Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is Fox News ultimately damaging the Republican party, and ensuring Barack Obama's reelection? I may have to reevaluate my feelings about Fox News now.

Courtesy of the Guardian:

By any normal standards, Obama should be extremely vulnerable. Not only is the economy in bad shape, he has proved to be a much more hesitant, less commanding White House presence than his supporters longed for. And yet, most surveys put him comfortably ahead of his would-be rivals. That's not a positive judgment on the president – whose approval rating stands at a meagre 44% – but an indictment of the dire quality of a Republican field almost comically packed with the scandal-plagued, gaffe-prone and downright flaky. And the finger of blame for this state of affairs points squarely at the studios of Fox News. 

The extremism, anger, paranoia and sense of victimhood that Fox incubates are all unhealthy for the United States. But it's inflicting particular damage on the Republican party, which could well lose a winnable election because of its supine relationship to a TV network. It turns out it is not liberals who should fear the Fox – it's conservatives.

One has to wonder, in a situation like this do we send Fox News a thank you card?

Yeah forget that, and fuck Fox News!


  1. Anonymous2:03 AM

    I'm thinking fruit basket, maybe a nice potted plant.....

  2. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Why waste time and energy with a thank you.....let them stew in their own crap.....karma is such a bitch....but a smart one.

  3. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Yea, Fox News! Keep up the inane propaganda and delusion. Air more of the Quitter's ravings. Mince up the GOP into tiny bits.

  4. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Fox should have Sarah and Glen Rice host a special on interracial dating...

    It may be the only way she can get ratings for them.

  5. Anonymous5:03 AM

    The headlines underneath the 'news topic' is not befitting a rational and grown-up medium.

    That explains the modern GOP to a T. Sarah Palin's "T."

  6. Beldar Looza Conehead5:05 AM

    Gryphen, did you ever stop to consider the possibility that you and librul blog buddies just lack the sophisticated senses of humor to appreciate the inimitable Fox brand of intellectual douchebag humor?

    For example, you post a screen cap with the word "apology-looza" referring to the imaginary world tour that mush-brained rightwingers claim President Obama conducted and dispensed apologies for non-existent misdeeds over past decades.

    Maybe you just didn't realize just how hilarious and perspicacious "apology-looza" actually is. Trust me: it is EXTREMELY clever! It's "ALGONQUIN ROUND TABLE" funny!!! Because, you see, it combines the "apology" part - the slam against Kenyan-born socialist Obama - with the "looza" part which unnecessarily connects it to the "Lalapalooza" music festival. And THAT, my libtard friend, makes it COMEDY GOLD!!!

    If youre still not convinced that Fox is funnier than hell, let me know and I'll a much, much, much, much longer and ultimately more convincing essay on why "apology-looza" is both breathtakingly insightful and side-splittingly funny. I don't care if It takes 10,000 words to accomplish. Eventually you will laugh. Out loud.

    They say laughter is the best medicine and if "apology-looza" can make the twisted fucks at Fox laugh, we could be looking at a cure for cancer here!

  7. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Hey Juicy,

    Contrary to what you believe, the more we see and hear about your clan, the more your "likeability" factor falls. Nonetheless, I am open to reading your position.

    For example, on DWTS, how did viewing your born-again virgin daughter dry-humping on the floor improve her likeability, especially among your conservative, Christian-values followers?

    Additionally, how did your fling with Mr. Rice improve your own likeability? Did Todd think it was cool too?

    Please post your thoughts on these questions.


  8. Smirnonn6:40 AM

    The line between faux "news" and the Steven Colbert Show is blurring more and more each day... :)

  9. Beldar, you funny bro! (10,000 words, you will laugh. Out loud!)
    And referring to Michelle Obama as Barack's "baby mama" is so repulsive, I wish nothing but itchy genitals for any and all in the Fox Fucker Family.

  10. Eunice8:03 AM

    From March of 2010, David Frum:

    "Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us and now we're discovering we work for Fox... The thing that sustains a strong Fox network is the thing that undermines a strong Republican party."

  11. *SNICKER*....just saw this at "Peeing4Palin"...Gov Dirty Wig™ will be on FAKE News on SUNDAY at 1PM EST talking to Shannon Bream (WHO??)!

    Oh my....poor Dirty reduced to being on Fake News on a Sunday morning with a no name!


    Dirty meet Karma....Karma this is Dirty!! LOL!!

  12. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Baby mama is not the same as a wife. That's insulting, but I know that I am not alone. I am just wondering how many more women FOX can turn off. Thanks Fox!

  13. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Hey, Fox news fills a void, ya know! They got some of the dumbest female news readers, and the droolers just LOVE eye candy, then they got that sexy judge pirro jerry springer reject to make their stupidity seem factual. And for the pseudo intellecual alternative to Rachael Maddow, GVS.

    I mean, they have a "Greta" AND a "Gretchen" - what are the odds?

    Add in a real live "Tucker" and all the bases are covered- What's not to like about Fox News? Except, of course, their duplicitous fact distortion and payrolling Big Juicy's wardrobe and roadkill collection.

    Thank You Card? Naaah. They need toilet paper, lots and lots of toilet paper.

  14. They have it wrong.

    President Obama would be elected no matter what. He has done more for the 99% than what any other president has done.

    President Obama has diverted a repugbagger caused depression, halted a repugbagger caused Atom repression, saved our auto industry, reformed healthcare and finance. He also ended sexual discrimination in the military.

    ON and ON.

    President Obama has set the presidential standards higher than any repugbagger would hope to obtain.

    The Democratic party has set the bar to where it should be for the most respected office in the US.

    Obamacares/Biden 2012

  15. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Fox has a large audience. But it does not include very many moderates, political independents, much less any one who is intellectually curious, since they would never limit themselves to just one source of information.

    Therefore, like the TV evangelist's stations, the Teepeers, and even the 1%, they are finite in the number of people who are followers.

    As Fox becomes more radical its audience will become more restricted.
    In fact its viewership seems already to have stopped growing.

    So at the point it stops growing, what do its sponsors do?
    Fox won't implode but it may wither.
    With Murdoch in deep doo doo it may actually shrink to the point of being inconsequential.

    Unfortunately there is 24/7/365 radio conservative hatred.

  16. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Fox should have Sarah and Glen Rice host a special on interracial dating...
    It may be the only way she can get ratings for them.
    4:11 AM

    We should be so lucky, her base would have to commit suicide en masse.

  17. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Blogger Sarah Vs. Sarah said...
    Beldar, you funny bro! (10,000 words, you will laugh. Out loud!)
    And referring to Michelle Obama as Barack's "baby mama" is so repulsive, I wish nothing but itchy genitals for any and all in the Fox Fucker Family.
    7:02 AM

    I agree with both sympathies.
    Go for it Beldar.

    Fortunately Michelle sees more than capable of shedding the insults. It does help that she is smarter, and better looking than more of those who are slinging mud.
    Also too she is married to the President of the United States and gets to live in the White House, and that is killing the pin heads of hate.

  18. Anonymous4:20 PM

    People should have tuned FOX out as they supported the fraud, Sarah Palin, these past years. Hell, Gretchen and Hannity still are doing it. What idiots! They should pay her through her contract and keep her off their shows. No one cares about her anymore especially the folks in Alaska!

    Bill O'Reilly is an asshole. Don't know why folks would even watch the ego trip he is on.

    FOX is going dowm in ratings and viewers. It's about damned time!!

    President Obama will be re elected and he will be getting my vote for the second time. He's doing a hell of a job in spite of FOX and the Republicans in Congress. And, we all know he has a beautiful and wonderful wife. His daughters are a joy to watch too. Classy family!

    Turn OFF FOX across the U.S. folks - get your education watching MSNBC - especially Rachel! She'll educate you with knowledge, truth and facts. And, get out and vote this next election cycle and get the Republicans out of office on the national, state and local levels.

  19. Gasman8:25 PM

    The Chicken Little "THE FUCKING SKY IS FALLING AND IT'S SOCIALIST/COMMIE/KENYAN OBAMA'S FAULT" schtick has long since lost its power with all but the cousin humping congenital morons - and who give a shit about them? They are hopeless buffoons who will believe anything they are told by people they trust. Fortunately, those are not the voters that are going to sway the 2012 election.

    No, the next election will be determined by independents and LIBERALS. If the liberals are pissed off enough to stay home - like too many of us did in 2010, then Obama loses. The independents aren't likely to go GOP en masse, so the trust of the liberal base might well be what Obama has to work hardest to regain.

    But it is sure as death and taxes that FauxNews isn't going to be swaying the election. The cynic in me is wondering if the Justice Department is waiting to drop criminal charges on Murdoch next year when it would do maximum damage to the GOP. If Murdoch faces a shitload of felony charges or even has to do the perp walk avec handcuffs, how the hell can FauxNews erupt in outrage without looking like felons themselves?

  20. Fox loves it when we're in a Democrat administration. It give hosts and guests something to rage against and that's better for the bottom line. It's probably better for Palin's personal balance sheet to keep Obama in office, too.


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