Monday, February 04, 2013

Apparently there was a commercial for Atheism during the Superbowl, but only in certain markets. Did you see it? Update!

Wow! Do I like that!

I thought it was very inoffensive too. Does anybody disagree with that?

Damn, it is such an exciting time to be a freethinker!

Update: Interestingly enough it turns out that the reason we did not see this ad is because it never aired nationally. And also because it was originally a Scientology ad, that was broadcast ONLY in local markets on Superbowl day.

Here is the original ad, though I have to say that it works MUCH better as an ad for Atheism. How anybody can assign the title "seekers of knowledge" and use words like "logic" to describe believers in Scientology is beyond me. Scientology makes Mormonism seem rational.

Oh well I guess an ad during the Superbowl in 2013 was just TOO good to be true.

But that's okay.

It's coming.


  1. That is cool. Must be some redneck heads exploding over it. Such an accepting bunch of people are the 'fundies.'

  2. It was a powerful and very impressive commercial, but truthfully, I think it would have been more all encompassing if it didn't have "atheism" emblazoned at the end...just my opinion, freethinker that I am.

  3. Anonymous6:30 PM

    that was a very impressive ad. thx for finding it and sharing with us - cause it didn't play down here in the south.

  4. OK, Gryphen, I'm confused! I did see that ad here in NY, but it was not about Atheism it was about Scientology.

    This is the ad that I saw - same ad, right?

  5. Anonymous7:09 PM sounds good until you get to the end and find out it's an ad for scientology. No thanks.

  6. I'd have been happier with the ad if it had ended with the word "Humanism". "Atheism" just sounds negative and reactionary and unnecessarily provocative, but maybe that's just me.

  7. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Hoax. Was actually a church of Scientology commercial.

  8. Anita Winecooler7:24 PM

    I wonder in which markets it played?

    Pretty Cool! It reminds me a little of the original "Apple" ad.

    It's about time!

  9. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Hoax. Was actually Church of Scientology commercial.

  10. Loved the ad, but I'd have been happier if it had closed with "Humanism" instead. "Atheism" just sounds unnecessarily provocative, & reactionary, & negative, & unrepresentative ... but maybe that's just me.

  11. emrysa7:54 PM

    gryphen that is a great ad but somehow I doubt that it was shown in any markets. I'd love to be proven wrong on this one.

    1. Anonymous8:24 PM

      saw it here in los angeles during the Super Bowl

  12. Anonymous8:42 PM

    This morning on Morning Joe:

    Mika: LaPierre's 'Stupid' Arguments 'Something Sarah Palin Would Say'

  13. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Well this is kind of shocking!

    "Ex-gay" advocate Matt Moore, who blogs against evil homosexuality for the Christian Post, recently moved to New Orleans. Purely by coincidence, his photo has popped up on Grindr there."

    1. fromthediagonal7:04 AM

      You should have prefaced that with a "spew alert"! Heehee...

  14. Anonymous9:05 PM

    O/T, boy are the Pbots over at C4pee upset and mad tonight about Granny Paylin's absence from the national media.

    They are literally fighting with each other about Granny's inaction and silence, and how long they have to wait for $arah, because without her direction, they don't know what to do.

    Truly pathetic that they are still hoping for 2016,
    as in


    "Should she announce now it would upturn Obama's applecart. Her announcement would be a paradigm shift. Obama's second term would be over. "

    What planet are these droids living on? The President's 2nd term just started, and they think some reality show dropout quitter is going to finish him?

    1. Randall1:42 AM

      If Sarah Palin were to "announce" - it would matter little to anyone other than late-show comedians.

      I wonder if Sarah is smart enough to realize that?
      (I doubt it)

    2. fromthediagonal7:07 AM

      Anon @9:05.. Oh, that quote from C4P... Amazing!
      They would not recognize a paradigm shift if it hit them in the face!

  15. Anonymous9:28 PM

    If you'll pardon the observation, militant atheism is as offensive as militant religiosity.

    1. The day that an Atheist turns up on your doorstep to convince you to join their organization, or attempts to indoctrinate your children with the lure of rewards they can only collect after they die, I will consider your opinion valid.

    2. Anonymous10:28 PM

      I just had them trespassing at my door last week. The Jehovah's Witlesses that is. Wanted to know if they could share some literature. Pointed out the brush pile, told them today was a good day for a fire. Told them leave as much as they wanted me to BURN. Told them they could even watch. Then told them never mind and just GTFO.

    3. “Militant religiosity"? I think the word you're grasping for is “religuliousiness." Nevermind the false equivalency though, sure your “observation" is “forgiven."

  16. Randall1:39 AM


    I love it - I would like to see more ads like this:
    perhaps there's hope for the human race after all.

  17. Leland1:54 AM

    I used to call myself an atheist - until a thread which occurred here in IM.

    Someone made the statement that claiming to be an atheist and stating that god doesn't exist is as closed minded as claiming god does exist.

    The reason? Under no circumstances can EITHER be proven!

    Trust me, it was a slap in the face for someone who claimed to be free of encumbered thought and brain washing.

    Now? I am agnostic. And I no longer concern myself with the question.

    Don't get me wrong here. I still find what the Xtians and other radical zealots such as extremists in the Jewish and Muslim religions (as opposed to those of quiet faith) do to children's minds and what they would like to do to the world to be just plain evil, but I no longer am as quick to attempt to point out problems with a person's thinking unless they attempt to try it with me.

    It no longer concerns me as a question of importance and I am considerably more calm in my day to day.

    1. So you are agnostic about the Easter bunny and the truth fairy as well?

      And you are agnostic about the the man in the sky called Yahweh who likes to make bets with this dude called Satan, involving the life of some poor schmuck called Job?

  18. fromthediagonal7:17 AM

    Leland... I consider myself a secularist, humanist, rationalist and a Realist content in knowing that I do not know, but determined to do the best I can with this energy-come-to-form we call Life.

    1. Leland8:55 AM



  19. Anonymous10:15 AM

    This is a hoax. Not only did the commercial not run on television, but it's actually a scientology commercial that someone just added the atheist language to the end of.


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