Monday, October 22, 2012

The secret never before seen footage of Mormon Temple rites

I first saw this a few days ago, but since of course I tend to find ALL religious rites somewhat ridiculous, was not sure if it was something that needed to be shared.

Since then however this video has gone viral, and is having a rather substantive impact on those who see it, and did not realize before exactly how different the Mormon religion was from Christianity.

And no folks it is NOT the same, in fact in my opinion it can no more be considered a Christian religion than can Islam.

Go ahead check it out for yourself, and when you do remember that Mitt Romney has participated in these rituals as well.  In fact as a Bishop he might very well have officiated at them.

If Sarah Palin's fundamentalist beliefs caused you concern, THIS should send a chill right up your spine.


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I wonder how the religious right want to make the US a bible based theocracy, yet will support Mitt Romney and his religious beliefs.
    The Mormons have their OWN bible, they do not use the same one the evangelicals use.
    The evangelicals believe the bible is the true word of God, how can they support a man whose bible is written by Joseph Smith?

    1. Well, to be fiar, the Mormons use the King James version of the Bible. But the "Mormon bible" they use is the Book of Mormon/D&C/Pearl of Great Price. They stopped encouraging their missionaries to use the BoM and the Bible together when trying to convert people because, I believe the quote was, "More people are converted with just the BoM."
      Probably because side-by-side they are radically different. In fact, the BoM itself (the "history of Jesus' visit to the Americas") contains very little of the Mormon doctrine in it. in short, you wont' learn shit about mormons from reading it. It's all in D&C (the doctrine and covenants).

    2. We simply do not have our own Bible. We do use the KJV of 1611.
      The Book Of Mormon, does not replace the Bible in any way; rather, this complements and supports each other. I know this for a fact, as, I am making a complete Study of The book of Mormon, and also the same for The Bible, itself.

      If you have never read The Book of Mormon, you are missing out on greater knowledge. That would bring you a completeness to your life.

      Why don't you read this for yourself?

  2. Joe Smith thought that if he threw in the word Jesus, there would be people stupid enough to believe him. and, he was right.

  3. Can Mitt put his dog on the roof for the trip to Planet Kolob?

    1. Silly. Mormon dogs have their own planet, it's just a small one. PLUTO ok, ok, lame,I know :-/

      [At least it was still a planet the last time I had to build a model of our solar system.]

    2. Boo Boo isn't kidding. Mormons believe if you are married in the temple (as shown in the video) and remain true to the teachings of teh Church that you will be granted entry into the highest level of the Celestial kingdom. Only those in the top tier of heaven (cuz obviously heaven itself isn't good enough, there has to be a caste system there too) will become gods of their own universes... with their own harem of spirit maidens to populate said universe with.
      As someone who was born and raised in the so-called Church, this is NOT an exaggeration. This is something they totally downplay and paint as something that's been blown out of proportion by nonbelievers. But no, it's true.

  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Isn't it funny though, even though Sarah's and Mitt's belief systems each take a different path to get to their desired results, their desired results are exactly the same... promotion of World War 3 via mindless support of Israel's saber-rattling at Iran, endless enrichment of the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, complete removal of women's reproductive autonomy, state-sanctioned oppression of gay people's right to marry and adopt children, continued decimation of secular public education etc., etc., etc.

  5. Mormonism is a cult. To think otherwise makes the baby Jesus cry.

    1. Anonymous5:17 AM

      Well, um, technically Christianity is, too. Any system whereby people can only enter a "heaven" if they adhere to certain behaviors/rules/etc. and certain people are held up as more holy than others is, yeah, a cult. Jesus himself was a maverick who tried NOT to have a cult built around him, but the Romans who killed off all the Gnostics and reinterpreted what he taught (adding all the exclusionist teachings, the ritualistic drinking of blood in Communion--or emulating it--and so on) turned it into an absolute cult.

      Media Insider aka Jennifer

    2. Not a fair test, but I cede credibility to any religion over a 1,000 years old, and I think any "new" religion (started in the last 200 years) should be subjected to strict scrutiny, scrutiny that very few of them could pass.

  6. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I want someone, anyone to ask Romney what book he will swear in on if he wins. Bible or Book of Mormon.

    1. hedgewytch2:29 PM

      Either way he's covered with his Lying for the Lord.

  7. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Mormons will replace government with a religious Mormon government? What's that all about?

    And in other news, intrade shows Obama's stock falling in leaps and bounds. Now that can't be the impact this video is having.
    luv from Canada.

    1. Better put all of your money on Romney before the great odds disappear forever! Hurry, you're losing money the longer you wait!

      Wait, let me guess... you're broke and you'd be scared to put any money where your mouth is to begin with? Figures. Why don't you go to a pro-Romney site where you will have like-minded cheerleaders agree with you? Maybe they can tell you how smart you are because you seem to have only a very elementary understanding of predictions, basic probability and statistics. I don't mean to insult your intelligence or lack of social standing, but I question why you find it to be enjoyable to play devil's advocate for an issue that you know so very little about and have absolutely no stake in whatsoever.

      You're just a little, solitary figure trying to get attention from the peanut gallery. If you gave any substance to back up your drivel, it might be considered. But you just parrot the same things over and over. By the way, what is "luv"? Is that you humping on my leg until I throw you some Cheetos? Most Canadians I have met and worked with on projects were pretty sharp, so I can't generalize about the whole region, but for you specifically, you seem to have a major void in your life.

      Or...I guess your life is so full that you just enjoy being an antagonist at a site in which issues that don't even relate to you are discussed, huh? Wow, this is what YOU do to have a life... don't you have any friends in your own country to discuss matters closer to home for yourself?

      You need to hook up with our dear friend Krusty...

    2. When people say Romney will take orders (and make appointments) based on what the church leaders out of Utah tell him, they are referring to what is called the White Horse Prophecy.
      It's not taught as doctrine/canon per se. I never had an actual church lesson dedicated to it. But it was referenced in passing several times during sacrament meeting/fast and testimony meeting-- especially after 9/11.
      Basically, Mormons believe that when the US's Constitution is holding on "by a thread" that the Chosen Land (which is the US) and its people will be saved by a Mormon. There are several things that will lead up to this... (thinking, thinking...)
      I'm pretty sure that one of the signs of the prophecy coming to pass was that temples would be built in every country(? pretty sure that was one, but it may have been just churches, not temples?). That the world would turn against Israel with the US as its only ally. And that the Constitution would hold by a thread.
      Originally, Joseph Smith Jr wrote this-- sorry, prophesied this-- for himself. Or so I'm inclined to believe as he ran for President way back in the day. Obviously he didn't get very far.

    3. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Thank you. I have been getting more and more annoyed with luv canada for a long time. Glad someone else feels the same way.

    4. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Somebody dumped some cash today - likely to infuence the debate. BO still head handily.

  8. Anonymous1:39 PM

    It's gone viral? I hope so. It's creepy.

    1. As someone who was actually expected to go in there and DO baptisms for the dead-- you have NO idea how creepy it really is.
      Doing baptisms for the dead is sort of a rite of passage for teenagers in the Mormon religion. Same as having your Patriarchal Blessing (Mormon fortune telling-- no shit, look it up).
      You're interviewed before you are allowed inside. Once inside you and everyone else is wearing all white. The temple workers who are men are wearing white suits, white socks, white dress shoes, white ties. The women workers (volunteers) wear a floor-length frilly white dress that looks like something my grandmother wore to bed.
      When you walk in, you are not allowed to wear shoes. You need to walk around in white socks. The workers lead you into a sort of locker room/changing room where you put your church clothes in a cubby and change into a white one piece jumper. You wait in a pew with other teens to be ushered forward into the font (that's what the pool on top of the oxen is called).
      You are in the water with a man (i have never seen a female officiating this), and he's looking at a computer screen with five names on it. He says the baptismal prayer using the first name on the list and then dunks you. if a toe goes up above the water or a single hair, it has to be redone; this is repeated four more times-- one for each name on the screen.
      Luckily, I left the Church before I had to get my endowments (which is when you are given your magic underwear), so I'm not personally privy to that particular ceremony.
      Mormons do NOT just baptize the dead, people. If you think that baptizing Jewish concentration camp victims into Mormonism is disrespectful beyond belief (what could possibly be more insulting to someone who died for their religion??), they also do endowments for the dead.
      Yes. that means that if one of your dead relatives has been given a posthumous baptism (which, btw, you may not be privy to-- and even if you say don't do it, they will anyways), they have also been posthumously WED and SEALED to someone else. Yeah.
      Mormons are self-righteous enough to play eternal matchmaker for people who were of different religions, married to different people. THAT is what is running for President right now.

    2. I see old sourpuss "Monty1/luv from Canada" is still hanging around like a fart on a humid day!

      Y'all don't waste your time trying to deal with that troll...he's been stinking up the comments with his "luv" for awhile...he's also a Baldy dirty panty sniffer...enough said on that! LOL!!

    3. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Marz, thanks so much for the insider's view. That is some FUCKED UP SHIT. Complete spiritual rape and violation, if you believe souls are real. I know that the Moommoons (they seem like brainwashed but sweet cows to me) like to say that the baptism is OPTIONAL for the dead person and that the dead person can REFUSE it, but then they go and marry them, too? As if any living person has a right to decide what happens to the dead? Only a neurotic god (with a small "g") would be so insecure (probably with a tiny penis) that he'd count collecting huge numbers of "souls" as an accomplishment; as if people shouldn't be free and sovereign, spiritually, doing whatever the hell they want (afterlife or, well, in this life!)

      Media Insider aka Jennifer

  9. Dinty1:44 PM

    This video reveals the one question that would be devastating to Romney if there were any journalists who had the stones to ask it:

    "Governor Romney, have you as part of your practice of the Mormon religion swore to the 'Oath Of Vengeance' against the United States?"

    1. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Get hold of Chris Matthews. If Obama is being labelled a Muslim then everything goes and all bets are off. Or even the screechy Rachel Maddow may be able to pull it off?

    2. Anonymous2:11 PM

      Gee, shaking the hand of the lord through a veilno less! Now that's got to be worth some fucking thing! Beats shaking hands with Peter Pan, Santa, the tooth fairy, or any other of the sky fairys!

    3. Anonymous3:27 PM

      On Wednesday men's nights, they use the same slot in the veil as a glory hole for recruiting new members. Of course, you never know who's on the other side of the veil...

  10. Byaka1:53 PM

    Ann Romney's father was an atheist. Ann and Mitt baptized him after his death.

  11. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Weird!!! I have Mormons in my extended family and really question their beliefs...have for years! The only good I see about them is that they take care of each other, but there is ALWAYS a repay for doing so! Women are second class and the men lie like crazy! (In their personal lives and in business - I've worked w/them, so know!!)

    Romney should NOT be elected President of the U.S. People are nuts if they vote for him as he is a proven liar time and time again.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    1. Mormons are notorious for wanting to look like a perfect family. If another member got a suspicion that one family was less than happy the whole branch/ward would know. Unhappiness is caused by not living the gospel.
      When word got around that my stepfather was verbally abusing me and my sister, we were all called in separately for an interview. i didn't sell my parents out because the bishop really couldnt' do shit in the first place, but regardless me and my sister were punished for anyone suspecting we weren't a perfectly happy family. We were told to keep our mouths shut and not talk to people about what happened behind closed doors or else we'd be taken away and did we really want to be separated?

    2. Anonymous5:24 AM

      Very sad. My gay Mormons friends had a really tough time of it, too. One was very devout, had done his missionary work and so on, and would have been a truly nice person to become a religious elder if he went on to teach and preach, but of course, being gay, he became a non-person to his family as he began to live his adult life and express his true self. He later committed suicide.

      Media Insider aka Jennifer

      PS: I have fucking HAD it with these religions of hate and intolerance. They completely go against what the real Jesus, Buddha, and all authentic spiritual mavericks were about. Bunch of neurotic little men making rules so they can feel safe and control and repress others. Bleah.

    3. My older sister went to BYU Utah, which is the big Mormon college they all want to go to. She ended up having sex with her future husband and was so wracked with guilt that she broke down and admitted it to our parents.
      Me and my younger half-sister were put in the car and taken away while my stepdad apparently screamed at her for three solid hours about what a shameless whore she was. She ended up leaving the enxt day and moved to Washington. My parents promptly cut her out of the will (made a big show of it), and spent the next year trash-talking her every night at the dinner table.
      On the one hand, it helped me realize that the mormon concept of "families are forever" was complete horseshit. But thus far, I am still the only nonbeliever in the family (that's including my AWOL biological father who was excommunicated, all the grandparents, etc)

  12. Virginia Voter2:07 PM

    So the Celestial Room must be the Mormon equivalent of the Champagne Room at Ricks Cabaret, huh?

    Good god, you must be retarded if you believe this stupid bullshit...those Mormons got quite the scam going on.

    And dumbass luv from Canada dude, keep your ass up north, troll.

    1. They get away with it by preying on those who are emotionally weak (I remember a few petitions going around to stop the church from sending their missionaries to pick up converts at the hospital and the ER).
      They also fucking brainwash the children.
      And I tell ya, it is NOT fun waking up from being brainwashed. Your world feels like it has fallen apart. I've heard this has happened to a lot of people who are still in the church-- they feel the bottom dropping out and they dont' know what they believe anymore. They're so terrified of what's out there that they shut it all back in their head and cling to the one thing that they know they're supposed to believe in.
      Luckily i had someone holding my hand guiding me when the bottom dropped out for me. But it is by no means easy for a lot of these people. They just don't know anything else.

    2. Marz..oh poor Marz. I am so sorry for you. Brainwashing in families is no joke. I know how you feel.

    3. Anonymous9:53 PM

      I know how you feel too, Marz. It took me 4 decades to see through the lies of the cult, because I was BIC, so brainwashed from birth. And it's not a pleasant thing to have your whole world dissolve right in front of your eyes, and to realize that the people you trusted the most are ones who have been lying to you all along. Like you, I had someone holding my hand on the way out. I'm not sure how I would have kept my sanity without that.

      I understand why Mormons refuse to even look at the evidence that would prove beyond any doubt that Joseph Smith was a con man and that the church he founded was a fraud. I get it, because I lived it for a long time. And even when I was first exposed to the evidence, I rationalized it away. It was the Book of Abraham and especially Facsimile 1 that I just couldn't dismiss. And then the fact that most of the temple ceremony is taken directly from Masonic rituals. As much as Mormons really want "the gospel" to be true, it just isn't.

    4. Anonymous5:27 AM

      It's called cognitive dissonance, and cult members really have a bad time of it when they attempt to get over their brainwashing. And then you usually still have family members still in the cult, so it all becomes very painful. I admire anybody and everybody who reclaims their spiritual sovereignty, stands up to ignorance, and attempts to erase all such toxic mind control and systemic spiritual torture (That's what cults are doing to people) from their system.

      I've done so much cult deprogramming that this is a VERY hot button for me. At my blog I have a piece about a former Jehovah's Witness and what she went through; an amazing lady, an example to us all.

      Media Insider aka Jennifer

      PS: The JWitness article is here if anybody is interested in learning about this cult:

    5. @ 9:53
      Same here; born and raised. You just end up not knowing any better and living in fear that if you so much as listen or look at anything not Mormon that you'll be punished.
      But speaking of the Book of Abraham, I'm so glad you brought that up!!! Because of this link:
      (but Joseph Smith was still totally a prophet dude! ..... riiiiiiight)

      For those who don't know, the book of Abraham is basically another piece of scripture that Joseph Smith translated-- except he didn't play it smart by translating off imaginary plates of gold. He translated off a torn-up piece of Egyptian papyrus that he bought from a traveling salesman.
      Decades later historians found a papyrus coming from the Book of the Dead that bears quite a resemblance to the pictures in the Book of Abraham (you may want to look it up on wikipedia to see them side-by-side).
      Basically, joseph smith filled in the holes in the torn papyrus with doodles and 'translated' it however he wanted. the original piece of work has no mention of abraham, and all of joseph smith's 'translations' of the images were complete bunk.

  13. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Some people can see that their personal religious beliefs (however idiotic) can NOT be allowed to influence their manipulation of US government policy. Joe Biden's Catholicism doesn't worry me. He has a clear understanding that US law is not and can never be determined by Catholic doctrine. President Obama, same story.

    Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan can be relied on to leave their religion out of politics. And they are lying when they say they can.

    Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill that eliminated federal funding for an abortion unless a raped woman could prove the rape was "forcible". That is Paul Ryan's religion talking, not a reasoning legislator.

    Mitt Romney can keep his nutty religion. He can't have my vote.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Ryan to the extreme right and a proven liar and Romney, a member of a cult that is truly weird when reviewing the leaked video of services that take place inside the temples throughout the nation that no one is suppose to know about!

      Two very frightening candidates and Americans across the nation had better vote for the OBAMA/BIDEN ticket or we are ALL going to bite the dust except for the top 1%.

      VOTE folks!!!

      OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  14. Anonymous2:16 PM

    anytime you have to be so secretive - CULT!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous2:17 PM

    You Don't Own Me by Leslie Rore - updated for Romnesia era:

  16. hedgewytch2:32 PM

    Wow. I want a God that only asks me for secret handshakes and passwords to be a part of his special club instead of this hard stuff like spiritual and mental growth.

  17. Anonymous2:50 PM

    What a load of malarkey! How ANYONE can believe this crap is beyond me. Un-fucking-believable that half the citizens of the USA believe a man who participates in this ridiculousness is worthy of their vote!

  18. Anonymous2:58 PM

    OT is going to go conservative:

  19. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I won't bother slamming the religion. It is clear to any who watch this that it is ridiculous and clearly created by some stoned Freemason. But I cannot for the life of me see why it is considered Christianity. I am not seeing much of any form of Christianity in what we just all watched. Anyone can use the names! Heck, even atheists know the names!

    What sends a shiver down my spine is their belief in theocracy. And people want to elect Romney. Seriously, if he wins this election, America will deserve the demise that will surely follow. We may remain economically strong, but we can kiss the 1st Amendment goodbye.

  20. jcinco3:03 PM

    my favorite thing about mormons is how polygamy came to be accepted. joseph smith got caught boinking a servant and told his wife God spoke to him and told him it was ok and that all morman men should have multiple wives.

  21. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Hmmm. And it just takes a small additional revelation or two and Warren Jeffs is raping adolescent "wives" in his temple.

  22. Anonymous3:23 PM

    They believe that Jesus Christ is a divine being and their personal savior. Is that not a Christian? In any case I can't see what it matters whether they're called Christians or not.

    One thing I will give to Mormons, they recognize the fact that centuries of editing, copying and translating have damaged the bible -- they believe in the bible 'in so far as it is translated correctly'. Quite a loophole, lol, but certainly more reasonable than believing that the bible is the inerrant word of God.

    1. Mormons believe God is the same today as he was yesterday. Their scripture is written as saying polygamy is God's word and the purest form of marriage. These days they'll say polygamy was necessary back in the day because there were so many wives with kids whose husbands died on the trek to Utah. But that's BS if you actually look up the facts.
      It wasn't until after the government started enforcing the laws against polygamy that they renounced it.
      But even these days Mormons still believe in it. They don't practice it, and they'll say over and over and over again that the Church officially renounced polygamy over a hundred years ago.... but try asking them what happens if a man's wife dies and he remarries? And ask how THAT marriage is different if a woman's husband dies and she wants to remarry.
      All husbands are married "for time and all eternity." That's official mormon-speak for "in this life and the next." Women are only married for time and all eternity on their first marriage.
      Polygamy is acceptable in the Mormon afterlife. They just try to win the semantics game and whitewash their history. Excellent whitewash example:
      Not once in 18 years of being in the Church was I ever shown a picture of Joseph Smith with his head in a hat. NEVER. And when my boyfriend showed me that one South Park episode i got really offended that they portrayed the church's prophet that way because it was absolutely ridiculous and kind of demeaning.
      And then.
      And then I actually read in the Church histories (the Journal of Discourses) that is EXACTLY HOW HE DID IT. The leaders know that this is bullshit make-believe. How could they not? And they whitewash the past obvious idiocies by omitting it when teaching the newest generation. Plausible deniability goes a long way. I had never heard of teh Mountain Meadows Massacre-- FUCK, I didn't even know Joseph Smith HAD MORE THAN ONE WIFE until I left!! They leave so much of their history out because they know it's one giant contradiction.

  23. Anonymous3:32 PM

    A must read is Under The Banner of Heaven, by John Krakhauer. Romney is a devout Mormon. This country is in for a transformation we will all regret. His faith DOES matter!

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      It's a great book and a quick read. Krakhauer did a great job researching the history of the LDS church.
      It will add even more insight to these creepy videos.

  24. Anonymous3:44 PM

    We told you these see the HandMaid's Tale as social planning, not sci-fi horror.

  25. Anonymous4:04 PM


    it goes to prove how hypocritical is the RELIGIOUS RIGHT that even IF they were to watch this video, they would still find a justification to vote for MITT, even tho the MORMON CULT contradicts everything they believe.

  26. Chenagrrl4:06 PM

    Voice shure sounds like Mittens. In another version I saw of this, it alledged that he is the man standing with his back to the camera chanting, about 35 seconds.

  27. Chenagrrl4:15 PM

    Imagine being a peon like myself and spending eternity with Mitt and Ann as King and Queen. Just my luck.

  28. Anonymous4:20 PM

    pass this one on: MITT LIES... such a sociopathic liar.... here he is shown on both sides of the issues lying with such 'sincere' conviction.

  29. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Yes, Mormonism may seem different than Christianity, but Christianity itself has many variations. For instance, Catholic beliefs and practices are very different than Evangelical beliefs and practices.

    Several things in this video were straight out of the Old Testament. "Elohim" is a word used for God.

    "Eloh" is masculine and "im" is feminine, so it's a plural word that means gods/deities. Because, contrary to popular belief, the early Hebrews were not monotheistic.

    Elohim, Jehovah & St Michael creating the world -- The “god Elohim” IS the god of the Old Testament, and Jehovah is a rather bad 16th century translation of the name of God which is now mostly rendered these days as “Yahweh.” St Michael is one of the major angels; his name means ‘who is like god.’ He was considered to be the protector of the people of Israel. Since angels are considered messengers of God, it's not surprising that Joseph Smith may have considered God used Michael to carry out his messages and commands while creating the world.

    The pool of water with the horned oxen around it is an attempt to replicate a similar object, called the Bronze (or Bass) Sea, in the ancient Jerusalem temple.

    God behind "The Veil" -- in the Jerusalem temple the most sacred place was a chamber called the Holy of Holies. It was where God resided. It was curtained off from the adjoining chamber by a large, ornate veil and only the high priest was allowed to enter it. So the Mormons are using this idea in their own way -- God's behind the veil and will give the elect special passwords (this is very Masonic, by the way) by which they can get into the highest of the heavens.

    By the way, I'm not Mormon and you couldn't pay me to be one. But I am a researcher into the origins of Judaism and Christianity, so a lot of things in that video jumped right out at me, including the abysmal ignorance of the Old Testament on the part of the people who wrote those silly captions.

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Don't forget the Gnostics, the first Christians, who were all killed off and hunted down by the Romans before the Romans hijacked the religion, and then the Romans added the blood drinking (straight out of the cult of Mithras,) the hierarchy, the "I get into heaven and you don't" malarkey, and so on. Things were very different early on and today's Xtianity bears little to no resemblance to the original ideas Jesus taught his students, friends, and disciples.

      Roman Christianity took almost everything from the cult of Mithras.

      Examples of the cult of Mithras beliefs:

      *Three wise men from Persia brought the baby savior god gold, frankincense and myrrh

      * Mithra was born December 25

      * Mithra died on a cross and had a last supper beforehand with his twelve disciples

      *After his death Mithra was laid to rest in a tomb made of rock

      * Mithra later ascended into heaven

      And so on. I believe he was also born of a virgin. And within Mithraism was the practice of bloodletting, specifically ritualistic drawing blood from bulls. Many more similarities. On the Net you'll mostly find Christian apologists trying to debunk Mithraism as the original source of most Christian practices, so don't trust everything you read online about it. I had a great friend who was one of the world's foremost Egyptologists and ancient Eastern religion experts open my eyes about Mithras. It's astounding, really, how almost all contemporary Christian practice traces back to Mithras.

      Media Insider aka Jennifer

    2. Anonymous8:22 AM

      In a similar vein, much of Judaism gets it's roots from Ancient Egypt. Hebrews lived in Egypt for hundreds of years and countless generations and much of their religion comes from its influence, although Jews like to think their practices are unique and inspired just like the Mormons. The inside of the jewish temple follows the same floor plan as the inner pyramids (with rooms leading up to the final chamber the same way) built long ago, and bull worship had been in place for many, many years and was also familiar to them which is why they turned to a golden calf for comfort when left unattended in the desert. These were ideas were already historical before the Hebrews arrived and were ingrained in them over generations just as much as any Egyptian. Even the concept of one god was given birth during the reign of Akhenaten (though short-lived) long before Abraham presented the idea.

      All three major religions have passed through and been influenced by Egypt is some way - it is the geocentric point of the globe. Even the Mormons claim their golden plates were written in "reformed Egyptian".

    3. "The God Who Wasn't There" is a great documentary-- nowhere near as much fun as Bill Maher's "Religulous" but quite informative and even gave an ex-Mormon atheist like me a few OMG, that is so COOL! moments :)

    4. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Yes, there's definitely an Egyptian "root" as well - a big one - and also influences from Persia and Greece. And let's not forget Sumeria/Babylonia... which was probably the start of it all.

    5. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Jennifer, there definitely are similarities between Mithraism and Christianity, but the "list" going around the internet isn't entirely accurate. For instance, I've seen no evidence that Mithras died on a cross (though there are cultic images of Dionysius on a cross)but he *did* ascend to heaven.

  30. Randall3:45 AM

    Weird and silly superstitious nonsense.

    ...have you ever attended a Catholic mass?

    Stand up, sit down, kneel...
    Splash some water, wave some incense, eat a cracker (the body of Christ), have a sip of wine (Christ's blood)...

    yeah... a little cannibalism to start your day.
    (I had a catholic SHOUT at me one time when I mentioned "cannibalism".
    She said it was SYMBOLIC.
    "So... you don't really believe in transubstantiation, then?" I said.

    She got really, really angry with me.)

    Anyway... yeah... the Mormons...

    Brigham Young (and bring 'em often)

    1. Mormons do bread and water (sadly no wine, sighhhhh). No sitting and standing ever; I remember hearing a mother bitch about how ill-behaved her two year old was because he kept moving during the hour long sacrament meeting!

  31. Anonymous5:33 AM

    In my opinion, we can never take our eyes of the ball with Romney. When he was a young elder in his church he CHASED AFTER a woman in the hospital whose baby had died inside of her and whose body could not pass the dead fetus, and she was developing life threatening septicemia. She had already received permission from the senior bishop to have the surgical abortion at the hospital. Romney chased her down and confronted her at the hospital, telling her she couldn't have the life-saving surgery. This is the real Romney, folks. He wants women to die, period. Because his "god" (with a little g) says so.

    Read about it at Jezebel:

    Media Insider aka Jennifer

  32. Anonymous6:31 AM

    PS: Quick shout out to Marz -- It would be a privilege and an honor for me if I could pick your brains about Mormonism and potentially make a post about your experiences at my own blog, where I spend a lot of time teaching people to carefully distance themselves from cultic stuff while ALSO remaining open-hearted and "spiritual" (not necessarily religious.) You have some wild stories to tell, methinks! Please email me if you'd be interested in either doing a very short written Q & A talking about the underbelly of what you saw within the Mormon faith, or perhaps writing a more lengthy article of your own -- or even if you'd just give me permission to paraphrase some of the comments you've posted so eloquently here! I believe your information needs to get out to more people. I've done a lot of work deprogramming and helping cult members of various kinds and you can never educate people enough about the secretive stuff that, indeed, is hidden behind the public "veil" that these religions promote to the masses.

    Media Insider aka Jennifer (best
    email for me is the letters@ address.) Thanks so much!

  33. The woman of Rev 12 is now here. She is not a church, she is not Israel, and she is not Mary. She is the prophet like unto Moses and Elijah Matt 17:3, Acts 3:21-23, Luke 1:17 delivering the true word John 1:1 from the wilderness Rev 12:6 to prepare a people for the Lord’s return. God our Father will not put any child of his into a hell fire no matter what their sins. It never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer7:31, Jer 19:5. Turn your heart to the children of God. A gift is now delivered to the whole world as a witness Matt 24:14. Prove all things.

  34. Anonymous1:51 PM

    yikes.. just yikes.

    there's more to this religion jazz than I ever imagined.

  35. Anonymous11:26 AM

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