Thursday, April 26, 2012

It was "Take our Daughters, and Sons, to Work Day" today. Even in the White House.

Hmm, it definitely looks like the President is not the ONLY Obama who has a gift with children.

I remember that back when this day was first created, my daughter was told about it at school and wanted to come with me to my job.

At the time I worked as a gymnastic coach, and also ran the after school child care program.

Suffice it to say that my daughter had the best time imaginable and declared as we were driving home that I had the BEST job in the world. I have to day I kind of agreed with her.

That was quite a few years ago now, but it still ranks as perhaps my favorite job ever.

For those of you have had not yet had your daily dose of adorable, here is video of the First lady welcoming the children to the White House and then sitting down to answer their questions.

Update: From Twitter.

 It looks like the President still retains his title of the "Baby Whisperer."


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    You know, after watching this and the bit with the president on Jimmy Fallon I felt so happy and entertained that I don't even want to read your latest Palin postings. Ain't gonna spoil a good day.

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      I feel the same way. I want to end my day with happy thoughts.

  2. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Our POTUS and FLOTUS are certainly role models that I hope my grandkiddos follow! Bless the Obama's for all they represent!

  3. I still can't believe how lucky we are to have Mrs Obama as our First Lady! The President is a lucky man.

  4. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Just think if Sarah Palin would of ran for president this year and won instead of running her "I'm thinking about running for POTUS scam", that would of been Pimp Daddy Todd hugging little girls at the White House Take Your Child To Work Day.

    Ewwwww..... no telling what he would of had stuffed in his pockets.

    It would be a safe bet to say that we will never ever have to worry about them contaminating the White House ever again.

    Sarah Palin's 5 minutes are up.

    We're just waiting for the grand jury and federal charges against them.

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    The First Lady look so beautiful in that outfit, the makeup is perfect...I just love her.

    1. Anonymous12:43 AM

      Agreed. No waterbra, gaudy belt buckles, or ghastly roadkill wigs.

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:02 AM

      Absolutely STUN-ING!


    3. Anonymous9:12 AM

      I want that lipstick / gloss it's fantastic.

  6. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Mrs. Obama said her kids will grow up and go to college.

    Sarah Palin must be sad that she can't say that. Sarah's kids only concentrate on trial marriages, having babies, getting engaged before turning 18 or completing high school, getting a reality show and useless things like that. The only thing Sarah looks forward to is that her child will go to hair school.

    Let that be a lesson to future parents, you reap what you sow. If you do not encourage your kids to better their lives then you end up with kids like the Palins. They become parents before graduating from high school.

    1. Anonymous7:56 PM

      I don't think that an education has ever been a priority for Sarah (Todd and the rest of her family). I don't think that Sarah had an easy time in school. Her poor language skills make her look like someone who didn't learn anything, and doesn't care too.

      Right now, Sarah is pointing at the computer and laughing that she makes millions from saying dumb stuff on TV. She spends her time thinking of ways to market Bristol and make more money. Sadly, Sarah will pass this attitude on to her kids, and unless one of them breaks the chain, they will do the same to their kids.

      Right now, they are discussing Romney's choices for VP. The example they use is never to make the mistake that McCain did, opting for someone flashing who was not qualified and didn't know anything.

    2. Anonymous9:22 PM

      "Right now, they are discussing Romney's choices for VP. The example they use is never to make the mistake that McCain did, opting for someone flashing who was not qualified and didn't know anything."

      Hey that's my mama you're making fun off.

      That's okay cuz we all know it too.

    3. Anonymous10:29 PM

      "Right now, Sarah is pointing at the computer and laughing that she makes millions from saying dumb stuff on TV."

      Nobody cares if she's making millions. Right now (and for the last few years) millions across the United States and the world are pointing at her and laughing at her stupidity. The amazing thing is that Sarah doesn't even care that she looks stupid or not.

    4. PalinsHoax6:03 AM

      Right now, Sarah is pointing at the computer and laughing that she makes millions from saying dumb stuff on TV.

      And yet Ol' $cary is still so impoverished, destitute, bankrupt, and barren in her empty shell.

      There is no richness, no nourishment, nor anything flourishing in that decaying, smelly body.

  7. Boscoe8:01 PM

    Hmm I wonder what snarky, hateful meme The Palin will manufacture to denigrate this touching, meaningful human moment?

    C'mon $arah, don't disappoint us...

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      Hold your horses, Sarah is working on it.

      Sarah is working on a Sarah Palin Get Even Mean Girl video to counter the FLOTUS's video.

    2. Anonymous12:39 AM

      Sadly, I believe you are right. Sarah Palin never misses an opportunity to try to get the President's attention.

    3. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:03 AM

      At least it will cost SARAHPAC $10,000, or so...

      Money. Well, spent.

  8. Anonymous8:07 PM

    What I love is that President and Mrs Obama talk with the children, not lecture or speak above them. Lovely couple who truly care.

    1. Anonymous12:37 AM

      I agree. Every time I see them (President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama) together all that comes to mind is love, respect, and devotion.

  9. Anonymous8:22 PM

    'We take care of our own...'!/cke5/status/195604927345737728/photo/1/large

  10. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Fun stuff!

    1. Anonymous12:30 AM

      Obama 2012!

  11. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I didn't think the video would hold my interest for the whole 30 minutes, but it did. I wouldn't call it "adorable". She didn't talk down to these kids, and she didn't talk over their heads. She just seemed to be having a conversation with them at a level they could relate to. She did go on at length about the topics she felt more passionately about, and I felt bad for kids waving their little hands, thinking "Me next! Me next!". But I think that just made her seem real and not coached.

    On another note, I have to admit, as a heterosexual female, I checked out her rack. And I don't think she was wearing a bra. If not, I'm impressed.

    1. "On another note, I have to admit, as a heterosexual female, I checked out her rack. And I don't think she was wearing a bra. If not, I'm impressed."

      That's a disrespectful thing to say about any decent woman especially the First Lady. You just can't keep your mind off of male or female body parts, can you Sarah?

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:05 AM

      Ladies wear bras.

      She is the First Lady, so, I imagine she is wearing one.

      Did you check out Laura Bush's "rack" too? Weird.

  12. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I almost forgot. Thank you, Gryphen, for ending the day with this post. With all the prostitution scandals, the republicans telling us "women who think there's a war on women are stupid", and that woman who shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath with our First Lady, today has been kind of depressing. This was a breath of fresh air. Thanks again!

  13. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Todd is a good father he has taken his daughters to Take Your Kids To Work Day too?

    The only bad thing about it is that Todd gets 75% of their take.

    Pimping aint cheap, doesn't matter if they are family.

  14. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Thank you for the "baby whisperer" update! Babies "know"... At birth and at death, we are most connected to what's real and true. (imo)

  15. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Why is it that I just LOVE this family? I wish I had of had parents like Barack & Michelle! No wonder Sarah is so jealous. She should just go ahead and admit she has a crush on President Obama. Or maybe call Glen Rice and see if he still thinks she's attractive?

  16. Anita Winecooler10:46 PM

    I wonder if another man in Alaska took his sons and daughters to wor,,,,,, oh nevermind, scratch that idea.

    I loved the video of Our First Lady! She speaks so clearly and eloquently, yet speaks to these kids as equals. What impresses me most is she's always engaged, actively listening and keeps them all involved in the conversation. She's a natural teacher.
    I laughed when she asked the kids their names and age, and one said she'd be 11, without skipping a beat she proclaims "Congratulations!" Speaking to the children of the military and explaining that they go to many schools and teaches the others to be accepting and understanding. She really is an impressive woman!

    That photo of our POTUS and the baby is priceless.

    Thanks for ending my day on such a positive note!

  17. Anonymous10:51 PM

    You can tell by Michelle and President Obama's body language that they really, really love babies and little kids. They seem so comfortable and completely at ease in their company unlike someone we all know who has 4 natural born children and one adopted one.

  18. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Look at how he cherishes that little infant boy and shows concern for him, a child he doesn't even know. Compare that to Sarah's wreckless carrying of the infant Trig, holding him face forward, looking as if he could fall out of her arms. It's a miracle she never dropped him, and that he wasn't crying all the time. Have you ever seen her hig one of her kids, or have an intimate mom/daughter look? Nope, just posed photos for the press. She is about as motherly as a rattlesnake.

    1. OBAMA 2012!7:36 AM

      Those big, gorgeous hands just cradle and encapsulate that baby!

      LOVE. HIM!

      LOVE. THEM!!!

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      "...Motherly as a rattlesnake," and cuddly as an eel.

      I've always believed that Sarah Palin envied Bristol's natural and youthful good-looks, and encouraged her to get that hideous Jay Leno chin implant to look more "sophisticated."

      There are mothers who try to compete with their daughters, and those "moms" lose every single time.

  19. Thank you for the video and for the picture of President Obama with that baby. I love the expression on both of their faces.

    FLOTUS looks beautiful, her dress is gorgeous. She has so much class. They both do. I love both of them.

  20. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Every time the Preezy of the United Steeezy holds a baby, a Palin get's pregnant.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:07 AM

      That's the Barack-ness Monster, yo!

      (And, sadly, it seems the Paylins are trying their very best to prove you right...)

    2. Anonymous7:08 AM

      "Every time the Preezy of the United Steeezy holds a baby, a Palin get's pregnant."

      It's worst than that, every time the sun rises a Palin gets pregnant.

  21. Paul - Minnesota5:23 AM

    Squee! President Obama is so great with babies and kids and other people.

    I don't know how to say it. One can look at that pic and see he's a sincere, caring, nurturing man.

    Not some shake, shake, shake, reinvented, flip flopping phony on the right. Oh yeah, Mitt is that too. I was thinking of my state's ex-governor who also did Pawlenty of pandering to the right, per polls, old switcheroo of past positions and waffling on his stances so one never really knew where his time machine landed.

    Anyway, back to President Obama. He's good with kids (babies). Warm hearted and gentle. Not absent. Very present.

    Yet 3,2,1 ... clue the right winging waaaaah rants. What's next from the tea delusional whine about Obama? That he is now also secretly and somehow quickly hypnotizing babies, kids, other people to like him? Tea = Blech!

  22. Anonymous7:55 AM

    That is how the Bitch held her baby. I mean Glen Rice, sorry.

  23. I want to publicly thank the Universe that Barack and Michelle Obama are public figureheads in my lifetime.

    They make me feel good about being an American.

    His face will be granite-colored when commemorated at Mt. Rushmore.


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