Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catholic opinion piece attempts to damn the Girl Scouts of America for being TOO progressive, may in fact have just written the best endorsement for joining that organization ever!

This is an excerpt from an opinion piece written by a female contributor for Catholic Online:  

What I've learned over the last year tells me that the Girl Scouts organization has taken a very liberal feminist and pro-homosexual turn, and more disturbing, a sharp turn away from acknowledging God. For example, since 1993 the Girl Scouts USA curriculum now reads, "Girl Scouts of the USA makes no attempt to define or interpret the word "God" in the Girl Scout Promise. It looks to individual members to establish for themselves the nature of their spiritual beliefs. When making the Girl Scout promise, individuals may substitute wording appropriate to their own beliefs for the word "God." 

While many will argue that Girl Scouts is simply respecting the beliefs or non-beliefs of its members, who come from varied backgrounds, this "tolerant" oath denies the One True God, allowing a girl to swear her oath to a tree or an animal or anything else she chooses to substitute for the word "God." 

I'm also disturbed by the treatment of our nation's flag at the 2008 Girl Scout National Council Session and Convention. The traditional flag ceremony was trashed, as was the playing of our National Anthem. Flags of all nations were brought in bunched together to Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire tunes. That just doesn't' sit well with this Army wife. 

My greatest concern lies with the Girl Scouts curriculum called "Journeys." This new program steadily leads the girls down a path of moral relativism toward the New Age. (An excellent review of "Journeys" can be read here.) Having read through the highlights on the Girl Scouts website, I'm left with the distinct impression I've just joined a Zen-yoga, environmental, defeat global warming, free choice, girl-power, modern feminist think-tank. There's lots of talk about "women's issues", environmental issues, empowerment, and the new "globalism", but no mention of God and very little of country. 

By the time the girls reach grades nine and ten, they are introduced to "Girltopia." This book emphasizes the disparity between the sexes, particularly when it comes to jobs and wages, and asks, "How could everyone create a Girltopia?" The text then praises three different books on the subject of utopias, including, "The Gate to Women's Country," by feminist author Sheri S. Tepper, who also happens to be the Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. 

In grades 11 and 12, the curriculum is called "Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy." The most disturbing part is that at the bottom of each page is a "Voice for Good" featuring women meant to be role models for the girls to follow. More than 50 women are named, and only 3 are women of faith, including Mother Teresa. 

Mainly, these "role models" are feminists, lesbians, existentialists, communists, and Marxists.

Now if you are anything like me you are right now thinking, "Holy crap I just thought the Girl Scouts made kick ass cookies, but this organization is awesome!"  Which undoubtedly is NOT the response this author was hoping to inspire.

Of course while this is taking place within the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts are actively pushing a fundamentalist Christian agenda that does not accept ANY deviations from their strict interpretations of human love or morality.

While the Girl Scouts are promoting openness, progress, and nonconformity, the Boy Scouts are stressing obedience, militarism, and conformity. Today there are lifelong scouts being driven from this organization due to their biology, while everywhere else in the country their sexuality is increasingly becoming a non-issue.

This has inspired me to ask the question, what the hell is wrong with the males in this country?

Why does it seem that we, as a whole, are ALWAYS several beats behind the women when it comes to accepting change, or moving forward in our thinking?

Yes I know that we are not monolithic. There are of course VERY progressive men, just like there are many close minded (This author for example) women out there who would give even the most Neanderthal like man a run for his money when it comes to prejudicial thinking.

But as a whole it just seems that we are always taking up the rear, and I for one am goddamn sick and tired of it!

Women are the most ardent supporters of health care reform in this country, the most vocally anti-war, and the most open to embracing new ideas and differing points of view. No WONDER there are so few of them in the RNC!

If my daughter was a little younger I would sign her up for the Girls Scouts immediately. But if I had a son I would definitely suggest another, less antiquated,  organization than the Boy Scouts of America for him to join.

However you know that progress is coming. And someday, despite how hard they fight against it, the Boy Scouts WILL open up and become the welcoming, progressive, and open minded organization that EVERY boy in this country deserves the opportunity to join.


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    My granddaughter - aged 9 is a Scout. In fact tonight she has a meeting where the girls are to turn in cookie orders. She never misses a meeting - loves the activities - joins in community projects - etc. The summary this woman gives is something I am not familiar with - but if it is have as good as she indicates - I am on board!!
    Pat Padrnos

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    The times they are a-changin'......sayeth the poet...

  3. Anonymous12:46 PM

    A local American Girl group came to our Project Linus Make a Blanket Day last year to earn their badges in community service. I asked if they were like the Girl Scouts. The reply was "Yes, except we are christian." (intentional lower case, by the way!) hahahahahahaha They also commented on the number of 'older' women working on blankets for Project Linus. I heard one say "Well, it gives them something to do." The age of the Blanketeers averages about 45. They also did not respect authority. After being told not to allow the kids to use a rotary cutter, they kept sneaking one to their table for them to use. They were not invited back.

    1. Invited back?

      I would have disinvited them after the insult and the second rotary cutter offense.

  4. Caroll Thompson1:02 PM

    I was so busy today, I forgot to make my cookie order with the daughter of a co-worker. I am so happy I did not have time today because I am doubling the order tomorrow.

    Go Girl Scouts.

    I noted the writer stated she was an Army Wife. Well, I am a Vietnam era U.S. Navy veteran. I think that trumps an Army wife. And I love these Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts rock. I will be sure to talk to my daughter about enrolling her two daughters into this wonderful group.

    And if the writer bothered to read her bible, she would see that Jesus did not take kindly to others shoving religion down someone's throat. One must go to God on their own (or not, if that is their choice).

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    This "army wife" has a little too much time on her hands. She could much more effectively demonstrate her patriotism and values if she got off her ass and enlisted. File this article under "Desperately Looking For an Issue in the Quest for Attention".

  6. Ahem. The “One True God," they said? C'mon Gryph, get 'cher facts straight will ya' please? You wrote this is a “Catholic" piece, not Muslim! Sheesh.

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      Catholics *also* use the phrase "one true God" in various expressions of their belief system.

    2. Olivia3:22 PM

      Anonymous 2:37 pm, you need to turn up your snark detector.

  7. Usually the catholic "church" is usually more interested in little boys.

  8. SALLY in MI1:16 PM

    What are these people afriad of? Oh, I know, mif we don't indoctrinate them young, they wil not join up and be good donors. Guess what? My kids went to church with me every Sunday, particpated in pageants, read Bible stories, memorized verses. Neither one of them is now religious, but they are darn good, honest, hard-working adults with families. I am proud of them. Oh, and my daughter was a Brownie for a few years, but I hated the emphasis on cookies and selling, so we quit to pursue other activities. But more power to them..they are a lot more religious and patriotic than the BSA.

  9. I think you can discover the disparity in that the Mormons have taken over the boy scouts.

    I don't know who is running the girl scouts but they are doing an awesome job.

    I might just buy their cookies.

  10. fromthediagonal1:22 PM

    In the time of the dinosaurs (ca. 1969) I volunteered as a co-leader for my eldest daughter's GS group. As I was not yet a full-fledged citizen, I would stand at attention when the pledge was recited or the anthem was played, rather than place my hand over my heart.
    Well, guess what... the mother of one of our girls complained to the Council, telling them no "foreigner" should be teaching American Girls, etc., ad nauseam. I responded that she was welcome to fill my place with the troop. Yeah, guess what: she withdrew her complaint and never said a word.
    I have now been a naturalized citizen for nearly forty years, and I still honor the flag and anthem by standing at attention, and I apologize to none.
    Why, you ask?
    Because there is a difference between honoring and worshiping.
    But that's just my interpretation of loyalty to country, which is the US.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Very good point. I am extremely bothered by nationalism in the US, such as that expressed by the woman who criticized you and by the "Army wife" quoted by Gryphen above. There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism, between loving your country and demanding that everyone make excessive displays of doing so. It's very troubling and is getting worse and worse.

    2. Bestemor9:36 PM

      Thank you for this. I am 62 years old and have lived in the US since I was a baby, but I didn't become a citizen until I was 22, so 40 years ago. When I took my test for citizenship, the judge said I knew more about history and government than he did!

      I love and honor this country and its flag, but I do not worship it and I never will. I stand at attention, without any hand over heart stuff. To me, that borders on idolatry (and I'm not even religious).

      Based on this article, I am coming to appreciate the Girl Scouts more and more (I had boys, but they never did Boy Scouts). What they did was FFA (Future Farmers of America), which is so egalitarian you can't believe it, plus they teach citizenship and even Parliamentary Procedure based on Roberts Rules of Order.

      My oldest son, in his second year of FFA (back in 1988) had a crush on one of the FFA girls, whose name sounded familiar to me. I asked him, are her people ranchers? He answered, "I don't know, but she sure can throw a sheep!" (Into the truck that is... sheep-throwing... it's an art in Montana.)

  11. Anonymous1:24 PM

    ... " But as a whole it just seems that we are always taking up the rear, and I for one am goddamn sick and tired of it! "...


    and i'm goddamn'd sick and tired of these boorish domestic fukin' taliban -

    fuk 'em

  12. fromthediagonal1:24 PM

    Oh, and one more thing... I have to look at the GS creed of today. It sounds like there are progressives in charge, and I love it!

  13. Anonymous1:27 PM

    A year or two ago at a Boy Scout Jubilee, the boys were led in shouting anti-Obama slogans. Locally, the smug, entitled little bastards stand outside grocery stores and demand you buy their overpriced crappy popcorn or just donate flat-out to them. The leadership is anti-gay, anti-Atheist, anti-sense.

    1. fromthediagonal2:24 PM

      Notjust NO, but Hell NO! anon@1:27!
      I am appalled... even more so than in 1969 (see my earlier post)!
      We were involved in Scouting for both our daughters and our sons and if that had happened then, my USAF husband would have called them out.
      This is horrendous!
      Hope you did something about it!
      This cannot stand!

    2. Anonymous1:51 PM

      The conversation went like this,
      BS: "Hey, buy some popcorn!"
      Me: "No, thanks."
      BS: "Then just give me a donation."
      Me: "No, thanks."
      BS: "You must be a DEMOCRAT!"

  14. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Took my son to about 4 cub scout meetings and had it up to my eyeballs with the god crap! Signed him up for soccer instead.

    Raised Catholic. Refused to raise my kids in any religion. They only saw the inside of a church with Grandma. When all the other kids were making first communion I got a lot of whining from my daughter. Why?? All the other kids are doing it. Answer: because your Mommy is not a hypocrite. Had plenty of friends and neighbors who never attended church doing the first communion thing because it was expected. Disgusting.

    One of the biggest fights I had with my daughter was when she was 16. Wanted money to take a bus to a pro-life rally in DC with her Catholic school friends (my ex sent her to Catholic school and he paid, so what the hell). Told her if she wanted to go she could make the money on her own. There was NO WAY I would give her any money to attend that kind of rally. She didn't go and I got the silent treatment for two weeks. Oh well...

    I always say it loudly "ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE...

    Insist my son says it that way in school but he said he's too embarrassed. LOL he's young.

    1. fromthediagonal2:26 PM

      They will have to find their own way...

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      You can't have it both ways. If you let your ex send your daughter to a Catholic school, of course she was going to be indoctrinated with Catholic beliefs - did you you think she wouldn't? And of course she wanted to participate in the same activities as her friends - she was 16! Of course she wanted to go on a bus trip to DC with them, even if it was to attend a rally for a cause that was anathema to you.

      I'm 60 - and *I* think you were very hypocritical and unfair to her. You can't expect a teenager to uphold the courage of YOUR convictions for you - not when YOU are the one who is sending her mixed messages about them in the first place, by standing by and letting your ex send her to a school where she is taught the exact opposite of what you believe.

    3. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Anon 2:33

      Umm let's see, it says that I told her if she wanted to go to the rally she could. I just wasn't going to pay for it. And as far as the Catholic school goes. Firstly, a child isn't raised by only one person. Her father's family was very religious. She also attended church with her grandmother. Second the local high school was full of drugs. So where exactly am I a hypocrite?? I made it clear to her that I wanted her to attend a good school not a religious school. She knew where I stood. Besides the trip was exactly that a SOCIAL excursion. It had nothing to do with upholding HER belief in pro life issues. If she was serious about it she would have made the money to go but she didn't.

    4. Anonymous5:28 PM

      You're a hypocrite, 4:43.

  15. Chella1:34 PM

    I am 26, and when I was a child, I was too busy with martial arts and sports to join the scouts. I have many friends, however, who were girl scouts, and they have nothing but amazing things to say about the organization.

    I have 7 younger cousins who are also in the girl scouts, and 2 cousins who's children have just started, and they absolutely love it! It instills the girls a sense of community, helps cultivate a high self esteem, and teaches them skills that they can use for a life time.

  16. Anonymous1:34 PM

    When the Catholic Church comes clean over their own child abuse scandals, then they can talk. Until then, they need to shut the hell up about everything having to do with morality.

    1. fromthediagonal2:27 PM


    2. Well said, Anonymous@1:34 PM.

  17. Anonymous1:41 PM

    The writer probably has very sketchy idea about better role models. For example, Thomas Jefferson, a founder and all that stuff. Well, here's a Jefferson quote about his slaves:

    "I consider a woman who brings a child every two years as more profitable than the best man of the farm," Jefferson remarked in 1820.


    Hmmm, maybe ole Thomas J. isn't such a great role model for youth. And the bible is also chock full of marvelous ideas to make sure women know their place.

    The point is, one parent's idea for a terrific role model is another parent's monster. Three cheers for the Girl Scouts tor trying to EDUCATE girls and young women to THINK!

  18. Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. My granddaughter (7 yo) is fully enjoying her scouting experience, and after reading this, I fully support continued involvement in the scouting life for her!

    OTOH, I will respectfully request that my grandson (2 yo) does not join Boy Scouts when the time comes due to its exclusivity to white, christian youth.

  19. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I just noticed that this piece was written in March, 2010.

    1. Well, Army Wife probably hasn't changed her opinions since 1950.

  20. Spiff2:01 PM

    My daughter is a Girl Scout--love them! This article makes me love them even more!!

    Now...what do I do with my almost 4-year-old son when he is old enough? Is there a Girl Scouts for boys?

  21. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Did you notice that this article was written more than two years ago (3/13/2010)? The woman who wrote it is a loser but maybe she has had a change of heart during that time. She certainly does not speak for most of the Catholics I know. My sisters and I were Girl Scouts and my parents had no problem with that.

  22. "...a sharp turn away from acknowledging God."

    One thing I have never understood: Why would some super-duper powerful god need or want our acknowledgement?

  23. SO proud to be a Lifetime Girl Scout. My husband is a Lifetime Girl Scout too (adult men who help with GS activities have to be registered). No kids, but we know lots of them, and many of the girls are Girl Scouts. Gotta order cookies from the rest of them...

    Also happy to no longer be a Catholic.

  24. Anonymous4:39 PM

    The best laugh of the entire piece is regarding Girl Scouts in 11th or 12th grade! I mean really, the oldest Girl Scout I've ever known, myself include, was 11 years old, 6th grade, that's it. No Girl Scout could ever survive the peer torment that would be coming their way being a 16 or 17 year old Girl Scout! I mean, really, no one does that. There are no Girl Scouts older than 12, and even that is pushing the envelope of social impropriety that one may never overcome.


    1. Spiff5:18 PM

      They have high school Girl Scouts now--they work on their Gold Award, I think to compete with the Eagle Scout for the Boy Scouts...

      I think it's great!!

  25. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I was never a Girl Scout when I was a girl, as the only troop in our area was an honor troop, which meant you had to have the FULL uniform, and my mom refused to shell out that kind of money, even though both she and my grandmother were Girl Scouts. I am a Girl Scout leader now, though, and my daughters are all Girl Scouts.

    Even though Girl Scouts have awesome parts to their programs, lately they have become VERY commercial. GSUSA recently completely revamped the entire program, which meant we had to buy new books, new badges, and bunch of other new stuff, to the tune of about $50/girl. The cookie sales training is also over the top this year, IMO. Nobody joins Girl Scouts to sell cookies, and here the girls are, selling cookies at $4/box and only getting to keep 65 cents of it for troop activities. Stinks to high heaven, to me.

    I have five high school girls in my Senior troop, so I can assure you that some of the older girls do stick with it. They don't really like the Journeys, though - most of the stuff in there is stuff they already get in school. We are finishing up the Sow What? journey, which is about food availability, They have learned some stuff from there that they haven't gotten elsewhere. We'll be starting on their Gold Award projects soon. In many respects, the Gold Award is harder to get than the Eagle Scout rank (which my son reached several years ago). The Gold Award takes AT LEAST 100 hours of effort to earn and the projects have more pieces to them than many of the Eagle Scout projects I have seen.

    Anyway, many conservative Christian groups have had their own versions of Scouts for years and years. This American Pioneer Girls (or whatever) is just the newest one and is trying to grow by running the Girl Scouts down. The ones I have met are nice enough but radiate entitled superiority.

  26. Anita Winecooler7:37 PM

    Reading this article brought back so many good memories for me. I was pleasantly surprised when my daughters joined. I found that the GSA had evolved with the times. They were taught historical facts about real women's experiences, not hysterical fairy tales some Army Wife's narrow "Catholic" world view holds as "truth".

    I was talking to my SIL a few weeks ago, her daughter's having a "sweet sixteen" party, and I was wondering out loud, why there isn't a "male" version to celebrate their coming of age?

    And it saddens me that my son didn't have a similar organization to join. All my kids were involved in sports and martial arts, but the girls really excelled with GSA. They made new friends, learned responsibility, learning for learning's sake, the value of volunteering and it kept them occupied.

  27. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I accidentally fell into being a Girl Scout Leader about eight years ago and stuck with it for five years. As far as I can tell, the Girl Scouts offer programs and support, but they have very few requirements, and my co-leaders and I were pretty much completely autonomous.

    So if we had wanted to run a very religious, patriotic group we could have, and if we had wanted to run a liberal or atheistic group we could have done that too. We just did what looked fun and sometimes educational. It wasn't even mandatory to sell cookies, we only did it in the years that we felt up to it.

    I find nothing to complain about with the Girl Scouts, they are a fine pro-girl organization. People who criticize them seem to be the type to force their own religious beliefs down everyone's throats, and I frankly don't think that the parents of a casual group of school friends would have appreciated me forcing MY personal political and religious beliefs on their daughters. It had no place in our group, but if everyone had agreed, then I'm sure that the Girl Scouts would have been okay with it. They were agreeable to everything we asked about, even letting one of the fathers be a co-leader, as long as we always had two or three adults with the girls at all times. If the Boy Scouts had had that rule, just think how many boys could have avoided being completely traumatized by all those pedophiles.

    People who have no problem with the Boy Scouts, but vilify the Girl Scouts always astonish me.

  28. Anonymous9:43 PM

    The Catholic legacy is stunning. The church never met a pedophile priest or a rich dictator they couldn't "save".


  29. Anonymous3:58 AM

    While I buy fewer and fewer Girl Scout cookies each year (too expensive and not good for us) I've always liked the messages on the boxes. For too long girls were not encouraged to "be all that they can be" and I'm glad to see that they receive the encouragement that they need and deserve. The criticism the organization has received from GOP legislators in the past couple of years is entirely based on their fear of women who use their brains.


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