Friday, March 23, 2012

Ten Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the US is Nuts.

This was written in the Huffington Post by author Soraya L. Chemaly and I thought it was well worth sharing.  Below is an excerpt.  

This week the Georgia State Legislature debated a bill in the House that would make it necessary for some women to carry stillborn or dying fetuses until they 'naturally' go into labor. In arguing for this bill Representative Terry England described his empathy for pregnant cows and pigs in the same situation. 

I have a question for Terry England, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and too many others: I have three daughters, two of them twins. If one of my twins had been stillborn would you have made me carry her to term, thereby endangering both the other twin and me? Or, would you have insisted that the state order a mandatory fetal extraction of the living twin fetus from my womb so that I could continue to carry the stillborn one to term and possibly die myself? 

My family is curious and since you believe my uterus is your public property, I am, too. 

The rest of the civilized world thinks this country has lost its mind. It's no wonder. Look at this list of frenzied misogyny: 

1. Making women carry still-born fetuses to full term because cows and pigs do. 

2. Consigning women to death to save a fetus. 

3. Criminalizing pregnancy and miscarriages and arresting, imprisoning and charging women who miscarry with murder, like Rennie Gibbs in Mississippi or at least 40 other similar cases in Alabama or like Bei Bei Shuai, a woman who is now imprisoned, is charged with murder after trying to commit suicide while pregnant. Pregnant women are becoming a special class subject to "special" laws that infringe on their fundamental rights. 

4. Forcing women to undergo involuntary vaginal penetration (otherwise called rape) with a condom-covered, six- to eight-inch ultrasound probe. 

5. Disabling women or sacrificing their lives by either withholding medical treatment or forcing women to undergo involuntary medical procedures. 

6. Giving zygotes "personhood" rights while systematically stripping women of their fundamental rights. 

7. Inhibiting, humiliating and punishing women for their choices to have an abortion for any reason by levying taxes specifically on abortion, including abortions sought by rape victims to end their involuntary insemination, imposing restrictive requirements like 24 hour wait periods and empowering doctors to lie to female patients about their fetuses in order to avoid prosecution. In Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas and other states around the country bills that make women "pay" for their choices are abounding. 

8. Allowing employers to delve into women's private lives and only pay for insurance when they agree, for religious reasons, with how she choses to use birth control. 

9. Sacrificing women's overall health and the well-being of their families in order to stop them from exercising their fundamental human right to control their own bodies and reproduction. 

10. Depriving women of their ability to earn a living and support themselves and their families. Bills, like this one in Arizona, allow employers to fire women for using contraception. Women like these are being fired for not. You presume to consign my daughters and yours to function as reproductive animals.

Like I said this is only a portion, and the rest of this impassioned plea, to be treated like human being instead of breeding livestock, is certainly one that deserves to be read in its entirety.

It must be noted that the information above is clearly more than just the case of a few under evolved lawmakers making laws in order to put women "in their place." This appears instead to be a coordinated effort to strip away a woman's equality and to allow men to once again obtain dominion over them. (Dominionism, now where have we heard THAT word before?)

However the Republicans are s-l-o-w-l-y becoming aware that their agenda has been identified and have decided that rather than change their tactics, to instead go on the attack and claim that it is actually OBAMA who is waging a war on women. (No I am NOT kidding.)

Rachel Maddow did her usual amazing job of calling the Republicans out on their transparent attempts to muddy the waters.

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Personally I think all of this is the result of the Republicans feeling that they had the wind at their back going into the 2012 election cycle. And with the help of the pitchfork and torch wielding Teabaggers, believing they no longer had to hide the social agenda that is ALWAYS lying just beneath the surface of their politics.

Let me remind you once again that the ONLY way to demonstrate that THEIR agenda is not acceptable to the American people, is to vote. If you sit this one out you may indeed wake up to an era that the Republicans seem to favor the most.

The 50's.

And by that I mean the "1850's."  Think about it. 


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    What the fuck is going on in this country? Women, minorities, gays, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, etc. We are ALL Americans. Who ordained these pious, self-righteous fascists, the keepers of our civil liberties under our Constitution.
    WAKE UP AMERICA ! It is time to vote these idiots out of office. We need to take back our democracy, and give LOVE a chance.

    1. lostinmn8:26 AM

      Let's not forget the Puritans, upon which so much is made as the "founders" of our country, were the moonies of their day, driven from England and then, I think, Holland. They were rigid, inflexible haters. They burned witches and Native Americans because they thought their religion and white skin entitled them to do what they wanted with people who weren't like them. And their ideas of women were barefoot, pregnant and keeping their mouths shut. That is what is driving this country right now. Maybe it's time to load them all on Disney Cruise ships and make them set sail for a new country to oppress.

  2. Sally in MI7:10 AM

    Thank you, Jesse. We need to have the GOP unmasked for the hateful group of rich white power hungry men it has become. When I see Ann Romney and Karen Santorum smiling behind their husbands, I want to shake them out of their insanity. Do they not know what the world the GOP wants to create will mean for their daughters? Karen had one
    handicapped child at age 49. Her daughters will be reproducing yearly and at what cost to their bodies, their mental health, and to society? Birth control is not against God. Birth control saves lives, saves societies from more children for the GOP to starve and leave on the streets to die. Do they really want to become Vietnam or India, with children raising themselves by begging? It seems so, as women are demonized for wanting to control when or if they become pregnant. For women wanting every child born to be loved and educated. In case it is not clear, the GOP has now managed to shutter millions of schools in this country through de-funding at the state level. My prosperous town closed half our elementaries a year ago, and now will close one of three middle schools, forcing class sizes up, teacher jobs down, and education to be dumbed down. When a presidential candidate says colleges are 'elite,' as if that is a bad thing, America is not just being laughed at around the world, we are being seen as a country in descent. Keep it up, GOP, we'll be third world before you know it, and then what will you do? Pray us better?

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      I still can't get out of my brain hearing Ann Romney in the televised speeches when introducing her moron husband at a few of the earlier primary victories, when she said she had a list of people to thank and the crowd should hold their applause until the end and that they should 'OBEY' her. Yes - 'OBEY' her. WTF?? It was like the word jumped off the TV screen when I heard it and everything else when silent.

      OBEY her?? I won't OBEY hy 'significant other'!! That would not be a word allowed in my marriage vows so I'll be dammed if I would 'OBEY' that bitch -- a strange bitch.

      The use of the word 'obey' then reminded me of a video by TMZ of Palin walking out of a hotel in NYC I believe and while getting into a van and asked a question about kids, and she said something about 'obeying' or 'obey her'.

      It brings to mind adult figures being abusive. With kids where they carry out the use of the 'rods' to whip their kids as in that moron's book that we hear so much about that the rethugs follow like a bible -- 'you will obey me'. They honestly believe that because their hand doesn't touch the child, they're not abusive yet many children have died from these abusive use of these objects like 'rods'. The use of 'power' like that of the President's office to abuse the power over the people.

      I'd hate like hell to be a kid in those homes -- whether it be Romney or Palin -- the list to long to type.

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!8:54 AM

      OMG, obey her? That's hilarious.

      Just like the other day when Mittens won and Ann TOLD everyone to rally around Mitt now.

      Ya know, cuz she said so. And Ann always gets what Ann wants...

      How's that for "democracy"?

    3. Anonymous9:54 AM

      How Religion's Demand for Obedience Keeps Us in the Dark Ages

      The most fervent advocates of religion in the modern world are also the most deeply inculcated with the mindset of command and obedience, which has dangerous consequences.

      ...But while the secular arguments for dictatorship have been greatly weakened, the religious arguments for it have scarcely changed at all. Religion is very much a holdover from the dark ages of the past, and the world's holy books still enshrine the ancient demands for us to bow down and obey the (conveniently unseen and absent) gods, and more importantly, the human beings who claim the right to act as their representatives. It's no surprise, then, that the most fervent advocates of religion in the modern world are also the most deeply inculcated with this mindset of command and obedience.

      We saw this vividly in recent weeks with the controversy over birth control. As polls and surveys make clear, the overwhelming majority of American Catholics use contraception and in all other ways live normal, modern lives. They mostly just ignore the archaic bluster of the bishops. But the Pope and the Vatican hierarchy conduct themselves publicly as if nothing had changed since the Middle Ages; as if there were billions of Catholics who'd leap to obey the slightest crook of their finger.

    4. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Haven't found video yet as vids are mainly just Mitt speaking, but here is link to a blog that caught 'obey' which was in fact 'listen and obey'. I wasn't hearing things. This from Nevada win and the explaination as to how it is withing the LDS

      "After some research, “listen and obey” is drawn from Mormon doctrine to hear and obey their prophets and is used often in Mormon hymns and communications from their elders."

    5. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Found video!! Within the first 40 seconds!

  3. lostinmn7:20 AM

    There was a quote recently regarding the economic recovery so far. Not only are most the jobs recovered going to men then writer actually made the point that men have careers, women have jobs. There is a difference.

    Quit those jobs women, even you single mothers, get the heck back home, hit some bars until you find some man if you're not married. Then kick off those shoes, wrap yourself in Saran Wrap so your man can strip you down for some quick sexual release, put on an apron, get out to the kitchen (after your chores are done) and STFU.

    That's the kind of woman a true man wants - a demure little passive woman who is a mad lusting ho when she gets in the bedroom.

    I just don't understand why women today don't get that? Musta been all them bras that got burned back in the 60's that started all this tom foolery.

  4. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Uh, 1650's.
    Very medieval.

  5. Tessie7:29 AM

    I read this a few days ago, and it made me wonder if any research is done at all when these bills are written. I don't think it would be unreasonable to require that a panel of doctors explain the repercussions of any bill that involves providing or denying medical care.

    Re Obama's "war on women", what a bunch of bullshit. It's 99% based on the fact that he didn't give back Maher's donation, and 1% on unsubstantiated rumor. We all know that if President Obama did order the donation returned, they'd impeach him for illegally interfering with a SuperPAC.

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I feel sick watching the Obama war on women video.

    Scapegoating at it's finest. Featuring ultimate victims Sarah and Bristol Palin.

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Keep it up, Palins. Everyone is watching you.

      The Mormons are going to watch their goodwill generated by the success of The Book of Mormon on Broadway evaporate. The Etch A Sketch comment shows how there is the practice of lying to get what you want, whether it is proselytizing or in politics.

  7. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Gryphen, you must have ESP -- even via the web!!

    In a conversation last evening, I made mention of an old saying that can be compared to one of the items you posted above:

    "6. Giving zygotes "personhood" rights while systematically stripping women of their fundamental rights."

    It wasn't uncommon years ago to refer to pregnancy as 'Having a bun in the oven' to which I explained myself as the woman was the 'oven' -- the 'appliance' -- the 'object' -- the 'thing' -- which the Rethugs are making the woman to appear as being 'objects' and 'things' -- having no rights.

    The 'oven/object/thing' will facilitate the space for the 'bun' which is of course the 'zygote'. They see the 'zygote' like a 'bun' -- it is expected to expand, to grow and therefore attach it to personhood because of possibility of expansion, growth.

    I can't remember using the saying for years which reconfirms to me how they want to take women back to the times of being referred to in the 'old boys' conversation as being kept 'barefoot and pregnant'. The days before women had jobs, ran or owned businesses. They were the days were women were expected to have dinner on the table at 6, keep the kids quiet as the fathers were not engaged in their upbringing except for punishment. The days where women did all the chorse in the house and expected to have his newspaper and slippers waiting for when he came through the door. Those same days when it was unheard of for the father to be in the delivery room -- it wasn't allowed.

  8. The Handmaid's Tale should be mandatory reading.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Great book and I am amazed that Atwood saw this coming so many years ago when she wrote it.

    2. I've not read this yet - just ordered for my kindle as the story seems scarily relevant right now. Thanks for the recommendation.

    3. I've not read this book, but have just ordered for my kindle. The story seems scarily relevant right now. Thanks for the recommendation.

    4. Anonymous8:43 AM

      It is mandatory reading in some places. Where do you think they got these crazy ideas?

    5. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!8:57 AM

      **jumps to library account online**

      Thanks for the rec!

    6. I have been thinking the same thing for months. I have even thought of trying to buy a hundred copies of The Handmaiden's Tale to pass out to women. I will never understand the Republican mindset if I live to be a hundred

    7. Holly6:48 PM

      Mel, hand them out to men too. This is not a women's issue. It is an issue for their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons, brothers, cousins & friends too.

  9. Anonymous7:43 AM

    You are spot-on with the 1850’s. This was a time when there were sweatshops, and people fighting for reductions in 12-hour (or more) days working in filthy, disease-ridden environments both on the job and at home. Yet, for all that they were barely able to afford enough food for their families. Children worked and were not educated. The working class was kept down in a class rule of master and slaves of all sexes, ages and nationalities. In the 1850’s The Few had pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. The poor? Lucky if they had a pot. And does this sound familiar? It was the time of woman’s suffrage: women did not have rights.

    The 1850’s was man’s enslavement of man while he gobbled up all he could. Sound familiar? Comments so far are also spot-on. We, the 99 percent are supposed to be kept down, uneducated, poor, and as the Repubs and Tbaggers believe, getting even poorer. They seem to be able to keep their people ignorant, now they are after us too.

    1. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU, Karl Rove!8:11 AM


      Oh, wait...


      There was a bit on The MAN Show years ago (Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla).

      They set up a table at Venice Beach with a big poster that said: STOP WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE! SIGN OUR PETITION!

      It was fucking embarrassing how many women signed it.

      (There is still somebody reading this who doesn't understand what I'm saying...*sigh*)

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Cowa. Bonga. This. could. happen. They could package it as something else, their bots would go for it, and we could be denied the right to vote. Yes, it could happen, because women, more than any other group, tend to vote democratic. THAT is why they are after us. It will NOT stop with them coming after women of child-bearing age. They will come after all women. This is a possible reality, and it is horrifying. They are beyond having have gone mad: they have jumped off the cliff into an abyss, and they are trying to take the rest of us with them.

    3. Tessie9:26 AM

      FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU, Karl Rove! - that reminds me of Phoebe on Friends: "And then there was suffrage, which is a good thing, but it sounds horrible."

    4. Yo PalinSux!11:05 AM

      Here's the clip from the "Man Show"-

      kinda grainy but good enuf...

  10. hedgewytch7:48 AM

    I saw this when it came out earlier this week and immediately posted it on my FB account. I encourage everyone else to do so too - the more this message gets out there the better.

    It had the added benefit of making a person who was friend-ed on my FB who is also a Dominionist, un-friend me. Good riddance! It's funny she can't take the heat, but she keeps herself in the kitchen,ignorant, barefoot and pregnant!

  11. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Palin Fallout Continues Into 2012 Race

    ...“One of the mistakes we made in the Palin process was one of assumptions,” said Steve Schmidt, one of the McCain aides who guided the process. “We immediately made the assumption that anyone with ‘Governor’ next to her name has a base level of knowledge of history and policy that in a post-Palin world it isn’t necessarily safe to assume.”

    ...In any other year, your musings might lead you to, say, Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, a former prosecutor who checks all of those boxes, has bipartisan support in her home state and enjoys shooting handguns to boot.

    But in the world after Sarah Palin and “Game Change,” the chances of Mitt Romney or anyone else choosing a first-term governor lacking a national brand name and experience are greatly diminished. However good a fit she might be on paper, Ms. Martinez probably bears too many surface similarities to Ms. Palin to get a serious look, as The New Republic and others have pointed out.

    And the fallout from the McCain campaign’s selection of Ms. Palin for the No. 2 place on the ticket will extend well beyond the chances of any individual. For any Republican who makes it onto the short list of possible vice presidential nominees, the vetting process this year promises to be as thorough and intrusive as the vetting of Ms. Palin was rushed and incomplete.

  12. Gryph --

    O/T but worth checking out. Ed Schultz on Obama Derangement Syndrome. Interesting point about the Secret Service asking McCain to tone down the hate speech.

    1. Anita Winecooler8:21 PM

      Great link!

      I also saw a segment on msnbc, where Frothy was at a gun shooting range, and a woman filmed it while saying "Pretend it's Obama" Frothy later said he didn't hear it (true, because he had his ear protection in place in the video) and kind of, sort of said it was wrong.

      The last line the newscaster said was priceless.

      "The Secret Service is in possession of the tape and is investigating the matter"


    What AMERICA is this?!?!

    That MALE governor Repeatedly LIED that bill would not be INVASIVE to WOMEN, just an "over the belly" thing.

    It. Is. NOT!!

    It is a TRANS-VAGINAL PROBE!!!!!!!!!

    WHY didn't the reporters call him out on his LIES??


    The next Maddow segment that popped up was excellent as well; it was a follow-up to her Mitt "the Liar" piece.

    She notes Karl "the devil" Rove wrote an op-ed for the WSJ saying the White House has NO accomplishments to run on, including killing OBL.

    He wrote:
    As for the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation. Even President Bill Clinton says in the film "that's the call I would have made." For this to be portrayed as the epic achievement of the first term tells you how bare the White House cupboards are.


    BECAUSE OF Rachel Maddow, the WSJ FINALLY corrected the article, with the CORRECT and COMPLETE quote from BC, which was VERY Different.

    President Bill Clinton says in the film "I hope that's the call I would have made."

    So many people will only read Ham Rove's LIES though, it makes me SICK!


    ALSO, how the FUCK does he have the Balls to write that "Mr. Obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation"?



    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      They forgot to list that when dealing with women's issues, it's more important to ask a bunch of pedophile-protecting bishops what to do than a bunch of women.

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!9:02 AM

      Indeed, 9:45.

      You can't go asking women what they "think"!

      Next thing you know they'll be all reading and writing and who KNOWS where the madness will end?

      They could get Jobs! Make their own Money! Live on their own! Travel! Run for office!

      Oh, no no no.

      Musn't have that.

    3. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!9:18 AM

      “He took the harder and the more honorable path. When I saw what had happened, I thought to myself, `I hope that’s the call I would have made.’”

    4. Anita Winecooler8:28 PM

      I saw that and read the article. I'm with you FICK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!! There is no "third estate" in news reporting, they put up manipulated segments spliced together, and don't follow up. Seeing the NYT actually do their job was refreshing for a change.

  14. Anonymous8:24 AM

    This past week flipping the stations, on one of the cable stations that do the reality shows, I noticed this week there is another show of a family that just had their 19th kid --just like the Duggars. I believe they've been married 24 years -- 19 kids.

    No need to ask what political party they belong to or their religion.

  15. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Yo, Republicans, independent voter here. What in the sam hill has happened to the party of Lincoln? Don’t recognize you, will be voting against you. You have gone insane, and I totally mean that bitchy. You’re a bunch of war-mongers, nothing more.

  16. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Have to admit Gryph, for a moment there is was starting to think that there was no hope for America, but thanks to persons like yourself, and MargertandHelen, and Rachel Maddow and Juanita Jean and Wonket and Syrin and field negro and crooks and liars and daily kos, ok ok you get the point. I am way over here in Barbados and I have access to both sides of the story. We know what's going on. It's up to you guys to vote these cretins out of office. Honestly we are all rooting for you guys.

  17. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Next cash crop for the 1%, Corporations and legistrators is women and children slaves. We have to fight back now. It's their job plan take women out of the work place to breed their cash crop selling across the world -----slaves
    No other explaination makes sense

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      They want to get rid of the middle class. If they succeed all that will be left is the 1% and the slaves/servants.


  18. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Ironically, in the 1850's, it was perfectly acceptable to employ artificial methods to remedy a "stoppage" in the uterus. Remember, pregnancy was not really confirmed until the "quickening" when the mother felt the baby move for the first time (usually around the 4th month). Many believed that was when the soul entered the fetus and it became human.

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      An addition... for male children it was 90 days, female children 120 days (although how they'd know I have no idea).
      The churches of that day could have cared less about the aborted kids. It wasn't until the industrial revolution was seeing less and less workers as the women aborted their fetuses since they could not afford to birth them. No kids = no workers so the industrialists got the churches and well meaning organizations involved, banned and criminalized abortions and abortion causing chemicals so women were forced to give birth to children they could not afford.

  19. Anonymous8:48 AM

    When I read Handmaidens Tale, liked the book, but thought I would never live to see the day. ha!

    This is interesting... ancestor search
    Thirty-nine lashes “well laid” on her bare back and an extension of her indentured servitude was Elizabeth Banks’ punishment for “fornication & Bastardy with a negroe slave,” according to a stark June 20, 1683, court document from York County, Va

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Everyone must read HT. Great book! The movie is also ok.

      Among the subjects whose pasts are summoned this season on “Finding Your Roots” are Barbara Walters (who learns her original family surname), Harry Connick Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Margaret Cho, Kevin Bacon, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, Branford Marsalis, Robert Downey Jr. and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

      KEVIN BACON ? 6 degrees ! We will all be in there ! I figured out I am 4 degrees sparated from Kevin, plus I hung out with him in person for a brief time. What a small planet.

  20. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!8:48 AM

    Oh. Damn!

    Palin gets pwned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “One of the mistakes we made in the Palin process was one of assumptions,” said Steve Schmidt, one of the McCain aides who guided the process. “We immediately made the assumption that anyone with ‘Governor’ next to her name has a base level of knowledge of history and policy that in a post-Palin world it isn’t necessarily safe to assume.”

  21. Anonymous9:00 AM

    The Consequences of Alaska’s Female Sexual Servitude Legislation

    ...The end result is the disenfranchisement of women, and I am not talking simply about voting rights or having a job or being in combat. I am talking about disenfranchisement from the human race, making women little better than that pet dog I motioned earlier. So much for doing away with slavery. State-sponsored Biblical slavery is alive and well. So much for the First Amendment, because all this is 100% religiously based: you can’t use in vitro because that trumps God’s will; you can’t use contraceptives because that violates God’s will and you can’t have the abortion you need because you couldn’t have contraceptives because that also violates God’s will. All that’s left is a religiously mandated abstinence program to legislate perverted ideas of so-called Christian morality promoted by a group of fanatics who have forgotten Jesus existed.

    Welcome to the Bronze Age, America. Get ready to sell your daughters; soon they’ll be marrying their rapist and then we can kick that pesky Constitution to the curb and all will be as God intended.

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      That 'pesky' constitution should have been kicked to the curb 100 years ago. It's really the root to all the evil if you think about it. It's what the rabid right rely on to perpretrate their racism, hate, and bigotry. They interpret it's meaning in wrong outdated ways. And the others who understand that the political right are racists and hating pigs, just legitimize them by upholding their dishonest attempt at reviving the constitution nonsense.

      What was originally meant to propagate good has been reinterpreted to propagate evil. And all you Americans are a part of it. And there's probably not a fucking thing you can do to stop it now. Save being smart enough to not be a part of it.
      luv from Canada.

  22. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Dear FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!,

    McCain had military credentials and titles and we assumed he was something he was not, also. The masses are shallow. They need to have the nitty gritty in their face until they will look at it.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!9:25 AM

      Oh man that Guy!!

      Can you guys believe only ONE Republican voted to preserve the Violence Against Women Act (Lisa from AK - but even SHE voted vs. it first!)?


    2. McCain: last in his class academically, smashed his planes via incompetence, abandoned a wife in need for the younger, richer Cindy, called Cindy a c*nt in public, caved to pressure to pick the hoaxer Palin, and still supports Palin. What a man!

  23. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Let's not forget that the reason women are in this pickle in 2012 is because they voted, in large measure, for Republicans in the 2010 midterms.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Now you're calling it like you see it! Hopefully this War on Women slaps some sense into these Republican women to help them realize their men are not for them (unless they are the classic "kept woman" who doesn't want to ruin her "good thing").

  24. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Indeed, the world 'is' looking on with amazement at how far it has gotten. But not only this, also that the police allowed an armed murderer in Florida to walk away with his gun.

    And so who is to blame? Not just republicans, all americans are to blame for letting it get to this point. Waiting to vote is waiting too long. More immediate action is required in both circumstances.

    I predict that nothing will change other than it getting worse. Both for women and also for innocent children walking the streets, whether they are walking black or walking any other colour. You see Americans, the rest of the world doesn't look on through racist eyes.
    luv from Canada.

  25. The US "liberated" Afghanistan from the Taliban and thus insured "women's rights" in that country. Or so we were told. We were told that women in Afghanistan could throw away their burkas and have a place in a society that heretofore had kept them in ignorance and slavery. Very good, we all thought. Nobel objective and all that.

    Yet, in our own, so-called "free country," we are seeing women's rights being eroded every day and in every way that the right wing can manufacture. It's no wonder that that the rest of the world thinks the US is nuts.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!9:21 AM

      Imagine the indignity of a female soldier, having served her country in wartime,

      coming home to have her rights trampled?


    2. Anonymous9:36 AM

      The US "liberated" Afghanistan from the Taliban and thus insured "women's rights" in that country....

      I remember that propaganda. Mrs Bush went over there in a Guppy plane that could contain a trailer for her to live in. They really played up all wonders the US was doing for Afghan women. Over looked the true drug business and story regards that country.

      When Mr. Bush went that way, he could only use a designated potty for his excrement to be burned. THEY DID NOT WANT THE ENEMY TO HAVE ANY DNA OR SEE WHAT MIGHT BE IN HIS SYSTEM. Curious.

    3. Anonymous10:10 AM

      I think it was Iraq, but remember how Bush/Chaney administration used the pretty young blonde? She went on to testify in front of Congress. They said nice things and made her a hero, but she was used for their purposes and it wasn't all true. She wanted the truth told. She did go on with her life and is doing well. But not living the pipe dreams others made up for her. She wasn't a tool.

  26. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'm fed up of hearing the mouthpieces on political shows and others appearing on talk shows and many others that are singing the praise of Chris Christie by use of the statement 'that he is a governor with the highest state approval rating'.

    WOW -- Where have we heard that before and where and what has it got us??

    The use and abuse of that line has caused us to not be able to get rid of Palin. In her arrogance and narcisstic belief -- she still believes it. And truthfully -- it's the same for Chris Christie. Not only has his arrogance and head expanded -- if you look -- his girth has too.

    Just what the country needs is in simple terms -- a bully -- a 'thug'. Christie who calls a woman asking a question he doesn't like about Romney on his 'Romney romp' around the country, in a derogatory fashion 'sweetheart' -- that 'old boy's club' 'sweetheart'. GAG. When asked about education, he tells one of his state citizens it's none of their business. Really??? It is the citizen's business when he has the power to screw the citizens of his state yet has never had his kids use the public system so in reality -- he has no freakin' clue how bad it is.

    I know you all could add to this list as it goes on and on.

    I would fear too if in office how he would throw his weight around like a 'thug' to push bad policy through in the name of rethugs as he doesn't care who he is playing 'thug' to.

    I think in his mind, he's saving himself for 2016 by not wanting to jump in now as he knows there is no hope in winning and doesn't want the 'loser' attached to his resume. He too would not be in support of women and their rights. This fight is long from over.

  27. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Where is Lorena Bobbitt when we need her?

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      I think of her often!!!!

      I think somewhere deep in my mind I wish I and others were like her!!!

  28. Anonymous10:31 AM

    geraldo to sarah : DON'T PULL HOODIE OVER HEAD!!!!!!

    Just curious. When Sarah Palin was traveling low profile on the plane with Tripp and Levi, what was she wearing? We know how she likes to dress comfortable at home in sweats. I think Levi said she had on sunglasses? Would she be comfortably dressed enough to have on sweats and maybe even a hoodie? (maybe off topic)

  29. The gloves are off. The time for civility is past with these assholes. Hurt them any way you can.

  30. Anonymous10:35 AM

    OT... Grifter will be on Hannity tonight. I so hope he asks her about the Trayvon Martin case. But I highly doubt it. Her "foot in mouth" disease would be more than even they could risk.

  31. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Anon's comment above (under Sally's 8:10 comment) spoke of Ann Romney when introducing Mitt spoke to the crowd telling them to 'obey' at a primary victory speech. (I can't get the reply button to click open for me).

    Here is a link to a youtube video wherein it can be heard that she tells the crowd to 'listen and obey' when she first starts talking very early in the vid. There was a quiet laugh. That's sure telling of the Romneys, when these are the people who they will be looking to and asking in the fall for their vote. Talk about making yourself 'superior' but makes sense when he doesn't care about the poor. Just wish this 'obey' was noticed by more people, most certainly the media. As First Lady -- 'Listen and Obey' me.

    With what IM has posted in this blog post which is the 'old white men' being the rulers of the women's bodies, I feel that Ann Romney has exposed Mitt, herself and the 'Mormon doctrine' to which a Romney administration would embrace in office. We, the citizens, should 'listen and OBEY' as he will not 'turn the switch off' upon entry to the Oval Office. They run their house in this fashion and you can bet he has in his 'business' world and his 'political' world as mentioned below.

    It has been said by Scott Helman, of The Boston Globe and who wrote the book 'The Real Mitt' in an appearance on MSNBC Now with Alex Wagner show on March 9th, that Romney isn't one to get involved in actually doing the 'work', but tells legislators in MA what he wants, and then they are expected to do it. 'Listen and Obey'. Helman said 'Romney comes into State House a few weeks into office and talking to legislator leaders - this is how I like to operate. I set the strategic vision and I work with the executive vice presidents to carry out that strategy.' So IMO in other words what Romney is saying is 'Listen and Obey'. Compromise and dirty work is not within Romney's character.

    Don't you wish more media and people would pay attention to things like this. I sure do. I admit - I posted this MSNBC link and spoke of it in a comment on IM around the time the segment aired. It's more exposure to the Real Mitt. You will 'Listen and Obey'.

    Video - Ann Romney - Listen and Obey

    Video Scott Helman - at 6:53 to the end as others reveal more of Mitt

  32. Anonymous11:56 AM

    While he is empathizing with those pigs and cows, that guy HAS to understand how much I empathy I feel for all the castrated male animals. There are one hell of a lot more steers in this world than bulls because removing their testicles makes the male bovine less dangerous. Just sayin'

  33. AJ Billings2:33 PM

    This bill in the Georgia state legislature is utterly beyond stupid or lunatic, and falls into the category of utterly insane

    I wonder if Ricky Santorum is in favor of forcing women to marry their rapists, like this poor girl in Morrocco.

    She hated life so much that after marrying her abuser, she ATE RAT POISON TO KILL herself rather than endure any more torture at the hands of the RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED BASTARDS like the Taliban or Santorum.

    I'm so angry at that list of outrages I can only say FUCK YOU SANTORUM; I hope you some day experience the utter despair, and agony of being a poor woman in need of health care doled out by the Christian Taliban

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!8:01 AM


      You just get to the point where you have to say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! to these assholes.

      *yours in solidarity*

  34. Anonymous2:43 PM

    OT but had to put it somewhere....

    Bristol did a post yesterday celebrating National Down Syndrome Day (because Trig is her little brother, right, and he has Downs and HE IS HER LITTLE BROTHER!!....Make sure you all get that part, HE IS HER LITTLE BROTHER!)

    Anyway, I left a comment regarding how her Mother (Trig's Mom?) had been so generous as to donate $1000 to a Down Syndrome charity and I hoped that Bristol (since she loves her LITTLE BROTHER [not son]) so much that perhaps she had donated to a Down's charity as well. Also remarked about how nice it was that Bristol was celebrating National Down Syndrome Day instead of her Mother, since Trig is her son and TRIG IS ONLY BRISTOL'S BROTHER!?!?!? Haven't heard a peep from Sarah Palin on National Down Syndrome Day, yet she leaves it to her Daughter Bristol that is often considered the birth Mother of Trig to comment on her blog on this auspicious day? Doesn't do much to squash the rumor that Bristol is Mother NOT sister, in my opinion.

    Seems like a lot of Bristol's blog is centered around TRIG IS MY LITTLE BROTHER AND I LOVE HIM. Wonder why the damage control?

  35. Anonymous3:17 PM

    mousMar 23, 2012 03:43 PM
    Is someone still writing posts for her? The whole thing is suspect on so may levels. It is obvious they are doing an overkill on the "MY LITTLE BROTHER" bull carp.

  36. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Oh, wait a second, Sarah Palin has just posted an enormous amount of Trig photos on her Facebook...I guess she does care about Trig, she was only a 2 days late posting regarding World Down Syndrome Day. Plus, Bristol's blog had a video where some people were making remarks about how happy they were to have adopted a child with Down Syndrome. Are they setting the stage for announcing that Trig was indeed adopted?

    Sarah's Facebook Tribute to Trig, the child who came from a woman that was only pregnant for one day, April 13, 2008:

  37. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Trig is adorable and nice photos. He has glasses on in some. Too bad her timing is off and her motives are questionable. Eunice Shriver, the Kennedy's were out in the world involved and creating for the disabled. You could see it was real. Palin's have inferior ways to get messages across. Although, Trig is cute and very happy in these shots, the Palins still come off as if this is just another prop to build up her mythology.

    1. Anonymous4:57 PM

      He's cute, but still he has a genetic condition that puts him at risk for many health problems. Most women would not choose to have a child that would cost them so much money on healthcare, mainly because people like Sarah Palin and her Teabag contingent will not allow affordable healthcare for people. So, most of us, having spent the money on testing and early diagnosis of possible fetal deformities, would abort. It's much cheaper than trying to raise a child in a country that denies benefits to much of its population.

  38. I have to wonder,once the fuckers establish their Fascist Theocracy,what they'll expect of women who are past a certain age or who can't conceive.Church attendance will likely be mandatory and failure to attend will mean jail time,a,fine,and being put in the stocks.They'll probably hold church socials for widowed men with children and childfree/infertile women and match them up so that the women have to raise their kids...
    FUCK I'm going to hurl on my keypad now.

  39. Anita Winecooler8:41 PM

    I think everyone's covered what I felt while reading this post. Thanks, Gryphen, for always supporting and respecting Women and Women's isuues.
    We have to push back against this the best way we can, channel our anger and frustration to making sure we get out the vote, vote for more women who reflect our values. We are the 99 percent.

    As a pennsylvanian, I'm ashamed of Tom Corbet. and the redistricting the Republicans have done.


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