Thursday, April 19, 2012

Group that freaked out over Ellen Degeneres representing J.C. Penny, is freaking out again. This time over a picture of two girls "gasp" KISSING!

Courtesy of Styleite:

One Million Moms — the same group that tried to get JCPenny to fire Ellen Degeneres — is pissed about a lesbian kiss in Urban Outfitters‘ April catalog. 

The group is urging people to throw away the catalogs, call the company to unsubscribe from its mailing list, and send letters to Urban expressing their disgust because of “a picture of two women kissing in a face holding embrace!”. Why? “The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.”

Here's the thing, the kids of today would hardly even bat an eye at a picture of two girls kissing. They see more provocative images than that watching virtually ANYTHING on MTV, playing the hot new video game Skyrim, or even reading an Archie comic book. (WTF you say, Archie comics? Yep, they have recently featured their FIRST gay marriage.)

Let's face it these overwrought parent groups are doing NOTHING to stop the acceptance of the gay lifestyle by today's youth, and the more they bitch and throw hissy fits over it, the faster teenagers will want to demonstrate how cool they are by endorsing it to their friends and their less homophobic family members.

After all you conservative parents, remember how freaked out everybody was in the sixties and seventies over interracial dating? But hell now we have a biracial President sitting in the Oval Office, and that worked out.......ohhh!

I'm not helping am I?

Arrival of resident troll demanding that I finally admit that I am gay, as evidenced by the fact that I wrote a post about gay issues, in 3..2..1


  1. Olivia4:10 AM

    OMG! An interracial marriage in Archie??? Time to start picketing.

  2. Idiots! Go home and take care of your kids and husbands… if you’ve got them; cheap outrage from people with small minds and nothing else to do.

    Gryphen, if you’re so gay, how did you manage to get that daughter?

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      That is probably the most ignorant comment I have seen in a while

    2. Olivia4:58 PM

      She's joking! Are you new here?

  3. Anonymous4:42 AM

    The thought of two girls getting it on is hot.

    The thought of Andrew Sullivan using his mouth as a vagina is sickening.

    Well, at least he can claim he does safe sex.

    Or can he ?

    1. lostinmn5:52 AM

      How again did Sara get that cold sore on her lip?

    2. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Get over it and grow up. Homophobic much?

    3. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Key factor: Must have hot girls.

      Imagine RAM and Jan Brewer in a lip lock.


    4. Anita Winecooler6:01 PM

      Yeah, you're probably disgusted kissing your opposite sex partner after she does the same to you?

  4. Anonymous4:42 AM

    OT but have you seen the DWS promo about losing weight??? EXCEPT BP!!!

    1. lostinmn5:53 AM

      Yes, I was waiting for them to mention how brisket managed to gain weight, then again they could have promoted her as DWTS first pregnant star. Wonder if she aborted that one or if its off living with some other family?

    2. Anita Winecooler6:14 PM

      Beefy's embarrassed.

      Have you seen Kirstey Ally lately

      Pretty hot! and she's older than Beefy's mom!

  5. Anonymous4:43 AM

    There will always be an element in this nation who believes that only THEY know what's right, what's moral, and the correct way for everyone else to act. And they will hide behind God and the Bible, which obviously they cannot understand, nor do they know that many, many other texts and letters were NOT used in the current Bibles because they offended King James, or a Pope, or weren't what those 'leaders' wanted their flock to know about. I figure if God made everyone, He also made them gay. Live and let live! They are not hurting you. Theya re not taking your son's girlfriend away. And the more these people moralize, the harder it is for their own children to know what is in their hearts. This is why there are so many teen suicides...the kids have nowhere to turn for understanding and love when their own parents are bigots and fools.

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Very good.

      Imagine your parents showing their love for strangers in their church, then shunning their own child when they "come out".

  6. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Hey Gryph,

    Just a thought, and please ask your daughter what she thinks, because I'm not gay, but this occurred to me anyway:

    Let's call it gay reality, not lifestyle. Lifestyle is what the homophobes call it, implying it's a choice, when for a super majority of gay people, it isn't (Cynthia Nixon notwithstanding).

    The reality is that there are people who are attracted to members of their own sex.

    After all, you wouldn't say a natural blond is living the blond lifestyle, would you?

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      I'm a gay man, and I think you're on the right track. Words like 'lifestyle' and 'preference' imply choices. Instead of "gay reality," why not "reality"?

      Y'all are awesome. Keep up the good work Gryph.

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Well, ideally reality full stop would be nice, but I said gay reality because we're talking about a very specific reality for a specific group of people.

    3. Anita Winecooler6:24 PM

      That's always bothered me, the words "preference, lifestyle, and agenda" relating to the gay community. "Tolerance" doesn't cut it either, it should be "Acceptance" as equals, and not something "less than" that should only be "tolerated".

      I wish there'd come a day when all labels are banned.

  7. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Oh Gryphen, you have nothing on me!!

    Let me take care of those 'Tighty Righties' for you!!

    I'M 'BI'

    I can hear them running and screaming now!!!
    Afraid they'll 'catch it'!!!!!

    It's something I so enjoy watching when I say it - the look of disgust on their faces as they're momentarily stunned and off guard and can't find their voice. While I'm laughing at them, I then turn and walk away in triumph. To render them speechless - I wear it as a 'Badge of Honor'.

  8. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Or as Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney would refer to them, a Million Sluts that need Dignity.

  9. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Make that, A Million Sluts that need Dignity and a Man.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Why a man?? Maybe they want a woman themselves and they are pissed off. They won't allow themselves to have it.

  10. Sharon5:43 AM

    It's all so friggin stupid. These people are always miserable in their own lives, or they wouldn't care.
    It always boils down to religion and how they pervert and twist everything in order to justify hatred. I think of it this way....if you have any intelligence you must be open to this planet not being alone in this vast universe, which in itself is endless and impossible to comprehend. Considering the zillions of intricate details in human cells producing a baby in exactly the same way everytime, its just stupid. Homosexuality has been proven thru out the ages, world cultures...and nature.

    If these women ever watched Ellen, they would see what a genius marketing idea JC Penny had. Ellen is like Oprah...she gives away soooo much stuff to people in need, what an excellent match. Giving away gift cards gets you into the store...duh.

  11. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Disclaimer: I am not a mom.

    However, were I to step into the shoes of the mother of a teenage daughter, my concern wouldn't be for the kissing. Does anyone else think those models are a tad too thin? Empower your daughters, so long as they're underweight.

    1. Anonymous7:03 AM

      When people paint everyone looking like the ladies in the picture as too thin, I go crazy.

      There are many people in this world that look like that naturally.

      My mother only broke the 100 lb mark once in her life - when she was pregnant and her highest weight was 115 lbs 2 days before giving birth. I'm the same with the exception I hit 124 lbs 3 days before giving birth. Beyond that weight gain, neither of us has every hit 100. In fact, we both work at maintaining mid 90's. Both of us are the healthiest in our extended families even including illnesses and surgeries. The siblings are the ones that call moaning about being sick or they need to have medical procedures. I don't consider giving birth an illness. Mom had a minor cyst removed from her neck caused by the wearing of collars rubbing and myself, I'll call it a cyst, removed from wrist because I was an office worker typing for years. Nothing else.

      Both of us eat whatever we want. We both are 'sweet' eaters. In fact, we would consider chocolate as a food group!!

      My fav saying: 'Life's too short, eat dessert first!'

    2. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Thank you, 7:04!

      I was waiting for someone to point out the girls are:






      These qualities already make these ladies highly attractive and they doubled their dating (and clothing! Thx, seinfeld!) choices by not"limiting" themselves to one gender.

      Anyway, it's the same issue with models that have existed since there were models.

      It's a fashion shoot.

      If it's not"risky", it's boring,

      And no one would be writing about it.

      Those million moms should go walk their fat asses to a homeless shelter and actually try and do something positive...

    3. Anonymous8:12 AM

      As a Mom and Grandmom, here is my opinion,
      These 2 models aren't too thin, but many models are.
      But then I have always been on the thin side ( no matter how much I eat) and have finally started to be in the average weight catagory at the Drs after that 50th Bday hit. My daughter is very thin too, as are my sisters and most of my neieces.
      BUT I do think, no matter what the scale says, that everyones "normal" weight should consider heredity factors. Someones "normal" may be 100, or 120, or 140 and I think it is up to family to judge if a teen or young adult may be "too thin" or has an eating disorder

  12. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Heh heh... I'm no youngster, but the kiss didn't even get my attention initially. I saw two attractive young girls and was immediately looking at their dresses--both nice, but I think I like the shorter blue/white one better. Then I focused on the window--which looked quite strange--almost like a glass door mounted sideways (probably an artifact of the two girls being in front of it and any divider within the panes). So, guess what. It is not just the young who have become totally desensitized (or perhaps always were) with respect to same-sex relationships.

    Given all the anger and hate from the RW, I'm just sad to see some happy emotion and affection being highlighted .....

    1. What? You see two women kissing and all you notice are the dresses they are wearing?

      What are you progressive or something?

    2. Anonymous7:41 AM

      The blue dress looks like a copy of the window or the window looks like a copy of the dress!!!

    3. Anonymous8:04 AM

      They would have a LOT more negative attention if it were two young MEN kissing, I guarantee it.

      I think people still have a lot more issues with gay males than gay females.

    4. padoreva8:06 AM

      Me too--but I like the dress on the right better. And yes, I am a progressive. Weird, how the right wing zealots have tried to make that a dirty word, like they've done with "liberal."

    5. Anita Winecooler6:41 PM

      The kiss didn't even look "sexual" to me. My daughters were going to two different proms, and I snapped a photo of them like this while waiting for their boyfriends to show up.
      They're both naturally thin (from their father's side, I have to "work" to keep my figure).

      I think these million mom's need a hobby or something.

  13. When J. C. Penney aired those marvelously made commercials featuring Ellen during the Oscars, I wrote to JCP and applauded them for standing up to intolerance.

    I got the nicest e-mail back, and within the 24 hours they specified!

    Too bad there isn't a JCP store near me!

    1. Anonymous7:36 AM

      In support of JCP continued choice of Ellen and how they refused to bow to 'them', I've ordered online. The difference -- I'm in Canada!

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM!

    3. Anita Winecooler6:47 PM

      A few years back, they had an outrage campaign against JCP for having Susan Sarandon on one of their ad campaigns (I think it was the red dress for women's heart issues) Saying she was unmarried, a liberal, outspoken, vile person.

      I wrote to JCP, they quickly responded, kept the ads running and ignored the outrage. I really do give them credit for listening to their customers.

      I think they do this on purpose, because clearly it's helped them gain a lot of publicity AND sales.

  14. Anonymous7:33 AM

    If the Rethuglicans stepped back for a moment (like that will ever happen!!) and looked at how their family and friends greet them at a party, at a restaurant, etc. - they do the exact same thing as in the picture above - many of them kissing each other on the lips.

    Anyone 'hanging' with family members and friends should snap a pic and post it.

    Oh my -- two Rethuglican women/men kissing. They must be gay you know!!

    They're flippin' idiots. They can't even see within their own circles that they are constantly commiting what they consider 'a crime'. Two Rethuglican sisters seen kissing could be considered 'gay' by strangers. Oh my!!!

  15. Anonymous8:00 AM

    LOL! Somehow this is just making me laugh...I know , I know this is a serious topic, but I just can't imagine that a teabagger is an average Urban Outfitter's customer :) So I highly doubt their boycott will go anywhere.

    As for the pic, I agree with the above poster, I think the blue dress is the cutest, but the ugly rug in distracting to me. BUT I am a JCP customer and I did write in support of Ellen and sent another email with my thanks at their decision.

    Little Rabbit

  16. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I've seen your pics....Sooo not gay! Not that it would matter either way to me.

  17. hedgewytch8:27 AM

    I'm a big fan of the fantasy writer Jacquiline Carey. In her fictional world, the only precept of behavior is to "love as thou wilt". This is similar to the Wiccan precept of "As I will it, so mote it be - an it harm none." In other words, all behavior is permitted as long as your actions aren't harming another.

    So kiss your girlfriend, your boyfriend, kiss 'em singly, kiss them in a group, kiss the large plastic doll in the corner; I don't really care as long as all participating do it with free will and love.

    And that concept some very narrow minded people just can't comprehend - and it drives them nuts.

  18. Okay, my attention was caught by those black shoes on the girl on the left. I spent time calculating how tall she really was.

    Proud, rabid LIBERAL....

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      My eyes immediately went to the black shoes and my thought was - please throw those out!! It's the same thought I have every time with the shoes that have the straps around the ankles. I see those as cutting off the legs making them look like logs.

      The fashion industry and I seriously don't get along! I save my money and make none for them when it comes to these kinds of shoes. The designers/trend setters IMO need to be fitted with straight jackets!

  19. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I don't think these people are the demographic that Urban Outfitters is catering to anyway....

  20. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I see 2 sisters saying goodbye,the older on the left cares deeply about her little sister,the younger on the right will miss her terribly .

  21. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Ironic, because Richard Haynes, owner of Urban Outfitters is a conservative who's backed Santorum and is homophobic.

  22. Anita Winecooler6:59 PM

    This is rather tame and a non issue. All youth oriented clothiers do "edgy" advertisements because their target audience is young, hip, accepting people. Abercombie and fitch, Structure, Urban Outfitters, hollisters etc. do it for the attention and to get customers into the door.

    The million mom campaign will show up with their mis spelled signs, elastic wasted Walmart basic black polyester pants, food stained tee shirts, and accomplish nothing but bring more customers in the door.


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