Sunday, November 18, 2012

General "Betray-Us" unmasked. Update!

"Would you believe it's actually this big?"
Courtesy of Buzzfeed:  

But the warning signs about Petraeus’ core dishonesty have been around for years. Here's a brief summary: We can start with the persistent questions critics have raised about his Bronze Star for Valor. Or that, in 2004, during the middle of a presidential election, Petraeus wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post supporting President Bush and saying that the Iraq policy was working. The policy wasn’t working, but Bush repaid the general’s political advocacy by giving him the top job in the war three years later. 

There’s his war record in Iraq, starting when he headed up the Iraqi security force training program in 2004. He’s more or less skated on that, including all the weapons he lost, the insane corruption, and the fact that he essentially armed and trained what later became known as “Iraqi death squads.” On his final Iraq tour, during the so-called "surge," he pulled off what is perhaps the most impressive con job in recent American history. He convinced the entire Washington establishment that we won the war. 

He did it by papering over what the surge actually was: We took the Shiites' side in a civil war, armed them to the teeth, and suckered the Sunnis into thinking we’d help them out too. It was a brutal enterprise — over 800 Americans died during the surge, while hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lost their lives during a sectarian conflict that Petraeus’ policies fueled. Then he popped smoke and left the members of the Sunni Awakening to fend for themselves. A journalist friend told me a story of an Awakening member, exiled in Amman, whom Petraeus personally assured he would never abandon. The former insurgent had a picture of Petraeus on his wall, but was a little hurt that the general no longer returned his calls. 

MoveOn may have been ill-advised to attack the general as "Betray Us" in Washington, but there was little doubt that many in the Awakening felt betrayed. 

Petraeus was so convincing on Baghdad that he manipulated President Obama into trying the same thing in Kabul. In Afghanistan, he first underhandedly pushed the White House into escalating the war in September 2009 (calling up columnists to “box” the president in) and waged a full-on leak campaign to undermine the White House policy process. Petraeus famously warned his staff that the White House was “fucking” with the wrong guy.

"Fucking with the wrong guy" huh? Well fortunately for America is looks more likely that Petraeus was in reality "fucking with the wrong girl."

You know it looks as if the country may actually owe Paula Broadwell a huge debt of gratitude. She effectively ended the threat of this shit bag ever running for office, or from having ANY real influence on our politics, with only a few well placed e-mails.

There is much more at the link, but I warn you it might make you a little nauseous.

Update: The hero deconstruction continues here:  

The genius of General Petraeus was to recognize early on that the war he had been sent to fight in Iraq wasn’t a real war at all. This is what the public and the news media — lamenting the fall of the brilliant hero undone by a tawdry affair — have failed to see. He wasn’t the military magician portrayed in the press; he was a self-constructed hologram, emitting an aura of preening heroism for the ever eager cameras.

General Petraeus is very, very clever, which is quite different from stating that he is the brilliant tactician he has been described as. He figured if he hadn’t actually been given the mission to “win” the “war” he found himself in, he could at least look good in the meantime. And the truth is he did a lot of good things, like conceiving of the idea of basically buying the loyalties of various factions in Iraq. But they weren’t the kinds of things that win wars. In fact, they were the kinds of things that prolong wars, which for the general had the useful side effect of putting him on ever grander stages so he could be seen doing ever grander things, culminating in his appointment last year as the director of the C.I.A.

Jesus, no WONDER the Republicans like him so much.


  1. London Bridges3:18 AM

    Start with this, the death of ethicist, Col. Ted Westhusing:

    must read!

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Another death associated in odd way is the death of a sweet sad sack Viet Nam Vet Ron Bullock outside MacDill He was shot and killed by the FBI agent 'shirtless' Humphries - FBI refused to release Humphries name at the time. One local commented that the shooting "stinks to high heaven" No investigation ever done - or at least no info released released - Freedom of Information Act???

  2. See also:

    The genius of General Petraeus was to recognize early on that the war he had been sent to fight in Iraq wasn’t a real war at all. This is what the public and the news media — lamenting the fall of the brilliant hero undone by a tawdry affair — have failed to see. He wasn’t the military magician portrayed in the press; he was a self-constructed hologram, emitting an aura of preening heroism for the ever eager cameras.

    I spent part of the fall of 2003 with General Petraeus and the 101st Airborne Division in and around Mosul, Iraq. One of the first questions I asked him was what his orders had been. Was he ordered to “take Mosul,” I asked. No answer. How about “Find Mosul and report back”? No answer. Finally I asked him if his orders were something along the lines of “Go to Mosul!” He gave me an almost imperceptible nod. It must have been the first time an American combat infantry division had been ordered into battle so casually.

  3. angela4:39 AM

    Patraeus was always a neocon asshole. Obama gave him the CIA post to keep him from running for office as many thought his shit didn't stink--dems and republicans alike. Well done, as he eventually screwed the pooch--literally--with his affair. The administration has let it all play out and in the end it is in their favor. He will not be missed. Happily, outside of H.Clinton (yes she defended many of the neocons plans, sad to say) they no longer have a foothold near the administration.

  4. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Militarized CIA sucks. "Betray-Us" was security for the Americans who were killed. Covert is how they roll in Libya. The head Spymaster behaves like he has no clue about emails?

    Gen. David Petraeus is dumb, she’s dumber

  5. Anonymous6:14 AM

    "Indeed, the discussion of Benghazi has just begun. And don’t be surprised if the conversation escalates from impeachment to treason very quickly. In fact, if Obama wins reelection you can bet on it. The cries of treason will be unstoppable. Not even if the mainstream media will be able to deny them." October 29, 2012

    Indeed, there are plans to put everything gone wrong on President Obama. Neocon General and his cabal didn't think there was a snowballs chance in hell that anything would leak about what he was actually up to in their expensive wars.

    1. Anonymous6:14 AM just like Crazies4Palin...are you SERIOUS troll? LOL!!

  6. Anonymous7:21 AM

    " somebody in a very sensitive position in the U.S. government "
    " He finally showed up and he didn't have anything where he had any firsthand knowledge. " " He said you ought to talk to his person and that person and so forth. "

    Who were the nefarious players and what what second-third-fourthhand knowledge did they try to sell Bob Woodward?

  7. hedgewytch7:52 AM

    Yep this guy was Bush's BFF during his administration. Now the Repubs are going to try to make it like Petraeus and Bush never even met and its all Obama's fault. Yeah, Obama probably gave some order like "go and have a biography done by a sexy writer who loves guys in uniform and while you are there, be sure to tap some of that and leave a nice email trail behind you."

    Uh huh. Somehow I don't think this whole thing is going to work out like the Republicans thought it would. I'm going to have to order another case of popcorn because the GOP is a gift that keeps on giving.

  8. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Don't understand why the Dems in Washington are going on and on, praising Petraeus now, praising his entire military career, suggesting his affair was a personal mistake and not one that affected his service to his country.

    THEY are writing his endorsement to run in 2016.

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      You got any links to share on this? Because at this point...Petraeus has as much of a chance at President as Baldy does.

  9. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Another fraud this is Republican related? Oh no!! I'm so damned surprised!

  10. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Lieberman: Select Committee On Benghazi Unnecessary

  11. Anonymous11:57 AM

    One of the many problems I see is that America no longer praises and promotes military officers who actually are able to plan and execute strategies that WIN A WAR. Now it seems we continue to endorse and promote (to ever higher levels) senior military men who just seem to keep "the ball in play" and spending money. Disabled and dead military members mean nothing to these senior folks.

    And another thing, I wonder whether Paula Broadwell will be sanctioned for adultery? David Petraeus seems to have gotten away with this sort of behavior while he was on active duty. The Uniform Code of Military Justice specifically prohibits adultery. I recall my active duty days in Korea seeing adultery interpreted on a daily basis as a continuing situation of "boys will be boys" during unaccompanied tours. One senior officer told me when I complained about sexual harassment, "the colonel's wife isn't here". And now, years later, does the UCMJ continue to overlook this "infraction"?

  12. Anonymous12:06 PM

    How can this demented old dude be on any committee or remain in the Senate? He is really on one to stir the pot. Makes me think he has a lot to hide with his play in Libya.

  13. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Why Do Senior Generals Live Like Billionaires?

    I do not know how this got lost in the news cycle but on October 28th, John McCain clearly stated-- on national television-- that Ambassador Chris Stevens had directly voiced security concerns and McCain chose to do nothing.

  14. Anita Winecooler7:33 PM

    Yes, they hypocrisy of the GOP knows no bounds. McChrystal and Petraeus were tools of the Bush Administration(s), and Senator McCain is bitching about security NOW after voting against spending the money needed to do it.
    If President Obama wasn't thinking of Susan Rice as the next SOS, They're ensuring he will with their constant fake attacks. Senator Feinstein said she learned at the meeting McCain missed, that Susan Rice did nothing unethical or wrong. One word was changed in her speech, and her speech was vetted and approved by the DOD.
    He really is a despicable liar.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Senator McCain has his nose in Libya business all along. He was there with Gaddafy before he went down and he overlooked Libya July 2012 elections since. He was with Amb Steven. Stevens told him he needed more protection. What did McCain do? I hear he didn't even have State Department approval to go on that mission to Libya. May be b/c of his committee positions he is automatically approved?

      If McCain looses his committees he and who he speaks for are in big poop. They have been dealing with the "rebels" and setting up business arrangements, McCain knows those people. He calls them "freedom fighters."

  15. Anonymous9:33 PM


    Petraeus hires Sarah Palin's lawyer to navigate his fall from grace
    David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA, has hired a top Washington lawyer to help him navigate the fallout from the extramarital affair that ended his career.

    The lawyer, Robert Barnett of Williams & Connolly, is known for negotiating book deals for the political elite, from President Barack Obama to one-time vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
    Mr Barnett will help Mr Petraeus as he exits government, according to Reuters news agency, which confirmed a Politico report.
    The Central Intelligence Agency, the Justice Department and Congress are investigating Mr Petraeus' conduct over the extra-marital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.
    The former four-star general has said his resignation was solely because of the affair and that he did not give classified information to Mrs Broadwell.
    Mr Barnett has been a partner at Williams & Connolly in Washington for 34 years, according to a biography of him posted on the firm's website.

    In that time, he has built an unconventional practice representing best-selling authors, political leaders, television news correspondents and other high-profile clients.
    In addition to Mr Obama and Mrs Palin, other authors he has represented include novelist Mary Higgins Clark and entertainer Barbra Streisand.
    He has also helped former government officials from across the political spectrum navigate their return to private life, including former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush, former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, and former members of Congress.
    He joined Williams & Connolly in 1975 and became a partner in 1978.
    Source: Reuters

    1. Anonymous4:33 AM

      Does that mean that Petraeus is going to write a book? Yuck.

    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      he did not give classified information to Mrs Broadwell.

      That can also mean that he 'left the room' and paid no attention to what she had access to or what she did with things.

      These are two of the stupidest spies I have read about. When the head Spymaster uses CIA surveillance techniques to hide what he is up to that is an ALARM.

      He is doing someone with a padded resume that just happens to have clearance to take home multitudes of classified docs.

      There is so much wrong with that picture.

      That lawyer is for book deal. Why would Betryaus not want to publicize his pack of lies in a nice package? He has to get through some of this crap but he will get around to writing a book to try and resurrect his shining reputation.


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