Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apparently GOP cowards are making a habit of pretending that they want to take a swing at someone. First Tagg Romney and now Sarah Palin's pop, Chuck Heath.

Click a Chuck and watch them suck.
Courtesy of Newshounds:

In case you missed it, Sarah Palin’s father and brother, Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck Heath, Jr., have a new book out about her and they’ve been making regular appearances on Fox News to promote it. Last night was the Hannity show’s turn. 

First off, her father pegged her as a liar for saying in her book that she didn’t take the eyeballs of the moose (I kid you not) her Dad handed her when they went hunting together before school. “I handed them to her and in her book she said that she didn’t take ‘em. But I saw her take ‘em,” Daddy Chuck said. 

After a round of laughter, Hannity asked how they deal with “the smears, the attacks, the names.” He meant the ones toward poor widdle Sarah, not the ones that are her stock in trade. 

Brother Chuck said: 

"We’ve been listening to this for the last four years… It never stops and there’s been times when literally, I’m not kidding, I’ve had to hold him back from going after some of these people that, with the profanity and, you know, they’re hanging on these lies and doing their best to destroy her. It’s been real tough."

WTF? Look I interviewed Chuck Sr. back in 2009 at one of Palin's book signings on the local military base up here (This was BEFORE they had me kicked out at the next one), and he is a very diminutive man, who was so senile he barely even knew where he was. 

I doubt very seriously he EVER wanted to "go after" anybody. In fact he probably would not even know they had insulted his daughter until somebody explained it to him afterward.

This is just another case of this ridiculous desire to make this family appear bad ass, when in fact just the opposite is true. Sure they can bully people while hiding behind the protective skirts of the Grizzled Mama, but on their own, much like Todd, they are really nothing to worry about.

You can click the image to watch the entire interview if you so desire.  If you can stand to hear these two pathetic grifting dipshits talk to the perhaps the biggest asshole at Fox News that is.


  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Is that Sarah Palin on the right or is that her daddy? The resemblance is uncanny!

    1. She looks especially like ol' ChuckyDucky in the headshot photo that Gryphen has used a couple times. She is dressed in a black suit, head down but looking upward with a very unhappy look on her wizened fake face. I've never seen a youngish pic of her mother but griz will end up looking just like Chuck Sr w/lipstick.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The Heaths are upset?

    The Heaths should be upset that Sarah was screwing around and having one night stands with black college basketball players while screwing Todd.

    Then Sarah had to marry that alto voice pansy because he didn't pull out in time.

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      There is some question whether or not Track is Todd's child.

    2. Anonymous1:39 PM

      there is something "fishy" about Sarah's hunting with her dad.

      Is it common for a father to take his daughter hunting BEFORE school and perform some grizzly task of taking out the animal's eyeballs? Is this what hunters do in alaska?

      IF Sarah had been hunting with her dad all her life, why is she so inept at handling a gun and shooting a standing target?

      Did Creepy Chuck take his son hunting before dawn before school also too? Did he take his other daughters also too?

    3. Anonymous1:47 PM

      That's cause Sally really drilled in those christian values into Sarah. Only then did Sarah think, hmmmm.. I'm going to introduce my fallopian tubes to some of that fried rice.

    4. Anonymous1:58 PM

      If we need to know about Sarah, the expert outdoors woman hunter, all we have to do is watch her try to shoot a caribou on her reality show, missing it with each shot. Her father had to reload her rifle, and she didn't know how to handle it properly. We never did see a shot of Sarah downing the animal. She fired, and in a separate shot, the animal fell down. Sarah didn't even realize that it had been hit.

    5. Anonymous2:02 PM

      It looked like Sarah was going to get herself a good one but he didn't want her. I think they had to settle for Todd.

    6. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Did he take his other daughters also too?

      Sarah's sister, Molly, won a Moose (or Bear?) Hunt one year (it's a big deal b/c there are only a certain # allowed killed per year).

      Anyway, Molly *HATES* hunting, so she never wanted to go in the first place.

      But CHUCK HEATH, until finally Molly was so stressed about it she asked her husband (Trooper Mike Wooten) to kill the damn moose for her.

      And *This* was one of the "Illegal" Acts the Palins and Heaths tried to "pin" on Officer Wooten.

    7. Anonymous2:19 PM

      1:39 PM

      Nothing seems right in that family. Did you see the photo of young Sarah with a sister sitting on a porch? The sister looked like she had a black eye. What was that about?

    8. Anonymous2:21 PM

      there are only a certain # allowed killed per year....

      Yep we know how that goes with Chuck. Remember Wooten.

    9. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Anonymous1:32 PM
      There is some question whether or not Track is Todd's child.
      though track has the misfortune of having a fetid skank fraud grifter for a "mother", his "dad" is not todd, no question, his dad would be one curtis menard

    10. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Family friend and Matanuska-Susitna Borough Mayor Curt Menard said he would have never guessed that Palin's tenacity would bring her this far. Nevertheless, he is not entirely surprised by her success.
      "We did a lot of hunting and hiking together when the kids were little," said Menard, gesturing to a picture of Palin as a young teen with her sister and Menard's sons, surrounded by moose carcasses in a room for curing big game.

    11. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Thanks for the links 3:53.

      Having your picture taken in the Carr's Meat Department does not entitle you to say you worked at a meat packing plant. If you get my drift.

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Let's be serious here, If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. That was the price that Sarah paid when she chose public life, because her family automatically became part of it, too.

    If the two Chuckles didn't want to get angry, take a swing at someone (infantile behavior), then maybe they should have realized what the price of a little celebrity, publicity and exposure would do to them.

    Once upon a time, Sarah was able to manage the media in Alaska. She can't anymore. Everyone has seen her for exactly what she is and was-- unprepared, unqualified to be nominated to VP for a 72 year old man with a history of cancer. We knew exactly how well educated the daughter of the teacher was after her only two interviews-- in what regard, Charlie and I'll find some and bring um to ya. Not ready for prime time.

    That might send someone interested in politics back to school or to the books for the intensive studying that Sarah didn't seem to do when she was running in 2008. Instead, Sarah trotted her family out as celebrities, looking for every photo opportunity and cash prize. If you want the bright lights and attention, then you also get scrutiny. If her family is so severely affected that the Chuckles are about to commit an assault on someone, maybe Sarah should reconsider what her choices are doing to her family.

    At least now we know why Piper wants to punch someone in the neck. That's a very hostile family that is carrying around a lot of anger. It isn't healthy. I don't care about the stupid eyeball story. I do care that an unqualified woman came that close to being the Vice President of the United States. And, they can't accept the fact that she lost, and they lost along with her. There's no crying in baseball, and there's not crying in politics. And, if you write a book and people criticize you, there's no crying there either. Suck it up, Chuck or get back in the truck.

    1. Crystal Sage3:08 PM

      Excellent. Said perfectly.

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I'm not clicking on the video because I can't stand Yucky Chucky Sr. & Jr. You know what? I'd love to kick them both where it hurts the most. Did Chucky Sr. ever find all the lost underwear from the Palin family?

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Here are both Chuckies trying to make money off the trailing popularity of a quitter, complaining that everyone should like Sarah, and that their calm lives were never the same since she gained notoriety. Get a fucking clue boys! If witchhunt didn't stick her big head out you wouldn't have been involved much less doing a lower 48 state tour trying to peddle your book. It works both ways gramps. If she just showed up and never said a word, she wouldn't get heckled. What comes as flak that both you and your family has to endure is directly attributed to what comes out of Skinny Mocha's mouth.

  6. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Is it just me, or do the rest of you think that Chuckles bears a remarkable resemblance to Jerry Sandusky. I never noticed it before this interview.

    The Palins are really a pathetic clan, aren't they?

    1. Anonymous1:56 PM

      They look creepy. I still haven't gotten over their obsession with washing underwear in a bathtub, as the reported about their book tour travels on Chuck Jr's Facebook. That, and the kids are always losing their underwear.

    2. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Yeah, someone once mentioned the resemblance to Sandusky before and also he looks like an older Putin. He looks pretty creepy to me no matter who he resembles.

    3. It's those squinty little eyes. Sorry to say this so baldly, but he looks more like a Down Syndrome victim than little Trig. And apparently he's senile on top of whatever mental/social deficits he has.

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I am no SP fan and really wish this family would go away, or at least go to college. However, as a woman, I find it so offensive that people bring up her "black basketball" player. So what? She slept with the guy before she was married, and I really don't think it's any business of ours. Also it makes one sound racist. That's all I will ever say in defense of Sarah.

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      People bring up her little tyrst with Glen Rice to show her hypocrisy. What I find offensive is all her lies and deceit in portraying herself as this Miss Goody Two Shoes who faked a pregnancy and all her other bullshit...too many to go into in this comment. Also, she was already pregnant when she married Todd and he isn't the biologocial father of Track.

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      The only reason to bring up the fact that he is black is because so many of her supporters are racist. The only reason to bring up the fact that she had a sleazy one-night stand is because she pretends that Todd was the love of her life and she didn't have eyes for anyone else.

      But, I personally don't comment on it because I don't lie the way it feels to be that close to making a racist statement, even to call out hypocrisy.

    3. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Most bring it up since she was in a relationship with Todd at the time and most christian girls don't just go and f^ck someone they met 15 min before and don't know there name I'm even willing to bet Brisket knows the names of all the boys she's screwed.

    4. Anonymous5:43 PM

      It also points out the hypocrisy of her "fans," you know, the ones with the KKK memberships who are all ticked off because there's a non-Caucasian in the White House.

    5. Lastly, mentioning her one night stand with Glen Rice, and apparently a lot of telephone contact before and afterwards, points out Sarah Palin's ignorant violation of standard journalistic ethics.

      There's probably a good reason she lasted only 3 months at KTUU reading the sports news, and his name is Glen Rice.

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    O/T Willow in London

    Penrose Academy
    October 12
    Penrose Academy students and alumni arrived in London, England today, beginning the first day of Study Abroad London & Amsterdam.

    1. Anonymous2:16 PM

      Gee, how very 'rill Amerikun. Nothing elitist about this, no-sirree!

    2. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Maybe Willow can bring Papa Todd home some career tips from Amsterdam.

    3. Anonymous2:28 PM

      whooo haaaaaaaaaa

      Check out the hair do for Thursday. It's the one posted after/more recent than the group shot.

      It's a Halloween motif, but the wig(s) look like something Sarah wears.

      That explains sooooo much.

      And here we've all been criticizing Sarah as tacky, when in reality she was being very "chic" with the stack-a-thon wigs.

      We all owe her an apology.

    4. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Brit's are fascinated with America's losers. The more churlish the better, Honey Boo Boo is too refined. Not cankled Willow.

    5. Anonymous3:02 PM

      It's only for 8 - 10 days. So why did Sarah even mention it?!?

    6. Sally in MI3:33 PM

      Because now Willow has foriegn policy experience? And wtf is Penrose Academy? Sounds selective and pricey...Willow is barely high school educated.

    7. Sally in MI3:34 PM

      If Willow wants to know about the real world, she should visit the Anne Frank House (although I doubt she even knows who that is) and the Van Gogh museum. But I bet she spends her time finding weed and staring at the hookers in the windows for style suggestions.

    8. Anonymous5:56 PM

      There is no reference to Willow in this site.

    9. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Penrose is the name the Academy came up with after Kohler plumbing sued the former Kohler Academy. Not in the top ten in teh country though.

    10. When I Googled "Willow Palin Penrose Academy", one reference in a previous IM blog comment was during the "BP:LAT" episodes when the two sisters visited "Penrose Academy" in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ.

      That's probably where Willow really is, and name-dropper Griz mentioned London because there's probably posters all over the AZ academy foyer.

    11. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Why do I think that Willow signed up for THIS beauty school for the trip to London and not to learn anything about hair dressing? We have a friend who teaches cosmetology at a certified school, and there are no trips anywhere, except to class. Seriously, a beauty school takes a costly trip to London? When will they have the trips to Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong? Some beauty school.

    12. Anonymous10:06 PM

      Willow at Penrose Academy dated Oct. 4 from their FB page.

  9. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I can't believe we found two people even less deserving of being in the public eye than Bristol, but here they are.

    Chuck Jr. finally manages to claw his way to the spotlight.

    Chuck Sr. is as creepy as ever.

    And Hannity continues to lick any Palin/Heath's butt that appears before him.

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      good on you..heh heh..

  10. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Whew. When have we ever had to contend with the totally unremarkable families of failed political candidates? Hunting, eyeballs, competition. Okay. Thanks for the info, and now please resume your unremarkable lives, in private.
    Feminists aren't anti-Christian as Chuck, Jr. so sweetly assumes. We are anti-fraud and against the possibility that this non-entity, unqualified woman might be the vice president of the United States. Her religion doesn't matter but her total hypocrisy make her unqualified to serve in public office.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      And remember when we cringed at Billy Carter? Heck, he was a Rhodes scholar compared to the Heaths.

  11. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Old Chucky helped to cover for a local creep. One that got caught or something. I can't watch either Chucky.

  12. Anonymous2:14 PM

    My husband, pretty conservative, and me bending his ear about the Palin politics (and yes, he's now reading Frank Bailey's book) couldn't believe it when he heard the Fox interview, called the thing totally crass.

    There's nothing wrong with being proud of one's daughter or sibling, but these two are milking her for all she's worth. Usually, politicians do their service, and then go on to other things. The family is using anything about their little treasure for crass opportunism. No wonder Sarah uses her children for fame and money. No wonder Bristol uses Tripp. It's generational abuse.

    Lots of people from small town America have a family member who suddenly becomes successful, but we don't see them peddling and hawking that member for all he/she's worth. There's no integrity in that.

    1. Sally in MI3:31 PM

      Milking her? That is funny on so many levels related to Sarah and her lies.

  13. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Not surpised at all that those two are related to that hick on sticks.

    Is there anywhere the current (3rd quarter) SarahPac is being dissected? WTF is going on with the postage? Did Rebecca Mansour get her checks from the 2nd Quarter cashed?
    Is Carole Ryan still working for SarahPac? (Sarah Palin's mother, Sally Heath, and her friend Carol Ryan)
    open secrets
    Supplemental Appeal of the FOIA Request to Homeland Security Re SarahPAC Funds Raised

    Those two turds would put me to sleep. May try to watch tomorrow after coffee.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Does part of RAM's speechwriting free go to fund c4 p? I've always wondered if ZH100 is Ram or Sarah. ZH seems to start off,(usually in the week hours of the morning)or come in behind Brianus, on every thread with Sarah's "accomplishments." Chuckle Jr posts there, too. Bet the Palin's are putting some money into see4pee in a roundabout way.

    2. Anonymous11:27 PM

      Supposed to be "wee hours"-not week. Sorry

  14. Anonymous2:35 PM

    O/T: Comparing stats on IM and C4P.

    What does it all mean?!

    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      What does it all mean?!

      That you have a LOT of time on your hands. LOL!!!

    2. The Triggs are in the back of the truck with Creepy Chuck3:37 PM

      Anonymous2:35 PM

      What does it all mean?!

      If you have to ask about the comparison between C4P and IM...It means that you must be a private family, going in your truck to Applebees to eat privately hoping you won't be bothered with any more reality tv shows or ghost written books which require you and your private non-lamestream media family to travel on cross country bus tours and give media interviews which violate the private family's privacy. GOD GUNS ABSTINENCE AND SHARIA LAW ALSO TOO! Is that a camera? If there isn't a contract then RUN like it's Andree after you with another complaint! KWITCHERBITCHIN and forget about skool, just get on the flippin' bus before I mash your face in the cake again!!!

    3. Anonymous6:51 PM

      @2:35 I can't answer that, but is ZH100 Sarah or Ram? Sure seems like it.

  15. Anonymous2:36 PM

    The unbelievable stories they tell spell 'dysfunction'. My father hunted, because he loved the taste of game, and it was an extended family sport. But, after having shot a doe and seeing her young not far behind, he couldn't hunt deer again. I'm not sure if that was the end of his hunting days. But, for a man to enjoy taking out the eyeballs of a kill and handing it to his young daughter, who is supposed to getting ready for school is one big fish story I don't buy. If the man was preparing the dead animal for taxidermy, then he should have specified in his story. Otherwise, he's trying to generate the idea all they do is try to shock each other as much as they can with these strange "rite of passage" stories of their children. Sounds cruel and sadistic to me.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      The unbelievable stories they tell spell 'dysfunction'.

      Spell 'pathological liars' to me.

  16. Anonymous2:39 PM

    More from Alexa site:

    Jesse's Harem! Smart women!

    "Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are over 65 years old, have no children, received some college education and browse this site from home."

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

      you should know that alexa is a data miner. they like to implant cookies in your computer and track your viewing habits. the miner is very hard to remove. this is how they come up with stats, by looking into your hard drive.

    2. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Bored...huh. LOL!!

    3. Now about those Creepy's! UGH...those are two of the ugliest men I have ever seen...inside and out! Creepy Jr ditched his ex-wife...because she was old...and now hooked up with some young thing...who had his baby! NASTY!

      And old man Creepy...what can you say about that BFF's with a pedophile protector and fascinator of his daughter under draws and advice giver of said daughter who was told by her creepy father that she needs to "air it out" except...


    4. Sally in MI3:30 PM

      Is there one legitimate birth in this entire family?

    5. Anonymous4:19 PM

      UM... NOPE. Marriage is not important in the HEATH/PALIN KKKLANS.

    6. Y'all know how Baldy says that there is no such thing as a coincidence...well I just saw this post from Syrin and I can't stop laughing!

      Sarah Palin and Email
      by Syrin

      There is a long history of all kinds of no good concerning Sarah Palin and email. That is a whole other story! However, this is funny! Just received this very humorous email asking me for money. I’ve also received those emails from Prince Soandso, that informs you that you’ve inherited a million dollars! But, I have never received one that mentions Sarah Palin

      I can't copy the email...because it's a screen shot so here's the link to the email...

      Isn't Wallow in London? LMAO!!!

  17. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Well, there is an internal inconsistency here, which makes me wonder about the level of accuracy.

    Maybe in this case, school=library?

    "Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by users who are over 65 years old, have no children, have no college education and browse this site from school."

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Free analysis means you get what you pay for. Who cares. C4P sucks and IM doesn't.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Yes, Gina, I was bored. Post chemo doldrums. If I have exposed all here at IM to something evil, via ignorance, I am so sorry. I have been so impressed with the wide range of IM readers, as shown on the R side sidebar, I just started look up more information...Down the Intertubes I slipped.

      2:52 pm. anything we can do to repair damage?


    3. Anonymous7:40 PM

      don't apologize at all. keep yourself as positive and joy filled as possible considering the chemo you are going through.

      i hope that your cancer is an early stage detection and the chemo can clear it out of your body.

      don't apologize for anything and don't take any negatives into your body, heart or mind.

      health and happiness and love and peace to you aurora

  18. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Hannity is worried that Sarah will be angry at him for asking the Chucks what she was like while he interviews them about the book they 'wrote' about her life. Makes total sense.

  19. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Did anyone else notice that it sounds like Hannity says "former Alaskan Sarah Palin" at the start of the interview.

  20. Anonymous3:22 PM

    So hypocritical. There's zero difference in a stranger writing an outsiders book about a famous person and that persons relatives writing the actual story, how it actually happened, how they actually grew up.

    Actually, the act of an outsider milking someone elses life is sad, especially when there are lies told -not the authors fault.

    I don't blame Chuck and Sr for wanting to write their true story of growing up in Alaska. They've been slandered beyond reason.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Is 'SAD' your favorite word, TROLL?

    2. Anonymous4:28 PM

      I guess you must be done voting over at DWTS.

    3. Anonymous4:52 PM

      How ADORABLE that you believe these two jokers wrote anything at all.

      Well, not really adorable because you are a sick, sick woman.

    4. jcinco5:07 PM

      actually, I think actual and actually are this trolls favorite word(s)

    5. Anonymous6:16 PM

      A3:22 - suggest you buy dictionary. Look up "objectivity." Note, you have none and neither do the Heaths re: $carah..

    6. Anonymous8:05 PM

      hmmm, Idaho?

    7. Anonymous8:28 PM

      They are cashing in. They are not writers. They are a father and son riding the coat tails of someone who once had 15 minutes.

  21. Anonymous3:25 PM

    There are fewpeople in the world who've been lied about more than Sarah Palin. Critics have fictionalized her entire childhood and adolescence. Its no shock her family wanted a true, written record of their stories. They didn't write it for YOU. Its for the people who aren't gullible asses who believe every little lie told. This family has had an amazing Alaskan life. There's no harm in sharing it with the people who've become their friends. Look at the Ports and all their old friends who love the book and reminiscing.

    1. Anonymous4:16 PM

      The Palin Troll strikes again with BS.

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      wooohooo. Speaking of gullible asses, there are two right here in this picture trying to pimp a Palin.
      This ain't an anonymous Beldar, and it ain't anon snarky me. Must be someone else.

      I think the dumfuckychuckies wrote the book for the last 10 people who care enough to spend their money on the Palins. Buggerin' Boy Scouts, why buy this book when you can just donate to Todd Akin or Michele Bachmann?

      If I didn't feel sorry for the wasted trees or the ink and glue sniffing Chinese who had to print it, I really wouldn't care about this book at all. I'm headed over to Amazon to write a review.

    3. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Hey Sarah..

    4. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Don't forget this poor little guy. Innocent as it gets and his whole life has been lied about.

      Here he is again and he hardly looks the same.

    5. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Critics have fictionalized her entire childhood and adolescence.

      Please substitute the word 'Critics" with "Palins" and you will have a factual sentence.

    6. Anonymous8:27 PM

      None of us cared about Sarah's rugged Alaska childhood and teen aged years. Sarah described them in her own biography. I loved the part about Chuck putting the TV is some cold garage so the girls had to snuggle under a blanket to watch "Little House on the Prairie." What a touching story.

      There are several reasons to criticize Sarah Palin:
      1. She was unqualified to be VP of the US
      2. She showed how stupid she was in those interview with Couric and Gibson
      3. She has done nothing to improve her lack of education and knowledge since then
      4. Yet she appears on Fox (at at Tea Party rallies) to spew her hate at the man who beat her. President Obama was running against McCain, but Sarah thought that he was running against her. She was running against him.
      5. Sarah has constantly sought the spotlight, and if she wants a life in public, then she has to be able to take the criticism that goes with it.
      6. We are not judging her based on her childhood. Sarah is being judged as an adult on the actions she has taken in the last four years. If her family wants to get into the act and cash in on Sarah's fleeing celebrity, then they will be criticized, too. That's the price of life in the spotlight.

    7. Anita Winecooler10:08 PM

      Oh, Beldar, if that's your real name, which I've had my doubts!, I just LOVE when you post anonymous snark posts posing as a troll.

      The dead give away is the "there are fewpeople" (one word- nice touch!) "fictionalize", when it's obvious Chucky Senior just "Fictionalized" Sarah's own story about dead Bullwinkle's balls/eyes/youdecide!


    8. comeonpeople4:24 AM

      Why a "national' book tour if the book is for their friends.
      You are so nworthy of anyone's time.

  22. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Is it any wonder that Sarah Palin is attracted to this and subjects her young child to it.

    1. jcinco5:08 PM

      I'll bet nugent has a woody behind that jacket...

  23. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I'm pretty sure they can take the heat. Their annoyance is understandable considering the number of lies out there about their family and Sarah etc. Its sad some loser had to slander Sally Heath, one of the best mothers around whom everyobe loved/loves and its sad how another loser started the paternity lie when all you have to do is look at the remarkable comparison between Tr and Oalin family members and the absence of likeness between him and another man _because really, there's no similarity. Different face shapes, different eyes, different everything). All the palin kids looked the same as children.

    1. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Get your LIES straight, PALIN TROLL.

    2. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Again. Go away.

    3. Anonymous8:10 PM

      ahhh how sweet, however their actions speak volumes.

    4. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Is Sally Heath the gal who HAD to get married because she was already pregnant? Three kids in three years?

    5. Anita Winecooler10:23 PM

      "...everyob loved/loves"....?

      "between Tr and Oalin family members..."?

      Are you ok? (note the compassion and empathy)

      You're trying too hard to be a Palin.

  24. Sally in MI3:42 PM

    So here is info on Penrose Academy in Arizona. Read the entrance requirements and tell me how Willow even qualified:
    To become a student at Penrose Academy, prospective students must fulfill the following requirements:

    Schedule and successfully complete a Career Planning Interview
    Provide Proof of Education-High School Diploma or Equivalent
    Must be at least 17 Years Old
    In addition, Cosmetology/Skin Therapy Educator Training students must also have a valid Arizona license and have completed a minimum of three years of work experience.

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Was one of the requirements to be an UNWED TEEN MOTHER? If so, she would fulfill that one.

    2. Anonymous4:21 PM

      In addition, Cosmetology/Skin Therapy Educator Training students must also have a valid Arizona license and have completed a minimum of three years of work experience.

      These requirements are for educators who will be teaching others...

    3. Anonymous4:23 PM

      All she needed was an Interview, her GED and to be 17 years old.

    4. Anonymous5:29 PM

      have completed a minimum of three years of work experience.

      We know that must be so because liars are like broken records when it comes to "hard work" stories.

    5. Anonymous5:55 PM

      She probably got to count 3 yrs of babysitting for Brisdull as work credits.

    6. Anita Winecooler10:28 PM

      She's stuck on the "repeat" stage of "Lather, Rinse, Repeat".

    7. comeonpeople4:27 AM

      She only needs the interview and diploma part, easily fudged.

    8. comeonpeople4:28 AM

      she is not going for the skin therapy educator part.

  25. jcinco5:05 PM

    those are certainly some of the most unattractive men I've ever seen.

  26. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Everyone know creepy chuck only goes after little girls. Isn't that right Sarah?

  27. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Wow! Little Chuck is certainly gray. I wonder if Sarah is too.

  28. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Who gives a flying fuck about these two zombies?

  29. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I play around a lot. But to get serious for once from a clinical prospective, there is a high probability that abuse, most likely sexual, happened in this family.

    1. Anonymous7:42 PM

      There are many kinds of abuse and neglect. The Heath/Palins are not exempt.

      This was written in July 2012 and Bristol is referred to as a teen mom. Whether she was born in 1990 or 91, she is not chronologically a teen Mom anymore. Stunted is more like it.
      "Teen mom Bristol Palin admits that she’s doing a “terrible” job when it comes to disciplining her three-year-old son Tripp Johnston and in this shocking clip from her reality show Life’s A Tripp she actually breaks out in laughter after he uses the f-word."

      The fact that this family writes so many books but there are many questions about certain basic facts that come simple for honorable people to answer. There are not always records to back up births and marriages in this family. It doesn't just happen once, it is a pattern. Many confusing and embelished stories. Sarah Palin's "Wild Ride" takes the cake!

      Did Levi Johnston ever state the date of his son Tripp's birth?
      The given date of birth for Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston: DECEMBER 27, 2008 at 5:30 a.m. I have also seen it as December 28th.

    2. comeonpeople4:29 AM

      Ya think??

  30. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Willow really is going to "hair school"..hope she sticks it out and makes something of herself, better than what Bristol is doing hanging on to mama's apron strings...

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      LOL..don't know what's is the pic.

    2. Anita Winecooler10:34 PM

      LOL The instructor probably said "Demonstrate a Scalp Massage"

      Willow's trying so hard! LMAO!!!

  31. All righty y'all...I took one for the team and watched the Creepy's interview...all 5 minutes of it that is! Let me start off by saying that... aren't they two of the oddest looking father and son duo you've even seen?

    Creepy Sr looks like a sleepy drunk! What's up with his eyes? Every time I've seen this old fart his eyes are barely it because he knows that the eyes are the windows to his lack of a soul?

    And Creepy Jr...he does have Baldy's giant size head shape...and he also shares Baldy's black shark eyes! But one strange thing about Creepy Jr and Baldy....Creepy Jr looks YOUNGER than Baldy! Maybe she should get her scrawny ass over to Creepy Jr's plastic surgeon and get that Baldy! LOL!!!

    The interview.

    I can see why InSannity delayed showing that tripe for 3 was boring as shit! I do know one thing...InSannity didn't read the book! That was obvious by the dumbass questions he was asking them and then answering himself! And how bout InSannity not mentioning ONCE about the Creepy's book tour? No mention of dates...places...nothing! But then again...since this interview wasn't shown until AFTER the tour maybe it was edited out! But just the same isn't it hilarious that the Creepy's book tour was like the hillbilly version of the chitlin circuit?

    I mean when your number one fan is a black school teacher who is known on the eastern seaboard as the real life version of "The 40 year old Virgin" then Houston...umm...I mean got a problem!

    Here's what Creepy Jr posted about the InSannity interview at the Asylum...

    "chuckjr Today 02:30 PM
    Thanks for putting this up for us, Steve. Getting the word out about the book has not been an easy thing to do. Dad and I did a long interview with Mark Gellar on The Tea Party Power Hour yesterday. He asked us what frustrated us the most in this whole process. We talked about being shunned by the mainstream media... the same media that rolled out the red carpet for Joe McGinniss, Frank Bailey, and many other nut jobs out there. You guys know better than anyone else how unfair the LSM has been to Sarah and our family, but unfortunately they still have a lot of power.

    Someone told us recently that our book is a 'sleeper', i.e. it's something that doesn't get much attention but as more people actually read it, the word will spread. I hope so. Not because I care about sales, but because the haters need a strong dose of the truth before they spread anymore vitriol."

    Boy...they sure love that word "haters"....*hard stare/glare at Krusty the crazy pee pee smelling stalker*.

    'sleeper' Creepy Jr...REALLY? Maybe his hearing aid was turned down and they really said to Creepy Jr that the book "made them sleepy"! LOL!!!

    So while I was on Youtube losing 5 minutes of my life...I happened to see a link to the Audiobook version of the Creepy's book Chapter 1!

    My I see where Beefy got her monotone...boring...put you to sleep voice from...Uncle Creepy that's who...don't believe's the link to the only need to listen for 15 seconds to see what I mean!

    1. Anonymous8:15 PM

      The Tea Party Power Hour

      Good lord I think I lost a few IQ points just thinking about what kind of brain trust that would be!

      Imbeciles unite....

    2. Anita Winecooler10:49 PM

      Thanks, Gina! What he posted at the pee zoo is a riot! The "sleeper" comment, then having to explain the term (major eyeroll) The lame stream media, Joe McGuiness and Frank Bailey got free advertising!
      The Whaaaaapple doesn't fall to far from the Tree!

      The same sing song gravelly voice, it's a cure for insomnia. I can't believe they wasted resources to publish a book, when their target audience can buy the audio version.
      These two must really be "slow". She's not popular anymore, this one's going direct to the dollar store! Sarah's short on "postage".

  32. I haven't paid much attention to the Chuckles or the other extraneous Palin family hangers-on, but this video outs Chuckie senior especially. That is one strange person, no doubt about it. The family should consider getting him off the talk circuit, however small it is, right now. He's not doing them any favors.

  33. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Lamestream Lohens strike again......

  34. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Chuckie Sr. the pugilist! Ha, trying to defend your dishonorable daughter's reputation? Well since your out in the open and a griftin', how 'bout we give you a taste of Sarah's medicine.

    Chuck Sr., you look like a serial pedophile. Why don't you explain why you taught Sarah to sleep in the nude? How 'bout that. You like??? Sick fuck. Don't even get me started on your mini me boy -the one seated next to you who looks like a cast member of Deliverance. Is he trying to cash in on sister's popularity??

  35. Anita Winecooler9:37 PM

    Ok, haven't read the comments. Are we sure the parts Chucky Sr calls "eyeballs" were from the front part of the Moose?

    Either way, what the hell does that signify? Is it a rite of passage in Wasilla to pop out eye (or whatever) BALLS and place them in a child's hand?

    I can imagine Boney Boo Boo putting it in her resume', lie or no lie.

    And as far as him "punching" anyone, I've seen teens that can take them both down single handed. And they're girls!!

  36. Sgt. Preston11:09 PM

    "Critics have fictionalized her entire childhood and adolescence."

    I suspect that there's a typo here.
    Did you mean to say "obsolescence"?

  37. comeonpeople4:07 AM

    But I saw her take ‘em,” Daddy Chuck said.

    Creepy Chuck also says he was there when Sarah "popped out" Tri-G lol. Chuckie is a liar.

  38. comeonpeople4:09 AM

    but on their own, much like Todd, they are really nothing to worry about.

    OK, well then I'm confused. Are people afraid of them or not. Are they responsible for bad things happening to people who oppose them or not? It is very confusing Alaskans!!

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      I have no clue what they have going up Wasila way. They may bank characters like above and have ways of taking care of those that get in the way.

  39. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Does anyone know how the sales are for this book (I'm sure they're horrible) and if people are turning out on their "National Book Tour". I could use a good laugh.


  40. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Did Chuck ever actually support his family financially or was that Sally? Frankly, there are a lot of men in Alaska that are supported by women. Chuck being a "temp" teacher is not an income. Also, why did he make his girls walk around naked to air out?

    So, Sally gets pregnant out of wedlock by this asshole and hides within the church to get away from him and neglects the offspring from this relationship. It seems reasonable that Chuckie has so little respect for women that he would pressure her to have sex at a time when getting pregnant out of wedlock is a sin. They bring the family to Alaska because he cannot find a real job and further, to get away from judgmental eyes. Once in Alaska, he gets to live life his way, without oversight. He chooses to live without a moral code and exemplifies that you dont have to work hard for a living, you just have to bully nice people. And, his kids and grandkids live by his example. I wonder who killed Track's Dad?

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      yeah, who did kill track's dad ? how'd dar miller's house catch on fire, you know, the fire that killed the hospice and former NICU nurse ? who killed her dogs? how'd the fire start in the wasilla bible church room where the congregation's records are kept ?

      no coincidences there are there $carah ?

  41. Anonymous12:15 PM

    You know, the only thing that made Sarah human to me was that she slept with Glenn Rice. And, I bet that made Daddy and Todd really angry too. These men, what fools!

    Sarah, instead of using this opportunity to better your brain, you have chosen to "objectify" yourself to men. There are many beautiful women but beauty and brains are a wonderful combination my dear.

  42. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Hey, I am in London. If Willow is here, hope that she has an umbrella.


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