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Joe McGinniss is not to yet quite finished talking about Sarah Palin. This time in Australia.

"The Rogue" stripped away the Palin mythology and revealed to the world what lay beneath . Eww!
Courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald:

 His research - or at least his accommodation in Alaska - made news around the world. "Joe McGinniss has rented the house next to the Palin family's lakeside home in Wasilla, Alaska, for five months while he completes his work," reported this paper's website in May 2010. 

"Palin did everything she could to stop it," says McGinniss. "She threatened. She had a lawyer announce she was considering a lawsuit." That didn't happen. But within weeks of publication, Palin announced she would not be running in 2012. 

McGinniss is far from claiming sole responsibility. As he sees it, Palin faced two problems running for the Republican nomination this year: she didn't have a hope of winning and any attempt would expose her to the sort of scrutiny that would put at risk her lucrative new career as a political celebrity. 

"These people worked out a way to game the system," McGinniss says of the Palin family. "I don't blame them. They are just grifters who suddenly saw a chance at the main chance and they were clever enough and canny enough to take it. The American media was so gullible and the right wing was so desperate for new heroic figures that they basically got a free ride. She knew she wouldn't get a free ride this year in 2012." 

His attack on Palin is full throttle. "I think everything about her is false. I think her claims of super Christianity are as false as everything else. She discovered who she needed to be to play to a very small audience in her town of Wasilla and she has calculated her way every step of the way. There has been an opening for a woman of the extreme right. She saw that. 

"Even in Alaska there were no openings for educated, intelligent women of the left because Alaska - part of the anomaly that is the state - had a number of those already. What they needed was a militant crusader for evangelical values. And she combined - and we can never underestimate this - raw sex appeal with Christian platitudes. The Anchorage Daily News called her 'The Joan of Arc of Alaska politics'. There was nothing subtle about it." 

What followed in his eyes was a tale of cunning and vengeance; high ambition and lazy performance; bobsleds and cocaine; a toxic marriage that saw Todd sleeping on the couch most nights and the kids roaming the neighbourhood looking for a feed. Then young Track was shunted off to the military after the high-school bus fleet was mysteriously vandalised one winter. 

"I laughed," says McGinniss. "The closer I got and the more people I talked to who knew her, the more I laughed. After a while laughter gave way to a numb stupefaction that this brainless, venal, definitely crafty, religious fanatic and self-aggrandising bimbo could have become a powerful factor in national politics." 

The Herald even asked Joe about the mystery of Trig:

McGinniss devotes hilarious and scurrilous pages to the mystery of little Trig, the Down syndrome baby born soon after Palin won John McCain's endorsement. "The story she tells of her pregnancy and the birth simply can't be true," says McGinniss who wonders if the "birth" was designed to make Palin the poster child of the Right to Life. 

"It would be the most cynical ploy and the greatest hoax ever pulled off in American politics," he says. Pursuing the story with him are bloggers and the influential columnist Andrew Sullivan. But McGinniss despairs of the failure of the "establishment media" to take the story seriously. He doesn't believe the issue is yet settled either way: "I remain Trignostic," he says. 

I have to say that I know Joe is FAR from Trognostic, but I also know that he was very frustrated that he was never able to crack open that particular part of the Palin mythology.

Still he managed to bring the controversy to the forefront of the American audience for a short time, and may very well have been the MAIN reason why Palin has moved as far away from the political scene as she has recently.

And now Joe will be in Australia this month to discuss this most scandalous of deceptions with an entirely new audience.  And didn't "Sarah Palin-You Betcha!" just start appearing on Australian TV recently as well?

Why yes it did!


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  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    And Sarah has been silent for a week now...more surgery, more babies, more screaming fits? Funny, I haven't missed her vicious rants a bit.

  3. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Every time Sarah opens her mouth, we realize why she lost in 2008.

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    A note on "You Betcha!"

    I was one of the donors who gave $100 so that the movie could be made and in exchange, I was supposed to have received a DVD and poster, which I never did.

    I wanted the movie to get made, but I gave that particular amount because I really wanted the DVD and not just the poster (which I didn't want at all)that went with the lower donation amount.

    Anybody else had this happen?

    I am feeling that I was grifted by a guy making a movie about a grifter.

    1. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Me too. I tried writing an email but no response. Live and learn.

    2. Jumping Jeepers.2:41 AM

      Please, call or write him rather than just more waaaaah here.

      Plus it's anecdotal. Second hand info. Doesn't mean it did or didn't happen.

      Especially when your just another Anon. comment.

    3. comeonpeople5:03 AM

      that's disappointing.
      I instant streamed it on netflix. I liked seeing all the faces to the names we know from following the wacks from Wasilla.
      I thought he should have kept the kitschiness down as it took away from the impact of Sarah's dysfunction, IMHO. Still liked the flick though.

    4. Exactly the same thing happened to me. I still haven't seen "You Betcha" because I never received the DVD after donating $100 to help produce the film (which I probably would never have done without the inducement of a DVD in return).

      Now I feel like all those P-bots who never got a copy of "Going Rogue" after sending their $100 to SarahPAC.

      Grifters all.

  5. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Icebergs ahead!

  6. WakeUpAmerica6:16 PM

    Come on, Krazy Kristy! Your turn! Bwaahaahaahaa!! Try your brand of damage control. ROFLMA

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    Off topic here...but what happened to the font? It's gone from uber large to very small! How about something in between?

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      Must be your computer? Every thing here including fonts looks the same to me.

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    Same on my computer. Try ctrl +

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      Thank you!

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      Perfect. Thank you!

  9. Anonymous6:40 PM

    "The story she tells of her pregnancy and the birth simply can't be true," says McGinniss...

    And the fact that Sarah Palin repeatedly boasts of this untruth in speeches and print indicates a person unable to comprehend normal thinking. She is a sociopath.

    1. Anita Winecooler9:47 PM

      She even slipped up and had his place of nativity in Anchorage, which makes more sense than Mat Su, but still not from her body.

  10. Martha again6:40 PM

    I cannot understand why this Trig thing hasn't been exploded yet. People don't believe me, just because supposedly if it were true, it would have come out by now. That's a hard nut to crack, as I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't been following this blog every day for several years now. Maybe the Australians won't be afraid of it. Go, Australia!

    1. comeonpeople5:04 AM

      Yes, I implore them below to help us out!!

  11. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I think the media knows much more about Palin than they report. I also think that much more would have come out on Palin if she had run-and, even if she doesn't run, I think it will come out closer to the election. The Republican Party has let Palin be a major mouthpiece and her secrets/corruption could discredit many, many Republicans and maybe the whole Republic Party.

    I bet the Obama campaign knows much more than has ever been put out. Maybe they will uncover those(housegate/many gates) closer to 2012. I feel they will.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      I agree 100% that the MSM knows all -- why not, they have only to read a few blogs and they can know everything we know. Plus surely they have their own insider sources and know a few things we do not. Important things. When McCain recently defended Palin, I knew the MSM was not planning to pull back the blackout anytime soon.

    2. Anonymous8:06 PM

      I hope you are right!

    3. Anonymous10:09 PM

      Sarah was right about one thing. The Lamestream media is AFRAID to report the truth because it's so outlandish what Palin did. Only soap operas and 13 year olds do shit like the Palins pulled off. Her hoax is not like anything ever before and the lamestream media would be embarrassed to report the actual truth because that would be admitting that they are LAME.

    4. Anonymous10:40 PM

      I really do believe many know much about Palin but will wait until further into election season and then they will dump on her. She'll stir up a hornets nest but they will need to discredit her and they need to hang onto the info until the right time.

      I've always thought Palin would play a huge part in the destruction of the Republican party by 2012 and I really think this is the way it will happen.

    5. Anonymous8:17 AM

      I wrote the comments @7:43 and 11:40. I meant to put it that I don't think it will be the Trig hoax that destroys Palin, although there will always be questions. I think it will be something else/something illegal she has done.

    6. Maple8:30 AM

      Dan Rather lost his anchor job at CBS for bringing facts (without absolute proof) about GWB going AWOL for a year while in the National Guard. No doubt the MSM is being extra careful and may be seeking irrefutable proof about Trig, and Todd the pimp, and who knows what else. Or maybe not. But the truth does eventually come out, and in Scarah's case, it surely will.

  12. honeybabe6:55 PM

    dna is the only way and one of these days the dna will catch up with all of them.....can't wait.

  13. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Oh what good news that Joe is talking about it in Australia. Thank you for telling us about it.

    I wish he would refer to the Mar 14 and Mar 26 photos, which show the too-flat, non-pregnant profile.

    After 3.5 yrs of puzzling over this, my conclusion is that our MSM's blackout on this story has prevailed and will continue to prevail, to protect the high-level enablers of this hoax: McCain and his senior staff, the MSM, the GOP.

    A ray of hope: if this should become a big-deal story in Australia, maybe our MSM might cave and discuss it. But why should Australia care, except for a brief moment. We certainly would not care about Australia's political grifters.

    I wonder if the Murdoch angle would help McG publicise it in Australia?

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:12 PM

      You make some very good points.

      I have been wondering about what the effect on John McCain's reputation would be, if the truth about Sarah Palin should somehow become known. i know exposing her would be damaging for him; but, he seems to be taking a lot of heat lately for choosing her.

      Would exposing her scandals take some of the heat off of him? If the story of her selection (no time to vet) as running mate were true, they could always claim plausible deniability. I think there is either much more to the story of her selection, or the depth of her corruption is even worse than any of us know. Maybe they are just trying to keep the lid on through the election. But I think lots of people will be talking about this, come convention time.

    2. nswfm8:15 PM

      Think of how many Sunday am programs have ThatAsshole® McCain on and then think about why the complicity of the media isn't a real question.

    3. Anita Winecooler9:52 PM

      I agree, very good observations. I have a feeling she has some dirt on McCain that didn't get to his staff, something big. At this point, what does McCain have to lose?

    4. Anonymous9:53 PM

      Don't we pretty much know that the hurried vetting is a myth? It's the official story, but we have some data points re earlier conversations, articles in the MSM, etc. But all that can be denied. Plus all the REAL stuff that went on, in strict confidence, that will never come to light: the private conversations about the strategy of picking SP. Also, there's the possible grooming of SP by the religious right, much earlier. And the connections among the .01%er pals who blessed this pick, perhaps forced it on McCain. (Who, like the courageous war hero that he claims to be, caved.)

      That's why I've been interested in the hoax instead of all the other Palingates: seems to me there's a lot more complexity in proving them. But when you have the Mar 14 and Mar 26 photos of a non-pregnant profile and the MSM don't care, it becomes clear (to me, anyway) that no matter what we "little people" do re proof, the MSM blackout is firmly in place and will continue to be, until there is no longer a reason to protect McCain, Schmidt, Murdoch, the MSM owners, etc. And in fact until there's a reason to dump them. Which seems unlikely anytime soon, because McCain and Schmidt seem so far superior to the klown kar kandidates that I'd say the GOP must aim to keep everyone on board.

      While they work out the voter fraud and dirty tricks that have got to be their main strategy for winning the election, because what else have they got?

    5. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Remember the best political spin is to deny, deny, deny in the face of all provable evidence.

  14. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Thankfully we have guys like McGinniss who shed the light that makes the cuntroaches like paylin scurry back under the dented fridge.

  15. Anonymous7:33 PM

    But within weeks of publication, Palin announced she would not be running in 2012.

    Once people started looking into Sarah Palin's emails and how she governed and with McG's book revealing more info, then Sarah figured enough is enough I better end this charade before she has to reveal her finances and answer health/birth questions. But before she bailed out, Sarah had SarahPac hit the grifting circuit one more time asking everybody to send their best donations to Sarah to convince her to run even though she already knew she wasn't running. Then it ended and Sarah kept everybody's best donations and never returned it.

    What a scamming con artist! Either return their money or give 100% of their best donations to charity. Well Sarah did give it to charity, her Palin family charity.

  16. Anonymous7:41 PM

    All this shit happened because of McCain.

    He did not vet Sarah Palin.

    McCain's own campaign staff realized they had an idiot (Palin) on his ticket and wondered what would happen if McCain did win. Could they replace Palin before the inauguration?

  17. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Is it really Sarah Palin's fault that she is an idiot? Who raised and educated Sarah Palin and who picked Sarah Palin to be vp?


  18. Anonymous7:55 PM


  19. Gryphen, you said a few weeks ago you thought you knew how they pulled off the Trig birth ruse.

    So tell what you know, just for the benefit of those who haven't looked closely at Sarah's wild ride narrative, for the minority who have never given birth or have never been close to anyone who did.

  20. Anonymous8:19 PM

    The only way to find out which Palin breeder was fathered by who is by a DNA test. They're like rats, who knows whose seeds took hold? This sex free for all goes back several generations.


    You have to be an idiot to take a Palin's word that you're the father without having scientific proof!

  21. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald?


    How come the Anchorage Daily News doesn't report on Sarah Palin's scams like the one "send her your best donations to convince her to run for president" and then she skips out and keeps the money?

    How come the Anchorage Daily News doesn't report on Shailey Tripp's allegations that she was a prostitute working for Todd Palin who also sent a Secret Service agent her way so she could take care of him?

    What about reporting on how the Anchorage Police Dept ignored a judges ruling and a citizen's request to have her property returned and they destroyed it?

    Isn't that newsworthy? What has to happen in Alaska in order for it to be reported by the ADN?

    Seriously, what is the ADN's criteria for them to report anything?

    1. Anonymous10:11 PM

      Re ADN's criteria: Like other MSM entities, they are struggling to remain financially viable and at the same time struggling to please their owners or advertisers, or wherever the money comes from.

      Re MSM blackout on certain stories: don't like it? Go get a job elsewhere, if anyone will hire you after you buck the system. My data points:

      --The Michael Carey video at the RNC discussing the "common knowledge" status of the SP fake pregnancy
      --the Oct 2008 already written ADN article exposing the baby hoax that never got published (per cajunboy).
      --SP's threat to the ADN to stop with the Trig Hoax stories or the State of Alaska ads could go to another paper (email). The coverage stopped.
      --the major corruption of Alaska top circles that makes the Todd prostitution story stay below the radar. The odd police letter; SP saying it was a "ring" before that concept was on the blogs.
      --the lack of ANY response when I've sent letters to MSM writers begging them to notice the Baby Hoax. Not even a form letter. I've heard this is true for others who have written.

      Seems to me the best explanation is a top-down media blackout for very good reasons: the truth is too damaging.

    2. Anonymous3:42 AM

      The reason is you can't see Sydney from Alaska, and what's out of sight is out of the Palins' control.

  22. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Sarah Palin is correct that she is a victim! No doubt about it. Yes sirree.

    Sarah is the victim of the Sarah Palin Curse!

  23. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Who owns the Sarah Palin SarahPac Palin Family vacation bus?

    Does SarahPac own it or Sarah? Is it leased or are they making payments on it?

  24. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Hey, Sarah advisors. Either you give Sarah the most horrible advice in the world (what the heck does she pay you for anyway?) or she never listens to you and is wasting her money. Can't blame you too much for taking money to kiss Sarah's's a living right? She certainly resented McCain for the fact that she wasn't the top of the ticket and resented his staff. Even Bristol had to write in her petty book how jealous she was of Meghan and their luggage. Please Sarah, never stop talking. No wonder an artist made a metal pig cooker in your likeness. Now the upset teabaggers are sending the artist death threats. Nice reflection of SarahPAC on you - they follow your lead.

    You suck at managing yourself. In the money dept. and grifting you have done well fooling idiots who lay in bed staring at your calendar with fake boobies. But managing your credibility you've done horrible. And really now you expect the world to take what you say seriously. Seriously?? You traded in your reputation (what there was of it) for money. Never stop talking Sarah. We love watching you cut off your nose to spite your face and watching you eat your foot overtime you speak your BS. It's a terrible thing also, too what you are doing to your own daughter Bristol the way you have Nancy French writing a blog pretending to be your daughter. Bristol is blinded by the money (as you so well taught her), houses, cars, tabloid payments, getting $$ for pretending to be abstinence speeches, etc. and is turning out just like you. You are "guiding" her career just like you've guided your own career….into the trash bin.
    Please Sarah NEVER stop lashing out, telling lies and making yourself out to be a fake victim. You've over-stayed your welcome in politics, over-saturated the media with your desperation to become famous and the world is sick of you, your celibrity-ism and your poisonous hateful brand.


  25. Anonymous9:24 PM

    "...McGinniss who wonders if the "birth" was designed to make Palin the poster child of the Right to Life."

    McGinniss is a hero. He included the babygate questions in his book and aired it in all of his interviews, in spite of the backlash. He successfully put the possible hoax squarely on Palin's shoulders by getting Bristol out of the equation and making it about politics. Barbara Walters definitely got the message and, I imagine, others in the media did, as well.

    There are still loose ends (the health coverage emails, how Trig got on the PFD list, who started the rumor Palin was covering for Bristol, etc.) that now seem unlikely to get resolved. Palin is out of the Presidential race but hasn't been adequately disgraced and silenced as she deserves.

    1. Anonymous10:02 PM

      "Sarah Palin is the poster child of Retards."

    2. Anonymous12:48 AM

      Yes, Trig was supposed to represent "Right to Life" and attract the Religious Right. She was also supposed to attract the disenchanted Hillary voters (didn't work).

  26. Anita Winecooler9:43 PM

    Good for Joe! I respect him a lot and loved his book. Can't wait for the new one he's working on to come out, what a clever idea!

    For a very wealthy man, with a long time in politics, why didn't Mc Cain insist on vetting her fully before trotting her out? And what galls me is
    Sarah MUST have some kind of dirt on him, something that got past his staff, or this whole hoax would have been made public by now, what does McCain have to lose? He'll never be in that race again, ever. If he were honest, people would respect him more.

    "Country First", my ass!

    1. Anonymous10:25 PM

      It's always "election first."

      And look just how far that particular motif got McCain...and the rest of the country..and its lasting legacy as the birthplace of parasites like Palin.

    2. Anonymous12:47 AM

      McCain was famously known for being a high stakes gambler (Las Vegas). He took a wild chance on Palin and lost.

    3. Anonymous9:27 AM

      John McCain was the first non Alaskan to be the recipient of the Sarah Palin Curse. Then is spread from coast to coast after that.

    4. Marleycat2:17 PM

      McCain and a lot of other big name GOP Politicians and elected officials - especially those with close ties to the Government/Military Industrial Complex have probably received prostitution services through the same prostitution ring Todd Palin was intimately involved with, shades of the current Secret Service guy who DID get set up with sex workers through Todd Palin!

      There's NO doubt in my mind that Todd has probably been in this business a long, long time and this involvement is key to Sarah's rise in political prominence - despite being an irrefutable DUNCE. I think this was Sarah's side business, too.

      How can any of the dirt come to light when they are all playing with each other in same dirty, stinking cesspool - to tell the truth is to out themselves!

      It makes me wonder how the Secret Service can keep the President safe when so much depends on keeping their own scurrilous activities a secret . . . or is that what this was all about? Destabilize security for President Obama?

    5. Anonymous5:30 PM

      Ya think ... ? I think you hit the head of the nail with this one. Let’s await the tell all books!

  27. Anonymous10:00 PM

    How come the Anchorage Daily News doesn't challenge Sarah Palin who anointed herself an energy expert?

    What college or trade school did Palin get her energy expertise from?

    What companies was Sarah Palin groomed in to become Alaska's energy expert?

    Sarah Palin was governor of an energy producing state. How long was Sarah Palin governor before she quit? 1/2 a term?

    Gov Rick Perry "is" governor of a big energy producing state where he has been governor since 2000. Does that make him more of an energy expert than Alaska's 1/2 term quitter?

    What exactly makes Sarah Palin an energy expert? Is it because she says she is one?

    Current Alaska Gov. Parnell replaced most of Sarah Palin's closest aides, including many of her advisers on oil and gas issues. Hmmm I wonder why? Is it because they grew up liking gas stations as a child and that was good enough for Sarah but not good enough for Parnell?

    "She is fed a series of talking points by her advisers before each of her punditry appearances and then dishes them out in what my friends in Alaska have dubbed "word salads" -- without the dressing." -McGinniss

    Sarah Palin is no more an energy expert than she is a mother, a mother of uneducated children that breeds like rats.

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      The closest Sarah came to an oil company was Todd’s job. She had absolutely zero experience or education in oil. She simply could not understand or cared enough to learn about and to stick with the job Murkowski essentially gave to her to assuage her hurt feelings. What a fraud. And, I am so embarrassed she is an Alaskan. What a loser quitter.

    2. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Palins’ kids: Uneducated, entitled, and unfortunately burdened with idiot parents.

  28. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I agree with the others wondering why the truth about Trig hasn't come out? How hard is it to collect some DNA from the major players involved? The reward would be $$$$!

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Collecting the DNA seems possible for an outsider. It's the iron-clad chain-of-custody of the DNA samples, and documentation of same, that makes it almost impossible to do DNA tests unless one has the cooperation of the DNA donors.

      And anyway, no one but us bloggers wants this info. If the MSM can ignore photos of a flat Palin 5 weeks before delivering Trig, why would they go for the complexity of DNA tests, whose results would be similarly covered up.

      The truth has not come out because wealthy, powerful people do not want it to so long as they benefit from SP's presence roiling up the
      political scene. And name one GOP person who would like to see the involvement of the guilty enablers exposed?

    2. Anonymous8:39 AM

      9:16, please tell us how it would be possible for an outsider.

  29. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Looking at the above posted picture of Palin, at least her wonky eye looks better.

  30. Anonymous10:14 PM

    In short, the lamestream media which Palin so rightly called them are too embarrassed to admit that they were also, too fooled by Palin. THAT is why the real story about how the Palins grifted and hoaxed the political community with all their lies and crimes doesn't go viral. 2nd runner up beauty queen Palin took everyone for a ride and they don't want to admit it. End of story and that's why now when you google Palin hardly anything newsworthy comes up except for tabloid trash.


  31. Anonymous10:22 PM

    They should make it mandatory in Alaska that if you have Palin DNA running through your veins, it is a prerequisite that you have to take a class on how to keep you panties up before you can enter junior high. It would solve a lot of problems down the road.

    It's too late for the current batch of sex addicts, but it will help the next generation of Palin breeders.

  32. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Joe McGinniss is not to yet quite finished talking about Sarah Palin. This time in Australia...

    Doesn't matter to Sarah Palin one bit..... Sarah doesn't even know where Australia is.... she has to look it up on her Crackberry to see if it is a state, country or continent. Who knows, maybe Sarah will eventually get a photo op with the Queen of Australia?

  33. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Is it just me or do those eyes pictured above looks better than Sarah Palin's real eyes.

  34. Anonymous12:58 AM

    I'm in New Zealand. I wish You Betcha would come here.

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Try netflix! And, I love New Zealand. You are a wonderful people and country.

  35. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Well I was watching "Sarah Palin - You Betcha!" on the TV here in Sydney a week or so ago and in the middle of it I yelled out "Wow, there's Gryph! I read his blog everyday" (to the surprise of the rest of the family). I was able for the first time put a face and a voice to my favourite blogger. And it wasn't only Jesse, what was good about seeing the doco was to be able to put a face and voice to many of the characters, good and evil, in this real-life soap opera. It gets a thumbs up from this Aussie. And Alaska does too -- would love to visit that part of the world one day in the future. Sadly, will miss Joe's talk at the writers' festival for other commitments.

  36. Jeanabella4:57 AM

    McCain et al were so afraid not to pick a "game changer" to take on Obama, they went with her & covered up what they found the usual way, cleaning up "evidence" on computers & records, but what they didn't have a clue about was Sarah Palin's hubris & fact free world!
    They were shocked at her no knowledge, ignorant ass!
    That's what they couldn't "erase" or cover up!
    Who would have thought a Governor of any state could have achieved election with her low level of knowledge?
    McCain himself has a lot to keep covered up & has been written about but his records are sealed as well.
    He wasn't a "hero" actually, but as many others in the Vietnam war, he was a reckless young man who was wild & crashed planes 4 or 5 times & was captured by enemy & was tortured & did spill some beans. However, I don't blame any human for not standing up to torture, McCain did what most people in that situation would do, but he isn't a war hero by any stretch.
    He gets a pass because of his service. He is of average intelligence & probably was as shocked as the rest of us at Sarah's ignorance, incompetence & vile nature. He was afraid she'd turn on him & her wild monkeys would be after him.
    One thought on trignostics: as Gryphen has intimated, the story behind Trig may be a sad one and innocent people who meant well are involved.
    Maybe this is a reason people made decision not to delve. I'm still for the truth no matter what it is as lies just cause more trouble.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Uh, this is Alaska. Elections in Alaska since the pipeline are similar to elections in high school. It is all about who you know. We have become a state of right wing no nothings who wish to turn Alaska into North Texas.

  37. comeonpeople5:01 AM

    OK, well I I BEG every doctor (esp obs) nurse, nurse midwife, physician's assistant and woman who has ever given birth down under to QUESTION the Pregnancy and WILD RIDE publically.
    You are our hope.
    The key to breaking this is to pay public scrutiny to the impossibility of the hoax. There are regulations and standards that would have been broken were the tale true. The risks would have been too great for any family practice physician or podunk hospital to take. Sarah, in her narcissism, thought no one is smarter than her.
    Please Australians, help us out!!!

  38. Anonymous5:28 AM

    perhaps McCain and company visited the prostitutes.
    maybe they knew the pros were underage and illegal aliens.

    it's pretty simple.

  39. Anonymous5:37 AM

    My sister in Canada saw the McGinnis interview on Canadian TV and later called me here in the US to tell me she didn't think that Palin had that baby. I had never spoken to her about my feelings that it was faked so was happy to here she felt that way after the interview.

    Hopefully if more countries do these interviews it will trickle back here.

  40. Anonymous5:47 AM

    I think Mc Cain knows that he built his reputation on exaggeration and in some warped way admired Sarah for doing exactly the same. Both of them are scam artists. And not only that... her subtle seduction of the campaign- and especially of that horny old toad McCain himself- was key. Sex or the hint of sex sells! IF McCain were a true patriot, NOW is the time to come clean. Just say you made a miscalculation, an error of judgment in a time of stress and that the vetting was not what it should have been. Who am I kidding? This will never happen. He must defend this horrid grifter until he draws his last breath to preserve his so-called legacy.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Sarah Palin IS John McCain's legacy now. I can't think of anything else he has done, and I live in Arizona.

  41. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I don't think McCain needs to openly admit what a goof he (and they!) made in putting the 'idiot from Wasilla, AK" on his ticket! It is now widely known across the US and she has fallen by the wayside. She's not regarded well within the Republican party and is now seen as the 'kiss of death' to them.

    That is much the same in Alaska - the Palins and Heaths are not well regarded and have brought nothing but embarrassment to their state. Most in Alaska wish they'd move somewhere else, but even AZ isn't interested in them...especially after Gabby's shooting and the death to many of their residents for which Palin is connected.

  42. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Just watched John McCain on ABC's This Week tell Jake Tapper that the most important things in selecting a VP are 1) is this someone you trust and 2) most importantly is this someone who would be ready to step in and assume the presidency if necessary and I did that with my selection.

    The man is a lying delusional fraud. And Tapper let him get away with it.

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM


  43. abbafan7:29 AM

    Hi Gryphen! Kudos to the Sydney Morning Herald for giving Mr. McGinniss a no-holds-barred interview. The only other time that happened was when Beverly Thomson interviewed him on CTV's Canada AM last September. That being said, there may well be one possibility that explains $arah's silence of the last 7 days since being verbally smacked down by President Obama. Can someone find out if the Sydney Morning Herald is a Murdoch-owned newspaper? This may be their way of severing their ties with her; someone has the goods on her. If it is, then this may signal the end of the blithering idiot! Oh, the sweet irony!

  44. If "game change" didn't have the smoking gun, then I don't think the MSM has it either. And that's the problem. Until there is something dna or the delivering doctor's statement, then this story isn't going to break. Sure they "know"...just as we do, but there's no proof. Hinky pictures, wild rides and inconsistent statements mean next to nothing. And I am not as confident as most that the truth will prevail. I think the time has past, and she's won.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Class action suit by Alaskans against the doctor and hospital for giving medically unsafe care to their sitting governor. If they do this unsafe against standards and regulations shit to their governor, what kind of care to they give to the common folk??
      Force discovery.
      Time is running out on the statute of limitiations alaskans!!!

  45. Anonymous8:25 AM

    What makes Sarah Palin an energy expert besides her flapping gums?

    Anybody? Ferris...

  46. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Well Sarah was governor of the state controlled dairy, I guess that makes Sarah Palin a dairy expert too? Oooopppss I forgot, we're not suppose to bring up the dairy debacle where Sarah hired her incompetent Wasilla BFF Kristan Cole to head the Board of Agriculture because Kristan liked cows when she was growing up. Whatever happened to the dairy incident in Alaska? Anybody? Ferris....

    Hey Kristan Cole, isn't she the one run who ran that Alaska Fund Trust Scam of Sarah Palin's? Whatever happened to our quarterly report? We're still waiting???


    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Isn't Kristan Cole a real estate agent in Wasilla?

      Can I trust her to do an honest transaction since she screwed up the dairy business in Alaska and she also ran Sarah Palin's defense fund scam where Kristan made herself answerable to no one? What did happen to the Alaska Fund Trust quarterly report we were promised? I don't believe even one was made public. If Wasilla real estate agent Kristan Cole is an honest person she would immediately make them available. How can anybody buy property from a person who looks like an incompetent scam artist?

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      How come everything Sarah Palin touches is either a scam or turns to shit?

      I'm starting to think that the Sarah Palin Curse is real.

  47. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Send Sarah Palin money to her defense fund the Alaska Fund Trust headed by Kristan Cole and she will send you a quarterly report.

    We did and she didn't!

    Send SarahPac your best donations to convince Sarah Palin to run for president.

    We did and she didn't and she kept our money anyway.

    Does anybody see a Sarah Palin pattern here?

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      The Sarah Palin Scam pattern trickled down to Bristol Palin.

      Pay money to Bristol Palin and she will tell your daughters about abstinence and to refrain from sex. Something Bristol swore she would abstain from until she gets married. Pay her speaking fees and hear her worldly abstinence views.

      We did and she didn't abstain.

      There is a Sarah Palin pattern developing!

      Bristol, do we get a refund?

      I doubt that scams are refundable but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      I wonder if Track paid to hear Bristol's abstinence speech. I guess Bristol's speech wasn't that effective seeing that Track got the pastor's virgin daughter pregnant and then had to marry her.

      Runs in the family; son like mother and father and like grandma Sally and grandpa Chuck as well.

      Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol and Willow, I'm curious, do they sell condoms in Wasilla?

  48. Anonymous10:53 AM

    "It would be the most cynical ploy and the greatest hoax ever pulled off in American politics."

    That's why the MSM won't touch the Trig hoax? I still don't get it. Was McCain so powerful that he could make the media back off reporting on Sarah and her family's horrible truth?

    1. jcinco11:53 AM

      I find it interesting that with all john edward's $$ he couldn't prevent NE from exposing him & yet the trailer trash, noveau rich palins can...still would like to see a story abouut nugent's pedophilia and pictures of him sarah and piper...and she was worried about old Joe peekin' in piper's windows. She better strain her brain and try to think if she ever left those two unattended.

  49. Anonymous10:54 AM

    raw sex appeal and Christian platitudes. That's our Sarah, you betcha... But not Bristol. There is nothing sexy about Bristol.

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Sarah is not sexy. She has flat @ss and a figure like a boy.

  50. Anonymous11:11 AM

    She has made her fortune.

    Now get the hell out.

    You and Glen Beck, and Cain and Perry and Bachman and Gingrich. Grifters. every one of them a grifter. And all Far Right.

  51. Anonymous1:46 PM

    CBJ may the the next best hope for cracking the TriG Code.
    Physicians don't give up hospital privileges, because that is a big chunk of their income, especially surgeons and ObGyns.

    Something happened shortly after Trig came to Wasilla that caused her to get kicked out of the hospital, or forced to resign her privilege.

    Physicians don't have privacy rights like patients do. It has been 4 years of her having had her practice and income knocked way down, she may be willing to talk to someone or as least to point to where the body is buried.

  52. Anonymous5:10 PM

    She even has her children lying, living with that lie about her giving birth in 2008. It is a shame to teach your children to lie, and grift,


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