Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cartoon of the day.

Well I certainly HOPE that President Obama has learned his lesson this time.

Because it is beyond clear that the GOP remains the same rabies infected slavering cur that they were the last four years.


  1. Randall3:07 AM

    I know that's the conventional wisdom (foolishly stuck his hand out and got it bitten off)
    ...and I realize that's the way it seems
    ...but I'll tellya what - I think I'd hate to play poker with Mr. Obama.

    I think he might be playing the long-game.

    Is he that smart?

    He got a lot done in his first term - but he also coddled the hell out of the snarling dogs of the GOP. Now they're starting to look like damned fools.

    I don't know... I'm going to reserve judgement for a couple of years.

    It's turning out that Mr. Obama is one smart cookie and it just may be that he wasn't willingly allowing himself to be bitten on the hand over and over...

    it may be that he was baiting them.
    Leading them on.
    Just like he did during the presidential debates with Mitt Rmoney, where he tanked the first one that the GOP would smell blood and throw all of their money at him
    ...instead of the down-ballot races
    ...which the Democrats then won
    ...and he came back in the next two debates and cleaned Mitt's clock
    winning BOTH the down-ballot races AND the Presidential race.

    I'm telling you...
    Barack Obama came to the job through long odds
    -- knows how to play the game --
    and just might be smart enough to be playing the long game.

    A very long, very smart, game.

    1. hedgewytch8:19 AM

      Yep, he's playing 3 dimensional Wizard Chess to the GOP's Chinese checkers.

  2. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Given the deservedly abysmal ratings of the Republican Party, today's cartoon reminded me of one of my favorite proverbs: A snapping cur wears a torn skin.

  3. angela5:05 AM

    The President may have learned his lesson---but Harry Reid hasn't. Thus Mitch McConnell fundraising over the fililbuster fiasco.

  4. Anonymous5:26 AM

    That vicious dog in the cartoon is Sarah Palin...LOL..That is exactly how she had gone after President Obama since 2008.


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