Monday, November 26, 2012

President Obama, perhaps the gun dealers FAVORITE President!

Courtesy of the Kansas City Star:  

In a continuing trend that alarms gun control proponents, Hill and thousands of other Americans are buying up ammo, handguns and other firearms, citing concerns that Obama might push new regulations in his second term or that U.N. agreements might infringe on the U.S. gun market. 

"I have purchased more since the election," said Hill, 49, of Watauga. "I hear a lot of buzz about ... putting more restrictions in place. 

"There's a lot of paranoia out there," he said. "But [Obama] has nothing to lose now because he won't be re-elected again." 

Gun and ammo sales locally are on the rise -- about twice as high as they were this time last year -- even though sales can't match the mad rush that cleared out many gun stores after Obama was elected in 2008. 

Weapon and ammunition shortages could be on the horizon if gun lovers keep up this pace. 

Even though Obama has done nothing to impact the ability of these cowards to arm themselves to the teeth in fear of...well essentially everything, that has not stopped them from coming up with some conspiracy theories to feed their paranoia:  

Obviously, Obama understood he would never get the support needed for a gun control bill from Congress, so the astute Constitutional professor chose to skirt around the Constitution by signing on to the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) shortly after his re-election. Liberals certainly know how to get what they want, ethics aside. Remember in 2010, when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described how liberals would circumvent the electorate to pass Obamacare? Pelosi said they would “...go through the gate. If the gate’s closed, we’ll go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we’ll pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we’ll parachute in.” And parachute they did. 

Now Obama’s doing the same thing with gun control. On one hand, we have the administration telling us they are committed to protecting our Second Amendment rights; while on the other hand, the president is joining alliances with UN gun grabbers by giving them the green light for the ATT. In the real world, presidents work in conjunction with Congress to pass laws, but in Obama Land anything goes.

This is a fairly new conspiracy but the folks over at Snopes have already easily refuted it as nonsense. Of course those are just facts, and we all know how little these idiots understand facts now don't we?

You know I do find myself in agreement with these dipshits in one regard, I also think the President has nothing to lose in his second term by taking on gun control. The only change in my opinion would be that he would go from being simply a great President, to being a historical President with the balls to take on the most powerful political lobby in the country, the NRA.

And if he could successfully curtail the selling of assault weapons, outlaw extended clips, and keep firearms out of the hands of crazy people, just think of the lives that could be saved.

Just how many bullets do you need to feel like a man?

Besides wouldn't it be worth it just to watch those 2nd Amendment assholes lose their fucking minds? I know it would be to me.


  1. These are the idiots that are sooooo scared of a race war that they just might start a race war...

  2. A. J. Billings4:57 AM

    Never ceases to amaze me that the NRA and other gun groups think they are losing their weapons, and ammo.

    Under President Obama, you can now
    carry a loaded weapon into national parks, which was illegal til he was elected.

    There are dozens of firearms and weapons that are illegal to own or use unless you have a Federal Firearms license and/or are a dealer.

    Many states have restrictive laws, like Illinois where you can't buy ammo by mail.

    Why weren't the gun fanatics complaining about all those restrictions before Jan 20, 2009?

    Machine guns, (fully automatic) machine pistols, hand grenades, RPG's, dynamite, C4, silencers, and certain large caliber handguns are all restricted and illegal depending on where you live

    Full disclocure:
    I personally own a shotgun, and a couple of handguns, mostly for defense and target shooting.

    I think large capacity magazines, and assault wepaons should be restricted to those who need them like the police.

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      YOu own handguns mostly for defence? What more needs to be said about the cause being hopeless? And don't waste time trying to get that, you won't.
      luv from Canada.

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM


  3. People who are "paranoid" about guns and who think there is a "conspiracy" going on about gun control SHOULDN'T HAVE GUNS! These "paranoid" gun people are the scary ones and likely very dangerous with a gun in their control!

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Of course the crazy people who are so busy building up their personal arsenals are doing it because they hate and fear President Obama who, of course, has done absolutely nothing to cause them to hate and fear him - other than be the president.

  5. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Did any of these "patriots" stop and think that this is a marketing ploy by the gun sellers to increase sales?

  6. hedgewytch7:48 AM

    I'm a gun owner. Most of my weapons are used for hunting, though I also have pistols for self-defense and target shooting. I left the NRA about 10 years ago due to their continuous dog whistles about "our guns being taken away" their blind allegiance to the GOP, regardless how much of a crook that President is (Bush, cough). I also don't see much reason for the average person to get their hands on a semi-auto machine gun.

    My husband is a huge gun enthusiast. And a life-long member of the NRA. He is also a centrist liberal - voted for Obama and the Dems across the line. Yet - he is immersed in the NRA - think and tends to believe all the crap about Obama taking your guns away. When I point out to him that the President has not introduced any legislation on gun control, he just then says well they'd like to, or they're trying to. An otherwise intelligent person who loves his weapons like a boy loves his teddy bear and is afraid big brother will come and rip it out of his arms. Sigh.

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      And again, guns for self defence. What did I just say about it being hopeless?
      luv from Canada.

    2. Anonymous5:01 PM

      Romney by a landslide? Any more predictions, dumbshit?

  7. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Jesse, the use of the word 'fuck' is cool to make a point with a little added emphasis. But consider that you are overusing it and then it reflects negatively on your character. Try to limit it a bit and then when you do use it, it becomes more effective.
    Good on you for doing the gun stuff though.

    1. Chella9:02 AM

      I don't find fuck to be a vulgar word in our society anymore, or at least not to my generation (millennial)

      I use the word and all it's variations frequently. Most of the time I don't even notice. In certain situations, such as work, sure we curb our language, and also in family settings.

      Except in my family. My grandmother swears like a sailor, and a family dinner just wouldn't feel right if the language was kept PG.

  8. Anonymous8:36 AM

    BREAKING!! - Romney Falls to 47% of the Popular Vote!!! Oh, the Irony!!

  9. SALLY in MI8:41 AM

    How many bullets do they need to feel like a man? Hell, how many millions does Mitt need to feel rich? They have no sense of humanity nor do they care about others. And do they never stop to think that the more guns they have, the more likely it is they will be shot by one of them, or lose a grandchild to one? Bunch of cowardly, paranoid, idiots. I have never even touched a gun in my 59 years. My kids did not even have play guns, other than small water pistols that came out a couple times in the summer. They've never been in a fistfight, nor felt the need to hit anyone. This 'self-defense' stuff is garbage. By the time you found and unlocked your gun, you would have been shot. How about we all try to live like human beings instead of video game commandos, and start respecting life? Oh, wait, that's why the GOP wants personhood bills...THEY respect life so much.

  10. Donal9:09 AM

    What, I figure, is the most disturbing fact is that these angry, paranoid, sometimes racist, gun owners/hoarders are amassing large personal arsenals. It does no good to mock them or call them crazy because they have a lot of killing power, and we don't, if/when it becomes a case of "us" against "them". And a lot of they are crazy enough to find a reason to use them against us.

  11. My family had me and my two sisters living at home until college. It wasn't until then-Senator Obama was elected President that all of a sudden my step father decided there was something worth defending in his house and started stockpiling guns, handguns, ammunition, and assault rifles. "For home defense."
    Me and my husband have two shotguns and an antique handgun. Back when we had the time and money for it, we would go skeet shooting out in the woods every single weekend and would each go through about 200 rounds. I out-shot a lot of my husband's shipmates and I was very proud of my abilities.
    Would you like to know what I use for home defense? I have a small metal bat the size of my forearm that says "tire changer" on it. I have a cell phone to call 911 on. I lock my doors every night. I would rather collect insurance because someone is trying to awkwardly steal my big-ass TV than to put myself in any kind of cross-fire that might keep me from being there in the future for my son.
    There are other ways of defending yourself. People who carry concealed weapons? They don't make me feel safer when I'm grocery shopping, they make me want to get the fuck out of there because they don't have "Everybody, Relax, I'm the Good Guy" tattooed on their forehead. In my experience, people who carry concealed weapons go out of their way to look for trouble. They become brazen with their own self-preservation because they have a gun. I'd be surprised if half of them know how to shoot the damn thing accurately; my father only gets out to the gun range once a year, so he bought a laser site to put on his pistols. (Here's a free tip: if you can see that little red dot, so can they)
    And Gryphen-- in answer to your question of how many bullets are needed for someone to feel like a man? ...There's not enough bullets. There's not enough guns. I know someone my husband works with who pitched a fit that he had to wait 3 days to purchase another gun-- and he currently owns about two dozen; two of which he carries on him at all times. But apparently that's not enough.

  12. Anonymous11:00 AM

    So sad that those who claim to be lovers of the Constitution's 2nd amendment, are invariably ignorant of the powers granted to the Executive Branch of the government, by that same document.

    So often you hear fools claiming that "Obama will pass a law" as if he was elected to be the nation's dictator, or king.

    Having looked around the classroom in high school Civics, to notice half the goons totally absorbed in picking their noses, it should not be surprising that half of the American public lacks even the most rudimentary knowledge of how things actually work.

  13. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

    Barack Obama's presidency has been an inspiration to many Americans—especially nutjobs. Ever since the first-black-president-to-be appeared on the national political stage, a cottage industry of conservative conspiracy theorists has churned out bizarro, paranoid, and just plain racist effluvia—some of which has trickled into the political mainstream. Below, we've charted some of the Obama-baiters best (i.e., worst) work. (Scroll down for more detailed descriptions of the conspiracy theories in the diagram.)

  14. Anonymous5:01 PM

    There were VERY MANY in my area of central PA who voted for Romney SPECIFICALLY because they were frightened that President Obama -suddenly, for no reason, with no warning during the election - would "take away all of their guns!" (There were actually many campaign signs up in my area about "Obama taking away guns") This was a HUGE GOP talking point (also abortion) that resonated with the low-info (sorry, mentally deficient) voters in my area)

  15. Anonymous5:39 PM

    The Bizarre Apocalyptic Vision of Right-Wing Fundraisers


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