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Female gun advocate claims that the AR-15 is the weapon of choice for women protecting their babies. I don't think WTF? even covers this.

Photo courtesy of wtfeck pictires
You know I listened to much of the testimony today during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on gun violence, and there were some VERY good points made. I especially enjoyed hearing from Gabby Gifford's husband Mark Kelly and James Johnson, chief of Baltimore County (Md.) Police Department. Both gave compelling argument for more gun control.

Of course there was also testimony from a those on the other side, and while some of it seemed relatively reasonable, there were a few, like Wayne LaPierre who sounded deeply disturbed. (And THAT includes some of the Senators in attendance as well. I'm looking at you Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.)

However nobody, and I mean NOBODY could hold a candle to the insanity that issued forth from a woman named Gayle Trotter, who apparently is a senior fellow from the conservative Independent Women’s Forum. The things she said were....the point she was trying to make was...Oh hell you're going to have to listen for yourself.

Did you hear those giggles from the audience during her testimony? That is how people usually respond when confronted by this level of lunacy.

For those having trouble with the video, here is a portion taken from the transcript:

Ms. Trotter, your testimony discussed the need for women to be able to use firearms to defend themselves and their families. The law currently permits the lawful possession of semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s. Can you tell us why you believe a semi-automatic rifle such as AR-15 has value as a weapon of self-defense? And does banning weapons -- banning guns which feature designed to improve accuracy disproportionately burden women? 

TROTTER: I believe it does. Young women are speaking out as to why AR-15 weapons are their weapon of choice. The guns are accurate. They have good handling. They’re light. They’re easy for women to hold. And most importantly, their appearance. An assault weapon in the hands of a young woman defending her babies in her home becomes a defense weapon. And the peace of mind that a woman has as she’s facing three, four, five violent attackers, intruders in her home with her children screaming in the background -- the peace of mind that she has knowing that she has a scary-looking gun gives her more courage when she’s fighting hardened violent criminals. 

And if we ban these types of assault weapons, you are putting women at a great disadvantage, more so than men, because they do not have the same type of physical strength and opportunity to defend themselves in a hand-to-hand struggle. And they’re -- they’re not criminals. They’re moms. They’re young women. And they’re not used to violent confrontations. 

So, I absolutely urge -- I -- I speak on behalf of millions of American women across the country who urge you to defend our Second Amendment right to choose to defend yourself.

Ms. Trotter claims to speak on behalf of "MILLIONS of American women," but  I call bullshit on that.  She is the fringiest of the fringe, as indicated by the fact that she also writes for the Right Wing rag the Daily Caller.

I am left to wonder what kind of a neighborhood this batshit crazy individual lives in where there is a legitimate fear that "three, four or five violent attackers" might invade your home? Becasue I am going to make damn sure I don't buy a house on THAT street!

I also cannot imagine how anybody on the gun rights side of this debate thought that her testimony was going to help them in any way, but I do have to say that listening to that kind of insanity, certainly going to help OUR side of the debate.

Whoa Nelly! I don't think there is any reason for a more probing psychiatric examination. Based on that testimony alone, I can say unequivocally that THAT woman should NEVER have access to a weapon, of ANY kind.

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  1. Just when you though you've seen it ALL12:46 PM

    Nevermind the pink rifle . . . why are they sitting in an empty bathtub--with the dog no less?

    This world grows crazier and more bizzarre by the day!


    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      And who surrounds their bathtub with mirrors?

    2. The peace sign on her sweats....

      Get that poor dog outta there!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous4:42 PM

      I'm thinkin' it's in an RV type vehicle, or, ya know, a trailer; it looks like a compact bathtub.

      Get that baby's finger off the trigger!

    4. Anonymous4:50 PM

      What's really amazing about the photo provided with the women, child, and rifle in a bath tub, is this women isn't even holding an assault rifle. It does, however, have a high capacity magazine, but that alone doesn't qualify it as an assault rifle. Someone could have very easily switched the 4-5 round manufacturer's magazine that came with the rifle originally, to an after market high capacity magazine. This rifle just looks like a semi-automatic hunting rifle with none of the other visual characteristics that one would expect to find with an assault rifle. I guess whoever shot this photo never thought anybody would be smart enough to notice, or they themselves didn't actually know what an assault rifle is.

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Yes, Nancy Lanza probably thought the same way, until her kid blew her face away while she was sleeping.

    These people make me sick! No one is trying to take anyone's right to bear arms away.

    Using her same words and logic, 20 babies and 6 women were on the other end of the "scary looking" weapon, and look at how horrible and tragic that ended.

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Thank you!

    2. Indeed - the Mom owned the gun that killed the children of Sandy Hook

  3. Virginia Voter12:57 PM

    Alright, first of all what the fuck is that thing in the bathtub? A demon sheep? Cause it certainly doesn't look like anything that should be living in your house. Secondly, I am all for letting an entire parade of batshit crazy gun nuts like this bitch testify in front of Congress on a daily basis...they help prove the case that guns shouldn't be allowed anywhere, ever if loons like Ms Trotter make up the pro gun lobby.

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      Scottish Deerhound looks like to me. Very sweet but aloof dogs. Sight hounds that will chase anything that runs.
      The dog is better protection than the damned gun.

    2. blind_dog_smith2:42 PM

      "...(wtf) is that thing in the bathtub?"

      When dogs are outlawed, only outlaws will have dogs!!

    3. The poor dog is terrified! Not demon sheep, Terra-fucking-fied!

    4. Anonymous5:04 PM

      If that dog could get access to that lady's cell phone, I'll bet it would call 911. That woman is a nut.

  4. hedgewytch1:01 PM

    As any competent law enforcement office will tell you, the thought of having an AR15 in any way "ready to grab and go" and defend yourself in the kind of home invasion she is envisioning - is ludicrous. What is she going to keep it loaded and hanging above the fireplace? JHC!

    1. And the kid would pull up a chair as soon as it could walk…

      When did America become A Boy and His Dog? When did roving bands of men start scavenging for peaches and sex? No wonder people are laughing. Get good locks and a stout shotgun; you’ll be fine.

      BTW, is that a dog in that tub? I know a lot about dogs, but ???

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      And, exactly, how many "home invasions" are there in the US each year? Especially in suburbia.

    3. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Yep, right next to her raccoon hat!

    4. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Where does she live? I'm glad I'm safe and secure down here in Mexico. America--Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

    5. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Beaglemom, According to Statistics U.S.A., there was an average of 3,600,000 home invasions annually between 1994 and 2000.

      According to a United States Department of Justice report:
      38% of assaults & 60% of rapes occur during home

      Glad to help.

    6. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Anon at 3:00 pm. You mean a total of about 21,300,000 "home invasions" during that six year period? Gee, nothing that I heard about in my neighborhood. That would have amounted to quite an epidemic of "home invasions."

    7. Anonymous4:13 PM

      And...what to they use to get in a assault people? With GUNS maybe? Maybe GUNS give them the BALLZ to break in a rape and assault?

      Glad to cancel the FEAR! I have a Big Dog and She BARKS loud!

    8. From the DOJ: 3.7 million household burglaries (2003-2007). Household member present in only 28% and "victimized" in only 7%.

    9. Anonymous7:25 PM

      De-bunking and explaining the home invasion myth. Interesting read:

  5. AKinPA1:13 PM

    OK. No screechy voice. No word salad. Some attempt at logic. But as batshit crazy as Palin and Bachmann. And scarier in a sense because she doesn't look or sound as crazy as they do.

    I hope she gets all those millions of young moms who live in all those violent neighborhoods for whom scarey looking AR-15s are their weapons of choice to march on Washington. I also want to see the names of these millions of moms.

    The truly sad thing is that there are REAL moms who REALLY live daily with REAL threats of violence and their voices aren't being heard.

  6. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn1:18 PM

    PINK, for Gawd's sake! At first I thought it was "baby's first assault weapon"!! I, for one, wouldn't expect to be able to adequately defend myself with a gun; I don't consider myself a good enough marksman. It's a good, old fashioned cast iron Griswold frying pan for me (if the logistics were right), or a 911 call from somewhere deep in a closet.

    PS--doesn't it look like the dog has seen WAY too much?

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      That picture, which doesn't depict the woman from Gryphen's story, is hardly an assault weapon. It's a Ruger 10/22 .22 caliber rifle. Probably one of the most popular rifles in America.

    2. Anonymous4:14 PM

      YES! Poor thing is terrified, they probably shoot apples off its poor head!

  7. Anonymous1:20 PM

    So now the NRA say background checks are unnecessary. WTF.

  8. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I still think that all members of Congress should have to look at the morgue photos of the Sandy Hook victims and then perhaps listen to the State's chief pathologist describe the wounds - in detail.

  9. Chief Johnson provided one on the panel's few moments of levity when he deemed the reasoning of Mr. LaPierre and his compatriots "creepy". The exchange-accompanied by a priceless facial expression-begins at approximately 4:20.

    Conversely, the most revolting display resulted from Ms. Trotter's repeatedly appropriating the language of choice to advance her decidedly anti-feminist rhetoric.

  10. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Wow what a fucked up picture with the lady, dog and baby in a tub...

  11. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It's crazy bitches like this that homeschool their kids filling their poor little heads with who knows what...

  12. Anonymous1:52 PM

    LOVE the baby's fingers at the trigger. Great training, mom!

    1. That pink gun in the bathtub is not an AR15. The magazine, however, is probably an extension of her husbands dick.

    2. Anonymous5:09 PM

      That's the only banana she'll see outside the produce dept at WalMart.

  13. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Can we say "opportunistic hypocrite"?

    from HuffPo article:

    Guns are a relatively new topic of interest, at least publicly, for Trotter. A tax attorney by trade, she appears to have published her first op-ed about gun control in September. In it, she urged voters to "cling to your guns."

    Trotter also maintains a personal blog,, in which she addresses faith and values. The blog, which has been operating since 2010, contains only one post about gun rights, published about a week before Wednesday's hearing.

    Her presence at the Senate hearing appears to be tied to her status at the Independent Women's Forum, a nonprofit public policy group. But the forum doesn't specialize in firearms issues. Its stated mission is "to expand the conservative coalition" by making conservative ideas more attractive to women and by "increasing the number of women who understand and value the benefits of limited government, personal liberty, and free markets."

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      God and guns. How original.

    2. Anonymous2:41 PM

      the group is a Koch brothers sock puppet--it is associated with Americans for Properity. Wendy Gramm and Lynne Cheney are on the board.

    3. So, now we got the Koch brothers sticking their malevolent noses into this situation. What do they care that us plebeians and serfs shoot each other to pieces. They've got their private security and wealth to insulate them, right?
      M from MD

    4. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Bitter Clingers! Idiots. DHS should take note of all the crazy's their names and calmly remove all weapons...just sayin'!

    5. Anonymous6:59 PM

      So I googled her and discovered that last year on the Independent Woman's Forum web site she wrote a piece against the Violence Against Women's Act. So she wants women to have guns for protection but not laws to do the same? Really? And Senator Whitehouse was correct. The mother mentioned by Trotter did use a shotgun. I saw a defense of Trotter where it mentioned two cases where females shot intruders. Both cases involved handguns, not assault weapons.

  14. Anonymous1:54 PM

    That "scary" pink weapon might cause the bad guys to hesitate in a moment of laughter and give her and all her babies time to take cover in the bathtub before the firefight.

    That magazine is sort of phallic, which also might explain a few things.

  15. Anita Winecooler1:58 PM

    Whaaaa? She said "Our second amendment RIGHT TO CHOOSE assault rifles"? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    She uttered the words "Peach Of Mind" twice...
    Pause (Breathe, Anita, Breethe... deep cleansing breaths.. .)

    It's a "Choice"? Where did I hear that before? hmmm..

    Someone needs to take the kid and the dog out of that situation. Forget the damn gun, take Mrs Trotter, She's a clear and present danger to them and herself.
    She bought into the "Mama Grizzly" myth someone once threw out there. She kind of sounds alike in a way, and is just as crazy. She doesn't speak for me. Guns just add to the chances she'd get hurt or killed. If an armed man sees a woman with a gun, he's already locked, loaded, ready to fire. She'd have to drop the kid, jump over the dog, get the gun... she's toast.
    Unless Mrs Trotter is expecting to fight a militia, and even then, she'd lose, she doesn't need a semi automatic weapon that "looks threatening" for "peace of mind"

    She's clearly lost hers.

  16. Wow-- did she just say that young, single mothers have a right to protect themselves? Interesting for the Rethugs to suddenly be caring about their well-being. It's touching, really *snark*
    How inspiring that, based on republican philosophy, a single mother who has no male presence to protect her and her illegitimate offspring requires an assault rifle. One that she'd obviously have to sleep with--loaded--in a state of catlike readiness for it to be effective at all. Because all burglars and would-be rapists/baby-nappers kick down the door shouting "honey, I'm home! get the gun ready!"

  17. deebee2:03 PM

    I have been in a situation to defend my family at home, and a rifle of any type is too long for quickly reacting and changing directions to shoot. And the attacker easily sees where it is pointed. A pistol is a better choice in close quarters with an evasive moving target.
    So I call "bullshit" on your ill formed opinion testimony.
    Realize that half the intruder-attackers are meth/ice heads and they just aren't scare-able.

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      A big aerosol can of wasp repellant on the nightstand can be effective.

    2. Chella1:46 AM

      Its my mother and I in our house. She's 53, I'm 26.

      Someone tried breaking in to our house.

      Our weapons of choice are her crow bar and my martial arts swords, which are very real, and very sharp.

      However. I have a third degree black belt. So I have more than a six hour course under my belt on how to use my weapon to defend myself. And my mom is a tough broad.

      The sight of two screaming women barreling down the stairs brandishing swords and a crow bar was enough to send the two men running, and they were fucking armed.

  18. Anonymous2:06 PM

    That picture looks like an "I didn't realize the gun was loaded" situation waiting to happen.

    I think the baby's hand is on the trigger. Is this how these morons teach their kids gun safety?

  19. Sighhh... ok. I'm less cynical now... Look, no one is denying women (or anyone else for that matter) their right to defend themselves. A home invasion is scary-- you don't know who it is, how they're armed, what they plan to do to you. I can *understand* how certain people are made to feel they are safer with a loaded firearm in the name of safety.
    But this is a debate to ban military-style weapons in civilian hands. Assault rifles are for one purpose: to assault. They're not called target-practice rifles or home-defense rifles. A person does not need a rifle capable of hitting a soda can from 100 yds because in the event of a home invasion, you stand the risk of being in extremely close quarters with your would-be attacker. They're not going to sit around waiting for your to get them in your sights.
    If you are going to argue for the need to have a gun for home defense, at least argue for a firearm that is more fitting for the task.

    1. Anonymous9:28 PM

      A home invasion is scary-- you don't know who it is, how they're armed, what they plan to do to you.

      A home invasion is also rare, and extremely unlikely. You'd be better off preparing yourself for a domestic violence encounter - those are much more likely, statistically.

    2. Chella9:33 AM

      Bad things DO happen tho. Maybe I'm biased, because I am well trained in hand to hand combat, and I carry a knife and I know how to use it, but I don't live in fear.

      My home has been broken into while I was home, I was almost raped, and I was almost mugged. But no one ever expects the little white girl to be a third degree black belt who teaches self defense classes to women and men alike.

      I defended my home with swords. Nothing like the element of surprise. And I grew up around guns, I have had family members serve in every war since WW2, and when I visit my family in upstate new york, I look forward to venison chili.

      But still, I see no reason for me to own a gun.

  20. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Millions really? She wants AR 15 because it gives women more "courage" and physically is easier to hold? Then WHY isn't she advocating for EDUCATION classes on how to hold and shoot guns?

    You have to take a drivers test for a license so I'm all for having all guns registered AND a user's test with education. But NO, the fringers seem to be all against gun owners being educated or having to pass a test. They just want their guns, ANY kinds of guns - I'm surprised they aren't upset that civilians aren't allowed to have machine guns.

    The NRA/gun indu$try is all for teaching kids as soon as they can walk how to shoot guns saying, "Maybe You’ll Find A Bushmaster AR-15 Under the Christmas Tree!"

    NRA has even come out with an app via iTunes for children as young as 4 yr. old
    so they can learn to "shoot".

    I'm with Gabby!


  21. Anonymous2:36 PM

    The poor kids looks like he's thinking, "Mommy, why are you hiding behind me? Why am I out front in this home invasion scenario?" She's ready all right. God help her and us if one day the mailman, the Dish man, the paper boy and a GPS misled couple all converge on her house innocently and she blows them away because of her pre-paranoia, not sure what evil this way comes, but sure it's coming. Move to a safer neighborhood, lady, or maybe just rehab the one in your mind. Start a Neighborhood/Block Watch, install a security door, bar your windows, get a panic switch. Don't just sit in the tub with your dog and your kid and wait to shoot a loved one who happens into your bad waking dream life. Dangers are real, but your solution is also real dangerous.

  22. Anonymous3:01 PM

    The transcript has more of her testimony. She is completely clueless, not one of her comments made any sense.

  23. Millions of women!!?? What a stupid statement that is!! Did that dumbo do a survey of women? Is that where she came up with the number? Do these stupid people--including the NRA board of directors--think the rest of us that want gun control don't get it? I hope the recommendations that came out of the work that Vice President Biden did will get passed! If it doesn't, then there are a lot of congressmen who need to be voted out!

  24. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Why do her sweat pants have a peace sign on them?

    Archie Butt

  25. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I have no reason to think I would ever have to face a woman with a gun but if I did, it would be a woman with an AR15 that I would most not like to face. It's light, it has minimal recoil and if it has a large magazine then the woman doesn't even have to be accurate. The fire power would be bewildering and that's why the military uses something similar.
    So what's wrong with being truthful about the issue?

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      To use a weapon is to invite the same kind in return. There is much more to lose in a gunfight than in a fistfight.

    2. Really? REALLY? Someone above pointed out already all the reasons why such a weapon would be less than desirable in such a situation.

    3. Anonymous4:39 PM

      What's wrong is that the premise of using an AR15 in that type of scenario is simply absurd.

      Any woman with an ounce of common sense and responsibility, especially one with children in the home, would have all weapons unloaded and locked safely away where they can't be accidentally discharged. In the time it would take her to get to the gun safe, unlock and remove the gun, load it and aim it, she and the rest of her family would be dead.

      In the military, people who are armed with and ready to use that type of weapon are in combat situations where you assume there is an enemy in the vicinity and the point of your presence is to get the other guy before he gets you. I don't remember ever hearing of soldiers in combat holding infants while they shoot at the bad guys.

    4. Anonymous5:49 PM

      "She doesn't have to be accurate"

      Yeah, that's the exact reason why this gun is a bad idea. Unless she's surrounded by zombies or an invading army, she doesn't need to spray bullets indiscriminately.

    5. Anonymous9:26 PM

      In your scenario, the most likely thing would be that you or your children would be the unfortunate victim of your female family member, who, driven into paranoid fear by the NRA, mistakenly shoots her own family.

  26. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Gayle wants to rely on an AR15 for the same reason people want to see them banned. It does the job very efficiently. So good for you Gayle but don't worry, they aren't going to be banned and neither are the large capacity magazines. Sooner or later the libruls will get their shit together and realize that armed guards around schools will be all that comes out of their moaning and groaning.

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      "armed guards around schools"

      Uh, a bit limited in your thinking aren't you. Kids gather many places besides schools. Parks, public pools, Sunday school, day care, scout meetings, summer camps, school buses, libraries etc. What's YOUR plan for armed guards at all those places

    2. I call bullshit. Trotter is doing the same thing to the assault weapons issue that Sarah Palin did with universal healthcare by making up shit about death panels: trying to create a boogie man to scare innocent people who do not think critically but react irrationally to emotion.

      She's nothing but a shill for the Kochs and any other RW nutter cause that she can be paid to shill for. She is there to shift the discussion from a common sense solution for a society that doesn't need assault weapons in the hands of crazy people like herself. But actually she is doing well at pointing out the inherent danger in unbalanced persons having access to firearms.

      And you're taken in by a non-argument. Why carry concealed at all? We should all carry an AR-15 on our shoulder, if your position is valid. And a baby on the other hip at the same time, huh? You people are REAL problem solvers in those pea brains inside your thick skulls. Not.

  27. Anonymous3:31 PM

    OK, is this batshit crazy women going to tell those 3,4 or 5 intruders to wait till she goes and gets her AK15 from the safe place she has it stored or does she have it strapped to her ass 24 hrs a day?? Damn these people are stupid!!

  28. lostinmn4:02 PM

    Guns are only as accurate as the person on the trigger. Aside from that, everything she said is pure BS. So she's a fool if she thinks having that little pink AR is going to deter intruders hell bent on getting into her home. And if she keeps it unloaded and locked up like she should with kids in the house then does she expect the intruders are going to call ahead and give her a ten minute heads up they're coming for ass. Talk about stupid people. Watch for an "accidental" shooting at her house real soon

  29. Anonymous4:06 PM

    You can't convince me this woman is not getting paid big bucks from the gun industry to spuot this utter nonsense. i cannot believe anyone can be this tone deaf. but, I've been known to be wrong many times over.

  30. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I hope Child Protective Services pays this stupid woman a visit. That poor baby, having a nitwit like that for a mother.

  31. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Because pink makes the gun.

  32. Anonymous4:40 PM

    The flaw in this dimwitted lady's argument is that she has to leave the scary gun at home while she takes her babies to places like the food store, the park, the mall, Sunday school, etc. And while she's gun-less and babied-up, the crazy, insane, psychopath with the scary gun can slaughter her AND the babies.

    She is attempting to re-define the discussion from assault weapons being used where defenseless people gather together (like KINDERGARTENS!!!!!!!!!!!).

    Unless this lady plans to pack her assault weapon, 24/7 and never leave her babies' side, there is NO defense from the problem we are trying to address, that is, how to let as few mentally disturbed people have as limited access to assault weapons as possible.

    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Excellent point.

      She's more likely to be shot out in public than in her own home. Mom's in park with baby in stroller, juggling diapers, bottles, blankets, baby toys, baby swing, blankies, maybe more than 1 child, etc. with an AR 15 on her shoulder the entire time.

      What could possibly go wrong?

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM


  33. Anonymous4:44 PM

    A lot of you will not like this comment, but I am serious.

    1) I do not and have never owned a gun
    2) I am a woman living alone in rural Alaska; at night the Trooper on duty has to be waken up to respond to calls
    3) I would hate to have to live with having killed someone even if they were criminals braking into my home. (Especially bad if it was an innocent person.)

    Those being said. I LIKED what this woman had to say and have never heard it explained this way.

    One of the big problems with guns and intruders is that you are freaked out scared, it's dark, and who can possibly aim and nail a person in those circumstances unless you are really good with guns.

    I can see how a woman who lives alone would like an AK-whatever they are. You don't need to deal with having to aim or worry about missing the intruder.

    You have tons of other worries, but the power gun would take out any number of people before they could shoot you.

    Did the woman come across as extreme? Yes. Overestimating the numbers she "represents" yes.

    Pointed out a good reason to own one of those big guns if you're a woman alone. I think so, not for some (most?), but I can see where she's coming from.

    I also think there's a lot to be said for knowing how to use a gun if you are going to use one and that alone would make you a better shot with a handgun if faced with an intruder.

    1. Anonymous5:01 PM

      You actually liked that the woman said that the appearance of this gun is one of the reasons it should not be banned? "cause she said that.Sorry,but I think the appearance of this gun means it should be banned more quickly,because it looks like a toy,and children would be attracted to it.However if you,in rural Arkansas,(I am in rural Louisiana near by),would feel soooo much safer because you had a pink gun,maybe you know something I don't.Are violent criminals less likely to attack if your gun is pink?Or is it that they will be too busy laughing their heads off and saying "Damn,we're never gonna get a good price for this stupid looking Barbie gun after we take it away from her dead body(since we already had our guns out and she had to go and get the key and get her gun from the locked gun safe and load it because you don't store a loaded gun with children in the house )"

    2. Two of the stupidest and most frightening sentences I have read in the Internet:

      "One of the big problems with guns and intruders is that you are freaked out scared, it's dark, and who can possibly aim and nail a person in those circumstances unless you are really good with guns.

      I can see how a woman who lives alone would like an AK-whatever they are. You don't need to deal with having to aim or worry about missing the intruder."

      What you have here is a recipe that makes it highly probable you will maim or kill someone you know, someone you love or someone else whose shooting is completely unjustified.

      Talk about a living hell.

    3. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Put a couple of shells in the shotgun. The sound of loading the shell in the chamber will put fear into their head. And if they continue to advance, you don't have to be all that accurate. Yeah they're heavier. But not as heavy as a two yr old. And you won't have to hold it up more than a few seconds. Adrenalin will make it weightless.

    4. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Guns are not toys and they are not fashion accessories and they should not be pink.

    5. Anonymous5:46 PM

      It's dark and you're scared and you can let a ton of bullets go in quick succession. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

    6. Anonymous6:09 PM

      I sure hope you consider carefully comments on this thread and elsewhere and do some real research for yourself because you could be creating a far more highly dangerous situation by following only Trotter's admonitions. There are many things to consider.

      If your home is invaded your door will most likely be kicked in within 30 seconds. Are you going to be able in that 30 seconds to stop whatever you are normally doing in your home with your children and go get your AR-15 and load it? Where are you going to keep an assault weapon? Loaded by the front door with kids in the house or locked in a safe? Got a big enough safe or cabinet with key hidden? What if you are not near the front door and they come in another door? Will you have cameras? Will you have an outside dog? Property alarms & lights?

      You need to also research all the many, MANY things that you CAN do (that don't involve a weapon) to protect from a home invasion. Research the way children get killed accidentally in the home. In the end only you can decide the best way to keep your home safe. And if you do decide to protect your home with an assault weapon we implore you - be prepared as a good citizen to take gun safety/education/target training classes and have home invasion drills with your kids. Please support laws that make it harder for criminals & crazy people to get guns in the first place.

      Best to you.

    7. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Lawrence O'Donnell just asked Trotter who he is interviewing and another Repub. if they had ONE SINGLE case of anyone ANY ONE single case in America of a home-owner using an ASSAULT rifle or high capacity magazine to defend themselves against a home invader. There isn't one!

      You don't need an ASSAULT rifle or high capacity magazine.

      Of the home owners invaded a regular gun/rifle is always used. Trotter refuses to answer the question because she can't.

      She's a SHILL for the NRA. How much is the gun industry paying this lady to try and sell more assault weapons and high capacity magazines?

      What Trotter is claiming has NEVER EVER happened that a woman had to use an ASSAULT weapon to defend herself. I hope you watch this interview and think about it 4:44!

    8. Anonymous9:22 PM

      Home invasions are about as common as tiger attacks. No one should endanger their children and home to protect against a fictional boogie man.

      A 69 year old man recently killed an innocent 22 year old man who mistakenly pulled into his driveway. No doubt the Fox-News addled oldster was paranoid about "home invaders."

    9. Anonymous9:37 PM

      From 4:44

      Interesting comments everyone. I appreciate your concern and sincere remarks.

      Remember, I stated upfront that I am a single woman and live alone (no one else in house) in a rural area without quick police intervention.

      Also pointed out that I have NEVER owned a gun and have no desire to do so.

      I didn't mention kids and while the woman's comments (and many of yours) address kids, I just pointed out that I can see why someone would consider owning one of these guns.

      5:01 I didn't say I agreed with EVERYTHING she said (you brought up the pink guns).

      I said that I heard a perspective I have not heard before and I can see why a single woman might want to own a gun that shoots a lot of bullets real fast and not have to deal with accuracy.

      I don't think it is smart, but I can understand someone thinking that.

      5:17 I agree with you. A scared person in the dark shooting a gun is a recipe for trouble--and worse! Especially if there are kids or others in the house.

      This is a big part of the reason I don't own a gun, though many might want to if they lived in my situation. I'd rather deal with the intruder one on one than to deal with a gun while scared.

      A bigger concern to me than "crazies" with guns are careless owners.

      How many children and family members are killed "accidentally" because the gun owner didn't know what they were doing, made assumptions, left a loaded gun anywhere in the house (locked or not) or failed to lock guns away from kids.

      It's a horrible tragedy to see a group of school kids killed in school. But let's not forget the hundreds(?)of kids that have been killed "accidentally" in their own homes because of a careless gun owner.

      5:36 I'll have to take your word on shotguns.

      5:43 I agree 100% that guns are not toys or fashion accessories.

      I also think it's a shame, bearing on the criminal, that so many people act like guns are toys.

      5:46 I agree and agree even more so if there's anyone else in the house. There's no way in the moments of an intrusion that you can know for certain where everyone else in the house is.

      6:09 Colleen, good advice, but don't worry, I don't plan to own a gun.

      And I agree that there are many other, better ways to protect yourself than using a gun. (Which, since I don't own a gun, I can say I walk my talk on this one.)

      I agree strongly that there is a need to keep criminals and crazies from getting guns. And believe that those who aren't criminal or crazy should be required to get training before being allowed to purchase a gun.

      6:21 Thanks for suggesting it. Got a link?

      Thanks again everyone for all your good comments.

      P.S. I have military experience and have shot "Expert" on M16 and 45 and have trained on an M60 Machine Gun and others.

      I don't dislike guns or people who use them properly. I just choose not to own one. To me gun ownership is a HUGE responsibility--one that most gun owners don't seem to take seriously.

    10. Anonymous9:41 PM

      She could also 'take out' everyone in her house. The Adrenalin rush alone would have her pulling the trigger non stop. Trotter is being used by the NRA, and it is a Failure.

  34. get smart4:54 PM

    Guns are fun. Target shooting is a hobby for millions of people. It's that simple. If you haven't spent a bit of time doing it, you don't really know what the f*ck you are talking about.

    Something like an AR-15 is a hell of a lot of fun to fire and it's really easy to use. There's almost no felt recoil and it's a cinch for women to use.

    Plus, it's actually an excellent home defense weapon because the small .22 caliber bullet is designed to yaw and fragment and doesn't penetrate as many walls compared to other types of rounds.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      "hell of a lot of fun to fire"

      and in the hands of a mentally unstable person, it can kill a hell of a lot of 6 year old children very fast.

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Yes, the fragmentation does wonders on 6-yr olds. Really rips them apart. Everyone should have these, because they're fun. Any other points you need to make?

      Try to stay on topic next time. It might require a little thought outside your video-game mentality.

    3. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Hell of a lot of fun?

      So is a 50-cal machine gun firing at a bunch of watermelons and watching them explode. In your world, it would be orgasmic.

    4. Anonymous5:55 PM

      yo dipshit,

      .22 ?!!?

      ever hear of a .223 ? that's typically the round the AR uses

      besides being a dumb fuk, you're a liar too ... or sure as shit it's that expert on all things firearms, that fraud skank, $carah

    5. Anonymous6:00 PM


      reading that ignorant tripe again I'm certain it's that ketamine addled $kank fraud piece of shit $carah

    6. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Yo dipstick A 5:55, anon @ 4:54 had it right when he called a .223 a 22 caliber bullet. The .22, 222, 223, 22-250, and 5.56x45mm are all considered to be a 22 caliber bullet and use a .223 to .224 diameter bullet.

      Just like a 30.06, .308, 30-30, 30-40 Krag, .303 British, 7.62x51mm NATO and .300 Winchester Mag are all 30 caliber bullets that use a .308 diameter bullet.

      Read and learn what you're talking about.

    7. emrysa8:52 PM

      "Target shooting is a hobby for millions of people."

      woot! entertainment for the stooopids!

    8. Anonymous9:18 PM

      You're a dumbshit. Fireworks are fun, too, but we don;t let irresponsible idiots shoot them off whenever and whereever they want to and start wildfires that kill people.

    9. Anonymous9:19 PM

      How often do you shoot up the walls of your home? I'm just curious.

  35. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Nearly every participant in Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence had something to say about universal background checks. But Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the committee chairman, made a point to highlight the huge impact tighter checks would have in stemming domestic violence -- the focus of another of his priority issues, the Violence Against Women Act.

    "[We] heard testimony about the safety of women and gun violence. Now I'm seeking immediate consideration of the Leahy-Crapo Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. I was told yesterday that sometime in the next couple weeks we'll have it on the floor of the Senate for a vote," Leahy said. "I do this out of concern for domestic violence victims."

    Addressing panelists including NRA president Wayne LaPierre, Leahy said statistics show that women in the U.S. are killed "at alarming rates" by domestic abusers with guns, but in states that require background checks for handgun sales, 38 percent fewer women are shot by their partners. He asked one panelist, Baltimore Police Chief Jim Johnson, whether universal background checks would have a significant effect on keeping guns away from domestic abusers. Currently, background checks are not required by private gun sellers or at gun shows.

    "Absolutely," Johnson said. "Statistics show that when females are killed, it's more likely, over 50 percent of the time, to be by a spouse or household member. A gun in a home where there is a history of domestic violence, statistics show that there is a 500 percent increase of chance that that person will be victimized by gun violence."

    Shortly after, Leahy tweeted about the need to keep VAWA in mind when talking about background checks.

    "As chief sponsor of #VAWA I know that domestic abusers w/guns greatly amplify these threats. Appr. Chief Johnson’s testimony on this today," reads Leahy's tweet, which was followed by another: "Chief Johnson is right that improving the background check system is important in thwarting deadly domestic violence. #VAWA #gunviolence."

  36. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Get 'em young!

    Dan Brown, Missouri State Senator, Wants Gun Education In First Grade

    A Republican state senator in Missouri has proposed legislation that would make gun safety a mandatory part of the first-grade curriculum.

    State Sen. Dan Brown (R-Rolla) told a Senate committee Tuesday that the course would teach first-graders what to do if they found a weapon, to prevent them from shooting themselves or someone else, the Associated Press reported. Brown's legislation specifies a curriculum -- which includes cartoons -- designed by the National Rifle Association.

  37. Anonymous5:48 PM

  38. Anonymous5:56 PM

    With all the right wing fringe hysteria I seriously wonder how many of them fantasize about a home invasion or that "that one" in the white house will show up at their front door to take away even their bb guns while religiously polishing and cleaning their assault rifles.

  39. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I love reading asinine comments from people who know nothing about what they are talking about (guns) except what they've seen on TV or in a movie or read on the internet.

    Carry on!

    1. JuneauAlaska9:47 PM

      hey *hole @6:12 I LOVE reading comments from ASSinine ppl that think that they know it all: This IS an Alaskan Blog where there are MORE guns than people, carried, trained and used by flaming liberals to the worst of what's left gop...By all means, Carry on carrying on dipstick.

  40. Shari6:37 PM

    If the point is to fire as many rounds as possible without having to be accurate - how many rounds are going to go through the wall and hit your kid? A local woman recently shot an intruder in the stomach and the other two fled. It was a handgun she had on a shelf but because it was in another room she had to fool the intruders into thinking the money was in that room and while they were distracted she pulled the weapon down and shot one of them in the stomach. This is what the 2nd Amendment is for. If the weapon on the shelf had been a HUGE AR, they would have seen it immediately and she would probably be dead now.

    Lawrence O'Donnell just ripped this idiot woman a new one - classic!

  41. Anonymous6:41 PM

    If mothers are going to be packing pink assault rifles or any guns they especially need their background checked to make sure they're not going mental:

    According to some experts, mothers who kill their children are not as rare as we’d like to think. While exact numbers of children killed by their mothers is hard to pinpoint, some estimate it happens every few days in this country, at least 100 times a year.

    “I’d say a mother kills a child in this country once every three days, and that’s a low estimate,” says Cheryl Meyer, co-author of “Mothers Who Kill Their Children.”

    According to a 2009 report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, that year 27.3 percent of child deaths resulting from abuse were perpetrated by the mother, compared to only 14.8 percent of fathers. Mothers and fathers acting together accounted for 22.5 percent of child deaths. According to these same statistics only 2.3 percent of fatalities were committed by a parent’s male partner.

  42. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Oh so this is the bitch at the hearing today? I watched the entire hearings on this and just like you say, you could pick out the unreasonables right off the bat...all republicans, NRA asshole, and of course this deranged woman supposedly speaking on behalf of women and their children....she sounded like a looney from the bin and now this picture you post just proves it. I hope this picture goes viral over the internet and is picked up by some of the main stream media. She needs to be exposed for nothing other than a lunatic with a pink gun sitting in a fucking bath tub with a baby and a dog that looks scared out of its mind. WTF?

  43. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Is this the best the GOP and the NRA could pull out of their hat today, this woman? Pretty sad.

  44. emrysa8:51 PM

    why am I not surprised that is the ugliest and cheapest looking bathroom ever? talk about no taste.

  45. Hypocrite Much? Gayle Trotter opposed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

    Gayle Trotter Opposed Law to Protect Women Before Testifying On Guns For Moms

    1. Anonymous10:00 PM

      Hah! Why am I not surprised. Your link doesn't work but for some reason I already know what it reads...hmmmm, let me guess...another tea bagger woman being rednecked again by her redneck husband and being told that crazy people are coming to get us and we have to protect ourselves.
      Whats your guess she lives in the deep woods and her and hubby think the cavalcade is coming for them all.

  46. WakeUpAmerica9:42 PM

    I would HATE to be her mail carrier or garbage man. WTF indeed!

  47. Anonymous8:41 AM

    How much did you get for your soul, Ms. Trotter?

    I couldn't stop thinking of the picture of Patty Hearst in the beret with the Kalashnikov from the SLA. It did not make me fear her. It was a joke.

  48. LisaB259511:09 AM

    You know what really pisses my feminist ass off about that bathtub picture? The gun is PINK.

    "It's for girls!" You know, I don't need shit in PINK to know I can use it. I feel the same way about pink hammers and pliers too.

    My vagina is not operating these things. I don't need them referencing my gender to make me realize I can use something.

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  50. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Politicians do not know that "semi-automatic" means that the firearm shoots one round per trigger pull--a characteristic of nearly every privately owned firearm in the country. Even a revolver pistol fires a single shot per trigger pull. It is a "fully-automatic" firearm that sprays "automatic" fire with a single pull and hold of the trigger. So, the AR-15(not a military M4 that it resembles) simply looks more menacing that its counterparts.


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