Thursday, December 29, 2011

Robert Reich's prediction for 2012: An Obama-Clinton ticket.

Courtesy of the Huffington Post:

My political prediction for 2012 (based on absolutely no inside information): Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden swap places. Biden becomes Secretary of State -- a position he's apparently coveted for years. And Hillary Clinton, Vice President. 

So the Democratic ticket for 2012 is Obama-Clinton. 

Why do I say this? Because Obama needs to stir the passions and enthusiasms of a Democratic base that's been disillusioned with his cave-ins to regressive Republicans. Hillary Clinton on the ticket can do that. 

Moreover, the economy won't be in superb shape in the months leading up to Election Day. Indeed, if the European debt crisis grows worse and if China's economy continues to slow, there's a better than even chance we'll be back in a recession. Clinton would help deflect attention from the bad economy and put it on foreign policy, where she and Obama have shined. 

The deal would also make Clinton the obvious Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 -- offering the Democrats a shot at twelve (or more) years in the White House, something the Republicans had with Ronald Reagan and the first George Bush but which the Democrats haven't had since FDR. Twelve years gives the party in power a chance to reshape the Supreme Court as well as put an indelible stamp on America. 

I agree with Robert Reich 199% on this. In fact in my opinion it is a non-brainer.

Part of the "looking for a reason to find fault with the President" crowd is made up of disgruntled Hillary supporters, who would suddenly be re-energized and anxious for the opportunity to finally cast a vote for THEIR choice in 2008.

However it would also bring a level of excitement to the race reminiscent of what Obama achieved on his own in 2008, that he simply will NOT be able to gin up this time around.

The Republicans, as I have noted before, are not at all thrilled with Romney as their candidate, but like good little stormtroopers they will march to the voting booths in lockstep for the opportunity to defeat Obama.

We need to inspire the Democrats to WANT to cast their votes, and adding Hillary to the ticket will do just that.

In my very humble opinion an Obama/Clinton ticket would be unbeatable.

P.S. And for those of you who are concerned how this might upset Joe Biden, don't be ridiculous! Biden is a true blue Democrat and he will ALWAYS do what is in the best interests of his party, as well as his country.

In fact I would be surprised to learn that Biden himself had NOT already brought this scenario up to the President. Seriously!


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    My husband, too, thinks this is going to happen, although Obama-Biden deny it. It would be fine with me! If Hillary is to be the first female president of the USA, let's get it going with her now. It would be fantastic to have 12-16 years of Democratic presidencies

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Yes! I would love that ticket! Biden is awesome, but Hilary deserves this (and so do we).

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    So HC is 65 now, will be 69 when she could run on her own for an 8-year presidency (when she is 69 to 77 years old). Not impossible, but I wonder if she might not be too tired. Not too tired to do the job well, but from her own point of view.

    And then we'd have Bill again, who was less than helpful in the last campaign.

    My thoughts go to Elizabeth Warren. But I'm voting for Obama with great pleasure no matter who is VP (unless it's SP!)

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    If Hillary has never given up the thought of becoming the first female President one day, then this would be a very smart thing for her to do. VP for 4 years, president for the next 4-8. This northern neighbour likes the idea very much!

  5. Dinty8:59 AM

    OT but related: Newt Gingrich's possible running mate/Energy Secretary - Sarah Palin.

    Fred might be able to sell that book after all!

  6. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I can see it, except for Hillary's ego and the fact she might not be happy in the No 2 spot. She is far more powerful as Secretary of State. I don't think she sees herself running for President in 2016, either, simply because of her age. At least that's what she has said in the past.

    Everyone forgets how hated the Clintons are, how polarizing they are in DC. I love them, but I am not a huge portion of the GOP.

    It would be a powerhouse ticket, however.

  7. I agree. I would love to see it. And, yes, I like Joe Biden very much, so that has nothing to do with it. I just think Clinton is an amazing person and would bring so much to the next four years as V.P. It would really strengthen us for the election.

  8. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I think there is nothing on planet earth that would mobilize republican voters to vote for Romney (or even Attila the Hun, should he become their candidate) like having Hillary Clinton as their opponent. All the old Clinton scandals (true or not) would be revisited and be given media time and attention. The right-wing spin machine would become not only energized but multiple times richer and more powerful (due to huge increases in donor money). If Hillary were to become a VP nominee, republicans, and not democrats, would be the more energized of the two groups. I am not a republican, but I know lots of republicans, particularly republican evangelicals (who would not otherwise vote for Romney), and my comments are based on how they think and the degree to which they hate and fear Hillary.

  9. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I don't know...Joe O'Biden likes staying home with his wife, whereas Hill gets to travel and get away from Bill.
    I don't think O'biden would want to leave his beautiful wife by herself...
    But anything is possible, I do think Obama need to get rid of Salazar as sec of the interior! That man has to go.

  10. This is all well and fine, but c'mon. If Obama suddenly drops his vice-president for someone else, it's like he's throwing the last three years of his presidency under the bus. Fox "News" and conservatives will be on this like flies to shit.

  11. Anonymous 8:37

    Interesting comment. Why does anyone "deserve" to run for VP and why do "we deserve" for Hillary to run? These positions are earned not deserved.

    Hillary has performed well as Secretary of State, a postion she owes to President Obama. Many Hillary supporters are still upset she lost to Obama for the nomination and feel that she should be given the presidency through the backdoor if necessary.
    Reich,who attended Oxford with Bubba, has been trying to undermine President Obama since soon after his inauguration. The Clintons and their minions are concerned that Obama's presidency will be remembered as greater than Clinton's, which it will probably be.

    Reich's comment is to promote the Clintons, not President Obama or the country. Our exceptional president is capable of deciding who is his VP, and he and Joe Biden seem to have a wonderful realtionship. He does not need the recommendation of a backstabbing Clinton flunky. His comment does nothing but add a negative light on the administration and is not helpful. This election is not about the Clintons.

  12. Not a Clinton fan. Pres. Obama won without her on the ticket in 2008 and he can do it again. I think she may lose more votes than she brings in and such a switch in the VP slot could backfire.

    Can someone give some specifics on what makes Hillary a strong progressive (besides her failed effort at single-payer health insurance)? Wasn't it her State Dept. that was ready to approve the Transcanada Keystone XL pipeline with possibly faulty industry-provided environmental research?

  13. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Some wishful thinking on your part. Why do people feel it is necessary to have family groups run this country. bushes, clintons it just makes you think of the Kim Il's of N. Korea or royalty in European and Arab countries. Not the sort of thing a representative republic should be doing.

  14. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I LOVE Biden, but I really agree here. This would be the dream team of the century! Biden is one of the coolest men in the world; other than Morgan Freeman.

  15. Anonymous9:59 AM

    i dont think this is a prediction. i think its a leak. but i dont agree with the idea hillary will do an 8 year stint after obama. she will be almost 70 in 2016. i dont think america is into the gravitas of an older woman like they are with an older man.

  16. Anonymous10:06 AM

    The best part of this is that it won't allow the Republicans to add a female VP candidate to the ticket (obviously they would choose more wisely this time and look for intelligence and talent!) to encourage voters to their diverse ticket!

    Of course, the Republicans will never choose Palin as a running mate, but wouldn't it be a blast to have Hillary debate the Thrilla from Wasilla. I would pay thousands to be in the audience that night.

  17. Anonymous10:07 AM

    If Hillary is the VP, it also gives her a better opportunity to be president in 2016. We need to have a democratic president to change the makeup of the Supreme Court.

  18. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I wasn't a Clinton fan at the end of the primaries, but she has gained my respect and performed her job admirably. Biden has always wanted the Secretary of State gig. I think it would be a great 'mavericky' move. It would also scare the beejesus out of the Republicans. It would be fun to see it happen just for the entertainment sake.

    After reading the posts to the story at Huffington, I get the sense that this scares conservatives more than anything.

  19. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I'm with Clooney!

  20. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I will be very disappointed if Barack does not choose Sarah as his running mate in 2012.

  21. Anonymous10:16 AM

    The speculation Newt will be adding Sara to his VP or Cabinet position is really amusing. Go ahead Newtie, put her up front with you. I'm sure your motive is to put her up there so people will spend their energy trashing her instead of asking you more questions about your adultery. Please ask he to be your VP. You might get the paint chip eaters but do you really think that mainstream Americans would flock to this grifter now - after all that's been revealed and will be revealed if you do it? You really think she can hide from the media and do her schtick again? We are a lot smarter than you think and there are damn few people who would want her near a beat of your heart standing between her and POTUS.

  22. Anonymous10:21 AM

    But Hillary has already said she will never run for public office again. She claims she's ready to retire. Normally politicians are really cagey about their denials, and say things like, "Gosh, I just haven't thought about it," or "I'm not interested right now." But Hilary's statements have been pretty firm... I think she's decided she doesn't want to be Pres.

  23. Nawww....I doubt this would happen. President Obama won't do the drama of Bill Clinton again. Bill has been known to say stupid shit and Hillary can't control him. don't see them changing the line up.

  24. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I have been thinking it might go further - that Obama doesn't run again, but instead Hillary is the candidate.

    Obama is dead meat. Hillary is the Dems only chance.

  25. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I love it!

    Then Clinton/Warren in 2016.

  26. Anonymous10:43 AM

    You people are living in a tunnel and don't see what liars and crooks your Dem leaders are. And what a failure Obama is. The worst president in history and you all should open your eyes. Hilary cant save it either.
    It's a GOP or independent year whether you like it or not and you might be surprised how many voters go rogue. Try not to be so narrow which is the way libs always are but the funny thing is they think they are so open and accepting. Yea sure there's tons of intolerance at this sight.
    Open your minds and eyes.

  27. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Hillary has already ststed she will not be SOS in a second term. As intriguing as an Obama/Clinton sounds, it's four years too late. But oh to have seen Clinton vs Palin in the debates! Hillary would take on Sarah's faked pregnancy and airplane trip.. no doubt about it!

  28. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Sarah Palin is a loser who will fuck up and job she's given.

    As for Newt, he wants to be President so badly, there's no way he would even think about letting Sarah Palin drag him further down. He learned from McCain that Sarah Palin is an anchor, not a savior.

  29. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I've been thinking about this for months. The one thing I doubted is that Hillary would want to run for prez in 2016. She would be 68 or so, and she's done such a fine job as secty of state, why wouldn't she choose to retire from public service? But then I thought...this is Hillary. Her skills and tirelessness and wisdom and experience would be so powerful, and she's been determined all her life to affect policy in a big way. Why wouldn't she want to top off her career with the top job? So I am ALL FOR THIS TICKET OF OBAMA/CLINTON!!! It will be untouchable, and their administration will be awesome, finally able to drag us out of the 20th century into a new way of living.

  30. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Great. Two psychopaths in the White House - that's all we need.

    McCain/Palin would have been worse - but Obama/Clinton - wow.

    You can count on more wars, more foreclosures, total economy meltdown, the whole shooting match - no matter how cute Obama is in photo-ops with babies and his family, he's controlled by people we'll never see who literally OWN the planet.

    G, you have a good website but you have rose-colored glasses when it comes to politics (other than Sarah of which you're right on).

  31. Interesting, but has a president ever run for a second term with a new VP pick? I agree with those who say it would call into doubt his decision-making.

  32. Anonymous10:58 AM

    1. Obama/Clinton was my prediction back in '08; wouldn't mind seeing it in '12.
    2. Newt is a massively loose cannon but I don't believe he's THAT stupid.
    4. Newt is also not going to get the nomination.
    5. I absolutely believe Palin IS stupid enough to be thinking of a reprise of her '08 days of glory, and wouldn't put it past GOP operatives to feed the delusion to keep her in check. Could be interesting to watch her implode when the GOP ticket comes together and she ain't part of it.
    6. anon@1015a, thanks for the =D

  33. Anonymous11:08 AM

    The Republicans hate America, democracy, and society in general. Too bad the Democrats are cut from the same cloth.
    Citizens United made sure that only those politicians who are properly sponsored and vetted could pass media muster and get into the public eye.
    Wouldn't Rocky Anderson be so much better than whatever we'll actually get in the election?

  34. Anonymous11:09 AM

    a caller asked Newt Gingrich if he would consider choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination. Gingrich responded that Palin “is certainly one of the people you would look at” and told the caller that he is “a great admirer of hers,” saying “she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska.” He also floated appointing Palin to a Cabinet position such as Energy Secretary because he “can’t imagine anybody who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than Gov. Palin.”

    Noot is pandering. Palin quit! Quit! That great pipeline of hers is dead before beginning.

  35. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Gryphen said "Biden is a true blue Democrat and he will AlWAYS do waht is in the best interests of his party, as well as his country."

    I have no problem with that as long as his "country" comes ahead of his party.

    But I'm tired of politicians who put their party and their place in it ahead of their country.


  36. I became a U.S. citizen in 2010 just so I could vote for our awesome President in the 2012 election. I don't care if he runs with Bozo the Clown - I'm voting for him! Hillary's fine . . . Elizabeth Warren is better. And Joe - "May I call you Joe?" - Biden has been a good VP. Just ABP - "Anyone but Palin."

    Peace, All. OBAMA landslide in 2012!!

  37. This makes a lot of sense, which is why it probably won't happen.

    I'm sure Biden has no plans to run for President in 2016. I'm not sure what kind of Secretary of State he'd be since he tends to shoot of his mouth a bit too much without thinking first. (A personal fault of mine.)

    But Hillary now has some experience under her belt. If she were VP for a term that would set her up for the Presidency. If her opposition is pretty much the same clowns as this year, she'll win easily.

    And that would put both the first Black president and the first Woman president firmly in the Democratic side. Not to mention the first Husband/Wife Presidents in history. (If Bill lives that long.) Make the Republicans look even more old, dated and inflexible.

    Who are they going to put up against Clinton in 2016? Bachmann? Palin? They've got nobody. Who else would the Democrats run? Biden? Hardly. Would four years give Warren enough experience. (I'd love a Franken/Warren ticket but there's plenty of time for that.)

    It makes perfect political and strategic sense. Which is why the Democrats won't do it. They'll stick with the same Obama/Biden ticket because they'll think it will hurt their chances to change horses in mid-stream, rock the boat, look like they're abandoning Biden.

  38. Anonymous said...
    Blah, blah, blah...Open your minds and eyes.
    10:43 AM
    Sure! Right after you!


  39. Anonymous11:21 AM

    To answer your question, Mimi, if I am not mistaken, FDR had at least 3 VPs.

  40. Anonymous said...

    You people are living in a tunnel and don't see what liars and crooks your Dem leaders are. And what a failure Obama is. The worst president in history and you all should open your eyes. Hilary cant save it either.
    It's a GOP or independent year whether you like it or not and you might be surprised how many voters go rogue. Try not to be so narrow which is the way libs always are but the funny thing is they think they are so open and accepting. Yea sure there's tons of intolerance at this sight.
    Open your minds and eyes.

    10:43 AM

    Well look what crawled out of her Saddam Hussein cave! Hey's it hanging! Still trying to run that "rogue" shit I see!

    You are right about it being "a GOP" year....yep the year the GOP will cease to exist thanks to your lovely efforts! KUDOS to you Gov Dirty Wig™! Never change!

  41. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Since when has Biden always done what's in the best interests of the country, Gryphen?

    When he was the Senator from Delaware, he had the best interests of all the credit card companies whose HQ's were in Delaware, at heart.

    Needless to say, the credit card companies' best interests are NOT the country's best interests.

    But Joe Biden didn't care about that.

    And I expect better from you than to trot out that tired old "disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters" crap.

    I did support Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama during the primaries, but I voted for Obama in the general election. I've been sorely disappointed with him just about ever since, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Clinton.

    If she had won the election and then proceeded to treat Republicans, bankers, the Bush administration criminals, and CEO's as gently as Obama has, trust me - I would have been JUST as disappointed - and JUST as vocal about it - with Clinton as I am with Obama.

    That is the difference between consistently supporting an elected official, versus consistently supporting a set of standards. You don't have to twist yourself into a pretzel to show how it's OK for the guy you voted for to do it, when you criticized the last guy you didn't vote for for doing it, if you hold them BOTH to the exact same standard.

  42. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I say Hilary "deserves" the VP slot because she has worked her ass off the past 3.5 years and because she helped paved the way for a viable female candidate whose hasn't been chosen simply because she makes old white guys tight in the pants.

    I say we "deserve" Hilary because I want more than anything for the first female vpotus or to come from our side of the aisle. One of the things that disgusted me about the GOP ticket last time around was the thought that those reactionary elephant pigs might actually claim the first female vpotus. And, by the way, I didn't vote for Hilary in the last primaries for various reasons, but I still would love to see her in the white house.

    Hilary is brilliant, tough, a tireless worker, everything Sarah and Michele B are not.

  43. WalterNeff11:42 AM

    It's illegal to say to Biden, "if you step down and Hillary becomes my running mate, I'll make you Secretary of State."

  44. Satan Palin is a liar11:44 AM

    I'm sure you know all about psychopaths, since you are one. Your hatred of President Obama is coming right through Sarah.

  45. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Can someone give some specifics on what makes Hillary a strong progressive (besides her failed effort at single-payer health insurance)? Wasn't it her State Dept. that was ready to approve the Transcanada Keystone XL pipeline with possibly faulty industry-provided environmental research? - curioser

    It's Barack Obama who makes the final decision on the pipeline. Get back to us when he approves it - as he most assuredly will. 'K?

  46. @Anonymous 10:43

    I think it's pretty clear who's living in a tunnel in these comments (hint: it's you).

    If you think an independent has a snowball's chance in hell with the way that the parties have rigged this game, I have some magic beans to sell you.

    Anyone who is not already declared as a Democrat or Republican and running at this point will not be a Presidential nominee, much less President. Period. If you believe otherwise you don't know much about the nuts and bolts of how elections work.

    BTW - I have my eyes open, and I'm at about a 75% that our next President will be starting his second term.

    Some of the other comments I thought deserved comment as well - Yes, I too believe that Robert Reich is floating a trial balloon, but on behalf of the Clintons, not the Obama Campaign. And yes, I agree with the other commenter who stated that the only thing a Clinton VP nom will do is energize the Republicans - she's not as well-liked among the base as some may think.

  47. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I think it would be an awful idea. Hillary is too divisive and you have to understand that in politics, as much as you want to motivate people to vote for your guy, you don't want the other side to be motivated to vote against your guy more.

    Obama is enough of a negative in the right wing mind, but faced with the option of Mitt, they may feel like it's not enough of a difference to matter, so they won't be as motivated to vote.

    Throwing Hillary into the mix, would likely turbocharge Republican voters in a way we don't really want to see happen.

    Let her continue to build her creds as Sec of State and then she can jump into it in 2016 if that's her desire. I'd certainly vote for her.

  48. Forgot to mention the most important factor for me is that I think Joe Biden is a qualified and effective VP and I'm completely comfortable with the idea of him as president. Hillary not so much.

  49. Gasman12:42 PM

    This is one of the few moves that President Obama can make to try and woo liberals back into the fold. The president's rather tepid record has alienated many liberals and this will certainly get their/our attention.

    Had it not been for her record of cowardice regarding the lead up to the Iraq war, I would have been for Hillary Clinton in 2008. My full throated support of Barack Obama was based solely on his very public opposition to that war and his promise to close Gitmo. I'll simply say that I've been somewhat disappointed by his actions/inactions on both counts.

    However, lest you think me stupid, I will be voting for President Obama next November, but I don't have to be excited about it. The prospect of a Vice President Clinton will make it a little easier to do so.

    I think most other progressives would also welcome the move.

  50. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Santorum "surges from behind"...

  51. Anonymous12:44 PM

    NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will succeed Barack Obama as President in 2016 and repeat in 2020.

  52. Concerning the so-called rumor about Sarah and Newt,first of all, as much as I despise Newt, he is not stupid, and anybody who would put Sarah in a Cabinet position is stupid beyond comprehesion. Try to picture Sarah doing Hillary's job. lol. Or how about Interior Secretary? If you were even a faintly sane Repub president, would you want your entire presidency overshadowed by The Screech? lol. And you know Sarah would never again settle for VP. She still thinks she should have been on the top of the McCain/Palin ticket.

  53. Anonymous said...

    ...a caller asked Newt Gingrich if he would consider choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate... Gingrich responded that Palin “is certainly one of the people you would look at”...

    Noot is pandering. Palin quit! Quit! That great pipeline of hers is dead before beginning.
    11:09 AM
    Sure, she's a quitter. But Newt quits on marriages at about the same rate most people quit on exercise plans, so he probably wouldn't see that as an issue.

  54. Anonymous12:56 PM

    If Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson, or some other right-winger, runs as a third party candidate in
    2012, it won't matter who Barack Obama's VP running mate is. According to all the top pollsters, a three way race is likely to throw the election to Barack Obama. Works for me.

  55. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Anon @ 10:43, go take a leap.

    Anyone who calls President Obama the worst president every after the Bush years where no net private sector jobs were created, 911 occurred because he was asleep on the job, invaded the wrong country and at a cost of trillions, didn’t get Bin Laden, paid for nothing, turned a $5.5 trillion surplus into $6 trillion in new debt, 60,000 factories closed, 3 million jobs outsourced, half of high-tech lost, complete financial collapse(largest in world history and BEFORE Obama was in office), 50% of what little private industry left in bankrupcty, losing 850k jobs per month, handing Obama a projected deficit of $1.7 trillion in his last budget year and ten trillion projected in new debt going forward over ten years(overall a 31.5 trillion debt increase swing under Bush from Clinton). The tax cuts that were per Republicans to produce 24 million jobs missed by 25 million jobs! When Bush and Repubs came into office in 2001, we were to be debt free, paying off the Reagan debt by 2011, instead a 16 trillion repair bill. You lose all credibility and then you support the exact same policies that created this mess-deregulation and tax cuts when taxes are 15% below Reagan and Bush levels, who increased the debt ten fold each doubling government(their jobs program!).

    No Obama has not waved a wand and cured health care or the economy, all destroyed by Repub policies they still embrace.

    And by the way, Obama is going to wipe the floor with whatever talking idiot you guys run, and he doesn't need Hillary Clinton to do it.

  56. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Uhhh, I am positive Hillary and Obama hate each other. I am positive both the Clinton's personally believe he is an idiot.

    Remember, All upper democrats backstabbed Hillary.

  57. Kimosabe1:17 PM

    I can't find the link just now, but pretty sure Biden recently said he would consider running for prez in 2016. And, I'm certain H. Clinton has said she will step down as SoS at the end of Obama's first term, and again run for public office.

    And yes, FDR switched VPs twice: Garner, Wallace and Truman (yes, I googled that).

  58. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Well, the way I see it, the GOP is heading for a schism. 90 percent of the Ron Paul voters won't be voting for anyone other than Ron Paul -- (they make Sarah's paintchip eaters seem SANE) which is looking like a pretty big chunk of the GOP electorate. Anyway, he's such a nutbar, he'll probably run as an Independent...sealing Obama's re-election for SURE.

  59. Enjay in E MT2:04 PM

    Altho I think it could be a boost in the polls - I don't believe it will happen.

    Hillary is doing a great job as SOS - and despite Biden's flubbers - he is well liked & respected (and quite entertaining)

    We have some well-established Dems that could set their sights on 2016
    to keep the progress moving!

  60. Anonymous2:10 PM

    That picture of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton is not a very recent one. Lately Madame Secretary has looked very tired and has said more than once she would like to have more time with her daughter, Chelsea. The job of Secretary of State is grueling: constant travel, little time with family, constant diplomacy and negotiations in, at times, some very hostile circumstances.
    I appreciate Hillary Clinton's service to our country in all capacities in which she has served. She is an intelligent, strong woman and a positive role model (especially for younger women). She has laid the groundwork for other
    women, like Elizabeth Warren, to run for the presidency
    again in our future. She "cleared the path", "put the cracks
    in the glass ceiling", or however you want to describe it, for
    women to be taken seriously as a candidate for the
    presidency of the United States. She went further in her
    pursuit of the presidential nomination than Liddy Dole ever
    did. Unlike Sarah Palin, who was named for her vice
    presidential nomination position and did nothing to earn it,
    Madame Secretary Clinton fought for and pursued the
    nomination for the presidency by her own merit, through
    her own hard work and her intelligence and with a true
    understanding of the issues.

    I will vote for President Obama in 2012 whether his running mate is Vice President Biden or Madame Secretary
    Clinton. It will be my honor to do so.

    The Republican base will be extremely energized to
    vote if our ticket is Obama/ Clinton 2012, however, since
    they hate both of them so much it would be hard to say which one they hate the most. We all know the republican party runs on hate.

  61. Anonymous2:14 PM

    "You people are living in a tunnel and don't see what liars and crooks your Dem leaders are. And what a failure Obama is. The worst president in history and you all should open your eyes. Hilary cant save it either.
    It's a GOP or independent year whether you like it or not and you might be surprised how many voters go rogue. Try not to be so narrow which is the way libs always are but the funny thing is they think they are so open and accepting. Yea sure there's tons of intolerance at this sight.
    Open your minds and eyes."


    Hi Sarah, I noticed Wasilla was in the house around the time you posted.

    And it is "Hillary" and "site." You really need to crack open a few books and educate yourself.

    Can you lay off the bedraggled old hag.

  62. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I think Obama and Clinton would be an outstanding team. Biden would make a wonderful Secretary of State and then it would set up either Clinton or Biden, or both, to run in the election thereafter. Keep those Dems in power and those Repubs out of control as much as possible. What a dream ticket!!!!!

  63. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I've thought of this, too. Hillary is tired of the travel, & Biden would be good at this. I think, too, (&as a woman, I hate myself for saying this) a man might be better suited for the job - considering the lack of respect world leaders have toward women.

    I'm sure Hillary would have a positive effect for the reelection of Obama, but there's also a negative effect as well. Remember, Hillary is more 'third way' than Obama. There are many on the left who hold no trust or faith in the old DLC. Me included, though I like Hillary & admire her.

    I think Biden and Clinton could assume each other's job roles very well. Both are smart, quick on their feet intelligent, & very likeable.

    As Biden would say, "This is a big fuckin' deal!"


  64. Pursang3:51 PM

    I can't see how Clinton could woo back the left, she's just as middle-right as Obama. She's cut in the same mold as her husband and Bill gave a good appearance of being a liberal but he was middle-right as well...remember NAFTA and who signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall?

    With Clinton as SoS we have an out of control drone program with the Madame Secretary running interference for the CIA. If that isn't enough to make you think then I don't know what will.

    I fear we're moving in to the same mode as we were with the President last time, the chance to have the first woman Vice President will help just like those who sought to elect the first black President. Also it's time to end the Royal Families. No more Bushes, no more Clinton's we know what they're about and while Clinton was much more positive than Bush his reign wasn't all Skittles and Jellybeans.

    I do believe that the President will be reelected but hopefully someone center-left will run and win in 2016...perhaps O'Malley the Governor from Maryland?

  65. Pursang3:59 PM

    Maybe it's too soon to say this but it's a sign as to how irrelevant Palin has become that people talk more about other things at this site than they do of her.

    I hope it stays this way forever and that Palin spends the rest of her life counting her money; never to bother the sane world again.

  66. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Thanks 1:03 pm for your detailed assessment. I've saved it to my Microsoft OneNote book for future reference.

    Obama 2012

  67. Anonymous4:37 PM

    You know, in 2008, I stated I would have been happy with Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton with a side of Clinton on the Supreme Court. Add some Robert Reich or Paul Krugman at treasury. Biden at State, and maybe Warren at Interior, unless she's busy senatoring (hopefully). And can we please get Steny Hoyer the Speaker he deserves. Nothing against Nancy Pelosi.

  68. Anonymous4:39 PM

    NO reason is cant be 2012Obama/Clinton
    2016 Clinton/Warren
    2020 Warren/ Clinton (Chelsea)

    Hey, progressive can dream, right?

  69. Anonymous4:46 PM

    To the blogger who called me a psychopath - wow. You have NO idea what a psychopath is do you? Look it up if you're not too lazy which I suspect you are.

    Psychopaths THRIVE in politics and business (think BIG global corporations). Why? Because it's all about THEM, not the 'little people' on the receiving end - even if means killing your own (9/11) or millions of 'foreigners' - you know, the 'bad' guys. Wars are about MONEY and RESOURCES and everybody is EXPENDABLE who gets in the way (military personnel and civilians). Makes no difference.

    One thing psychopaths are good is is mimicking EMOTIONS of normal people because they have NONE of their own. They can also be incredible CHARMERS.

    Having said that, Obama is very appealing because of his charm and charisma but the man is OWNED - as most politicians are. The exception in this case is RON PAUL. He may not be a LOOKER, but he's the ONLY guy to put this country back on track without the global elite pulling his strings. That's why his life may well be in danger.

    Sarah? She was a JOKE from DAY ONE. But then we all know that now.

    In reality, politicians are SELECTED and PUT INTO POWER, especially at the NATIONAL LEVEL. We know that from Bush Jr.'s two fraud 'elections'.

    People have SO MUCH to learn but really, they're too much in their comfort zone to even entertain the idea of how-the-world-really-works, especially if it is in conflict with their own little bubbles of 'reality'.

    Republicans/Democrats - really - both sides of the same coin. Wake up.

  70. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I've also thought that may happen, and it would be fine! If Joe Biden is cool with that, I hope it happens!!

  71. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Wake up? How about stfu? Arrogant. Ill Informed. Asshole.

  72. Satan Palin is a liar6:13 PM


    I still think you are a psychopath and based on your extremely long rant I now believe others think you are a psychopath too.

    Get some help, Sarah.

  73. DetroitSam6:16 PM

    The little teabagger stormtroopers they will march to the voting booths in lockstep for the opportunity to defeat Pres Obama.

    Why can't Democrats march to the voting booths out of loyalty to their party for the opportunity to make sure that Pres Obama wins reelection?

    No reason other than their wittle feeling are hurt.

  74. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Anon 10:43

    "You people are living in a tunnel and don't see what liars and crooks your Dem leaders are. And what a failure Obama is. The worst president in history and you all should open your eyes. Hilary cant save it either.
    It's a GOP or independent year whether you like it or not and you might be surprised how many voters go rogue. Try not to be so narrow which is the way libs always are but the funny thing is they think they are so open and accepting. Yea sure there's tons of intolerance at this sight.
    Open your minds and eyes."


    Welcome to the fold, OXOX smooooootch. See, libs aren't THAT bad!

    Feel Better?

  75. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Way O/T but all these comments about how OLD Hillary will be in 2016... Yikes! I will be nearly 70 also too! Time for a big glass of wine.

  76. Anonymous7:13 PM

    First, I'm voting for Obama no matter who's vice president, He's been doing a stellar job. Yeah, he didn't accomplish everything I wanted him to, but that's why he's getting my vote. He's the only one who actually "gets" what the middle class and poor in this coutry are dealing with.

    As much as I love Hillary, I would like to see Liz Warren as VP, then Warren as POTUS and Hillary or Chelsea.

    I think Obama will probably stick with Joe Biden as VP.

    But, at the end of the day, whomever Obama chooses, he has what it takes to make it work.

    And the idea of Sarah Palin with Newton just cracks me up.


  78. hauksdottir8:00 PM

    Absolutely NOT!


    No more Clintons, no more Bushes, no more Kennedys....

    Just because someone shares a name, by blood or marriage, does not make them automatically entitled to "inherit" a JOB.

    The Presidency is not a hereditary title, but a job where applicants must prove worthiness under their own unique set of skills and experiences, not their daddy's, not their hubby's, but their OWN abilities.


    Remember that?

  79. Anonymous11:16 PM

    @4:46 is CAP LOCK challenged, or rather cap lock CHALLENGED.

  80. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Anonymous said...
    I've thought of this, too. Hillary is tired of the travel, & Biden would be good at this. I think, too, (&as a woman, I hate myself for saying this) a man might be better suited for the job - considering the lack of respect world leaders have toward women.

    Have you not noticed that there is a lack of respect towards women in OUR country, also too? I think it is strange how people criticize other countries while ignoring the problem in our own.

  81. Scarlett8:11 AM

    While I enjoy the speculation of this ticket I am not necessarily sure it could (or would) happen. Biden seems as if he is doing a fine job as VP and Clinton has stated she would like to retire after her tenure as SoS is done. I can't fault her for this and it is certainly well deserved. I think President Obama knows that this would be a move that would most likely harm than good. Hilary Clinton is an extremely divisive figure to many folks and as stated before the republicans would vote in Satan himself (in droves) before her.

    I do believe that the first female VP and President will come from the Democratic side, but let's not be hasty. Elizabeth Warren is obviously a favored candidate but I am sure there are other ladies out there that can fit the bill. But we do need to give them time to develop strong records and experience to run on (and I would say this about any man as well). Whoever mentioned Andrew Cuomo I believe you are correct that he could be a strong candidate but I don't think he'll be ready in 2016 we'll see.

    What we should be focusing on is getting back the House for the Democrats, expanding our numbers in the Senate and electing as many progressive folks as possible. We need to help and encourage the folks in WI, OH and FL (etc) suffering under horrible Republican regimes whose civil rights are being stripped away from them. We need to stand up and fight to repeal Citizens United and stop unfair voter ID laws.

    Personally I'm going to vote for Obama no matter if he runs with a cheesecake as VP. But let's work hard to give him a government he could actually WORK with, instead of these regressive Republican thugs.


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