Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The myth of Palin's political power, is just that, a myth.

As all of you know Palin was a little late in deciding to support Texas Teabagger Tex Cruz, who was running against Lt. Governor David Dewhurst for the Republican nomination for Senate, only jumping in around May 10.

Of course the underdog Campaign was ecstatic and immediately believed they were seeing a benefit from having the Lunatic from Lake Lucille on their side.

Campaign manager John Drogin confirmed by email to Yahoo News that Palin's endorsement "has added HUGE buzz to our campaign." 

"Phones are ringing, online contributions are pouring in, and supporters are more excited than ever on our social networks," Drogin wrote, adding that he's seen a "flood" of donations but has yet to tally them.

Okay so according to the campaign manager there was a "HUGE buzz" and a "flood" of donations. 

Well I can't speak to the donations (Though according to Open Secrets Cruz trailed both Dewhurst and fellow Teabagger Thomas Leppert.), but the buzz is kind of understandable since Palin ALWAYS attracts media attention.

In the end Cruz ended up coming in a rather distant second to favorite David Dewhurst.  However since, with the help of Thomas Leppert and a few others, Cruz managed to keep the Rick Perry endorsed Dewhurst from getting the 50% necessary to clinch the nomination, certain Palin-bots and know nothing pundits are calling this a win for Palin.

But was it really?

Here is a look at the polling data courtesy of the Texas Tribune. Notice anything?

Palin decided to lend her patented screech to the race in early May, do you notice ANY significant uptick in Cruz's numbers around that time, or any time afterward?

It kind of appears that his numbers were ever so slowly going up, and continued on that slow trajectory right up until election day. In other words, it is almost as if Palin never factored in at all.

Now take a look at Dewhurt's numbers after early May.  Does THAT appear to be a significant increase to you? Yeah, it does to me as well.

So, just going by the data alone, it sort of appears that Palin's endorsement might have indeed had a positive impact.  On Dewhurst's numbers.

But hey, I could be wrong. However if Cruz thinks his chances are now better for the runoff due to Palin's support, he might want to make a call to a certain Arizona Senator, or Alaska Senate hopeful, and ask THEM if they think he should start shopping for curtains to decorate his office in Washington.

I'm just saying.


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Doesn't Palin's hair look dirty and greasy in the Cuz ad above? She's gonna lose this election twice. How do you score that? 0 for 2?

    She can't win for losing! LOL, another FAIL for Sarah.

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      Word is that Willow just did a Miss Clairol home color app on Sarah's gray roots. Willow must have helped her with her "style" in that picture in the campaign ad, also, too---- that shit on her head is fried, dyed, and laid to the side.

      BTW, I hope someone is telling Willow to avoid exposure to some of the chems in those home hair chemical products (perms, color, straighteners) when you're preggo. Leave it to those idiots to refuse to read the safety precautions on the friggin' box the product comes in. The Palin and Heath bunch act like they don't know any better, but they've been told before. Whatever.

      For a woman like Sarah who makes a living trading mainly on her looks, Sarah sure looks like shit the majority of the time unless she's in New York getting coiffed on the Fox dime. If the truth hurts her feelings, I'm fine with that... I'm just glad she's not ruining MY reputation as her hairstylist.

      Honestly, I wouldn't criticize a woman's appearance just to be ugly, but Sarah damn sure knows better and has been told time and time again that she's cheapening her image with that "thrown-together" look. But she is too fuckin' hard-headed to a fault, too goddam cheap to pay---AND WAY TOO LAZY---to have a professional shampoo, blow it out and then style that greasy 'do that she often sports to her speaking events.

      Just paste that hairpiece on and pack it down and shellac it with a half a can of Shaper Plus. And I hear that she gets her feelings hurt whenever these things are pointed out!

      I don't know what she does with all of her PAC money she collects, but she sure isn't investing in her appearance, and I hear she's not contributing jack-shit to any of these candidates. I guess she has to pay her family members or they'll threaten to bust her out to the Enquirer. Those millions that Sarah has cashed in on for the past 3 years will not last through the next generation, because Todd, all of those kids and the rest of their extended family are sponging off the PAC. That's a big reason why Sarah had to fire all of the "consultants" who were writing her editorials, articles and her position papers that she was too lazy to even study in detail in case she was asked a question on Fox News.

    2. Anonymous12:46 PM

      @Anon 10:04

      Thank you for the interesting info!

      Please come back anytime to vent and share any tidbits with us about Sarah and Co.


  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    SarahPAC reports will show it did not give Cruz a stinking dollar.

    Sarah just does not part with her money.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      HER MONEY?

      You mean money from those dumb ass people who keep giving her their rent and food money.

    2. Anonymous3:50 AM

      It's her money now.

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    She has her nutty followers but they are dwindling. I wonder her overall plan for the Rethug convention. I do not believe she will get a speaking spot but with Mitts pandering you never know how he will "use" her.

    1. Anonymous10:20 PM

      Nutty? How dare you! Of course, Sarah has a plan to take command of the Republican convention.

  4. Yeah, yeah, give Sarah all your money you dumb fu*cks. Donate Today! She won’t pass much along to the candidate, if anything.

    She has shrouded herself in religion, and I truly don’t know how to cut through that; I tried, years ago, with a handsome man my frumpy mother fell for. He was the biggest phony in the world. My mother didn’t have much to give, but he hit other women for much more money. One was almost killed by her enraged husband.

    This isn’t Tinker toys folks; it’s no joke.

    Please, please, kick these fakes in the ass; their families may depend on it.

  5. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Thanks for the graph and analysis showing that Cruz' endorsements were without effect.

    Rick Santorum endorsed him a few days after Palin. Rand Paul is another endorser. The media fabrication and focus on Palin is sickening.

    On the other hand, if she appears instrumental in electing nominees who go on to lose to Democrats in general elections, perhaps Republicans will bring her down for good.

    I have this nagging thought that it's Democrats who are ultimately standing in the way of exposing babygate and/or pimpgate or possibly trying to hold off on revelations so they can have the biggest impact. An October surprise? I will be furious if that happens.

  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Has anyone ever heard a politician say an endorsement s/he sought out didn't help? It would be an admission of error in judgement as well as being impolite. By saying Palin's endorsement helped fundraising, even if it didn't, s/he's encouraging others to jump on the imaginary bandwagon.

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    As I understood it, that was billionaire Koch money behind him - but the Palinutz game him their milk money anyway.

    1. Boscoe5:25 PM

      If by "gave him" you meant: "gave Palin their milk money so she could spend it all on botox to look "good" when she endorsed him" then I completely agree with you. ;)

  8. Olivia4:40 PM

    This could be fun...or not.

  9. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I'm in Texas. I listened to Dewhurst last night and the jest of what he said is his percentage of the vote shows Texans don't want outside interest groups and money determining our elections. (Dig to Palin.)

    I think Dewhurst will win the run-off for that reason. However, if Cruz and the TP are counting on low voter turnout to push him to a win. Voter turnout yesterday was horrible.

    If Cruz wins, the consolation is that it will help the Democrat in the general (Sadler or Yarbrough who are also in a runoff.) Ted Cruz is just a smug, typical Tea Party guy.

    The Tea Party and Palin, Kremer, Armey, etc. all found something to make money off of. The Tea Party and all the factions that go with it have more to do with money, recognition and fame than what is good for this country.

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      @4:49 It should be "However, Cruz" not "However, if"

  10. Anonymous4:49 PM

    OMG, Sarah is looking skanky!

    I mean, that pic of Sarah above has GOT be the perfect remedy for a Cialis 4-hr hard-on that just won't cooperate and take a break when not on duty.

    But now, my eyes! Quick, get me the bleach!

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Love the hair do - she looks like Trump with his combover.

    2. Anonymous10:49 PM

      If Sarah runs into Mitt in Tampa, she better have her security guard frisk him for cutting shears. Mitty might decide to trim that shitty road-kill wig of hers all the way down to the nubs.

      Do it Mitt! But be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses cuz that bitch's head is NASTY!

  11. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Sarah never puts her money where her mouth is.

  12. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Sarah Palin is an idiot.....nuff said!

  13. wakeUpAmerica5:25 PM

    I have a suspicion that the Tundra Turd is running a reverse PAC. Candidates are probably paying into her PAC to get an endorsement.

  14. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Meanwhile, Life's a Tripp has over a MILLION likes on Lifetime's facebook.

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      I wonder how many of those 'likes' are from legitimate accounts...

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      good grief. The palin bots are at it again.

    3. Anonymous6:30 PM

      I bet 800,000 of those are from Kristy Patullo.
      100,000 from Bristol and Willow, 50,000 from Piper, 30,000 from Sarah. And the rest from nutjobs.

      Because if you really believe 1 million unique people liked Bristol, I've got a bridge in Alaska to sell you. Bristol is a bore and a dud. I'm sure she does have fans, but give me a break. This isn't DWTS! More likes wont make a boring show with a boring brain dead concept more popular.

    4. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Who cares?

    5. AJ Billings6:43 PM

      Even the Kardashians and Jessica Simpson have "fans". Does that prove anything besides those people being utterly bored, or totally vapid?

      Why not go back to C4P and spew your garbage where someone will want to sniff it!

    6. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Sarah's PAC is paying employees to stick their fingers up their ass so she may as well make them do something to earn their keep.

      Chuckles and Sally should do something for all that postage money they've been paid.

      So we already know who's 'padding' the numbers.

    7. Those million likes didn't put their money where their mouth is since her book sold less than a thousand copies on Amazon in the last year. It won't translate to viewers, either, in the long run. Palin's true followers don't like Bristol. They think she's been bad for Sarah's popularity.

    8. Anonymous8:32 PM

      That would be Ah-mazing if it were true. But it's not. Lifetime's FB page itself has 1.5 million likes...

      The promo for "Life's a Tripp" on Lifetime's FB page has 242 likes, and several not-so-enthusiastic comments.

      Trust me, the ENTIRE US is not counting the seconds until that silly reality show premieres on Juneteenth. Oh, it'll attract curiosity-seekers and the die-hard Palinbot crowd, but that's about it.

  15. Anonymous5:37 PM

    So, she mythed again.

    When will she become a figment of our imagination?

  16. Anita Winecooler5:40 PM

    Code blue! Code Blue! Calling Dr CocoaPuffs STAT!, patient flatlined.....

    The Palin curse continues...

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      We have another Code blue! Code Blue! Calling Dr CocoaPuffs STAT!, Life's A Tripp flatlined.....

      The Palin curse continues...

  17. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Yeah, but you know she's swigging Crown Royal on the heels of the Deb Fischer primary and the Cruz run-off.

    You know what they say about fat lady's Sarah, we know cause you would talk about them in Wasilla. . .it's not over until she sings.

  18. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I happen to be reading up on Luka Rocco Magnotta, the porn star currently wanted in a gruesome case of dismembered body parts that were mailed to different places including the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada when I ran across a site called Encyclopedia Dramatica.

    Out of curiosity I typed in Sarah Palin's name and my oh my! Call the lawyers, sic Van Flea on 'em, time for the seaoPee to start sending out more death threats in her hotness' name....

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      OMG! WHOA! You weren't kidding! Now this is a real tribute to the Wasilla Wench...LOL! Gryphen will you dare to make this a post? It is epic.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      The paylump has an IQ of 83?!?! Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    3. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Leave it up to those clever Swedes...this is hosted at an .se address.

      YOWZA! Somebody has really gone creative on the porn queen. This is WAY NSFW, so be warned.

      Seems they're a little out of reach for the bots to have much impact, but someone who frequents the pee pond to check on the inmates should post the link over there...they'd LOSE it.

      'Sarah Palin (AKA: Caribou Barbie and Sarah Failin) is a criminally insane neocon blow-up doll. Intellectually unqualified to be a pre-school teacher, Sarah Porkloin ran for Vice President of the United States with Republican John McCain. Notoriously photogenic, she is also the former Governor of the Kitchen, a mother of five four, and a total GILF. Palin is also currently tied with Christine O'Donnell for the Guinness world record for Stupidest Person on Earth. Despite her shortcomings, she often appears in the wet dreams of fat, balding conservative males because of her large knockers and lack of speaking ability. She is also a self-described "Mama Grizzly," so take from that what you will.

      A former stripper, Sarah Palin was discovered by McCain in a sleazy Anchorage gentleman's club while he was attending a champagne party in the VIP room...'

    4. Anonymous7:01 PM

      OT: Magnotta is MY last name...for the record there's no relation...and I guess "luka" changed his name...great!

    5. Anonymous7:03 PM

      WOW, that is some nasty site. Massively racist, misogynistic, pornographic. Really crosses a line, wouldn't you say, Gryphen?

    6. Anonymous8:28 PM

      Don't worry 7:01. Luka Rocco Magnotta, born Eric Clinton Newman and known as Kirk Newman and Vladimir Romanov (and hundreds of variants), is a washed up Toronto area hooker, with hairplugs and makeup that is applied daily by the ghost of Tammy Faye Bakker.

      -Colleen (anonymous) I posted this he he he naughty me!

    7. Anonymous8:33 PM

      Well there ya go Palinbots. This is what the rest of the world thinks of "your" Sarah lol. I agree......someone should post this over at C4P just for the fun of it !!! I got banned ages ago so I can't do it.

    8. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Hey, I disagree with the Queen Grifter as much as anyone, and I feel true sympathy for those she's snookered...

      But that webpage is disgusting. It has no place in civil (or even uncivil) discussion.

    9. Anonymous9:01 PM

      Holy shit! I have never heard of that site. Having had a couple glasses of wine before reading, I gotta say, it was hilarious.

      These people sure do know our Sarah!

      I was thinking maybe Dirk@WTFAlaska would be a candidate for a major contributor.

      Thanks for the link.

    10. Anonymous7:28 AM

      That site will come in handy next time the trolls come over here saying that IM is the most "vile" and "disgusting" anti-Palin website ever.

  19. Anonymous6:12 PM


    This is Newt.....

    I'm still waiting for my numbers to go since you and Todd publicly endorsed me.

    When do I get my boost from your endorsement?


    Since you endorsed me, it seems like my numbers has gone DOWN!


    How about next time you two endorse Romney?


  20. Anonymous6:16 PM

    It's all part of Fort Wasilla's brilliant "win the primary and lose the election" strategy. Angle, O'Donnell, Hoffman, Miller, Handel. Remember them?

  21. Anonymous6:27 PM

    When Palin endorsed Cruz, Dewhurst's numbers went up.

    1. Anonymous11:31 PM

      When Palin endorsed Gingrinch, Newt's opponents numbers went up.

      What does that tell you?

  22. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I went back up to look at her picture. You know, she really does have a big nose! Not a beauty queens cute little turned up pixie nose. A rather large proboscis to say the least. Just like Chuckie Heath. She looks so much like her mother otherwise. But the more she rearranges her face...especially her cheeks, the bigger that nose looks. Just like Pinocchio! She has no boobs, no butt, thick ankles and gnarly fingers and toes. Just why did someone pick her to be in a beauty contest? She even has crossed eyes. We know it wasn't her pleasant personality. Was she on a first name basis with the judges? Didn't daddy pay them enough for her to win. I just never saw why she would have been picked to be in a beauty contest. She walks like a farmer going out to slop the hogs.

    1. PalinsHoax7:28 PM

      Plus Palin smells, with an odour as rank as a skunk's.

    2. Anonymous8:09 PM

      That's probably why Sarah disappears for a while then reappears with a tightened up neck and face. Could it be that Sarah's facial feature is rapidly turning into her mother and father and that is eating her up?

      Is Sarah like Bristol? Not happy with her God given features?

    3. Anonymous11:33 PM

      The Menards owned the Wasilla pageant and were old Heath friends. That's how Sarah got in.

  23. Anonymous6:36 PM

    O/T A Preacher in West Virginia was giving a Sermon to his (Sheep)Followers in the Woods. They were speaking in TONGUES (Like Sarah Palin's Dominionist Compadres)
    The Preacher held up a Rattlesnake and was bitten. His Sheep drove him 80 miles to a house to recover.
    He later died in the Hospital. His father had died years ago the same way. Following Fake Faith Healers and Politicians can be deadly.

  24. AJ Billings6:56 PM

    Guess what folks? Over on C4Pee, there are no stories on the BIG news that Mr Romney now has enough delegates officially to win the nomination on the 1st ballot!

    Why could that be? I'm guess that erudite group of sycophant writers over there don't want to talk about the fact that $arah was defeated again by dropping out on Oct 5, 2011, and quitting on her followers AGAIN.

    Gee whiz, aren't you Palin worshipers up in arms about them there Texans puttin' Romney on top?

    How's $arah gonna run for Prez now? Cuz we know she's way too good for a VP spot, even if Rmoney asked her, which he won't.

    Does that mean your hero, the bestest and most humble christian woman in the conservative world ain't gonna make it?

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Hey! She has a plan, ok? It's TOP SECRET and covert. MILLIONS are just waiting for the word, and she will transplant Romney at the convention, and WILL be crowned President.


  25. Anonymous6:59 PM

    OT- Rubio not qualified to be VEEP-WHAT ABOUT PALIN???

    "According to Gonzales, “Wisdom comes from experience. It comes from living. It comes from success. It comes from failure, and I just think that the country needs to have people in positions of leadership who have that level of experience that’s important to serve effectively as president and as vice-president.” Watch it:"

    In the clip he states basically that to be the veep you need to be ready to perform the job of president on day one.

  26. Gryphen, the myth of Palin's endorsement is truly a joke. There was polling done on election day in 2010 and directly after in regards to those who voted since they are the only ones who truly count. When it came to Palin, 27% of those polled said her endorsement had a negative effect on a candidate and would make them less likely to vote for that candidate. A whopping 8% said her endorsement would have a positive effect and the remainder said her endorsement made zero difference to them. This was only among Republicans. Considering her approval numbers have gone down consistently since '08, if the same questions were asked of all voters rather than just Republicans, the negative effect would have been greater and the positive effect even less. Overall, Palin had little to no effect on any of the voting.

    I do remember how Handel was beating Deal in GA by 4 to 5 points immediately prior to election day. Palin flew in at the campaign's expense (why didn't she use the PAC money that was supposed to be used for these expenses?) to the tune of just over $100k, to stand by Handel's side the day before election day and attend last minute rallies. Surprise, surprise--Handel lost by 2500 votes. What would have happened if Sarah stayed away? We'll never know but the people of Georgia have said that Palin doesn't live there and they don't give a damn what she thinks about who is running in their elections, basically telling her to stay away in the future.

    We all remember how well Palin's endorsement of O'Donnell, Miller, Angle and others went, even if Palin would have us forget. It will be interesting to see just how far Palin has gone in endorsing the candidates she has this year. I haven't heard of her flying to their side and still have to wonder if there is financial support in the same manner she gave in 2010. If her coffers are low, the $$$ won't be going to candidates. After all, Sarah has expenses to pay and those speech offers aren't flowing in like they did a couple years ago.

    1. Anonymous9:00 PM

      Does anyone know of candidates who have paid 100k plus expenses for an endorsement to anyone else? It would not surprise me if others have received compensation. I suspect Palin's speaking gigs are a fraction of what were booked prior to last summer Palin circus acts. Are any politicians paying 100k this year?

    2. The $100k was allegedly for transportation for her and her entire fucking family to go to GA to hold her hand. It also included their lodging and food expenses. Sarah only uses a specified size Learjet, dontcha know? She's become familiar with private planes and thinks that's the way her ass should travel when she can get someone to cough up the bucks. I'm sure Handel regrets that decision to this day!

      Palin is not doing anywhere near the # of speeches she was doing 2 years ago. It was weekly then, now, it's not even monthly. She's old news and full of hate. Everyone already knows what she's going to say.

    3. Cracklin Charlie11:39 AM

      Those bendy straws aren't cheap, either.

  27. Anonymous7:17 PM

    People need to realize that Palin has no power over anything regarding serious issues. She's a woman with some followers (according to the latest world poll, millions of them) who has an opinion. Her words don't impact anything. The tea party movement started, she realized they embody what she does (small govt, change from the corruption in DC that still exists under Obama, and personal freedoms).

    1. Anonymous8:28 PM

      Get a life Kristy. You are a bore and waste your time here. Everyone knows its you. We aren't as stupid as Palin supporters regardless of what you think.
      And FYI Sarah believes in herself period. She has no morals or sincere beliefs about any issue. And the fact that you can't see that yet, tells us all we need to know. Please go away already! Call your family!

    2. Anonymous8:29 PM

      What latest world poll?? Lol!! That is bullshit!

    3. Anonymous8:39 PM

      Balderdash! Sarah is out for Sarah. Nothing else.

    4. Anonymous9:07 PM

      Sure, smaller Government, like hiring a $50,000 per annum City Manager to run Wasilla after being elected Mayor and realizing she was in over her head! Spending an addt'l 50 Grand redecorating her office; That's Small Governement, NOT! Giving us Alaskans an addt'l $1200 "Energy Rebate" in 2008; that's not Small Government PLUS that's just plain Socialism (well, our entire Dividend program really is...)

      Working from home and charging the State per diem, well, that was just plain unethical, and, well, just plain corrupt too! Having the State pay for her kid's travel, oops, Corrupt again! Hiring her unqualified friends to fill many State positions; Crony Capitalism at it's BEST (I had to include that because that's one of her BIGGEST Talking Points and you forgot it--I'm tellin'...)

      Oh, yeah givin' a speech to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party, supporting them and encouraging them? That was just plain treasonous.

      Yes, my friend, Palin knows all about Corruption, Small Government and Personal Freedoms because she's either been guilty of it (Corruption), didn't not employ it (Small Government) and encouraged crazy gun-toting Alaska Militia/Secessionist types (Personal Freedoms)

    5. Anonymous9:39 PM

      Personal Freedoms - the GOP has removed ALL personal freedoms from women - Sarah Palin gives men personal freedom (boys will be boys) - but women - no choice no freedom is her motto.

      Nothing more corrupt than Sarah Palin - she's a "quick learn" on how to get money from fools - not so quick on learning anything else.

    6. Jeanabella3:36 AM

      The troll "Kristy" or whoever it is, loves to "support" Palin, but all the troll does is get reminded of all the ugly parts of Palin & her brood of grifters.

      Palin's been exposed for the fool she is, even though she's still lying & trying to bash PBO, it doesn't mean anything anymore.

      If I had secrets I didn't want coming out I wouldn't be throwing insults at PBO since he was voted as #1 leader in world today.

      Someone just might decide to dig deeper into her "hoax" & Todd's affairs & such.
      Yes I would not act like palin & call negative attn. to myself, create more enemies, but she is a sick person, so there's that.

  28. Anonymous7:24 PM

    What happened to Bristol and Gino?

    Did Bristol get dumped again?

    Please don't tell me the Sarah Palin Curse is responsible for that fiasco too.

    The myth of the Sarah Palin Curse power, is just that, a myth.


    Just ask....
    John McCain, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, Carly Fiorina, Star Parker, John Koster, Sharron Angle, Ruth McClung, Janet Contreras, Morgan Philpot, Tom Tancredo, Stephen Broden, Brenna Findley, Jackie Walorski, Bill Marcy, Ray McKinney, John Raese, Keith Fimian, Tim Burns, John Gomez, Sean Bielat, Sarah Palin, Iron Dog Todd Palin, DWTS Bristol Palin, Hair Stlyist Willow Palin, Palin family *Anchorage Car Wash LLC, *Rouge Cou (another failed startup - a marketing business), Bristol's relationship with her baby's daddy, Bristol's relationship with Ben, Bristol's chin, Palin family female companion service, Bristol's Arizona property sale lost, Wasilla Hockey Rink, Bridge To Nowhere, Alaskan pipeline, Dairygate, Alaska Fund Trust, Paul Revere History Lesson, SarahPAC Family Tour, Sarah Palin's vp concession speech, Sarah Palin's future cabinet job with Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin's vp and presidential ambitions,....

    *Anchorage Car Wash LLC: "On April 3, 2007, the state went further and issued a "certificate of involuntary dissolution" because of the car wash's failure to file its report and pay state licensing fees."

    *Rouge Cou: "Palin's gubernatorial disclosure filings also reveal her involvement in another failed startup -- a marketing business which was to go by the name Rouge Cou, which evidently is a literal French translation of "red neck."

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Are you sure the Sarah Palin Curse is just a myth or a curse?

      It looks like the Sarah Palin Curse is evolving into the Sarah Palin Plague!

    2. Anonymous9:03 PM

      Rouge Cou- she was honest for once. I like Wasillabillies better.

    3. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Is this why Sarah Palin quit her job as the governor of Alaska?

      The Sarah Palin Curse?

      It always looks like Sarah was over her head in everything she touched.

      I guess an Alaska 3rd Place Runner Up beauty pageant loser is not cut out to be in charge of a town, a state, a family car wash or children.

    4. Anonymous9:46 PM

      gino? I think he saw the dark shadows on the wall and booked it. Go, Gino, Go! Run for your life!

  29. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Jesus, she looks like a clown in that picture.

  30. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Sarah said she was once a job creator with some funky little old rinky dink family car wash in Alaska…

    Sarah, what is this document listed below with your name on the top of the letterhead as governor of the State of Alaska? Is this why the car wash dissolved and took jobs with it?

    Sarah how come this business didn't pay its fees or file its report like the time you didn't pay your property taxes?

    Sarah, what is this about:
    "A Feb. 11, 2007 letter to the governor's business partner advises that the car wash had "not filed its biennial report and/or paid its biennial fees," which were more than a year overdue."

    "The warning letter was written on state letterhead, which carried Palin's name at the top, next to the state seal."

    "On April 3, 2007, the state went further and issued a "certificate of involuntary dissolution" because of the car wash's failure to file its report and pay state licensing fees."

    Sarah, not paying things like property taxes for your cabin, is this the actions of a responsible conservative? A responsible conservative governor?

    As far as I know, fees paid to the states help run the state and educate the kids of Alaska... well... the other kids... and you need to pay your fair share of living if you choose to live in the state of Alaska and if you choose to write legislation and capitalize from your legislation like the film tax credit.

    If the other Alaskans were like you and did not pay their fair share of taxes, then you and Bristol wouldn't be able to collect your money from the Sarah Palin film tax credit slush fund.

    Palins, you need to stop being a burden to Alaska and like President Obama says, you rich people need to start paying your way instead of the poor people lifting your weight.

    1. Anonymous8:56 PM

      This came from the Washington Post if you want to read it for yourselves.



      "A Feb. 11, 2007 letter to the governor's business partner advises that the car wash had "not filed its biennial report and/or paid its biennial fees," which were more than a year overdue."

      "The warning letter was written on state letterhead, which carried Palin's name at the top, next to the state seal."

      "On April 3, 2007, the state went further and issued a "certificate of involuntary dissolution" because of the car wash's failure to file its report and pay state licensing fees."

    2. Anonymous9:22 PM

      Ah, that was just her and Todd bein' all AIP, true secessionists pay no Muni or State Taxes, no siree, Alaska Independence Party ain't too keen on taxes!

    3. Anonymous9:41 PM

      Another example of Sarah's underhanded dealings. Another example swept under the carpet?

    4. Anonymous11:16 PM

      How did this woman get elected mayor of Wasilla?

      How did this woman get elected governor of a state?

      How did this woman get picked to be the Republican Party Vice President nominee?

      Didn't John McCain tell America that Sarah Palin was fully vetted? By who? Ray Charles?

    5. Anonymous11:23 PM

      Is anybody really surprised at what Sarah Palin has pulled off or conned?

      Mayor Sarah Palin did tell everybody she can do what she wants until the courts says she can't.

      The Palins will continue to scam the film tax credit funds until Alaskans gets wise to what she pulled off and demand that the current Palin crony governor ends that Palin gravy train.

    6. Anonymous11:50 PM

      What kind of family values did these people say they have?

      Christian family values?

      What amazes me is that they can look you in the eyes with a straight face and say that.

  31. Anonymous9:07 PM

    That photo of her is just amazing to me. She's aged so much in such a short period of time. The hate and evil persona has overcome her once physical attributes.

    The fat, white Republicans across the nation and in Congress are no longer going to be able to get a 'hard on' when looking at her. Can you even imagine sacking this woman today? She is such a fraud and embarrassment to the U.S. and Alaska!!!

    1. Anonymous9:39 PM

      her "raw sex appeal" may be fading but she is still playing her "Christian platitudes."

  32. Cracklin Charlie5:44 AM

    I was just reading my morning paper, and they have an op-ed by the sometimes delightful Maureen Dowd.
    Her column is about the Secret Service scandal.

    First sentence of the third paragraph..."Boys will be boys".

    Interesting choice of words, don't you think?

  33. Not What You Want to Hear8:09 AM

    Well, like I've said before, her endorsements are also typically coincided by a huge influx of cash from rightwing corporatist PACs that blitz the airwaves with ads for whoever she's endorsing. But because the media insists on elevating this woman to an undeserved influence, less attention is paid to the money that suddenly infuses the candidate's campaign than Palin's endorsement.

    Palin puts a fake grassroots face on the rightwing corporatist movement. That's why they keep her around, that's why they're probably paying her off. She's playing the role of an influential grassroots populist, but in reality, she can't draw crowds on her own, as that cringe-inducing event in Iowa shows where she was the main headliner. Less than a thousand people bothered to show up.

  34. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Bill Maher links Sarah Palin to Snooki.


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