Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Apparently Hillary wasn't the ONLY one suffering from a brain clot.

If you remember Joe Scarborough said yesterday that many republicans had convinced themselves that the Benghazi incident would be the downfall of both President Obama AND derail Hilary's chances of running for President in 2016.

Certainly worked out well for them don't you think?


  1. Anonymous3:01 AM

    EPIC takedown. As someone said here yesterday, President Obama and Hillary are the smartest people in the room, ANY room.

  2. I have a sister who is still posting FB rants about this. She is convinced there was a coverup, that Hillary and the President were watching this in real time, and they 'killed four Americans." Their heads are goig to explode when Hillary runs and wins in 2016. Or maybe they will all take their little guns and use them. Such a bunch of patriots. Scarborough was preaching yesterday about how this President 'never reached across the aisle' his whole first term! Really Joe? Really? Stop watching Fox, you moron.

  3. We saved the people of Benghazi, so I am sure no one thought they would turn on us. The entire city would have been a massacre site if we had not intervened.

  4. Anonymous5:00 AM

    I'm thinking that the conservatives really, really wanted the Benghazi attack to be a terrorist attack. That way, they could claim that the U.S. and U.S. troops aren't safe under Barack Obama.
    Remember in 2008, when Dick 'the dick' Cheney kept hammering on about how George W. Bush (Republicans) had kept the country safe (as if 9/11 never happened) and IF Barack Obama were to be elected, the country wouldn't be safe.
    So, if Benghazi were indeed a terrorist attack, the Republicans could have perhaps won some sort of victory on Election Day. Didn't work out, but I believe that's all they cared about. Winning the election, 4 dead diplomats be damned!

    1. Anonymous6:56 AM

      I agree and will go farther. Who was funding that idiot who made the film? He didn't have money so someone funded the "movie" and seeded it where it could cause trouble....on 911 no less.

      Romney & Co meet with anti-Muslim Altas shrugged idiots in Aug....?

      Yep this was planned by them, As Hill said, "The FBI not through investigating yet" I wanted to see this come crashing down on RMoney's campaign. Of course like all their schemes its blowing up in their faces.

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Pam Gellar

  5. Scarborough is one of those people who cling to their wrongness. Check out how he continues to assert things that Krugman has just shown to be false.

  6. Academi, formerly Xe Corp., formerly Blackwater USA & Blackwater Worldwide, is the largest of 3 private security firms used by the US State Dept. The company employs former military, most with special forces or intelligence backgrounds to perform "security" functions, primarily in hot-spots where official US forces need a supplemental force 'off the books'. These 'private contractors', with their special forces backgrounds, routinely perform the missions that would be politically unpopular, and there is a near-black-out of press coverage of their nefarious activities, which include assassinations and other behind the scenes mercenary activities. These mercenaries are paid out of a black-ops budget that is not itemized for the congress, so no one knows the true cost. In fact, they don't even give us the official body counts of those who are killed or injured, although it is known that the number exceeds 1000. At that low estimate, they would comprise 20% of the deaths of US military personnel in these two undeclared wars over the past decade.

    Erick Prince, founder and CEO of Blackwater, is one of the Neocons who has been enriched by the Afghanistan and Iraq 'wars', and is an insider in the Republican Connection within the Military Industrial Complex, along with Cheney, the Bushes, Carlyle Group, and many other Neocons including Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Kristol, Bolton, Podhoretz, and others who support military intervention over diplomacy.

    No conspiracy theories so far, just facts easily verified.

    The timing of the Benghazi incident is suspect because it occurred during the home stretch of a hotly-contested presidential campaign. Who would be the so winner in the case of such a hot event in a hot area? Who would be the loser? Why would a military enemy (let's assume for a moment that it was al Qaeda) that attacked the consulate want to choose that particular time for its 'terrorist attack' to possibly shift the US electorate's support over to Romney, (2/3 of his advisers were from Bush Neocon team), who had already declared that we would be very aggressive with Iran and Syria to the point of having vocal support of BIbi Netanyahu. BIbi met with Romney When Mitt went to Israel to fundraise among the super-rich dual nationality crowd whose interests are aligned with the Neocon crowd here in the US. Another inconvenient fact: the great majority of the neocons here in the US do not hold elected public office. They 'influence' elections, and mainly foreign policy through their financial support and propaganda on behalf of their moneyed interests.

    Other than known facts of associations between the principals in the 'Benghazi Attacks' and the facts of the timing, along with an analysis that obviously points to which party would be a benefactor and the other a loser, I have little direct evidence that the neocons directly/indirectly supported the incident. The fact that they had their talking points aligned almost immediately and their political leader of the moment made a condemning statement before the POTUS could issue a statement, in order to set the tone and frame the event at "Obama's Failed Foreign Policy" is suspect.

    The neocon's 'boys' in the Senate have switched gears from their target being Obama to Rice to Clinton as their little narrative provided to them has unraveled. But this whole thing has been a farce that blew up in the face of the Neocons, who are responsible not only for the political uproar in the aftermath of Benghazi, but, IMO, they culpable for the false flag incident itself, as well as the 'fake muslim smear video' that was put out as a diversion tactic.

    The fact that Obama was still able to win decisively is a credit to his political skills and character. Plus, he was able to do it without throwing the CIA or State dept under the bus. I sincerely believe we have the right man for the job in office today.

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      BoneyBooBoo...Clapping wildly! great comment! Thank you!

  7. Hilary won't run - the GOP are desperate to make her the candidate so they can relive the hate of Pres Clinton's 2nd term. She has more sense - and looks very tired after the stress of the job and non stop GOP criticism and lies.

    Benghazi was an attempt by McCain to find something/anything that President Obama did wrongly - yet another fail from the man who caused his own demise by using his other brain to choose a VP candidate

  8. P.S. I had to edit my previous screed pretty heavily due to the word count ceiling, so I omitted some things, one of which was my thought that the Benghazi 'terrorist' attack was the 'October Surprise' that was supposed to gin up support for a bigger Republican turnout, especially among the low-info who vote based on yesterday's news or current events, as told by their primary news sources in the conservative media. Thankfully, Rove & Friends miscalculated.

    1. Wow, that is a truly frightening theory. Unfortunately, I could see it being the case. I do hope that you are wrong though.

    2. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Boney I think you are RIGHT! Romney,McCain and all of them met with the anti-muslims in the middle of Aug then this happens almost a month later?
      False Flag op. That blew up in their faces when 4 were killed, being dumbasses they go after Rice, and Hillary, Now going after Hillary is just. plain.stupid!
      She will eat them up and spil them out like she did at the hearings. This is still under investigation and when the TRUTH comes out, Crickets will be heard from all these fucks including McCain!

    3. Me, too, Jo. We usually learn the inside on these matters years later, if at all. I'm not a conspiracy theorist generally, where the situation requires an child-like imagination and a leap of faith outside the rules of science and reason. But whenever there is a concerted effort to put forward a narrative about events before the facts are even available, it is helpful to listen and watch the behavior of the participants, with the understanding that some events are random or outside the control of certain parties, and some aren't. The ability to analyze a situation based on reliable source data helps discern between circumstantial events, and those coordinated between those whose interests are aligned.

      Richard Clarke's 1st book (Published in 2004, if I recall) of his time in the W administration was an eye-opener about how the Neocons created and controlled the message leading up to the invasion of Iraq. After researching and wading thru the muck of our history of "off the books" activities by our government, back to the early 50's, it's telling that there are scripted activities that often occur around different conflicts or incidents. Sometimes it is just damage control or political opportunism, which is understandable, which I would consider to be just 'human nature' and normal. But often, it is nefarious. I prefer to think for myself, and to filter out the noise of the chatter from both sides while examining the data. But recognizing who was advocating something other than the truth, once the true set of facts is known, is helpful in understanding how these events are often managed. The MSM is sometimes duped and sometimes it is a culprit. But more often it is a few individual journalists or opinion leaders that lead the narrative, not the entire media vehicle, because large operations like WaPo and NYT have a wide range of opinions expressed every day. I better get to work here or I'll be sitting here at midnight tonight wondering why my inbox is swamped. lol

    4. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Boney have you read Susan Linduar's book "Extreme Prejudice"? She was locked up by Bush to try to shut her up about HOW and why the Iraqui war started. She was a "Asset". Very interesting. When PBO was elected he let her out of prision.

  9. Cracklin Charlie6:36 AM

    Like some of you, I think that there is a chance that this incident may have been orchestrated by someone wishing to harm the President's reputation, and influence the 2012 election. I have been wondering lately if all the hullabaloo surrounding the Benghazi investigations is merely a Republican attempt to attach the incident to various Obama administration figures.

    In the wake of the tragedy, they seem to be desperate to make sure that when you hear the word Benghazi, you automatically associate with it the following names...Obama, Rice, Hillary Clinton. There doesn't seem to be any attempt to "get to the bottom" of what happened in that embassy. This "investigation" seems more and more like a cover-up.

    1. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Did you notice that none of them REALLY asked her any questions? They threw shit at the wall and see if it stuck!
      It IS a coverup by them b/c when the truth comes out, MCCain, Romney all the neo-cons will be busted and we will hear "Crickets" from Gretawire & fox news.

  10. Anonymous7:04 AM

    More GOP waste of taxpayers money and going after the KIDS!

    Arizona Bills Require Constitution Loyalty Oath, Pledge Of Allegiance By Public School Students

    Two Arizona lawmakers are stirring Constitutional debate and threats of legal action after introducing bills that would require the state's students to express love of country under God.

    House Bill 2467, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Bob Thorpe, would require all public high school seniors to take an oath to "support and defend" the U.S. Constitution and proclaim, "so help me god." A second proposal, House Bill 2284 sponsored by Republican state Rep. Steve Smith, would require all public 1-12 students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The oath, as proposed by Thorpe, reads:

    I, _______, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge these duties; So help me God.



  11. Anonymous9:17 AM

    What books have you checked out? Do any of your fellow 4th graders show any communist sympathies such as sharing their fruit by the foot snacks? Names, please. You'll be a good American patriot by ratting out the commies.

  12. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Anonymous9:17 AM

    What books have you checked out? Do any of your fellow 4th graders show any communist sympathies such as sharing their fruit by the foot snacks? Names, please. You'll be a good American patriot by ratting out the commies.
    WTF are you talking about?
    The foot snacks? The commies? I really hope this is "Snark"...

  13. Anonymous3:53 PM

    If I were conspiracy minded I'd wonder about the cretin who made the film that caused the riots in Egypt at the time of the Benghazi shootings and about whoever released the film in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East at the same time. . . . Remember that Mitt and others in the GOP warned of an "October surprise" and remember Mitt's reaction to the event before anyone knew anything about it. Given the GOP and Fox News' obsession with the events ever since one has to wonder. Hmmm.

  14. I read the posts and it is apparent that you have been drinking the kool-aid! You obviously don’t do any research for facts. There is only one person with the authority to issue a “stand down order” to Generals, Admirals, CIA, FBI, etc. As to the video, a guy who worked for the company Brennan was the head of before he joined the O team sent the video. A Coptic Christian made the film.

    Both parties are corrupt. The Communist Party claims to control the Democratic Party and infiltrated the Republican Party.

    Stevens was the coordinator for supplying arms to the rebels and al Qaeda to overthrow Gadhafi. When that was done, he helped negotiate oil contracts, and started rounding up munitions and personnel for fighting in Syria to overthrow that government. He coordinated with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He gave them lists of acceptable jehadists to arm. Benghazi was the coordination CIA center for the Middle East and an al Qaeda stronghold. Libya and Syria were two of the seven countries that were designated to be overthrown within 5 years in late September 2001. The dollar is pegged to oil as a reserve currency so the West has the need to control those countries resources. If you bothered to look, you would find that Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama have financial ties to Saudi Arabia…and all four believe in Global governance. All four have written Executive orders to eliminate our rights and control our resources. Bush II had a change of heart so Obama is finishing what he started. Maybe a dictatorship is your cup of tea; it certainly is not mine. All have lied to the American people and the Obama campaign knew in September 2012 that they still had control. Congress is a non functioning body giving the illusion of capability. Every bill since 2007 has been geared to put the American people under government control. The economic disaster was caused by a bill signed by Clinton that undermined the mortgage industry and allowed the devaluation of our assets to insure that people would look to government to solve our problems. What’s more I can prove it. The lapdog mainstream media regurgitates whatever the White House tells them to say.


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