Sunday, October 21, 2012

This might explain the obvious disdain that Mitt Romney displays toward President Obama.

Though there is a lot of white washing going on right now (pun unintended), the Mormon church has long held these incredibly racist beliefs, and it took until 1978 for them to buckle under to public pressure and allow African Americans to be ordained into their priesthood, which is a right of passage for EVERY OTHER Mormon male.

Mitt Romney has been a member of this church his entire life, and for MANY years before 1978, how much of that indoctrinated racism do you think he still clings to today?

If his attitude toward the President is any indication, I would say that regardless of how much his church has evolved in order to stay relevant, HE has not yet caught up with it.


  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I don't know if we should go there. The GOP tried to tag Pres. Obama with Jeremiah Wright's views. Isn't this doing the same?

    Also, I have a very racist dad, but that doesn't make me a racist. I chose not to be.

    1. Sally in MI5:52 AM

      Good for you, but Mitt did not make the same choice. It is obvious that he despises the President. He has not outgrown his bully persona one iota. If it's good for Mitt, then screw the rest of us. I heard Biden give a very intelligent answer to how he handles the Catholic Church's beliefs versus how he operates for the nation, which is not Catholic. President Obama's decisions are for ALL the people, and he has never brought his religion into policy. I do not think it's too much to ask of poor picked upon Mitt to tell us how he would seperate his Mormon beliefs from his governing. But he won't. He can't. Just like sanctimonious Ryan, he thinks whatever HE believes we should all just nod and accept the lack of safe abortion, the total ban on contraceptives, and the ensuing population explosion with no funds to feed and educate the children. I don't lnow if cruelty is part of Mormon belief, but it is not part of my Christian beliefs. Nor is war, or pathological lying.

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM

      No, this is not at all the same as trying to tag Obama with Wright's views. What Wright said was not official church doctrine and was not the sort of thing he said frequently, by all accounts. If a member of that church found it (or anything else) objectionable, he or she could voice concerns and effect change. He or she could leave the church, as Obama did, and still maintain relationships with church members.

      In contrast, this racism is part of the Mormon faith. It is what the Mormon church teaches. It is written in the official text of the faith, The Book of Mormon. And if a member doesn't like it, they are not free to criticize or attempt to change anything. If they leave Mormonism, they are shunned by everyone in it and may never see or even speak with any of their family members again for the rest of their lives.

      For most of us, we are free to chose to follow our parents' values or reject them. Mormons are not.

    3. Anonymous9:38 PM

      No it IS true! My BF step-bro is mormon and they are racist as hell. He told me this way before I knew who Mittens was.
      Also magic underwear is true also.

      How hard is it to believe he is racist?
      He only cares about 47% of the country?
      He strapped his family dog to the top of his car?
      He blatantly lies saying he will keep jobs here when Sensata is shipping jobs 2 china as I type!

  2. Anonymous4:45 AM

    The Mormon religion "evolved" to continue to get federal money. Their overt racism went underground and became covert. The same thing is true with polygamy. The religion now opposes polygamy but accepts the fact that it exists. Wink Wink

  3. Anonymous5:31 AM

    The pass Romney has gotten on his Mormonism has sickened me. I really think he's going to end up winning the election, and it's going to be because the media has done such a piss poor job of telling voters who he really is. The missing records, the flip flops -- which have been brushed under the rug and ignored by the MSM, the stories about his time as bishop when he tried to bully a woman into having her baby even though her doctors told her she would die in birth...the fact that all of this is ignored is sickening. The media is allowing Romney to define himself as a successful businessman who knows how to create jobs, as if he's Steve Jobs or something when in actuality he is Gordon Gekko with a weird religion.

  4. Anonymous5:36 AM

    There is most definitely a racist element to his behavior towards the President, as well as an overweening sense of superiority towards him, as well as the rest of us "mere mortals." In short, the man is an overbearing, insufferable dick

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      Ann seems even worse, imo. I would think that, as someone with MS, she'd want to reach out to Michelle Obama, whose father died of the disease. Notice how she doesn't mention that? Notice she doesn't even talk about this thing they share when she speaks of the FLOTUS?

  5. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Mormons have even more peculiar beliefs about women.

  6. In addition to the very late revelation that blacks should be allowed into the church you should research how they treat women in the church. Mostof them still want them barefoot and pg in the kitchen, they have no voice in the church.

  7. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Black Mormons ought to be really embarrassed to be a Mormon.

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Former Black Mormons should have spoken up about the awfulness of their church.

  8. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Okay, I'm the alarmist who keeps saying that Obama is going to win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote (because they're going to cheat in OH) and I feel LOADS better.

    Even if Romney wins VA, NC, FL and OH -- and he's ahead in VA, NC and FL ...and, well, we all know how he's going to win OH -- he'll lose the election as long as Obama wins Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Wisconsin. Those states plus the safe Obama ones = 272. Plus Obama might win an electoral vote in Nebraska, which allocates its EVs differently.

    Breathing...sigh...relief...hoping Romney ignores the little guy states!

  9. Anonymous5:58 AM

    During Vietnam, "white" Mormons like Mitt got draft exemptions because they were considered priests.

    Black Mormons could not be priest and were drafted.

    Over 500 Mormons were killed in Vietnam .. bet most were black.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      I find it hard to believe that there were 500 black Mormons in Vietnam era. ;) Or even today. Talk about signing up for abuse. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, "what were you thinking?!"

  10. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Born into a Mormon household, I was an active member for 38 years before I sent in my resignation letter.

    Regardless of the cheery public face, and protestations to the contrary, the Mormon church is an extremely authoritarian, and patriarchical organization. They fought against racial integration, against the Equal Rights Amendment for women, for Prop 8 in California.

    No matter what they SAY their ACTIONS demonstrate their positions on Civil Rights.

    It is simply impossible to talk rationally to my elderly, white, southern father about politics. He was childhood and youth was during the 1930's and 1940's. His professional career (military) was during the 1950's and 1960's. He simply can not grasp why a black man is the current Commander-In-Chief and President. He feels it must be some kind of trick, and is very angry about it.

    Even more than O, my father is horrified at Michelle. A strong, assertive woman of color who speaks her mind just shatters his world.

  11. Anonymous6:20 AM

    I lived in Orem Utah in the mid-80s and between Provo and Orem, the population at the time was just over 100,000. The African-American population was zero. You never saw an African-American anywhere in that area. It was as white as the snow on Mt. Timpanogos.
    Seriously. And you couldn't get elected dog-catcher if you weren't Mormon.

    Things around that area may have changed since then (I certainly hope so!. I don't know, I haven't gone back.

    My dad used to say that Utah was the most beautiful state in the union - except for the Mormons!

    The Mormons like to convey their love of and embrace all Heavenly Father's children, but don't be fooled. They want to convert everyone to their faith and they won't stop until they have succeeded.

    The Mormon Church is also filthy rich. They buy up property with cash as to not leave too many trails. It is an extremely wealthy church and I would guess the church is funneling tons of cash into the Romney account, and urging its members to donate heavily to Romney.

    Scary. Plum scary.

  12. Anonymous7:22 AM

    "My dad used to say that Utah was the most beautiful state in the union - except for the Mormons!"

    It still is. When we lived there it was a tiny bit better (90's) but it is like they make 50 years of progress in 150.

  13. Anonymous7:37 AM

    This sums it up pretty darn well. Why anyone would vote Romney is beyond me!

  14. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Jeremiah Wright isn't racist. He's LIBERAL. And unafraid to call out racism. One of the president's less shining moments was throwing him under the bus. Comparing what the press did to Wright, to pointing out the racism inherent in the belief system Mittens was raised in, is IMO just wrong. Did you ever see a picture of a black Vain executive any more than you saw a picture of a female one?

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Let me explain my comments about Jeremiah Wright (from 4:38pm).

      Mitt Romney may very well be a racist. Sometimes I wonder if his behavior toward Pres Obama is b/c Romney is a spoiled rich kid who has always thought of himself as above everyone else. The way he flip flops and lies seems to show that he is above the standards the rest of us follow.

      The first word that came to mind was "racist" when Romney said, in the last debate, "I'm talking now. You'll get your chance." He was rude, demeaned the office of the presidency and was racist, in my opinion.

      Pres. Obama had been attacked as a angry black man because he "palled" around with J. Wright. His behavior showed otherwise. Now Romney is being called a racist because he is associated with Mormons. All I'm saying is let us judge whether he is or isn't a racist by his actions rather than who he pals around with.

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      No, not "because he is associated with Mormons." He IS one. He has declared his alliance and allegiance to the church and its beliefs/ideals, becoming a part of the whole picture.
      And having numerous Mormons and ex-Mormons in my background, I can say for sure that "was" is an inoperative word when it comes to the Mormon idea of cursed people. The threat of losing their very high church-related tax exemptions caused them to SAY that blacks could be priests and those few I know of who tried were severely rebuffed and indeed considerable punitive measures were taken against them. And to be a member (for males) is to be a they actually are prevented from becoming a member...because as the young man in the video stated they are (still) considered to be under a curse.

  15. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Romney is doing a fairly good job at concealing his racism. I doubt very much he would do as well if his opponent was a woman.

  16. Anonymous2:50 PM

    There is an article in Rolling Stone this month about Mitt Romney and Mormon doctrine history, it's been both fascinating and repellent. I don't know how to get to it from their site, seems to be something only subscribers can look at? Shame about that. But then I always encourage people to read Rolling Stone for many reasons, so pick up the copy with Taylor Swift on the cover.

    I honestly do not get how a mainstream/protestant/evangelical "christian" could vote for him when considering his faith. THere's also the racism, subjugation of women and many many other reasons for someone who is walking the talk when it comes to Christianity to not vote for him, but then there seem to be far too few of those.

    Check out the article in RS -- there is definitely a veil over Mormonism out there, very little known about it, which should give someone pause on its own. Then once you find out about it -- wow. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs stuff.


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