Sunday, November 18, 2012

I wonder if Tina Fey gives lessons on dealing with trolls?

That is brilliant!

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  1. Sally in MI4:20 AM

    Oh my. Can she write one to Sarah next time she mouths off? You know, I think NASA would be interested in Sarah too...they could use Hubble to look for her breasts and balls. (and brains.)

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Kirstie Alley just tweets that they should eff off and go get laid. Hate trolls are the worst.

    My advice to YOU is, stop allowing your trolls like Gina and Nyah from bringing your blog down to gutter level. Im shocked you don't consider yourself and your blog above that immaturity.

    But in the end, people like that aren't taken seriously. Sorry Gina ;) I suggest you get a life.

    1. Anonymous5:45 AM

      "Immaturity" + praise for Kirsty Alley = Kristy Patullo.

    2. Anonymous5:57 AM

      4:25 My advice to YOU is, stop coming here.

      There you go, AGAIN, judging people that YOU don't know. Fecking hypocrite.

      I suggest that YOU get a life.

    3. Hmm. That's funny... GinaM and Nyah are not offensive, at all ~ unless you're $arah Paymelin.

      ... so...

    4. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Nyah is offensive TO YOU because she outed you as obsessive over the Palins complete with details from your siblings.

    5. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Hmm guys, pretty sure this person posted under an anonymous user. And now you're accusing him/her of being someone in particular, someone Nyah 'outed', I mean, what? There are plenty of people on this blog that have said similar to this poster, that they love the blog, despise Sarah, and yet also think we can stay above the Palin level and expect a higher level of behaviour from ourselves? From what I've gathered on the Palin O'sphere, Gina is a terribly unpopular person in general. Which shouldn't be surprising! I've seen others dare to say something to her and she just spouts abuse in return. She's not funny or interesting, admit it! Secretly I think we all feel a little uncomfortable with her, and wonder why she spends such AB enormous amount of time on one now largely irrelevant, failed, discredited horrible woman and her extended Klan of like! I've never said a word to the lady and I wish her well (Gina that is) but sometimes I just want to say 'maybe try get a life or something, you worry me...'

      I know from reading around I'm FAR from the only one.

    6. Anonymous7:57 AM

      What in the world? You have truly lost the last of your marbles troll...whoever the fuck you are!

      All the voices just wrote a paragraphs of bullshit that it's a wonder you can stand your own smell!

      And Baldy if you're reading this...along with that crazy drunk Dobie...both of y'all need to lay off the's too damn early...and's SUNDAY...the Lord's to the both of you...get some Jeebus in your lives!

      Me...I'm getting ready to take my family to the Inauguration to watch our wonderful President and his beautiful family get sworn in AGAIN!

      Meanwhile...Baldy has some crazy fucking Rightwing hack write up a parody piece on Baldy's...*SNORT* "qualifications" and we all know it's so Baldy can continue to pick the pockets of the old...horny...blind white racists and their thumping wives...good luck with that Baldy! LOL!!!

    7. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Wow Gina, YOU want to slam others for being drunk? Everyday you grow more and more unhinged. I suggest you spend less time online stalking and obsessing about mentally ill unfortunates like this girl Kristy, and more time with your own family and life. What sort of monster gets pleasure out of the very obvious suffering of a clearly mentally ill woman?
      In any case, no I'm NOT Kristy, or 'baldy' or whoever else you like to pretend I am. I'm one of the many people that think you're psychotic, and need help.
      If you want proof, just look back over what you typed there. What do all the patches of '....' even mean? You put them everywhere as though they mean something, and you come across as a rambling, incoherent, RUDE, nasty piece of work. Your posts rival the creature from Lake Lucille's word salads for goodness sake!
      Stop it with the bullying, particularly of the mentally ill. It's not funny, or clever to continue to do so. She's been outed and humiliated enough, and needs help, not bullying that can push her to possibly take some sort of crazed action and even hurt herself. Just leave it now.

    8. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Oh yay, it looks like gang up on Gina day!

      You assholes (Anon 4:25 am, 7:57 am) that are yapping about popularity need to go back to high school, since it seems emotionally you never left!

      There is only ONE person that has the power to silence Gina and that is Gryphen. It is his blog. It's not your blog or your right to tell him anything.

      Gina is absolutely welcome with her colorful commentary and genuine enthusiasm and committed heart.

      This ganging up crap is beyond pathetic and simply illustrates how rigid and judgemental you all are that are participating. Grow the fuck up and get with the program.

      EVERYONE thinks in their own way and expresses it as such. That is lovely and magnificent and beautiful and part of the human experience. Of course there are limits that fall under the social fabric and are further measured and acted upon by society, but this blog is not that.

      Back the fuck off of Gina...and Nyah...and anyone else that you target. If you don't like what you read here, don't read here. Simple as that.

      Gryphen has the maturity and openness to post comments that I'm sure are not pleasing to him, and yet he does so to honor the freedom of expression that is so essential to him. Let him be the guide to what is acceptable and not and OBVIOUSLY, Gina is not only acceptable, but enjoyed.

      We have been informed by her heroic dips into the Sea of Pee, kept up to date on information that none of us could have stomached any other way, gifted with hysterically funny monikers for Sarah, and sometimes, yes, a little shocked by her unvarnished way of expressing herself. But nothing that we 'adults' can't handle or take with a sense of humor and an open mind.

      More power to her.

      You who are calling for her silence need to ask yourselves, who the fuck are YOU and why do YOU count?

    9. Anonymous10:39 AM

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...thank you for the gut busting laugh! Struck a nerve with ya' huh Dobie! Told you to lay off the sauce!

      That's what I LOVE about MY troll! Keeps me on my toes and cracks me up at the same time!

      And as far as're my HERO!

      *SMOOCHES* to you...and to the drunk at 10:39AM and other trolls...

      ........('­(...´...´.­... ¯~/'...')
      ..........­''...\....­...... _.•´

      LOL!! Happy Sunday Everyone!

    10. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Anonymous @7:57 AM I freaking scour the blog comments hoping to find something written by GinaM, she is hilarious! As far as I'm concerned there aren't nearly enough Baldy and troll bashing comments!! GinaM knows the dill, the mentally ill palinbots are getting exactly what they deserve!!! They don't respond to kindness and reason, a good hard bashing is well deserved!!! Please trust me on this...GinaM consistently receives positive responses to her comments! You are in the minority honey, and you always will be! You need to STFU and get over it or learn to ignore! This is a free country, we aren't going to change, so tough titty. Or go cry into Palin's inflatable wonder bra titties!

    11. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Gina might not be to everyone's taste (she is to mine), but who would be offended by Nyah other than a Palin or Kristy Patullo?

    12. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Oh the Gina/Nyah hating Racist troll!
      Geese go get laid! Or just fuck off!

      Now Krusty SHE is a TROLL, you don't mention that b/c Krusty is WHITE!
      Racist asshole!

    13. Anonymous7:20 PM

      Anon 7:57 & 10:39

      Wow to you! Just who the fuck do you think YOU are judging GinaM?

      I personally know GinaM and she is a Wonderful Mom, with SMART kids that she makes sure are smart and won't grow up to be a dumbfuck Alaskan trolls like y'all are. She is also Very generous and kind-hearted. She is super smart and has traveled the world and has your racist ass number, oh yea!
      Fuck YOU! And may karma smack you upside the face for smearing a Good person that GinaM is!
      If you don't like GinaM or Nyah don't fucking read here! You racist sack(s) of shit.
      You are pathetic,lowlife miserable dried up old women...and a sackless pos...also,too!
      There are a few attack Gina dogs here, loony toons, dobie/onejerk and some racists.
      Y'all make me sick. Sicker than even Sarah Palin herself.
      And I can't stand that bitch with the force of a million white hot suns.
      Trolls fuck off.

    14. Anita Winecooler7:45 PM

      Any comment that starts with any intimation that the writer isn't a troll never ends well. As articulate as the two troll comments seem, it's clear they are lacking something (brains, wit, sense of humor and command of language to begin with) Gina and Nyah possess, and are lashing out in the hopes of finding other like minded troll wannabes to gang up on Gina and Nyah.

      In other words, Krusty is an insecure POS.

    15. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Anita, yes you are right!
      Cowards! They are total cowards! Oh we know who they are...and yes they like to drink and blog or drog!
      Krusty she is straight up krazy!

    16. Anonymous8:05 PM

      Anonymous3:23 PM
      great comment!
      You just know those trolls were sucking on palins dried up tits when she was gov!
      And Krusty, well she still does....

    17. DAMYUM @ Anita Winecooler and my girl @ 7:20PM!

      I was about to sign off for the night and hang out with my MAN (something these trolls obviously don't have...HeHe)and Hot Diggity Dog...I am FEELING THE LOVE TONIGHT(now I gotta go listen to Elton John "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"!)

      I don't pay them crazy trolls no mind and neither does's why he post their stupid ass gives the rest of us a continous glimpse into the minds of Baldy's "fans" and the trolls who hate themselves because they use to LOVE Baldy's smelly stanky dirty draws and now feel guilty about it...amirite...or amirite trolls! LOL!!

      Krusty is in a special category of Krazy...she really doesn't like Nyah because Nyah put her krazy ass on...BLAST! Krusty is a celebratard just like her idol Beefy and Baldy...she had her own post on SPHASH and she's featured weekly on SPHASH as "Troll comments of the Week"...Big ups to Krusty and ALL her sock puppets! LOL!!

      Anywho...thanks folks!

    18. Anita Winecooler12:16 PM

      You're right! Krusty could benefit from having her toes curled (wink wink) by a good man... but what are the chances she can find one at a bowling alley? Hell, even sailors on shore leave at closing time have standards, just sayin!

    19. I'm sure probably nobody is reading this thread anymore, but I wanted to say thanks to the folks who defended me. I agree- only a Palin or Kristy has reason to be "offended" by me. . .and that is because they are offended by facts and TRUTH, yo.

      Also, too: it's interesting that Kristy consistently sock puppets on about Gina and myself- and Gina & I both just happen to be black. I'm just sayin', K'racist.

    20. Nyah...I love to come back and re-read the asswhooping the trolls get...and as others have noticed...there's seems to be a "touch" of the Klan in poor Krusty's sock puppets...hey...maybe she lost a beauty contest...*SNORT* an African American woman too! LOL!!!

  3. Olivia4:25 AM

    Apparently Sarah Palin was drunk trolling Tina late one night after a repeat of an SNL episode in which Tina was doing her brilliant mockery of Sarah.

  4. Anonymous5:32 AM

    What, no calling him a "knuckle-dragging neanderthal?" "man-up" and "grow a big stick and cajones?" She didn't throw her husband or children at him in her defense?

    This, is what a clever, talented woman does instead.

  5. Tina Fey, is to me, an American hero. She helped wake up the people to the idiot that is Sarah Palin. Tina is largely responsible for bringing the funny to a potentially tragic mistake. I will forever be in her debt for that.

    1. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Tina's "And I can see Russia from my house" will forever dog Baldy!
      The only thing, Tina fey made Baldy look "too good".
      She was clearly (even tho dressed down) too cute and smart to be palin, I mean the palins all of 'em anyone of them are Sow's ears (no offense to real Sows)not a silk purse like Tina is :)

  6. Oh My, I am laughing ! She worked that answer to a real laugh.

  7. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Ms. Tripp says the Hubbble telescope is not powerful enough to find Todd's penis.

  8. OT: I'm watching that goddamn liar, John McCain on Face the Nation.

    At which one of my TVs do i throw something?

    1. Anonymous10:13 AM

      I saw Peter King on This Week and he directly contradicted what Petraeus was quoted as saying, immediately after Martha Raddatz quoted him. King claimed that the critical information was removed by the administration despite Petraeus testifying that it was removed by the intelligence community.

      Guess King and McCain had their official GOP Talking Points and they weren't going to be swayed by something as insignificant as the truth!

    2. Anita Winecooler7:52 PM

      I caught the King interview, yes he and Mc Cain are stuck on stupid - watched purposely to see if the other brain trust would comment on his prediction that Romney would win (George Will), he didn't show his face last week, and they replaced him with Greta Van Mushface. This week, little Georgie acted as if the election never happened... surprise surprise!

  9. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Any of them, all of them?

    Although I'd rather throw something at HIM, like the truth.

  10. Anonymous10:06 AM


    Gryphen, I think you'll enjoy this from Sully:

    The Graying Religious Right

  11. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Sadly, the troll will likely not understand most of what Ms. Fey wrote and will certainly not appreciate the skillful use of sarcasm.

    His loss.

  12. Wow...from the reaction of the crazy troll at 4:25AM...Tina Fey must still bother the fuck out of the retarded bald fella from the Dead Lake Lucille!

    Note that the letter is from 2009. Why...that's right after old Baldy "QUIT" her elected position and was getting ready to sell her book of lies...aka "Going Dumb" mean "Going Rogue"!

    Remember those days Baldy....yep those days are LONGG gone...since then you've proceeded to fuck up on a International level and then ended your political career with causing the DEATHS of six innocent people...including a nine year old girl and the wounding of a Congresswoman!

    TSK TSK...poor stupid...bald headed...jungle fever having...Baldy the fucked up IM troll! LOL!!!

  13. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Clever as hell!!! Laughing as I'm typing this!

    I've always loved Tina Fey - most assuredly when she has portrayed the idiot Sarah Palin!!!

  14. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Can't wait until tomorrow for Palin's lackey to be outed in the USDA grant scandal! He's (and another she) are the worst thing that ever happened to the Dairy and finally they will get their comeuppance, hopefully. Palin won't be implicated but this will be another nail in her coffin of "good judgement".

  15. Anita Winecooler8:11 PM

    Nobody puts Tina Fey in a corner, no one! She's one smart, talented woman. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for impersonating the Dolt, using her own words verbatim, to expose the stupidity that rattled under the bumpit of the then somewhat presentable looking Vapid unvetted VP Pick.

    It ain't gonna happen again, ever. Even Hollywood, and all the special effects can't come close to her fugliness.


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