Wednesday, January 30, 2013

President Obama's ratings hit 3 year high, while Fox News hits 12 year low. Think there's any connection?

Courtesy of the Washington Post:

 Fully 60 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Obama in the new poll, up slightly from October but a clear shift in opinion from an election year in which his ratings hovered in the mid-to-low 50s. And by 39 percent to 26 percent, the president now has more “strongly” positive ratings than strongly negative reviews, breaking a two-year stretch in which intense opposition was on par with (or higher than) intense support.

Two groups that voted against Obama in November are also beginning to tilt in his direction. Independents see him favorably by a 60-to-36 percent margin, compared with a 51-45 split a year ago. And 51 percent of those ages 65 and older now see Obama favorably, up 11 points from January 2012. Independent voters backed Mitt Romney over Obama by six points in November, and seniors favored Romney by 12 points, according to the national exit poll. 

Partisans’ opinions have changed the least over time. Fully 80 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Obama, similar to 78 percent last January. Even more Democrats, 92 percent, say the opposite, with favorable ratings ticking up five points from last year.

 I gotta say that I am VERY tickled to see that even the conservatives have warmed to the President slightly.  Considering the constant barrage of propaganda directed at them by Fox News that is not insignificant.

But speaking of Fox News let's see how they have fared recently.

The January numbers just came out, and this is how HuffPo is reporting the take away:  

Fox News had its worst prime time ratings in the coveted 25-54 demographic since August 2001, and its lowest total day ratings since June 2008. To a seasoned watcher of cable news ratings, there were other surprises. Rachel Maddow, for instance, came in 10th, beating "Studio B" and the 11 p.m. repeat of "The O'Reilly Factor." In January 2012, she came in 14th. It may not seem like much, but the top of the cable news field has been extremely stable -- and if Maddow were to continue creeping up the list, it would mean a real sea change. Overall, MSNBC -- perhaps powered by liberal euphoria over President Barack Obama's inauguration -- was the only cable news channel to grow its ratings from 2012.

So President Obama is more popular than ever, Fox News is losing viewers at a precipitous rate, and MSNBC viewership is on the rise.

God it's good to be a liberal in America right now!.


  1. Caroll Thompson2:53 PM

    It is wonderful to see Americans swinging back to the left. The R's went over the cliff it seems that no one likes what they have to say anymore. And what have they been saying? "I've got mine and the hell with you."

  2. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Maybe people are starting to get the message that dumb is not smart. Sarah's folksy wink and you betcha didn't amount to anything more that that side motion wave that beauty pageant people practice. It fans the air a little and creates a breeze, but there's nothing else there. Fox was filled with hate and nasty comments. The evening that showed how stupid they were was election night when Dick Morris was sure that Romney would get over 300 electoral votes (without the rigging by Republican governors). Karl Rove's meltdown was the best advertising that Fox is simply out of step.

    The other part of the story is that dumb turns off donations, especially big money donations. Heads of business don't want to waste their money on losers, and Republicans, especially the stupid ones were losers. No one is giving money to Palin. There is no point. Karl Rove got 300 million in donations and had nothing to show for it. People won't make that mistake and waste their money again. Stupid isn't smart and it doesn't pay.

    1. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Brilliant. Take away here: "Being dumb ain't smart."

    2. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Thank you for your post. I second the takeaway: being dumb ain't smart. Please allow me to use it in conversation?

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    It only makes them (Sarah Palin worshipers) cling to their guns and bibles more, and they want to lash out under the guise of Revolutionaries protecting America's 'Christian' founding principles to put their private gun ownership over the public health arena (wonder if that is why they fought public health so much?)

  4. Anonymous6:19 PM

    President Obama ratings are high...

    FOX is down....

    Has to be the Sarah Palin Curse. Whatever a Palin touches turns to shit and in Sarah Palin's attempts to bring down Obama, all she did was help get him elected not once but twice.

  5. Anita Winecooler6:42 PM

    It's just Karma doing it's thing. When President Obama stopped and took in the huge audience at his inauguration, it was for a reason! If he hasn't yet, he most certainly will leave his mark in the history books!
    The Fox News Machine has reached the point of diminishing returns.

    OT LOD is fantastic!

    He's excoriating Crazy Gun Woman in Soaking tub with child, dog and pink rifle. Oh this is too good for words! No link yet... stay tuned!!

    1. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Lawrence O'Donnell still had questions after Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on President Obama's proposed gun control legislation- so he reassembled two key witnesses today, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson and gun rights activist Gayle Trotter, along with a mental health expert, psychiatrist Dr. Richard Friedman.

  6. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I'm working on a theory that the constant blaming of everything wrong in society as being the fault of either Obama, or the poor person down the street from you, is wearing thin.

    Even the dumbest cracker there is, can figure out after enough time, when he's being conned.

  7. Super Fan In Atlanta7:26 PM

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that all of these sea changes in ratings occurred once the Murdoch trials and scandals came to light?

  8. emrysa8:46 PM

    I think america has turned a corner gryphen... the wingnuts are fewer but louder... and that's to be expected. cheers!

  9. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Yet try being a liberal in one of these crazy red states. These people are nuts


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