Friday, July 01, 2011

Like mother, like daughter. Only not! Updated!

Here is a composite showing Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol both at 32 weeks pregnant.

As you can see Bristol is glowing with pride and seemingly bursting with the joy of impending childbirth.

As for, is she really supposed to be 32 weeks pregnant there?

Yep, she sure is! (As a matter of fact eighteen days from the day that picture was taken she would "give birth," albeit a month or so early, to her fifth child.

Hmmm, well something is just not right here. Perhaps I am wrong about how far along Bristol is in that picture.  Let''s check. (Just hit the "click to look inside" icon at the top of Bristol's book to investigate for yourself.)

Nope, according to Bristol's very own book, that is definitely her at 32 weeks.

So here we have a teen mom, pregnant with her very first baby (Actually the jury is still out on that one.), looking at least twice as pregnant as her mother, who is supposedly just as far along with her FIFTH child.

Now I am just a guy, which renders me biologically predisposed to be completely ignorant about "girl stuff," but from what I understand women simply do NOT get smaller with each pregnancy.  In fact they tend to get much larger, much faster.

So seeing this comparison shot of Bristol and her mother side by side, certainly adds even more evidence to support the premise that Sarah Palin faked her last pregnancy, and is NOT the biological mother of Trig Paxson Van Palin.

Anybody care to disagree? And if so, please elaborate on your reasoning, because I am DYING to hear what you have left in your arsenal that could be used to defend this woman's version of events.

Update: Since so many people are asking for it, here is the picture of an obviously pregnant Sarah Palin during either her first or second pregnancy.

There is no date on this picture so there is no telling how far along Palin is, but I would venture to guess she is in her eighth or ninth month of pregnancy.
However she certainly did not get that big in just a handful of weeks like she claims she did in her last "pregnancy." And her belly in this photo looks VERY similar to the one that Bristol is sporting in the composite up above.

Don'tcha think?


  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    How about a side by side of this Bristol and the RNC Bristol? I think her boobs got smaller. That's bizarre, too.

  2. The answer is simple, Gryphen. Bristol did not inherit Sarah's "tight abs.". Poor thing, her abs aren't even tight when she's not pregnant, as we saw on DWTS. /snark/

  3. Anonymous5:09 AM

    "As you can see Bristol is glowing with pride and seemingly bursting with the joy of impending childbirth."

    Bristol is glowing with pride because that lump she has her hands around is worth it's weight in gold.

    That there lump in her belly is going to get her a house and new vehicles.

    That there lump in her belly is going to get her a ton of money speaking about a word she cannot stand "ABSTINENCE".

  4. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Can anybody name a person who made a career from being a hoe?

  5. Would love to see the picture of Bristol in gray dress at RNC juxtaposed with this Bristol pic.

    Perhaps the sofa bolster was not the result of towels but just Bristol being poured into a dress that was way too small at the top.

    I'm still inclined to think she was wearing an empathy boobs/belly ensemble to look at least 5 mos.

  6. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:18 AM

    Now THAT is a striking comparison, more than most up to this point. I'm surprised that The Handlers let Brissie's photo get published knowing that there are so many of us "Trig Truthers" out here. Like mother, like daughter--oh, whoops!

    Of course The Faithful will get their comment marching orders in 3...2...1 as follows:
    1. Sarah is slimmer than Bristol, so she didn't show as much.
    2. How do we KNOW that this photo of Bristol was taken at 32 weeks? The book's editor was mistaken.
    3. It was the camera angle, stupid!
    4. Sarah was wearing black, and Bristol was wearing white. We all know how slimming black is.
    5. Didn't you know? Sarah carried her fetus in her purse.
    6. You're just jealous!

    Wait for it ;-)

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      I don't subscribe to either thought. I do know that Mom has shoulders hunched forward, a jacket on, and there's no reference of surroindings/height/level of hunch... daughter is also leaning WAYYY back to accentuate the belly. I don't think that this particular set of pics makes your case very well.

  7. Perhaps Bristol does not have "tight abs".

  8. Anonymous5:26 AM

    There are only 2 answers..
    1- Sarah faked her pregnancy to cover for someone, Bristol, Willow or Todd because of the embarrassment it would bring to HER. Remember Sarah covers up a lot of embarrassing things in her family.
    2-Sarah was pregnant and hid that fact from her family because she didn't want the baby to make it! If she was REALLY pregnant and WANTED Trig she would have been shouting it from Mt. McKinley, she's a narcissist and would have loved the attention it would have gotten her.

  9. Virginia Voter5:27 AM

    He, he...I am waiting for the Fairy Tale Trolls to explain this away.

    Since we've been rehashing this for close to three years now...over three for those of you in Alaska, I won't go through all the reasons why Sarah's Trig pregnancy and birth story defies basic human reproductive biology...been there done that. But, I will say I think it is hilarious that Sarah is so completely lacking in self awareness that she didn't even bother to look pregnant AT ALL, until the a week before she "gave birth".

    I mean really, she just threw on coats, jackets, and scarves, and said she was pregnant....AND PEOPLE BELIEVED IT. Brilliant really. I wish I could have Sarah's brain for a day, and just walk around with the belief that whatever I say or do, is fact, because I said so, and everyone will fall in line, and pay me gobs of money to listen to my rantings.

    Sarah is completely delusional.

  10. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Sarah Palin is a sociopath. She is mentally unstable.

    But, maybe the Bristol photo was photo-shopped. The "evidence" is still circumstantial (but nearly insurmontable nonetheless).

  11. Anonymous5:28 AM


    Bristol goes to a book signing and has more security personnel watching over her than the people who bought her book.

    Bristol then leaves the event encircled by her private and city police escorts only to leave her baby Tripp behind with his fragile elderly nanny to fend for themselves amongst all those Bristol fans. The poor elderly nanny had to struggle to catch up with Bristol's entourage and they barely made it to the elevator.

    That’s like Bristol going to the bank and withdrawing ½ million dollars and walking out of the bank and leaving the money bag on the floor. F-king ignorant hill billy, you give them a bag of money and they leave it behind.

    Damn! Doesn’t that uneducated billy know that she is nothing without her son “Cha Ching”.

  12. I must say that Bristol looked very pretty in that picture. Now, she looks like a Kardashian/Snookie wannabe. Sad. Sarah manufactured a pregnancy and ruined what was left of her family for her obsession. A good mother would not have gone after the VP nod or accepted it, if she really cared about her family. She wanted it all and she was willing to sacrifice her children and an innocent child with Down Syndrome to get attention. She makes Medea look good by comparison.

  13. Anonymous5:31 AM

    People said they saw Tripp at the book signing event in a stroller sucking on a pacifier.

    Some say the pacifier smelled like wine coolers.

    Just kidding, it was Bristol who smelled like the refreshing beverage.

  14. Virginia Voter5:32 AM

    Another "only not", is that Bristol is still toting her little money maker around on the grifting circuit, but Sarah doesn't anymore.

    I guess we won't be seeing much of poor little Trigger now that he has outgrown his usefulness as a prop. I hope he's getting the love and care he needs from someone, because as far as I can tell, both his "parents" have been out grifting without him all summer. Sad

  15. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Just because you are a man, that doesn't mean your eyesight is bad Gryph :)
    But you did make an error in your article somewhat.
    You really, really need to stress that thsi fake pregnancy, was Granny Lulu's SEVENTH pregnancy, remember she whited out those 2.

  16. Anonymous5:36 AM

    The best line I ever heard about subsequent pregnancies is that once you blow up the balloon the first time, it's a whole lot easier to blow it up after that.

  17. Anonymous5:40 AM

    "Anybody care to disagree? And if so, please elaborate on your reasoning, because I am DYING to hear what you have left in your arsenal that could be used to defend this woman's version of events."
    Nobody wants you to die but you should consider getting a life instead of staring at pictures of pregnant women.

  18. Anonymous5:48 AM

    How do we know Bristol ever gave birth to any baby? Are there hospital records or birth announcements anywhere? All we ever see is new babies in peoples arms.
    Are there any pictures of Bristol or family in a hospital when Tripp was born?

  19. Anonymous5:55 AM

    For someone who "wanted to save herself for marriage" and had her virginity stolen, Bristles looks happy, doesn't she?

  20. Anonymous5:56 AM

    The picture of the pregnant girl on the right... the one who claimed her hockey loving assailant got her drunk and raped her.... stoled her virginity… ripped her virginity right from under her!

    I would of imagined that the pregnant girl Bristol Palin would of been terribly upset at her hockey playing attacker.

    I'm puzzled, it does not make sense to me... why in the world would this innocent virgin girl in white who was raped and impregnated by the unruly hockey playing goon would celebrate her assault by holding a hockey puck over her pregnant belly?

    If it was me, I would have nothing near my belly… near my baby to remind me of that awful night my childhood innocence was stolen from me.

    Wouldn’t you agree with me Sarah and Todd?

    Why is your underage innocent daughter gleaming with pride?

  21. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Mommy, that elderly lady standing over there with the itty bitty titties and the square stomach, what is she smiling at?

  22. Warrior896:04 AM

    Is that a HOCKEY PUCK on her stomach?????

  23. Virginia Voter6:04 AM

    5:40...staring at pictures of pregnant WOMEN???

    Seems to me, only one of them is really pregnant, and it ain't Grandma Grizzly.

    Silly bots, always with the name calling, and telling people to get a life. Sounds just like Willow and Bristol on Facebook . Next up, the Obama rant trolls.

  24. ManxMamma6:05 AM

    What a pretty girl she used to be. The picture of her pregnant is beautiful. It's criminal that she'd been allowed to disfigure herself so badly.

    Slight o/t the credits in her book are ridiculous. I think she named everybody she ever met. It led me to look up the derm. she worked for. He doesn't get rave reviews and in fact some questioned whether he was a drug user or alcoholic.

  25. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Anon 5:40 AM--Is that it? Your defense is "You guys are losers for looking at pictures of pregnant women"? That's all you've got? No really -- is this the only talking point that was given on this particular issue? Wow. How lame.

    You realize, don't you, that this could all be resolved if someone, anyone, some caring friend, aunt, child, frustrated ally of Sarah Palin--or god forbid, she herself or her husband Todd--released any proof whatsoever. This needn't be DNA evidence or even a birth certificate. It could be a photo of Sarah with a newborn baby while she is sitting in her hospital bed (I'm pretty sure every birth mother in America can produce one of those); appointment cards for her prenatal appointments or online appointment reminders; any medical record showing the date of the supposed amniocentesis (which never would have been performed at 12 weeks, btw). .... Any number of things. Any. Thing.
    Bring that talking point back to the mother ship why dontcha?

  26. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Not only does Bristol look more pregnant than mom, Mom doesn't even look pregnant in comparison - just like she has a substantial middriff. The shape of the two women's torsos just aren't the same.

  27. Anonymous6:11 AM

    To answer the question: Can anybody name a person who made a career from being a hoe?

    A hoe makes a career from being a hoe. That's what a hoe is. A whore. Or, more precisely, someone who sucks dick for money.

    (Hi Sarah.)

  28. Anonymous6:14 AM

    "you should consider getting a life instead of staring at pictures of pregnant women"

    Ah, so it's come to this, has it?
    That's your best response to some pretty plain evidence that GrannyP is a liar?

    She took your 'bot asses for a ride, and you paid her for the privilege.

  29. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Where is Tri-G? Is he safe? Why have we not seen him? There's a missing baby here and Sarah doesn't seem to care about him. What did you do to Tri-G Sarah?

  30. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Flying monkeys are too busy right now to rebut this issue. The ones left are very upset that opinions of the idol they worship are going internationally now more than ever. It is no longer "when" Sarah is going down. She IS going down right before our very eyes albeit in slow motion and I'm loving watching every single minute of the melt-down. Yes! The river called De Nile runs very deep. I predict reading articles/blogs in the future of former worshipers and their recovery process.

    Oh the inhumanity of it all! You can watch the melt down today going on right now here:

    "Sarah Palin plummets into a food-fuelled depression and binges on deep-fried moose-bars for the next four years. Though still trumpeting her credentials as a "reformer" and having garnered fractionally more executive experience by serving out her term as Alaska's governor, the former conservative pin-up now weighs 26 stone. Just how viable a presidential candidate is our gravity-challenged ex-beauty queen now?"


    "Rabid fans at Palin rallies were predominantly male, and unabashedly lascivious. Wearing campaign buttons reading "Hot Chick!", many cheerfully admitted to journalists that they mainly came to ogle. It is hard to imagine these same drooling groupies cheering our roly-poly, post-moose-bar poster-girl in 2012. "

  31. Since this is a post about Bristol, I thought I'd add my two cents on other comments to the previous Bristol post with MOA video (which has over 100 comments so far).

    Commenters who assessed the sexual orientation of the boyfans in the video made me uncomfortable. They're teenage boys who may appear effeminate, but that may be because they're so young. How many adults would like to be judged on their teenage whimsies?

    If you'd like to continue your assessment on an adult, I recommend taking a look at James Urbaniak's evaluation (with video) of Michelle Bachman's husband.

    Palin may not be the only female GOP presidential candidate/potential candidate who may be sorry they entered/may enter the POTUS race.

  32. Anonymous6:25 AM

    The best the fairybots can do is "get a life"? Hahahahaha! I love that they have NO explanation for this picture. We all know sarah faked her tri-g "pregnancy". The truth is coming and gryphen will be the reason for it. More humiliation for the palins thanks to gryphen. Good job G. keep up the excellent work!

  33. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Bristol was so pretty. The psychological issues that compelled her to disfigure her face will not be leaving that child anytime soon. How sad is that?
    Sarah has some tight abs baby! Easiest & shortest pregnancy ever! She's nuts and so are the members of the media who have ignored this obvious hoax. How about a bombshell 4th of July surprise for Sarah?

  34. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I think she faked the pregnancy too.

    But, if she had been pregnant with a high-risk special needs baby - I still think it speaks of highly selfish and irresponsible behavior to continue to take out of state speaking gigs far away from her doctor of record.

    And to wake up in the middle of the night with a strange sensation and not immediately go to a doctor, any of 'em, all of 'em in her immediate radius? Bullshit. No caring prenatal mother would put their baby in such danger like that. She just had to build that cervix of steel bullshit frontier woman narrative in order to make her 'bold' and heroic, which her actions those few days was anything but.

    No matter what the scenario, Sarah Palin demonstrates fully that she is unfit to lead and is an unfit mother to boot.

  35. Anonymous6:31 AM

    In light of her breathy new interview of a 'mature' Bristol where she hates the word abstinence, I think Candies better fire her pronto. They are all idiots.

  36. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I am a professional biologist and I'd like to call bs on this whole "tight abs" line of thought. Think for a minute about what SP is suggesting. She claims that "tight abs" kept her from showing, meaning the baby didn't stick out in front as much as with other women. That means that the baby was stuffed inside her body more and that is just biologically impossible. Sure, organs move around during pregnancy, but "tight abs" don't just hold a baby in, moving all the other organs around that much. Picture a small baby fully inside Sarah's body due to her "tight abs" and you see the folly in the argument. The baby's head would be somewhere up by her throat and that is just physically impossible. I am so tired of this "tight abs" story not be debunked in 2 seconds by any knowledgeable physician.

  37. Anonymous6:36 AM

    This is a lovely photo of Bristol. I have thought she is a pretty young woman. I also thought she might be pregnant during DWTS due to apparent weight gain in the belly during a fat busting aerobic rehearsal schedule and her statements desiring weight loss.

    I use the analogy of the movie The Wedding Crashers for SP's claimed last pregnancy. Just insist and act out a lie is truth and people will doubt themselves due to how outrageous it is.

    My own mother not only "starved" herself but told me how she did not want me born therefore she did what she could in vein to...I not live. So women have done such things in history. Sick one's tell the child.

    I am fed up with the sick lies Palin paints everyone but her die hard base as wanting Trig murdered/aborted blah blah. In my heart I truly believe Palin did not want an imperfect infant and it was she who did not want the boy she lies she gave birth to. This delusions shouted or projection incites people and those fooled leap to defend a dysfunctional mentally unstable Palin.

  38. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Bristol is smiling in that professional portrait of a teenager getting what she wants, a baby before graduating, a shot-gun wedding and think of all the free stuff people will send her and whatnot.

    And that is what happened (except the wedding) - to this day she continues to live off of loads and loads of unreported gifts, cash and other donations that help that poor single unwed teen mother out.

    Bristol actively tried to get pregnant - lord knows how many times. Who on earth takes a pregnancy test 8 times over?

  39. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Look at that fresh faced all American girl, pregnant at 17! This is her school portrait with a baby in her belly and she's holding her daddy baby hockey puck on her belly. All Wasillan.

    Fast forward to untold riches, fame and a jaw realignment, and she looks like a middle-aged smoked and boozed out fag hag.

  40. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Notice how Sarah is slumped forward (she has terrible posture). Bristol has an arched back. Pregnant women don't slump forward... it will throw you off blance. At that stage of pregnancy a woman will even lean back to sit down.


  41. Yep, knocked up by the gnat who stole her virginity.
    Is that even possible?

  42. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Where oh where are all Sarah's defenders...........licking their wounds, that's where.

  43. Gee thanks Bristol.

    Is is just me or does B look younger here than she did at the RNC? Thinner face?

  44. Anonymous6:51 AM

    That is a hockey puck over the fetus! That blows the narrative of Levi is a monster and I had to do 'it' to control him as if sexual desires, touching are evil in contrast to faux purity.

    It is amazing the Palins go out in public with full time babysitters or nannies then whine spinning lying fiction how they struggle and do it all alone. The lies, distortion, bullshit is pathalogical. Truth is not a value in that family.

  45. SusieQ6:55 AM

    Yep, Michele Bachmann's husband is going to be the talk of the town for a while. The gay-curing, Medicaid grubbing mess that he is.

    $1370,000 per year for "quality Christian counseling" at his clinic.

    Dear God in heaven, people go without medical care as Michele doesn't want her fellow Americans to have affordable insurance (see her Tea Party rants on health care reform) and her husband is sucking off the government teat.

    I hate to say it, this could give Klondike Kitty a boost.

  46. Nancy In New York6:58 AM

    I'll help you out Gryph.

    Tight Ab Granny is merely showing the world what a real Amerikun pregnancy looks like. You know the sexless kind that you have to fake to cover for your wine cooler loving daughter who is about to inconveniently give birth at the very moment that old ginned up on Viagra Gramps McCain is vetting you via an 8 x 10 glossy and google search so you can be his almost president and future Oval Office bedazzler resulting in a magical five day pregnancy.

    You betcha!

  47. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Time to screen print t-shirts..."FREE TRIG?" or "WHERE IS TRIG?"

  48. Anonymous7:00 AM

    @Molly, that was my first thought too. She looked thinner than at the RNC.

  49. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Hockey puck? He SHOOTS! He SCORES!!! Sorry, but it is too funny not to say and she is the one who put it there. ;)

  50. imnofred7:02 AM


    This is O/T, but is there anything new on hookergate?? It would be a shame if this were to go by the wayside.

  51. Sweet anny7:02 AM

    Bristol is a pretty, smiling, glowing pregger. Didn't last.

    Sarah is a grimacing, lying, deceiving grifter. Will be forever.

    I agree with those who say it isn't fun or funny anymore.

    Can you imagine what it must be like for those caught up in it?

    Ever read "No Exit"?

  52. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Just a suggestion, Gryphen, it would help the post to show that photo of Sarah wearing a red shirt when she was supposed to be expecting Track. In that photo, she was as big as a house, and should also be placed in a side by side comparison with Sarah wearing the gray outfit.

    Bristol is also arching her back to make her round tummy look even bigger, or the photo is tipped. Still, Sarah has yet to prove that she gave birth to Trig.

  53. Anonymous7:04 AM

    This was written in November 2008... prescient!

    Clearly gunning for her party's presidential nomination in, as she puts it, "12", Palin has been all over the American media the past few days, and this is a candidate who lost. One gets the impression that it's the limelight that drives her far more than ideology or even theology. A recent blogger on the New York Times website nailed it: "Sarah Palin wouldn't close a single door that offers her a chance for what she seeks most: a life where she is always the centre of attention. She cares nothing about politics."

  54. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Does it really bother anyone else that Bristol thanks Paige (the Wasilla raised jean manufacturer) for keeping her family in jeans? Has Sarah and her family been getting free jeans all along?

  55. Anonymous7:05 AM

    "Is is just me or does B look younger here than she did at the RNC? Thinner face?"

    I was wondering the same.

  56. Ratfish7:11 AM

    Where's Sarah? She's not in the news anywhere. So I guess I'll have to post her latest tweet.

    "Lashes out? Come on. RT @eonlineMovies: Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Hollywood Haters at Undefeated Premiere"

    You mean when she claimed that Matt Damon's comparing her to a "bad Diseny movie" was calling for her destruction, and the death of her and her family? That sounded like lashing out to me. Plus playing the victim. Plus exaggeration. Plus lying. Plus...

    Where's RAM? Was she buried in an Iowa cornfield?

    Where's Trig?

  57. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Bristol really does look beautiful in that photo. She is slim except in her belly. Look how slim her face is.
    Her face seemed to really puff up after Tripp was born and on DWTS. Perhaps stress or another baby? Who knows.

    But compare closely to this weeks photos.

    Enlarge this one and look close. What are the tiny bumps or growths on either side of her nose??

    Here you can see one again only if you blow up the photo or zoom in. Scar tissue?? Can anyone guess?

    I was going to write that she still looks pretty. Then I saw this side photo and her chin from this angle is just all wrong!

    What king of surgeon would consent to do this to a 20 year old girl who looked pretty before. If she didn't like her double chin and full face, he should have told her to lose some weight and have a little lipo. Period. But this long implant is unnatural and there are other problems.
    To you plastic surgery specialists out there what ate those lumps?

    She does look happy. I think she's going to have a hard fall though at some point when there are no more job offers

  58. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Sarah proudly proclaimed she is a hockey mom.

    Well Sarah, looks like your then underage daughter with the hockey puck on her stomach is a hockey mom too.

    Are you proud of that drunken whore too?

  59. Cracklin' Charlie7:15 AM

    Nice one, Virginia Voter!

  60. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Re: tight abs when pregnant. I was a body builder when I became pregnant with my daughter. Tighter abs could not be found anywhere (think thousands of ab exercises, 12 pack not just 6 pack abs). Once she started to grow inside of me, the muscles separated, yes they move apart to allow the expansion of the baby.
    Once she was born, I had to do special across the body crunches to get those muscles back where they belonged. You cannot tighten your abs when something the size of a baby with membranes and amniotic fluid is growing daily inside you. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE. Even if she were not as athletic as she claimed to be, she would still have something a bump, not square but rounded and have to work to get those abs back into tight formation.

  61. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Hey Bristol is that a puck on your belly?

    Is that how it's done in Wasilla?

    A puck for a f#ck?

  62. Anonymous7:23 AM

    That's what you call trailer park pride.

    If Bristol's baby's daddy was a garbage man would she hold a garbage can over her belly?

  63. Anonymous7:26 AM

    5:40, I don't think anyone's staring at a pregnant women (Sarah- no baby there), we're staring at a liar and a fraud and wondering why some people are so stupid and gullible.

  64. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Palins are just jealous of everyone and playing games like third graders do. Piper whines because the media are ruining her vacation. Bristol whines because the McCains didn't treat them like they were royalty. She thinks Bachmann is copying her mom's clothes--but everyone remembers that these Alaska Palins were such hillbillies that the Republican party spent $200,000 to clean them up and make them look presentable. Todd was such a hick that he needed over $20,000 in clothes; Sarah even had them buy her panties and bras. None of the items were returned as promised. Doesn't sound like she had any fashion sense if the GOP took her shopping. Bristol and Sarah have no class--they go on national TV and criticize the father of Trippsy. Bristol airs her dirty laundry and whines about how getting pregnant has been such a hardship for her. She cries because the fans on Dancing with the Stars figured out that she was advancing only because of vote cheating. Sarah is the victim and declares that all the Hollywood celebrities want her family killed--if so, why is Bristol trying so desperately to join the Hollywood crowd? Bristol lies and tries to convince the public that neither her nor her Mama Grizzly have had plastic surgery--her boobs suddenly got smaller and her nose more shapely and her chin got more pronounced. Mama says she saw the plastic surgeon but he didn't do any breast enhancements-he just sold her a different bra. When will the Palins stop lying? They remind me of Tricky Dick when he declared "I am not a crook" just before he was impeached. Sarah says she isn't a loser and isn't a quitter--looks like we should start calling her the Great Pretender.

  65. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Do you remember how Sarah lies about everything and shoves things in our faces to confirm them? Their whole lives have been cover-ups. I do believe that the children do not know right from wrong; and always have to watch what they say. That could explain their lack of vocabulary; they talk exactly like Sarah. I truly believe that pic of Bristol 32 weeks pregnant is a prop; she is wearing a fake belly. That is the middle finger to all us Trig truthers. I have an eye for pregnancy, and she does not have the glow, like she did on dancing with the stars. She does have the fat forearm, but she could have been post postpartum. On DWTS her whole body expanded, including her face and neck. In that pic they are thin. I am going to say this for the last time Bristol did not give birth to the blond blue-eyed Tripp. If so, why did we have to wait for this book to see the pregnancy pics. they hid her soon after the five month pregnancy announcement. Bristol did birth Trig and the new baby from DWTS. She is postpartum as we speak. She cannot lose weight because she is breast feeding the new baby. You have to literally starve yourself to lose weight during BF, but than it affects the quality and quantity of the milk. When the truth come out, I do believe it will in Levi's book, Brsitol is going to be left with egg on her face, and it will not phase Sarah because she is too far gone with her mental illness. She wrote about the losing her virginity at 15, because the truth of losing it at 13 is going to come out. Levi is not the father of Trig. You never saw his mention in the myspace posts screenshots. There was never a relationship, just a roll in the hay during convention. He definitely was not her first nor will be her last. What we saw on national stage was two strangers thrown together. Trig was the common interest because Levi was trying to woo her through her child. They both were out of their elements. She has no maternal instinct to Tripp, because he belongs to auntie or cousin, or she would have looked behind for her toddler at her book signing. Trig and Tripp both talk now, therefore they can no longer be amongst them. That is why she kept her distance from him. This is one sick family; they all need to be committed.

  66. Chenagrrl7:30 AM

    I love the pictures in her book, less posturing than what is going on now. And she has such a beautiful face, seeing her with the kuspuk picture shows how much she resembles the paternal side of the family. Her facial proportions are appropriate. Not coarsened as they are now.

    I think there is a mistake women make in preparing their faces for the camera -- too heavy makeup and exaggerated plastic surgery.

    Now to think Bristol beautiful you have to look at a picture of her at about 10 to 15 feet. She has lost that intimate beauty.

    BTW. What does SP's governor's schedule show her doing on the night Bristol sneaked out to infamy? Just curious.

  67. Anonymous7:31 AM

    You want birth control Bristol?

    How taking that hockey puck off of your gut and holding it between your knees?

  68. Anonymous7:31 AM

    snark on
    My niece has a walk on part in the new Transformers movie, I DEMAND THAT GRYPHEN BUY 5 TICKETS and I demand the rest of you do too! See my niece is now famous, you hear that famous. All you people that don't buy 5 tickets to see the movie are haters and want her dead.
    Snark off
    Don't worry about my niece, she has a day job. She is an aerospace physicist ( yup a rocket scientist) and she will make it through the world on her own merits and her "elitist" education.

  69. Anonymous7:40 AM

    "I guess we won't be seeing much of poor little Trigger now that he has outgrown his usefulness as a prop. I hope he's getting the love and care he needs from someone, because as far as I can tell, both his "parents" have been out grifting without him all summer. Sad"

    - 5:32 AM

    Well, last I heard Trig is chillin with big sis in AK. He's great and everyone thinks he's just adorable.

    There, I did your job for you, Palin Fairy Tale Troll!

  70. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Quit the University of Hawaii-Hilo (Well Quit the Registration Process)
    Quit the Hawaii Pacific University
    Quit the North Idaho College
    Quit the University of Idaho
    Quit the Matanuska-Susitna Community College
    Quit Wasilla City Council in second term
    Quit as Chairwoman for Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
    Quit her run for the US Senate
    Quit her support for the Bridge to Nowhere.
    Quit as Alaskan Governor
    Quit 5K Turkey Trot
    Quit as Speaker for the Coalition of Life event
    Quit as Speaker for the Regan Library fundraiser
    Quit as Speaker for GOP fundraiser in June 2009
    Quit signing books on one of the book tour stops

  71. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Can anyone say DELUSIONAL???

    by aldolaghi June 29, 2011 1:49 PM EDT
    imho the reason why Hollywood celebrities are so full of hatred is because they do not like themselves. Palin above all reminds them that they live an empty life concerned mostly with appearances and without substance, full of lies and of hurt for others and themselves. Palin is immune to their vitriol because she can care less of what these people say, she knows that most of them have fried their brain with drugs and live in a hell of their own making.
    They on the other hand are shocked to see that you can be famous and rich at the same time that you are good and mentally healthy, they do not want to acknowledge that.
    The fact itself, though, that they are so angry at Palin tells you the whole story, they hope that if they scream a lie often enough it becomes the truth.
    Without this hope they feel damned.
    OK lefties shoot i can take it

    Read more:;commentWrapper#ixzz1Qs1UOxM6

  72. I believe that most of the Faithful (as LoveandKnishes accurately calls them) know the truth about the pregnancy hoax. This is based on their responses to "birther" comments posted by me and others on pro-Palin blogs.

    Most adult women have given birth. They know that the Wild Ride is BS. When I comment on other blogs, I stick to the basics: What do you do if you think your amniotic fluid may be leaking? Go to the hospital--without exception. You know the risk of infection is high, plus with draining fluid, the cord can drop around your baby's neck. If you're having "big contractions" (not Braxton-Hicks) you go to the hospital. And you go to the closest hospital, preferably one with a world class NICU. All these issues are even more critical, if that's possible, if you're near the end of a high risk pregnancy with a special needs child.

    Anyone with a brain understands that protecting that baby is the number one priority. On CofP, comments from "birthers" are usually flagged right away, but on Hannity's blog, Gretawire, etc., people only offer a few half-hearted arguments, like suggesting maybe Palin realized she had just leaked urine, the contractions stopped, and her doctor left it up to her. Birther comments usually get a few likes even on right-wing blogs.

    Most people know that other details of the story are bunk--doctors cannot do examinations over the phone, so that doctor would advise the patient to follow one course of action: go to the hospital immediately.

    Some bots who know the truth still embrace Palin's celebration of ignorance and hatred so enthusiastically that they are willing to suspend disbelief. I think that only a small number of them, who don't read much and have never visited IM, Palingates, Laura Novak's blog, really believe Palin's Wild Ride myth. But the number of true believers is dwindling.

    So keep posting pictures like these, Gryphen, and to other commenters, keep spreading the word and posting helpful links. As noted by many, Palin is going down, but until she drops completely out of the public discourse and stops destructively slamming the President, it's important to keep the focus on her most outrageous myth.

  73. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Great list @ 7:57

    You forgot the vacation/bus tour. She quit that too.

  74. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Who do we know who is so utterly lacking in class, taste and true respect for the God she claims to worship that she could wear the belt pictured above at a public appearance in Iowa this week?

    Hint: it’s neither Michele Bachmann nor Michelle Obama.

    Answer can be found here at Gryphen’s Immoral Minority.

  75. @anonn7:29 AM

    You put forth a very interesting theory. Do you speak with inside knowledge or speculation?

    Enquiring minds want to know!!

  76. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Is this the magic moment in Texas, April 17th, 2008 when the mythical big laughs and bigger contractions were about to become a big, fat fib in American political history? Is Perry's plane parked outside? Is Todd toting carry-ons to the curb?

  77. Anonymous9:03 AM

    There is a photo out there of Sarah in a kitchen with family after having Piper - she looked like a real normal postpardem woman, not like the bright-eyed, sweatshirt and shorty-shorts perky con-woman bent over pose with Mercede "post-Trig."

  78. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Any woman who has been pregnant knows that this so called last pregnancy is pure bullshit. She was not pregnant with Trig, ever. "Tight abs" don't stop you from showing. What bs. Even women in great shape show when they are pregnant. And being pregnant is no cake walk for most of us. I vomited constantly the first four months and was so miserable. She would have been uncomfortable, had some mornng sickness early on, etc. No one has a board flat stomach at 7 months and that pillow in the video ounder her dress was square. Who the hell has a square pregnant belly? No one! She is just batshit crazy enough to think she can get away with it, but I hope and pray she gets roasted in the press one day for faking this pregnancy for financial gain, which she most certainly did do.

  79. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I don't know how to make my computer enlarge the photo so I can't see if she is wearing a ring. If Levi was wearing one for a time, wouldn't she also have been?
    My first reaction is one I see echoed in other comments-that her bust is smaller here than at RNC. Also, she looks younger, thinner in the face, fresher-faced here than the RNC pics.
    I suspect this photo is older than she admits.

  80. If Bristol really didn't consent to sex with Levi because she was too drunk to do so - why is she beaming in that photo of her pregnant with Tripp?

    If I got pregnant because I got drunk and had sex with my bf when I intended to wait till marriage - I wouldn't taking glamour photos to document that forever.

    The Palins lie - that is a fact. But it's almost as if they should take courses to lie BETTER. Because their stories don't make sense even at a glance.

    Fact - Bristol got pregnant with Levi because they were willingly sleeping together. Whatever her religious convictions were - she wasn't following them. That's her business - I'm not judging her. Mama Palin got nominated for VP and they had to come up with a more "acceptable" version for Bristol's life for the people who WOULD judge her. That's too bad. Bristol's life (and Levi's and Tripp's) will never be the same. And it's all because Sarah Palin doesn't take any time to think about the consequences of her actions on her family. She could have declined the nomination - her family should have come first, especially her daughter in her time of need. But Palin's ambitions know no bounds.

  81. Ya know, I tend to agree with some of what anon @ 7:29 suggests-- particularly that BP may be wearing mom's empathy belly in the photo to the right of Sarah -flat-sponge belly.

    Look at BP's face and compare it to BP's face at the GVS interview 2/2009 where Tripp has his debut.

    The photo from the book shows more plastic surgery-- i.e. it seems more recent.

    Bristol probably saw what a lousy job SP did faking the pregnancy and perhaps she is attempting to fake a pregnancy "right and proper!"

  82. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I watch crime shows all the time and there seems to be a general rule regarding crazy women faking bumps...

    When a woman starts faking a pregnancy, its usually to keep a man. He wants a child and she can't produce one so she goes to elaborate lengths to fake being pregnant to hold on to him. Most of the time, these women already have other children & quite often they've also had tubals which their current partner doesn't know about.

    Her entire pregnancy is spent trying to figure out where she is going to get a baby to pass off as theirs. Which is why a lot of times, they seem to have incredibly long terms. (One woman was reported faking a pregnancy 10 & 1/2 months) But once the demented woman locks on to a victim, that's when you hear about babynappings & infants cut from their mother's dead bodies.

    Since its obvious that Scarah didn't fake a bump to keep Todd, the only other reason strong enough has GOT to be to cover for someone in her immediate family. Someone that has a DIRECT effect on her life.

    IMHO, this wasn't a plan that was thought out & executed with precision. It feels more haphazard & rushed. Like a knee-jerk reaction to cover-up something embarrassing.

  83. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Maybe I'm nuts but that doesn't look like Bristol to me. Bristol's face is very round and in this photo it's narrow. Also, the body just doesn't look right. Could it be a look-a-like cousin? To me, it looks like someone who looks a lot like Bristol- but isn't.

  84. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Bachmann's husband is obviously a closeted homosexual. As a former fundie, I knew of at least 4 men in the church who were the same. Some of them even publicly admitted it, ut didn't want to act out on their sexuality. So they went to church and hid there. Also, one of them was married with chidlren, but always said he struggled continuously with his feelings. I believe Marcus Bachmannis in the same category and he may one day end up in a Ted Haggard kind of scandal.

  85. WooHoo, Gryphen! I LOVE this post!

    At 32 weeks, there's no way to cinch in the substantial mass of a growing fetus. Based on Sarah's birth story, 6 lb. 2 oz. Trig would have weighed more than 8 lbs. at term. That's more than Tripp's 7 lb. 7 oz.. Shouldn't we see Sarah sporting a bigger belly than Bristol at the same stage of pregnancy?

    Is anyone going to the July 9 book signing in Scottsdale? It might be fun for Bristol to autograph a copy of this photo comparison. And, yes, Bristol does look beautiful in this photo.

    One small correction: The Mar. 26 photo of Sarah was 23 days before 'delivery'.

  86. saraluvr10:33 AM

    U r so gelus!

    sara is sooo grate! it duz not matta wot u say!!

    we luv sara 4ever cuz she not so brite just lik us!!!

  87. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Was there ever an excuse for this?

  88. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Why is that youngun holdin the hockey puck of the hockey boy she claims raped her over the fetus in her belly?

    Somethin aint right in Wasilla.

  89. Anonymous10:57 AM

    And the hits just keep on coming!

    Judge Rejects Sarah Palin On Global Warming, Keeps Polar Bears On Threatened List

    In 2008, the U.S. government placed the polar bear on the threatened species list because of the rapid decline in Arctic sea ice, becoming “the first to be designated as threatened because of global warming.”

    But in 2008, media mega-star Sarah Palin was still the governor of Alaska. Fearing that protecting the polar bear would “cripple oil and gas development” off Alaska’s coasts, Palin — a well-worn climate science denier — sued the government to remove the species from the list. Palin pointed to the high population of polar bears in 2008 and dismissed climate models that predict continued loss of sea ice as “unreliable,” “uncertain,” and “unproven.”

    But U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan backed the government scientists’ finding this week “that global warming is threatening the survival of the polar bear.” In a 116-page opinion, Sullivan dismissed Palin and hunting groups’ arguments as “nothing more than competing views about policy and science” and ruled on the side of science:

    Notwithstanding a handful of references to uncertainty that appear in record documents, Joint Plaintiffs have failed to persuade this Court that FWS [U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service] implemented the ESA [Endangered Species Act] “haphazardly.” Accordingly, the Court concludes that FWS did not act arbitrarily in relying on and drawing reasonable conclusions from the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] reports and climate models in making its listing determination for the polar bear.

    Under the judge’s ruling, the polar bear is still listed as “threatened,” not “endangered,” on the endangered species list. The U.S. Justice Department stated yesterday that “it was pleased that the court agreed with its argument that the decision was based on the science available at the time.”

  90. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Republicans fail in attempt to re-write Sarah Palin's history

  91. Anonymous10:59 AM

    i really don't condone women meangirling one and another, but if you are going to type someone is a 'hoe', please spell it correctly. a hoe is a gardening tool i use in my garden. money is generally exchanged when a who'es (hos/ho's also acceptable) services are rendered.

    think of your kids when you call others names. they hear everything and will be your best example or embarrassment. peace to all;0)

  92. Anonymous11:02 AM

    OMG Bristol Palin Saw A Cockroach!

    ...Apparently Bristol (or her writers) didn't bother to look into what has happened in Middletown. In 2000, Middletown had a poverty level of 12%. In 2007 that number jumped up to 22%, leading Forbes to label it as the tenth fastest dying city in the country.

    Middletown is the epitome of what has happened to blue collar communities in this country. We have seen factory jobs head overseas and nothing new coming in. Actually it would have been a great campaign backdrop in 2008, a symbol of what has gone wrong in America and talk about how to fix it. Instead, Bristol decides to trash talk the town.

    And maybe the half-wit daughter of the former half-term, half-wit governor of Alaska should stop and try to think that there are people in this country who have no alternative but to live with cockroaches. Poor Princess Palin had to spend one night in a place with cockroaches - how about those that have to spend every night with them? How about those people who maybe had really nice houses until the Bush economy trashed their income and forced these people to live with the cockroaches.

    Of course the biggest question should lie with the McCain campaign - why did they have the Palin's stay in such a horrible place? Did no one on the campaign bother to even check the hotel out? They were right between Cincinnati and Dayton and had tons of high class hotels to stay in, yet someone on the campaign picked the Manchester. Maybe the Palins should ask the campaign why that was.

  93. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Sarah Palin emails: An update from our readersA month on from the release of the Palin emails, readers are still sending us their findings

  94. AuntieRuth11:07 AM

    Here is Rod Stewart's daughter, 6 mos pregnant with her first child. Note the comment from a medical pro who says that women with tight abs tend to carry higher.

  95. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Does anyone know which rodent she has in her gut on the bottom picture.All this thought of her pregnant makes me want to blow chow.Disgusting.

  96. Anonymous11:24 AM

    @7:26 Good comment, Great Pretender, indeed. It was like watching The Sound of Music family walk out on stage when JMcCain introduced his VP pick on national teevee, so perfect including screechy's pro-life prop.


    @7:29 Good comment. The first time the daughter walked out on the national stage, she had a blanket draped over her while she was holding Tri-G. I did not see a pregnant teenager. The next day or so it was announced that the daughter was five months pregnant to stop a rumor going around that she was actually the mother of Tri-G. Then she walked out on the stage without the blanket looking stuffed. I saw some photos on MMcCain's campaign trail blog and one was of the daughter taken back stage at another rally wearing that same grey dress, but not looking quite as stuffed. But I saw two photos of the daughter taken almost five weeks earlier at a local fair in July of 2008, and I did not see a pregnant teenager.

    That ex-governor wrote a recommendation letter for Levy and in that letter she wrote that she had known his family for many years. When I saw the daughter and Levy holding hands in front of the camera, it looked to me like how my brother and I would hold hands if we were made to hold hands. Maybe Levy has been a prop, too. Maybe Tri-G is actually Tripp from the custody papers, born exactly one year earlier. Dang typos.

    I found a photo of that guy named Dylan from Juneau on the internet. His mouth reminded me of Tri-G, i.e., a long crease from one corner of the mouth but not on the other side. That's about the best I can describe it. The daughter looked like she was beginning to gain weight when I saw that photo of her wearing that Juneau basketball uniform.

    One fake pregnancy to cover up another fake pregnancy, why not?!

  97. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Following Amazon's suggested reading links after clicking on Bristol's clunker, I found a review that said:

    The book itself is an empty attempt at self glorification with absolutely no real value. It is simply a rip off of consumer's money and a girl's attempt to hold on to another few minutes of false fame.

    Think that was about Bristol's book? Nope, This review is from: Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks

    Everything the reviewer "Music Gal" said about Carrie could be said about Bristol:

    As a professional working with young women I have to say that this woman is an inappropriate role model for young women no matter how you look at her story. Her book is an example of what not to do to gain respect. Her lack of self awareness and her inability to understand her own manipulative nature clearly suggests a young woman with a disturbing point of view about life and its fairness or lack thereof. Ms. Prejean is 22 years old, has made serious errors in judgment and has yet to do anything at all to be proud of. I would rather she live her life, do something with it and then write a memoir about what she has learned. Rather we see a woman who has very little life experience who has used her body and her sexuality to get where she is today and is now claiming to be pure and Christian. Walk the walk Carrie, then tell us what you have learned. So far you have done nothing but take off your clothes ...and then not being truthful ... Holy Moly girl! What were you thinking and why should anyone consider you a role model? I don't get it.

    What is it with these CHRISTIAN girls and Sarah calling this crapload "courageous"? It's sick.

  98. What abs do during pregnancy.

    This from a site that sells a "splint" to help with "mommy tummy":

    The purpose of the splint is to help bring together the two halves of the outermost abdominal muscle (recti) which may separate during pregnancy. The recti muscle is the support system for your back and a support system for your organs.This separation weakens the support system for the back causing back problems and also the support system for the organs causing the “mummy tummy.” This separation does not automatically go back together after you give birth. That is why women show faster during their second pregnancy! As a new mom it is also important to wear the splint as much as possible under your clothing especially when wearing a front-loading baby carrier.

    Any mom who still has a “mummy tummy” from the separation of her abdominal muscles (diastasis) during pregnancy (no matter when she was pregnant) will benefit from wearing this splint.

  99. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Anonymous said...
    i really don't condone women meangirling one and another, but if you are going to type someone is a 'hoe', please spell it correctly. a hoe is a gardening tool i use in my garden. money is generally exchanged when a who'es (hos/ho's also acceptable) services are rendered.

    think of your kids when you call others names. they hear everything and will be your best example or embarrassment. peace to all;0)

    10:59 AM

    I aint no "Ho", HOE!

  100. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Now why didn't I think of that?

    Bristol isn't beaming with pride, she's rubbing her money maker and dreaming of a new chin!

    Any photos of RAM to toss in there, you know, just for comparison purposes, of what a non pregnant woman normally looks like?

    Wouldn't it be fabulous to have a photo of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, with child to compare? I'm sure that would make the bot's heads explode.

  101. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Anonymous said...
    i really don't condone women meangirling one and another, but if you are going to type someone is a 'hoe', please spell it correctly. a hoe is a gardening tool i use in my garden. money is generally exchanged when a who'es (hos/ho's also acceptable) services are rendered.

    think of your kids when you call others names. they hear everything and will be your best example or embarrassment. peace to all;0)

    10:59 AM

    What are two "Hos"?

    Ho Hos

  102. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Anonymous said...
    i really don't condone women meangirling one and another, but if you are going to type someone is a 'hoe', please spell it correctly. a hoe is a gardening tool i use in my garden. money is generally exchanged when a who'es (hos/ho's also acceptable) services are rendered.

    think of your kids when you call others names. they hear everything and will be your best example or embarrassment. peace to all;0)

    10:59 AM

    So what do you call a madam hosting two prostitutes and two johns?

    Hostess Ho Hos and Ding Dongs.....
    mmm mmmm goood!

  103. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Anonymous said...
    i really don't condone women meangirling one and another, but if you are going to type someone is a 'hoe', please spell it correctly. a hoe is a gardening tool i use in my garden. money is generally exchanged when a who'es (hos/ho's also acceptable) services are rendered.

    think of your kids when you call others names. they hear everything and will be your best example or embarrassment. peace to all;0)

    10:59 AM

    So what do you call a madam hosting two prostitutes and one Alaskan john during the cold Alaskan weather?

    Hostess Ho Hos and Snowballs

  104. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Anonymous said...
    i really don't condone women meangirling one and another, but if you are going to type someone is a 'hoe', please spell it correctly. a hoe is a gardening tool i use in my garden. money is generally exchanged when a who'es (hos/ho's also acceptable) services are rendered.

    think of your kids when you call others names. they hear everything and will be your best example or embarrassment. peace to all;0)

    10:59 AM

    So what do you call a Todd Palin hosting a party with two prostitutes?

    "Hostess Fruit Pie with his Ho Hos"

  105. Anonymous12:51 PM

    That picture of Bristol, was it before or after she got repeatedly poked by the young feller in the canvas tent?

  106. Anonymous12:51 PM

    That pic is not of Brisdull pregnant in November 2008 which is when she would have been 32 weeks. Her face is far too thin as are her legs. To compare what she really looked like check out the election day pic of her. She is much heavier in the face. Scroll down a bit to see the photo.

    In my humble opinion, this photo has been photoshopped. It looks very unnatural. But then I always believed there was something very fishy about Brisdull's pregnancy with Trippers!

  107. It's clear to me that this pregnant Bristol photo was taken before the 'Tripp pregnancy.'

    That she included it in the book is kind of wild, but this pregnancy has to be pre-Tripp pregnancy.

    Her face and body matured (significantly) by the time we saw her (ostensibly 5 months pregnant) at the RNC convention. One is a girl, the other is a young woman. There is a good year separating the two.

    IMO of course. :)

  108. Anonymous1:00 PM

    A bit off topic - but regarding Bristol's book: Tags on Amazon associated with the Chin's "memoir": crayons not included, narcissim, making unprotected sec profitable, how to profit from being a high school drop out, cashing in, parenting by dummies, not afraid of lying, snowbilly grifter, classless and clueless, really really bad book, teen trollop, and shut up dumb lady. Just a few of the 99 tags so far ....

  109. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Anonymous said...

    That picture of Bristol, was it before or after she got repeatedly poked by the young feller in the canvas tent?

    12:51 PM
    First you have to clarify, which feller and which tent?

  110. Gryphen - Does the 'Look Inside' feature randomly shift which photos show? The pregnant picture of Bristol (and pictures of Levi) aren't coming up for me now. And I did see them last night.

  111. Anonymous1:11 PM

    So what do you call Todd Palin hosting a party with two prostitutes?

    "Hostess Fruit Pie with his Ho Hos"

    12:48 PM

    So what do you call Todd Palin hosting a party with Sarah and Bristol?

    "Hostess Fruit Pie with his Ho Hos"

  112. ibwilliamsi1:17 PM

    Bristol was sooooo much prettier before the surgery.

  113. Anonymous1:34 PM

    And if Brisdull looked like this at 32 weeks, she would have been enormous in December when she was seen moving very quickly over the ice and into the church when she spotted some cameras. Do you remember that video? This is either an earlier pregnancy or a spoof.

  114. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Great "quit" list anon 7:57!

    Also too:

    Quit visit to Bethlehem
    Quit trip to Sudan

  115. Anonymous2:02 PM

    We are still sitting on pins and needles regarding Mercede's opinion on this Bristol photo. Mercede, who went back to blogging on 6/2, but stopped again abruptly. Is this your "nefew" in Bristol's belly Mercede? The nephew Tripp, not your baby brother Trig. Enquiring minds would like to know.

  116. When this story hits the media...and it will's a good bet that Bristol is going under the bus. Sarah's going to need a cover story for the hoax and it will most probably be that she was only trying to protect Bristol, whether or not that's the real story. That could be why Sarah never squashed the rumors that Bristol was pregnant. Sarah will try to appear to be the loving mother while Bristol, with her 'brave and honest' memoir, will look like a lying fool.

  117. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Someone asked for images of big chested Bristol at the RNC, well here you go and they are BIG images!

  118. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Bristol Palin Calls Baby Daddy ‘White Trash’

  119. Anonymous2:48 PM

    and another

  120. Anonymous2:56 PM

    and another

  121. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Usually G'ma Lou Lou announces on Facebook or tweets about what she did. Why is G'ma Lou Lou quiet about The Chin's book signing failure?

    Hey Chin, what's going to happen at your next book signing without momma?

    I betcha Sarah is considering going to the Chin's next book signing.

  122. AKRNC3:30 PM

    Bristol looks great in that pic and it proves that all she had to do was lose weight and exercise to get back to where she was. She's still young enough that it wouldn't be difficult to do so. Instead, she resorted to plastic surgery and ended up looking matronly. I'd be so upset if this was my daughter but $arah is so fucking oblivious to her kids that she didn't realize Bristol needed love and reassurance, not plastic surgery? I truly am NOT a fan of either of these women, but as a mother, I find it really sad to see Bristol then and compare it to now.

    Gryphen, you were asking about women getting bigger with each successive pregnancy and the answer is yes and it's much more noticeable with each subsequent pregnancy. At six weeks pregnant with my second child, I could no longer button my pants yet I'd lost a few pounds due to morning sickness. The uterus and ligaments have stretched from prior pregnancies and that allows women to show that much sooner. There's no such thing as "tight abs" at the age of 44 and hiding a pregnancy for 7 months, especially when the allegedly premature baby weighs over 6 lbs @8 mos. Palin really told the ultimate of fake pregnancy stories and while it hasn't been revealed yet, it will come out-better late than never!!

  123. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Has Bristol got on jeans in this photo? I am not for sure this photo isn't photoshopped or Bristol is wearing a fake pregnancy vest.

  124. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Maybe Tripp really belongs to one of Sarah's sisters, the one that got the big divorce.

  125. Anonymous4:05 PM

    So the trolls that come on here and post want us to get a life and quit looking at pregnant photos; well trolls, why don't you get a life yourself and leave us alone?

  126. Anonymous5:08 PM

    And notice that Sarah the younger and Bristol have the characteristic back bend of people with large tummies, where Sarah the younger's un pregnant sister is ramrod straight and Sarah the faker is actually stooping slightly forward.

    If you don't compensate backward for the center of balance shifting up and forward when the front side is bigger than the back side, you fall over forward.

  127. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Can anybody name a person who made a career from being a hoe?

    5:11 AM

    Would you settle for a professional rake?

  128. Anonymous5:21 PM

    There have been a sprinkling of interesting posts over the years, on various blogs, suggesting that the Tripp pregnancy was bogus and the baby we know as Tripp has merely been borrowed, "as needed." I do believe we've seen the same baby playing the roll of Tripp since the beginning: he is a distinctively adorable little guy, whoever he is. But if this is the real story, it seems to me plausible that Mercede is not in on the ruse. She could have formed a strong emotional attachment to the baby that now turns out to be rather inconvenient, since the nefu doesn't really exist. Maybe this is the real reason she is never able to see him? That and the fact that other pesky problems will arise now that he's old enough to talk.
    Although if Tripp has been borrowed that means he exists somewhere in space-time -- and one might imagine there will eventually be sightings. It's going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Eventually Tripp, if not Trig, will be old enough to be out & about in the world, outside of the immediate family. (Or should we start laying odds that little Tripp will be home-schooled by Saint Sarah?)

  129. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Totally agree with:

    "And if Brisdull looked like this at 32 weeks, she would have been enormous in December when she was seen moving very quickly over the ice and into the church when she spotted some cameras. Do you remember that video? This is either an earlier pregnancy or a spoof."

    If you look back at the very last post on Audrey's blog before she stopped blogging she was starting to raise questions about whether or not Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp was "as reported." She also talks about the boob problem - and says categorically that she believes that they padded her at the convention.

    BrisDull's size doesn't seem to change at all between this picture at 32 weeks (so this would have been around the middle of October 2008) and the video of her pratically running over the ice eight weeks later at church. I know we sound like complete crazies to question BrisDull's pregnancy with Tripp too but I swear it doesn't add up either.

  130. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Anonymous Crystal Sage said...
    She [Sarah} makes Medea look good by comparison.
    5:29 AM

    Since myths usually have some kernel of truth or fact or historical event or personal experience behind them - my take on Medea is a person, and women do it best, who is so filled with anger and hatred that it sometimes radiates from them, like shimmering heat or snakes.

    And when an acquaintance or stranger sees that person in the fullness of their pathological anger and hatred and destructiveness it freezes them in their tracks, their heart stops and they are temporarily awestruck by the "thing" the "beast" "the viper spitting poison" that is suddenly before them.

    Kinda works for Medea and for Sarah with her temper and need for vengeance, don't it?

    She is, in a real way, a Greek type tragic character, gifted by the gods but so humanly flawed that she is doomed to fail. Think Icarus.

  131. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Anonymous said...

    "Can anybody name a person who made a career from being a hoe?"

    assorted Kardashians
    Paris Hilton
    Lindsay Lohan (+ skank, + drunk)
    Tara Reid (also a drunk)
    Amy Winehouse (druggie)
    Heidi Montag (ok-just an idiot)
    Lee Ann & Eddie
    Anna Nicole Smith
    Bristol Palin (+ drunk)
    Anyone from "Jersey Shore"
    Charlie Sheen (+ lunatic)
    Courtney Love (loon/drunk/drugs)
    Kat Von D
    Anyone Jude law's slept with

  132. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Quit the University of Hawaii-Hilo.....etc

    You forgot "Quit on precious gift from Gawd Trigger, and sent him off to live with some other family."

  133. Anonymous6:19 PM

    OT: Re; GA "sneaky peaky" at that film.

    This GA article contains some "expectations/needs", and notes only a few dozen went to the preview.
    Sarah Palin’s movie message to GOP ‘establishment’
    8:43 pm July 1, 2011, by jgalloway

    On Thursday night, several dozen of Sarah Palin’s best friends gathered in Kennesaw to watch their heroine on the big screen.

    It was an invitation-only preview of “The Undefeated,” a two-hour Stephen Bannon documentary on the rise of Palin, from Alaskan mayoral candidate to governor to GOP vice presidential nominee to — well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

    The movie won’t open in metro Atlanta until July 15. “I hope that you will be evangelists for the film,” Rob Cunningham, a member of the Georgia chapter of Organize4Palin, told the crowd before the room went dark.

    Cunningham outlined a modest economic plan: The Palin movie will have a seven-day run at the AMC Barrett Commons theater complex off Barrett Parkway in Cobb County. Over 35 showings, the movie must draw $10,000 — about 1,200 tickets — to be judged a success.

    Cunningham said he would count on the assembled Palin fans to put out the word — and perhaps organize a few watch parties.


    If Palin indeed feels snubbed by the movers and shakers within the Republican Party, then her recent behavior looks less like toe-dipping associated with a 2012 presidential bid and more like a longer-term, guerrilla campaign for the heart and soul of the GOP.

    * * * * * *

    So, that's the highlights - 1200 tickets, yet couldn't get more than "several dozen" for an invitational only showing - meaning you got tix to the folks who "love" $SP, yet even then, they can't get bodies in the place. And 1200 tix over 35 shows = 35 whole people per show!

    Article also gives some insight into how movie was but together.


  134. onething6:43 PM

    Wow, what a beautiful picture of Bristol.

  135. Anonymous6:49 PM

    9:13 wrote: "I don't know how to make my computer enlarge the photo"

    Simple solution: hold the control key down with one hand and with the other hand move the wheel in the center of the mouse -- towards the computer will make everything on the screen larger; great trick for folks who have vision problems.

  136. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I just looked at the amazon link on barstool's book. No offence meant, but the book cover seems a bit odd. "Bristol Palin, Not Afraid of Life, My Journey So Far With Nancy French" Is it just me, or does that sound like Bristol and Nancy are writing a memoir about their journey so far, together? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it does seem odd.

    The photos of Bearstool growing up are heartbreaking. She was such a cute kid! I mean seriously beautiful child! And reading the bullshit she conveys and seeing what she's done to her looks is pathetic. If she had a shred of inner beauty or personality to make up for it, I'd give her a pass.

    Compare her to one of her peers, Mercede Johnston. Mercede is brutally honest, to the point that she leaves herself vulnerable. Mercede is more secure with herself and she's beautiful both inside and out. It's an integrity and self esteem that's just not there with Bristol, who obviously wants desperately to seem better than, to the point that she dates guys Mercede once dated, as if that would phase Miss Johnston in the least.
    But what I cannot wrap my brain around is Sarah's need to "hide" her seventh pregnancy in the first place. What grown woman with a family does that, like, ever?

    Unless, of course, it's a bold faced lie while waiting for a down syndrome baby boy named Trig, whom God foretold months before his "presentation" after an equally unbelievable wild ride?

    This photo comparison shows the level of deceipt in a new light, great work, Gryphen!

    Amazing what one can glean while perusing photos of pregnant teens and un pregnant ex governors. It's bound to unwind around the time Sarah's inevitable nervous breakdown.

  137. If this picture looks like Bristol looked in Dec., maybe that's because she was just 32 weeks along in Dec. and due at end of January.

  138. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Anon 5:39 PM-
    I think you're confusing Medea with Medusa.

  139. emrysa8:02 PM

    I don't know what to think of this pic of brisdull, gryphen. it's difficult to believe this was taken after the rnc - brisdull looked old and tired at the rnc, in this pic she looks younger and definitely not tired.

    I like side-by-side of her next to the quitter though, because it shows just what a fraud this whole scene is. both people are 32 weeks pregnant? hahaha okay.

  140. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Bristol looking at your pixs you are considered a big bone girl. Just be yourself and you'll be happy. Don't try to be a skinny, the brothas in Los Angeles loves them some thick meaty country girls, ask your room mates.

    I'm telling you that you'll be fine in LA.

  141. Anonymous1:49 PM

    You do get larger faster with each child, but I ended up the same size at the end each time. I had 4 babies and looked the same at the end of each pregnancy. Your body just doesn't hold it in as well so you pop out earlier.

  142. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Your post for suggesting book titles disappeared. I suggest:

    Sarah Palin's Pretend Pregnancy

  143. Our Lad12:20 PM

    Jeeziz Heath Christ, of course she wasn't pregnant,of course she faked the birth, of course it has become the longest shaggy dog story in memory, and of course it will continue. Until this certifiably crazy strumpet is either in the ground or behind bars we will hear of her exploits,foibles,missteps whatever,any and all. Fucking wow,fucking wow, sometimes I will have a DREAM and she will waltz on in,like she was invited and welcome. When will this ill kempt female impersonator piss on the fire and call in the dogs? WHAT the FUCK must I do? What a fuckin world.


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