Saturday, December 29, 2012

Michelle Malkin, Right Wing firebrand and official crazy person, agrees that Obama IS responsible for Republican infighting. Seriously?

Courtesy of Mediaite:

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin stopped by Fox & Friends Saturday morning to agree with her Republican colleague Charles Krauthammer about the “internal civil war” within the GOP. Malkin called it “obvious” that President Obama‘s strategy was to “drive a wedge” between Republicans.

According to Malkin, Obama and the White House have “narrative setters in the liberal media” who are “raring” to blame Republicans for a fall over the fiscal cliff. She claimed, “House Republican conservatives who are holding the line aren’t going to get what they want.” 

Malkin criticized some of her fellow Republicans saying there is now a split between “House conservative Republicans and House ‘capitulationist’ Republicans.” According to her, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid will sit down later today to attempt a compromise and that’s “never a good thing.” She continued accusing Obama of setting up the GOP war, claiming, 

“If they don’t come up with something, again that wedge gets driven further and Obama can sit in the catbird seat and blame, blame, blame Republicans for their obstructionism.”

So once again we hear how this completely incompetent  un-American pretender to the Presidency, is suddenly now considered so diabolical that he has single-handedly destroyed the Republican party by pitting Teabaggers against the establishment Republicans until they kill each other off.

You know, if this were true I would be organizing a grass roots political campaign to give the man a THIRD term in office. However I think it removes the responsibility of these idiots for sending political illiterate paint chip eaters to Washington to obstruct progress, and who are now bitching that the progress has been obstructed!

After all what in the hell did these morons think would be the outcome of handing power over to a group of people who had, at least for a while, chosen Sarah Palin as their honorary leader?

I mean come on!


  1. Typical conservative BS. They go on and on about personal responsibility. But when things don't go their way, it's never their own fault.

  2. Well, pretty much that's why I voted for Obama. He's so powerful, he can make Republicans, destruct. What a guy

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    If there's one person I can't stand more than Palin, it's this ignoramus blowhard racist Malkin. She's a complete embarassment.

    1. Anonymous7:54 PM

      She is a "anchor baby" if born today the teabags would want to see "her kind" deported.

      STFU Anchor baby.

    2. Anonymous5:21 AM

      Not only that, but she's an "anchor baby" born to parents (phillippine) who have leached off the USA for generations. Talk about your welfare cheats!

  4. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Speaking of Sarah, even as an honorary leader, WHERE IS SARAH? No Facebook post since Dec.19. Just at the time when the Republicans need her-- AOL.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      she's either 1) in rehab; 2) getting more beauty treatments; 3) just enjoying her family; 4) reloading.

    2. Anonymous5:32 AM

      Fox is running out the clock on her contract.
      I like to think word has come down from on-high that Palin is toast and not to use her anymore.
      "Enjoying her family" has never been a priority for Palin, so we can scratch that alternative off her list.

    3. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Sarah is busy, for heaven's sake. There are lies to concoct, children (especially the one who needs her most) to avoid, a husband to ignore totally unless a camera, any camera, is around, poor-quality plastic surgery to buy, vile and inappropriate clothing to wear on FOX, fake glasses to choose etc., etc. But the reason she has time for all this is a) she doesn't read a thing, b) she never showers and c) all her nourishment is in pill or liquid (as in Red Bull)form so there's no need to cook.

  5. Olivia12:47 PM

    Such a powerful black man, tearing the Republican Party apart like that! I am so proud of him. He must be some kind of superhuman or something. I guess now they will have retract all that racist talk about blacks being inferior. They must be so ashamed.

  6. Anonymous12:54 PM

    "After all what in the hell did these morons think would be the outcome of handing power over to a group of people who had, at least for a while, chosen Sarah Palin as their honorary leader?"

    ......who has disappeared into oblivion when she should be declaring it a victory. This is what she wanted, right? Just shows how UDDERLY stupid she is.

    Pardon cheap Mat-su Dairy shot.

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Staying with this topic...

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      good link - check it out!

    2. Anita Winecooler8:01 PM

      Thanks! So nice to see Sarah making a fool of herself, over and over!! The screen grabs, alone, are hilarious.

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Boy they really don't like to take responsibility for anything do they. Seems Conservatives are only good at pointing fingers.....

  9. fromthediagonal1:19 PM

    ... the teeth have it!
    Oh, please, let's show less teeth and more reason?

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    They are just feeding paint chips to their audience. It's more of the "southern strategy." They manipulate the ignorant through fear. I have ventured a few responses to their audience at HP and you get back such astounding responses. Many right-wing paupers in this country are completely untethered from reality and are determined to support wealthcare for billionaires. The propagandists on the right have completely deluded them. The dimmest among us can do great damage.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      So true. How else did a dumbass like Sarah Palin become a millionaire! Even dumber and poorer people. Sad......

  11. Obama used an old Jedi mind trick on the Congressional GOP -- these tactics work best on the weak-minded.

    What does this say about the GOP if they can be so easily manipulated to the point of "civil war"?
    Or perhaps it's yet another example of self-righteous Republicans being unable to accept responsibility for their own mistakes, failures, and shortcomings.

  12. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Why is this anchor baby relevant?

  13. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Only a wedge? I wish it was a stake through their heart.

  14. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Graph, OT, sort of - did you see that the two Chuckles spent Christmas signing copies of their pathetic book which - no lie - Ma and Pa Heath will send you if you send a check for $25 to their house? I can't bear to link to creepy jr's site but the photo of those relentless grifters surrounded by unsold books and the sham-wow style money pitch is really one for the ages. Now THAT is putting the Christ in Christmas!

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Speaking of Chuck and Chuckles, here is a line to Jr's "Porch." (I don't know what the difference is between his Porch and his Facebook). There is a folksy photo of a snow covered log cabin in the upper left hand corner of this post. The main part shows a map of Alaska that Chuck made from Mom. (Did he shoot out the holes or are they light bulbs?)

      The interesting part of the post is at the bottom of the page, where the credit is given to the photo of the log cabin:
      (Snowy Cabin image from Alaska Land and Cabins) One can link to Alaska Land and Cabins,to see their commercial property. I don't know if Jr. bought one of the cabins or if he is just using the photo.

      Check some of the other posts at The Porch, it seems that Chuck uses other peoples' photography with credits:
      (Delta Junction Alaska Road image courtesy of Birch Leaf Photography)
      (Lighted Cabin image from Alaska Land and Cabins)
      (Solstice Sun Path image by University of Alaska Fairbanks)
      (Lighted Snowy Forest Path image courtesy of Birch Leaf Photography)

      I guess this is a question for your photographer friend, Zaki. Can Heath just use those photos as long as he credits the source? Sometimes, a person who has copyrighted an image may wish to control where or how it is used, and if there is a fee involved. I guess that's something to think about while sittin' there on the porch.

  15. Anonymous2:29 PM

    So compromising is NOT part of the process? I think someone needs to re-read American History. Perhaps study some social psychology and political science while she's at it.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      She had her chance. She was GIVEN a golden opportunity to really do something, but she took the lazy way out: grifting for the easy money. AND she blew it.

  16. jcinco2:33 PM

    that hateful harpy lives less than 5 miles from me in a gated community...I live west of Colorado Springs, aka 6 flags over Jesus, so it's fitting this hypocritical anchor baby lives here. she and her family relocated here after her home address, phone number and childrens' names and school were posted on the internet by folks in the town she used to reside in because she's such a fucking hateful harridan.

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Yes, it's really interesting how immigrants and first generation people of the latter 20t century ape the worst traits of America to an extreme degree in order to fit in, making themselves so obviously ungrounded, lacking in morals and making of themselves mere caricatures of REAL Americans. And in Malkin's case a class A, butt-ugly harridan-harpy.

    2. MadeinCandawithAmericanparts7:52 PM

      Wait one second. Let's try and avoid stereotyping all immigrants into the same category.You will find most of us do not try to fit in with this type as in many countries ( not mine) they are exactly the people they are trying to get away from. It always gets under my skin when someone tells me all about immigrants and why they do the things they do. We can speak for ourselves but judging from your sentence and the use of the term "REAL" Americans I doubt you even understand why you can't speak for us. We don't want to assimilate and fit in, we want to be who we are because we do not change based on the geography of where we are. To be honest although this country is great there are entirely too many flag waving crackpots who couldn't find the country on a blank map if they tried and yet they are usually the ones who scream about "Real" Americans.I personally think those who choose to come here are as real as it get you just happened to be lucky and born here . To tell someone who has spent decades waiting to come paid a small, fortune, left everything behind that they love, and know are not a REAL American is a slap in the face of everything this country stands for. I have peopel tell me if i don;t like it i can leave but you see taht is not so easy. I was born in another country becasue it was illegal for my mother and father to marry and it was only upon becoming an adult that we found out that the paperwork my father had completed for the army was never submitted for my citizenship. ( In hindsight my other should have applied or a passport for me even though I did not need it to cross the border and never worked or lived here so had no need of a SSN.(but she was a tad angry at the government here as you can probably understand)You don't get to choose how people act and as absolutely deplorable M Malkin actions are DO NOT generalize everyone or some might think you are one of those "ugly Americans" us immigrants like to talk about in our home countries.( generalizations suck). Have a Happy New Year !! Sorry for the rant Gryph :)

  17. Anonymous2:46 PM

    i really have to wonder when Michelle Malkin had her eyes make her look more Western...

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Her self-hate is so obvious.

  18. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Malkin is too STUPID to realize what the Republican Party really thinks about her. She and Sarah Palin spew for the false popularity.

  19. So Palin is finally such a washed up nobody the only way she can get her nasty mug on even this blog is be mentioned as an aside on a post about Michelle Malkin?

    Good. It's about time.

  20. This poison spewing viper needs a big fat cream pie to the kisser.
    M. from MD

  21. Randall3:54 PM

    When those in her own family have an argument,
    Michelle blames the neighbor.

  22. Anonymous4:28 PM

    WHEN will the techs from the nearest mental institution come and snatch this pile-of-stupid off the streets?

  23. Anonymous5:13 PM

    The Sarah Palin Chronicles: A 2012 Retrospective Of Humiliation And Hilarity

  24. Anonymous5:24 PM

    The stupidity of these fucknozzles is truly mind boggling.

  25. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Boo, hoo, hoo. The Republicans lost the election. Who''s to blame?
    The Winners! Those nasty winning people are taking advantage of the total dissolution of the GOP. Not fair!
    Oh, and who the heck dreamed up that "narrative" drivel this year? Let's be sure it's dead and gone in 2013. The GOP, which has been stuffing itself full of talking points and "narratives" for years now want to blame the Democrats for doing the same thing.
    o/t Tick tock. The clock is winding down, and who wants to put money on Sarah's being signed up again by Fox in 2013? Certainly not with an annual stipend -- maybe they'll pay per minute when they use her. By this time next year, one faction or the other of the GOP will have come out ahead -- and since she''s nothing but a "pundent," both sides will ignore her. She's got no skin in the game.
    -- written from my scenic porch in scenic, sane and blue Massachusetts

  26. Anita Winecooler8:28 PM

    I can't stand the hate filled fear monger. But she's right! President Obama DOES have super hero properties, to witch there's no cryptonite!

    Once again, Mr G. picks THE perfect photo for his blog post. She reserves that "look" for Billo's show. It's her "blow up doll" imitation.

  27. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Ahhh.. Malkin -the asian Ann Coulter wannabe. There sure is money to be made when you spout the stupid. Originally a columnist, she found there are more idiot conservatives that can be used as stepping stones than thinking democrats that will shell out the big bucks in exchange for some ass sniffing and boot licking. All you do is play the villain, scare the public nudging them to dissent with wild statements, spout nonsense and show the whites of the top of your eyes ala Bachmann for that dramatic, crazy effect. Got pretty good at it too once she learned how the game is played. Michelle really got into her new role. After learing 800 ways to french kiss an anus, she went rabid. Talk about running around declaring if the price is right, she'll lick anyone's ass and start up some controversies. As the benjamins started to multiply, her nose constantly reeked of shit and her tongue serially flashed the color line of the Kiwi shoe polish company. Book deals, TV interviews, websites, the whole enchilada cause, well you know...she gots to get paid.

  28. Anonymous5:27 AM

    How much hatred some of the Roman Catholic commentators have toward the rest of us! O'Reilly, Hannity, Buchanan, Malkin. The list could go on and on.

    Reading her biography, she clearly is an anchor baby herself, conceived overseas but born in the US. Now she accuses anchor babies of all sorts of crimes.

    And, yes, she's had plenty of work done to make her look less Filipino and more Anglo-Saxon. Her self-hatred must run deep.

    Why she went to, and remained at, Oberlin College is anyone's guess. Since it's such a hot=bed of liberalism, wouldn't she have been better off at a Roman Catholic school that enforced her beliefs? She just spoiling for a fight, no matter where she is.

    There's this about Malkin vs. Palin. Malkin has a four-year college degree, married a Rhodes scholar, and at least pretends to have written four books. She's full of lies and empty charges and has no credibility -- but she's smarter by far than The Lady of the Lake.

  29. Anonymous10:43 AM

    There must be a breeding ground for these crazy ass Republican Bitches.

    1. Pay back is such a BITCH! Right Mitch "McStupid"

  30. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I don't know about anyone else but,Fox news calls all there women "beauties" I, think of them all of them as "Tarts" very nasty "Tarts" at that. "Tarts" that are making money by being very mean which translates into very Ugly.


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