Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alaska lawmakers pass bill exempting Alaskans from Federal gun laws.

Courtesy of ADN: 

In a chamber dotted with female legislators wearing new camo scarves, the state House on Monday passed a gun measure that is wildly popular among the GOP-controlled Legislature even though it raises serious constitutional issues. 

House Speaker Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski, is the prime sponsor of House Bill 69, which passed 31-5 on Monday after a lengthy and impassioned debate. 

It declares that guns and ammunition possessed by Alaskans are exempt from federal gun laws. It also subjects federal agents to felony charges if they try to enforce any future federal ban on semi-automatic weapons or ammunition or enforce any new federal requirement for gun registration. 

A legal opinion from a legislative lawyer said the measure likely is unconstitutional. When federal and state laws conflict, the U.S. Constitution declares that federal law is supreme, legislative counsel Kathleen Strasbaugh wrote in a Jan. 30 memorandum. 

Republicans said they are willing to let the courts sort out the issues. They said that they must stand up for Second Amendment gun rights and won't bow down to the federal government on this. A number said they heard from constituents who back the bill. 

You know sometimes living here is like being the only hominid on an island of non-tool using, old world monkeys. Except I would probably expect even the monkeys to realize how stupid a law like this is, and the potential for conflict that it creates.

Number one this is NEVER going to stand up to legal scrutiny, but number two it attempts to pit local law enforcement against Federal agents in some sort of Roman gladiator fight for dominance over gun laws.

Not to mention that it sends a message to every anti-social, barely literate, asshole who came to Alaska to hide in the woods because the voices in their heads told them that the government was beaming messages into their brains from space (And yes we have a lot more of these then you might imagine.) that they don't have to listen to federal laws and that if they happen to come under investigation for a federal crime they can fight back and expect local law enforcement to have their back.

What would happen if the Feds were trying to serve a warrant concerning a weapon that was used in a crime in another state and the accused called the State Troopers to defend him and tell them they have no authority over him in this state?

A scenario very much like that just played out here recently concerning the murder of a teenage barista. And I hate to damage anybody's view of our state but we attract way more than our fair share of serial killers.

When the people who fought so hard to get statehood for Alaska did so, they did so with the understanding that we were then subject to federal laws and guidelines. And they were fine with that because it offered far more positives than negatives in their opinions.

These Republican idiots get into office and immediately seem to forget that the state they represent is one of the united states in the United States of America. They are not politicians in Mexico or Canada, they are politicians in the good old US of A, and it is high time that they acted like it instead of acting like insurgents attempting to overthrow an evil dictator.

You know I think it is well past time for the progressives up here to wrest control of our state from the oil funded conservative morons that are currently in charge. Personally I am tired of this shit.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I suspect that the Alaskan lawmakers cannot legally do what they're doing. Federal courts would not agree with them. But that doesn't mean that they aren't making fools of themselves anyway. Republicans have such a knack for that these days.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    As all the Feds have to do is threaten the state with reduction in Federal dollars and subsidies and the legislature will have no option other than trashing this ridiculous bill. We all know Alaska can't survive without Federal largesse.

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Alaskan conservatives (known to grasp hands and pray before a session and happy to bring in lobbyists and advocates into the fold to influence decisions) are so quick to brag about austerity and fiscal conservatism, but they sure are quick to use State resources (Department of Law) and public money to fight unconstitutional efforts that are merely just religious posturing.

    This shit has got to stop. We have to quit letting the fundies control outcomes, they vote people, they show up and call the shots and this is ridiculous!

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Here's what they are up to in Alaska. And you can check on your own state as well. Great resource!


  5. Since Alaska is a welfare state dependant ON the federal government...it hardly makes sense even for the Alaskan GOP to bite the hand that feeds them.

    As green energy begins to take over Alaska will have nothing but tourism for industry, making it even more dependent on the federal government.

    Struggling states like California and New York are more than fed up knowing their federal tax contributions go to supporting such backward, devolving legislatures as Alaska has voted in.

    When Alaska would be lost without the federal $$, gleaned from other states, it behaves as if it is being oppressed.

    Instead of being grateful, focusing on $ REAL $ independence and ..maybe....even being able to contribute to the rest of the country that has supported THEM since Statehood....Alaskan politicians prove they are the asylum of the north.

    The people of Alaska have to take responsibility for who they elect, because the majority of the current political body is made up of lunatics.

    They do nothing but waste time and $$ and make the peoples of a beautiful state look ridiculous for electing them.

    Most of them are only in it for their OWN gain, to feather their OWN nests.

    Sarah Palin is the epitome of the lunatic Alaskan politician seeking nothing more than personal gain.

    An electorate who doesn't look to their candidates record and associations, but loves the rabble rousing rhetoric, has only themselves to blame for the Sarah Palin's who represent THEM.

  6. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I can't wait to see these cry babies get what they deserve. Lock them all up as traitors to the United States. Patriots? My Ass!!!

  7. Alaska: The Deep South of The North?

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Please don't insult this Floridian by writing that. I thought we were in the lead for ignorance and stupidity. Before this law past, we were proud of holding that impression to the rest of the country. Now you've taken away from us and we're now number 2, a position we don't take kindly to.

    2. Yes it is, I always say it would fit right into the Gulf of Mexico next to the other southern states. I have always said Nome is a small town in Mississippi in the 1950s and there are a few other places not too far behind. The justice system is very much like the corrupt southern ones.

  8. Anonymous11:38 AM

    The idiots that voted for this law should be required to pay the court costs that "Republicans said they are willing to let the courts sort out..." Cut education and infrastructure upgrades but let's give the poor lawyers some more work.

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      The idiot that proposed this Bill is the head of the House in the Alaska Legislature. His name is Chenault and he is a fat, white, cocky Republican. He appears to be a heart attack waiting to happen!

      He needs to be voted out of office badly!! Pay attention voting residents in the Kenai/Soldotna areas when he comes up for election again. VOTE HIM OUT!!!!!!

  9. Oh, the WeeBaggers loved this idiocy! They not only worship Sarah Palin, they deify Alaska:

    From C4P:

    BrianusBerkleianus • 17 hours ago
    JFK in Berlin, June, 1963: "Some say that Communism is the wave of the future: Let them come to Berlin."

    Tonight: Some say that OBAMUNISM is the wave of the future: Let them come to Alaska!!!!

    And ALASKA is a SPIRITUAL, as well as a geographical, location tonight, guys.

    Wherever Freedom is cherished, wherever Boldness is embraced , wherever the Spirit of the American Eagle soars aloft ... THERE is Alaska!!

    * * *

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      As far as I know only one of those crazy C4P'rs has ever even visited Alaska.

      They worship this family that has so many issues regarding godliness and morality that I can't even begin to understand what is the attraction. The only common denominator I can find between their love of Palin (and the entire extended family) is that they, the C4Pr's are all underachievers that are uneducated and stupid and they would like to see one of their own in a place of power in the US Government.

      I have news for them. That ain't the way it works. I mean really, there are some doozies right now sitting in places of power in the House and Senate, but really, how long can this country remain even partially intact if the stupids keep electing their stupid heros into office?

      These people just don't get it. They don't want the educated and sane minded "elites" in power they want a government by and for the Idiocracy....hmmm, I think someone made a movie about that....

    2. Anonymous4:49 PM

      The C4Pr's like to fantasize over Palin and have made her into a religious and political mythology. Some seem to know what exactly what she is thinking and believe they are speaking for her in their comments. A large percentage still seem to believe she could win the Presidency if she decided to run for office, and could single handily cure all of our problems. I have noticed this particular individual seems to like to see his own words repeated and is particular wordy in all of his responses.

      If you REALLY want to ANNOY them, go to C4P and press the down arrow after their comments. They can't believe anyone would disagree with them. I guarantee you will see a response to your down arrow.

  10. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Please, I beg of you, Gryphen, do not mention Canada in the same sentence when referring to these yahoos.
    I know our politicians can sometimes be lacking in common sense but, believe me, the craziness that is currently happening in the U.S. would never be tolerated here. I cannot speak for Mexico.

  11. Anonymous11:52 AM

    and yet they are voted into office...

  12. Anonymous11:57 AM

    All I can say to Alaska is,lets cut all federal funding down to the bone for Alaska. I am tired of giving funds to people like these and the south that get way more then its share of what available money there is. Then turn and bite the hand that feeds it....

  13. Because it's worked out so well for the anti-tax zealots.

  14. Anonymous12:30 PM

    O/T but Gryphen, I thought you'd want to know that the long knives are coming out...as we all predicted...full force, and it's gonna get rough in Kentucky.

    The Ashley Judd Dirt-Digging Campaign Is in Effect

    Notice the image they posted.



    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      It would be nice if Bloomberg took money into Kentucky for Judd's campaign. How did the NRA rate McConnell? If an A or A plus, Bloomberg just might run in to help her.

      Bloomberg's help has already helped another candidate that replaced Jesse Jackson's son!! She is a Democrat too! Yea!!!!

  15. lostinmn12:37 PM

    Let Alaska go its own way the same as we should let the red welfare states go. Given how much they subsist off the lower 48 states I would give Alaska 12 months before it comes crawling back. Obama should just cut them off from the teat and see how they like being independent of the USA. Me? I'd be taking Russian classes at Berlitz if I lived in Alaska. Or they could go link up with the Japanese and deal with their gun laws. Talk about confiscation.

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Alaska already takes so much federal money! We have an idiot governor who fights the federal government as often as he can - he doesn't win and just costs the taxpayers money. Real smart, huh?

  16. I remember when the speed limit was reduced to 55 and those states that didn't make it law were denied highway funds! The federal government should do the same with this zealots in Alaska - if they don't want to adopt all the federal regulations - they don't get ANY federal money for ANYTHING!

  17. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Borrowing from the GOP playbook...

    Kentucky Progressive Group Tweet Attacks Mitch McConnell’s Wife


  18. Anonymous12:50 PM


    Kentucky Democrats Call Progressive PAC’s Tweets “Deplorable”


    Ashley Judd: ProgressKentucky Tweets “Patently Unacceptable”


  19. WakeUpAmerica1:03 PM

    While entertaining, watching Alaska politics has just about killed any desire I had to visit there. I know I am not alone in my feeling.

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM

      I feel the same way.

    2. Anonymous6:14 PM

      Many of us are embarrassed to be residents w/these jerks running our state. Corruption rampant! Elections are coming and we need to become a Democratic led state again. Vote as many of the Republicans out of office on state, local and city levels. I know none will get my vote to include the one they are trying to recall!!!!

  20. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I am so embarrassed to be an Alaskan. The idiots are running the zoo. There are just too few progressives up here to make a difference.

    1. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Don't feel so bad being an Alaskan. Look at the figures, we have only 700 thousand people up here, and not even half of that live in our "the cage" scenario. Alaska can be a great refuge from the crazy and give you a place to live your life in peace. Who cares about our politics? I certainly don't any longer, it's a really nice place to spend February thru October for us. To my family it means a certain freedom, having grown up here. We don't stay all year, but we are lucky that way but when shit goes down in a bad way in the lower 48 we know we have a place to get away from it all.

  21. Anonymous4:24 PM

    What a bunch of idiots. I'm sure Miller is all over this and is being very vocal about it his approval of the "law". Republicans everywhere seem to have lost all intelligence they once may have had. They look like idiots trying to appease both the tea baggers and the established Republican views. Rep. Eric Cantor is a perfect example of this type of behavior.

  22. Anonymous6:11 PM

    This bullshit made national news today on MSNBC and Chenault looks like an idiot! Once again, Alaska is shown in the negative - typical Republican crap - reminds me of the shame and embarrassment Sarah, Todd (the pimp), and Bristol Palin have brought to the state!

    This will not go anywhere and legally cannot be done!

  23. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I think the bill's number is soooo appropriate. 69, a good metaphor for self-felating.

  24. Anonymous8:40 AM

    You are all morons. alaska has followed the "federal interstate gun laws" out of courtesy for years. all of the federal gun laws are based on the belief that you can walk with said weapon across a state border. if you own a machine gun in texas it must be registered when you move. we are bordered by canada. we love guns. the end. what do any of you care anyway? we live in areas were there are bears wolves and moose out our front doors and we like having guns for that reason. we like shooting for sport and as the man mentiond our state does have bad people in it. if that barrista had a baby 9mm with her she might still be alive. alaska is full of storys of guns being succesfully used for self defense. saying we dont need high capacity ar15s is stupid. give an alaskan a 30-06 with a scope and im much more afraid of that. your all sheep so just roll over and be good subjects down there up here we belive in god given rights not the rights the federal gov allows. god bless alaska and god fix america.

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      *GinaM standing up and clapping*

      BRAVO...that was the best imitation of a crazy fucking gun hugging teabagger I've read today!





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