Monday, January 14, 2013

My interview with FBI informant Bill Fulton.

Over the past year I have had a number of conversations with Bill Fulton, and we talked about a number of different issues. At that time ALL of them were officially off the record, with only a few considered okay for publication on the blog under the label "anonymous sources." Bill was not my only anonymous source of information but he was one of the more interesting.

In the beginning we approached each other with wariness and a healthy amount of mistrust, however over time we began to get along fairly well and had a number of fascinating, and often combative, conversations about politics, Alaska, and current events.

Before we began this Q and A Bill warned me that some questions were still off limits, due to the fact that there were still ongoing investigations, and that in fact I had to avoid even asking him anything relating to them. Because an answer of "no comment" is still an answer. (Trust me, I find this just as frustrating as you do.)

One of the big questions I wanted to ask is about the possibility that certain people, not to be named here of course, might soon see some jail time. But even that received a "Gryph we talked about this" response.  So even something as vague as that was off limits.

So here are the questions that we agreed I COULD ask, and his answers to them. (Since a number of them had already been answered during the Salon interview and the Huffington Post interview I tried to avoid covering the same ground)

Q: First things first, why are you coming forward now with your real name and offering to answer questions after staying in the shadows for so long? What has changed?

Fulton: Well the short answer is that Schaeffer Cox got convicted.  And the people who asked me not to speak, no longer care that I speak. So now I would like to take this opportunity to clear my name.

Q: Are you happy with the sentence that Schaeffer Cox and his militia buddies received? And please elaborate as why or why not.

Fulton: I'm happy with the Coleman Barney sentence. He was essentially a good guy that got in with a bad crowd.

As for Lonnie Vernon and his wife I am somewhat indifferent. He was a dangerous guy, and really did pose a threat to the community, and he got the sentence that I think he deserved, He will most likely never get out of jail alive due this age.

However Cox is a different story, I would really like to have seen him get more time, I think he deserves it.

You have to remember that he started this whole thing Gryph. He started the 2nd Amendment task force out in Fairbanks and that is still active, as is the one it spawned in Anchorage.

He also started the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia and through that presented a clear danger to the public. 

I consider him "Hilteresque" in his ability to find gullible people and manipulate them toward evil. So yes I think Cox could have used a few more years locked away, and I really do worry that he may emerge even more dangerous than before.

Q: Now in an earlier conversation that you and I had you informed me that you were in a hotel room during the 2008 Republican Convention when Frank Bailey and Joe Miller introduced you to Schaeffer Cox for the first time. Could you explain the significance of that meeting?

Fulton: Well the significance was that here I was meeting this young kid, who was being touted as this up and coming conservative star (He was so naive he even brought his wife into the room with him) , and he was being introduced to me by Sarah Palin's Chief of Staff and the a man who would someday be the Republican candidate for the Senate. There was no way to know at the time where all this was heading, but it was a pivotal moment for everybody who attended that meeting.

Q: Well that's an understatement, however could you please elaborate on why this meeting, which was ostensibly about forcing Randy Reuderich out of the Alaska GOP Chairman's seat and taking over, suddenly changed direction?

Fulton: Well yes the original intent was to shitcan Reuderich and replace him with somebody else. But then they decided not to do that it so that it wouldn't distract from the last minute decision to run Sean Parnell against Don Young.

Q: What changed?

Fulton: I'm not entirely sure, but it had something to do with the fact that Sarah Palin was going to be tapped as the VP candidate.

Q: Really? This was happening in March of 2008, according to Palin, AND the McCain campaign, they did not choose her until the very last minute, late in August of 2008, which is why they did not have time to vet her carefully.

Fulton: Bullshit. Frank Bailey and Joe Miller discussed the nomination as if it was a done deal, and claimed that she was already being vetted.

Q: In March of 2008?

Fulton: Yes, in March of 2008.

Q: And this was only about a month BEFORE she gave birth to Trig

Fulton: Well I don't know anything about all that, but yes this was in March of 2008.

Q: You are probably best known for handcuffing Tony Hopfinger after that Joe Miller speech. How do you feel the media treated you after that incident, and how frustrating was it for you to deal with that kind of negativity knowing that you were in fact on the side of the angels?

Fulton: Well I don't feel I was treated fairly that's for sure. The media dug up minor facts, like that I was late renewing my business license on Drop Zone, and blew it way out of proportion. And when they could not find facts they simply made them up. 

I still feel that the bust was legitimate, and my people and I had done the same thing at various events and concerts all over town. However because of who Joe Miller was, and the way the media was portraying him, the arrest served as the perfect catalyst to give the media permission to define him as somebody who would hire jack booted thugs to rough up reporters who tried to question him. 

In fact I performed my duties to the best of my abilities, and would do so again in similar circumstances.

The funny thing is that both the Left and Right in the media got it wrong. To the left I was a neo-Nazi trampling on a reporter's First Amendment rights, but to the Right I was a hero finally treating the Left Wing media the way they always secretly wanted them to be treated. Go figure.

Q: And on that note how do you think Joe Miller feels now knowing that you were working with the FBI while you were also working on his security detail?

Fulton: I KNOW how he feels. He has been writing about it on his blog. He thinks I was a plant that was dedicated to sabotaging his campaign from within. 

Q: Were you?

Fulton: No. I just did what Miller hired me to do. He also has complained that my version of fitting him for body armor in the bathroom due to his paranoia is an exaggeration and that I had "followed him around the convention center warning him of threats."

Q: And did you?

Fulton: Hell no! Nobody needed to help Joe Miller feel paranoid.

Q: In earlier conversations you claimed that after the Hopfinger debacle you received some rather vicious death threats, can you elaborate?

Fulton: Oh hell Gryph, they came by email calling me every name in the book, phone messages with bomb threats, people stopping by Drop Zone to threaten my employees, it was really bad for awhile.

Q: And exactly who were the people that were sending these threats?

Fulton: Well I guess you would categorize them as the Left Wing. People who were upset about the handcuffing of a reporter. You know Gryph the crazies are on both sides of the aisle. I know you don't believe that but it's true.

Personally I think it is time to stop all of this name calling and partisan bickering, and to start communicating in an honest fashion. It does no good to have extremists from both sides defining the debate, and that seems to be what is happening right now.

Q: Well speaking of extremists let's return to Sarah Palin for a bit. When was the first time you met her?

Fulton: I met her a couple of times at social events.  Nothing very memorable.

Q: Do you think she would EVER risk running for office again?

Fulton: No I don't. She is just too polarizing to successfully run for office. I doubt that anybody except the very fringe would support her.

Q: Well as you know the plan that was hatched way back in 2008 to take over the Alaska Republican party, has now been realized. What are your thoughts on that?

Fulton: Not good. When you pander to extremists to get their support, you reinforce their beliefs, and that just makes them more dangerous. So this group led by Joe Miller getting control of the Republican party is not a good thing, for anybody.

Q: Okay well finally I suppose I should ask you what's next for Bill Fulton?

Fulton: Well I am looking to teach a law enforcement course dealing with extremists and infiltrating their ranks. I am also planning to write a book about my experiences in Alaska, and with the militia up there.

Q: Sounds good Bill, thanks for your time, and good luck with that book.

Now as  I mentioned before Bill will answer some of YOUR questions next.

What we have worked out is that you can submit them in the comment section, he will choose the ones he feels he can answer, and then I will type them out in a later post, either tomorrow or the next day depending on time constraints.

Please remember that there are still certain questions that Bill will not be able, or willing, to answer.

With that in mind I am confident that you all can come up with some good questions that perhaps did not occur to me, or the reporters at Salon or HuffPo.


  1. Bill I want to apologize for thinking you were a thug. Are you going to appear on any shows like Rachel Maddow and Piers Morgan?

    1. I agree to a point - but that was his cover. As soon as he went missing, I *knew* it was him. All thoughts of him being a "jack-booted thug" evaporated. Infiltration is a dirty business. It takes a special kind of person that can wear that sort of hat.

      - KAO

    2. Anonymous8:05 AM

      What KAO said, yes that was the turning point for me...
      Bill can you tell us if anyone is aware of Todd Palin's side buisness?

  2. First of all, thank you, Mr. Fulton, for doing our country a great service. We need people like you infiltrating these groups to expose these people for what they truly are and many thanks to Gryphen for his forum and his unending search for the truth.
    My question is a general one - do you think that there is a connection, or any centralized organization, between the militia groups found in various states? Do you think that the current threats of gun control will make them more radical?

    1. I agree with this comment. Thank you, Mr. Fulton. I too, plan on buying your book.

      Since the issue of gun control is now front and center of our national debate, I do hope this is one of the questions that you will take and elaborate on. What has been the general consensus among your colleagues and yourself as to what they are hearing or what concerns them if some measure of gun control is passed? What is being discussed in regards to how these militia groups might respond if some gun control laws are passed?

      Personally, what type of gun control laws, if any, would you like to see pass?

      Thank you for your time and your decision to answer some of our questions.

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Question 4 DZBill:
      Do the FEDS know about the Paylins (Yes/no)

      and if yes why is it taking so long?

      Or are they untouchable?

    3. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Hey you guys a good interview LA times:,0,4654308.story?page=2

  3. You know what, Bill Fulton, I’ll buy that book! The world needs more people like you.

    Gryphen, this is amazing information.

  4. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Many appreciate this interview. Perhaps I'm a bit naive here, but is that legal for a group of people to meet in back rooms making plans to overthrow and replace another Republican party Chairman Randy Reudrich, from his position? Don't they believe in voting and elections up there in AK?

    My question, if it can be answered, is why would the governor's Aide (Bailey) has to meet in a hotel room, and why can't they meet during government Office hours at the Governor's Offices in Anchorage, for the records. If Bailey's activity was illegal, has he been reprimanded or investigated and would that force him from departing his current SOA job?

    One more question. During all this undercover job, did Bill ever feel he could trust the Alaska State Troopers? Did he have a good relationship with them and had he ever heard of corruption in their ranks?

    Thanks, G. for the great efforts you've done.

  5. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Great job Bill!

    Did you ever meet Todd? Is he as wimpy in person, as he appears in interviews?

    In March 2008, Sarah should have been standing in a puddle of amniotic fluid .. how did you miss seeing it?

    1. Anonymous6:40 AM

      The alleged leaking of amniotic fluid was in mid April, a couple of days before the supposed birth of Trig. But the second question is a good one: can you tell us your thoughts on the supposed pregnancy of Palin, and on who knew it was a hoax at that early point in March 2008?

    2. Anonymous6:50 AM

      Cause she simply told men (including her husband) she was pregnant, and with all the "starbursts" ricocheting around the room, it was impossible to confirm or deny.

    3. I still believe that $arah claimed $he was pregnant with Trig to COVER UP Todd's shenanigans...

      ... those of which $he saw as HURTING her chance at VP (because $he had thought $he was a shoe-in).

      Mr. Fulton ~ Any idea who is REALLY Trig's mom? I don't think it's $arah or Bri$tol.

    4. No. It makes perfect sense now: Bristol was pregnant at that time with Trig; McCain would have NEVER looked twice at religious conservative Palin with a hard line against sex education AND a knocked-up SIXTEEN year old (yes, she would have been pregnant before October 2007 with Trig to deliver sometime in early 2008). Mono, Schmano.

      - KAO

    5. Anonymous7:52 AM

      He said he knows nothing about Trig. Why ask even more specific questions that no one here has any idea how to answer due to supreme ignorance on the topic.

    6. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Absolutely right KAO.

    7. Anonymous9:22 AM

      If Bill Fulton heard the conversation re:Palin for VP in March then it had been discussed elsewhere prior.

      This begs the question of who all was in on the hoax of Trig - McCain? Kristol? etc. Then follows questions re: church fire and death of the neonatal RN who never regained consciousness though she was airlifted to Harborview in Seattle with burns.

    8. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Kudos KAO.

    9. To Anonymous at 9:22 AM:

      I think that Bud Paxson, the evangelical RWNJ ended up using blackmail and forced the utilization of SP on McCain - or else he'd break the story of McCain's dalliance with Vicki Iseman from 1999... and ruin him after he'd already become the nominee (see IrishGirl's comment below).

      How else would someone so unpalatable as SP be put on that ticket? A cursory vetting via google would've exposed many things, among them TrooperGate, the Mat-Maid "privatization", etc.

      I think there was a lot of people in on it, very powerful people within the GOP and otherwise: Paxson, certainly after Bristol turned-up pregnant; but initially, William Kristol was all gaga over Palin after he saw her in 2007 ( ).

      I think Kristol brought her name forward for the VP nod to McCain as well as the evangelicals.

      Then Bristol turns-up pregnant: OH SHIT. That's when Paxson applied the screws to McCain. And that's when the whole pregnancy plan was hatched.

      Then, they claim that she was chosen late in the game for "plausible deniability." VOILA.


      - KAO

  6. Thanks for doing this interview, both you and Jesse.

    Can you discern the difference between a really serious threat as opposed to someone that is a blowhard or is that left up to superiors?

    I ask this because there may be a time when instincts dictate there is no time to wait for backup. Are you empowered to act?

  7. A. J. Billings6:10 AM

    Gryphen, thank you for your herculean efforts and hard work in ground breaking articles like this.

    I think Rachel Maddow and others should be interviewing YOU and Bill Fulton

    When the real scandals and crimes of Caribou Barbie get exposed, I hope to see you on Maddow, O'Donnell, and some of the morning talk shows.

  8. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Nobody needed to help Joe Miller feel paranoid.


  9. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Joe Miller is only good at getting government entitlements, not so good at being a candidate or PAC leader - how'd that Stop Romney to win the GOP Primary work out for ya Joe?

    What did you mean by saying you were 'severely disabled?' Do you collect government handouts for that also too?

  10. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Sarah hatched the Trig scheme to secure McCain's interest. She thought she'd be President one day. Joe was measuring for curtains in a Senate office before he could test his character to mainstream voters.

    These guys live in a bubble so delusional, the Tea Party movement made them think their fringe credentials were bonafide. The MSM only reinforced their belief that they were worth something, and that did just make them more dangerous.

  11. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Alaska seems to be a place where some people take the law into their own hands. Are you concerned about retribution from the extreme right fringe?

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      I think the Palins take the law into their own hands and that Alaskans fear retribution from them. I think the APD is involved in all of this, including covering for Todd Palin in his dealings with Shailey Tripp.

  12. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Bill, I am blown-away grateful for your doing the right thing. Esp when so many others are not. And also especially knowing that this cost you plenty in terms of money, family disruption, and risk. You are a hero.

    Here are my questions:

    --Do you have proof that SP was not pregnant with Trig? How would one get proof that is better than the photos of her flat profile 5 weeks and less before the "delivery"?

    --Do you think there is an all-around better charge than the hoax, that would sink SP and her pals so they stay out of the political dialogue?

    --What do you think SP's worst crime was? How would one go about getting proof of it?

    --Is there a MSM blackout on discussing SP's many failings, to your knowledge? Where does the blackout authority/enforcement come from?

    --What is the one most important thing you would tell us re SP?

    --Why do you think the RNC lets her survive?

  13. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Were folks from the RNC around between March and August 2008, helping Palin prepare for the campaign? I.e., before she was picked officially right before theRNC.

  14. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Do you know who wiped the computer at the Johnston house?

    1. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Good one, whether it can be answered now or not. The time is coming soon.

  15. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Is it true that Todd Palin has the prostitution business, as Shailey Tripp has stated? Why is that not prosecuted? Or at least written up in the papers?

  16. Anonymous7:05 AM

    MrG: I hope you will make Bill Fulton's answers show in red, or somehow differentiate them from our questions and OUR comments/

  17. Q for Mr. Fulton:

    Did you get the sense or have first-hand knowledge that Schaeffer Cox and Sarah Palin dealt directly with each other, that he took first-person direction from her or was everything handled through intermediaries, such as Frank Bailey, Joe Miller, etc.?


    Did you get the sense or have first-hand knowledge that Norm Olson and / or Ray Southwell or other ACM members and Sarah Palin dealt directly with each other, that he / they took first-person direction from her or was everything handled through intermediaries, such as Frank Bailey, Joe Miller or Schaeffer Cox, etc.?

    Thank you.

    - KAO

  18. Tom Joad7:36 AM

    Mr. Fulton,
    I am asking you to tap into your experience and training as a security/law enforcement operator. When you met Sarah Palin, did your professional survival threat assesment instincts tell you anything? Not in a physical sense, more of a general 'that is a good person' or 'that is not someone that I want to be around"?

    I have been waiting for someone with your experience to answer that question.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:46 AM

      Good question. Are you the real Tom Joad, that writes the awesome face book rants?

    2. Tom Joad11:34 AM

      Real Tom Joad?...well im real, but, i dont do FB.

  19. Gryphen, can I interject a slightly O/T comment here?

    Did you happen to see/hear the comment about Sarah Palin by the director of "Game Change" at last night's 2013 Golden Globes? The right wing nut blogs are all up in arms about it (The Blaze, the Washington Examiner,, etc.).

    Jay Roach said to Julianne Moore in the audience as he accepted his award, “Now with you and Tina Fey we have three of the most incredible impersonations of Sarah Palin counting Sarah Palin.”

    Also, Julianne Moore won a Golden Globe for her performance: "Best Actress in a Television Movie or Miniseries."

    “I would like to give a shout out to two people who made a significant difference in the 2008 election – Tina Fey and Katie Couric,” Moore said as she concluded her speech.

    Ouch, that's gotta sting. Ghostwritten attack on "tiny Hollywood starlets" on Palin's Facebook page in 3....2....1....

    1. jcinco8:14 AM

      I loved it! Two articles up on HP regarding Julianne winning and the other about little sniveling jason whining about the "libs" being mean to psycho bitch...
      Question(s) for Bill: When that picture with you and sally heath was taken was she aware you were undercover? Did she know shaeffer cox? Did she want to pal around with him as well?

    2. Anonymous8:34 AM

      I think that the reason the Game Change was so successful is that we were almost fooled by a slick political operation. We had already had 8 years of the Bush presidency, which lied us into a war with Iraq and was super secretive about everything else. There is a point when you throw up your hands and say, "Fool me once, shame on me..." you know how it goes. Now, McCain was trying to palm off Sarah Palin as qualified to be President if something should happen to him, a 72 year old man with a history of recurring cancer. No, Sarah was too much, and the moment that we saw her disastrous interviews with Katie Couric, we refused to be fooled again. Eight years of one dumb guy finally taught us a lesson. And, it's fun to see the big boys dress her up, try to teach her all of the history that she never learned in school and turn a limited person into presidential material. Fool me once....

    3. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Did she fail to see Biden's epic fail moments in his Couric interview, BEFORE Palin's?

      No? The media failed to report that in the same light?

      SHOCKING I say.

    4. Anonymous9:43 AM

      8:54 AM Do you really believe that Sarah Palin was Vice Presidential material? If you do, GET HELP!!!

    5. No, I think she felled to see.

    6. Joe Biden is awesome and really knows what he's talking about.

      Sarah Palin is a fool and knows nothing.

      There's a difference between a verbal typo and making a complete idiot of yourself because you have no clue.

      Or maybe 8:54 didn't see Joe Biden take Ryan to the cleaners in their debate.

    7. Anonymous11:09 AM

      My view is that McCain lost because he was clearly inferior to Obama. Palin was not such a big part of it IMO.

      And I also disagree that they failed to fool us on Palin: they DID fool us! The Palin Hoax and its VIP GOP enablers are still in cover-up mode! No MSM coverage. And while the hoax itself gets less interesting all the time, the mechanics and motives and lines of force of the cover-up remain very relevant, esp after the similar dirty tricks of all kinds of the last election.

  20. Chenagrrl7:44 AM

    Palin and GOPers can play innocent, but her nomination was open discussion in Fairbanks in April and May of 2008, both by old-lady Republicans and the Alaska secessionist crowd.

  21. ThanksABunchJohn7:46 AM

    Bill, a sign appeared on the door of DropZone after the hand-cuffing incident reading:






    Were you responsible for that, if not who was? Was it to appease the militants you were trying to fool - and didn't they realize it would further cement their image as unhinged? I never forgot that sign... "If you have issues with killing people.." Seriously?

    Thanks, Laurie

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      OMG, that sign is chilling. I would not patronize a business that had a sign like that, even if I wanted to buy something in there, I would turn and walk away. What kind of mind would post such a horrible sign on their business?

    2. I agree... that did leave a lasting impression on me as well.
      As someone that has one of these Nazi groups living next door showering us in a hail of bullets, this military style intimidation against your fellow countrymen is absolutely insane.
      It must STOP!

    3. Anonymous8:40 AM

      That's why this love-fest is a little nauseating. He's capitalizing on this notoriety the way Palin's henchman Frank Bailey (who actually seems to be looking for redemption for orchestrating decidedly unchristian campaigns against Palin foes.

      This dude is embracing the suck of being a stooge - which is brave in a way - and being an opportunist. It's the American way, warts and all.

    4. Anonymous10:23 AM

      I agree 8:40. Let's not get crazy. Fuller recognized a problem and did something about it. That's great, but he certainly not on my side of the aisle.

      Frank Bailey won't get redemption until he tells the whole truth.

  22. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Back in 2011, Eddie Burke thought highly of you and defended you over that arrest and the media crap. What are your thoughts towards him? I personally have no reason to think he's anything but a great guy who wants only good things for everyone.

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Who are you, Eddie Burke? A great guy who only wants to do good for everyone? Like wearing a list of undesirables to testify in favor of keeping discrimination legal against Anchorage's LGBT community wearing a "...homophobic, red shirt, bible-thumping nazi, gay bashing, tea bagging racist, white guy, bigot..." t-shirt?

      Or how about him giving the phone numbers out of Anti-Palin protestors when she was announced as McCain's selection and encouraging harm and harassment for their right to object to having a complete moron shoved down our throats as a viable Second in Command?

    2. Cracklin Charlie8:44 AM

      Oh, boy.

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      7:48 AM Your posting wreaks of being a Palinbot.

    4. He answered that question above:

      "... The funny thing is that both the Left and Right in the media got it wrong. To the left I was a neo-Nazi trampling on a reporter's First Amendment rights,

      but -----> to the Right I was a hero finally treating the Left Wing media the way they always secretly wanted them to be treated...". <-----

      Either you didn't read the Q & A - or you are part of the fringe element / or are a sympathizer that is in so deep you cannot differentiate.

      - KAO

  23. Cracklin Charlie7:49 AM

    A question for Mr. Fulton...

    I believe that the picture you provided to several national publications over the past weekend was taken on Sept 12, 2009. Gryphen stated in his post that at the time he posted the photo in 2011, you were still deeply embedded in the infiltration. Were you embedded at the time the photograph was taken, in Sept of 2009? Did Ms. Sally know you as a militia member? Did you see her, or other family members at any militia meetings?

    Did the former governor's mother believe that she was having her picture made with high ranking/profile members of some militia?

    Would you also mind discussing any possible close ties that these militia groups might have to Alaska state officials?

    Thank you.

    To Grypen:
    May the tenacious ass pains ask multiple questions?

  24. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Some of Joe's supporters are of the opposite characters you describe of the Militia ordeal. What do you think, or how do you think, they feel about all this? I know this makes you do the impossible and tap into another person's thoughts, but you have to have seen all the innocent people who just wanted good change. It's sad how a few shitty people like Cox spoils a whole group.

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      7:55 AM Just who are all of those 'INNOCENT THUGS'?

    2. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Ah, here we go.

      I have a question for you, 7:55. Do you realize what a desperate fool you sound like repeating the same all thing over and over again? I know this makes you do the impossible and take a look at yourself in a realistic way, but you have to see how pathetic this compulsive posting is. It's sad how some people continue to defend the indefensible.

  25. ThanksABunchJohn7:56 AM

    The fact that you were meeting with Palin's top aide in plotting the coup pretty much proves that the Palins are behind much of this. Did you have the understanding that they were the Oz behind the curtain? Or at least the political arm? The fact that you only met her on a couple of occasions has little to do with proving she/they weren't involved - sly operators would always have a cushion of middle men between them and the actual henchmen carrying out the dirty work. The fact that they sent Frank Bailey, Sarah's closest aide, was sloppy and not very slick at all.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:42 AM

      The correct term for this "separation" from events is "plausible deniability". There is a long history of this behavior. Ancient, even.

      Frank does seem to have been an untrained player in these types of games. Hmmm...

    2. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Proves? All of this? Uhhh, that is a stretch on the surface, coming from a random gawker. Let's not make huge generalizations.

    3. Anonymous9:32 AM

      8:50- troll that can't stay away.

    4. Anonymous9:35 AM

      8:50 Protest too much? Palin's TOP AIDE, a nothing on his own, met with Joe Miller and was introduced to Schaeffer Cox at the initial meeting regarding the coup.

    5. Anonymous9:40 AM

      8:50 AM You must be the SUPREME PALIN DEFENDER. Will you defend the Palin Prostitution Ring also too? What, Crickets?
      You Palinbots Defend everything Palin except the PIMPING & SEX TRAFFICKING. It is hard to Deny the TRUTH. Todd was/is a Sleazy Pimp.

  26. hedgewytch8:11 AM

    A couple of statements stood out for me in this interview.

    A. They were thinking of running Parnell against Young. Now I wonder if Young is / was aware of this. Is this why Young started to pander to the TPers in this state? He saw a real risk to his Congressional seat? Which leads me to wonder what kind of deal Rudrich and Young made with each other.

    B. So the McCain campaign were "vetting" Palin at least 5 months before the "official" version. Which means that McCain hold EVEN MORE responsibility for giving Palin a national platform to screech her hate from.

    C. I'd like a bit more clarification concerning the Tony Hopfinger incident in which he ended up handcuffed. WHAT laws exactly did he violate? I've seen video of this incident, and I remember clearly when it happened. That incident always seemed a bit "off" to me. (And I don't care if you've done that before "all over town") - by what legal right do you have to do handcuff and detain a reporter in a public area?

    And finally, thank you for your service to this country. What you have done is/was a risk to yourself and your family. I appreciate what you have done personally to make the people in this state/country safer from the whackaloons like Cox and Vernon.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Why is Palin hateful for being one of the few who discusses proven democrat lies? Remember, whom she was in early 08 is not who the campaign told her to be and it's not whom she was post election or now.

      Early 08- she worked with democrats and was cordial. She was a boss who doled out praise for staff

      election- she was scripted to be Obama's truthteller where the media failed. ie Biden gave Couric an interview where he got major historical events wrong. This was right before Palin's couric interview. Bias media, proven daily

      post election - she, like all the losing teams, was down for a bit, though she kept working whereas mccain had the liberty to chill at a cabin for weeks.

      post- election backstabbing and lies - this would have angered anyone and she became a justified victim.

      Now - look at all the personal slander. The fact that she shoves all the libel and exaggeration to the side while remembering what matters, family and good goals, she's nothing short of remarkable.

    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      STFU krusty or RAM!
      I can't wait until the pinkhandcuffs come for Sarah or Big Boss!
      We'll see what she says then!

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      8:46 AM Hopefully you were paid SARAHPAC 'POSTAGE FEES' for this DRIVEL. What happened to the 'Praise' for THE HIDING OF TODD'S SEX TRAFFICKING EVIDENCE? Since Sarah was so Great in your opinion, why did she remain MARRIED to a PIMP?

    4. Anon 8:46. It's interesting that you've learned the word 'whom'. Now you need to learn how to use it correctly.

      Who and whoever are for subjects.
      Who and whoever also follow and complete the meaning of linking verbs. Who and whoever serve as linking verb complements.
      Whom and whomever are for objects — all kinds of objects (direct, indirect, of prepositions, of infinitives, and so on).

    5. She might have been scripted, but she couldn't, or wouldn't, follow the script. She damaged McCain's campaign, and reputation, so badly he'll never recover.

      Post-election, "...she kept working..."? No. She quit, complete with press conference, and went for her version of the gold [tawdry, tacky public appearances, C-grade tv junk, etc.]

    6. hedgewytch10:22 AM

      8:46 WTF are you talking to me for? My comments were about Don Young and McCain and procedure issues, not about Palin. Either you hit "reply" in the wrong place, you are having a delusional fit, or both.

    7. hedgewytch 8:11 AM quoted, "They were thinking of running Parnell against Young. Now I wonder if Young is / was aware of this."

      hedgewytch, remember this picture?

      Sarah Palin, supposedly one month prior to that "delivery" date for Trig, standing proudly next to Sean Parnell and his wife as Parnell declared his candidacy for "a congressional seat".

      It was Don Young's seat he was after. Alaska has only one representative in Congress.


    8. ICstraights10:35 AM

      "Democratic lies"?! She only worked with Alaska Dems b/c the Rethugs refused to work with her. I don't blame them. As for the dems here, they just wanted to get their JOB done regardless of what they thought of her...then first chance she gets, the Alaska dems are under the bus...she is loathsome.

    9. Anonymous12:29 PM

      8:46...Obviously you do not know any of her staff....99% of them HATED her! Her temper tantrums, her unrealistic demands, her entitlement on every avenue, her unethicalness, etc. etc.

  27. Based on this confirmation that SP's nomination as VP was in the bag far before August '08, I have one conclusion. She was nominated so late in the game so that the PRESS and the PUBLIC couldn't vet her. I think that the McCain campaign probably had vetted her and knew some of what they were getting, but were willing to take the risk since the election was such a long shot for them after 8 years of Bush-Cheney.

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Yes, the strategy if that is the case, was brilliant. It also gave them wiggle room to deny or deflect blame if she didn't pan out as a reasonable choice.

    2. Anonymous8:29 AM

      I believe Mercede Johnston's story that their computers were scrubbed. I also believe that the McCain bunch went through the internet, removing as many photos as they could find that showed a slim Sarah Palin when she claimed to be 7 or 8 months pregnant.

      When she was nominated, her Wild Ride story was made public (giving a speech in Texas, then flying home for 12 hours, all while in labor and leaking amniotic fluid). You folks in Alaska may have heard or read that story, but it was news to most of us. Audrey of the former Palins Deceptions was a lactation consultant, and she didn't believe it, either.

      Audrey and some of her readers, began to search the internet for any photo photo of Governor Sarah Palin taken in February, March or the first two weeks of April, 2008, that would show her pregnant. (Surprise. There aren't any, except for two that were staged after the fact). At that time, photos that had been published in the Anchorage Daily News came up blank, with a notation reading, "This photo has been removed." People found photos through secondary sources. The photos that were retrieved showed a slim Sarah Palin, "disguising" her "pregnancy" with an attractive scarf. She wore the same black jacket for 6 weeks in a row. There was a movie-interview, but it showed a square cushion where a baby should have been.

      The McCain group didn't find everything, but they certainly tried to erase Sarah Palin's photographic past. (And photos of Sarah appeared in the pages of the ADN every day under the column, "Our Governor). That makes it look as if there was something to hide. Trig was an appeal to the Right Wing Republicans who would be impressed by Sarah's Right to Life credentials, since she didn't have any other credentials. In the end, it turned out that we want more from our national leaders than a pretty smile and the badge "Right to Life."

    3. Cracklin Charlie8:37 AM

      According to an FBI informant, in an interview at The Immoral Minority, Sarah Palin was being vetted in March, 2008.

      They knew everything. Can they keep America from knowing?

      Well, doggies!!!

    4. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Cracklin Charlie: Link please!

    5. Anonymous10:07 AM

      I think that the McCain campaign probably had vetted her and knew some of what they were getting_____

      McCain operates like a criminal. He knew and he figured others would get wind of things. He is a snake who wanted to have some distance from what they couldn't get rid of.

      McCain was part of Palin crimes by March 2008. He wasn't just helping her, he joined the Palin Mafioso creeps in executing and covering up some serious misdeeds.

    6. ICstraights10:29 AM

      That rumor of SP for VP was flying around Juneau in the third quarter of 2007...

  28. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Just a quick comment. Thanks Bill. Really, thanks a bunch. Please stay safe.

    I would have to admit that I was one of those that, at that time, would have liked to back hand you across the room. It's not hard for me at all to admit that I was wrong, because I was.

    I also look forward to and will support your book.

    Good luck! Now I will get back in my peace and love cave.

    1. I disagree. That's what we do on blogs now. He was doing his job - we were doing ours.

      We weren't investigating Bill Fulton the man - we were investigating Bill Fulton the DropZone Security owner and friend to the militia's and fringe elements.

      We didn't report on his family; we didn't go into his past (Bill Fulton = John Smith, search-wise). We didn't disclose his address or where his kids went to school / preschool. We didn't track down his wife or her family; we didn't do that because we looked at ONLY his life as DropZone Bill.

      Right wing media / bloggers / operatives / politicians do THAT sort of thing; they seek out and destroy THE PERSON AND THEIR FAMILY.

      Big difference.

      The media rarely deeply investigates anymore, they simply report what is told to them. There is a distinction today between "reporters" and "journalists" and "investigative journalists".

      Its cheaper for media outlets to hire reporters, period. Nowadays, people only want to read the headlines and the first paragraph. Investigative journalism is time-consuming and costs a LOT OF MONEY. Jobs are at a premium - don't rock the boat or you'll lose your job - even reporters on the lowest rung of the media ladder know this.

      That's why citizen bloggers / investigators are important. Since I'm not working, I put my skills to work on the blogs. And I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at what I do.

      - KAO

    2. Anonymous1:02 PM

      You know Katie, I don't give a flying fuck if you agree or disagree. I was not speaking to you.

      I certainly don't need a little sermon on "what WE do on blogs." Or what the media does or doesn't do. You're barking up the wrong tree here, ole girl.

      I'm one of the originals. I've been on these blogs since Aug. of 08 and followed politics for more than fifty years. So piss off.

    3. Anonymous1:33 PM

      KAO, it would be nice if you'd give the Palin children the same "pass" that you as a self-proclaimed online investigator gave Bill's family.

    4. Anonymous2:12 PM

      The Palin children were thrust (and then Bristol thrust herself repeatedly) in our faces from day one.

      Bristol might have gotten a pass if she stayed home and raised her son. But she wanted to be a STAR!.

    5. To Anonymous at 1:02 PM -

      So sorry you feel that way. I bow to your "little sermon" on being "one of the originals." As am I.

      And to think, after all these years you're still posting as Anonymous...

      For the record, I'm not "barking up (wrong) trees" - I'll leave that to the "ole girls" like you.

      I lift my leg to you - and will "piss-off" for now...


      To Anonymous at 1:33 PM -

      When Bristol struts her stuff, does her thang, speaks "her" mind on a blog meant for public consumption, yada-yada-yada - she's fair game.

      Palin has always used her own kids as human shields to protect her from criticism. She used Trig as a prop for her Right-to-Life credential. She treats her children as accessories.

      When she criticizes the children of others, it opens the door to examination of her brood.

      I'm tired of the deflection she uses when caught with her hand in the cookie jar - dragging her children into the fray has always been HER METHOD OF CHOICE to distract people & change the subject of any conversation hitting too close to the mark: "HOW DARE YOU!"

      How many times over the years has she claimed her girls have had rape threats? If true, she would have taken steps to insure their safety - not push them further into the public eye! She's always crying "WOLF!", for Pete's sake.

      And she does that to draw attention away from whatever the topic or investigation may be. We now know we're on the right track when she pulls out the "MY CHILDREN!" excuse.

    6. Anonymous6:36 PM

      sort of on topic as in it regards palin.
      many peeps here and other blogs speculate about her having a history of early sexual abuse. i call bs on that. people are born with mental disabilities and with personality disorders and can conquer them to different degrees or feed upon them. all serial killers did not see their father kill their mothers and all women who use sex as a weapon have not been abused. she USES sexuality in ALL FORMS to achieve a goal.........period.......end of story. she has a huge arsenal of weapons to use to get the sympathy for her victimhood including using her children and sex together. she is an idiot but she is a conniving idiot. it may take her months or years to actually figure out what works or not but once she finds something that gives her the desired result she will use it over and over again. not because it is something she knows from experience but merely because it works........or did at one time.
      now as kao says, she is always crying wolf and no one cares anymore.

      there are millions of women abused who REFUSE to be a victim and others who are always victims because they haven't had the opportunity to heal and renew.......however, allowing palin to use sexual abuse as an excuse for her abhorrent behavior is inexcusable!!!

      this line of thinking insults the women who not only survive but thrive and also just gives palin a pass.
      not buyin it.......not now way.

  29. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Bill, As a wannabe pseudo-military type gungoon who dabbles in used military junk for kooks to wear, can't you find a better place with more exposure for somebody to pay attention to you?

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      8:38 AM You are another Palinbot 'KOOK'. Go back to the C4PEEPOND where your Asinine comments are welcome.

    2. Anonymous9:50 AM


      creepy chuckie jr,

      the butthurt's strong with this, eh ?

      sister $carah still in a catatonic stupor ?

    3. Anonymous1:34 PM

      He already has. Have you ever heard of the Huffington Post or Salon? LA Times perhaps? Read much?

  30. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I'm hoping you were connected to the bad-guy gossip network: Was Dar Miller's house fire arson? Did Dar have any connection to Trig or the hoax?

    Ditto the Menard plane crash: any foul play there that went unreported?

  31. Anonymous8:44 AM

    If Sarah Palin was pretty sure of getting the VP nomination as early as March, 2008, that would coincide with a couple of other known facts:
    1. McCain secured the nomination to be the Republican presidential candidate in early March.
    2. One day later, Sarah Palin surprised everyone by announcing that she was 7 months pregnant.
    3. No one on her staff suspected that she was pregnant. (In photos of Sarah's previous pregnancies, she was as big as a house, but not this time).
    4. Sarah didn't even tell her family that she was pregnant until March.
    5. A few months before March, 2008, Bristol disappeared from high school, claiming a 5 month case of Mono. Despite having a contagious disease, she lived with her aunt in Anchorage, risking infecting everyone in that family.
    6. There were rumors about Bristol at that time. Sarah had even gone to a lot of trouble to counteract those rumors. (Don't make me spell it out. You know what people were saying).
    7. Let's supposed that Trig wasn't born in April, 2008, as Sarah claimed, but a month or 6 weeks earlier than that. That would fit this entire time line, a special needs child born into the family of a woman who needed Right to Life credentials to cinch that nomination that was "this close."

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Thank you for bringing this up. Everything these low life Palins do is suspicious.

    2. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Can Sarah's boldness in the pregnancy scam be attributed to knowing Senator John McCain would be with her through thick or thin? That he was as much part of the hoax as she is?

      Who in their right mind would use a square pillow to fake a pregnant video? The Senator trusted her criminal judgments to handle propaganda like that? Why didn't he hire better help for her? With the Gusty photo, it appears someone came to her aid with a better costume.

  32. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Why do you think Schaeffer "went bad?" Power go to his head? Was it there all along and all the good people around him didn't know it? Would you maybe compare it to the outwardly happy kid in class who commits suicide one random night? People really don't know a person....

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      BullSHIT. He did "go bad," he was facilitated.

      Why are you asking questions that you obviously want to answer yourself. I guess your strategy is deflect, deflect, deny, deny.

      People knew about him and they either ignored it or supported him.

  33. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I'd be interested to know if you have any reason to believe that Chuck Sr., Chuck Jr., Sarah Palin or any other Palins apart from Todd were or are involved with the AIP?

    Thanks for the interview, and thanks for saving those folks lives.

    UK Lady

  34. Right after we read in the news media that Schaeffer Cox had gone to the military base and displayed paranoid and delusional behavior I wrote comments on blogs and news sites that he appeared to have Paranoid Personality Disorder or some mental health issue with severe paranoia. Did the FBI discuss his very obvious mental health problems? Since he had legal charges including assaulting his wife and a gun charge as well why did they not ask the state to have him detained and evaluated in a mental health facility? The defense psychologist claims PPD, delusional personality disorder and schizophrenia. He does appear to have behavior which could indicate he may be a psychopath as well, but without treatment for the psychosis which may have some mania etc. it is difficult to know. Were there any psychologists on the team advising the FBI? Psychopaths are good at faking mental illness, but he has shown the symptoms of mental illness over a long period of time and certainly during time when he would have had no reason for this. Why encourage a mentally ill person to go forward with a murderous plan rather than get them to a psych facility?

  35. Irishgirl9:03 AM

    Did Sarah Palin Know That She Would Be Tapped For VP On March 14th, 2008? Talis Colberg Appeared To Think So!

  36. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Question: Had Bill ever heard of any prostitution ring around AK and was this ever discussed by those he worked with during his undercover time?

    Did Bill feel like he could trust local police and did he have a good rapport with them?

    Did Bill ever hear of any members of local churches that had any affiliations with the militia-types he hung around?

  37. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Very interesting how this one bit of info about Sarah knowing about her nomination back in March 2008.

    I cannot believe that the McCain campaign was so desperate to take her on, with all her baggage, when there were so many great options, like Colin Powell, or a handful of skilled smart professional candidates. It must have been Sarah's pro-life cred tthat had them believe this was a sure win. It had to be the evangelical right-wing conservative groups that had McCain believing he had a win by the tail.

    I hope this information is all over the news. I hope at least some major news site will pick this up and force media to question the contradictory information, per the writers of Game Change, that Palin was chosen and vetted at the last moment.

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      They thought Sarah would be easy to train and manipulate. Psychopaths work like that. They befriend you and make you indebted to them. If you are not already a criminal they will put you in a bad place and make you need them to stay out of trouble. In this case, the psychopath Sarah was perfect for McCain's needs. He could own her. She was a female and a simpleton idiot he could mold. Or so he thought.

      BTW how does Fulton's the March 2008 info align with what the writers of Game Change claim? They did reveal a lot of truth about Palin but too bad if they twisted things to save their butt hurts.

    2. Cracklin Charlie3:47 PM

      Could be the Dominionists bought her way onto the ticket. The McCain campaign was in desperate need of money in March, 2008, having just come through a long, contentious primary season.

      Maybe a combination of money and blackmail.

  38. Sorry, this is off-topic, but a most astonishing and truly important bipartisan development is taking place to alter the miserable state of politics and congressional inaction:

  39. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Bill, Joe Miller has been busy doing damage control on his blog. It appears to me that he is running for "entrapment" cover with these allegations:

    "While we were working to organize and convince delegates, a number of troubling things happened to our volunteers. One, Joe’s former clerk from his U.S. Magistrate Judgeship days, had the lugnuts on her vehicle loosened while parked outside the convention and, had she not noticed this prior to driving away, could have been severely injured. We also discovered that private investigators had been employed against the delegates that were leading the efforts against Ruedrich.

    Fulton sprang to action. He immediately insisted that he provide security to the core volunteers who were working to unseat Ruedrich. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He represented that he owned a security firm and knew the ropes of a security operation. So he, and other delegates that were associated with his firm, started to watch volunteer’s vehicles and keep an eye out for other shenanigans."

    Read more:

    I imagine you can't speak to whether these allegations are true, and if you can't then I might be relieved to suspect that Joe Miller is next on the list in the investigation.

  40. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Just one more question: Did Bill Fulton feel that the ADN was in anyone's pocket? I know he can't speculate, but were the people he dealt with paranoid about AK media? Or did they feel it was under their control?

  41. ThanksABunchJohn10:11 AM

    Mr. Fulton do you have any proof that Palin was already being tapped for VP in March? This information is very important for a number of reasons.

    For those of you dancing in your armchairs over Game Change, think about this. Steve Schmidt LIED about the entire process, the book/movie is made of whole cloth. She wasn't a last minute hail-mary, and she wasn't vetted in just two weeks. She was a long-term plot, with many months to scour, cleanse and script the whole nomination. I always wondered about Schmidt and Wallace being so quick to spill. I don't doubt for a moment that their experience with Palin was as nightmarish as they portrayed, and that they neglected to realize just how uninformed and ill-suited she was. But the fact that McCain picked her many months in advance, and had ample time to vet is extremely damaging to McCain and the GOP as a whole. The book/movie was also an opportunity to delegitimize the Trig rumors - which, if proved to be true, would DESTROY McCain and party, as his complicity to cover-up would become obvious.

    Schmidt/Wallace provided "controlled leaks" and later both reaped book or movie consultant deals. But in the movie, McCain came out the victim, as did Schmidt and Wallace. They threw Palin under the bus, but she couldn't do a damn thing about it, lest she admit the Trig Truth.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM


    2. Anonymous4:55 PM

      I agree with you but with a question - is it possible that Schmidt and Wallace were not aware of the advance selection process and the last minute vetting was planned all along as a cover??

  42. Bill in your opinion are the militias in Alaska a threat to the rest of the Country.and if so on a scale of one to ten how much of a threat and in what way ?

  43. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Gryphen, when will the Wasilla Wendigo get cuffed and incarcerated? Fucking enough is enough.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      IMHO this is a start. Investigations take a long time. Cuffed and incarcerated is coming. Many will protect the GOP and McCain and that will prolong things. McCain may have to croak first.

  44. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Bill have you heard that the Palins go to Arizona for
    certain Medical Procedures. like Abortions and Cosmetic Surgery?

  45. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Bill Fulton we all know that Sarah Palin wanted the McCain campaign to announce that Todd Palin was never a member of the Alaskan Independence Party. Was Sarah an AIP. Member? Sympathetic member or follower? What about Todd, was he a member? Was Sarah lying and covering up for her political ambitions? What about the Heath family, were they members or sympathetic to the AIP? Did Track ever attend AIP meetings?

  46. LisaB259511:51 AM

    Thank you, Bill, for your time and service defending us from paranoid extremists.

    I wouldn't be surprised that both versions of the vetting were true. In March of 2008, both Bailey and Miller were drinking the Palin kool-aid deeply. These are people who believed anything Palin told them, and I wouldn't be surprised if they believed Sarah was being vetted. It certainly doesn't mean she was. As a female governor of a state, she was automatically on any short list for VP if they wanted to consider a woman. It's not a leap of faith that Palin and her cronies took any interest from anyone as a sign she was a shoe-in for the VP nod.

    Who are you going to trust regarding this? Steve Schmidt, who had a sterling reputation as a strategist or Bailey and Miller's delusional state in March of 2008?

    1. ICstraights12:25 PM

      She was being vetted in 2007. McSham and Campaign know/covered up everything that needed covering-up or diverted the focus on irrelevant fodder for the masses.
      What SHE et al., did not expect was to be 'tossed under her own bus', maybe because she is THAT stupid, or she thought whatever deals they made with (fill in the blank) would grant her et al. immunity to all the ghosts/skeletons of past, present and future...So MANY "*Gates" so how would one person or group of people get away with it?! They ROLLED over for the Feds to catch a bigger fish as to not face jail time! If she/they haven't yet, someone will go down and we may not get to even hear about it, esp. if it's an international crime.

    2. Anonymous12:28 PM

      I don't think the matter is concluded. Also, I don't fully trust Schmidt,Wallace. They would have known about the person that moved into the Johnston home and not a word about that? They would have known about Mercede's computer scrub and they can only remain silent. They are holding back and twisting, imo.

    3. LisaB25951:45 PM

      I'm sorry. Presidential races are high stakes games, and I find it very hard to believe Palin was being VETTED in 2007. Talked about as a possible VP pick, sure. As I said, as a female governor she's automatically on a short list.

      I seem to recall everyone in Alaska saying, "they didn't call me" after the pick. Everyone was wondering who in fact was contacted during this "vetting."

      As much as some people like to believe the worst about McCain, I think Schmidt's account has a louder ring of truth. People run for president to win, not to make long-game gambles. A conversation with anyone in the energy industry would have revealed she knew squat about energy. She was always paper-thin. The idea that professional conducted a year long investigation on Palin and found her truly qualified simply does not make sense.

    4. Anonymous2:37 PM

      I think she was being considered at a distance. McCain, by all accounts, wanted Lieberman. In the end, they threw Palin at him.

    5. Anonymous2:57 PM

      I liked Game Change. It was better than nothing. However, my take is it was pretty much a cover their asses for McCain team.

      It would have been much more credible had they handled more about the Johntson's roles. What was that woman doing that moved into the Johnston's house? Is that regular protocol for a campaign? Move in to a daughter's boyfriend's mother's house to help? Did they mention that anywhere? If not that is highly suspect. What more vital parts to the story did they skip?

    6. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Schmidt has been giving us an incomplete, misleading version of how Palin was chosen and vetted. What he is telling us (as seen in Game Change) is what used to be called "the modified limited hangout" back in the Watergate era.

      Schmidt is trying to divert attention away from the powerful and secretive forces behind the choice of Palin that was forced on a reluctant McCain by threats of blackmail.

      Schmidt's story is partially true, and he (and his handlers) are hoping we will not feel the need to examine the account any further.

      But a deeper look will show that Palin was, in fact, "chosen," before March 2008, in part by members of the Fundamentalist/GOP Council for National Policy (CNP), in part by conservative politicos with the National Review and The Weekly Standard, as well as by agents for various foreign interests.

      For more details, see Jane Mayer's excellent New Yorker article of Oct 27, 2008: "The Insiders: How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin." Also check out the work of Max Blumenthal whose blog entry of September 1, 2008 at Huffington Post expands on the role of the CNP, a "Secretive Right-Wing Cabal," in chosing and vetting Palin.

      Geoffrey Dunn, author of "The Lies of Sarah Palin," explains how McCain was blackmailed by his old partner in corruption, Lowell "Bud" Paxson into accepting Palin as his running mate. [Read the entire book, but pay special attention to the "Hail Mary" chapter.]

      Paxson, by the way, has a long history of involvement in GOP/CIA black ops and dirty tricks. (It was Paxson's private jet, for example, that spirited bin Laden/Saudi royal family members out of Las Vegas after the 9/11 attacks when all other aircraft were grounded.) It is no accident that one of Trig's middle names is "Paxson."

      As for foreign influences on the Palin choice, simply ask yourself: Why was an Israeli photojournalist in Alaska making a film on Governor Palin and her "pregnancy" in early spring of 2008?

    7. Anonymous4:10 PM

      There was a Mccain/Palin Compliance Fund, it looks like it went back to 3/1/08.

      Was there a Lieberman, Pawlenty or any other compliance fund with McCain at any time?

      McCain probably did want Lieberman, he may have known the odds were slim to nothing.

    8. Anonymous4:34 PM

      Why was an Israeli photojournalist in Alaska making a film on Governor Palin and her "pregnancy" in early spring of 2008?

      Was that the Sponge Bob Belly that she stuffed in her clothes to fake the pregnancy?

  47. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Is Sarah and Todd Palin known to be underhanded people? Did Sarah and Todd have others do their dirty work to keep their hands clean?

  48. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Is Todd Palin the go to guy for prostitutes?

  49. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Right now all Alaskan politicians seems crooked. Who can be trusted?

  50. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Bill the little shriveled up fella wearing the red baseball cap and jacket in the picture with you.... is that a guy or Sally Heath?

  51. Balzafiar12:38 PM

    Bill, thanks so much for being brave enough to do what you did. It takes someone with balls to do that because you were dealing with very dangerous people.

    That being said, may I ask what you may know about any connection between Bud Paxson and John McCain insofar as Paxson using influence or blackmail to force Sarah onto the ticket?

    In that regard, was Paxson involved as a source for the child that was allegedly born to Sarah, Trig Paxson Van Palin?

  52. Anonymous1:00 PM

    McCain and the Pentagon are two peas in a pod. They are stars at cover-ups.

    No wonder Palin is so at ease with the crap she spews about her son.

  53. Anonymous1:14 PM

    We have been going nuts, here, over the idea that SP's deal to be the VP runningmate was sealed in Feb, because you said, Bill, that Bailey and Miller sure acted like it.

    I'm thinking of another scenario, more like wishful thinking. Where Palin and pals know there's a chance and therefore acted as if it was a done deal. Maybe someone high up said a few words to suggest that, but there never was a done deal until right before the RNC.

    At least, that is likely to be the plausible-deniability version, whether or not there was more to it.

    So I wonder if you would tell us, Bill, which seems to be true? Deal in Feb? or only the hope of a deal in Feb? I am thinking that we might be going off on a tangent again. Whatever the actual truth of the matter might be, without actual solid proof, there's no way to hold toes to fire.

    Any comment, Bill?

  54. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Any thoughts on any connection re Tripp (the boy), Shailey Tripp, and the TRIPP license plate?

  55. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Bill: I have always been bewildered by the 'Dominionist' movement; can you give us any insight into how it has impacted Alaskan politics and how Ms Palin fits into that narrative? do you think they are strong enough to be dangerous? how about the Oathkeepers?

    Thank you.


  56. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Bill I don't expect you would know the answer but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    How come the Palins:
    Are uneducated?
    Sex fiends?
    Don't believe in condoms or birth control pills?
    Can't finish high school without any problems?
    Are grifters?
    Why do Wasillaians hate them?
    They talk about worshipping God but are low down coniving maggots?

  57. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Bill are the schools in Wasilla that bad or is it just the Palin kids that has all the problems?

    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Could be the Palin-Heath DNA combination that gave the Palin kids the defective retarded genes? If one parent is retarded the kids has a chance, but two! Explains why those kids has babies and no spouses and none of the adult kids are in college.

    2. THAT was not necessary!

    3. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Some darn crazy sex history in that family. Now the uncle comes up with while he was married he was abusing his seniority power where he is employed and impregnates a young innocent, who probably looked up to him as some big deal. The whole family is whack.

  58. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Looks like you are an expert with firearms. What about Sarah Palin? Is she all show and photo ops? In Sarah Palin's Alaska she couldn't hit a non moving caribou. Took Sarah at least five shots and the critter didn't even bat an eye and when she finally hit it they acted like if it was Piper hitting her first animal ever. Even Sarah Palin acted like she just shot her first animal. I don't buy it that Sarah is a hunter, shooter or an oil expert.

  59. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I'd like to ask experts in Alaskan election law and politics a few questions.

    1. Supposing the Alaska Republican Party takeover and other plans had worked in 2008. On election day Sarah would have been elected V.P. and Sean would have deposed Don Young. What was the procedure for picking the new Gov and Lt. Gov?

    2. Would temporary appointments have been necessary? Palin would have been gone 24-7 working on the transition. Could she have held office while elected V.P.? Could Parnell have held office after his election but before being sworn into the Senate?

    I'd like to ask Bill Fulton if he knows anything about how the Republicans planned to fill these positions if Joe Miller and Sarah Palin had won their elections in 2008? Were they thinking that Ted Stevens might be indicted at this time?

    Am I correct in assuming that the plan was for Joe Miller to be Gov or more likely Lt. Gov by appointment? (Gov Bob Bird and Lt Gov Joe Miller? How about Gov Joe Miller and Lt Gov Kristan Cole? Gov Kristan Cole and Lt Gov Franci Havemeister?) The Ron Paul backers should have gotten at least one of the two offices. Any additional thoughts or info from Bill on this would be appreciated.

  60. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Time for a little giggle break. I saw this comment over at Huffpo a few days ago. This makes me snicker every time I think about it.

    "She's just always been Frank Burns in a skirt."

  61. Anonymous2:43 PM

    My only question is did you apologize to Tony Hopfinger, after you "came out", for handcuffing him or was this something that you felt you needed to apologize for?

  62. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I guess Mr. Fulton is going to have a difficult time deciding which comments to answer as most seem to be about Palins which he has admitted he has no real info on. Sticking to the subject at hand seems to be beyond most of the commenters here.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      I'm sure Mr. Fulton can manage.

    2. Anonymous4:27 PM

      I noticed the same thing. What a shame.

    3. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Palin might not be his primary area of interest, but he was connected to lots of people of all kinds, and he is the ONE person who seems both willing and able to tell it straight.

    4. Anonymous4:46 PM

      MrG: Any idea re timetable for answers?

      Thank you again, both of you, for taking our questions and paying attention to issues no one else is addressing.

  63. No question Bill....just letting you know that I will sure buy your book when it comes out.

  64. Anita Winecooler7:42 PM

    I've read the comments and my inquiries were already covered. I'd like to thank both Gryphen and Mr.Fulton. I look forward to reading your book when it's done.

  65. Anita Winecooler7:50 PM

    Oh, look what the cat dragged in! A certain Alaska blogger HAD to "cannibalize" your interview and toss poo at your readers, Again.

    Grow up, Phil!

  66. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Is there any truth to this document ?

    "As the G4 he wrote off numerous FLIPL’s (Financial Liability Investigation for Property Loss) and rubber stamped charges against soldiers, without proper investigations and never took into account that all facility Security was compromised with COL D***** possessing access to secured equipment around the state. Domestic Terrorists (Sovereign Citizens/Shaffer Cox)
    were caught with what seems to be many of our missing items."

    "Arranged for Sensitive Property to be stolen for Domestic Terrorists (Sovereign Citizens)."

    "Has spoken of support for the “Sovereign Citizens” member that have been arrested for attempts to kidnap and kill a Federal Judge and State Troopers. They were caught with stolen military property that looks like a shopping list of items missing from the AKARNG"

    Just curious, thanks Bill !

  67. Anonymous6:06 AM

    in regards to the palin vp thing.. I dont think game change the book was wrong, yet I see a way that Fulton is also correct.

    we know (from the Joe McGinniss book) that Palin met with McCain at the Govenors conference.. He was wanting Lieberman but was looking at and talking to others.

    Now Palin, in her belief that God would provide and that she was destined and "mantled" for the job, ran with it, told her buddies, etc...

    Meanwhile back at the ranch , the Lieberman nomination blew up,Hilary didnt win the Dems(so wow! suddenly a woman on ticket might be agreat idea!) the other truly vetted candiates (ie Tim Pawlenty) werent considered a game changer by Schmidt and Salter so they scrapped it all and "found" Palin...

    The fact is, if she TRULY had been McCains choice all along she would have been vetted properly, and they wouldnt have been scrambling to answer the most basic questions about her. So I think what really happened is that Palins faith in her "the fix is in with God" met up with McCains campaigns desperation and hubris and things kind of fell into place..

  68. Anonymous6:29 AM

    A very good interview with Bill Fulton:

  69. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Do you know anything about a prostitution ring? Did anyone ever offer you time or imply you could get a sexual massage or a prostitute? Did you ever meet Todd Palin? Did Miller or Bailey ever imply they used prostitutes or new massage places you could get a happy ending thus implying a sexual experience?

  70. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Fulton story corroborates facts in Shailey Tripp's book and interview. Can he comment on anything to do with Ms. Tripp's book or any aspect of it? Is he aware of Shailey Tripp's book Boys Will Be Boys? Does he know anyone in the Paoletti family? Did he get invited to any gambling games hosted at someone's home?


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