Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joe Miller reappears from the shadows to dip his vague beard back into Alaska politics.

Courtesy of Mudflats
From the National Review:  

Joe Miller, a former Republican Senate nominee in Alaska, is seriously considering a return to politics. 

This week, in a series of meetings with Republican officials on Capitol Hill, Miller signaled his interest in challenging Senator Mark Begich, a Democrat, who is up for reelection next year. 

According to several sources, Miller huddled with Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He also stopped by the office of Senator Lisa Murkowski. It was the pair’s first encounter since Murkowski, running as an independent, beat Miller in 2010. 

Miller, a favorite of grassroots activists and tea-party conservatives, will likely make a decision in the coming weeks. If he runs, sources say, he’d launch his campaign soon, since there may be a crowded primary. Mead Treadwell, Alaska’s wealthy lieutenant governor, has already formed an exploratory committee.

You know there was a time in the not too distant past where I would have bet big money that Joe would NEVER show his face in the political realm as a candidat3e again. However that was before he managed to hijack the Alaska Republican Party.

During my talks with Bill Fulton he often expressed his feelings that Joe would be taking a serious risk to run for office again.

I tend to agree based on what I know, but then again Miller is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Having said that, with the connections he now has in the party, and with outside money once again financing his campaign (Yes Joe we know about the contributions from California!) he could give Begich a run for his money. After all the teabaggers LOVE him!

Of course the one person who could probably stop Miller in his tracks is Lisa Murkowski. She is, for all intents and purposes, bulletproof and has a deep and abiding dislike for the Vaguely Bearded One.

If she were to give Begich even the tiniest bit of support it would be enough to make a lot of Republican supporters walk away from Miller, and take their money with them

I have to say though that my favorite possible scenario is the one that sees Begich win yet another Senate race due to his opponent facing charges from the FBI. And THAT is not an out of the question possibility.


  1. Chenagrrl11:30 AM

    This guy abused his position as a lowly North Star burro attorney. How could anyone trust him with more goodies at his disposal? Get a job, Joe and shave that damn beard. Washington has all the newbies it needs right now, and we average citizens are paying the price for it.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      I'm certain the ability to abuse power gets this guy hard.

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Is Mead Treadwell anti catch shares? I may have to switch parties!

  3. angela12:01 PM

    When I look at Miller I think of a cowardly weasel. Bad photo. I also see his wife running scared out of the house in the middle of the night with small children and no shoes. Eeeewwww.

  4. hedgewytch12:07 PM

    Begich would be in serious trouble to keep his seat if the AK Repubs put in a real candidate, but against Miller? Alaskans - even the GOP Alaskans- just don't like him. I hope Miller does run. I'd have to run to costco for another case of popcorn.

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    carpet baggin' lyin' thievin' AIP wannabe grifter needs to gather up all his PFD generated spawn, his barefoot perpetually pregnant wife ( read: more PFD checks ), and go back to wherever it was the fuk he came

    get the fuk outta Alaska jose', we do not want you, comprendes ?

    take yer fuk_tard pal norm olson and his ilk with ya too

  6. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Senator Moron needs to buy himself and Joe Miller a clue; there is no way, no way that guy is electable with a tiny fringe of voters in Alaska.

    What was Joe's gig after losing the Senate general election? Making sure anyone but Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination for President in 2012. The guy loses every audacious effort to be a big fish in a small pond - never realizing he's a small fish in a big pond.

  7. Joe Miller is a despicable and unethical rat bastard. I wouldn't even want him serving french fries, much less serving in government.

  8. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Joe Miller and his wife look like they just stepped out of an 1850's photo of a rough-and-tumble mining camp.... And they act like it too.

  9. WakeUpAmerica12:55 PM

    So does Paranoid Joe actually have the money to run another campaign? It should also be a clue to him when a write-in candidate, for god's sake, beat him.

    Does PJ not realize that being "first" at being beaten by a write-in isn't a good thing? I bet he put it on his resume.

  10. Anita Winecooler12:59 PM


    This is a hilarious take on Sarah quitting FOX news. They cut her rate of pay, she thought she could out fox them, but she became the joke.

    Make sure you click all the links, especially the last one!

  11. OT.. You will love this artical

  12. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Miller's wife's hair looks like it glows in the dark.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      I agree with you beagle mom, she looks like she crawled out from under a rock,sure wish those people in Alaska would quit turning over rocks. What comes out is enough to scare anyone with a midgen of intelligence.

  13. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Will just make me campaign harder for Mark Begich. He is doing a good job in representing many of us in Alaska and keeps us well informed.

  14. Anonymous2:31 PM

    in a country of 330 million people, this is the cream that floats to the top?
    sara, joe, neut, rommey, lol

  15. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Were you calling his wife his beard? Why is it republicans are always on the down low?

  16. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Joe Miller is a domestic terrorist. He should be getting his beard dipped in federal prison.

  17. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Joe Miller is a known quantity now, and a known loser - and the teabaggers who tried to get him into the Senate are not mentioning any names for 2014 yet, they're busy putting their campaign of lies against Mark Begich in order.

  18. Good lord. I don't normally comment on people's looks but the wife is just hideous with that bleached string mop on top of her head, and the roots showing. She might not be bad looking if a competent hair stylist got hold of her.

    She has what I refer to as "Christian hair".


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