Monday, January 07, 2013

Possibly one of the most exhilarating three and a half minutes EVER put on television.

I can barely wait for this show to return in the summer.

I swear every time something important happens in the news, whether it be President Obama's reelection, the fiscal cliff fight, or one of our tragic recent shootings, I cannot help but wonder what  Will McAvoy would have to say about it.

I know that may sound a little strange, but when have say through as many frustrating news programs as I have, listening to "journalists" dancing around a politically ticklish  issue for fear of being labeled partisan for telling it like it is, you would understand how incredibly satisfying it was to watch this three and half minute video clip.

And why I long to see more.


  1. Been wondering the same thing myself -- how will "Newsroom" handle this year, and when will it? And, please, HBO, bring it back soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Home Box Office!

  3. Leland4:43 AM

    Wonderful. Absolutely accurate, too. And what is sad is the number of people who actually ARE shocked when these things are stated!

    This show is a start. This sort of thing needs to be spread all over the nation in such a way that no one can say they hadn't heard.

    One major problem, though: The powers that be (or at least, those who THINK they are the PTB) will argue against this information and will always attempt to put the blame on someone else. It is in their best interest that the information "goes away".

  4. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Sure makes some folks squirm to hear the truth..........

  5. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Yay! We get this in Australia too, on one of the basic packages of foxtel (Rupie's cable empire), so we don't have to pay extra like in US. It's a great show; we get it some weeks after you though.

    I personally have a little crush on the Jim character - no idea why because I go for sporty men in real life, not geeks!

  6. Anonymous5:17 AM

    I actually got goosebumps the first time I saw that scene! Newsroom has to be one of the best show's on television. Veep is pretty good too.


  7. That show is one of the few reasons I miss having cable.

  8. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Gryphen, you should identify the show in your post. I'd never seen it before and thought it was amazing. I learned it's name from the comment area.

    How many seasons has it been on? I wonder if netflix carries it.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      It's called "The Newsroom" and is on HBO. Last season was the first season and many of us are anxiously awaiting season two.

  9. Carli7:42 AM

    It would be much better if this show were viewable on public TV rather than a cable station that you must pay for. Then maybe more people might pay attention to the truths it espouses.

  10. Carli at 7:42, yes, it would be better for these shows to be on "The Big Three". Thats not going to happen though. For a Liberal nowadays, HBO is a necessary expense. From Bill Maher to The Newsroom, it presents the best programming on television.

  11. jcinco12:20 PM

    Love that show & can't wait until it is on again!!

  12. There are many of us that believe this every second we breathe...

  13. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Love this show and could never wait for it to get to Australia.
    EZTV I thankyou.
    Waiting for season 2


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