Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney's Mormon church baptized President Obama's mother back in 2008. WTF?

Courtesy of Addicting Info:

President Barack Obama’s mother was posthumously baptized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on June 4, 2008. That’s the day after Obama won enough delegates to get the Democratic nomination. Graphic below of the LDS information regarding her:

She was born Stanley Ann Dunham, and died in 1995 at the age of fifty-two of cancer. Throughout her life and after her death, she has been described as an atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist. Above all, she was a self-proclaimed spiritual, yet remained skeptical on religions as a whole. 

Okay look, as you all know I tend not to differentiate one superstitious belief, and set of bizarre ritualistic behaviors, from another, but THIS has changed my mind.

Who in the fuck, does something like this?  Who has so little respect for an individual's personal belief, or lack thereof, to take it upon themselves to baptize them into THEIR religious faith?

I know it has no real effect on Ms. Dunham, and I know that it is simply a ridiculous ritual that speaks to a belief by the Mormon church that if they don't do this these unbaptized people will not be allowed into their heaven, but it is STILL an incredibly invasive, and unbelievably creepy, thing to do to someone's loved one.

If I were President Obama THIS would make me not only want to beat Mitt Romney in the election, but crush him like a bug under my fucking heel!

Seriously, once again, who DOES something like this? And what does THAT say about how they view the rights of the rest of us?


  1. So wrong on so many levels!

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      One glaring level: Stanley Ann Dunham's mother and son were both alive when this was done.
      Were either of them consulted about whether the Mormons should lasso her into their make-believe world?
      Have they baptized Obama's grandmother after her death?
      This is an intrusion into the lives and beliefs of others that is the height of hubris and insensitivity. They can practice their cult among themselves, but it's none of their business what non-Mormons do.

      I was prosteletized as a teenager by a good friend who was a Mormon. I learned about Joseph Smith and did research about the golden tablets, the Angel Moroni, etc. A trip to Salt Lake City sealed the deal: I wouldn't get within a mile of a Mormon service, and I wouldn't want them to lay their lily-white hands on my soul, or any of my family.

      They should use their energies to improve the lives of the living, rather than interfere with those who are gone. Maybe they think that filling in forms with names on them betters the lives of those they baptize. No, it just makes the Mormons more smug. What a lazy religion.

    2. Anonymous11:24 PM

      No respect. None. They care NOTHING about the beautiful headstrong free thinking woman thought in life, and try to smear her in death. If there IS an afterlife, imagine how fuming you would be watching that and being outraged, unable to do anything? At least it doesnt mean anything to the good woman, but the symbol of it bothers me so. It comes from a place of such arrogance and hatred. It reminds me of a time on Fox News when one of the bimbo anchors actually argued that atheists should be left off of war memorials! It actually made me cry that someone could think like that and then call themselves a loving Christian. Whether you believe in an afterlife or no, everyone wants to be honoured for their achievements even if they don't get to see it! How cruel so many believers can be. Utterly cruel.

  2. Anonymous4:35 AM

    I,for one,would demand an apology......

  3. I know some people are seriously offended by this, but I just shrug and let them have their little hobby. If it inspires them carry on the genealogy work, which is good, I see it as small payment.

    Maybe that’s because I don’t think baptism does much. Considering my background, I'm surprised to write that.

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      They could do the genealogy work with out the bullshit of baptizing people. I don't consider what they do as payment of anything. They are padding their rolls with this shit.

    2. Anonymous11:31 PM

      Look im baptised too (catholic) and had no choice in it, but don't care enough to reverse it either, but this is different. It is the symbol of it; symbolically they are taking away an individuals personality and self identification. It's disgusting, truly disgusting. They don't know these people. They probably DID know here however they they were dealing with a staunch atheist and free thinker who would be upset about it. Whether she is in an afterlife to have seen it or not is irrelevant. They're pure scum.

      Geneology is good work. But there's plenty of other normal people that do it for interest sake, not the sake of a twisted attempt to strip other people of their wordly beliefs and up the numbers of their scummy ridiculous religious beliefs! Mormons of all the stupid religions are second only to scientologists in how stupid their beliefs are. God is from the planet something something, and Jesus totally managed to sail to America 1500 years before anyone else managed it on much larger ships!

  4. Anonymous4:40 AM

    This "religion" has been doing this for years and creates controversy quite frequently. Even Ann Romney's father was "baptized" posthumously...apparently, even though he had not chosen to be part of the group while alive. Elie Wiesel has even called on Mitt Romney, and the Mormons, to stop "baptizing" the dead Jews, including those that died in the Holocost. And folks wonder, why Mormonism is considered a "cult?"

    1. fromthediagonal8:41 AM

      @anon 4:40:
      Maybe that is what they are doing by baptizing posthumously, bring up their membership numbers in line with the old question: "What is the difference between a religion and a cult?" to which the answer is: "Numbers of Membership".

      Thus they are inflating their membership worldwide and hope to be recognized as another "World Religion"... as if we have not more than enough of those already.

      Move over Ron L. Hubbard. You and your Scientologists are rank amateurs compared to the Mormon con perpetrated upon unsuspecting flocks of sheep perpetrated globally, though all organizations of this kind are successful in financially and ideologically shearing and fleecing heir followers to a point where far too many lose all capacity for reasoning.

      I am of the "live and let live" mindset, and I agree with Martha above. This is revolting on so many different levels, it makes my brain stutter.

  5. I find the baptism of children to be ludicrous and the baptism of the dead to be offensive.

    I respect those who sincerely practice a spiritual path.

    But one has to seek to follow the path. Or not. One has to develop faith on one's own. Or not. One has to receive wisdom--or not--by one's own free will.

    So please, to all: keep your spiritual beliefs out of my life. If I want to know more, I'll seek you out.

    And stay the fuck off my front porch and out of my body.

    As to this Mormon baptism: it is an unholy assault. An assault.

  6. If at first you don't succeed...
    I wonder if it's only non-Mormons that they repeated baptise without authorization, or if they do it to their own as well.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      I knew two people who were baptized posthumously. The husband had been a Catholic and the wife from Mormon parents.

  7. Anonymous5:12 AM

    To me this is just insulting. I was baptized in a full gospel church as a young woman. I do not follow that, or any other religion any more. If I did it would certainly not be Mormonism. The older I get, the more disturbed I am about religion in general. I have seen so many behaviors that so called christians have that is not at all what I was taught being brought up in the Baptist church. I didn't last very long in the so called "full gospel" church because I wasn't a good follower. I asked too many questions and didn't believe the pastor was a god. I heard someone say " When I do right, I feel good, when I do wrong I feel bad. That is my religion." That pretty much sums it up for me as well. BTW I didn't capitalize christians on purpose, I think today it's much too
    generic a word to warrant that.

    Sue in Kansas

  8. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Having heard about these baptisms recently in media, I expect it's a belief in the Mormon church that, to me, sounds so inconsistent with CHOICE that the bible speaks of. The Catholics had similar 'penance' rituals for the dead loved ones of families who had not obeyed the Church's teachings. Lighting candles, special prayers for the dead, thinking they were in a purgatory (a waiting level, working out their issues) before entering Heaven. There are lots of different beliefs out there.

    Am not exactly aware of the entire Mormom doctrine, but they are very concerned about dead loved ones and try to inject their idea of helping them get to heaven theology; different than those who focus just on the plain teaching of the NT teaching no other men can do one iota of effort to get another into heaven. It's all about individual choice.

    All that said, the proxy baptism of Mrs. Dunham, besides it being disrespectful to her family members, is like a poke in the eye to President Obama, especially now, right before an election, where the Mormon competing candidate's church, without permission, go ahead and negate President Obama's feelings on whether he agrees with this or not.

    It's almost like Romney is using this tactic to feel superior and condescending to President Obama during the debates. Kind of like, look, you unholy despot, my church took care of your mother's spiritual needs. Aren't I a nice guy?

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      Romney has never said anything about this cult activity to President Obama. You have an active imagination.

    2. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Maybe rMONEY hasn't brought it up, but WTF do you think the morgbot that did the baptism was thinking?

      I'll not speculate, there is no logical explanation for this baptising the dead when there is no convert to Mormonism.

      There is no explanation or excuse for this. It is just more of the Mormon batshit crazy.

      I wish someone would ask Mitt the Shitt about this with the cameras rolling.

  9. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I find this Mormon practice disrespectful to the dead, but being an atheist I also think "whatever!". Let fools be fools.

    1. Anonymous6:23 AM

      Amen. except I think it is more disrectful to the loved ones still here. But I'm still with the "whatever" if I were one of the loved ones.

  10. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Bet they baptized his dad too.

    1. Anonymous12:14 AM

      No, I don't think so... He was (gasp!) BLACK!!!

  11. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Insulting, rude, disgusting don't even begin to describe this - how arrogant of a church to believe they have "right" to do this - but look at Romney he is arrogant and believes he should be President just because he is rich and the rest of us are worthless.

    short article on why the Mormons to do

    I don't care what their "reasoning" is - it is wrong wrong wrong wrong....

  12. Anonymous5:27 AM

    I suspect it is one way to augment their numbers. I sure do not want ever to be "baptized" a Mormon. If I'm smart enough in this lifetime to avoid them, I'll be smart enough in the next life to avoid them.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      It's just more of their delusional Planet Kolob shit.

      * MORMONS WON'T TELL YOU that they believe Jesus had at least three wives and children while he was on this earth.

      *MORMONS WON'T TELL YOU that the "heavenly father" they ask you to pray to with them, is really an exalted man that lives on a planet near the star base Kolob, and is not the Heavenly Father of the Bible at all.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Funny thing is, the may be right about at least one wife according to a recently discovered and translated 4th century papyrus.
      Of course they are dead wrong about everything else including the baptism crap.

  13. This isn't really anything people should get too worked up about. First, you would have to believe Mormons are on to something with posthumous baptism. They are not. What they are is incredibly rude, arrogant, ignorant and totally oblivious to other humans. I think these attributes have been adequately displayed by the Mormon who currently believes it is his right to be President of the United States.

    It's ok to ignore Mormon craziness while still keeping an eye out for their public activities.

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      I was going to write just what you said. This isn't such a big deal.

      If you believed, with all your heart, that baptizing someone after death is the difference between eternal suffering, and etermal life of some sort that is much nicer, it is a kind thing to do.

      And I don't find it evasive.

      I think it can be insulting to the family, and that's for the families to work out.

      If it was my body, I would just laugh. THere are some things not worth fighting over. I don't think any non-Mormons take it as effective in seriously doing anything to the afterlife of the dead.

      On further reflection, they probably should do this as quietly as possible. There are loved ones left behind who could be hurt and pained by this. But the publicizing of what they did, to whom, is different from just doing whatever mumbo-jumbo they do to baptize the dead.

    2. Jews are outraged by this and they have pursued the Mormons to force them to stop this practise.

      Mormons don't do this to "save" folks, they do it to add to their rolls.

      Those who are baptized and posthumously married are considered members of their church.....yes, they marry people after they are dead too.

      To folks who sincerely believe in other religions, this is a violation of the highest order and they DO take this very seriously.

      These are a couple of reasons that even secular universities teach that Mormonism is a cult, not a religion.

      This is not to be taken lightly when folks of other faiths take this so seriously....just look to the middle east to see how perceived religious violations matter....they are as serious as a heart attack and would be a fool to think otherwise.

    3. Anonymous5:50 AM

      They are not being kind. They are being the opposite of kind. They are saying other people are WRONG and they are RIGHT. I think it's all bullshit, but let's be honest about their intentions.

  14. Anonymous6:14 AM

    O/T - Mitt Romney is single-handedly ruining his chances to beat President Obama
    The problem for Romney right now isn’t that he’s running with Sarah Palin. It’s that he’s BECOME Sarah Palin.

    Read more:


  15. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Odd that they're bringing this up again... Maybe because Obama is running against a Mormon? I remember hearing about it years ago:

    This election cycle might just end up being more interesting than watching Palin going "Rogue" in 2008.

  16. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I'm wondering since i use, are all my dead relatives baptized into the false morman Church? Maybe we should rise up and sue them and all their money for this horrible practice. I know it doesn't really mean anything unless it is heartfelt of the person being baptized, but it is just such an offensive thing done against someone else's free will. I would never even think to do that to a person, alive or dead. Money talks, the only way to hurt them is for ppl to pull their support of and related services.and start making a big thing about what they do. Do we honestly think if they would do this to dead ppl they wouldn't force their religion onto us. What happened to this country befor JFK got elected he had to promise to keep his religion out of his decissions!!

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      They do a good job with the ancestry part. I don't like the wild baptism part but don't know I care that much. It is creepy and I will give it more thought.


      ASAP. We need change.

  17. I found my son's name in their records at I don't know if they've done the full morbid baptism thing yet and I'm not sure that I care really. Some days it has me fuming and other days I don't think it makes a difference to my son's afterlife at all. What really ticks me off about the site though is that I am no where to be found on the record. It lists a person's name and dates of birth and death, where they lived and who the father was. If my son's record is anything to go by the mother seems to be unimportant to them.

    That, to me, says a great deal about the mormon religion. Women don't count to them, they're only job is to have more mormons.

    There's a commenter on another blog with a sig line that says something about how dem's view the book/movie the Handmaid's tale as a cautionary tale but that republican's view it as a how to manual. I'm starting to think that that line is spot on.

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      This is true. Women do not count in the Mormon church. I was a Mormon. My husband threw me and my children out when they were infants. They never knew him and he never made any attempt to have anything to do with them. I raised them using my last name. When my kids turned 8, the church told me that not only did I have to baptize them now (I don't approve of baptizing children) but I had to baptize them with the name of my ex-husband.


      Yes, they had to be baptized with a name they had never heard honoring a man who threw them out and had nothing to do with them. Because everything goes through the father's name. Mothers do not count at all.

      You are right. Women's only role in the church is to have more Mormons. Even in the afterlife, that is their sole function - to keep producing spirit children. And even though they were forced to abandon the practice of polygamy in this life, it exists in their afterlife. That is why they perform posthumous marriages (Mormons call them "sealings") for women after they die. So women can keep bearing children for ETERNITY. No breaks. It's not as though we are good for anything else.

      Mormons really believe that if you don't have records of everyone with their names and dates so they can be posthumously baptized and married they will not be able to enter their kingdom of heaven. I guess their god isn't almighty enough to figure it out if it isn't written down for him. Not only do you have to have the correct paperwork, you have to know the passwords and secret handshake - that's what they learn in their temple rituals. It's not just about magic underwear.

      I left the Mormon church long ago...

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      I also think that! about how they view women as just breeders

  18. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Stupid indoctrinated, did I say stupid? people do this.
    It's like whoever has the most toys wins. Whoever has the most people baptized wins.

  19. This is seriously no big deal. It changes nothing, unless you believe that there IS and afterlife and it IS as Mormons describe it, in which case they did her a favor. If you don't believe that it has no effect on anything in the known universe. People need to save their moral outrage for stuff that matters. Like most everything Romney would propose doing to the American people.

    1. Anonymous7:22 AM

      I disagree. It is the height of arrogance to convert someone posthumously. I find it deeply disturbing that the Mormon Church continues to do this after previous outrage over this act. It supports the idea that Mitt is arrogant and tone deaf to non Mormons.


    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      You got it....this is the very height or arragance.

  20. Anonymous6:57 AM

    All this gobbledy-gook because of fear of death.

  21. Mormons posthumously marry people too.

    They are wrapped in secrecy, if you are not Mormon you are not allowed in their church under ANY circumstance.

    Ann Romney's parents had to wait outside while their daughter was married and when the Huntsman's were married his wife's parents were not allowed in the church either.

    AND the Romney's posthumously baptized Ann's father...who wanted nothing to do with this religion while he was alive...any more than Obama's mother expressed any interest in Mormonism while she was alive.

    Those are a couple of reasons why Mormons are considered a cult by secular as well as religious universities that provide religious studies.

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      You can't enter their church, yet they have the balls to come onto your property and knock on your door! What fucking balls these assholes have!

  22. Anonymous7:15 AM

    It just goes to show what a fucking idiot Romney is.Talk about magical thinking!! If Rmoney believes this crap,he has no business being in charge of our country.If he doesn't believe it,he is a liar and a fraud in his community.

  23. Anonymous7:21 AM

    A person has to be alive and participate to be baptized into any faith. The Mormons are a cult.

  24. hedgewytch7:36 AM

    O.K. fine, I do see how it is insulting to others, rude, inconsiderate, selfish, etc. But in the long run it doesn't really "hurt" anyone. And in that vein, I have now decided to indoctrinate Mitt and Ann Romney into the Wiccan Faith. I will burn incense and candles to the Lord and Lady of Light in their names. I will anoint with honey and oil.

    I wonder if I sent Mitt and Ann a nice little congratulations "Blessed Be" card if they'd put it up on their refrigerator?

    1. fromthediagonal9:05 AM

      Hedgewytch... Blessed Be! Got the Athame?
      What color candles? Hmmm...
      Red for the passion for multiple wives?
      White for the Magic Underwear?
      How about pouring a slurp of good wine into the goblet with three shakes of salt: " Salt of Earth, dissolve in Water"...
      Oh, they can't drink wine you say?
      Perfect, you can drink it yourself!
      So Mote it Be!

      How I have to go and sage myself to get back to equanimity...

    2. fromthediagonal10:17 AM

      Hedgewytch... I am re-reading my answer to your note now that it is printed and I just want everyone to know that I meant no disrespect, quite the opposite, I was merely going with your line of good natured snark. So please, if it did not come across as such, you have my apology.

      Also, the last sentence above should begin with "Now I have to go, etc."

    3. sewnup1:24 PM

      I think if you sent one of your "Blessed be" cards to Sarah it'd be mighty nice, too. She's in need of blessing by somebody.....and it would be good for any appliance salesmen you happen to know in Wasilla.

    4. fromthediagonal4:02 PM

      Whaddaya think, Hedgewytch?
      Could we oblige sewnup@1:24?

      Not sure I feel that charitable. Naaah!
      On second thought, should SP decide to follow the ancient charitable creed: "Do As Ye Will and Harm It None" instead of the one she worships, which projects the opposite: greed and power, damn all others.

  25. Well, if his mom became a Mormon retroactively, wouldn't that then make President Obama a Mormon instead of a Muslim? Solves everything!

    (Note - this is meant as humor, I do not believe our President is a Muslim.)

  26. Paul - Minnesota7:49 AM

    The one good thing about Mitt Romney. I've learned enough about Mormonism to now know that it's as bad as Scientology and other strange cults of delusional wrongly righteous people. Including people who are rabid fundamentalists of various religions.

    Also, members of the USA Taliban tea cons who fake their religious piety. One example, Sarah and her non-Christian stances and non-church going. Also her fake concern about Israel by wearing a Star of David on her neck.

    Figures that Mormons would be steal for their religion. Which perfectly describes Mitt. A great con and excellent thief.

  27. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Any one know if they baptize people of color after their death - or do they want their magic planets only populated by white servant souls ?

  28. Anonymous8:14 AM

    You nailed it G- creepy as hell. And to answer your question about how they view the rights of the rest of us- not their problem.

  29. Beldar J. Conehead8:22 AM

    "a ridiculous ritual that speaks to a belief by the Mormon church that if they don't do this these unbaptized people will not be allowed into their heaven..."

    awwww, bless their hearts...

  30. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Okay, so what? It doesn't mean Sh****t.

    Well, except to demonstrate the extreme arragonce of "those people."

  31. betsy s8:38 AM

    Anybody Googled the White Horse Prophecy yet?

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      It has been a long long time since the MORmON church was like that. The MORmON church led the way in civil rights and equal opportunity!

      Since that revelation about the Lamanites in 1978 anyway.

    2. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Southpark said it best on their All About Mormon's episode:

      "Dum dum dum dum dum dum"

    3. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Anonymous9:23 AM

      The MORmON church led the way in civil rights and equal opportunity!


      They helped bring an end to same sex marriage in California. Women still can not hold positions of leadership in the church. So much for equal opportunity.


  32. another republican staffer accused of seks perversion GET OUT8:50 AM

    On the topic of religion

    "At a Citadel Banquet Honoring Santorum, Politics as Usual Goes AWOL...It turns out that Santorum has a deep connection to the Citadel. A young but important aide named Steven Munoz, who did yeoman’s work in Iowa, is a recent graduate. One of the candidate’s key endorsers in the state, Gresham Barrett, a former congressman, is an alumnus. It is mostly because of Munoz, my young cadet friend told me, that the cadets have been manning Santorum phone banks like dervishes, logging thousands of calls. One young man who’d made 3,000 calls was given an award. “It’s the Mafia!” exclaimed the Northern Catholic in his speech. “The Citadel Mafia!”"

    Of course there must be some reason to post this other than the Sarah Palin reference. Not the Citadel mafia thing, the Citadel sex thing (again.)

    "The suspect in a sexual misconduct case at the Citadel in South Carolina is a former Rick Santorum campaign aide who also did advance work for the Romney campaign, according to an internal Citadel email obtained by BuzzFeed.

    A 23-year-old Citadel graduate, who according to the email obtained by BuzzFeed is Steven Munoz, is accused of mistreating two younger cadets during his time at the Citadel. Two cadets filed police reports last week against Munoz, who graduated last year, according to local news reports — which did not name Munoz or mention his campaign tie — and the internal email. One of the cadets reportedly charged that the suspect harrassed him in 2010 when the victim was a freshman, and the other alleged three incidents involving groping and assault in February 2011."

    Republican MEN getting with other Republican men (allegedly) again? Or trying to and, well, this is just so hard to believe. Again.

  33. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I recently read an article by a former Mormon who described how his first "temple recommend card" -- which allowed him to enter a Mormon temple -- specified what rituals he was allowed to perform. "Baptism for dead only," was checked off.

    According to Wikipedia, a living Mormon acts as a proxy for the dead person being baptized. The living Mormon is actually immersed in water on behalf of the dead person. No wonder they make the teenagers do this job.

  34. I've had only one contact with Mormons. In the 60s my husband, friends and I all belonged like good hippies to a food co-op we organized. It was basically a food purchasing collective; you had to join and provide a few hours a week working at various tasks from picking up food from wholesalers, to keeping the store clean, to managing order lists, membership lists, banking, research, etc. The co-op was quite successful because members honored their work responsibilities. We had a little 'charity' job on the side for non-working members who were over 70 years of age and living on very small fixed incomes. For them, we provided a community service and that service supported the co-op's not-for-profit status so we could purchase capital equipment with grant money to run a small grocery store.

    After a few years of successful operation we were approached by Mormons from a local "stake" as they called it. They wanted to purchase food from the co-op. They did not wish to become members because they didn't wish to participate "with gentiles" in work tasks. The co-op members voted 'no' because it would have added literal tonnage to our weekly pickups with no additional hands to help. Taking on random bulk customers would have put us in the warehouse business and destroyed our not-for-profit status.

    The Mormons were furious about the rejection. They came to our next regular meeting with their 'bishop' in tow. He delivered a very high-handed lecture to us about our responsibility to assist them in maintaining their year's worth of food in their homes, a practice we regarded as hoarding. He told us God led us to organize our co-op so Mormons could benefit from the lower prices for bulk purchase of fresh food and bulk foods. We explained that the benefit came attached to work which they did not want to do. The bishop told us it was our job as "gentiles" to work for them because they were Mormons. Somehow we still rejected their request.

    I've never forgotten the angry, brutish and rude arrogance with which co-op members were lectured about responsibility and work by people who refused to do it. I never after that thought of Mormons as just another benign group of church nerds. They are anything but. And I have never since opened my front door to two young men in white shirts and dark trousers.

    1. sewnup1:32 PM

      You are absolutely on target. My forebears were the founders of a major Christian church and many generations of them were ministers. A few years ago I found all of them had been baptized by the Mormons and an unholy war ensued, launched by some in our family. It's not that I think it matters so much on a religious basis but the over-riding aspect of their own idea of their importance and the consequent lack of importance of anyone or anything else in the world. For the record, even though the Mormons promised to remove our ancestors from their rolls, they are still there and even more people have now "claimed" them. Haha, wait until all those old preacher guys find themselves servants on some Mormon king's own planet. Like to be there to see that, if I just believed it actually happened.

      The thought of someone with those ideas & values being at the helm of a country (or anything else for that matter)is blood-chilling.

  35. fromthediagonal11:25 AM

    Thank you, @omomma 10:03:
    Your post is quite informative in that it shows an ingrained behavior pattern of assumption of Mormon superiority that is astounding and possibly not merely expressed by the likes of the Romneys.

    1. Anonymous5:53 AM

      I completely agree with omomma and with you. This says nothing about the people who are baptized after death and everything about the people who are doing the baptizing.

  36. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Being an Atheist I'm ususally "live and let live" when it comes to other peoples'd faith, or lack thereof. However, the Mormons really take me down the path towards judgement as they are so pompous and quite frankly, aside from Scientology, their "story" really wins the award for defying commonsense and logic, partly because it is a more modern-day tale that so many have been persuaded by-I guess I'm saying that people should know better! I agree that a posthumous baptism truly is only a symbolic act, however, I am just astounded at the balls and hubris that it takes to do such a thing. I think I'm beginning to understand Mitt Romney a little bit better. Looks like the "entitlement mindset" is not just a rich guy thing, it's a Mormon thing too.

  37. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I've known quite a few Mormons, most were very nice, some were a little over the top. Just like most religious people I've met. I'm an atheist, and when I tell them that, they can't believe it, I always say "Well, I don't believe in god, because I'm not afraid not to, you believe in god because you're afraid not to" That usually shuts them up, and I mean all believers...

    Tap Duncan

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      good one

    2. Anonymous5:54 AM

      Yes, religion is about fear. If it wasn't, a lot fewer people would believe.

  38. Anonymous1:17 PM

    You know what I find interesting -- how come they didn't convert obamas dad? They try to convert as many dead famous people as possible - why not baptize Barack sr?"
    Gee, I wonder...what's the difference between the tel of them?


    1. Anonymous12:38 AM

      He was BLAAAAAAACK...

  39. Anonymous1:32 PM

    When those young, scrubbed, uniformed "elders" turn up at my door. I insist they must listen without interruption for a single minute while I describe my religion. Eager agreement is the usual result. Then, I enjoy describing the practice of my church (of which I am the sole adherent). My church inducts Mormon males living and dead into a chance at a splendid afterlife. Of course, it involves a ritual castration. The "elders" scram with ludicrous haste. Makes my day.

    The Mormon cult is offensive in many ways. Baptism of the dead is nothing compared to the way they control and damage women. Mormonism, at its core, exists solely to support the superiority of men. That's a problem with a lot of other religions, too.

  40. Anonymous2:17 PM

    That is so offensive and so myopic. I call it religious legalese and it makes no sense whatsover. Baptizing someone into your faith after they've passed will make no difference to the deceased, but it says a lot about what a bunch of cultish control freaks they are. Luckily, I don't run into them.
    M from MD.

  41. Anonymous2:41 PM

    On one level, the practice of retroactive baptism is offensive, especially when it is done to historical figures (which is what I would categorize Obama's mother as for this discussion). The Mormon cult continues to baptize Jews including (as someone pointed out) Anne Frank ten times over, despite having repeatedly agreed with Jewish religious leaders to refrain from doing so.

    But on another level, this should embarrass Mormons deeply. The essence of religious conversion is knowing, informed acceptance of the doctrine as an act of free will. Last time I checked, the dead can't knowingly assent to anything. What does it say about the appeal and rightness of your beliefs when your biggest source of "membership" is baptising the dead?

    It is interesting to note that, after decades of expansion through intense missionary efforts, the Mormon church is beginning to lose members at an accelerating rate, something church leaders are only now starting to acknowledge. I wonder if these bizarre practices shining through the squeaky clean image is an increasing factor.

  42. Anonymous4:16 PM

    The WTF has even baptized Gandhi and my other indian fellow departed souls, who are all HINDU's ..

  43. Anonymous4:17 PM

    All this bad doings will haunt the mormons.

  44. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Mormons= necrophiliac sick fucks. 'Nuf said.

  45. They have done it to Anne Frank so many times there is now a legal injunction against the Mormon Church to cease and desist for all time any attempts by any members to baptize Anne.

    I'd like to find some way in my will to make sure they don't. Yeah, I'll be dead. But this is a matter of principle.

    How dare they baptize anyone against their will. So they're dead. So what? Did they get permission from the family? This is just the biggest fucking example of hubris on the part of the Mormon church that there is.

    I hope there is a heaven and that God has left with with Peter that all Mormons that commit this violation of privacy and personal rights are turned away at the gates. Sorry, no heaven for you!

  46. They have done it to Anne Frank so many times there is now a legal injunction against the Mormon Church to cease and desist for all time any attempts by any members to baptize Anne.

    I'd like to find some way in my will to make sure they don't. Yeah, I'll be dead. But this is a matter of principle.

    How dare they baptize anyone against their will. So they're dead. So what? Did they get permission from the family? This is just the biggest fucking example of hubris on the part of the Mormon church that there is.

    I hope there is a heaven and that God has left with with Peter that all Mormons that commit this violation of privacy and personal rights are turned away at the gates. Sorry, no heaven for you!

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      They have continued to do it secretly to Anne Frank and other Jews killed during the Holocaust. They officially decry and forbid it, but every few years, news comes out that some craz-assed Mormons are baptizing Jews again. It makes you wonder if the elders are winking while forbidding.

  47. They've baptized Gengis Khan, Hitler and even Mickey Mouse dude.

  48. Anonymous11:24 PM is also part of the Mormon baptism conspiracy - between voter ID laws and Mormon databases and post-humous baptism, I would say this could only mean one thing - Mark of the Beast - yup Evangelicals are supporting and financing the candidate who is precipitating the mark of the beast.

  49. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Well, I guess she is in good company... They also baptized Anne Frank, and even Mahatma Ghandi...



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