Monday, September 17, 2012

Tripp Johnston custody case closed due to "inaction."

Courtesy of the AP:  

A custody case between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston has been closed, and an attorney says the two likely will work out any future differences regarding their 3-year-old son on their own. 

Alaska court records show the case involving Sarah Palin's grandson Tripp was closed this month after a lack of activity. 

Johnston attorney Rex Butler said Monday the best way to interpret the development is that the parties likely will resolve any problems themselves. An attorney for Bristol Palin didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Just to be clear, Rex Butler has NOTHING to do with Levi anymore. And he certainly should not be acting as his spokesman!

This information came as an absolute surprise to, not only me, but some family members as well. To be honest I am not even positive that Levi knew it was about to happen. My last communication with any of them stated that they were still itching to take this to court.

As I reported before Bristol had reached out to Levi and told him that she did not want to get lawyers involved in a custody battle and then suggested that they could work things out themselves.

With the arrival of a new baby, it looks like Levi may have become distracted and held off pursuing this thinking that he still had time. However it looks like the courts may have made the decision for him.

The problem is that the Palins NEVER do anything unselfishly, which means that Levi will surely live to regret trusting Bristol and not insisting that they work this out legally.

I don't care how many bouquets of flowers Bristol sends (On Tripp's behalf of course) she is NEVER going to allow Levi to have any control over how often, or when he gets to see his son. Right now Tripp is the ONLY weapon she has to hurt Levi (Who she is clearly still pining over) and she will use him to bludgeon Levi into submission until either he has had enough and walks out of Tripp's life forever, or he mans up and takes her to court to make damn sure that he remains an important part of his boy's life.

Believe me when I say I have been down this road and I know exactly where it leads. And my ex had NOTHING on this hateful tribe of backstabbers!

P.S. Of course as far as I know they STILL have a custody agreement that Bristol has constantly failed to honor, so Levi COULD simply stand before a judge and have Bristol held in contempt. It should be a no-brainer since there are reams of video evidence documenting all of the times when Tripp was taken out of state and unavailable for his visits with his father. Personally I don't know why he did not do this a long time ago?


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Levi has to be the biggest idiot ever. It seems like nobody could be this dumb so maybe that rumor is true that (AKA BAM from MTV Jackass poses as Levi) and its all entertainment to keep us like sheep

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      So convenient it happen right as DWTS is going to start.
      I don't know. Levi's been burnt so many times by this bitch!
      Either fight for your son, you've got tons of evidence about what a rotten no good so and so she is from her SHOW, TONS of Evidence Levi!!!!!...if you let it slide, then don't whine about not seeing "your son". Just my .02 to Levi.
      Boy wouldn't that be headlines Levi sends the CPS to come to LA and get Tripp while she is dancing? Oh shit Levi you are blowing it bad... :(
      You don't need a lawyer go in there with a laptop and clips of her "Show"!

    2. Anonymous3:09 AM

      Look people,
      Levi knows who is TRi-G's mother...and better yet he knows who is NOT Tri-G's mother. Yet, he continues to play ball with the Palin's like a good loyal puppy.
      That's all we need to know in this situation.

    3. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Levi does know things. Didn't he put the picture of him with a baby and claimed Sarah was in bed next to them? How chummy was he with his girls mother? There is just so much wrong with all of this since they came bursting onto the public stage.

      Levi also knows how the staging goes.

      Here is a shot taken before photoshopping in the pretty stuff. Big feet on that kid, how old was he here?

      That photo of Tripp with parents was when?

  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I predict Levi will live to regret this if he was sincere about wanting visitation. The less said about these people the better IMO.

  3. First of all, if anyone thinks the child in that photo is a ONE YEAR OLD, dream on.

    Secondly- oh, Levi.

  4. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Nice toga yogi is wearing...I'm disappointed that this has ended like this. After all the obviously bad parenting that Bristol exhibited on her so-called reality show and all the bad mouthing she and her evil shadow twin Wallow gave Levi...this is a disappointment. long as the embarrassment from Wasilla doesn't get another reality show..I'll be satisfied.

  5. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I think its odd that Rex Butler is making a statement when he is not the attorney....Sounds like this is a made up story about the whole custody thing

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      I agree. The original case may have been closed, but I thought something was filed by Levi in August? Remember the picture of him coming out of the court house on TMZ? I think the story is a plant by the Palins which makes me think more and more that Rex Butler worked for them. They can't have all that custody stuff going on while Bristol is on DWTS. The original case is closed, but that doesn't mean Levi didn't open a new one. He was asking for custody, nor just a change to the agreement.

      It's another "look over here" and not over there distraction article from the Palins. Why would the AP give a shit about this? Doesn't granny have a contact in the Alaska AP. Wasn't he the one who "saw" her pregnant belly through her shirt? Things that makes you say Hmmmmm.

      Levi - Don't take the bate of Tripp's recent visits. As soon as she's in a bad mild she'll keep you from him again. Get a new custody agreement in writing and get your child support payments reviewed.

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Where is Trig's birth certificate?

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      How about where is Tripp's birth certificate? That kid is not a one-year old and he's not an eighteen-month old. Hell, he looks more like a three-year old and that was two years ago! Look at the size of the feet of the boy! Please go away now. Maybe Levi isn't the father and he can live the rest of his life with his new cute girlfriend and daughter in peace. Got to admit he's not exactly fighting too hard to be in Tripp's life. Tripp will decide what's true in about ten years.

    2. Anonymous6:06 PM

      He does look older than one year in this picture. But my youngest child was the same. He weighed 10 1/2 pounds at birth and was always much taller than kids his own age. People used to wonder that I was still carrying such a 'big boy' around.

      Strangely, my oldest child was much smaller than her peers and people were always surprised to see her walking when it looked like she was about 6 months old. You never know.

    3. Anonymous3:51 AM



      Nice try

    4. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Look at the size of his feet in this picture?

      That is a one year old? What is the date of this photo session? They state Tripp's birthday to be the end of December 2008. The end of this month he will be 3 years 9 months if that is true.

    5. Dis Gusted2:06 PM

      the pictures were taken by the magazine for the engagement announcement - while Sarah was mountain climbing.

      the article was July 2010, so the photos were probably taken within 6 weeks of that time.

      that makes him 18 months old in the photo -

      think'n he was roller skating and playing hockey too

    6. Anonymous6:10 PM

      2:06 PM

      December 2008 to May-June 2010 would make him 18 months. I cannot believe that is a child of 18 months.

      Has anyone seen others of that age with feet that big? I've seen some real fat ones that are big. If that was the case for Tripp he would have made the cover of Globe as a freak baby.

      Trolls, get busy and show us the photos of feet at 18 months. Prove that Tripp is normal.

  7. Anonymous4:34 PM

    O T. The secret Romney video has me feeling so angry and insulted I know if I was near Romney I would want to punch his face in. It is enough to know his perverse beliefs captured are his political campaign death.

    For those of us who are not worth a quarter billion like him are victims losers looking for handouts. I hate him now.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      I think that was here at IM a week ago!

    2. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Hey, remember, according to Robmey you're not middle class unless you're making $150,000 to $250,000. I'm probably only making $47,000. And here I thought I was doing alright. Guess I better get another job. Can that guy's campaign get any worse? Can't wait for the "October Surprise" to come out of his campaign.

    3. Anonymous6:12 PM

      CforP comment:

      "Romney is right overall, but  I would question his 47% figure.  He would have been much smarter to have used 40% or so.  This would have given him more wiggle room.  But he is spot on that a good chunk of the country is looking for "free stuff".

      The heck with facts I guess.

    4. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Yea, like Palin the grifter...remember when he helped her make a Free "illegal" campaign ad?
      We know who loved Free stuff and it isn't the 47%! It is the fat 1% grifters!

    5. Anonymous3:15 AM

      Romney is likely a billionaire.

  8. I work in a small court system. I work closely with judges (family, civil and appellate). In my experience after a matter is closed it can be reopened by either party filing a motion. Talk to the clerk or court administrator. If they don't have a form, write the Judge a letter. Be specific in what it is you are seeking and why; leave out the petty unnecessary information, don't point fingers and stick to the facts. It would greatly surprise me to learn if the Alaskan Court in this case would not allow Levi to do the same.

    Also, it's important to note that one does not need a lawyer to file a petition for visitation, custody, divorce etc. The system prefers it and it's generally easier for judges as they don't have to guide the parties along, but it's not necessary.

    Ask for the forms, pay the required filing fees, follow due diligence and your on your way. Most jurisdictions have printable forms on line.

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Exactly. Custody and child support issues are reopened all the time.

    2. Anonymous7:21 PM

      I work in family law court also. Levi can file a modification at any point and he definitely has the grounds to do so.

  9. vegaslib4:48 PM

    She is just as evil and vindictive as her hateful mother. Never one to let go of that bone, I also believe she is still in love with Levi and jealous as hell of his new girlfriend and adorable baby girl.

    She talks about haters, well girl go look in the mirror and you'll find the epitome of a hater.

  10. AJ Billings4:50 PM

    Secret Romney video, he calls 50% of Americans "victims" that don't pay taxes

  11. I have tried to find sympathy for the Johnstons, but I am now finding I simply don't trust that they are being honest about it all. Something smells her, Gryph, you have to notice that. The timing, as ALWAYS is suspect, but also the whole cat and mouse game is getting old. This is not how real adults work things like this out. If Levi wanted to see his son, he could have - it's not up to Bristol and we ALL know this. Nope, this was for ratings and publicity for BOTH families, and that makes me sad because I didn't want to believe that. There is no other reasonable explanation at this point, IMO. Well, unless the identity/mystery of Trig/Tripp is involved and there is no real lack of contact just because we're not shown which one really is Levi's son....just sayin.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      Totally agree. Thanks for articulating my thoughts so well.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. comeonpeople3:14 AM

      Agree 100%
      I've personally had enough of the Levi Johnston lovefest on this and other blogs.
      Bottom line: He knows Sarah is not TRi-G's mother yet he wrote a book of lies and otherwise keeps silent on this matter of national importance.

    4. jcinco9:23 AM

      This is exactly what I said yesterday when this news came to light. In my opinion levi is and always has been a bit player in the palins' grifting of America. I don't believe he filed anything. You'll note when ever interest in waning regarding the palins here comes levi a new story on hp's political page regarding bristle or bristle and levi.I assume he's being paid well to promote the skanky family. I wouldn't be surprised if his family isn't also being compensated well.

  12. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Interesting that Juneau put it out to the AP.

    Wonder if Levi's submitting paperwork (possibly, threatening to bring it all into the public forum?) had anything to do with it or another, and perhaps more likely, scenario is that it's been opened under another caption to prevent the events being made known to the public?

  13. I honestly think we've just all been had by both families. I do. If Levi really wasn't seeing his kid he would have done something by now unless he's a completely uninvolved loser and that doesn't seem to be the case. However, he writes more lovingly about Trig than he has about Tripp, so least from what he said in his book.

    1. jcinco9:24 AM

      agreed, agreed, agreed. It's not that hard to figure out folks.

  14. Yet another nail in the stupid coffin.

    One bad choice after another. He got a new lawyer who also did diddly squat?

    Done. I don't care what Levi does anymore or what happens to him anymore. He hasn't learned one thing is the almost four years this has been going on. He has no common sense and repeats the same mistake over and over instead of learning from it.

    And I wouldn't hire him to do the wiring in my house. I want my bulbs burning at 100 w, not 40.

  15. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I would imagine this is all about DWTS, so Bristol can avoid court during that time. Palin's pulling strings again.

  16. I hate to say this, because Tripp needs a father in his life, but I am beginning to believe that Levi is not sincere in his public statements that he wants to be part of his son's life.
    It seems like every time Levi makes a little noise about not being able to see his son, then all of a sudden, everything gets quiet again. It leads me to believe that Levi is being paid off by the Palins.
    As a parent, if anyone told one of my sons that they were going to find my son a "replacement Mommy", there would be no lengths I wouldn't go to, no resources I wouldn't use to make sure that didn't happen. If I saw one of my sons being emotionally abused, like Tripp was, you would have to lock me up to keep me from stopping that abuse!
    Sad to say, but I don't believe Levi anymore.

  17. Anonymous5:09 PM

    What kind of an attorney did Levi hire that would not tell him this case would be closing??

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Exactly! There's more to this story than we know, I'll wager...

    2. Bear Woman8:00 PM

      No new attorney of record for Levi was entered. Therefore, the notice from the court was sent to Rex Butler. if Rex did not Levi know about it, then he's got a problem.

    3. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Is Rex speaking currently for Levi? Isn't that representing him? What is wrong with Levi if he allows Rex to act as his representative? I thought Levi had it with Rex.

      I don't buy into the "new baby" therefore Levi forgets Tripp and that is alright. If that is the case he should just say he has replaced Tripp and he is forgetting to do anything for him.

      Levi was either aghast at the Life's a Tripp nightmare of his son's life or he was playing us. That abuse and the expelling of Levi at that time will never go away. The boy is damaged. Will he ever have a chance to heal? Why is Levi waiting for him to be so old when he can help him find stability? Didn't her find the new girl to be a better homemaker and good with children? Or are they making that up as well?

  18. I like Levi, but I wouldn’t send him money. He’s learned grifting from the Palins. And he loves toys too much. He’s shockingly like my first husband, who could talk a good game, and was very cute, but at the end of the day, toys took precedence over me or our daughter. Then he ran crying to everyone when I broke it off (I was nearly dead from working to pay off his bills). Sunny take note.

    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Sunny complained on Inside Edition that when she had lunch with Bristol she warned her about Levi. I also noticed Levi refuse to commit to marry Sunny before the baby was born on Inside Edition. Sunny said she wanted to be married before the birth. It did not happen. I pray I am wrong but Sunny may experience what you did with your X.

    2. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Bristol, shouldn't you be practicing your dance moves?

  19. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Ignorant! Doesn't this kid have anyone to mentor him?

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      The Palins?

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Levi is chummy with his Dad, Keith Johnston, now. Keith mentors Levi. Keith was helping the Palin's until that thing about Levi working up North got screwed up. Keith disappear for a time. On the outs with Wasilla family but made up and they are said to all be getting along better.

      Keith mentors Levi and never said he parted ways with the Palins. They all just keep secrets and plant the stories they need told.

      Levi has returned to working a normal full time job (electrician) or that is the story they are telling. How true?

      Keith is mentoring Levi. You can put your money on Levi and Keith seeing eye to eye on all that goes down now.

      How did it happen that Rex is speaking on Levi's behalf?

  20. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Sorry to say that, in my neck of the woods, (Pennsytucky - in "guns and religion" territory) - redneck baby daddy #1 USUALLY moves on to mama #2, or #3 or #4 or #5 or #6. This is because girls are really stupid, and guys are opportunistic.

    We TRY to teach girls - that - in the end, they will be ALONE, while daddy moves on.

    None of the GIRLS here are millionaires.

    But it doesn't make a difference - if mom is millionaire -right? **SNARK, SNARK**

  21. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Hmmm, I'm not sure what to think. I hope not to hear any more about any of the kids now. It's none of our business, and shame on both of them for making this a public ordeal. I'd assign 90 of the blame to the Palin PR shit-wagon the past 3 years, although Levi did shit in his nest when he told the truth about Sarah and her witless family.

    He's your kid, Bristol and Levi. You two need to take a hint and raise him out of the spotlight. We DON'T want to hear any more. Talk TO one another, NOT ABOUT one another.

  22. Anonymous6:00 PM

    All this is just an act and I hope Gyphen is not part of this act

    1.How could a new lawyer miss something so simple
    2. How can Gyphen report there is a new lawyer yet Rex Butler makes a statement???

    Again this is all just an act and more than the Palins are in on it

  23. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Maddow Takes On Romney Over Hidden Video About Obama’s ‘Dependent’ Voters

    Rachel Maddow took on Mitt Romney in light of the video that Mother Jones posted today in which Romney speaks about the “47 percent of Americans” who will vote for President Obama “no matter what,” given their dependency on government.

    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Yes, and Mitt will laugh at her and so will the other half of the country..... There is too much partisan stuff on the TV these days. Whatever happened to just real news.. I like Rachel a lot and think she is smart but her cynicism gets to me, and taking Mitt to task is kind of pointless. It fires up the base I guess but we would vote for President Obama anyhow...

      This is off topic I know. Just responding.

      I don't think much of Levi or Bristol. I will say Bristol used to be much prettier than she is now. It is sad what she did to herself.

  24. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Something'd be nice to hear something from the horses mouth, no.....not the cow Bri$tol, the horse Levi. WTF Levi? Any truth to it??

    Mercedes has been awful quiet these days, no gushing on FB @ her new niece, what is up with that??????

    I wish Sunny, Levi and Breeze all the best and hope to hell they don't 'forget' @ Tripp.

    1. Anonymous5:45 AM

      Omg! Excellent point!

      Where is Aunt Sadie gushing publicly about this baby girl?


  25. Anonymous6:14 PM

    OMG, this will be a BLAST! Jon will pulverize him, and it will also rev up the youth vote.

    Bill O’Reilly, Jon Stewart To Go Head-To-Head In Debate Next Month

  26. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Confusiious says

    It easier to pull your Johnson out of your Levi's then it is to
    Pull the real story out of Levi Johnson.

    1. Anonymous3:21 AM


  27. Anonymous6:17 PM

    You all are so quick to judge. You have no idea what's behind this story. He spent time with Tripp a couple weekends ago; then Bristol took Tripp off with her, probably to LA to work on DWTS. Levi has a new daughter -- 5 days old! That takes up a lot of one's attention, you know! And what kind of legal help is he getting? Was there a deadline he didn't know about? Did Bristol file a motion to close the case because she hadn't heard from him in a week or two - and he being busy with the baby had no time to contest it? Or did she file a motion to close the case because she was going to LA for a while?

    We know nothing save for this one article, which may or may not be accurate.

    Judge not, lest ye be judged!

  28. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Everyone, relax. Just because a case gets closed due to inaction doesn't mean that's permanent. Reopening is a simple matter of his attorney filing a motion.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Didn't I hear that Levi has a new lawyer? I thought he picked up papers at the courts, not that he filed. He and his lawyer may know this is going inactive and they will reopen. Or he is playing some kind of sick game with Bristol's team.

      What we do know is that everyone is fine with Tripp being in Arizona and far away from his new sister's birth. Tripp must be a well adjusted kid that likes the gypsy life. He hasn't even had his own room and who cares? Is Tripp's best interest only whatever is Bristol's latest whim? Not a peep from Levi. Is he gagged? Doesn't he give a flip about Tripp in the real time world?

      The truth will come out. That may have nothing to do with Levi Johnston.

  29. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Maybe this is the last we'll hear about ANYTHING concerning these two. I should be so lucky.

    1. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Right on. Celebrating the sloppy lives of teenaged, unwed, unthinking parents is not for me. The world has so many real problems.
      Bristol is a terrible mother, and Tripp is a confused little guy. His father, out of ignorance or greed or ???, hasn't stepped in to take his equal place in the boy's life.
      I hope they resolve this situation, for the good of their child. If not, it's not of interest to me any more than the lives of soap opera personalities were long ago.
      If Bristol had had a girl, the child would be competing with Honey Boo Boo for her own tv gig. Enough said.

  30. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I a sure the bald legal got involved with this mess once again. I would trick bristar to a Jerry springer face off. Levi could show up with a bakers dozen of sperm doners that have visted the holy tent and been baptized with her whine and coolers of beer.

    Jerry could introduce all of the children and potential fathers. It would probably look like deliverance without a banjo. After a DNA show down you could sort brother sister father and uncle. A family tree that looks like balled up roots.

    1. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Levi, You are not Tri-G's father.
      Dylan Kolvig: you ARE Tri-G's father.
      Levi, you ARE Tripp's father.

    2. Anonymous12:46 PM

      Where is Dylan Kolvig now? His parents sure got him out of the Palin clutches really fast. Levi was Trig's baby daddy stand in. Who knows about Tripp... Bristol was quoted saying that she was unhappy that Levi was Tripp's father. WTF? Did she have a DNA test to determine that? If I were Levi I would demand a DNA test on both babies.

  31. Anonymous6:41 PM

    The court needs to monitor open cases, and there's no point in leaving cases pending when there's been no activity between the parties for years.

    That said, Bristol is well aware that possession is 9 points of the law. There is no law that can physically make her hand Tripp to Levi. No policeman is going to come to Bristol's house and wrench Tripp away from Bristol so that Levi can see him. That's never going to happen, and that's what estranged parents all over the world are up against.

    The most effective thing Levi could have done - and which he clearly did do - is threaten to haul Bristol's liposucked ass into court by applying to have the Orders amended. She would then have to answer to the court for her filthy behavior which has violated the letter and the spirit of every article of the agreement. But there's another reason that Bristol doesn't want to go to court:

    Bristol still has complete parental control over Tripp, according to the Orders. Levi is a jerk for allowing that to continue when the whole world has been able to see what a pathetic excuse for a mother she is, and what a horrible family she comes from.

  32. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Mothering a Palin child is like saying you have custody of a squirrel in a tree. You remember seeing it a few times and there was somthing about nuts you should remember.

    1. Anonymous3:24 AM

      That is very funny!

  33. Anonymous6:53 PM

    My bet is that the some money traded hands...Brisket paid off the new parents to get them to back off...

    1. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Yep, that is exactly what happened. And it is exactly why Rex is the spokesperson. Sherry and Mercedes never really know what is going on. I know Levi is their relative, but you would think they would have learned by now how easily he is bought. They are sweet and wonderful women. It is too bad they are out of the loop on Levi as they always have been.

    2. Cracklin Charlie10:29 PM

      Maybe Levi prefers to leave them out of the loop. It might be safer for them that way.

    3. Anonymous3:26 AM

      Seems like taking blackmail money is pretty unsafe.
      Levi needs to grow a big stick.
      He could be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams if he would just spill Tri-G's parentage.

    4. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Cracklin Charlie10:29 PM

      That may well be. Also, too, Mercedes and Sunny are happy and close friends bonding over the baby girl.

      Is Sunny out of the loop?

      It could get a little strained and strange if Sunny has secrets from Mercedes.

  34. Anonymous7:21 PM

    This news broke over a week ago, before Breeze was born, I believe. Why is it the talk of the town/nation now? Sounds like Bristol wants some publicity for DWTS. I'm sure his new attorney is completely aware of this old case. Think we may all be jumping on the bandwagon and we don't know what is really going on. Sarah is trying to be relevant again with her stupid remarks and this may just be another one. Perhaps the new lawyer got a court ordered DNA and Levi isn't the father. We. Don't. Know.! Haven't we learned by now that you can't trust a thing if it involves a Palin.

    These two kids have had nothing but attention and stardust thrown in their eyes since they met. Hockey and daughter of the Mayor. Both from non-functioning normal families. Their formal education was nipped in the bud and they both have been without parental nurturing for a long time. Throw in a baby when neither were ready and camera's thrust in their faces with unnatural amounts of money to temp them to do things for notoriety. I don't think any of us could live under the microscope like these kids have. Nothing has been real for them since this crazy car left the driveway! Let's just calm down and leave them alone, OK? Would you want your life to be examined like this? Like President Obama said, let's leave the kids out of this. Bristol is still reaching for the Gold Ring and she keeps burying herself deeper and deeper. The leather gloves have come off. If Bristol can't compete with the other dancers, she's out of there. Sarah is old news and she has lost her clout. Live by lies, die by lies.

    1. Anonymous3:29 AM

      No, I wouldn't put my life on a reality show (multiple times).
      But since Bristol and the Palin's HAVE then
      1) I will examine what is thrust in front of me
      2) I'll keep the kids out of it when THEY do.

      Easy to comprehend, eh?

    2. Dis Gusted2:16 PM

      leave what kids out? Levi and Bristol are not children and haven't been for years.

  35. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Gryphen, you've been had by Levi. It may be for his own selfish reasons, or it may be at the Palin's direction, but he hasn't been close to honest with you.

    You've been played in my opinion.

    1. Anonymous8:21 PM

      YEP, but Levi doesn't really talk to Gryphen, does he? So how could Gryphen be played. That makes no sense.

    2. Anonymous3:29 AM

      Stop the Levi LOVEFEST

      new bumpersticker available

  36. Anonymous7:48 PM

    The inconsistent info Levi seems to give people is unfortunately going to give him that reputation of the boy who cried wolf. No one will trust what he says. In regards to Rex Butler acting as a spokesman, this is really shocking. I thought Levi had hired a good child/family advocacy lawyer.

    The whole Tripp/Levi/Bristol scenario since 2008 spits out one confusing contradiction after another. There's no consistency in their behaviors, mother or father.

    Now that Levi is a new father, it's probably best for a 4 year-old boy who hasn't spent a lot of time with his father to shuffle him back and forth from his celebrity-driven mom to his dad's home, with a new girlfriend and baby. It just confuses kids even more and causes them stress. Tripp is the one whose feelings are hurt; he can't grasp what love is because both parents are pre-occupied with their own priorities, Levi's new family, and Bristol's addiction to restlessness and celebrity. This poor child has been pulled back and forth, back and forth, and to top it off, he gets to display his unresolved conflicted emotions on a reality show, which his mom believes will be great for him to see when he's older. Now, mom is again parading herself on screen while Tripp watches from some home in AZ.

    They are doing real damage to that poor kid.

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      They are doing real damage to that poor kid.

      Which kid? Tripp? Tri-G? Ruffles? DWTS Baby? Mono Kid?

      Any of them? All of them?

  37. Anonymous8:02 PM

    The article says, "An automatic notice of pending dismissal was posted in July because of a lack of activity in the case."

    How could this case be closed for inactivity, when in early August Levi filed for custody?

    Something smells rotten about this.......

    1. oh, that is a good catch! And yes, I smell something rotten, too. I have for a while, but I've tried to believe that Levi was above that. I am not so sure, now.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      AFAIK Levi didn't file for custody. The last report was that he picked up papers so he could file.

    3. Anonymous11:29 AM

      I know nothing of the courts in Ak. Not much about custody issues.

      Do they always drop these matters when there is no activity?

      If Levi is happy and fine with it, that will be that.

      What tragedy these messages sent out to other young kids that get or are working on getting knocked up.

    4. Uh, because he new lawyers are as inept as the old ones and Levi is an idiot?

  38. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Ha Ha Ha, Levi got screwed again by Bristol and will live to regret it like the last time she screwed Levi.

  39. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Anybody surprised?

    Didn't Levi go back to Bristol twice before, when she got herself pregnant (with Tripp) and for her short engagement to Levi after being with Ben in her Anchorage condo? So now Levi's has forgiven Bristol twice, when he apologized to the Palin family in some rag magazine and now dropping his adoption case.

    After getting Levi to apologize to her family, Bristol rode Levi's name into the ground like there was not tomorrow as seen in Life's A Tripp.

    As the saying goes,

    Fool Me Once Shame On You
    Fool Me Twice Shame on Me!

    1. Anonymous3:34 AM

      Apologize = cashed the check

  40. Bristol's Real Chin8:33 PM

    Levi's an idiot if he doesn't get things done through legal action. Bristol's feeling "generous" know because she's going to be in LA "Dancing," sort of, and because her show was such bad publicity for her as a mother. But a Palin is a Palin. Soon enough she'll be looking out for herself again.

  41. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Tripp Johnston custody case closed due to "inaction."

    Only if Bristol's vajayjay would close due to "inaction".

    Oh well,you can't close the Wasilla 24 Hour Tunnel Of Love.

  42. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Why is Bristhoe wearing white in that picture? That color represents purity and Bristhoe's purity has left the station about 6 years ago and what.... a dozen guys ago?

    How about Palin muddy brown or Palin moose turd for a color?

  43. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Oh how nice, they found a picture of Levi and Bristol together and this time she has her legs together.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      I like the one where her spanx is featured. Was that one on a mag cover? Are all these people on drugs?

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Here she is before the fake background and with her Spanx look. (translate)

      She was drunk but the scenary is nice.

      Pretty background.

    3. Dis Gusted2:19 PM

      her spanx are showing and her bra is showing


  44. Why doesn't anyone ASK the Palins the obvious questions? I mean OMG come on. ask Bristol why Tripp calls Levi "Levi" and Gino "Daddy", right? And why she thought EITHER "f word" was ok. And oh, what about why does he HATE her?...but if not those questions, then how about asking Bristol point blank about Trig? Ask Sarah why she isn't part of ANY national platform on DS (I am, so I would know!) and why she never, EVER talks about Trig, but BRISTOL does. WHY? WHY WHY WHY? I have three children. Oldest is a very accomplished gymnast and is my bane and my soul at the same time LOL, middle is brilliant and also has Down Syndrome, and youngest has Autism and is RIDICULOUSLY brilliant LOL. I can hardly be shut up in my talking about them! I don't get how after she spewed all that she did about her family, we now know NOTHING about how her kids are doing out of HER mouth other than her older two. Why nothing about Trig's therapies? Trust me people, it's expensive and time-consuming. It is humbling. She can't tell us about that because she has no freaking idea what it's about, since she is not the MOM. She doesn't take him to his therapies, though it's possible someone else does...oh, does Track's "wife's" name ring any bells from the baby days? Hmmmm..Let's just say, there are a lot of babies in that family who don't seem to be "mothered."

    1. Dis Gusted2:21 PM

      she doesn't visit TriG enough to know about his progress or therapies. He's a holiday only child.

  45. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Something scared Bristol into temporarily playing nice with Levi.

    Palins don't play nice unless their is money involved then they throw you under the bus when they are done with you.

    Sarah did quit her govern-ship before her term was over and it wasn't for the good of Alaska like she said it was.

  46. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Has Todd pulled a Bristol?

    Did Todd send Shailey Tripp some flowers in hopes she would drop her claim that Todd pimped her out and sampled her goodies too?

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      That may be.

      Shay got some flowers. It sure was strange how she shut down and went on to her dream whatever it was.

      Levi is having a happy ending with his new life.

  47. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Anonymous8:24 PM
    Ha Ha Ha, Levi got screwed again by Bristol and will live to regret it like the last time she screwed Levi.

    Bristol not only screwed the boys in Wasilla, she screwed everybody including the Masey's family reality show ideas, all the people she charged and screwed with her abstinence motivational speaking tour and just about everything she has done in her life.

  48. Anonymous9:39 PM

    DWTS with Bristol premieres Sept 24 and the Chuckle Heath's book comes out Sept 25. Sarah doesn't believe in coincidences. Nice, contrived timing there. (I remember when that book was supposed to come out earlier and they the date. Bet they knew exactly what they were doing as a way to sell books.)

    What a sick, puke of media badgers making $$$ off of the media.

    The day Palin put up the crosshairs map--that very day before anything ever happened, should have been the day the media quit covering Palin and family.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      That is soon, Sept 24. Bristol has been practicing 30 hours a week?

  49. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Oh cry me a river.
    How many people have offered Levi money, (so many people from this blog and others have offered) , to help him with his legal case.

    Levi is complicit is the babygate hoax by keeping quiet and writing lies. He could do more in this custody situation if he really wanted to. Did he get payoff money??

    He is one stupid kid if he keeps getting screwed by Bristol like this.

    When Sherry's legal woes are over, if Levi doesn't make any sort of move, then we'll know he doesn't want to or is perhaps paid off . If he is protecting his mom, OK.

    What did GWB say? Fool me once, uh, uh fool me twice I'll never be fooled again

  50. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Sure, Pigstool's got Tripp in Arizona, in LA, back to's SIMPLE for Levi to fly randomly around the country just hoping to bump into them!

  51. I am hopeful we will see the full on papa bear mode in Levi after his mother's probation ends. Now that it's just a couple months from ending, Levi's new lawyer may have advised him to hold off on anything until that time. OR- I can easily see this happening- when Bristol sees Levi is serious about getting at least equal if not primary custody, she suddenly changes her tune. Think about it- would the Bristol we all know and loathe, the one who made crass and disrespectful comments when Levi and Sunny announced their pregnancy- really make a cutesy statement and send flowers? Hell, no! There's a reason she sent the comment UNSOLICITED to a media outlet- she wants Levi to believe she's really changed THIS TIME.

    Mark my words- seriously, make note of this because I will surely eat my words if I'm wrong. . . as SOON as Bristol gets kicked off DWTS, she will go back to calling Levi a deadbeat and a loser. She will release a statement saying something like "I have tried for the sake of my son to keep this out of the courts but once again Levi has shown he cares more about his new life than being a father to Tripp" or some such bullshit.

    As SOON as she no longer needs to maintain that sweetly magnanimous persona in order to con DWTS votes out of people, she will go back to showing her true colors- the lying, manipulative, uncaring, selfish, horrid parent ones.

    I know I have been somewhat of a cheerleader for Levi and many of you are "over" him by now. I just ask that you put yourself in his shoes especially regarding the TriG issue. Yes, Levi knows more than he's said. However, he also has seen first hand what happens to people who cross the Palin mafia.

    I think Rex issuing this "statement" even after Levi has publicly said he has severed ties with him and knows he was working for the Palins all along- shows in small, small part what Levi is up against. Even though Sarah Palin has zero political standing now, the Palins still are able to muscle their way almost all the time- and I'm sure that's due to the many secrets Todd and Sarah have collected during their prostitution schemes.

    "Rex, we need you to issue a statement about Levi's custody case"

    -"well I'm not Levi's lawyer anymore so I really can't. . ."

    "Rex, wouldn't it be such a SHAME to lose your legal career because, oh I don't know- some photos of you and a certain busty brunette engaging in some very off-the-record legal consult'. . ."

    -"fine, email it to me and I'll sign my name to it"

    There are definitely still many factors in play which I don't understand- why IS Sadie, the auntie who so loves little babies, stone silent about Breeze's birth? Why no photo on face book of a beaming Sadie, captioned "my new little breezy bear. I <3 her!!!!!" or whatever it is Sadie would say?

    I know Sadie knows more than she has said. I believe Sherry has been forthcoming with Gryphen but I don't believe Sadie has. I am hopeful after Sherry's probation ends, Sadie and Levi both suddenly become much more vocal.

  52. Tripp's birth date would be revealed if they had a custody hearing.That's why Brisdull is playing nice.

    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      I think this is the single most reason Bristol won't go to court. I wish Levi would go to court and let the facts speak for themselves. I wonder why he doesn't.

    2. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Does Levi have an attorney or not? They could have their people work out all the details, like the Cruise custody. No reason for Levi and Bristol to go to court.

  53. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Timing is vital. I do wish for Levi to have it together but if he has to wait 2 more months will that matter for Tripp? I hate to think Levi could be duped again by the same varmints.

    He has a respite with the new baby phase. One day they may have a honeymoon phase. At some point, he will settle down to the life that the Palin's will allow them.


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