or ethics.

    And to explaining why so many are afraid to talk, if they are facing the wrath not just of Medusa of the Bumpit but of a prostitution crime syndicate.


    And Hee, hee also too.

  198. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Was Sarah was the Governor....when her husband was securing prostitutes to seal gov deals....?
    9:46 PM

    Helps explain why she/they wanted to stay in Wasilla if that was headquarters for the pimping?

    SNL where are you? Sarah procuring and men and women in the arts of prostitution out of the governor's mansion. "The Best Little Whorehouses in ...?

    Where were the three daughters while the "training" uh, "grooming" was going on.

    Is this why they needed three then four houses?


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