Saturday, December 29, 2012

President Obama to appear on Meet the Press this Sunday. (And no it has nothing to do with Gregory's "legal trouble.")

Courtesy of Press Pass:  

This Sunday, David Gregory sits down exclusively with President Barack Obama. This will be Mr. Obama's 11th appearance on the program, his second time as the commander in chief. In the midst of fierce fiscal cliff negotiations, we’ll hear directly from the president about where things stand and whether a compromise is even possible. Plus, David will talk with him about other key issues facing the country as he prepares to begin his second term in office.

Now oddly enough I first heard this news yesterday from a tweet sent out by THEY attempted to explain the rare appearance as coming in response to the fact that Gregory is in some minor legal trouble due to the fact that he waived a 30 round magazine for an assault rifle in Wayne LaPierre's face while interviewing him last Sunday, the possession of which is against Washington D.C. law.

(You know, because the "liberal media" is working for the Obama administration, so of course the President drops everything to ride to the rescue when one of his media minions has any trouble while doing his nefarious bidding. Makes sense if your are a Right Wing retard.)

Anyhow of course the REAL reason that the President is making the appearance is to discuss the fiscal cliff non-negotiations and to take his case to the American people in order to hopefully compel them to contact their Representatives to help move things along. Which of course is exactly what he has been doing for the last several weeks.

From my point of view it appears that the ONLY person who seems to really be taking this budget situation seriously is the President. Which you can see for yourself in this video clip of his speech yesterday. (If you doubt his frustration watch how sternly he shushes the people talking off camera at the 4:30 mark.)

You know we had a little fun yesterday with the idea that the President is purposefully causing a civil war among the Republicans, as that idiot Krauthammer reported on the Hannity show, and you know part of me thinks that he might very well be fanning the flames of discontent simply to keep them inconsequential moving forward.

However in the case of the fiscal cliff I don't think the President is using IT to cause more disarray among the conservatives, in fact I think he is the only one who is not using it for a political cover.

I really don't think the President ever thought it would get this far, and simply does NOT want to allow the intransigence among the Republicans result in yet another black mark against the American economy, like it did during the 2011 which of course famously resulted in the downgrading of our credit rating.

No I don't think that the President is going into this thinking politics, despite what Fox News might want you to believe. I think he is only considering the needs of the country right now, and the needs of the American people.


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Seriously, if we go over the fiscal cliff, Boehner should be impeached. If he put ANY kind of compromise on the floor it would probably pass as long as it has a tax increase -- with the Democrats coming to the rescue AGAIN. He is the WORST speaker in my lifetime -- and I was alive during Newt Gingrich's term. You know, Newt Ginrgrich, the guy who impeached the president for having sex with an inter four times...while he himself was shtupping another woman. (and also, allegedly, getting oral satisfaction from women OTHER than his wife and his girlfriend -- that's the rumor, at least).

    First, we had to do this stupid sequester thing in the first place -- thanks Paul Ryan -- because stupid Boehner didn't have the votes for a compromise with the president and now, this.

    PS -- Speaking of Paul Ryan, why haven't we been hearing from Sarah Pain 2.0? He IS the "genius" of the party, isn't he? He's the budget chairman, and yet...nothing.

    ALSO - speaking of the stupid debt ceiling again, it gets my craw that Obama is blamed for that. I remember when Woodward was promoting his book, he was sneering about how bad of a president Obama was and to promote this fact he used the anecdote about Obama calling Boehner to work on their deal and try to get some more stuff for his side but Boehner stopped answering his phone calls because he had talked to his caucus and they were unhappy with the compromise - HOW IS THAT OBAMA'S FAULT???? i don't understand why that was used as an example of Obama's bad leadership when CLEARLY it illustrates what a fucked up Speaker Boehner is!

    Sorry, I know this is totally off topic and not even in the news anymore but it still gets me really angry.

    Remember when Woodward was a brilliant reporter?

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      The 21st century GOP has no concept of how to govern, no idea of the art of compromise which is at the heart of governing. When you have a political party that is run by people known as "teabaggers" you know there is a problem. And none of it is the fault of any Democrats.

  2. lostinthemidwest8:06 AM

    Look out! This is what President Obama has said repeatedly he would do....Take it to the American public.

    I think this is a warning shot to the republicans who are still in denial that he WILL use his platform (inauguration/state of the union) to let everyone know just how badly the republicans do not want to help this country.

    One can only hope the American people, all of them, finally get a clue and finally start demanding congress to get off their asses and work.

    President Obama has our back and I, for one, have his. I hope he goes for it and doesn't look back.

  3. Sharon8:07 AM

    Rachel has been accessing Boehner since he got elected....and yeah, the worst speaker since Newt, and we are still living with the hatred of him. I believe that Obama is totally fed up with that asshole and I wish there was someone else other than Gregory on MTP....he is the biggest lame ass on NBC, 2nd to Todd. Obama is close to sainthood in my book, he is the only one thinking of us, as he always does and has nothing but disdain for this bullshit. I have often thought these are actions of treason....Boehner and McConnell at the top of the list. Why the hell aren't more members of congress screaming??? Let them vote....put the needs of this country ahead of their next election for once. I will be watching MTP and I hope he names them for what they are...traitors.

    1. Anita Winecooler9:01 PM

      Spot On! Thanks for your eloquence, it reflects exactly how I've felt all along. When Nancy Pelosi held the gavel, she kept her nose down, got things done, and passed bills. It's not rocket science! If she could manage, why can't Mr Weepy?

      Thanks Again, Sharon.

  4. he waived a 30 round magazine

    If he waived a 30 round magazine—that is, said he didn't need to have one—then what was it he was moving briskly back and forth—that is, waving—in Wayne LaPierre's face? Inquiring minds want to know!

    BTW, there was nothing I saw in the video that would contradict the claim that it was a non-functional training aid, and hence legal.

  5. Randall8:20 AM

    A) I disagree in that I believe Newt is possibly the worst Speaker in recent history. I believe it was Newt that brought to-hell-with-honor win-at-any-cost (including damage to the country) to modern politics.

    B) SOME of the problem is the democrats' fault:
    for some unfathomable reason, the democrats seem unwilling to just list the facts.

    They wouldn't even have to lie or dissemble or obfuscate - just list the facts as they stand.

    For example: the fiscal cliff was the compromise we HAD to reach because of the TEA-PARTY REPUBLICANS. This is the kind of shit we will continue to live with as long as stupid people vote for stupid people.

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      It's very simple really. The reason why both sides are useless is because they are wholly bought and paid for. Pretty much every member is corrupt, and proud of it too. It's oddly seen as honorable in your country, to be bought! The only person I know of who was different was Russ Feingold and what happened to him? He dared to vote using brains and conscience and American idiots voted him out in favour of an idiotic tea partier who is corruption with a smile. Very odd country!

    2. Anonymous10:16 AM

      I can see a case being made for Newt as THE worst Speaker...but Newt actually gave the impression that he, at least, cared about the institution of the House and the history of the role of Speaker, and imo, he instituted some reforms to the House leadership and committee assignments that were good ideas, given the amount of corruption that had been exposed in the years before the GOP re-took the House. Remember the check-kiting scandal? That was, in large part, the fault of the Democrats. Also, Gingrich tried to actually work with Clinton when it mattered. Boehner seems to be working for his corporate masters, only. He is being held hostage by a group of kooks in the extremes of his party, and while Gingrich never had to deal with so many anti-government nutters, he ruled over the members of his party with an iron fist. Lots of Republicans didn't want to vote for impeachment, but he MADE them. Boehner WANTS the people in his party to vote for some kind of compromise but he can't get them to do it, he doesn't have the leadership skills, and while the things that Gingrich wanted to do were stupid -- like impeach the president -- at least he showed some management skills and some political finesse.

      But...yeah, Gingrich sucks ass and if it weren't for the topsy turvy, utterly retarded world that we're in now, he'd still be the worst speaker. But, imo, Boehner beats him BY A MILE.

      May we not end up with someone even worse -- though I suspect that the next speaker will be Cantor and he seems even more eeeevil.

  6. Anonymous8:24 AM

    We know that Eric Cantor did not even know how a bill becomes a law. On top of that we keep hearing Boehner say they are waiting on the Senate and President Obama to give them something.

    Does Boehner, and of course include Cantor, not know that the Constitution (that word is their mantra isn't it?)states that the House holds the purse strings and expenditures must originate there?

    How does this band of bandits get away with so much malarkey that is fed to the public to try to make them think that Obama creates fiscal policy etc.? Or likewise that the Senate originates the spending plans?

  7. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I Stand With Barack Hussein Obama!

    I'll bet he EXCELS in a game of chess. Love it.

  8. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Maybe he'll talk about guns. All the talk about banning assault rifles has caused a huge boom in sales. Nearly all the dealers are completely sold out. The president could at least ask people to stop buying them.

  9. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I have disliked Boehner since the health care negotiations. Even when filmed with the President telling him ABC, Boehner stands in front of the press lying the president said XYZ. My impression is Boehner is stupid and a liar who does not care about solving problems. He is a drama queen.

    I agree with the President that we need to reduce spending and increase revenue to pay down our debt. It is a basic economic principal and balanced approach.

  10. It all comes down to work ethic.

    The President has it.

    Some in Congress have it.

    Too many don't.

    They also have forgotten who they work for.

    The President works for all of the people. Those that voted for him and those that didn't.

    A few in Congress do the same.

    Some only work for those that voted for them.

    And too many only work for those that donate large amounts of money to them. I.E. the faux people of Citizens United.

    That is our core flaw. And that is what has to change.

    Only *WE* can change that. By voting out the latter and voting in more of the former.

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Just remember "community organizer" is an EVIL term. Seems downright absurd under the circumstances, doesn't it?

    2. hedgewytch11:54 AM

      And Don Young, the "Congressman for All Alaskans" has said that he only listens to those constituents that voted for him. That statement alone, in my view, should forever disqualify him from public office. But here in Alaska, we just re-elect him again, and again, and again.

  11. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I want to knock some heads off shoulders as to the United States Congress - assuredly in the House and beginning w/Boehner and Cantor.

    They have no ethics as to work. Can you imagine if we operated as they do in the private sector? Give me a friggin' break! We'd be fired pretty quickly! Boehner is suppose to be an alcoholic - look at his puffy face/eyes each time he comes back into session and is before the cameras.

    Pay attention to these jerks folks and vote the Republicans out of office in this next cycle.

    Thank God we have President Obama! They want him to fail so badly they'll do whatever they can to block him - even to the detrimate of American citizens and the U.S. and world economies. They make me sick to my stomach.

    They are not listening to the people and they hate the fact President Obama was reelected.

    I think President Obama and VP Biden are doing a hell of a job in spite of everything the Repubs are throwing at them. I think we've got a man that will stand up to them and call them on things this go around!!! Good! President Obama is so much smarter than Boehner! It's like he is playing chess w/him! One play at a time, Boehner, I'm going to get your ass!

  12. Anita Winecooler9:12 PM

    I rarely watch MTP since the planet of the apes stand-in took over, but I'll be watching President Obama on Sunday.
    "Proceed, Mr. President..."
    I read the comments, and all I can say is, everyone's right. Boehner's just corralling cats and making it look like HARD WORK.

    I cheered when President Obama put the "table it for an up or down vote" idea out there. Brilliant move!! The one who has most to lose is Boehner, but President Obama is going to take it to the streets and do what's right for the middle class.


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