Friday, June 08, 2012

Why did the 2008 overthrow of the Alaskan Republican Party fail? Or did it?

Yesterday we received confirmation from one of Schaeffer Cox's co-defendants, Coleman Barney, that despite the defense attorney's attempts to blame FBI informant William Fulton, the notorious "241" plan was indeed the brainchild of Cox himself, and that Barney had serious reservations about the plan:

A member of the Mormon Church, Barney told the jury he believed in advancing the militia's freedom-minded aims but worried for his soul. He told fellow militia members that enacting the notorious "241" plan to kill two government officials for each fallen militia member was more likely to make them the objects of ridicule rather than martyrs, Barney testified. 

"I don't know that this would accomplish anything in God's plan other than we'd be dead and we'd be labeled as loonies," Barney told jurors, summarizing statements he made to other members of the volunteer force.

That plus the rantings from Cox himself in the courtroom will undoubtedly prove more than enough to put Francis "Schaeffer" Cox away from quite some time.

However I have found myself somewhat more fixated on the previous revelation in court that the people who introduced FBI informant Bill Fulton to Cox in the first place were none other than Joe Miller and Palin Chief of Staff Frank Bailey, and what that had to do with the recent coup within the Alaska GOP by Joe Miller and Cox disciple Russ Millette.

So I did a little digging and came up with some rather interesting, if not startling, information.

According to sources the reason that Cox, who was a Fairbanks acquaintance of Joe Miller's from way back, was brought into the hotel room to meet Fulton was because of his ties to the Ron Paul campaign.

You see even back in 2008 the plan was to use the Ron Paul smokescreen to provide cover for the REAL individual behind the takeover, and that was Sarah Palin herself. Essentially both Joe Miller and Frank Bailey were working as her surrogates to finally oust Randy Reuderich, and take the party out of the hands of the old guard, which included Ted Stevens, Don Young, and  Lisa's dad Frank Murkowski.

Sarah Palin despised these men for a variety of reasons and wanted to wrest control of the Alaska GOP out of their hands. And though her few remaining supporters would argue she wanted to "clean up the corruption" that was not her true motivation.  (Though it did make a handy bumper sticker for her gubernatorial campaign.)

And in fact with Miller's help, the groundwork her minions had done leading up to the convention, and Cox's ties to the Paul campaign,  Palin pretty much had all of the elements in place to take over the Alaska GOP that March. There was a fairly significant split among the delegates, but my understanding is that Palin's people had a plan in place that they thought would successfully oust Reuderich and put Vice Chair Cathy Giessel in his place.

However something happened, and the next day plans had changed. Instead it was decided that Sean Parnell would run against Don Young, and Reuderich was allowed to remain the party chairman for the next four years.

Here is what the AP reported took place the next day:

A state Republican convention that could have unified a troubled party descended into infighting Friday, with the lieutenant governor announcing his intention to unseat a congressman and the governor calling for changes in GOP leadership. 

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell said he would challenge U.S. Rep. Don Young, the 18-term incumbent who's the subject of a federal investigation that includes his campaign finance practices. 

"The days of unquestioning loyalty are gone," Parnell said a few hours later after filing candidacy paperwork. "It's time for principled leadership." 

Gov. Sarah Palin escorted Parnell into the Division of Elections office and immediately endorsed him over Young. She gave no thought to the protocol of an endorsement months before the August primary, she said. 

"When something's right, it's right," she said. "There's no time like the present to state your case and speak candidly about what you believe it. And I believe in his candidacy." 
Palin announces her endorsement of Sean Parnell
But what happened to convince the group to abandon their carefully crafted plan?  What new information was revealed that suggested that this was small potatoes and that there were bigger things ahead for Palin and her merry band of trouble makers?

Now this is where it gets interesting.  According to my sources the reason they put off the coup was because it was revealed that Palin had something more important on her plate. The VP nomination.

Apparently the word came down that Palin was no longer interested in taking over the Alaska GOP because she was all but certain that she was going to be on the Republican ticket.  Remember this is less than a month after her first meeting with John McCain, one month before the birth of Trig Paxson Van Palin, and about seven months before she was officially trotted out as John McCain's running mate.

We have been led to believe (Even though I have ALWAYS known better) that McCain picked Palin at the last minute, but in fact, according to my sources, Palin was certain enough that she was on the ticket as far back as March of 2008 to walk away from the overthrow of her arch nemesis, Randy Reuderich. Something which she had been planning for years!

Now this is also rather interesting because in his book, Frank Bailey, who as we all know did not seem shy about outing Palin's numerous lies, only says this about Palin's chances at the VP slot:

"While none of us believed Sarah to be a sure thing for veep--or necessarily even a front-runner--by midyear we understood that it was a possibility, a development that raised anxiety and excitement."

So since Bailey was DEFINITELY around during the time that this news was shared, are we to believe he did not take it seriously? Or is there some other reason that he did not share with his readers just how far back Palin was certain she was McCain's choice for VP?

This might be a good time to remind all of you that Palin had only just announced she was pregnant eight days earlier, on March 7, the day AFTER John McCain officially won the nomination as the Republican candidate for President.

By the way I was also told that Palin had no intention of finishing her first term, ostensibly because she figured she would have a new job as VP in Washington, DC.

Which only goes to remind all of us once again WHY Palin hates President Obama so much. He is after all the man she holds personally responsible for destroying her carefully laid plans to someday sit in the Oval Office.

So having that dream stripped away, it appears that Palin and her minions have returned to plan B, and are now firmly in charge of the Alaska Republican party.


  1. Thank you Jesse for the explanation. I guess Ron Paul is right in the thick of it all....but is he so stupid to see that he is being used. And then there is Parnell...more work to do.

    I still don't see where Franklin Graham fits into all of this. Thoughts?

    1. sally in MI4:32 PM

      Graham is a tool too. He has a big following due to Daddy, and if he supports Sarah, then she doesn't even have to pretend to attend church or live the life of a Christian. All she has to do is appear with Frank occasionally, and she gets her invite and check from the Joyful Women, and she retains her fundie cred.

    2. Anonymous6:53 PM

      They are all horrible, horrible people.

  2. Anonymous3:50 PM

    so is she or isnt she a powerful force in politics? this is what i cant figure out. and i cant figure out what people are waiting for if she is. drive a freaking stake thru her so we can be done with her.

    1. nswfm7:12 PM

      Waiting for the orange jumpsuits for the Palin Crime Family. They got the Gottis and Al Capone....

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Well researched, Gryphen!! This makes total sense.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:11 PM

      Sarah is certainly wearing her canary-eating smile in the photo above, isn't she?

      I am gonna have to read this post a couple more times before I get the gist of this information. Lots going on here.

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    She was and is as delusional as Mr Cox's. Ha ha ha ha ha the fucking loser and complete Sociopath Sarah Palin. She has been completely Defeated it is so funny.

  5. Anonymous4:13 PM

    OT -- slightly...
    So...we have that wacko neo-Nazi white supremacist in AZ who killed himself, his wife and his daughter and granddaughter out of anger that his daughter had a baby with a Mexican...and a wacko militiaman in AK who is ALSO a Mormon???? Anyone else think that's interesting?

    FYI -- Glenn Beck is also a Mormon....

    1. Anonymous5:16 PM

      How horrible.... How can someone be so eaten away by hate as to kill his wife, daughter, and grandaughter because of racial hatred? And then he kills himself so he won't have to face what he has done. I am sorry for the family that was killed.

    2. Anonymous5:47 PM

      Google "ex-Mormon" support groups. People who felt they were in a cult, and what they say about what kind of indoctrination they put up with, and how hard it was to get away. One belief they have is that poor people are evil (not in God's favor) or lazy.

    3. Anonymous7:16 AM

      "One belief they have is that poor people are evil (not in God's favor) or lazy."

      Wow, and what would a Romney presidency mean for poor people? The above sums it up.
      Also, they are self admitted Racists!

  6. Gles @3:39 pm: Dunno what Franklin Graham was doing then besides lending her his jet to take cookies & religious tracts to the villages when they needed fuel, but his taking Bristol to Haiti was to cover her pregnancy to fake an adoption of a brown baby there. We figured that one out, so she tried to have a "charity reality" show with the Massey Bros, and we know that was a total flop. Rumor had it Franklin intended to leave his wife for Sarah.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:16 PM

      Is it my imagination, or have Sarah and Franklin broken up since their trip to Haiti? I thought that maybe when he saw Bristol's condition, he realized that this was not a relationship that he wanted to continue. They don't seem to be spending much time together.

    2. Hi Bretta..where did you see that rumor about Franklin intending to leave his wife for Sarah Palin??

    3. Anonymous11:26 PM

      Anyone think that Palin plain USED Franklin for her benefit? Just like she does everyone else.

  7. I recall bloggers writing about how wonderful they thought Palin would be for the VP slot a couple months before the VP announcement. Then after some time this started appearing in newspapers. I thought it was very strange anyone would consider her and did not take it seriously. If what you are saying is true this means there are some powerful people behind her who must have the same crazy ideas she does. That is scary. I wonder why McCain wants people to believe he picked her at the last minute? Perhaps they wanted her all along, but because she was a nobody they had to find a need for a female and then waited until one came up.

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      I think it was the christian right that decided Sarah should be the VP candidate no matter who the GOP presidential candidate was. When it ended up being McCain, he "sold his soul to the devil" to win. He was told that if Sarah was on the ticket, the christian right would all vote for him. Without Sarah, they wouldn't support McCain's candidacy.

    2. Anonymous6:06 PM

      I don't recall bloggerS praising SP so much before the pick (of course, I was not paying attention then, so you are prob right, Celia), but there was that ONE blogger, Adam Brickley, who had a blog for 18 mo before the pick, "Draft SP for VP."

      I wonder if maybe he ever got a little "grant" money to do that??

    3. Anonymous6:23 PM

      McCain was also being blackmailed/strong-armed by his "friend" Lowell "Bud" Paxson, a very wealthy Fundie who has run a number dirty tricks and covert missions for the GOP over the decades.

      Paxson set up a situation to compromise McCain. Paxson's employee ("a real professional" to quote him), who is a dead wringer for the young Cindi McCain, had a number of assignations with McCain, including a tryst in Paxson's private jet.

      This alleged Iseman/McCain affair was in the process of coming out in a series of reports in the New York Times in Feb. 2008. This was before and during the Republican Governor's Conference in DC, where Sarah Palin was in attendance and was interviewed by McCain as a potential VP pick.

      During the days of the conference, something happened that made the New York Time's informant on the Iseman/McCain series suddenly decide to stop talking, and the series was cancelled in mid-stream.

      Then, Palin returns to Alaska and announced to her astonished state (including the body guard who had just seen her in a pair of tight jeans) that she was 7 months pregnant. This was reported the day after McCain clinched the nomination.

      Clearly, something happened in late Feb./early March that:
      1) called off the incriminating McCain/Iseman series in the NY Times
      2) led to Sarah Palin's pregnancy announcement
      3) led to calling off the Republican party state coup that Palin had planned
      4) led to the Fundies (kinda, sorta) getting behind McCain

      It seems to have had to do with McCain's agreeing to have Palin as his running mate. Word is that he was NOT happy about having to do this -- to put it mildly!

      (Remember Tri-G's middle name --"Paxson"?)

      Now, read Geoffrey Dunn's book carefully. He has thoughtfully included an index, look it all up!

    4. Cracklin Charlie8:30 PM

      Nicely done, 6:23! We should write up your answer to Celia's question as a synopsis of how Sarah Palin was chosen by the Republican nominee for President, as his vice-presidential running mate.

      But I wonder one other thing. I think it is possible that the McCain campaign might have received a big influx of operating capital around about that time. The McCain campaign was really hurting for money, after coming through the long primary season. Those guys, Obama included, ran for president for a long time. I think the reasons for Palin's inclusion on the ticket could have been all of your above, PLUS a cash bonus for the campaign.

      If her selection included the Christian vote, more the better.


    6. Anonymous10:40 PM

      Yes, cracklin' charlie, that's how I've imagined the good ole boy RW fundie club works. All behind the scenes, all done with a phone call, via the multiple levels of the entities they own:

      -- cash infusion when needed, or to serve as carrot, or "reward"
      -- jets available for book tours or the odd trip that should not have a paper trail
      -- $7M Harper Collins book deal as a cash transfer from Rupert to SP
      -- some background blackmail worked up (like Iseman) for whenever they might need it
      -- blackout of MSM coverage of certain topics
      -- funding/Fox for ad nauseum coverage of other topics
      -- bogus RW foundations (like the many funded by the Kochs) to create faux-reputable studies to quote elsewhere, or to pay huge speaker fees as another way to transfer cash
      -- Citizen's United cash to win an election, like in Wisconsin or to defeat the smoking tax in CA last Tuesday

      And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more. Like hushing up the Todd prostitution, squashing McGinniss's book tour, oh the list is long.

  8. With all that high-faluting scheming going on, I'm surprised that the Shadow Governor's name hasn't been mentioned in the trial.

    If Palin is now heavily involved in the Alaska Republican party, I feel sorry for you folks. Come on down to Florida! Oh, wait ...

  9. Gasman4:48 PM

    Ooh, ooh, ooh! The BITCH is going DOWN! This would be sweet justice indeed if she gets jammed up with these sovereign citizen shitheads. All it takes is for one of these morons to even mention her name even tangentially and she'll be questioned about all this.

    Pack your bags bitch, 'cause it is time for you to go.

  10. AJ Billings5:03 PM

    I have hopes for you Gryphen. It involves an award.

    Remember Woodward and Bernstein?

    You have a lot of the the background, and obviously some great sources.

    Eventually I hope you have the proof to write the next Pulitzer winning articles/book that will expose the horrific underbelly of corruption in Alaska, and take down Our Sarah once and for all.

    Jail is too good for that scheming,lying witch, and you could be the author of "Sarah Palin: the rise and fall of an epic grifter"


    1. If the press is the 'Fourth Estate', and the blogger arena is the 'Fifth Estate', i heartily nominate Gryphen for a 'Fifth Pulitzer'...

      ... because he deserves 5 Pulitzers for this piece!

      {{{{{ APPLAUSE FOR GRYPHEN }}}}}

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Ditto. Pulitzer. Go, G-Man!

    3. Cracklin Charlie8:39 PM

      The information contained in this post could be expanded into several really good chapters. Why no one is covering this is beyond me.

  11. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I would just add that we don't have to think that McCain offered her the VP spot when he first met her. My impression is that McCain hoped for someone else as a running mate. Like Lieberman. Someone normal. But certainly Paxson and the high-level fundie RW pals had to be busy thinking about getting their rep as VP, grooming that person, encouraging that person, perhaps telling that person it was a done deal, or was sure to be after some arm-twisting. There might have been more than just one person they were grooming. In fact, one would think so. But SP turned out to be the one that would work best.

    (I think this is where Franklin Graham fits in, and possibly the Murdoch/Koch types -- a loose coalition, well hidden from media exposure, a good ole boys club aiming to get THEIR puppet to be the VP -- and in due course the POTUS, or why bother?)

    So SP was aware that she had supporters who might well make it happen, IF McCain became the candidate. And he did. On Mar 5.

    But unbeknownst to the Paxton/Graham/fundie/RW good ole boys club, SP knew she had a dirty little secret that needed addressing. We don't have to know or guess what that secret was, and it is better that we pass on the temptation to do so, because defining the secret becomes a huge distraction with way too many variables, lies, red herrings, and unknowns. No, it is enough to say that whatever that bad secret was, it needed to be covered up so it would not emerge and spoil SP's chance to be picked as VP candidate, and spoil her run for that office.

    What we DO know is that, on the day after McCain was picked as Repub candidate, the fake pregnancy was SP's solution to that problem, as was Trig as her supposed (perhaps adopted) son.

    Whatever the problem was, that was the solution.

    It could be that a high-level RW/fundie good ole boy or two were in on it, as SP's mentors/manipulators. Maybe they arranged the logistics, or helped with them. Maybe it was just SP on her own with the fake pregnancy. In any case, we know that the DS baby was a huge plus for her, and we know that she did not give birth as stated. We know this from the flat-profile and other photos of SP 5 weeks before "delivery," which document a medical impossibility.

    So as the RNC approached with no VP pick, we saw McCain's campaign decline. He was no longer as able to call the shots as when he had been stronger. He perhaps balked at picking the idiot charismatic hillbilly Mom with the fake pregnancy. He could not prevail within his party with a pick like Lieberman, because the numbers said that would be an automatic loss to Obama. Possibly McCain agreed, at the last minute, or possibly he did not and had his arm twisted (the Paxson blackmail threat to reveal proof of the Iseman dalliance is one credible candidate for arm-twister, but I have no doubt there might have been other arm-twist blackmail possibilities). And it certainly was clear that only a high-risk Hail-Mary candidate for VP would save the day. So McCain caved that week before the RNC.

    After SP's initial speeches as VP candidate, it seemed that it might work. So the hoax rumors were squashed, covered up, and remained so until the present.

    It was an effective plan that worked fine, and it remains adequately covered up to this day, with even Schmidt and "Game Change" supporting the outrageous lie that SP was identified and vetted in a week or two.

    1. Exactly.

      What seems to confuse some is the idea that McCain had ANY say over his VP choice. I don't believe he had any at all.

      The Evangelicals hated him and without them he could not even begin to think about running a successful campaign.

      Trig's appearance was not to get McCain's attention, it was to get the attention of the Evangelical community.

      THEY then would make damn sure he picked Palin or suffer a humiliating defeat.

      Palin understood that demographic FAR better than did John McCain. Far better.

    2. Holly8:44 PM

      What I don't understand is how someone smart enough to set up one or more potential VP candidates and play their cards so well vis a vis McCain, could be stupid enough to select a dolt like Palin. If she was the best they could come up with, I shudder to think what the worst was.

    3. Anonymous11:04 PM

      The dolt worked pretty well in her assigned task of "energizing the base."

    4. Anonymous11:42 PM

      Holly, my thoughts exactly!

    5. I remember Meghan McCain remarking how her personal style of dressing needed to be cleaned up as told to her by handlers, yet it was okay for Sarah's teenage daughter to parade her pregnancy....

      As I think back on this Sarah would be running for president in 2012 had McCain won in 2008...he would be too old and she polished after 4 years. The GOP always has a 10 year plan in place.

    6. Jeanabella4:06 AM

      The fact that Palin is a "dolt", got by McCain at her interview which was only fifteen minutes.
      Most people see a gov. & don't think, "I wonder if she knows that the Queen of England doesn't run the government?" No, most people wouldn't doubt a gov. knowledge of history & geography!
      The shock came after they starting campaign & realized they had to start from the beginning of 8th grade school lessens to get her up to speed on geography & history for crying out loud!
      This gov. was a totally different animal from what they're used to in politics.
      McCain is just a bitter, sorry looser, & even laughs while stating that "she was the perfect pick"! Perfect for loosing! If he did win the potus seat, he would have been dead by now!

  12. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I doubt McCain was seriously checking out (HA) Sarah Palin that early. HOWEVER, those who were selling Sarah.... were pretty sure they had something hot that would get ratings. Sarah was convinced it was "God's plan" that she be VP/POTUS. McCain was desperate for a Game Change and Queen Esther was served to him on a silver platter. Old fool, oldest trick in the book.

  13. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Do you remember the scene from Game Change with just Sarah and Steve Schmidt? Schmidt remarked on how calm Palin was and she replied, "It's God's plan."

    It's not difficult to imagine Palin BELIEVED she'd be selected.

    But wouldn't Sarah want Parnell to stay in the Lt. Gov's spot ready to take over her vacant Governor's office? Was having vacancies for Lt. Gov. and Gov. part of the plan? Would there have been a way for Miller to step into either spot?

    I also wonder about Palin's March 3 email to Bailey, Frye, and Perry telling them about her 'pregnancy'...before McCain had secured the nomination. Bailey writes about the email in his book but it wasn't included in the big email dump because no state email accounts were involved. However, one email on March 3, 6:50PM, did make the dump and it seems to verify that she shared her secret earlier that day. Bailey to Sarah: “Jeez I still just have a perma-grin. I just can NOT believe the news today.
    TP is one happy dude!”

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Parnell's primary run brought up the same question for me. I hope someone can explain the logic of potentially leaving both the governor and lt. governor chairs vacant.

      I do think there's a difference between Bailey and others believing and communicating that Sarah's selection for VP was a done deal and it being an actual fact. That quote, "It's God's plan," is a good illustration of the mentality. The quote is on page 365 and can be seen at Google books.

  14. Anonymous5:53 PM

    What I don't understand is why Reuderich, Lisa Murkowski, etc, roll over and play dead for Sarah. These people are surely powerful in Alaska, too. Surely they have people in place and plenty of shit on Sarah and Todd. So why do thy allow her to wipe the floor with their faces? Why don't they take her out? I have been wondering this for years. They surely must hate her, and they know she hates them and will destroy them if they give her the chance. So why is she still around? This isn't a rhetorical question, Grypen; do you know why they have never fought back against them? Is it because she has dirt on them?

    As for the 2008 campaign, I think McCain did "pick" her at the last minute. But powerful people in the party had decided on her months before, and she knew it. They allowed McCain an illusion of control, but they were confident that eventually they could bring him to heel. He fought it, but in the end he had to cave. I wonder if HE knows that she was in with those powers from the beginning? Probably not.

    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      My theory is that he "picked" her at the last minute, too...but the more I read about this, the more it seems like the Christian Taliban put people in place in the campaign to help him "come up" with this decision. If you are used to delegating work, like someone in McCain's position probably was, and underlings that you trust come back to you with a name of a potential VP who they say is trust that she is vetted.

      But that doesn't mean that McCain is guiltless in this. He owed it to America to tell the truth about her and -- you know what -- he's a giant phony anyway, who's not one tenth the hero and reformer he pretends to be. So whatever.

    2. Anonymous11:12 PM

      I always wondered if McCain ever thought about bucking the powers that forced the SP pick? He certainly could have done a Profiles in Courage thing: say no, he will not pick SP, he will instead terminate his candidacy and tell the public why.

      Probably some bad consequences to such an act: but most of those bad consequences are just around the corner anyway, ready to be exposed, and certainly to have their place in any serious bio of McCain.

  15. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Palin is not done with the Republicans in Alaska - she has to get her revenge for Joe Miller's loss to Lisa M...

  16. Anonymous6:14 PM


    Standing onstage on election night when it’s all over, McCain says privately to Palin:

    "You are one of the leaders of the party now. Don't let yourself get co-opted by Limbaugh and the other extremists. They'll destroy the party if you let them."

  17. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Kristol and his GOP friends were on a working cruise up the Inside Passage in the summer of 2007. Palin had them to dinner at the gov’s manse in Juneau. Kristol is a right-winger from way back and he thought Palin was charming. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand she was “all show and no go.” In other words, she has the intelligence of a rock.

    I always wondered about a particular memory of Bailey’s in his book about Palin. He said she once asked him how he thought it might be if she had another child while governor. I think it is a really weird comment. Palin is running for governor or just wins the governorship and she at the same time (despite being a derelict and absent parent already) was thinking about having a baby. Talk about creating kids as accessories to one’s wardrobe (actually just substitute the word “job" for “wardrobe" and you might have it. She sounds like a teenager considering a coke instead of a root beer). Her narcissism has no bounds.

    Apologies to all rocks.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:47 PM

      I "love" the anecdote of Brisdull calling Sarah from school, crying-

      and Sarah mocks Brisdull's crying to Bailey and the other person in the room (Ivy Frye?).

      She is SUCH a FANTASTIC MOM!!!!!

      ALL HEART!

      Didja know that, brisdull? Sadly, you probably did.

  18. Anonymous6:25 PM

    1. Does this over throw story have anything to do with the government officials refusing to investigate the Palins (Todd Palin's prostitution business)?

    Does this over throw have longer arms and involves other people who fear that Sarah Palin will reveal things that nobody else knows if she is thrown under the bus, so they are leaving her alone?


    2. Earlier somebody mentioned the Palins were informants. Is that why they are not being investigated for Todd Palin's prostitution business?

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      If the Palins are informants, could they be granted immunity from all past crimes in exchange for info? Plus insurance that there will be no investigations into their current crimes like prostitution?

    2. If the Palins were informants, when do they play out their hand/usefulness? And just how embarrassing does it have to get to have them disgraced? You'd think the GOP would figure this out since Sarah claims to be such a good Christian? or does she have a great ability to read a script and memorize it!

  19. Anonymous6:36 PM

    You know how everybody said that America dodged a bullet when McCain lost the presidency because Sarah Palin would of been only a 72 year old man's heart beat away from being president?

    Well I think John McCain dodged one! It is starting to sound like there was going to be a plan to change presidents midstream if McCain would of won and you can figure out what that means.

    Remember everybody was laughing at "If John McCain wins, he better get a food tester if Sarah Palin is his vp!"

    Now its doesn't sound so funny anymore, it could of happened!

    1. Anonymous7:02 PM

      I heard the 'food-taster' remark...NOT in a joking way...directly from a friend who worked for Reagan.

    2. Anonymous3:55 AM

      Sarah thinks she's so hot to trot, she probably would have tried to kill him with her "hot body"...

    3. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Anonymous 7:02 PM - This feels strange. I heard the food-taster remark from a friend who worked for Reagan, too.

  20. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Sarah Palin is pissed at Obama because her chances of ever becoming president has been shattered.

    Sarah Palin can't even be elected dog catcher now.

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM

      Air ball by Sarah The Barracuda Palin, buzzer goes off Game Over!

  21. Anonymous7:04 PM

    OHHHH SHITTTT! Here is something else to think about!

    If Sarah Palin was being groomed to take over, she had to have the backing of powerful influential people outside of Alaska.

    These people would make sure nothing got in the way of Sarah Palin advancing their cause! If anybody had information that could hurt Sarah Palin's reputation, they had to find a way to neutralize the condemning information.

    With that said.......

    Does this have anything to do with Mercedes Johnston's computer being cleaned of damaging information that could hurt Sarah Palin?

    ".... By the end of September I was having problems with my computer. It would let me log in and show my background and documents, but would not allow any programs or files to be opened....
    ....One morning I woke up to log on to my computer and to do some school work. When I turned it on it would not let me log in. It just went directly to the original Windows background (My background photo was originally a picture of me and my best friend swimming with dolphins). There were absolutely no files, all my desktop icons were gone, and there was not ONE photo on my hard drive besides the "Sample photos" which came with the computer....
    ...had over 12 techs look at my computer and that they spent days and days working on it, and searching for what had gone wrong, and could not figure it out...
    ...Before my computer’s hard drive had been wiped clean I was being yelled from all sides...
    ...Bristol demanded that I take down all photos of her family, my brother, and myself from my MySpace page. She said that I was making her mom and family look bad, and that her mother wanted me to delete my whole MySpace account....
    ... They had two ladies stay with us to answer the phone, the door, and any questions from reporters...
    ...The ladies even tried to tell me that I was not allowed to leave my house, go to the store, or even pay my cell phone bill...
    ...It was later that I started to put the puzzle pieces together, especially after the computer Tech said this had to be the work of someone from the Secret Service, or from some other branch of the government, because what happened to my computer was remarkable...
    ...It did not click until just recently that perhaps the ladies who were supposedly "protecting us" by answering our phone, were really there to protect the Palins and had cleaned out my computer just to make sure there was nothing incriminating on it which might have caused a problem for the campaign..."

    Read the whole thing for yourselves...

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM


      Mercede Johnston's Story Continues:

      "Later of course the cops took my computer when they arrived with a subpoena after my mother’s arrest on December 18, and they have yet to return it."



      "WASILLA -- A 42-year-old Wasilla woman was arrested Thursday at her home by Alaska State Troopers with a search warrant in an undercover drug investigation. Sherry L. Johnston was charged with six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance....Troopers served the warrant at Johnston's home at the "conclusion of an undercover narcotics investigation," said a statement issued Thursday by the troopers as part of the normal daily summary of activity around the state...Levi Johnston sat with Bristol and the rest of the Palin family in St. Paul, Minn., during Gov. Palin's speech to the Republican National Convention, and he joined the family on the stage afterwards."

    2. I talked to one of the guys who had worked on Mercede's computer. He told me that the computer was wiped clean of all data, like she had never even used it before.

      That is almost impossible, it was almost like somebody took the old hard drive out and inserted a different one.

      Obviously there was something that Sarah did not want the public to see. Same thing for the old official Governor's website.

      I actually watched that thing get stripped down in real time.

    3. Anonymous7:48 PM

      G'man.... there's more to this story.... they came back for Mercede's computer and guess how they did that?

    4. Anonymous7:57 PM

      Gryphen, Do you know if Mercede contacted the FBI after she realized what had happened? Or will she ever make a complaint once Sherry's sentence is fulfilled?

    5. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Is this the iceberg that's going to bring down the Palins?

      Political Take Over... Todd Palin AIP member... AIP connection cover up by Sarah Palin who wanted others to say that Todd was not a member... Todd's prostitution ring... Secret Service compromised by Todd's prostitute... why the Palins are like teflon, nothing has stuck to them so far... nobody seems to want to investigate them... no mention of Wasilla's prostitute putting Secret Service into Todd's secret Army....

      There's a story here that the media is missing out on!

      There's a best seller on the horizon for somebody!

    6. Anonymous8:07 PM

      I don't think I plan on visiting Alaska or Wasilla until this black ops shit is cleaned up.

      I think I'll go to Disneyland instead.

    7. AJ Billings8:09 PM

      There are many technical software programs that can be used to "wipe" a disk clean.

      These do not just format a hard disk, they write zeros to every sector of a disk, and it can be done multiple times.

      Here's an example that is DOD (department of defense) that I often use to ensure my clients data is actually unrecoverable

    8. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Sarah Palin's mind set:

      I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.'" --Sarah Palin, as quoted by former City Council Member Nick Carney

      "That's exactly what we're going to do in a Palin and McCain administration." --Sarah Palin, elevating herself to the top of the ticket, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sept. 18, 2008


    9. Anonymous8:44 PM

      McCain did say Palin was vetted.

      Then how come I have to read about this in IM?

    10. Anonymous9:02 PM

      mercedes states: It would let me log in and show my background and documents, but would not allow any programs or files to be opened....

      Well, clearly, the hard drive was NOT wiped clean "almost like she had never used it", because she could see HER background and documents.

      The forensics expertise of person(s) that looked at the computer is questionable. There might well have been a chance of recovering some data.

    11. Cracklin Charlie9:02 PM

      Interesting question, 7:39.

      Didn't Sadie get in trouble with the Palins for showing a picture of a baby on the Tyra Banks show? I don't remember the exact details, but I think it was something like Sadie provided a photo that had never been seen. Trig? Tripp? I can't remember. When did that show air?

      So the Palins needed a way to get into the computer, and find out if Sadie had anything else they didn't want her to share. If this show aired shortly before that show aired, what you are wondering may be true. It would put a more concrete answer to why Sherry was arrested.

  22. Anonymous7:13 PM

    You will never convince me that John McCain chose Palin over Lieberman the week he sewed up the nomination.It just did not happen that way.A much more likely scenario is that the powers that were grooming her got McCain to meet her for their little 15 minute meeting,just to break the ice.Then when McCain agreed she was sure good looking and seemed so personable,those groomers got back to Palin and told her something along the lines of she was on the short list,she had a good chance,McCain really liked her,and that they would do everything in their power to get her the VP nod.That she should make efforts to make herself even more likeable to the "base".Then when those power brokers let McCain know that his best friend Joe Lieberman was completely unacceptable,at the last minute,when they knew he would scrambling for a VP,they used the affair story and how they had "helped" McCain so much to push her on him.No way,no how was Palin chosen as VP in March with all of that time to vet her,and then they missed so much and had to scrub computers last minute,etc.

    1. Anonymous7:57 PM

      Who was the pimp who put Sarah up for "election services?"

      I agree - Palin was a last minute VP pick for McCain but a long shot for her "handlers." Who were her handlers? Who was financing her political bids? Ailes? Some Alaska group of fringe groups? These guys taking over Ron Paul's Libertarian Party as the GOP?

    2. Anonymous9:01 PM

      I agree that Lieberman might have been McCain's first choice, and JL was vetoed by Republicans and the Religious Right quickly. McCain, ever the gambler, didn't have a plan B. Even if he did, he wasn't decisive and the Religious Right exerted its muscle, saying that McCain would not have their backing without their candidate. It might have been Franklin Graham, Focus on the Family, some of the right wing think tanks and donors. For all we knew, after hearing about Murdoch's British scandals, that even he had a hand in it. Palin would sell his papers and attract viewers for his TV stations. I also think that Sarah had been working hard behind the scenes. Staging that cover of People Magazine with the hot looking governor holding her DS baby had to have been a master stroke. I'll bet that she phoned, emailed and even sent copies of the magazine to influential Republicans.

  23. Anonymous7:16 PM

    What beautiful woman she is
    and what a lucky man her husband is

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Hi Sarah

    2. Anonymous7:52 PM

      And I was a great mayor of Wasilla, leaving them only $20 million in debt that they know of. I was also a great governor, in fact, I was doing such an amazing job that I realized that I would spoil it for any future governor, so I had to quit-- just so future candidates would be able to meet the high standards that I set. I was also the most awesome VP candidate ever. Did you see my Naughty Monkey pumps? Do you guys even know what I was saying, wink wink, with those Naughty Monkeys, you naughty monkeys? Oh, yeah, and I am also the greatest mother of my four children. Strike that, how many kids do I have now?

    3. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Please get your eyes checked. This POS is ugly inside and outside now, as well. Her eyes are those of a putrid, seething, hateful excuse for a human being. Meanest person on the face of the earth.

    4. emrysa8:11 PM

      rofl 7:16, she's a fraud and her husband is a pimp! wtf is wrong with you? starstuck? horny? wake the fuck up. or do you like to fuck plastic?

    5. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Oh, is that why $arah doesn't wear a ring any more, to prove how 'lucky" Todd is?

      Is that why they live in separate bedrooms?

      Could that even be why you NEVER see them kissing or even holding hands in public?

      You have to be as stupid as $arah to have us believe that their relationship is anything but a sick, twisted fame whore partnership for money

    6. Anonymous8:25 PM

      I'm confused. If Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman and Todd is a lucky man to have her, then why would Todd have sexual relations with Shailey Tripp?

      In her book Boys Will Be Boys, Shailey Tripp even described Todd's two tone penis.

    7. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Former Governor Allegedly Paid Men To Cover Up Affairs

    8. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:51 AM

      Why yes, 7:16! Michelle Obama IS a beautiful woman, and Barack is VERY lucky to have her!

      Oh, wait. You weren't talking about Sarah "Sewer Rat" Palin, were you?

    9. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:45 AM

      I haven't read all the comments as yet, but this is a great (and very important) post. I believe that SP was being groomed FOR YEARS by the Dominionists to be their Pied Piper, roping in the Evangelical dimwits who would idolize a pseudo-"purty" Hockey Mom with a dysfunctional family "just like theirs." She was trained to walk, talk, dress and appeal to them--and the cash the knuckleheads send to her PAC after sifting through the dust in their vacuum cleaner bags is just a nice little "extra" that keeps the PR machine going.

      She's a ham actress with a leading role in the cause of a theocratic political takeover. Anything she says or "writes" is carefully scripted and heavily promoted, but she has enough of an ego to go off on her own every now and then. That's when the stupidity shines. I strongly believe bloggers like Gryph, PG, Mudflats, etc. did much to prevent the initial desired outcome (and the fact that the majority of Americans eventually viewed her as a punchline).

      However, I don't believe for a second that the Xtian cabal has given up on the Queen, and are now trying to reinvent her to appeal to a wider audience. My fear is that there'll be enough paid shills in Tampa to cheer her on as she yaps the company line, and she'll get big media play again--while the MSM ignores the important stories like her connection to AIP and TAAHHD's little side business. Money and fear are wonderful firewalls. Isn't it curious that supposed "true Christians" wouldn't use the millions being funneled into the Palin machine to help people in need in this economy? Oh, yeah, I forgot. They'll get their reward in Heaven, and Sarah will enjoy her "rewards" right here...

  24. emrysa8:19 PM

    interesting post, gryhen, and some interesting comments. I have never believed that mccain picked palin at the last minute, and I think 7:13 has the most plausible scenario, add to that 5:09 and I think that's the story.

    which makes it all the more repulsive that the entire family acts like they are some hot-kinda-shit yet they're a joke, the quitter was promoted by a small minority interest, the majority of america thinks that she and her inbred ignorant family are garbage. AS THEY ARE!

  25. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Bill Moyer's Journal tackled how the toxic corporate media is dumbing us down and screwing up democracy. Then he gave Alan Keys a piece of his mind. Highly recommend.

  26. Dinty9:55 PM

    Basically what this post is saying is that despite the real amount of time to vet Ms. Palin, the RNC did nothing, or more likely spent the time covering up.

    What's funny is that despite their efforts she still embarrassed them. She didn't actually bother to apprise them of her current scandals (babygate for one).

    1. Anonymous2:36 AM

      But Dinty -- What was the point of the RW fundie Repubs vetting her? She was just going to be a puppet (after the food-taster's day off). And scandals that emerged would be handled -- as in fact they have been. All is in blackout mode re the MSM. Nothing has really come out so far.

      I wouldn't say Palin embarrassed them much more that the klown kar kandidates in this primary. They're ALL the same type: RW fundies to the extreme, destined to be puppet POTUS, any problems covered up by the MSM, able to do their job of "energizing the base."

      You might find this a huge problem, as do I and as do most of the other commenters here, but we have to admit that it has worked out fine for the Repubs. So far. Remember, bloggers don't count. Them elitist book writers don't count -- their books and articles have never gained traction. Citizens United money can blitz us with the Repub version of reality, and has done so, so far.

      Over that long period (we don't really know whether it was months or years) when the fundie RW Paxson folks were grooming SP, my guess is they knew all (re SP and Todd's crimes and indiscretions) and simply didn't care. They knew they could handle it. And they have. So far.

  27. Anonymous5:29 AM

    I'm telling you guys, RIGHT NOW...if Romney wins, Sarah is gonna be toast within six months of the inauguration. FOR SURE!

    If I were Sarah, I'd make DAMN SURE, Romney doesn't win, because there is NO WAY, he's going to want this wacko walking around, talking smack about him. Notice that every time there was a competing frontrunner, some negative story about them came out? As if by magic? Yeah, my guess is that that magic is "Mitt Romney's campaign"...they're ruthless in their intent to campaign negatively. They seem to have dirt on EVERYONE. And, if you remember, Mittens had a conversation with conservative media in which he promised to pass along all oppo research that his team gathers on Obama...which RIGHT THERE indicates his campaign strategy!!!

    I'll bet anyone $10,000 that SOMETHING will come out about Sarah within six months of a Romney inauguration. Pick or choose what it could be! An investigation into dairy gate...she could be under investigation for a handful of tax issues...there's babygate...SOMETHING will come out...the b!tch has an orange suit with her name on it.

    1. Anonymous11:47 AM

      So you are saying that if Republican Romney wins he will go after Republican Sarah Palin?

      What the hell have you been smoking? That doesn't make a lot of sense at all. Sounds like something a meth head would come up with.

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

      No, I think it's a possibility, too. I've thought for a long time that the Republican party was through with her a long time ago. Any further political career is over with and no one will have her on as a "pundent". The only places that have her on at all are Fox shows and not because anyone seriously believes she has anything relevant to say, but because Fox has a contract with her to play out. She is not invited onto these shows, they are told she will be on their show. She is an attack dog for the Republican party. It's all Obama, Obama, Obama to blame for everything. Once Romney is in office, they will have no more need of that and will distance themselves from her.

      She seems to be pinning her future in the reality show/entertainment industry but I don't think they will want her either. My guess is her only shot would be the TV evangelist route or Christian talk shows - something along those lines.

  28. Anonymous8:26 AM

    OT...Do you ever think Cox and others are just the fall guys? Do you think this is a way to get information on the Palins, who the Feds are really going after.

  29. Our lad3:29 PM

    I am so tired of this shit.Will someone, somewhere please snap a pair of cuffs on this insufferable cooz so that we can fucking forget about her and her ridiculous relatives? For the love of God, when will this blight on humanity be incarcerated?

  30. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I'd like to ask experts in Alaskan election law and politics a few questions.

    1. Supposing the plans above had worked in 2008. On election day Sarah would have been elected V.P. and Sean would have deposed Yon Dung. What was the procedure for picking the new Gov and Lt. Gov?

    2. Would temporary appointments have been necessary? Palin would have been gone 24-7 working on the transition. Could she have held office while elected V.P.? Could Parnell have held office after his election but before being sworn into the Senate?

    3. Am I correct in assuming that the plan was for Joe Miller to be Gov or more likely Lt. Gov? (Gov Bob Bird and Lt Gov Joe Miller? How about Gov Joe Miller and Lt Gov Kristan Cole? Gov Kristan Cole and Lt Gov Franci Havemeister?) The Ron Paul backers should have gotten at least one of the two offices.

    I'd like to ask Bill Fulton if he knows anything about how the Republicans planned to fill these positions if Joe Miller and Sarah Palin had won their elections in 2008? Were they thinking that Ted Stevens might be indicted at this time?


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