Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tina Fey on Julianne Moore's performance in Game Change. "I hope I get invited out to hand her an Emmy."

Courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter:

Fey returned from 30 Rock to SNL to give a much-celebrated impression of Sarah Palin during the 2008 election, which had been the defining interpretation of the politico until Julianne Moore took on the part in HBO's much more serious TV movie, Game Change. 

"Oh my gosh, I just saw it. It was fantastic! She was so good. I thought she was good," Fey exclaimed. "I hope I get invited out to hand her an Emmy. I would like to volunteer to be a presenter in that category."

I like how Fey just ASSUMES that Moore will get the Emmy. Not even really a question in her mind.

And I have to agree!  I have now seen Game Change about four times altogether and Moore's performance never stops being remarkable. And seeing Tina Fey hand Julianne Moore that trophy would be amazing!

I swear I would embed the video of that presentation on this blog and have it play in a continuous loop, knowing that every time it did there would be yet another can ricocheting off of a refrigerator by dead lake in Wasilla.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I've got you beat, Gryph. I've seen it about 10 times and it never gets old. I love the smack down Steve gives Palin at the very end of the movie. My favorite part.

    Southern Virginia Voter.

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Totally agree--Schmidt understood this viper's true intentions and smacked her down. It was awesome and deserved.

    2. AJ Billings1:43 PM

      My favorite part of the movie is when $arah is in the stairwell yelling into her phone, and at Nicole Wallace.

      "I'm ruined in Alaska" is what the banshee screams at the universe, not even having the presence of mind or the intellect to realize that she brought all of that on herself.

      Being so ignorant, untraveled and uneducated really does have consequences if you want to play in the big pool $arah!

      In typical narcissistic fashion it's SOMEBODY else's fault. It's Nicole's fault that somehow her interviews with Couric went so badly that 90% of the US saw how unprepared she really was, and STILL IS!

    3. Anita Winecooler8:14 PM

      My fave was when Schmidt tried to console Sarah into thinking she's not the only stupid one, by citing a quote from Saint Ronald Regan, who believed trees caused pollution. Moore gives a half believing smile, as if Sarah didn't fall fr it, hook,line and sinker

      Actually it's between that and the bathrobe scene. .

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I hope the both of them are wearing a 'red power jacket" at the Emmy's!

    1. Anonymous11:07 AM

      I hope they go over the top and put rub-on tats on every piece of exposed skin of the flag, the cross, the virgin Bristol, inalienable rights as interpreted by Teatards, the Flag of Israel, babies and flags again there also.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    $20 says Screech has also seen it 4 times, but she will NEVER admit it!

    1. Anonymous10:53 AM

      I don't know how Palin expects people to believe she didn't see Game Change when SarahPac made a video to dispute it.

  4. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Julianne didn't quite capture the ugly Palins voice. But she did a fine job on everything else. Julianne's voice sounded a little too Fargo for me.

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Agree. The movie was good and all. But I am looking forward to the future ones that can get into the nitty gritty of all all the jerks that thrust this monster on us.

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

    She was busy changing the game alright.... here is where she "take the gloves off"
    "It's lies and distortions first, not 'Country First,' " he said of the GOP campaign. "These comments are offensive, but they aren't surprising." Palin's appearance attracted a crowd of fired-up supporters who waited for hours to hear her address, waving homemade "God Bless Sarah" and "You go, girl!" signs, beating ThunderStix, doing the wave, and energetically chanting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" before her speech.

    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Sigh. . .

      Said the woman who shared a bed with a card carrying secessionist.

      Said the woman who repeatedly bragged that as Alaskans, we didn't care how they did things out there (in the Lower 48 States.]

      Said the Joe Six Pack gal who was collected $40,800 checks per donor to buy her and her Wasillabilly Clan new spanx and suits.

      Said the woman who thinks she can answer questions the way we might not want her to, but poses odd and inexplicable responsibilities on the floor of the Oval Office, an office or job she knows nothing about, even as a side-kick.

    2. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Those were the days, oh the memories.... David Chaney
      The Republicans have no safe haven for their “rogue” governor but America’s bastion of militant evangelism we call home. Obviously in their eyes we’re a beacon of nothing brighter than idiocy. And McCain’s campaign strategists dare not expose Palin in a public venue, but in a private airplane hanger located well within military contractor grounds.

      The photo at top was taken of Sarah Palin as she was being ferried from Alaska to Minnesota for her unveiling at the RNC. While the newspaper caption read, Sarah Palin and unidentified male, in fact that figure is Steve Schmidt, head of the McCain campaign, who coached Palin for the entirety of her trip.

      Palin draws 15,000 in Carson or 10,000
      Says Obama ‘palled around with terrorists’
      Palin’s remarks come as e-mails circulate on the Internet with suggestions that the Democratic candidate is secretly a radical, foreign-born Muslim with designs against the U.S. Obama is a native of Hawaii who lived in Indonesia as boy. He is a Christian.

      "unacceptable and unprofessional."

      The posting came to light after the agent, supervisor David Chaney, was forced to resign following the prostitution scandal in Colombia. In a photo showing him looking at the then-GOP vice presidential nominee, Chaney wrote that he was "really checking her out."

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    ding dong the bitch is gone...bwahahahaha

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Which one? Todd? Sarah? Bristol? All of them?

  7. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Nothing would be better than having both of them on the stage with Julianne winning an Emmy and knowing that Sarah Palin's idiocy would be brought to the forefront again. The fact Sarah would hate, hate, hate it would be more wonderful for all of us!

  8. Anonymous10:50 AM

    It was a tremendous performance by Julianne Moore. It is hard playing a Bitch. But she pulled it off. I'm sure however, that no one could replicate the actual smell that exudes from the Bitch.

  9. Anonymous10:50 AM

    When asked about Moore's performance in "Game Change", Palin gave the thumbs-down sign.
    Really now!
    How could she give a bad review, if she hasn't, as she claims, watched it?
    fucking liar...

  10. Anonymous11:03 AM

    You know who I believe can play Sarah Palin, even though she is much younger?

    Ginnifer Goodwin.

    She's got Sarah's smile (though, more authentic and less smirk-ey.) But, she's an actress, she can create that inner hatefulness.

  11. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Sarah, where's your beaded wonderwoman flag bracelet?

    You know every minute you don't wear it, a conservative falls victim to indoctrination and supports Obamacare.

  12. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Sad but true, of the three pictured there Palin is the prettiest by far. Too bad she has no fucking brain.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Prettiest. What are you smoking?

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM


      NO WAY!

      You won't be saying that next week.

      Sarah Palin ages more in a week than Betty White does in 5 years.

    3. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As for me she isn't pretty at all. She has no inner beauty that shines through. If you look at their face shapes, Sarah has a squarish mannish face and lately have you seen her? She looks like the sh*t she spews.

    4. Anonymous11:34 AM

      More disturbing than not having a brain is, she has no heart or soul.

    5. Kathy in Blue Bell12:15 PM

      I think the more accurate way to put it is that of those three pictures, Sarah's is the most flattering. To be honest, there is something about the lighting in that picture that is quite flattering. To also be honest, in 2008 she was still an attractive woman. However, if you Take away the skillfully applied make up, flattering clothing, hairstyling and last remnants of the softness of youth and her true personality emerges on her face. It is not in any way pretty. Tina and Julia are still as attractive now as they were a few years ago because their warmth and intelligence shines through on their faces.

    6. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Guys that's obviously snark @12:10. Sarah Palin is the ugliest person to ever run for elected office. "Pretty" is the last word i'd use to describe her. Hideous is more fitting.

  13. Tina Fey knows what she is talking about. Julianne Moore was made up to look like Sarah; and her facial features are close enough, but with Tina there is an "uncanny" resemblance to Sarah Palin - with little or no makeup help. Tina also could get the voice downpat. Tina Fey is an upbeat person; maybe not as dramatic as Julianne is used to being and I think it did something to her psyche to play Sarah on SNL. Didn't she say after the time she came back to do it one more time, that that would be the last time. She said, I believe, in an interview that she did not want to play Sarah Palin again. It is awesome that she liked Julianne's role and that she wants to pay homage to her. I wonder how Julianne feels now and I hope she has been able to wash that persona out of her hair!

  14. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Just saw that Conde Rice could be a front-runner for Mittens VP choice. She's everything that Sarah isn't - female, attractive, smart, experienced, a real minority vs married to a partial moron (ooopps, I meant minority), not married to a pimp, etc. That would, however, create a formidable ticket.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Ms. Rice is probably the only person on the Republican side that could help Willard. Despite her political affiliation, she does have the intelligence,skill sets,and class to be a VP candidate. Unlike that dumb ass that McCain chose in 2008.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Condi is a good choice. She leaves the same bitter after-taste of war that Bush did.

    3. Anonymous1:16 PM

      PS - unnecessary war

    4. I hope Rmoney will play it safe and go with Rubio, Pawlenty, or Jeb.

      Conde or John Huntsman would make me nervous...

    5. AJ Billings1:54 PM

      Yes, Condi IS smart, educated, experienced, has traveled, all of which $arah was not.

      However the far right, and the Christian right are VERY suspicious of a woman as old as Condi who has no boyfriends, and never married.

      Bad, very bad. Many think she's a lesbian, oh horror of horrors. Or even worse, she's not "normal", and is asexual, a total crime in the world of the Christian dominionists, who believe all females must have children.

      On top of that, the USA's single biggest terrorist attack happened on her watch as NSA director, and she was warned constantly by Richard Clarke that we were going to be attacked, probably by airplanes.

      Condi and GW Bush ignored Clarke's warnings, and 9 months after they took office, the tragedy happened.

    6. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Rice is closely identified with the Bush administration, the Iraq War lies, and torture. She's also pro-choice. The only reason to select her would seem to be the same cynicism that brought us Sarah Palin, plus a little extra--the belief they could win votes based on gender and skin color rather than policies.

    7. Condi is pro choice. Will not fly with the ultra right.

    8. Anonymous2:37 PM

      She's also a liar. See Nomad's post quoting her as saying "we had no idea" 9/11 was going to happen.
      He (Nomad) nails her.

  15. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Better yet!

    The GOP should hire Tina Fey to speak at the Republican Presidential Convention in place of Sarah Palin.

    If I was Sarah Palin I would tell them I can't make it due to the Todd Palin Prostitution Ring embarrassment scandal, 18 year old Willow graduating a year early without even attending her current school year scandal and no-talent no-personality Bristol's "please put me on reality tv, I promise I can sex it up with a trial marriage to Mercedes Johnston's hand me down left over ex-boyfriend" embarrassment show scandal.

    I don't know how Sarah can get on the convention stage now that her 15 minutes was over 5 minutes ago... more like a year ago.

    Some people just don't know when to leave the building!

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Even when she does leave then Sarah plots drive-bys in the family vacation bus. She'll be crashing the RNC by renting mall space. Because you know in her little pea brain it's not about the country - it's all about her!

  16. Anonymous11:25 AM

    She's got ugly innards.

    1. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Sarah Palin outtards are just as bad if not worse.

    2. Anonymous11:48 AM

      And no tits, crusty toes, old veiny hands, crooked eyes, no ass and big ass ears.

    3. Anonymous4:31 PM

      And she stinks to high heaven.

  17. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Wouldn't it be great if they were all nominated in the same category?

    Game Change versus Sarah Palin's Alaska versus SNL!

    De Ja Vu... Sarah Palin would be "Looser Runner Up" again.

    3rd place just like Miss Alaska all over again.

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      But...but...Queen Esther herself said that God would have the right people win in 2008. Is she calling Him a liar just like she does our wonderful President?

  18. Anonymous11:28 AM

    If Todd had a Do Over again, who would he marry?

    Julianne Moore

    Tina Fey

    Wonkie Eyed Turkey Neck Arthritis Hands Sarah Palin?

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      I don't think that either Julianne Moore or Tina Fey would be interested.

  19. MissSunshine11:38 AM

    Alas! I don't have HBO so I am going to have to wait a bit to see "Game Change".

    From the clips I have seen, it is not so much about SP, but Steve Schmidt (played by Woody Harrelson) as he is excited about having her on the campaign to the dawning horror of realizing just how ignorant and vain she is.

    She has a habit of eating people up and spitting them out, doesn't she? I look forward to RAMS's book.. perhaps a decade or two from now.

    We are living in an extraordinary time. I think 2000 through 2020 are years that will be examined again and again by future generations.

  20. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Looks like Newt will not hire Sarah Palin as his Secretary of Grifting.

    The Sarah Palin Endorsement Curse has brought Newt to his knees as predicted.

    Newt became another GOP quitter like Palin's other endorsements Perry, Cain, Trump and the others.

    Does Romney really want Palin to speak on his behalf at the GOP convention?

    Does Sarah Palin want to be ridiculed and blamed for Romney's loss to President Obama just like she was blamed for McCain's loss?

    Yup! It keeps her name in the news.

    Like Sarah says, "Any news is good news for Sarah Palin".

  21. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Palin set the bar, all right. 2008 is now the epitome of how NOT to select a running mate. An unmitigated disaster is how she'll go down in history and rightfully so. Here's hoping Moore scores the Emmy.

  22. O/T but gives me hope. I live in Charlotte NC. In a little over a week, on May 8th, an amendment will be added to the primary ballot. The amendment is regarding marriage equality. Sneaky of the Cons and Fundies to put this to a vote now, during a largely Republican based primary, rather than wait until November when all parties will be sure to show up. Now this amendment does not address civil unions or common law marriage. Why? Because both are already illegal in NC. There is no reason for this amendment except pandering to the Fundies in an election year. And what aren't the Cons and Fundies mentioning? That the way the amendment (to our State Constitution no less) is written will not just effect the LGBT community, it will affect any non-married people living together. Property rights, medical decisions, child care and custody, domestic violence protections.....all these rights will be nonexistent to people unless they are married. Had a disturbing conversation with someone yesterday regarding the amendment - he stated that it would keep people who are "not normal" from having the same rights as "normal" people. Then I saw this video and, today? Feeling hopeful.

  23. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Boy, that photo of Palin (middle one) certainly doesn't reflect the image of Palin today. Her hateful, evil ways over the past few years have aged her horribly.

  24. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Tina and Julianne Win.
    Sarah LOSES.
    Any questions?

  25. laprofesora12:31 PM

    Which of those three ladies looks like an idiot? Bingo! The one in the middle. Even actresses make a better Sarah Paylin than Sarah Paylin.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      There are only two ladies in that photo, and one dumb ass skanky Bitch. No need to guess which one.

  26. Anonymous12:35 PM

    When are the Emmy Awards? That will guarantee another round of Game Change on HBO as the demand to view it will be high.

    I've watched it all the way through 4 times and enjoyed it more with each viewing. There are so many one-liners that refer to Palin's many quirks. For those of us who follow the perils of Palin, these one-liners are a confirmation that the craziness we see is visible to others as well.

    I can't wait for another round of Game Change.

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      I do believe early September.

  27. Anonymous12:43 PM

    If Todd had a Do Over again, who would he marry?

    My guess is that Todd would marry "You Light Up My Life" Shailey Tripp.

    That way he wouldn't have to wrap up his used condoms in facecloths and stuff them in his pockets.

    Facecloths are getting expensive nowadays.

    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      He probably would, because his main Bitch knows how to make that money. It's hard out there for a PIMP.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      But would Shailey marry Todd? You know, all things being equal, she does have a choice. I think her answer would be "No way in hell! Your wienie is teeny and those collections of pocketed used condoms is so god awfully gross. Ewww."

  28. Smirnonn12:47 PM

    I would absolutely love it if Fey handed Moore the Emmy in character. That'd be a lot of comedic gold to mine!

  29. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Todd knows Sarah Palin can't attack Todd for soliciting prostitutes.

    Sarah's problem is that she is as nasty and underhanded like Todd.

    How can Sarah scold Todd when she has Brad Hanson, Glen Rice, Curt Menard and those others in her closet?

  30. Sarah had a very pretty face, nice and fit figure, and charisma. That's EXACTLY why she got as far in politics as she did - and she obviously took advantage of her 'assets'.
    She got the old white Repubs to throw away their Viagra and hand her millions of dollars in all sorts of campaign funding. There ARE people extremely attracted to pretty, yet mentally-disturbed women.

    Fast forward. Sarah's 'gig' is up. Her looks are gone, her true self as presented itself and it is ugly. Again, if Sarah were ugly to start with, we wouldn't be having these conversations. There are many lessons learned from the saga of Sarah Palin, American culture at large, and the power of the media. Fortunately, the woman did not get into the White House nor will EVER see the inside of a political office again.

    1. Fuck you, McCain!3:35 PM

      Sarah was attractive ~ in the world of politics.

      She was exactly the face Jay Carney and others wanted promoting THEIR ideas on the City Council, so they pushed hard and she won.

      But what makes Sarah SO different, is that she saw the potential power and decided to go for it even though she was grossly under qualified.

      The only way to SURVIVE and defend your fraudulent self, is to surround yourself with cronies.

      But HOW is that even possible when you are a mayor or Governor?

      It has to be one of the least populated states, and you must have a solid network that will blindly follow you (Assembly of God, bribery, blackmail, broken promises, and charisma...all got her there).


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