Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rand Paul's 2016 presidential prospects just crashed and burned.

Many people feel that Ron Paul's subversive overthrow of the Republican party from within is not so much aimed at body checking Mitt Romney off the ticket in 2012, but rather to seed the ground in preparation for his son, Rand Paul, in 2016.

Cheating is a way of life for the Republicans in the political arena and members of the Paul family have been VERY attentive students.

However much of their plan is contingent on being seen as the very embodiment of the small government conservative movement that the Teabaggers only claim to represent.

By staying away from social issues they hope to attract moderates to their side of the aisle, which may in fact NOT be completely aligned with the GOP we see today.

However, that more moderate viewpoint is only a facade, and Ron and Rand are both just as prejudice to their core as ANY Southern White Baptist politician, regardless of how careful they are to hide their religious affiliations. A fact which, at least in Ron Paul's case, was in full display after the discovery of his racist newsletters.

As for their views on the hot topic of the day, gay marriage, the above leaves little doubt concerning Rand Paul's feelings about "teh gays," and Ron Paul's freakout after finding himself in a room with Bruno (Played by Sacha Baron Cohen), doesn't  really leave much doubt concerning his feelings either.

Make no mistake the GOP simply CANNOT abide the idea of the acceptance of same sex marriage, and that will most certainly be front and center in the 2012 election. Which, in my opinion, works in our favor quite well.


  1. I thought he billed himself as a libertarian?

    Rand, the President is getting the golden rule from Matthew 7:12 of any version of the bible you care to look at. You might think on it a bit yourself: “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets."

    To claim you cannot see the relevance to gay marriage could be seen as disingenuous or plain stupid. I'm going to go with both and add a dash of nasty to the mix.

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      No offense, but the Golden Rule has been a thing since way before the Bible co-opted it. Give credit where credit is due.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I find both father and son to be horrible.

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I do not agree with adultery, and believe that it is wrong. It destroys many lives, especially the lives of the children who suffer in such marriages. However, I will not intrude into the life of any adulterer to forcibly change his or her ways, nor would it occur to me to prohibit adulterers from receiving equal rights under the law. Adultery is mentioned as a cardinal sin far more often in the Bible than is homosexuality.

    But the worst sin of all (other than murder or Judas's betrayal of Christ)? By far and away: it is pedophilia. Jesus said, of such people (and never about any other sin), "it would be better for such a man if he were to drown himself." (Matt 18:6) But since Ron and Rand Paul are heavily dependent upon church approval for their political positions, I doubt we'll be hearing from them about pedophilia any time soon. After all, that would require them to examine THEIR OWN alliances and beliefs.

  4. Not What You Want to Hear2:04 PM

    It's sad that his political ambitions didn't crash and burn when one of his volunteers was caught on tape crushing a young woman to the ground with his boot, but then look at the state he was running in. Kentucky.

    Gryphen, on another note...are you really confident the gay marriage issue being front and center of the election works in favor of progressives? I do not. Only half of Americans are supportive of gay marriage, and of that half, I would say only a small portion passionately so.

    People are living out of their cars. People are seriously freaking out about the economy. I think they will be scratching their heads if Democrats put gay marriage front and center of their respective campaigns.

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    We all know that Republicans in general don't like same sex marriage, and some, such as the evangelicals are fervently against it. I read just the other day that Republicans believe to capture the most votes this election cycle, they must start speaking in favor of same sex marriage. I'm not sure if I can praise Obama, or his political adviser's for coming out in favor of same sex marriage, but who ever it was, was a genius. This has put the Romney in a very uncomfortable position which likely will result in dividing the party further. Romney is already not real popular among Republicans, but with polar opposite sides on the gay issue promises to cause more infighting among themselves with some being so disgusted they will probably stay home on election day. I just hope this also helps the Democrats running for Congress and the Senate.

  6. To notwhatyouwanttohear:

    President Obama didn't broach this subject as a POLICY matter, it is NOT a campaign issue, so it is NOT a front and center issue as you put it, not for the Obama campaign. Not for the Democratic party. (The rethugs will try to use it to their advantage) The Democratic party is about freedom and justice for ALL, and I believe that the President felt it was about time to voice his evolving personal beliefs because 1: it was his belief and felt like the correct thing to do given the hatred spewed by the GOP and 2) Joe Biden inexplicably forced the President's hand...

    Dems don't run on social issues hun, this isn't something to worry about, it won't change the naysayers minds at all, but will give momentum to folks who were leaning towards and Obama vote anyway.

    I have always been an Obama supporter, I'm just a whole lot more proud of him than ever, and I think alot of other Americans are too.

    The man CARES about people. Period.

    1. Thank you Liz, this was kind of my point.

      I do not believe that the Dems will put the issue front and center but I do not think the Righties can help themselves.

      Which means they will be far less focused on the economy, a subject that I have ZERO confidence Romney understands better than our President anyhow,and MORE focused on the cultural issues which I think play well for the Democrats in this cycle.

    2. Ailsa4:06 PM

      Well said, Liz.

    3. Anonymous4:51 PM

      I just remembered that I had an aunt who, in the early 20th century, was involved in a gay marriage – a sham gay marriage, of course, because the man she married was subsequently discovered to be gay. Of course, they broke up soon after her discovery of this.

      I think that the greatest majority of gay marriages, throughout history, have been sham gay marriages, where one person who is heterosexual unknowingly marries another person who is gay. This is most prominent in evangelical circles, where I have seen it happen more than once to naive and unsuspecting women. (We also have very strong suspicions about it being the case in two powerful political marriages that we know of.) ;-)

      How ironic that no one protesting gay marriages is protesting sham gay marriages. Doubly ironic is the fact that none of them is protesting premarital hetero sex, heterosexual adultery, pedophilia, or gay behavior per se. Apparently they are just fine with gay or straight one-night stands and pedophilia, and are only offended by long-term, committed, monogamous gay relationships.

      It is what the righties are NOT saying, not just what they ARE saying, that gives them away. When it comes to being a meaningful moral police force (ie, enforcing their own claimed ethics on their own flock), they are merely poseurs.

  7. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Rand's(named after a woman) is one of those "cake and eat it too" folks. He likes to talk about people's choice and state's rights but only because he feels his state will never approve a gay marriage bill.

  8. Not What You Want to Hear3:31 AM

    Anon 4:51, EXCELLENT points, very well made.

    Liz and Gryphen, it appears I mistakenly interpreted Gryphen's post as suggesting that Democrats would make the issue of gay marriage front and center of the election, not the Republicans.

  9. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Amen 4:51! I worked with a guy in a sham marriage and it broke my heart b/c I knew the guy he we in love with.

  10. Gasman8:51 AM

    Both Pauls are about as libertarian as Rick Santorum. The libertarian position on gay marriage would be "why not" not Rand Paul's homophobic swipe. Given that Ron Paul's newsletters were chocked full of homophobic ad hominem, Rand's pissy little aspersion isn't really all that surprising.

    Looks like the little turd didn't fall far from the asshole.


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