Monday, January 07, 2013

David Letterman confesses to Oprah that he only apologized to Sarah Palin so that he could continue to make fun of her.

OPRAH WINFREY: I saw the apology that you made to Sarah Palin’s daughter. It seemed that you were genuinely apologetic there. 

WINFREY NARRATION: After Sarah Palin attended a New York Yankees game with her 14-year-old daughter Willow, David cracked a sex joke about a baseball player and the young girl. Letterman says he thought Sarah Palin was with her oldest daughter, Bristol, who made headlines when she became pregnant at age 17. 

WINFREY TO LETTERMAN: Why did you apologize? 

LETTERMAN: I’ll tell you why I apologized. I felt like Sarah Palin was somebody I wanted to continue to be able to make fun of and I felt like if I don’t apologize, if I don’t sincerely express my regret, I will not be able to go forward making fun of her. And truly, I felt bad for the 14-year-old. You know, that was just like, oh nice going, you got the wrong daughter. That was just dumb, stupid joke that fell into dumb luck and got worse.

You know Sarah Palin, and the Right Wing noise machine. blew this WAY out of proportion when it happened to continue the meme that Sarah Palin was being unfairly attacked by the Left.

I always believed that pretty much everybody knew that he meant Bristol, simply because SHE was the one who had a child out of wedlock. It would only have been a funny joke if it was Bristol, and by the way it was pretty funny.

I remember yelling "NO" at the screen when i heard Letterman apologize because I KNEW that it fed into their victimization mythology and that it would set a bad precedent for others who wanted to make jokes about the family or expose the truth about who they really were.

As it turned out I kind of think that Letterman's apology emboldened them enough that they felt confident in threatening Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore with a lawsuit a month later, and then of course also came after me.

However in the interest of wanting to continue making fun of Sarah Palin one can hardly blame Letterman for doing what he felt he had to in order to get back to the jokes.

P.S. By the way at the end of this video Oprah asks Letterman if he ever felt bad about hurting someone's feelings with a joke, he replies that he has and that he has even called to apologize after ward a number of times.

I think we can say with some confidence that he NEVER called Sarah Palin. Because if he had it would have been broadcast ALL OVER Fox News.

(H/T to Mediaite.)


  1. "I think we can say with some confidence that he NEVER called Sarah Palin. Because if he had it would have been broadcast ALL OVER Fox News."
    I don't know about that. They might have liked to see him grovel, and enjoyed publicizing it (we won!), but they might not have liked being put in the position of having to accept his apology, shake hands, and move on. You know, like adults.

    A Palin never forgets or forgives.

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    When I first heard Letterman's joke, I absolutely knew it was in reference to Bristol. I won't say definitely that everybody knew it was about Bristol, but it was. I'm sure of it.
    Palin took the opportunity to bash Letterman and goad him to an apology that he shouldn't never have had to make.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      You didn't build that! You might get stuck in Iraq! Go invent the internet, loser!

    2. Anonymous7:20 PM

      YIKES! An escaped patient from the Asylum screaming out failed Republican slogans!

      Beat it troll! YOU lost and you're still losing....Baldy and Beefy are jokes...join in the'll make that headache go away! LOL!!!

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

    The thing about the Letterman joke is that by the next day, Dave had insulted someone else. Sarah demanded that apology for an entire week, insisting that Letterman be fired. There was a "Fire David Letterman" Rally which attracted all of 50 people, 35 media and 15 outraged Sarah Palin fans. There was no public sentiment against Letterman.

    That's the thing about late night comedians and their jokes. If the audience isn't with them, they can't continue to make the joke. They get instant feedback. If the audience groans, they know that they can't get any mileage out of it. Dave continued to make jokes about the Fire Dave rally, and he continues to make jokes about Sarah Palin. He also joked about Mitt Romney and Mrs. Mitt. He called the candidate Mitch and blasted him for not appearing on his show-- not to mention the dog on the roof of the car jokes. I liked the fact that the reason that Dave apologized publicly was because he wanted to continue to make fun of Sarah Palin.

    1. If Letterman had truly been thinking ahead when he scripted his apology, he would have apologized only to Bristol and to Willow.

      Sarah Palin was only the target of the joke that she looked like a slutty airline attendant, which was true (unless she was dressed and coiffed by $250,000 of RNC money, of course). For THAT, Letterman needn't and shouldn't have apologized.

  4. Gryphen did you see this?

    "Kyle Massey, an actor most famous for starring on the Disney Channel's That's So Raven, has settled a lawsuit that alleged the idea for a reality show starring Bristol Palin taking care of her son Tripp was stolen from his family.

    Massey's attorney informed the court last month of the pending settlement. On Friday, a California federal judge signed off on it, dismissing the case.

    After the lawsuit was filed, it was amended, adding A&E Television Networks (owner of Lifetime) as a defendant.
    A&E sought to compel arbitration.
    Before a judge decided whether the contracts between the parties meant arbitration, the parties came to resolution. Details of the settlement have not been made public."

    Here's the link to the entire article....

    Hmmm...I wonder how much BaldyPac had to pay to make this go away? It must be a LOT of "postage"...cause those grifters are notoriously tight fisted!

    They probably settled to keep folks from looking to closely at the shell company Baldy put together to rip off the Massey's! Forgot what it's called...something like "Hands in Your Pocket"..or whatever the fuck it's called! LOL!!

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      I think the company is called "Hands Helping Themselves". Independence Palin-style.

    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Eventually all the money Bristol and Sarah have is going to run out with everyone they are having to pay off or keep quiet.

      White trash that will assuredly be back in trailers and living off the land again in Wasilla, AK. They can have them!!!!

    3. Anonymous5:59 PM

      I read the link and it smells like the Palins fucked somebody over again. If the Massey mom was offered the producer role with creative input you can bet ol' racist, beat by a black woman and a black man reared her wig womp head.

      I always abide by the old saying, "hit em where it hurts". With the Palins you go after their pocketbooks. I say sue them for all they got. Sarah Palin is so tightfisted with her money even the birds perched near her house know it. Every time she comes out they start squawking"cheep, cheep, cheep".

      There will come a day when they will have nothing, begging for handouts. I for one will be ignorant of their pleas.

    4. Chella9:55 PM

      5:59: "cheep, cheep, cheep"

      What an adorable joke, loves it!

  5. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Speaking of Palin, has anyone heard anything about her contract with Fox. It's beginning to look like FOX has not renewed her contract since she's been off the air for so long and she hasn't been making many comments on her Facebook page. Her fans over at Sea4Pee have also mentioned it and seem to be getting discourage for all but the most delusional. The most delusional think a third party should be form and make her the leader, and then she can run for President. Allen West seems to be their preference as a running mate.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      I wonder if FOX ripped out the stuff they put in her house that she broadcast from? Wouldn't it be fun to know all the ends and outs?

      I cannot believe they would have renewed her...she's 'zero' to most anymore. Their ratings are dropping and idiot Sarah would be of no help to them and I'm sure they know it!

    2. Anonymous12:21 AM

      Since the studio was in her house, did she get deductions for working from home? Bet she found every underhanded write-off and loophole possible.

  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Gee, wasn't old Sarah their Queen?

    Tea Party Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity In Public Opinion Poll

  7. Kimosabe4:00 PM

    Fer crikes sake, the joke wasn't about the Palin girl (whichever of them), it was about A-Rod, famously known in NYC as dating every hot babe in the cit. The Palin girl was just a foil for a semi-inside NY Yankees joke. New Yorkers got that.

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    As usual, the pee ponders have picked up on this, saying Letterman urged the rape of Bristol Palin because he hated her so.

    And just for snickers, saw this comment too:

    "They are afraid of her attractiveness that will cross the partisan divide and cast a spell on them; thus by putting on protective layers of antipathy and animosity toward her they can be safe from her spellbinding charisma.

    Imagine if the role had been reversed.  If Sarah were a liberal democrat and a proponent of pro-choice causes and gay marriage as well as all those left wing agenda such as anti-gun and big government/socialist programs we would be hating her so much, more than we would hate Hillary because Sarah was so lovely and likable that we might be seduced by the her sheer physical appeal of her feminine beauty.

    Loathing Sarah from day one is more out of fear of the possibility that one might come to like her. That psychological struggle within oneself is why they can't help themselves from attacking her."

    We really are just afraid that we will fall in LOVE with her!!!
    Those Palins sure attract the winners!

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Poor things, they're reduced to eating each others' fleas out of boredom... the "rape" meme wouldn't work with Bristol Palin because she was not under-age. It was only because Sarah Palin CLAIMED that Willow was there that she was able to steer the conversation around to her favorite subject, rape.

      AFAIK nobody has ever admitted to seeing Willow there.

    2. Cracklin Charlie8:11 PM

      That is hilarious! They seem to have spent lots of time thinking about this.


    3. Anonymous @4:49 PM, for the longest time after that Yankees-game incident, no one could ever find a picture that proved Willow was at the game.

      Then about 6 months after the incident a series of pictures -- which the one shown in the video above was part of -- finally appeared online, and we skeptics were forced to admit she WAS there.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the media holding-back of the proof photos was intentional, to keep the victimization schtick and speculation and acrimony active and alive.

  9. O/T but great news !

    In a landmark settlement, the Pentagon has agreed to give full back pay to U.S. service members who were discharged due to their sexual orientation under the military's “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

    The payouts will be granted to service members dismissed from the military under the now-repealed policy on or after November 2004 . . .

    Full story here:

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Great news indeed.

    2. Anonymous6:20 AM

      That's showing how much we LOVE our troops. Right you RWNJ's? Right?

  10. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Letterman needs to sharpen his game. Making fun of Palin is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    1. [heh heh heh heh heh} now laughing like Dave [heh heh heh heh heh]
      good one.

  11. Anonymous4:46 PM

    O/T Lonnie Vernon = 26 years Karen Vernon = 12 years

    An Alaska militia member convicted of conspiring to kill public officials and of amassing weapons was sentenced Monday to nearly 26 years in prison, when proceedings were disrupted by his frequent and profanity-laden outbursts questioning the authority of the court.

  12. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Is Willow still in Hair School?

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Stop stalking strangers. Live YOUR life.

    2. Anonymous5:17 PM

      I read that she is cutting hair in AK now.

    3. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Palin seems to have disappeared from the limelight. I only hear her name on this blog anymore.

    4. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Stop talking to strangers. Live YOUR life.

      All fixed Krazy! LOL!

    5. Anita Winecooler6:25 PM

      LOL @ "Anonymous 5:10 (That's YOU, Krusty!) - Calling Mimi Bobeck!! If you count your trolls, one of them is missing!
      Did you send your well wishes to Beefy? She thinks she has a real stalker (one that's taking your place!)

  13. I think David Letterman can be very cold.

    That doesn’t mean Sarah Palin with her sick Rapture appeal to the sick, stupid, and old should be spared; she doesn’t deserve any sort of kindness. SHE encouraged the calls of “kill him.” SHE put the symbols of death on Gabby and others.

  14. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Because like most liberals, he's immature.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      *SIGH* are so fucking boring with your same stupid shit...but then that must mean you're a carry on dumbass! LOL!!!

    2. WakeUpAmerica5:55 PM

      BWAAHAAHAAHAA! Snicker, snicker! Snort! Whew! (wiping eyes) Thanks for the laugh.

    3. Anita Winecooler6:22 PM

      That's the best you could come up with? Like most knuckle draggers, you're slipping, Krusty!
      Take your own advice - Stop stalking strangers. Live YOUR life.

  15. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I loved it when Kirstie Alley pulled her list of his jokes about her being fat out of her bra and read them all to David Letterman on his show. That is how a real woman handles ole Dave.

  16. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Governor Sarah Palin’s Incredible Executive Accomplishments

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...thanks for the parody website of Baldy's "Accomplishments"...but you left out the best one....she...

      QUIT dumbass!

      I know the patients at the Asylum are going even MORE crazy(didn't think that was possible but hang out at the Dayroom/Open Thread today and you will see that the patients aren't even pretending anymore that they are close to being SANE!)and that's due to CreepyJr channelling the and wrote some useless garbage about going third party and those nuts think it's a sign that Baldy is going to launch a third Party called...wait for it folks....

      "The American Party"

      *SNORT*...*CHORTLE*...and some *GUFFAWING*!

      So if we end up getting an influx of old farts posting "links" to "Governor Baldy Palin's Incredible Executive Accomplishments" it's because of that cradle robbing CreepyJr! LOL!!

    2. Anonymous6:20 PM

      That was HILARIOUS!!

      Thank you!

      The "Source" material was better than (or equal to?) a Fourth Grader!

      Good Job, Piper!

  17. WakeUpAmerica5:54 PM

    You left out the most wonderful part where you and Shannon handed Palin et al their asses. ROLMAO still!

  18. Anita Winecooler6:19 PM

    I'm sure both of them laughed their asses off over coffee, comparing "Palin" stories. Oprah had her on out of pity, duped her into thinking Oprah "likes" her, yes, Oprah knows how to play that game!
    What did she get in return? a small boost in ratings, and a clip of Baldy pointing at her wig, squealing,"I waaahnted to loooook like YEWWWWWW!".

    Dave was just honored at the Kennedy Awards! Sarah, not so much. When he did this joke, she whined and cried foul while calling him a "Pedophile", because Sarah never could pass up a chance to demean successful men using sexual terms, simply because she lacks the skills needed to rebuke them intellectually.

    I'm glad Dave said this! It shows the world that Sarah is a loser. The best part? She has no platform from which to toss monkey poo!

  19. Drive on Dave.... The others, let 'em cook.

  20. emrysa7:58 PM

    (chanelling nelson)

    HA HA! the quitter still lost that round - and all other rounds.

    letterman gets a kennedy center honor and the quitter gets what? yeah NOTHING! still a major loser, the whole damn family is shit losers.

  21. Anonymous9:36 AM

    O/T There is a new calendar out called The Sexy Shoes Of Sarah Palin. I saw pics at The Dependable Renegade.I nearly vomited.OMG!


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