Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obamacare sucks! Unless of course you happen to be one of the 6.6 million young adults who now have coverage that is.

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal:

About 6.6 million young adults signed up for health coverage through their parents' insurance plans in the first year after a new provision in the federal health law took effect, according to estimates in a study released Friday. 

As part of the law, most insurance plans offered by employers to their workers had to allow parents to enroll dependents on their plans up to the age of 26, starting in September 2010. Previously, parents had been able to include children only up to their 19th birthdays, or until the age of 22 if the children were full-time college students.

Well that is 6.6 million Americans (Not to mention their parents) who are going to be a little hard to convince that the Affordable Care Act is the horrible policy that the Republicans keep insisting that it is. 

Add to that list the number of Americans with preexisting conditions that are no longer being turned away, and I think we are starting to see people discovering that, despite the attempts by the Republicans and their propagandists at Fox News to make this program out to be akin to Hitler marching Jews into the ovens, it is in fact a very positive step in addressing the health care needs of the our citizens.

Now if only the Supreme Court does not throw out all or part of the Affordable Care Act I think it may prove to be a net positive when it comes to the November election.


  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Exactly! I can attest to this as a 24 year old who, unable to find a job in this economy, is lucky enough to be on my parent's health care! I know my biggest fear is that this will be taken away from me!

    1. Anonymous5:04 AM

      you people are idiots

  2. Chella5:02 AM

    I just turned 26, so now I am off of my dads insurance, but it will cost me ~$700 a month now with COBRA.

    Before that, I was without health insurance for FIVE years. I was legally emancipated at 21 after my parents got divorced, and back then, it would have cost me $1300 a month to continue with COBRA.

    So I just crossed my fingers and hoped I didn't get sick, and when I did, CVS had better had the cure.

    The reason why my health insurance cost so much? I'm an athlete, a former nationally competing martial artist, and I spent time in physical therapy for injuries. I was punished for being healthier than anyone I knew.

  3. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I agree.

    I think part of the reason so much of the Affordable Care Act hasn't kicked in - apart from those parts you mentioned - is that the Republicans forced the deadlines back so they wouldn't kick-in before this election.

    I, too, want to thank President Obama and all Democrats promoting and passing this healthcare act because the majority of Americans will benefit from it.

    I am holding my breath regarding the conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Hopefully, for once, they will care more for the people than for corporations.

    1. Anonymous3:17 PM

      What an idiot. I suppose your going to add GWB in that too. Always some idiot that thinks things are better because what was initially begun is what the end results are going to be. Wake up asshole and see it for what it is. People are losing their health coverage and its going to get worse. But I guess you know better since this is a Republican bashing opinion page.

  4. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Our health care system is a joke. For the Republicans to boast that it is the best in the world, is an insult to the working poor and middle class.

    To working mother's that had to pay over $30 a month for birth control pills and also suffer the indignity of their bosses deciding whether or not they are sluts.

    We don't even touch the top of the ice burg of how much Obamacare does for special needs people and children, like Trig Palin, if he weren't so fortunate to be covered under the Indian Health Care Improvement Act - that was also finally reauthorized under the Affordable Care Act.

    1. Chella5:55 AM

      I pay $58 every three months for my depo shot, but that was under my dads insurance. I'm not covered anymore, but PP said I can get it for $50 every three months.

      It's very cost effective and I don't have to worry about taking the pill the same time every day. I was so bad at that.

  5. Anonymous6:22 AM

    One thing that people don't know about because it's not talked about a lot is that now all insurance plans have to cover preventative care measures...

  6. Anonymous6:33 AM

    The affordable Health Care is so important to the country. I can't believe that the republicans are so mean and nasty that they are trying to repeal this bill. How they can be against something that benefits not just the young but the whole well being of the people of the nation? Yet they are for Tax cuts that benefit only the rich, . This is beyond comprehension. I can see why the rich are promoting it but cannot see why the ordinary people fall in line. Is their hate for Obama that strong that the ordinary person would vote against something that would make our country stronger and healthier and be in their best interest?

  7. Kimosabe6:48 AM

    WHAT, besides the fact that it was enacted by a Democratic congress and signed by PBO, do the RWNJs have against the health care law? It's mostly republican, market driven concepts, and benefits them personally and directly. The hypocrisy hurts.

  8. Anonymous7:19 AM

    AS a university professor, before the ACAct, I can remember tearful students in my office, who were not doing well in a course telling me they could not drop the course of get an "F" because they would lose their insurance coverage under their parents' plan. The reason they had taken too many difficult courses in one semester - they had to take full-loads or lose coverage under their parents' plans. What a horrible dilemma for students and faculty.

    That idea of equal opportunity will be a cruel joke if this gets repealed.

  9. Anonymous8:35 AM

    My youngest lost his good paying job w/insurance in 09. He took a lesser paying job but didn't have insurance until this kicked in and my husband and I were able to put him on ours. He turns 26 in Dec this year and just got a good paying job w/ affordable insurance. we/he are very lucky he found this job because it's so easy to be wiped out financially with even minor medical crisis.

    These people, I can't even consider them humans, who do and say everything they can to undermine this President and this piece of legislation--"Obamacare" should be slapped upside the head, repeatedly, until some sense seeps in their hate soaked craniums. They really should be prepared for Karma some day, for the pain and suffering they continue to put the American people through.

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Not sure why the "left" side does not toot its horn more often. If I could, I'd like to produce an advertisement along the lines of:

    Remember in 2007, when you found out that insurance companies were robbing you of 40 cents of every dollar you doled out for healthcare?

    It made you angry--ALL OF YOU (not just Democrats.) It got a President elected who promised to REFORM the system.

    The outcome was what has become spoken of in derogatory terms, as "Obamacare." Billions of dollars have been spent by those who stand to lose money, to convince you it was a bad thing.

    One of its aspects you probably aren't aware of, is a provision that the MOST the insurers can now sift off for profit, is TWENTY cents on the dollar. (Still too much, for simply raking in your premiums, and coming up with new ways to deny your claims, but an enormous improvement!)

    If America is conned into re-installing the Republicans to control, who will kill this progress, all will suffer (except those congressmen who enjoy a full health plan at your expense.)

    Think about this when you see Romney promising to kill the healthcare reform he has been instructed by insurance companies sending him campaign money!

  11. Anonymous10:38 AM

    another reason to outsource jobs to india

  12. Three provisions of the healthcare reform that are life-changing for me: 1) children allowed to stay on until 26 (single mom with kids in and about to be in college); 2/3) no life-time limits and pre-existing conditions (as a cancer survivor, I know how easy it is to hit even a million dollar limit).

  13. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Here on Earth:

    You can spin the latest New York Times/CBS poll two ways: You could say a large majority of Americans wants the Supreme Court to overturn all or part of the health-care law, or that a majority wants the Supreme Court to leave all or most of the health-care law intact.

    Here are the numbers: 41 percent say the Supreme Court should get rid of the whole thing; 27 percent say just overturn the mandate; 24 percent say keep the law; 8 percent don’t know. So 68 percent say either get rid of all of the law or at least the individual mandate, and 51 percent say keep all of the law or everything but the individual mandate.

  14. Anita Winecooler7:15 PM

    The Republicans have made it their sworn duty to make sure nothing President Obama proposes gets passed, and the present SCOTUS is stacked against him as well. What these people don't realize, despite "the numbers", is that the more people realize the true value the ACA holds for families and the working poor, the more they'll fight to support our President's efforts. These two aspects (children insured until 26 and "pre-existing conditions" can no longer be used as an excuse to charge more or not treat people are just the tip of the iceberg of benefits.
    Medical companies will have to cut out fraud, streamline and keep costs down, and drug companies will have to make drugs that are effective, less expensive, and safe.
    People need to get their stories out, or they'll overturn everything and say "die faster, you're costing us money" aka The Ryan Plan.

  15. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Among those young adults covered is Ayla Brown, daughter of MA Senator Scott Brown, who has voted to repeal ACA 3x and once vowed to be the 41st vote against it.

  16. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Immoral Minority: Posturing and rhetoric aside, Obamacare is starting to help real people in the real world.

  17. Anonymous4:26 AM


    You all literally have zero idea what you unleashed with this bill do you?

    Ironically now we are all equal in the fact that it's going to suck for everyone who has the base insurance.

    I'm thanking you in advance for the lack of care that will be available to me in the future.

    Enjoy while it lasts! You probably won't once your off Mom and Dads insurance "just saying".

    The only thing I regret will be the look on your face when your told to put a loved one down like the family dog because the treatment isn't sanctioned by their provider.

    Ironically the dog will probably have more treatment options available than the individuals this bill was alleged to assist.

  18. Anonymous5:49 AM

    I'm a registered Democrat. I voted for Obama both times. I lost my great paying job during the recession, and now I make $10 an hour.. trying to support my family. I got the new prices for our company insurance yesterday, and my insurance is going to cost me $263 a WEEK for family. I only clear $330! So now me and my family will not have health care. How is Obamacare going to make this better for families like mine? I'm totally freaking out.


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