Monday, May 07, 2012

The problem facing us in the upcoming election. And a possible solution from an unlikely source.

This may be a comic, but there is nothing comical about the very real problem facing us in the 2012 elections.

If this were a level playing field the Democrats would mop the floor with the Republicans, but there will be NOTHING fair about how this election pans out.

The Republicans are like the kid who starts running and then yells "GO," or ties your shoelaces together when you're not looking, or "accidentally" trips you at the starting line. In their eyes winning is all that counts and "everything is fair in love, and war."  And OH how they "love" the "war" of politics.

That is why it is of paramount importance for the Obama supporters to get out the vote, and not JUST get it out, but get it out in HUGE numbers. History has shown that the GOP cannot steal an election if there are too many votes on the other side to fudge.

However there might be a little help coming the Democrats way, because as it turns out there seems to be a very aggressive fly in the Republican ointment.

Ron Paul.

He has yet to win a primary. All his other fellow long-shots have dropped out (or will by the end of the day). The Republican National Committee is calling former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney the “presumptive nominee.” 

Yet at state conventions around the country, Paul supporters are increasing the candidate’s support by taking over state party committees and educating fellow Paul fans in arcane rules. 

While at many conventions Romney backers are split between numerous would-be delegates, Paul supporters are showing up in droves and voting with discipline for a delegate slate. 

With a plurality of delegates from five states, Paul supporters could nominate him from the convention floor — the goal of at least some Paul supporters.

It appears that the Ron Paul people are about to give the Republicans a taste of their own bitter medicine, and are actively attempting to undermine the selection of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee by hook or by crook.  And make no mistake they will NOT be dissuaded, because apparently they see themselves as the saviors of the Republican party.

At least according to this e-mail.

After we take over the Alaska convention, we will be able to nominate Dr. Paul from the floor at the Republican National Convention. We will have a floor fight at the national convention and when it's all said and done, Dr. Paul will be the nominee. Despite what the Republican Party wants us to believe, this election is not about beating Obama. This election is about cleansing the Republican Party. The poor excuse for Americans that support Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney need to be run out of the Republican Party. Once we have cleansed the Republican Party and President Paul is elected, we will end America’s wars of aggression, we will put an end to American imperialism, and we will end the Fed!

So while the Republicans are actively trying to disenfranchise minority voters, Diebold away votes from Obama, and undermine Democracy yet again in his upcoming election, they are also simultaneous struggling to maintain control of their own party and fighting off an insurgency of Ron Paul supporters.

Wow! And we thought the last election cycle was a train wreck!


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Agree, close elections are easy to steal. This is what allowed Bush to steal the election from Gore in 2000. WE MUST have Dem voter registration encouragement, and make sure Dems are voter ready.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    The election in 08 sucked because there was pure incompetence on both sides. Simple. Obama can't function without his script and Palins Palin. Bidens a natl security risk and mccains old tho he's knowledge

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      "...mccains old tho he's knowledge..."? Whatever.
      Obama can talk circles and still make sense around anyone he comes up against, as he will prove when Romney, who can't think on his feet tries to debate him.
      M. from MD

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Are you still in Middle School? You must be from the Sea Of PEE.

    3. Anonymous5:43 PM

      McCain is knowledge?

      Oh, dear.

    4. Anonymous6:06 PM

      @5:49 Biden had 36 years in the Senate. You can't diminish his knowledge. Obama is the President. You can't diminish his knowledge.

      Palin is Palin--a hateful quitter. And John McCain thought so little of the US that he put
      her in a position she didn't belong in.

    5. President Obama ran an amazing campaign in 2008 - which he will do again. Nothing about his campaign "sucked". He involved his supporters - he made people care about each other - and after years of Bush and multiple wars he did indeed bring hope.

      The GOP have nothing except hatred and anger. They have done nothing for 4 years except campaign against the President - and Sarah Palin has done anything she can to incite hatred against him.

      I spent many hours in 2008 worried as to whether Barack Obama could win. This time I have no worries whatsoever. Despite the media's best efforts to paint Mitt as a "good guy" who just knows how to run the country - sane people know that is nonsense. Mitt will lose - by a large amount.

  3. It’s not the BORN nature of liberals to be zealots; they prefer discussion and tea. But they’re facing violent conservative zealotry, and many of the natural liberal allies are loath to fight; they hope for more tea and cakes. I want to kick their asses so bad… When a republican pulls a dirty trick, how about plowing a fist into their stomach when no one is watching?

    If we lose, I will be rubbing noses endlessly… with no mercy, especially on the ones who are suffering, but lacked the spine to protect themselves. I might even cuss them out; I’ve done it before.

    Go Ron Paul (I don't even like him). Sorry, I get so mad at the spineless, who want pity later.

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Clueless Romney?

    Romney Campaign to Ted Nugent: Keep Up The Good Work, Buddy

    Despite being booted from his opening gig at the Army concert for his inflammatory and eliminationist rhetoric toward President Obama, Ted Nugent is unapologetic and claims to have the support of the Romney campaign for his particular flavor of free speech.

    Romney Supporter Nugent Admitted to Multiple Affairs With Underage Girls in '98 VH1 Documentary

    It appears Ted Nugent's violent rhetoric at the NRA convention over the weekend may not be the only problem facing the Romney campaign with their acceptance of his endorsement. Jason Easley at Politicus USA reports that Nugent apparently had a penchant for messing around with underage teenage girls when he was in his thirties and out on the road touring.

  5. Gasman5:57 PM

    When it comes to sheer batshit crazy delusions, the Paulbots might be nuttier than Palin's flying monkeys. They honestly think this is going to play out so that Paul is the nominee.

    They are fucking morons.

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      At least he has ideas. We still haven't heard specific from Obama. If you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. Obama hides everything.

    2. Oh the C4P has it over the Paulites in the crazy category. In a delusional stew spiced with apocalyptic rapture they think that if the Ron Paul delegates are successful in their year long efforts to force a second ballot, they will then just yield to the ascension of Sarah Palin as the nominee. Sort of like "where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you".

      It is to laugh --were it not for so many chilling posts extolling the virtues of eliminating the problematical non-Christians in the US and "restoring" our country to a Christian nation.

    3. emrysa8:00 PM

      @ 7:42 pm: obama hides everything? rofl. k.

    4. Chella12:46 AM


      Obama has been busy running the country. His campaign has just officially began a few days ago. Paul has been campaigning for months.

      Unfair comparison.

    5. Anonymous 6:42 PM
      At least he has ideas. We still haven't heard specific from Obama. If you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. Obama hides everything.
      You're awfully brave to put your laziness, ignorance, and stupidity out there for everyone to see.

      Logic lesson for you: Because you personally haven't bothered to read or listen to the many, many speeches that the President has made specifying, in great detail, exactly what his plans are, does not mean those plans don't exist! There, were you able to follow that? Good! Now go to, you witless dolt.

    6. Anonymous5:03 AM

      So, anon, Obama han no ideas AND he's hiding his ideas. That's very interesting.

  6. Anonymous6:09 PM

    THIS is the attitude we're up against:

    Paul Ryan: Government programs that help women are 'creepy' and 'demeaning'

    Mitt Romney surrogate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is criticizing the "Julia" interactive infographic released by the Obama campaign last week. The infographic shows how policies created and supported by President Obama's administration help women, cradle to grave. Ryan thinks the whole idea of government services is "creepy" and "demeaning."

    ...That coming from the flim-flam budgeter who insists that massive tax cuts for the wealthy will be revenue neutral (we still don't know what loopholes he would close) and that the Pentagon can be wallowing in funds. This is the Very Serious guy who seems to think tax cuts are the unicorn poop fertilizer for prosperity for the nation.

    1. I *always* try and use unicorn poop fertilizer,

      if the Leprechauns bring it in time...


    I am hosting an open discussion of politics beginning in September at our adult learning program here in Santa Fe. One of the things I am compiling is a list of interesting political websites.

    I’ve had no trouble coming up with Democratic ones, but I’m having a bitch of a time coming up with Republican ones. Actually, literate and non-vomit making Republican ones And this being Santa Fe, there aren’t too many Republicans I can ask. Does anyone here ever venture – for fun – to the other-side and can you recommend some decent websites???

    Also, some “neutral” ones. I’m listing CNN but I’d like others. (Oh, and of course Balloon-Juice leads my Dem-leaning list!) Thanks in advance.

    1. Anonymous8:26 PM

      David Frum seems to be a rational, reasonable Republican. Of course it is my understanding that he's actually Canadian by birth, not sure about his citizenship? And he was not keen at all on Bible Spice from day one, so was ostracized from the party back then. I think he's been tepidly welcomed back to the fold since most all of the GOP thinks she's nuts now.

      And no, trolls, conservatives are NOT republicans. They're different. I was a registered republican for 20+ years, and religion & abortion were not the issues that we felt strongly about. Get your own party religious nutters!

      Alternet used to be a good site with opinions/columns/etc from both sides. I don't read it these days because I have seriously cut down on my political surfing. That said, both IM and BJ are everyday visits for me.

      Washington Monthly, the Political Animal blog and the magazine, are outstanding.

      I don't bother with Andrew Sullivan much anymore -- though he could be defined as a Republican, he's inconsistent. And I don't mean he can be brought around on subjects through reasonable discourse, I mean he's truly inconsistent.

    2. Anonymous10:11 PM


      I'm a political news,world affairs junkie when so my list won't include many general info sights like HuffPo or CNN, but I do get headlines and breaking news via email from NYT and WaPo. I can usually tolerate all but the extremes on both ends of the political spectrum. For what it's worth, overall, I'm a Centrist according to the Nolan Chart. Here's a link to a quick survey (10 questions)that'll show where you(and others surveyed) land on the chart if you're interested:

      My Blog list

      Liberal/Left of Center


      Classical Liberal: Free Trade, Limited Gov't

      Rt-lean/Conserv not totally bat-shit crazy:


      Neo-cons:(Kristol, Barnes, Halper, Hayes,



  8. Anonymous6:42 PM

    In an ideal climate, socio and econ, Ron Paul would be perfect. No wonder Alaskans love him. Or the ones I talk to. Libertarians have is right ideologically. Obama's creating a welfare/union country (but union in a bad way) and The current republicans have less than ideal histories, despite being better than O.

    I may sit the election out.

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Ron Paul is a RACIST. He will not get close to the Presidency. Thank you for sitting out the election. That's one less Ron Paul vote we have to worry about.

    2. Anonymous7:59 PM

      Obama is not creating a welfare state. Had the GOP passed the Infrastructure Bill, not only would our roads be under repair, but our unsafe bridges too. Many people would be back at work, amking good money. So if there is a new welfare state, it is due to the lack of interest in the right in anything but demonizing women and retaking the WH. That's all.

    3. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Please do sit it out. You'd be a big help to the Democrats if you did not vote. Nurture your apathy, conservative!

    4. Anonymous5:05 AM

      You do that, Kristy.

    5. Anonymous5:23 AM

      All the Alaskans you've talked to also live Sarah Palin do their opinions don't mean much.

  9. emrysa6:45 PM

    gryphen, it's all manufactured... whatever will be, will be.

    at this point in time I think that the powers-that-be will accept obama for a 2nd term... he's certainly done nothing to piss them off, so it's likely he will win. I'll be fine with that, I don't want to call romney my president... that guy is so out of touch with how most people live. atleast obama gets the basic idea that while he may have money and a secure future, most americans do not. romney doesn't get that.

  10. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers are aiming to steal another election. Our Democracy is under siege. GET UP STAND UP, DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT.

  11. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Wealthy Liberal Donors May Give Up To $100 M for grassroots efforts to aid Dems in 2012 election

    After months on the sidelines, major liberal donors including the financier George Soros are preparing to inject up to $100 million into independent groups to aid Democrats’ chances this fall. But instead of going head to head with the conservative “super PACs” and outside groups that have flooded the presidential and Congressional campaigns with negative advertising, the donors are focusing on grass-roots organizing, voter registration and Democratic turnout.

  12. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I have voted for Ron Paul in the past, but he would have to make some serious efforts to show me he isn't racist and homophobic before I could consider voting for him again.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!5:33 AM

      It's been verified; Paul is a racist.

      Move along.

  13. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I was just reading a couple of articles about the BP oil spill -- ongoing lawsuits, lawsuits to come, etc. So, it struck me, if BP is found guilty of some of the things that will be thrown at them (say, lying about the amount of oil spilled!!!!) they will be fined billions of dollars. That being the case, what's a couple of hundred million or so thrown at Pro-GOP Super PACs to seat a few more Republicans in the Senate, to get a Pres Romney? If that happens those lawsuits in progress by the Fed'l Govt just go away. And they are way way ahead financially.

    So, for the last two weeks I've volunteered for one of the local Organizing for America offices, I've been registering voters.

    Know what we're facing, be informed, and, above all, be pro-active. Registering voters is a non-partisan affair, of course, but it's an important part of the process, expanding the electorate, encouraging people to become informed and involved.

    You can find info online about where to volunteer!

  14. Dinty9:10 PM


    Acorn-style voter registration fraud in California - where's the Republican outrage? Oh, right nowhere because these are from a Republican organization:

    Gas prices are falling, noticeably right after President Obama starts talking about crackdown on oil speculation. Of course he will get the credit since he was taking the blame for those proces, right? Of course not:

    1. Dinty -- I hear you and agree with what you're saying, however IMHO it's always good to point out that there was no ACORN voter registration fraud. Anything that helps minorities get out and vote is "fraud" in the eyes of Republicans.

      Mittens is prepared to accept credit for the turn-around of the auto industry. Maybe he'll take credit for the decrease in gas prices too!

    2. Dinty4:10 PM

      Agree totally. As a matter of fact, this organization, just like Acorn, was not engaging in voter registration fraud. They had registration employees who were defrauding them by handing in falsified registrations in return for cash. Voter registration documents are considered official government documents at that point and must be submitted to the Registrar's office. It's a felony to destroy those documents or do otherwise, even if the registrant is "Donald Duck". I was just pointing out that Fox news and the Republicans in Congress were running with this exact story - but Acorn this time - for weeks and months! Now, not a peep.

      Similarly I don't necessarily believe that the President is responsible for the fall in gas prices. This also happened in 2008, prices spiked 6-7 months prior to the election, and then plummeted. Do I think we will be getting $2 gas in November like we did in 2008? Nope. The economy is slowly creeping back and demand will offset much of the savings, but it won't be $9 either.

  15. Anon@10.11p - Thanks so much! You and I think alike because I already had most of your left-of-center ones on my list!

  16. Anonymous1:12 AM

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


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