Monday, December 03, 2012

The next time somebody tells you the government should not be giving "handouts" to people. Update!

I think there are millions of American children who would become instant Democrats if they came to realize that without the help of government programs there might never have been a Harry Potter.

Update: For those who missed this interview on the Daily Show here is the clip.


  1. Now I like her even more.

  2. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Great way to start Monday morning in reading this! She is assuredly a fine example for others to follow - in more ways than one!

  3. I'm now reading and enjoying her new book, "Casual Vacancy." When I saw her on TDS, and heard what she said, I wanted to get the book. Quite different from the Harry Potter books but very real. She is very observant and I admire her honesty. I really wish someone would be honest and publish the amount of working people are on Food Stamps and assistance. I'm sick of the Right Wing getting away with calling these people "lazy."

    1. Glad you're also enjoying "The Casual Vacancy," Crystal Sage! I thought it was terrific. However, I made the mistake, before reading it, of cruising the early Amazon reviews. So many people were sorely angry at Jo for NOT writing a Harry Potter book--well, duh!

    2. I read "Casual Vacancy" the week it came out...I had only read the story synopsis before that...I stayed away from any reviews until I had read it myself!

      The one thing I knew prior to reading the way...shape or form was this book going to have anything to do with Harry Potter!

      It was a bit of a shock reading all the sexing and drugging going on though...but it was part of the story... and to be honest if the book wasn't by JK I probably wouldn't have read it.

      PS...I think JK is a Billionaire now...I saw some story they did on her on Bloomberg TV last week...they called her the FIRST Billionaire Author! WOW!!

  4. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Santorum To Write Column For Right-Wing Conspiracy Website

    Rick Santorum has joined WorldNetDaily, a conspiracy theory blog best known for its indefatigable work advancing the birther movement, as an exclusive columnist.

    The former Pennsylvania senator, who was voted out of office in 2006, will use the perch to remain in the conservative consciousness as he eyes another presidential bid in 2016. His column will be featured on the site every Monday.

    Santorum’s extreme views will fit in well at WorldNetDaily. In the past, he has compared homosexuality to bestiality, told rape victims they shouldn’t be permitted to get an abortion but rather should “make the best out of a bad situation,” and said food stamps are unnecessary because obesity rates are so high.

    Culling WorldNetDaily’s conspiracy theories to a manageable list is a herculean task, but here are a few choice headlines:

  5. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Buddhist Scholar Says Norquist Pledge Is Treason, Goes Viral (VIDEO)
    No wonder Xtains wanted her books banned.

    Thurman’s main thesis is that a person cannot hold allegiance to two masters, particularly conflicting masters, and properly serve either. He makes the point by, first, reiterating the oath of office that all Senators and Congressman and women take

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      It's true. Senators and Representatives take an oath to uphold the Constitution. That's it. Grover Norquist is not the United States of America. I've told my Representative that I think he is a traitor (Dave Camp, Chair of House Ways and Means). And I will keep telling him that until his behavior shows that he is ready to represent his constituents and all of the people of the United States and not Grover Norquist. And why would Christians want members of Congress to pay more allegiance to Grover Norquist than to the Constitution? Some people are just stupid!

  6. Sharon8:20 AM

    I watched this show and thought the same thing....she has a true patriotic spirit and believes in reaching back thru that open door. What will be the legacy of Romney....nothing but greed. No Rockefeller Center, no Carnegie Hall, no museums or schools, hospitals, nothing. We have Gates and Buffet and so many sport stars, musicians and actors, and Clinton making huge differences globally, Romney....nothing but lies and greed. I believe the old doesn't buy happiness is true with that entire family...they don't seem happy, just empty. The serious wealth from Wall Street was made by the art of the deal....they produce exactly nothing but take advantage of the weak and push paper.

  7. Anonymous11:14 AM

    She was a billionaire, but no longer, she gave so much to charity she too herself out of the category

  8. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I travel to the UK and Europe frequently and have many friends there. They all completely can not understand why the citizens of the USA do not want universal health care. I have a friend with dual citizenship - she and husband ALWAYS travel to London for health care, as health care in UK - even w/ USA insurance - is better, quicker, more comprehensive and FREE.

    I have, in last 20 years, used the free health care that European countries give to travelers b/c of socialized medicine (would never happen in USA) in emergencies: broken elbow, sudden blood pressure issues, UTI, chest pains.....always first class treatment in any country.

    I would be happy to pay an additional tax for universal health care...rather than premiums to current health care company. It is so FREEING! If we all just paid a bit more, we would be free to leave a bad employer (because we would not be stuck to them b/c of health care)

    I believe it would make employers have to actually RECRUIT QUALITY employees, not just who is scamming to get health insurance.

    Anyone who has traveled beyond her/his front door would probably agree with me, as this is the way most of the rest of the non-third world believes (And probably third world countries are working to be here) We are the only industrialized nation that does not provide universal health care to ALL citizens. We only provide it to: poor, elderly, and all government workers

  9. Anita Winecooler8:39 PM

    She's truly an inspiration. Stewart was spot on when he said the government made an investment that's paid off. She's given back more than her share, and doesn't whine, kvetch and complain.

    President Obama didn't come from money, he earned it and remembers the struggle. Romney had it handed to him on a silver platter and has no clue why the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.


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