Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't let the Right Wing nuts convince you that their hatred of Obama has ANYTHING to do with his policy decisions. Ultimately we know what it has always been about.

This image comes to us courtesy of the Daily Kos.

You know in reality, as has been pointed out numerous times before, Obama is really not THAT progressive. Nor is he especially radical in any demonstrable way.

In fact for many who really thought they were getting a very liberal, anti-war President who was going to prosecute the Bush administration, while doing away with George W's devastating tax cuts for the wealthy, he has been somewhat of a disappointment. Really more of a moderate than a liberal.

Essentially the ONE thing that set him apart from every President who came before him, is the color of his skin. Period.

So you can waste your time listening to a million rationalizations, or justifications for the anti-Obama sentiment among certain people in this country if you so desire, but ultimately it always comes down to this.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me what "company" makes these stickers. I have a few words I would like to share with the owner, his neighbors, employers etc.

  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Way to stereotype.

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I agree. I don't understand why everyone's so afraid to call it what it is: Republicans are racist bullies who can't stand the fact that a black person is our President. The only reason they don't like him is because his father was a black man. They better get used to it though: President Obama WILL be re-elected and WILL be our President until 2016. And there's nothing they can do about it except whine like petulant children. Pathetic.

  4. Anonymous7:41 AM

    If I start seeing these decals around here, I will start carrying Super Glue in my pocket. In the auto keyhole it goes.

    Please resist the urge to lecture me. I have zero tolerance for this type of ¨freedom of speech.¨

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    That bumper sticker breaks my heart. For an advanced country, we still have such a long way to go.

    History will reward President Obama and shame those who pushed their agenda of hate.

  6. Registered Republican since 19807:47 AM

    That is obscene and illegal. If I see one, I will dial 911 and report it.

  7. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I would like to know the companies name too. I would also like to know the stae on the license plate.
    The poor GOP, outed once more as a bunch of assbackwards racists. But with each generation, with more and more biracial relationships and marriages, there are less of them. It may not be happening fast enough, but it is happening...the racists are slowly dying out, just like the GOP. GOP decided to embrace the racists and it will ultimately lead to their end too.

    Suck on that you f#cking racists

  8. Anonymous7:59 AM


  9. They tried to deflect their racism by whining about people using the "race card" when in fact their racism deserves more than a "card." A whole fucking star war ship full.

    They think they are so clever with their derogatory little sound bites and racist little pics depicting President Obama in tons of juvenile settings.

    Ok we get it y'all are some inbred, racist dicwads. We know already.

    Frankly I haven't seen or read this much idiotic juvenile bullshit from white folks since I read "Little Black Sambo" and saw "Birth of a Nation."

    It's RACISM but these retarded repugbaggers are too chicken shit to admit the obvious.

    These people don't believe African-Americans/Black/People of Color are on par with their inbred asses. It's white supremacy all the way. They love slavery, jim crow, racism, segregation and all the violence that comes/came along with it.

    This makes me ashamed of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

  10. 7:11 AM

    The best way is for this inbred, racist bumper sticker to go viral on fb and twitter.

  11. It is despicable but that is what it all boils down to.

    They are ignorant, racist pigs who cannot accept the fact that there is a black man in the White House. Period.

    Revolting and sad.

  12. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Yup: all that feverish talk about contraception, abortion, and gay rights is just Southern Strategy.

    Like Anon7:11, I wonder how the people who see this respond to it. I find it shocking. But I think that's the appeal of the "energizing the base" strategy. It allows those who have secretly harbored these putrid views to express them openly for a change.

    It's up to the rest of us to make short work of this if/when we contact it.

    (I remember this same issue re women's rights, until I gave up. I mean the observable hidden hostility, even when it was not okay to express it.)

  13. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Where is the confederate flag?
    I would be tempted to write racist on this vehicle. The owner is proud of it.

  14. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me what "company" makes these stickers.


  15. It has ALWAYS been about race. They have been dumping on President Obama since the day that he was elected, and before any of his policies was even put on an agenda.
    They keep saying that he is destroying the Country yet, they can never specify how. He campaigned on HCR, and he won...by a lot. IF most Americans were against it, he would not have won. And really, how can they be so stupid as to be against fellow Americans getting health insurance?
    They blame the President for the bad economy, like he inherited one that was doing so well.
    These republican clowns are just plain bigots, and they don't hide under their hooded white sheets anymore.

  16. Sally in MI8:37 AM

    Here you go: http://www.stumpysstickers.com/

    but I warn you, it's an ugly site...full of Confedrate flags and good old boy garbage. I did send an email to them, but I bet I get a hatefest back.

  17. Anonymous8:40 AM


    John Heilemann on Morning Joe this morning NAILED Franklin Graham between the eyes about his double standard with regard to President Obama's faith. Said to Graham's face -- 'Double Standard'!!

    The panel including Willie Geist, Alex Wagner, and others -- let him talk but punched back. No Dufus Joe or Mika there to kiss his feet and give him a free pass. One of the best segments I've seen on Morning Joe for some time.


  18. Anonymous8:45 AM

    You know, I have to wonder of the Roman Empire went through similar spasms of ideological idiocy in its way out the door.

  19. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I live in SC, looks like a NC plate to me. I'm sure there will be plenty of those plastered on cars around here soon!
    NancyB in SC

  20. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Dear Driver,
    Thanks for totally negating years and years of progress.

  21. I just had a conversation with an avowed Republican woman on Facebook and I expressed my concern over the rhetoric coming from the likes of Santorum and his extreme right wing agenda. I thought that she, being a woman, would be as concerned as I over the assault on women's productive rights. She was not. In fact, she got defensive about it.

    And then, I saw the picture of that offensive, racist sticker and now I'm kinda sick about the attitude of some people. I know it's out there, but I'd like to think that there are more critical thinkers out there than racist, misogynistic knuckle draggers.

    I'm sure glad that I'm a liberal.

  22. That moron has to be from the white bread, bible belt disneyland they call America. If they had that on their truck in northeast US, they would be recovering in the intensive care ward (on the taxpayers dime) and their car would become recyclable trash.
    Please, drive that thing to philadelphia, please.

  23. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Santorum is once again feeding these fires as Palin once did (and still does on the rare occasion anyone wants to hear her speak).

    He and Gingrich are both piling upon the President this morning regarding "religion." Might buy that Santorum is a religious zealot, incapable of subtle thought, but Gingrich is simply a racist. That Santorum might be a racist is certainly an issue I would embrace. He is that stupid.

    All the GOP seems to want is silence both women and people of color - sending them all back into the shadows.

    That people are being so blatant in their hate I place the fault squarely at Sister Sarah's feet. She revived the right's sense of entitlement to hate.

  24. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Why isn't anyone in the GOP standing up and saying this kind of stuff is wrong?

    Because they benefit from racism. Racists seem to be their base at this moment in time.

    Sarah unleashed them, the GOP embraced them, and now we have to stop them.

  25. Anonymous9:15 AM

    It is wha tit is all about, always has been. I hate these racist bastards.

  26. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Nothing these ass-hats do surprises me anymore.
    When we lived in Georgia I parked next to a very new Honda Odyssey mini-van with the vanity license "ARYAN G".
    Somehow I don't think it stood for "Anne Ryan G".
    I have pictures of this as I could not believe my eyes.

  27. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Instead of sending an email to stumpy's.....write to Paypal (and/or Visa, Mastercard) and let them know your outrage. I would hope those companies would have some standards.
    Here is the email I sent to Paypal. Feel free to reuse.

    I am a frequent user and supporter of Paypal. I was shocked when I looked at the merchandise being offered for sale through Paypal on http://www.stumpysstickers.com/
    There are many racist, despicable stickers which demean President Obama. Everyone knows that the racists of America....and there are a lot of them....hate the president because of his race. However, I am sad that Paypal has given a means for these unevolved souls to profit from their ignorance. I hope that Paypal will reconsider supporting this atrocious website.

  28. Anonymous9:38 AM

    They said this race would get horrible and it is already. Between Santorum and the son of Billy Graham - my blood pressure is up there today.

    Santorum will never be elected president nationwide IF he wins the normination for the Republicans (doubt he will really). His stands on religion, President Obama and intruding in women's rights absolutely take the cake. He obviously is very out of touch w/Americans across the nation.

    And then we have the younger Rev Franklin Graham (who has close connections w/Sarah Palin's - are we surprised?)come out today and question President Obama being being a christian and even suggested he could be a Muslim and stated that President Obama is thought of as the 'son of Islam'! But, he thinks Gingrich is a christian and showed he didn't think much of Romney's Mormonism.

    Does he not know that President Obama met w/his father at his home where Rev Billy Graham gave President Obama his blessing? The son is nothing like his father, but we already knew that!

    I can hardly wait to see with this group is going to do when President Obama is reelected in a landslide!

  29. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Crystal at 8:54 - perhaps you could find time to contrast these two articles, as they discuss what you recently experienced - plus, there's even a huffy little troll in the comments!



    Phyllis Schlafly may be a crone, but she's not dead yet, nor are her cohorts.

  30. Anonymous9:53 AM

    These people think their puns make them funny and smart.
    If they were true believers, they'd just get out their white sheets and forget the wit.

  31. R-epublicans

    Remember, remember, the sixth of November! Landslide!!! Our awesome President deserves it! And the racist/Baggers can suck it ...

  32. Anonymous9:59 AM

    8:54 I know how you are feeling. I'm retired, but worked for years in an industry that was mainly Repulican (and still is!). I was always registered as 'non partisan' but leaned more liberal.

    Now that we have our wonderful President Obama in office, I'm finding that many of those friends from my working days are very anti President Obama and some have shown themselves to be - dare I use the word? - 'racist'. It makes me sick and has made me really question the people that I have called 'friends' for the past thirty plus years.

    When political statements are made by them, I just say I don't agree with their thoughts regarding President Obama and suggest the conversation stop. So far, so good! (When in my home.)

    The lessons we learn - even at the age of 70!!

  33. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I carry extra Sierra Club, Obama 2008, CoExist and other types of bumper stickers that Far Righters hate, in my car. I use them to cover just this sort of offensive drivel, provided the car is parked and the owner is no where near. Those types carry guns ya know and aren't afraid to use them! I don't want to end up with a cap in my ass for doing my civic duty!


  34. "Anonymous said...
    Please, please, PLEASE tell me what "company" makes these stickers.


    8:32 AM"

    Maybe we should send budweiser a little note and let them know this racist site is selling budweiser stuff. Is this how they like their product branded?

  35. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Thank you Anon 8:32 and Sally in MI! I am going to try to find out who owns this company.

  36. Anonymous10:06 AM



  37. O/T but pretty funny.

  38. Anon@8:40--thanks for the MSNBC link. It is very good.

  39. Anonymous10:13 AM

    7:41 You made me smile - think we should ALL do this!!! I think President Obama will be reelected in a landslide and I can hardly wait to see the faces of the racists!!!

  40. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:15 AM

    Their little pointy heads are going to explode during Term #2!

  41. I think it is not only that PBO is black but that he is more educated, successful, graceful, smarter, caring, has a more attractive family, on and on than the rednecks who hate him.

    They had no problem with the idiot, crass Herman Cain.

  42. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Jim Crow may be coming soon to a state near you

    The rise of the Tea Party seems to have subsided in American politics as an electoral force, but the central sentiment from which it rose - racism - seems to be have new life breathed into it by the 2010 elections that put rabid right wing radicals in charge of state houses. There is now a real possibility that between the Teabaggers running the states and the appointments to the federal courts stacked by conservatives from Reagan to Bush Jr., the Voting Rights Act is under assault.


  43. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Rick Santorum's dog whistle: Obama's "radical Islamic policies"

    Sure that was a gaffe...

    Rick Santorum’s spokeswoman Alice Stewart said in a TV interview on Monday that Santorum was referring to President Barack Obama’s “radical Islamic policies” when he said the president’s agenda was driven by “phony theology” — but then quickly called up MSNBC after the segment aired to say she misspoke.

    “There is a type of theological secularism when it comes to the global warmists in this country. That’s what he was referring to. He was referring to the president’s policies in terms of the radical Islamic policies the president has,” Stewart said on “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

    This is not a misspeak. This is a dog whistle. This is a dog whistle telling the Republican primary voters and wingnut candidates for various offices that it was time to start running on the racist and Islamophobic theme that President Obama is a black (Kenyan) Muslim.

    Read more »


  44. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Yo, The Stimulus Worked – Thank You President Obama!


  45. Anne In DC10:33 AM

    It HAS been mainly about race. If they haven't been exchanging blatantly racist e-mails among themselves, they have called him a socialist, a Marxist, a Commie, a Muslim, and a whole bunch of other mutually contradictory things. Some macho idiots have even called him gay. All of this is intended to convey that to them, he is not
    "one of us." It only underscores their bitterness, anger, and disbelief that McCain-Palin were soundly rejected in 2008, as they should have been. I shudder to think what this country would have been like with them at the helm.
    These same fools were willing to put up with a hot-headed, impulsive old man like Mcain and a clueless, hateful idiot like Palin just because they are white.

  46. Ok I called budweiser by phone (1.800.342.5283) and spoke to Treavor about this mess. He said he would pass it on. I told him there will be a countdown clock on when they decide to get in touch with this nut and make him take down the budweiser stuff. I told the rep it has nothing to do with them unless they refuse to ask the nut to cease and desist.

    Budweiser Contact Info

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      The problem is that the Budweiser stuff is from the 1980s, you know the "collectibles" variety, so Bud would be unlikely to have any leverage at all.

  47. Anonymous said...
    I live in SC, looks like a NC plate to me. I'm sure there will be plenty of those plastered on cars around here soon!
    NancyB in SC

    8:52 AM

    You're right, NancyB, it IS a NC license plate.



  48. Actually, the original comment at DailyKos makes quite clear that the license plate and the racist sticker is on a NC car, belonging to a Carolina Panthers fan.


    You can tell from the enlarged detail insert pic that the sticker is taped to the inside of the window -- presumably so no one tears it off as would be possible if it were stuck to the outside of the window (or they just don't want the sticker there when they return the SUV for a newer model).

  49. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I liked the superglue suggestion, and the "paste Obama stickers over it." I really like the idea of getting this to go viral. Contacting the credit-card companies is good, too.

    But the awful thing is that after Pres Obama wins the election, we will still have to live with/work with these disaffected people. Much of the criticism of the President has come from his trying to include, compromise as needed, get what we can, and move forward. And yet, we have to go with what we have. Which is a big problem. But no one better to address it than our talented President.

    Not surprising that people don't want to discuss economy, global warming, wars: too hard, too complicated. Let's just call each other bad names.

    However, don't discount the power of these racists: between dirty tricks and voter fraud, they are are going to do all they can.

  50. hedgewytch11:13 AM

    Remember Denial runs deep in the GOP. They deny woman the right to make their own medical decisions, they deny people the right to marry whom they choose, they deny people the right to sleep with who they choose, and in the manner in which they choose to do so. They deny that industry/business needs regulation. They deny that there is global climate change. They deny peak oil. They deny evolution. They deny everyone's religion, but their "own" as being "correct".

    They deny their own actions when they are caught in direct conflict with what they preach so vociferously. So of course, they will deny that their actions towards President Obama are racist and radical. And they will believe every word out of their own mouths.

    Yes, we all know that Denial, or shall we say, a lack of self-reflection and realization, is a common character trait for most of the hard line conservative Republicans.

    But that doesn't mean we can't call them on it for each and every instance it occurs.

  51. Anonymous11:14 AM

    When do you think Schmidt or whoever would have broached topics for study in the VP debate prep etc? Sarah interviewed with hannity on Sept 18 08 and mentioned Reagan, Thatcher, Lincoln and at least one book specifically as inspirations.

  52. Anonymous11:20 AM


    Santorum has been exposed. His skeletons are falling out of the closet!!

    Was on Board of Directors 2007 to 2011 of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), one of the country's largest hospital chains.

    "Rick Santorum-Linked Hospital Chain Saw Suicide Attempts, Abuse, And Loss Of Parents' Rights"


    And this moron is now spewing in his stump speeches about the 'death panels' that came to life by you know who in the healthcare period. I think we know who the true 'Murderer' is.

    When asked, he has avoided answering questions about this topic as they have been nailed by DOJ for millions re medicaid fraud, bribery of doctors, etc.

  53. Tyroanee11:51 AM

    Isn't just like a Republican to take more than one parking spot...after all they are initialed no?
    OH yeah and their a racist pig!

  54. Tyroanee11:59 AM

    Took a peak at that bumper sticker site... gee, I think they must of pulled everyone together in South Carolina and scrapped together the 30 brain cells to come up with all high quality YEEE-hah Amerkin Memorabilia.

  55. Thanks Anonymous @9:50 am. I need to come to this site several times every day for assurance that I am not crazy. The links are very informative.

    Thank you, Gryphen for providing an island of sanity in the sea of P and frothy mixture.

  56. Anonymous2:39 PM



  57. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Anon @ 7:41: Good idea.

  58. Anonymous2:46 PM

    This is physically making me sick!

  59. Anonymous3:07 PM

    This is thoroughly disgusting and it makes me more than sad about the person who feels the need to display this.


  60. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Disgusting. It's really interesting how the stupid people are so very willing to openly demonstrate their stupidity.

    Someone key that crappy truck. And, the super glue trick sounds fun as well.

  61. Anonymous3:33 PM

    9:29 AM : What is PayPals email addy? I just got off the phone very frustrated, because I could not get a real live person, but just a robot...

  62. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Game of Life - thank you for the Budweiser contact link. I've emailed them to take appropriate action as the chit will be hitting the fan.

  63. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Anon @8:28 am said:
    "Where is the confederate flag?
    I would be tempted to write racist on this vehicle. The owner is proud of it."

    Forget the flag--where are the shiny metallic bull testicles and the naked lady mudflaps?

  64. Anonymous4:41 PM

    This is only the darkness before the light. These disgusting fools are revealing themselves and destroying their party.

  65. Otto Katz5:33 PM

    I called Anhauser Busche this morning, and let them know where their trademarked "Budman" was. They were very interested, I wonder how long that will remain.

    7:41 AM, I feel like bringing some Gorilla Glue along with me in case I see the sticker on a car somewhere.

  66. Anonymous6:56 PM

    As a black woman, I don't know how I would react if I pulled into a gas station behind someone with that on their car, especially if I had my granddaughters with me like I usually do. How do I explain racism to them? And why should I have to just as my mother did to me and her mother did to her and so forth?

    How comfortable with ignorance this person must be to proudly display such vile hate regardless of who sees it.

  67. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I sadly see those in Middle Tennessee a lot.

  68. Anita Winecooler7:55 PM

    While I'm not surprised, it still bothers the hell out of me. Thee website starts with a solliloqy on "free speech", I guess to soothe their consience, but it's no different than crosshairs on a map with targeted names.

    I love the idea of carrying bumper stickers to cover them up, but I'll have to do the crazy glue trick as well, because two wrongs don't make a right, and doing three things is good luck.

    The owner of PAy PAl gave millions to Ron Paul's superpac, so I;m sure they won't see anything wrong, but Budweiser takes their logos and intellecutal property seriously.

    And I feel for African Americans, this rips scabs off wounds that run deep. To have to explain hate to their children is like re-living it all.

    Obama 2016!

  69. melissa4:15 AM

    I have to share this. My grandparents were lifelong Republicans until George W. Bush ran for POTUS. Neither of them voted for him the first time he ran or for his re-election. They also voted for Obama and have stated they will vote for him again. Their reasoning? They don't like what the Republican party has become and refuse to be associated with 'people like that'. They also believe the Republicans are actively turning into Christian racists who want to turn back the clock on the US (and my grandparents are a very religious traditional couple).

  70. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Wow... scary that there are so many of these types of people... what kind of people would buy stickers from the below web site (proudly may I add) and not see anything wrong with it.



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