Monday, November 12, 2012

Sometimes we need a break from politics. Here you go.

I found this incredibly moving video of a 2011 Adele concert where she asks the audience to sing a portion of "Someone Like You" back to her.

Her reaction to their heartfelt rendition of her song is very touching, and heartwarming, and enough to cause even the eyes of hardened political bloggers to moisten, just a little.

Remember my friends, though it may seem that there is a constant battle raging all around us, there is STILL so much love in the world. Make sure to share yours, and hopefully somebody is sharing theirs with you as well.



  1. Fell in love with Adele's voice long before she was a hit. In Austin, they played "Chasing Pavements" before it was a hit. English gal is one of Austin's favorites.

    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Before Adele was really known in the US when 'Chasing Pavements' was just starting to get play, Adele appeared with Cyndi Lauper and others on one of Cyndi's True Colours tour shows (2008) as Cyndi would have different people at each show like Amy Whinehouse and others.

  2. Wonderful Thank You for posting that!

  3. Thanks. She's got such a great voice. I guess I've lived in a cave for a long time since I just discovered Adele last week when Blue Girl Liz did a re-do on the lyrics of this song.

  4. If you're into tears at concerts. Here are a few more...

    Lara Fabian - Je t`aime

    From the YouTube comments:

    In one of the behind the scenes videos also on Youtube, it shows Lara greeting the lifelong fan who organised it. She wanted to give Lara a surprise by handing out the words to the song to fans as they came in. It was a total surprise and was obviously an amazing experience for her.

    BoA - Meri Kuri

    A Korean singer who sings in Japanese who also had a hit in the US (I'll Eat You Up). Her fans set this up as well.

  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Loved it!! The audience sounded great -- like they were even in tune!!

    Adele comes across so honest, down to earth. She was clearly moved by the audience which is faked by so many.

    Saw her last year and it was like the concert was over in a flash and you wanted it to keep going. There wasn't the fakeness with all the dancing and crap everyone else does. It was 'pure' music - talent. I'd see her again in a heartbeat.

    I also love her new song in the James Bond movie 'Skyfall'. If you haven't heard it, here is a link which has the video not showing her or the movie, but just her singing displaying the lyrics.

  6. Dis Gusted7:37 PM

    all I can think of is SNL's skit of this was so overplayed on the radio, people got sick of it.

  7. Anonymous8:02 PM

    OT and political...but interesting and uplifting and hopefully it won't ruin the mood here:

    daveweigel ‏@daveweigel
    The one state where Obama dramatically improved #s over 2008? Alaska. 41.2% this time, best for a Dem since 1968.

  8. Sharon8:18 PM

    Adele is truly an original in every we have a better word for adore? She has defined the word original in her voice, her lyrics, her look...everything. I can't imagine anyone else to do all Bond films, her style is so perfect. That video at Albert Hall is so amazing...just the size of that audience alone is hard to imagine, her voice filling every inch and feeling so much love coming back to her. There are tons of videos of little children that know every word to her songs which shows how many adults are playing them and how her voice and words are so honest, children relate to that so easily. I am so glad she is a mother now and has found that deserved happiness that is impossible to describe, I am sure her new music will reflect that.

  9. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting.

  10. Anita Winecooler9:34 PM

    My daughter made me listen and I was hooked ever since. And now she's got the James Bond Sountrack! How cool is that?

    Adele is uniquely beautiful and talented. She almost lost her voice due to surgery to remove nodes, and she recently became a mother with her longtime companion - she's kept her personal life separate from her singing career- rare and smart.

    There's a longer clip of her intro to this where she explains how the song came to be. Love her honesty and choice of words!

    Honestly, who CAN'T relate?

  11. Anonymous3:45 AM

    I used to come here only for the catharsis of knowing others shared my political mindset--particularly with respect to Palin and her ilck. But, it didn't take long to see how much more this blog had to offer. Adele's honesty and sensitivity is very appealing and not just to women.

    Ahh, Gryphen, how is it you haven't been snapped up by any number of adoring women? I can't imagine it is merely the inconvenience of geography...LOL

  12. Thanks, G. I now have to redo my makeup at work where all I've got is a dried out mascara and a dr pepper lip smacker.

    So- how fabulous was that?!! AND! If you have not already seen it, watch the you tube of "To Make You Feel My Love" from the same concert. The link was below this video Gryphen posted on the you tube page- I think it says "to make you feel my love, live at royal albert hall".

    Adele tells everyone to get out their cell phones and light up the screen. She needles the party poopers and tells them EVERYONE has a phone so they better take them out. She then says "it looks like a f*cking sky of stars".

    It is truly AMAZING.

  13. Anonymous9:32 AM

    It doesn't get any better than this.


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