Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just in case you still have any lingering question as to who who won the debate last night.

Shades of Richard Nixon Batman!
Simply put, you don't sweat like you are under interrogation for murder if you are confident that you are winning.

By contrast the President looked cool, calm, and bone dry.

If every picture tells a story, this one tells of a candidate who realizes he is completely outmatched.


  1. Good Heavens! He looks like he just stepped out of a steam room! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...I guess he couldn't bring his cheat sheet ...ummm...I mean...handkerchief this time! LOL!!!

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    He's losing and knows it, but I still have to respect any guy who can try this hard.
    There's no problem with Romney's trying.
    It's his doing that has problems.

    1. laprofesora6:14 PM

      Trying? Do you mean LYING about any "position" he's ever had? Sorry, I cannot respect an audacious liar who thinks so little of the electorate that he thinks we'll believe lie after lie after lie.

    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      I believe he's a liar too, but this doesn't change the fact that what he's doing is very hard work.

    3. Anonymous7:40 PM

      It's hard work to lie ones ass off.

    4. Anonymous2:28 AM

      Since he does not have a full time job, what else does he have to occupy his time? He wants the prestige of being President, but not all the REAL hard work that goes with the job. President Obama firmly believes in what he is doing, unlike lying Rmoney and his equally lying Ryan.

    5. Anonymous3:30 AM

      Bullshit, it isn't hard to lie your ass off. It is HARD when you get caught like Romney is being caught now. THAT'S where the flop sweat is coming from.

  3. Sgt. Preston4:33 PM

    This may be chemically induced.
    It seems to me that Romney was given various pharmaceutical substances to help him get through his debates, which would explain his aggressive, manic behavior in #1 & #2, and his comparatively laid-back demeanor in #3. Maybe this is a side effect.

    1. Mitt needs something today to calm him down
      And though he's not really ill
      There's a little yellow pill

    2. Anonymous5:48 PM

      I know I read somewhere, not sure where, that Mitt had mini breakdowns when things got too much for him. I think I have homework!

    3. I thought Mormon's don't do drugs. Hence their avoidance of coffee and alcohol.

    4. Anita Winecooler9:52 PM

      Well, Ann said it best, she worries over his mental state.

    5. Anonymous2:30 AM

      Yes, exactly. Ann let the cat out of the bag by mentioning his mental state. There HAS to be something wrong with a grown man who acts like a frat boy, shoving people's faces into butter and thinking it is funny. Mittens never really grew up because he did not have to.

  4. great piece:



  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    "If every picture tells a story, this one tells of a candidate who realizes he is completely outmatched."

    ... Yes, but it is also the picture of someone who KNOWS that his buddies (i.e. the owners of the voting machines in several states) will 'have his back' and make sure he gets elected! Maybe he is having second thoughts on that and is sweating bullets on trying to figure out on how to stop this from happening, I don't know...

  6. Holy shit! times like these I wish I had watched the debates on an HD channel instead of whatever crappy local fuzz station I've been catching them on.

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Your local channel is likely HD. get off cable. Get an HD antenna

  7. Anonymous4:52 PM

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  8. Sharon4:54 PM

    ewwwwwww...disgusting! Undecided voter=moron

    How much more do they need ffs, James Lipton was on a few MSNBC shows today and I agree with his assessment. If America wants a "boss"..Mitt is your man. I think most of us have had a boss like Mitt, one you wanted to stab in the heart and spit in his face, I know I have. Combine what we have seen with his religion and you get one scarey guy. I think it is painfully clear the price Queen Ann pays for her lavish lifestyle, she lives with a bully. I bet she had her hands full last night after that sorry performance.

  9. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Too bad he didn't have the 'handkerchief' from the first debate handy. :)

  10. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Oh my goodness. He looks like he just got drenched in water.


  11. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I keep waiting for the outrage from Wasilla-- or Scottsdale-- or where ever Sarah Palin is right now. Ann Coulter used the dreaded "R" word, referring to President Obama, the word that sends Sarah's facebook (and Bristol's) into fits of rage. Stop disrespecting our dear little boy! I guess that if a Republican says it, it doesn't count. I guess it's OK if it is meant to insult President Obama.

  12. Anonymous5:24 PM


    Rachel Maddow's opening segment is a MUST SEE tonight.

    It is unnerving -- unsettling -- some info she talks about that Romney talked about at a fundraiser or something that he believed.

    We know Romney is a total 'empty' suit -- but I'm speechless.

    She does refer to the word 'focus'.

    My definition for years of the word focus is Romney.

    F - F**k
    O - Off
    C - Cous or Cuz
    U - U'r
    S - Stupid

    You have to understand -- I'm not one to be unsettled -- I wasn't unsettled by the first debate - it just pushed me harder and stronger.

  13. angela5:35 PM

    I'm with Gina. Where's Mitt's infamous handkerchief to wipe up the torrent? Too close to the moderator and President Obama--huh?

  14. It ain't over till it's over and I can't relax until Obama is re-elected. The opposition has been doing everything they can get away with to steal this election.

    1. Caroll Thompson6:26 PM

      I could not agree more. I am very worried about Mittens winning the election and they will do everything they can to win it. The R's talk about voter fraud, but the only fraud that I have ever seen is on the R side.

  15. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Love is ALL around! Check out the back row.


  16. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I'd like to hire someone to test that theory on this fucking idiot!

    Rape Pregnancy = Will of God?

    GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock tells debate audience rape is no exception for abortion because rape pregnancies are “something that god intended to happen.”

    Interestingly, just yesterday Mitt Romney appeared in a new TV ad supporting Mourdock’s candidacy.


    1. Anita Winecooler10:00 PM

      Unbelieveable! What a buffoon! LOD played the clip. Romney's "people" said they don't endorse what he said, which means he did.

      The TPM clip is very revealing.

    2. Anita Winecooler10:36 PM

      He's desperate. Obama is going to trounce him royally, and there's nothing he can do these two weeks to change that.

      They showed Obama campaigning post debate, he was in a crowd of fired up people. Ryan and Romney were in Colorado, in front of a gray backdrop. Ryan kept repeating "Colorado" as if he couldn't believe he was there. The difference in the crowd's reaction and the visual was striking.

      Where Obama goes, there's electricity in the air.

      Where Romney goes, there's a puddle of sweat

  17. Anonymous6:15 PM

    He'll attribute it to stage lighting. Yeah, you hate to be in the lights all right, entitled @ss, but only if it's a microscope.

    1. Anonymous5:33 AM

      Evidently there was much ado about what temperature the AC was set on by the Rmoney camp so it's apparent they KNOW that he is taking medication and/or as in what occurs in a lie detector test, the body "tells the story" and, in DimMItt's case, it's patently clear that his body is double-crossing him. He can blame the lighting all he wants but the fact is that his camp knows that he has problems when he lies and is taking pharmacological remedies for his nerves because he's aware of his shortcomings so that's a non-starter in this case. Their contract went into very specific language about the temperature of the room - of this we can be certain.

  18. Anonymous6:18 PM

    He'll attribute it to stage lighting. Yeah, he hates lighting all right....from a microscope. Limelight not so much.

    1. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Won't work since much about the 'temperature' has been outed as Team Rmoney negotiates so their candidate doesn't look like the pharmacologically-addled, lying sack of human feces which he's become.

  19. Anonymous6:22 PM

    "... you don't sweat like you under interrogation for murder..."

    Oh Gryphen, you are hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh. Great close up of Mitt's Flip Flop Sweat.

    Here's another funny...
    The Romney's Christmas Catalog.


  20. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Link to picture?

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Kos has it for a post, but it's not from last night's debate.
      It appeared in a blog in August:

  21. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I am so fed up with Andrew Sullivan freaking out. Time for him to grow a set of 'big boy balls'.

    Between Sullivan and Chris Matthews -- both having a perch from where to 'speak from' did nothing but damage President Obama after the first debate as the two of them freaked out, cried and screamed like little girls for almost two weeks to the next debate. That's what you call giving the ammunition to the other side.

    The stunned Brit should freaking move back to his homeland as he sure as hell doesn't do any good here.

    He's now writing justifying his earlier freak out and he is starting again. He needs to be silenced as he'll f**k the next two week squealing like the stupid little girl he is.

    1. emrysa8:03 PM

      sullivan is great and entertaining but he's always seen america thru rose-colored glasses. don't let his freak-outs freak you out, remember that this is all a lesson for him too.

    2. emrysa8:06 PM

      now I read your last paragraph. it's not really very nice. he doesn't need to be silenced, let him rant he's going to finally see thru that illusory veil that's covered america at some point.

  22. Anonymous7:02 PM

    It's called "flop sweat" (as explained on Chris Matthews earlier this evening) and Mitt flopped big time!

  23. Crystal Sage7:21 PM

    I thought the RomBot did not sweat. Causes short circuits. It may explain the "Syria is Iran's route to the sea" explanation. The RomBot must have downloaded "Sarah Palin's Excellent Geography Ap" before the debate.

    I saw a new Romney/Ryan poster complete with soldiers with bayonets on horses titled "Leading the Charge." Soldiers looked like they were Civil War re-enactors.

    Can't wait to see what Jon Stewart does with this.

  24. Persephone7:31 PM

    Gryph - please consider posting this! It's truly amazing.


    1. Perephone,

      I just shared that letter on my facebook. It was so very well written and thoughtful. Another fine example of what a good education and opportunity will produce. THANK YOU for directing us to it!

  25. Mourdock: When Rape Leads to Pregnancy, God Intended It


    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      comeback argument to Multi-Arrests Akin: Then God also approved abortion since it's legal...end of story.

  26. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Poor Mitt - he's 65 and up against a younger , more intelligent man. He probably takes pills for high blood pressure, too, though I don't know for sure - just guessing.

    This kind of reaction to the stress of the debate is an indicator that he could not withstand being the POTUS for the next 4 years. He won't win the vote anyway, but let's help him by voting for Obama - a man who is tailor made for the job. Go Obama! Or Stay Obama! LOL!

    1. Anonymous5:37 AM

      This bodily reaction clearly indicates that Mitt is disqualified from the job of POTUS - since much of the challenges involved in the position call for being "calm, cool, and collected".

      Mitt fails on all 3 counts!

  27. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Maybe this was taken after he heard that Glorai Allred is flying to Boston to try to get the gag order removed from the divorce hearing on his STAPLES friend. Apparantly there are juicy bits of information about Romney in the divorce hearing.

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      I read the radar post but of course had no idea. OOOOhhhhhhh!! Aaaaawwwww!!
      Let's hope!!!

  28. emrysa8:00 PM

    romney is a political know-nothing; obama ran his ass outta town! woot that's my prez!

  29. Anonymous8:10 PM

    What do you think of the emails about Libya that Reuter's posted today?

    1. Reuter's makes the news, just like Fox. I'll wait and see, thank you.

  30. Anonymous8:10 PM

    A Truth-Out article describes Romney as "bringing a baby-rattle to a gunfight" for the last debate. Hahaha!

  31. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Cue outrage from the GOP and Right Wing on this one:

    Harvey Weinsten Recut His Bin Laden Movie So That It Stars Obama

    During primetime on November 2nd, the National Geographic Channel will air the hotly anticipated SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden movie with a very special star: President Barack Obama. Yes, you did that math correctly. That's two days before the election, and it would appear that the movie's pro-Obama producers know it. According to The New York Times, "the film has been recut, using news and documentary footage to strengthen Mr. Obama's role and provide a window into decision-making in the White House." This has nothing to do with re-electing the president, though. They swear.

    "We wouldn't air this if it were propaganda," said the film's director, John Stockwell, on Tuesday. In a way, it does seem like Stockwell and company struggled with the Obama issue. Stockwell and Weinstein say that the film was recut in order to make the film more realistic. And really, it did seem like Barack Obama was a pretty key character in the whole story.


  32. Baldy was on with Greta VanManFace tonight and something is seriously wrong with her mouth! Her mouth doesn't seem to be able to hold a smile! Does she have nerve damage??

    Here's the video...http://video.foxnews.com/v/1920503077001/

    1. Anita Winecooler10:28 PM

      "Her mouth doesn't seem to be able to hold a smile! Does she have nerve damage??"
      Which one are we talking about? It's like "felled plastic surgery" in stereo!
      Just kidding - Love how she tried to get emotional while saying "I hawe lobbed ones fighting faw owher fweedumbs in Iraq" (at least I THINK that's what she said). Her face looks like plastic, there's noticeable creases by her mouth, and I think she's had more work done, it looks like she just got novocaine. She's hiding something, she's wearing real lipstick and not that blubber lard herpex stuff.

      She's competing with Melania Trump.

    2. Anonymous10:42 PM

      That woman is an idiot!

    3. Whoa, that was definitely Big Momma and Her Fridge-Workin' Face! Lots of gulping and swallowing, a couple of feeble attempts at a "smile" [grimace]. The slight neural damage to the left side of her face, notceable after her first surgery, is becoming more pronounced.

    4. Lordy, she looks like she just had an allergic reaction to shellfish. What's with the bulbous, shiny cheeks? Also too, I couldn't stop staring at her nostrils. They're HUGE!

  33. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I've not read the commentary as yet, but I think Mitt has something wrong with him - both mentally and physically. I've watched Ann protect him and I think his sons do so as well. The man is a proven liar, goes back and forth about his stand on things and is a very disruptive person. I doubt he actually ran Bain Capital. I think, he as an owner, was covered by the other folks on the Board. It would be wonderful if we could see his medical and IRS records for the past ten years at least.

    He is NOT qualified to be elected to high office. I've already voted for President Obama and VP Joe Biden and hope that the majority also do across the nation.

    I CANNOT believe that Romney was nominated by the Republican Party. He is a friggin mess as is the party!

    1. fromthediagonal9:48 PM

      @anon 8:25, please remember the statement of Grover Norquist, the GOP "No Taxes Oath Taker" that the only requirement for the next GOP president is that he possesses enough working digits to sign the laws placed upon his desk.
      The cynicism is blatant, but there it is.
      To borrow from the President: Don't Boo, Vote!

    2. Anonymous3:52 AM

      The more I see and hear of Mitt Romney the more I also suspect both mental (just think about the two times Ann Romney has implied that he has mental issues) and physical ones (not much of a physical report on him and by an endocrinologist at that). It is obvious from what we see of him that there is something that is not right.

      I also agree with "fromthediagonal" at 9:48 pm about Grover Norquist. I've always wondered why Grover never ran for political office himself. He has so much power over Republicans but no one really knows anything about him. Truly creepy.

    3. Anonymous7:41 AM

      I had not noticed this, but another commentator pointed it out on HuffPost. After the third debate, Mitt Romney went and shook hands with the audience members. He is seen leaning over the edge of the stage to reach the audience, and Ann comes up behind him and grabs him around the waist to hold on to him. She must have thought he would fall off the stage. Ann has to steady him, and she grabs him so forcefully around the waist...was this better than letting him fall off the stage? There is something wrong with Mitt....watch the youtube video of "post third debate" and see for yourself. I couldn't believe it.

  34. Well, this could also be a result of the lights needed for TV broadcasting.

    1. Weak.
      President Obama was under those same lights. Got an explanation for that one?

    2. Anonymous6:40 AM

      This picture is not from the debate.

  35. I'm from Massachusetts, and here's what I can tell you about Mitt Romney: He's a petulant, self-important, bully. With a very short temper. He doesn't deal well with those he feels are trying to thwart him. Seriously, it would be like having Nixon in the White House again, only less Presidential and more temper-tantrum-tossing like a three-year-old.

    There are a lot of reasons Massachusetts will be going for Obama and not Romney, and most of those reasons are because we know what Romney is like when he tries to govern things. For example, for all Romney's claims about being more liberal toward LGBT people than Ted Kennedy, Romney did squat until he was ordered by the courts to allow gay marriage. And believe me, he didn't take that court decision well, because he knew it would come up during his run for the Presidency, which he started doing almost from the day he was elected Governor.

    God help the USA if Romney wins.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Thanks for your boots on the ground POV. Mitt does act just like you describe but it has taken this election process to bring it out in the open. Hopefully, after Nov 6th we will never hear from him again.

    2. Anita Winecooler10:41 PM

      Thanks, wolfbitch. One of my friend's parents are from Mass., and they remembered Ted Kennedy vs Romney and how he shifted his views to win, what a disaster he was as governor, and they're voting for Obama this election as well.
      I honestly hope he loses by a landslide and never goes into politics again.

  36. Anonymous1:34 AM

    I'm From Italy. In Italy The Church is still quite powerful, although they have lost a lot of influence. This is a good result really: God should stay in the mind of those who believe and not be imposed on others. Mormonism, Christianity, Islam... it's just the same stuff with different names and rules, but they all have in common the will to impose their rules on everyone. When a politician uses the word "God" I cannot help: I feel scared. Politicians are Using God since millenia to get the support of religious people. How is possible that people just don't learn this lesson??

  37. Randall2:48 AM

    Don't forget, though, that there were an awful lot of people that voted for Grampa Walnuts and the Hockey Mom with Lipstick.


  38. Anonymous5:55 AM

    honestly, to be fair, romney could have hyperhidrosis...i suffer from that, even the tiniest bit of humidity causes me to sweat. I can stand near a coffee machine or copier and sweat.

    It doesn't look good that's for sure, but I don't know that i would chalk it up to having my ass handed to me on a platter

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      But wouldn't we see him sweating buckets more often if that were the case?

  39. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I so dislike supposed 'christians' pushing their 'stuff' on others. I've grown less and less 'christian' in the past four years. In fact, I'd say I'm agnostic today. Most of the 'christians' that push their stuff in government are nothing but liars and cheats! Plus, they think they are better than the rest of us! Screw them folks and pay attention.

  40. fromthediagonal6:52 AM

    @anon 6:00... keep growing, keep widening your horizon and pass you insights on to those around you.

  41. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I cannot help but wonder what President Obama thought as he watched Romney sweat like this during the debate!

    And, then look at our ever steady and cool President Obama during the debate!

    Romney would be a horrid representative of America and does NOT deserve even stepping inside the White House!!!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 (I've already voted, have you?)


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