Friday, November 30, 2012

Sarah Palin in her element, torturing a weiner in front of a group of horny old white men.

From Chuck Jr's blog.

And here we thought Palin could no longer attract a crowd.

By the way, according to Gretawire, Palin will end her self imposed exile and return to the Fox News airwaves tonight. Because you know they are desperate for guests, and have been suffering in the ratings since the election.

Do they really think having her back on will help, or will she simply stand on the accelerator as they plunge over the cliff to eventual obscurity?

I vote the latter.


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Wow. On Greta. On a Friday night when no one is watching. Ouch. Irrelevant much, Sarah???
    I'm sure she's spent a little time this afternoon Googling her talking points after Greta e-mailed her the topic for the night. Or maybe she had Piper do it.
    She's so pathetic.

    1. If you look at Palin's facial contours in this Fox interview with GVS, it looks like she DID gain back some weight.

      I'm mentioning it now because of the skepticism of some who saw a Palin-like person in the background of the Paz de la Huerta picture a few blog entries ago.

      I thought it was Palin in the background when I saw that picture, and I'm even more sure now. The difference in Palin's facial contours between early October and now is startling.

    2. ...And something else occurred to me about that Palin-in-the-backgroun picture: Remember the skepticism of some commenters about what she was wearing?

      It looked like a muu-muu, didn't it? Well, maybe it was. Sarah and Todd might have been in Hawaii all this time she's been out-of-sight-not-quite-out-of-mind since the election. The picture of her in the LA airport might have been her arriving there from Hawaii, in costume and ribbon lei.

    3. Anonymous4:14 AM

      Kajo there is a pic of AnnRmoney at DWTS and there is a woman in black in the background.
      Not a word that I could find of Palin being there?
      But look at the lady in the black dress?
      Is that her?

    4. Buckeye Bitch5:06 AM

      Yes, & that was her standing back...waaaay back!...of Ms. Mittless @ DWTS.

    5. Anonymous6:07 AM


      Sarah would NEVER be caught in a Moo-Moo.

      Also, do you think the PAPARAZZI would photo some chick from HBO and NOT get the FORMER GOP VP nominee?

      Use your brain.

    6. If Sarah Palin is dumb enough to get caught publicly wearing a red chiffon top that fits like a muu-muu, she's clueless enough to wear something that shapeless all the way down to her slutty shoes.

      Especially if her plan is to travel incognito while she's sans makeup and before Bristol or the DWTS crew can work on her hair.

      Besides, Paz de la Huerta is both pregnant and a hopefully no longer boozing wild child -- OF COURSE the paparazzi would ignore the older woman staring in the background in favor of hoping young Paz does a pratfall on the concourse.

    7. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Yep that sure does look like Ol' Turkey Neck in the black sleeveless dress.... Hide those chicken wings Girl!

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    What is the purpose of this photo op?
    She is the only one roasting a hotdog. Not another hotdog in site...

    1. emrysa5:55 PM

      yep good observation!

    2. Anita Winecooler8:22 PM

      Well, she's a writing a cook book on her diet and exercise regimen. This is obviously one of her "Weeks meal in one day" segments.

      Hot Dogs always were Sarah's signature dish. Remember when she cooked in a bumpit, business suit and high heels for Matt Lauer?

    3. Anonymous10:04 PM

      This is an old photo, of her and and her family just being normal people. They are not unlike you.

      Except they have FULL lives, where they dont sit at a blog and hatefully judge strangers.

    4. Anonymous12:07 AM

      And you have a 'full' life being a troll ! How wonderful for you !
      I just went over to Jr's little blog page, and that's where you should be.

    5. Anonymous3:15 AM

      And I'll bet they're mature. FACT.

    6. Anonymous4:04 AM

      "Except they have FULL lives, where they dont sit at a blog and hatefully judge strangers."

      Your lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.

    7. Anonymous4:37 AM

      Sarah has a full of it life of being paid by a bunch of losers to hate on good and decent people.

    8. Buckeye Bitch5:05 AM

      & there doesn't even appear to be a hot dog on the stick...she's just stirring it up, as usual.

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I won't be watching and who gives a shit what Sarah has to say except for her bots.

  4. There are no coincidences. There's your firebug, folks.

    Thanks, G, for the link, but I'm going to pass on going to Creepy Junior's blog. I see too much of the bloviating fat ass Jr's 5th grade-level writing over here at IM to suit my fancy these days. He's like Krusty, with the same stupid memes that he drones on and on and on and on... He tries to change styles, and that lasts about a sentence or two. But hey, keep on clickin' here at this defunct blog, Chuckie... ya loser! lol

    BTW, just kidding about SP being the arsonist, cuz she's too fucking lazy to get out of bed before daylight to burn down a building (or file cabinet) properly. But I'd bet $$$ that's not the case with Creepy Senior. Just sayin'.

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      You sound like you're 9

    2. Anonymous12:09 AM

      It's scary over at Jr's page !

    3. Anonymous5:28 AM

      Of course it's scary. He's a lesser Heath and only the most die-hard crazy "fan" would give him the time of the internet day.

  5. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Would thar be any moonshine in that icebox behind Sarah?

    1. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Got sum white lightning in thar, so no blahs or illegals need even axe us fer a free slash of are hooch.

      Hey, the gubner will throw down witcha, I gar on tee.

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Please tell me that Todd is not in the prostitution business again supplying prostitutes to old white men at the oil field camps?

  7. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Whew thank God. For a second I thought Sarah went cannibalism and was roasting Todd's weiner but the one on the stick is not multi color and is longer than Todd's 4 incher.

    1. Anonymous6:30 PM


    2. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Sarah destroyed his weenie and balls years ago

    3. Anonymous11:06 PM

      *6inch, as per one witness, who said that 2 times.

    4. Anonymous11:06 PM to put this...YOU didn't happen to be that "witness" were you Krusty? LOL!!!

  8. Anonymous5:51 PM

    (Former) Executive Chef Sarah Heath

    With her ex-husband's balls firmly in the clench of her hoof-claws and his (former) dick impaled on a stick on the barby, the former half-ass guv (now boney, no-ass) Sarah cooks the usual dinner for her healthy, athletic family.

    Note Sarah keeping a safe distance from the fire due to the flammability of the Everclear 190 proof vodka that she relishes every day around 4:30 pm, whether she has one weenie or a dozen lined up. Come tomorrow, she won't remember it anyway.

    1. Is that you, Gina, using a "nom de plume"? -:)

    2. LOL @ hrh...naww...that's not me...although whoever it is...knows that old Baldy the alkie's favorite drink is "vodka"...I figure it must be a close family member who posted this! LOL!!

    3. Anonymous7:00 PM

      No, and I only use a vibrator when I'm travelling solo! Heh heh, jk

      No, I'm not Gina, but I borrow heavily from her when I talk about Grifter Granny. No point in re-inventing the wheel. You peeps got it under control.

    4. Anonymous12:10 AM


  9. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I thought those inbred pecker wood Chuckies were out and about peddling their shitty ass books? Are they back already? That was a shorter book tour than Bristol's I got screwed in a canvas tent book tour.

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Indeed, Bristol's claim to fame: Look, I can fuck!

      End of story.

    2. Anita Winecooler8:26 PM

      He even "harpooned" a winner in a drawing for a free copy!!!

      He knows his target audience!

    3. Anonymous11:05 PM

      Bristol doesn't give a shit about fame. Her life is her son and family.

    4. Anonymous2:10 AM

      Yeah, right!!What is her "career" she talks about kick starting with her return to DWTS, then? After that listless performance, it will never happen. There are more talented hookers and stippers in Hollywoord. Boring Bristles has no talent.

    5. Stop drunk blogging bustol!

      The selfish skank doesn't know about being a decent person. If she was really a concerned mother she wouldn't subject tripp to all her "daddies." Especially when some last only a night.

    6. Anonymous4:03 AM

      Bristol doesn't give a shit about courting fame by participating in multiple reality teevee shows and showing up in front of the camera whenever possible.

    7. Anonymous4:44 AM

      11:05 PM spoken like a Liar-bot.

    8. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Career? WTF.

  10. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I hope Alaska is looking into if the Heaths and Palins are paying property taxes on all those cabins.

    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      Read Chucks post..they are a friends cabins.

    2. Anonymous7:50 PM

      How come Sarah's head wasn't nearly as big as it is now? Them damn botox injections must make her a waterhead. Or either it's a side effect of Meth.

    3. Anonymous4:45 AM

      The Palins abandoned Alaska. They do Arizona now.

    4. Anonymous6:12 AM

      So if it's Chuckie's post...

      why is *HE* posting photos of sis from 2008?


  11. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Sarah's on Greta's show tonight? Awesome.

    Wait, who the fuck is Sarah?

  12. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Rush Limbaugh Demands to be Named Time Person of the Year Because He Made Sandra Fluke Famous

    ...Rush Limbaugh wants to be rewarded for slandering Sandra Fluke repeatedly on his radio show. He is still at it to this day. The only difference now is that he uses subtler and shorter jabs. While Limbaugh is at it, maybe he would like credit for losing the 2012 presidential election for the Republican Party?

    It can be argued that Mitt Romney had zero chance of winning with female voters after he refused to take a stand against Limbaugh’s remarks. Who can forget Romney’s weak kneed not language I would have used answer? By attacking Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh confirmed existence of the War on Women. Before Akin and Mourdock, there was Rush Limbaugh attacking Sandra Fluke.

    Getting on the Time shortlist had nothing to do with Limbaugh slanderous attacks, and everything to do with how Fluke has turned such a negative event into a platform for important issues.

    Rush Limbaugh is a lot of things, but person of the year definitely isn’t one of them.

    1. Anonymous11:04 PM

      Does Sandra Fluke have a life yet? She's a sad case.

    2. Anonymous2:13 AM

      It really is a shame that you fail to understand a woman with intelligence. Keep listening to $carah's word salad, and Bristles "awesome" in each sentence. Ms. Fluke is educated and intelligent, something the Palin family deems laughable.

    3. Come on now. This woman put her money where her mouth is. Instead of sitting on her ass, talking shit on progressive blogs she is actually a lawyer who spoke up for her sick friend. Ms. Fluke has friends and you have ignorance and limpydic.

    4. Anonymous3:13 AM

      Yes, she has her J.D., got married, and has a good job. Look it up. Seems she has everything she could want -- and still have time to speak out on public events of importance.

    5. Anonymous4:02 AM

      Sandra Fluke has degrees from Cornell and Georgetown Law. She's an attorney who champions the rights of women and victims of domestic violence (which she has done for years, not just recently).

      What the fuck have you done?

  13. Yes...I posted this picture in an earlier post...I can't get over the looks on the old goats faces...they really look like they are "feeling" some Baldy! Ewww! LOL!!

    And that poor know she didn't eat that shit! I wonder what she was saying to her BASE? We should have a caption contest!

    1. Anita Winecooler8:31 PM

      "Look, I can cook, dammit!"

      My how time flies! She used to snort lines off of the bottom of barrels, now she turns them upside down and starts fires in them to cook one hot dog on a stick.

      Guess she didn't splurge for the "Sarah Palin Barbeque" Gryph posted awhile back.

    2. Anonymous12:12 AM

      'Like' :-)

  14. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Limbaugh Slams Sandra Fluke Nod: If Anybody Is Going To Be Named Person of the Year, ‘It Ought To Be Me’

  15. Anonymous5:58 PM

    this photo is years old. it is from pre 2008 when sarah was still governor.
    not sure why we have to see it here here kids.

    1. See, what did I say yesterday? Just because Brancy or Chuck Jr. post pictures on their blogs yesterday or the day before, or last week, doesn't mean they were actually photographed recently.

    2. Anonymous9:10 PM

      Oh krusty aren't you just a fountain of info? And usually wrong!

  16. Anonymous6:03 PM

    "Okay we are all here to see if there are any other suggestions for scams we can run on America. I think we done used up all the book tours and the "I think I may run for president scams" for a couple of years. According to the accountant, we can't expect anymore DWTS revenue which is all dried up. Seems like nobody even the National Enquirer is interested in buying Palin family pictures anymore and Bristol is tired of everybody making fun of her big ass in the brown hooker dress picture in Las Angeles. Any suggestions for the next big one? Mom? Dad? Family?"

    1. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Time for one of the Palin girls to get pregnant again!

    2. Anonymous10:58 PM

      No offense, but just because one of her kids (the super maternal one no less) had a kid at 18 doesn't make it a perpetual thing. It's not like Sarah is one of the Alaskan parents who's kids have 4 kids by 22 like 3 of Bristol's classmates. All purposeful.

    3. Anonymous2:16 AM

      At last count didn't Bristles have at least 3, all purposeful??

    4. Anonymous3:57 AM

      Bristol got pregnant on purpose.

      If Bristol is "super maternal," then why is she such an (admittedly) shitty mom? Guess she learned from the worst.

    5. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Sally was prego before marriage;
      Sarah was preggo before marriage;
      Brisdull was preggo before marriage - and NEVER got married.

      Go sell your shit somewhere else. Sarah Palin SUCKS as a mother; so does HER mother, and so does HER daughter.


    6. Anonymous9:51 AM

      cHUCK2 was preggars before marriage, too, also.

  17. Okay I kid you not, Greta has Palin on talking about sexism.

    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Do you think they will talk about Todd's sex trafficking?

    2. (Huge eye roll)

    3. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Or Sarah's willingness to whore herself out as a wet dream for the Republican old boy faithful?

    4. nswfm8:34 PM

      We have that senile plane crasher from AZ to thank for knowing her name outside of AK.

    5. Anita Winecooler8:34 PM

      Sexism in regard to whom? The network of T and A is no place to talk about sexism, especially between Sarah and Greta.

    6. Anonymous10:57 PM

      Well, Sarah is a huge victim of sexism.

    7. Anonymous3:56 AM

      "Well, Sarah is a huge victim of sexism."

      NO! Sarah has milked sexism for everything it is worth. She revels in sexism. It's her bread and butter. She uses it whenever she can, flirting with the camera, wearing inappropriately sexy clothing, winking at thrusting her tongue, etc. and calling out men in the most sexist way possible.

      Sarah Palin IS sexist.

  18. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I know what she is going to say already. Obama bad. Obama really bad. Blah, blah, blah. Yadda yadda yadda.


    SHE IS A MAN! And a ugly one at that! LOL!!!

  20. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Is that the missing DWTS grandchild next to Grandma Sarah?

  21. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I knew it I knew it. They said Sarah had a fetish for black men during her sportscasting days and loved her penis blackened!

  22. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Gentlemen, the gang bang will commence just as soon as I get this wiener burned to a crisp. So y'all hurry up and pay my daddy and then get lined up. Let the older old farts get in front so they can be home to watch my good friend Bill O'Reilly's show.

    1. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Start your penises!!!

  23. Oh God now she is asking her about the fiscal cliff. Seriously?

    1. Anonymous7:07 PM

      OMG, does this woman EVER wash her hair? She looks filthy!

      Palin And Van Susteren Bash The Press Corps For Not Pushing Obama Admin On Libya'

    2. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Oh Wow! Thanks for the link! The comments are ROUGH! Baldy is getting a serious beatdown in the comments over there...two of my favorites so far....

      "Gunsel • an hour ago −
      If these two were Indians their names would be Girl-With-Crooked-Mouth and Sh!t-For-Brains." and this one...

      "StanleyCupp • 2 hours ago −
      Old Sarah's looking a little Joan Riversish. Tight yet bizarre.

      StanleyCupp • an hour ago −
      You can tell it hurts like hell for her to smile. Like my ears when she speaks."




      That last one...HURT! LOL!!!

    3. Anita Winecooler8:49 PM

      LMAO! Sarah's high as a kite (and not the same sarah in the photo on this post-(balder, manly, and even more stupid) Sarah knows everything about everything. Poor Greta, Fox news is being shut out of access to the White House. Victims.

      Can't wait for Gryphen's post on this.
      And can't wait for Susan Rice to be nominated- that'll make some heads explode!

  24. Anonymous6:11 PM

    The reelection of Obama has sent Glenn Beck off the deep end. O'Reilly too. They're still trying to troll the left by provoking outrage, but they're shooting blanks. When I read that Beck put an likeness of Obama in a jar of urine, I laughed at the sheer desperation. Bill O'Reilly has simply fallen back to his old thundering culture warrior of righteousness schtick. Bellowing about the War on Christmas is about as creative as O'Reilly gets. I'm waiting to see what Palin will come up with. Racebaiting is her bread and butter, but that shucking and jiving Benghazi gambit backfired. It provoked more outrage from her own party than the from the left. She could run for office in 2014 but she's too lazy. It would be easier to have one of her daughters have another out of wedlock baby. That would keep her in the news and allow her to play the victim.

  25. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Them AIP Heath boys and Sally are getting a little too old to fight for Alaska's separation. Why don't they go down to the dairy like in the old days and go cow tipping?

    What do you mean they can't because Governor Sarah Palin fucked that up for everybody by the Dairygate closure scam?

  26. Anonymous6:15 PM

    So, Greta talks about the fiscal cliff and suddenly, Sarah is gone and there's Newt Gingrich! Too funny! Like, just shut her down Greta.
    End the interview, (cause it was going no where quick)
    Too funny. Sarah looked really, really bad. Flat hair! Where was Willow? Same old talking points...blah, blah, blah..
    Can't wait to read GinaM's talk on this Baldy disaster on Greta!

    1. And you know I was watching that shit! And boy was it BRUTAL!

      Even the patients at the Asylum can't figure out what was going on with that HAIR...the half tanned face...the white forehead...the five pieces of bangs hanging over that pasty white forehead...the eyebrows that never moved...even when she started waving those claw hands around....and that LIPSTICK!

      WTF was that about? Looked like some pink shiny goo slapped on her mouth and then outlined with a crayon!

      Okay y'all apparently the camera man does NOT LIKE BALDY! And neither does HD! Notice as the interview shiny Baldy's face became? Probably those hot ass lights was starting to melt her face! She probably bitched slapped the Toad when she got done with the interview...because I swear I thought her face was just going to slide down and fall on the floor! Wouldn't that have been a hoot! LOL!!! was going on with the background? It looked like the set of bad porn movie! I expected to hear porn music start playing and Baldy to start disrobing...UGH!

      And that dark...dark...dark wig she had on the noggin looked like Wallow forgot to shake it out and fluff it! Her head look flat as if a book had been balanced on top of her pumpkin size head! Word of advice Baldy...books are for reading...not as a door stop for your stupid wigs! LOL!!!

      Her chest and neck skin looked a wee bit too tight! I'm sure that giant binder clip holding all that in place had to start cracking at some point!

      And her eyes! Mon Dieu! She had those crazy shark eyes which were rimmed in HEAVY mascara and spider lashes! She must have been staring at Sophia Loren and asked Wallow to "make her eyes look like that Eyetalian lady"...LOL!!!

      Baldy was so happy to be back on TV...she was on her best behavior...she read her teleprompter and only repeated the same shit over and over again twice!

      Either she begged Roger (WONK WONK!) or she had mean Greta hook her up for old time sakes!

      She really should have just stayed away...she acts like the election never happened and that she can just keep saying the same shit...but her crazy minions are not happy nor satisfied with that nonsense...those nuts want her to declare her candidancy for President....not NOW but....RIGHT NOW damnit!

      She has no way out...if she doesn't declare she's running for something...the fools who are left are going to be headed up to Wasilla, Alaska and MAKE HER RUN!

      Shit're fucked! LOL!!

    2. Anonymous8:29 PM

      I'm betting eyelift as the reason she hasn't been out and about - and before that dark glasses?????

    3. Anita Winecooler8:56 PM

      Thanks for the laughs! I just caught the clip on mediaite further up in the comments, but dam, you nailed Sea Hag down to the last detail!

      I used to think Greta van mushmouth got the short straw, but it's obvious there's more than a "girl crush" between these two. They're both singing the same victim tune!

    4. Anonymous10:50 PM

      It wasn't the lights that made her face shiny. Have some sympathy will ya? Granny Sarah is going through menopause and hot flashes.

    5. Anonymous3:54 AM

      Greta is a Scientologist. It's hardly surprising she'd be roped in by a moron like Sarah Palin.

  27. Anonymous6:20 PM

    They're all sitting like men at a hobo camp fire drinking their beers and airing out their boys with their legs opened except for the old geezer in the green jacket sitting with his legs crossed like a lady. Oh my, I hope that's not Sarah's mother Sally Heath in the green jacket? Is that what the Heath women look like without their wigs on?

  28. Anonymous6:24 PM

    The last son of a bitch who didn't pay our main worker Shailey Tripp last time lost their job with the Secret Service. You ass wipes gettin' my drift? Either pay up or I'll be firing up more than this little white pecker in front of ya!

  29. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Come on Sarah stop getting us riled up with anticipation. When will the dancing DWTS gorilla perform at our family talent show tonight?

  30. Anonymous6:28 PM

    "Do they really think having her back on will help, or will she simply stand on the accelerator as they plunge over the cliff to eventual obscurity?"

    You mean she HASN'T been doing that all this time?

  31. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Who called the person to take this picture? Is it a family member or did Sarah tell the press she is ready for a picture and story. How low can you go. Strange all old men and no women. She must have scoured the state looking for a place to get her picture taken.

  32. Anonymous6:29 PM

    How many hookers did Todd bring us today? What do you mean Shailey quit? Is he keeping her for his own party like last time? You know that aint right Sarah!

  33. Anonymous6:31 PM

    She's wearing a banana clip...seriously. And roasting weanies with a dress coat? Someone needs to get this woman some help.

  34. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Things are looking up for the Palins and Heaths. Before the Alaska Film tax Credit, Dairygate, SarahPAC and Alaska Fund Trust scams, they were screwing and freezing in canvas tents. Now look at them fuckers.

    Yee Haw thank you Sarah

  35. Anonymous6:41 PM

    There was a time when Sarah used to speak in front of a thousand people and eat at the finest restaurants.

    Now look at her, with a bunch of bums and drunks sharing one hotdog.

  36. Anonymous6:48 PM

    WTF happened? That don't look like filet mignon or Kobe beef to me with table linen and silverware?

  37. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Well, please her little heart! This is her extent of her current audience?

    My, my.....

    oops! Isn't that Piper? Wonder if she is wearing the same little hooker outfit she wore in L.A.?

  38. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Is this Sarah's secret to the Palin Family fitness book? Eating hotdogs? No wonder Bristol is starting to fill out again.

  39. Anonymous6:51 PM

    She told the repubs not to be 'wusses". Keep it classy Sarah.

  40. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Seriously, how come Sarah Palin never has a family party or get together at her houses on Dead Lake Lucille or at her Arizona house. She is always going some where else to party and socialize. Sarah your house to good for those Heath drifters?

    Where are Todd's family members in this picture? We know he has a mother and father. Does Todd have any siblings? What? They're not welcomed to join the family outing?

    1. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Each of the Heath kids alternate who throws the holiday party. Last year, Tgiving was at Heather's and Xmas at the Palins. Didn't someone post a pic at a blog of xmas last year? Tripp was wearing overalls with a bowtie and there was a menorrah (sp).

      And 'while I'm not sure who else joins Heath activities, besides boy/girlfriends of the kids, but there are Palin relatives who are close with Sarah's siblings, as well as cousins. Typically though, holiday meals are for immediate families and their extended relatives. There are often multiple outings on tgiving day.

    2. Anonymous3:53 AM

      Oh, my. You must be going for Stalker of the Year.

    3. Anonymous5:08 AM

      Big whoop. Who are you? The infamous unnamed source that knows all good about Palin's but aren't allowed to say?

    4. Anonymous6:19 AM

      Would those be the DOWN SYNDROME cousins that sarah never saw before her tee-vee show?

      Go fuck a turkey, psycho.

  41. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Uncle Jim Joe Bob: Sarah you so smart, tell us that story again.

    Sarah: Okay this is the last time today.

    Sarah: "He who warned, uh, the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin' sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed."

  42. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Sarah Palin sounds drugged out of her mind on Greta...nearly slurring her words, speaking haltingly, she is COOKED.

  43. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Think this is an old picture..she's looks like she's wearing that black trench coat she wore when she was campaigning..the airport walking on the tarmac picture. The picture of Track looks old also he looks really young and those 2 boys must have shrunk.
    Now they are doing re-runs on old pictures!!!!!!LOL

    1. Anonymous10:45 PM

      The gun picture with Track is from 2010, August I believe. After Track drove up from the SW with a cousin.

    2. Anonymous2:27 AM

      Isn't the young girl in that campfire photo Piper? This is a really old photo.

    3. Anonymous3:52 AM

      You believe? Hahahahaha

      I'm sure you have that event posted on your very speshul Palin calendar like any good stalker should.

    4. Anonymous5:01 AM

      Is that Piper? It would be an old picture.

    5. Anonymous5:06 AM

      " Track teaching my boys how to shoot a rifle at the gold mine last year."

  44. Anita Winecooler8:17 PM

    It does look like an old photo, she's got that lump thing going on near her jaw, and she looks more stuffed than a turkey on thanksgiving than she did at DWTS and in the black "Flashdance" zipper outfit.
    They keep posting old photos on all their blogs, Beefy has an old photo of Tripp and Track, and a new one of tripp wondering how her "love lump" will soon be f-o-u-r!
    Guess we'll have to see the GVS Susan Rice bitchfest and BenGhazi coverup theory spin to know for sure.

    Hmm Sarah and wieners and old men. What a snake charmer!!

    1. Anonymous10:44 PM

      The one of Tripp and Track is from June this year, when he and his troops were home briefly. Not exactly old. Get a life. Their pictures aren't for your criticism. They're for their fans who are interesting in their lovely Alaskan lives. I don't like a few actual celebs ( I say actual because none of the Palins consider themselves celebs) but don't go to their twitters and criticize their pictures.

    2. Anonymous2:30 AM

      If they do not consider themselves "celebs" why is Bristles appearing on DWTS, showing her lack of talent again? Why do they call magazines to sell photos of themselves lying about engagements and Tripp being 4 (yeah, right LAST YEAR)

    3. Anonymous3:51 AM

      Sitting outside a couple cabins roasting hot dogs over a fire is part of an Alaskan life? You must not get out much.

      You don't have time to go to other celebrities' social media because you're too busy stalking Bristol and coming here to wag your finger over, and, over, and over again.

      "Get a life," is hilarious coming from you. Maybe if you could manage to see that you could actually make some progress in your treatment.

    4. Anonymous5:06 AM

      Palin ass-licking sycophant 10:44

      You are a loser if you have to defend this pathetic family on an unfriendly site - why do you live this, every day? Do they pay you or do you run to them to brag about how you stand up for them on hateful blogs?

      And I'm sure the celebs cry in their pillows at your rejection.

    5. Anonymous6:22 AM


      Who. the. Fuck. asked. you?

    6. Dis Gusted6:47 AM

      "Why do they call magazines to sell photos of themselves lying about engagements and Tripp being 4 (yeah, right LAST YEAR)"

      that was a Freudian slip - Tripp will ALLEGEDLY become 4 the end of December. He's supposed to be only 3 and was only 2 when her show was filmed. ROFLMAO

    7. Dis Gusted6:49 AM

      "( I say actual because none of the Palins consider themselves celebs)"

      bwahahahahahahahaha that is the most ridiculous post on this thread.

    8. Anonymous7:10 AM

      10:44 the one with Track and Tripp was take in LA..I have my doubts Track even went overseas..If he is he sure as hell gets a lot of leave..more than my nieces husband who is a Captain in the Army!! I think Track is stationed stateside.

    9. Anonymous11:36 AM

      7:10 AM
      That is the only answer that makes sense. If he is not stationed where it is safe and comfy for him the tax payers are paying a fortune to transport the dude. Or he comes back often to make sure the drug deliveries are made. The USA makes $50,000,000,000.00 {BILLION} in one year on drug trafficking from Afghanistan. Enough of the troops have talked about how it is done now. Not so secret anymore.

      A special privileged person like Track Palin is ideal because no one will question him. He has a pass on whatever he does.

  45. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I agree - very old picture. Piper looks very young, and SP was still passably pretty in a librarian/porn star way.

    1. Anonymous10:42 PM

      She's still pretty. And he never said it was recent. :/

      They're social people with friends. Why are you judging a family you don't know?

      Their Alaskan stories in the book are wonderful and touching. Amazing family and life experience. Much to be jealous of if one is a jealous person.

    2. Anonymous12:25 AM

      Anon 10:42, this is the wrong blog to be on to profess your love to the Palin bitch. Chuckie Jr needs your support - go there.

    3. Anonymous2:33 AM

      Whatever Sarahpac pays you for these assine postings of yours, they are wasting their money. Anyone interested, and there does not seem to be too many, saw on Bristles's show what a close family they are. Having a 4 year old using language like he did, and laughing. Boring as watching paint dry. In fact someone took a survey and most people chose watching paint dry over watching boring Bristles pretend to be a hardworking single mother.

    4. Anonymous2:58 AM

      Much to get insane about if one is an insane person.

    5. Anonymous3:48 AM

      YOU are jealous of the Palins, Kristy. You must have had a real horrible childhood if the Heath-Palins are your ideal family.

      I'm sure those Alaskan stories got you all hot and bothered. Why don't you move there? I'm sure the Palins have an extra room for their #1 fan.

    6. Anonymous5:04 AM

      Sarah doesn't know Obama, but she told the rill Americans (she judges them for herself) that he isn't like them and her. . .she judges his faith, his patriotism, parenting and leadership - everything that got him elected by the immoral majority again.

      Why do you keep judging anonymous commentors when you don't know them either? What makes you so special and above the fray?

      One minute you say we don't know them, the next minute you admit they publish everything about themselves and force their story on us in every medium and we aren't allowed an opinion on it?

    7. Anonymous6:44 AM

      thinkin' Kristy/Krusty may be Shawn Christie...they repeat the same info.

  46. Anonymous8:40 PM

    How come no pictures of Sarah's house with Christmas tree and presents? No family Christmas pictures.
    Where are family pictures of Track, his wife and baby together? This is a strange family. Sunny and Levi have pictures of everything. How come Bristol doesn't post any pictures of Tripp and his new sister? This family is just into themselves individually and not as a full family. Did they celebrate Christmas's and Thanksgivings together at a family table? Sunny posts dinners she makes for Levi. The Palins could learn something from Levi and his wife. They post pictures of their families from both their sides. Everyone does.

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      There are no warm or regular Palin/Heath family holiday pics leaked b/c they don't exist.

      What is real is that Sarah is doped again to be on Fox show.

  47. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Did Fox give Sarah another year contract?

  48. Anonymous8:43 PM

    A couple people have said this is an old picture. Maybe it is. I don't know. But if it's a current picture, it's definitely not here in Alaska. It's cold here and while we don't have a lot of snow yet, we do have snow. No one would be sitting around a campfire in open jackets with no gloves on.

  49. Anonymous9:02 PM

    So Christian Bristol you tell us that your Christian family is too busy to go to church.... I see what you are saying.

  50. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Greta's mandate from the top is to continually sensationalize the Benghazi issue. This seems like an act of media desperation to find faults with a stellar presidential administration. I'm sure Greta goes home at the end of the day pondering if what she reports is ethically correct because at one time she was a good reporter. She has since sold her soul in exchange for money. Was the facelift and the eyelid surgery required by Fox in order to appear on their network? Was she too homely looking in contrast to the mindless Fox "babes"?

    As for the Wonky Vanilla tart from Wasilla, four plus years of the same old bitch about everything that is wrong about Obama is getting tired. If you ever need to see and hear what a woman who can hold a grudge for such a long time looks like, here she is. The hate on the inside slowly percolates to the out. This is Palin today. No matter how many times she tries to head off and mask the onslaught of age and ugliness that is hate, it is quite obvious in comparison to what she presented herself back in 2008. If she had moved on, educated and tried to better herself to be a REAL public servant she could have had the world at her feet but no... she went after fame and fortune dancing like a monkey to those who threw dollar bills in her direction. If I was deaf and judged her simply by watching her actions, I would conclude that she's never been a politician. She's always been about the attention and the money. Fame and fortune.

    Recently she was eclipsed by Romney as the most hated politician. In exchange for the adoration and attention she craved, this will remain Sarah Palin's legacy. Forever.

    1. Anonymous11:08 PM

      Not only Greta, but every other anchor on Fox has been obsessively sensationalizing Benghazi for TWO MONTHS now. Hannity in particular has made it his mission in life both before and after Obama won re-election. (It is obvious he is going tooth and nail for a smoking gun first to prevent Obama's re-election, and now to get him impeached.) Over and over and over again, the same loud-mouthed repetitious, hate-filled spleels pour out of every single Fox News personality and the commentators they bring on. It is so disgusting it is hard to believe. The wonky Wasilla winker just goes along with them all, agreeing with their comments with her own special brand of hatred and prejudice: with her confusing run-on sentences or strung-together words that even she does not know the point of. She was told long ago when she entered her one (failed) beauty pagent that she shouldn't worry about the substance of what she said, that substance really doesn't matter, so long as she could string together a bunch of words, and stick a few big words in there, and smile a winning smile...all the rest would go over the heads of the audience. That is one lesson she did learn. She has been using it ever since. It is so much a part of her fake personna.

      So I agree with you, Anon 9:09: she could have moved on and bettered herself after that amazing opportunity in 2008; but she has always been about the fame and fortune, the attention and the money. John Zeigler (can't remember correct spelling), the guy who obsessively supported her after 2008 and made a documentary in support of her, but then got thrown under the bus by her, said in a later article about her after he 'woke up' that his wife told him from day one, "Once a beauty queen, always a beauty queen." All about the attention and the money.

    2. Anonymous2:35 AM

      The entire network has been drunk on Benghazi for months. Some needs to take away their bottle.

    3. Anonymous6:16 AM

      The palin curse is perfect for the drunk on Benghazi theme fox is desperately promoting.

      I hope she is on morning, noon and night as their drunk on Benghazi expert.

    4. Anonymous6:31 AM

      Oh, John Zeigler!

      My "Favorite" part of his *genius* work - (was it "How Obama was Elected?) -

      was when Johnny boy was trying to tell Sarah that Saturday Night Live had ** made fun ** of Sarah (and Brisdull) --

      did Sarah KNOW this before Sarah went on Saturday Night LIve?

      And Sarah Palin said, with as much sincerity as she could muster -

      NO, I had no idea.


      Anybody who believes Sarah Palin didn't know EVERY. thing about what was written about her is full-on delusional. And even Johnny admits that he was.

      Interesting that it took his wife, a woman, to see through Palin's skin-deep facade.

    5. Anonymous7:00 AM

      Now their starting on "Happy Holidays"..isn't that a re-run from last year..Fox makes me sick, such Christians..NOT!!!

  51. Dinty9:26 PM

    OT: What a day. Murder from a home-invasion in my neighborhood (this isn't Wasilla, folks) lets see if it's a business deal gone wrong or the cult the guy was running from his home....

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      Yikes, sorry.

      We just had a freeway shooting last night.

      Some peeps are just crazy.

      **We'll be okay. :) **

  52. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Old photo... probably Piper in the foreground.

  53. God I am dreading having to listen to Palin chew the stupid again tomorrow.

    But I'll take on for the team.

    So if anybody can find the link to her interview with Greta on YouTube I would appreciate it, Also if you find transcript you will be my best friend forever.

    Transcribing her word salad takes bloody forever!

    1. Anonymous12:55 AM

      This is on Fox, does it help?

  54. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Sarah Palin - The only known politician in the entire history of politics to ever leave her elected position for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

    This should be a reminder to her bots everywhere:

    SHE QUIT !!

    1. Anonymous6:36 AM

      P'shaw! It wasn't "no reason", silly!

      She left her ELECTED position as GOVERNOR so that she could...

      help ELECT people to do what SHE BELIEVED in - like following the CONSTITUTION, and stuff.

      Obviously Sarah felt that the best person to represent her interests, was someone else.

  55. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Words of advice:

    "Never let your past experiences harm your future. Your past can't be altered and your future doesn't deserve the punishment."

  56. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Why isn't there a 'like' button on these posts ? I LOVE you people !

    1. Anonymous6:34 AM

      Welcome! :)

  57. Anonymous12:28 AM

    What a great title for the photo ! Thank you !

  58. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Here's the video from greta man last night, she looks like an egg! what happened with her wig?

    1. Anonymous6:40 AM

      omg, i couldn't even watch two minutes of that shit.

      Jay Leno is such a useless sack of shit.

  59. Anonymous2:39 AM

    McCain picked a person for VP who did not know that Africa was a continent and not a country. And now they're both running off at the mouth about Benghazi. No wonder the GOP has no credibility left.

    1. Anonymous5:32 AM

      And McCain dared to say that Susan Rice isn't that bright.

    2. Actually, turns out Palin never actually said that about Africa.

      Numerous curious bloggers (right wingers, of course) and a few news people researched, and they found out Fox's Carl Cameron was repeating something HE THOUGHT an anonymous McCain campaign operative said.

      And he ran with it.

      Turns out he, Fox News, and even Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller, which reported more detail several days later, were all taken in by a hoaxer.

      Of course, anyone who already felt Palin was a ridiculous idiot including every OTHER news organization ran with the hoax story, too.

  60. Anonymous3:46 AM

    You know, for a while I wondered about Sarah Palins siblings. They stayed out of the spotlight and we never heard much about them (other than the time Sarah Palin intervened in a custody battle and she and Todd stalked her sister's e-husband).

    Now, here comes Chuck, Jr hoppin' a ride on the ole gravy train. What a family.

    1. Anonymous5:33 AM

      Is Chuckie Junior another CINO? Did he hook up with that younger co-worker before his divorce from the mother of his 2 sons? Is that sexism for older employee to hit on younger school employee? If that baby is his with the younger replacement he knocked her up before marrying her. Sad family they are. They have so much to hide. They write their books to cover their crap but it stinks up the whole state of Alaska.

    2. Anonymous6:40 AM




    3. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Verifiable EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

      Men that age get Corvettes or replacement wives. #2 was a co-worker, that may be normal for Anchorage schools. It is good she wasn't a student. Or was she?

      He works for and is related to Palins. His chit don't stench and he gets his crimes and misdemeanors scrubbed.

  61. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Oh my!!! Is she loaded.

  62. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Kier and Teko are Chuck's kids' names?

    What is it with the hillbilly crowd in Wasilla that names their kids Track, Trig, Kier, Teko, Tripp?

    I guess it must be a "cool" thing.

    1. Anonymous6:40 AM

      White ebonic names

  63. Anonymous8:05 AM

    So much to hide??? Huh???

    The heaths have led amazing lives in Alaska. Their stories are fun and packed with life lessons. There are few families closer and after all the slandering from idiots, they're some of the strongest people who've ever lived. Hats off to em.

    There have been over 100 complete strangers capitalize on their lives and often end up writing fiction. Its understandable that the family wanted to publish their true story, recounting their lives.

    1. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Who wouldn't try to hide this dumb liar?

    2. Anonymous11:44 AM

      @8:05 AM and 8:14 AM Church was a BIG FRONT for their ILLICIT Activities. Sarah's Promiscuity and Todd's Pimping. Bristol may have 'visited' Church, but her most favorite times were on DYLAN KOLVIG'S DAD'S BOAT doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and having sex with all of the boys(everyone knew that she was an easy 'LAY'). You know the saying, "BOYS WILL BE BOYS" . Willow must have developed 9 month'MONO' just like Bristol when she dropped out of High School(PREGNANT). We all know the story about Track. So if your Church Members condone the Criminal activities of the Heath/Palin KKKLAN, you need to find another House of Worship.

    3. Anonymous12:42 PM

      I have to agree with Church was a BIG FRONT.

      Chuck Heath, Sr. defends himself.

      - Chuck Heath did all he could to prevent a teacher from getting fired for molesting 17 third grade girls.
      "Chuck Heath protested against dismissal of school principal Ray Carter who protected pedophile teacher"
      "...allegations that another teacher had molested as many as 17 girls in his Grade 3 class"

      Who is Chuck Heath, Jr.? His bio is showing him as a married man and father of 2 to play around with the young school teachers.

  64. Anonymous8:14 AM

    You all do know they grew up going to church. I distinctly recall Bristol coming to church after soccer. And they attend church currently. The past few years were busy. Its understandable if there was time they attended church less frequently. Most people aren't there every Sunday of the year. People have lives and go out of town

    Most people don't broadcast things like churchgoing or charity. The palins are these people. But its not hard to discover the truth and where they volunteer/donate to.

    Though you have to actually know who they are and their inner and wide circle. Gryphen knows nothing of this.

    1. Anonymous10:07 AM

      8:14 AM Closed peeps with much to hide don't let anyone know them. Only PalinBot Cults are given the script and can see any of the private staged performances.

      Gryp knows the skinny.

  65. Anonymous8:38 AM

    "I distinctly recall Bristol coming to church after soccer."

    to start a fire?

  66. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Fire up da ole wieners. No sign that it was cooked. It is just another Palin prop.

  67. Anonymous11:13 AM


  68. Anonymous11:47 AM

    The most amazing Heath-Palin life event is in Chuck's memory albums.

    Look for more old pictures from Chuck. One day he may get around to the wonderful family holiday albums.

  69. Elliegrl/mykidsmom3:23 PM

    Gryphen and anyone, I recently heard a few speechs & responses that Sarah made quite a few years ago. She actually made sense and spoke in complete sentences. Her mental abilities have decreased drastically. Maybe she actually does have a drug problem. Her word salad was nowhere near as bad as it is now. Everyone talks as if she always spoke like that but clearly she has gotten worse over time. Thoughts?


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