Friday, February 22, 2013

Mother of Aurora shooting victim upset with John McCain's reaction at town hall. Husband would like a few minutes alone with the Senator.

As reported yesterday, John McCain made some rather insensitive remarks to a woman who attended one of his town halls, essentially telling her that she needed some "straight talk" and that she would NOT get the assault ban she was hoping for.

The video of the exchange made McCain look like an insensitive douchebag, and his office is claiming that it was edited to make him look bad:  

"This is an obvious case of selective editing to distort what Senator McCain actually said at Wednesday's town hall meeting," Rogers said. "As Senator McCain clearly said, his heart goes out to Mrs. Teves and her family and he is committed to working with members of both parties to try and prevent another senseless tragedy. And as he also said, Arizonans who come to his town hall meetings deserve to hear Senator McCain's honest opinion about this or any other issue, and the truth is that an assault weapons ban won't pass this Congress because of opposition from both political parties."

However the woman in question is not ready to let McCain off the hook quite so easily: 

“I was very surprised that a senator, who has been in office for over 30 years, would address a grieving mother, who just lost her son exactly seven months prior — yesterday was the 20th, I lost my son on 7-20-2012 — to tell me that I needed ‘some straight talk,’” Caren Teves said by phone.

Clearly this woman does not feel that the Senator understood her pain nor  offered her any hope of getting something serious done about the gun violence that ended her son's life.

But while SHE was simply disappointed her husband was simply livid: “The Senator owes my wife an apology - he is lucky I wasn’t there,” Tom Teves wrote in an email to TPM late Thursday. “He was a ‘tough guy’ with a grieving Mom - that is not who I want leading my country! The sad fact is I used to have a great deal of respect for the Senator McCain, not anymore.”

Father of shooting victim not pleased with Senator McCain's response to his wife.
 You know Mr. Teves looks like a pretty healthy specimen, I am guessing that old man McCain might want to take pans NOT to piss him off.

Part of Mr. Teves anger at the Arizona Senator stems from a response he received from McCain's office to an earlier letter: 

Teves said her husband recently wrote McCain a letter addressing the Aurora shooting, which took the lives of their son and 11 other people. But she said McCain’s office responded with a impersonal form letter that focused on an an entirely different massacre: the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn. Neither McCain nor his staff approached her after the town hall event, she added. 

“I was surprised at that,” Teves said. “It takes a lot for me to just get out of bed every morning. I mean, this is still so new and so fresh, that my son was murdered. And I just expected a little more respect from someone who’s been in office over 30 years, and his staff. Between that and the form letter that we received, it’s just, it’s appalling.”

I guess the McCain camp might as well just go ahead and blame the response to their letter on "bad editing as well, right?

You know I have probably said this before, but it certainly bears repeating, "Fuck John McCain!"


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    "The sad fact is I used to have a great deal of respect for the Senator McCain, not anymore."

    Amazing that there are still people who have not figured out yet that John McCain is a self-serving asshole.

    1. ibwilliamsi6:17 PM

      John McCain lways has been and always will be a spoiled over-privileged brat. A "Make Believe Maverick".

    2. "Country First" my ass!

      You Sir, are, and always have been a Traitor!

    3. Anonymous3:13 AM

      I am surprised people have/had respect for McCain. I wonder if this woman voted for him. Judging by her comment, I bet she did.

      President Obama would never treat any of us like that.

    4. Anonymous3:13 AM, in the full video she actually says she has voted Republican her whole life, i.e. she voted for McCain. I think she also said "never again".

  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    John McCain is, was, and always will be a stupid, insensitive asshole. He has said so many off color stupid jokes and comments over the decades that anyone who supports him is showing their own ignorance.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Shawn Christies mother is saying that Sarah has renounced her AK and is residing in AZ now. Remember when she said "We're all AZ's now"? John McCain that SOB is the one protecting her ass and todd's and she is lining up to grift her way into a Senate seat. Yes McCain prob tapped one of Todd's prostitutes and they have that on him.
    He's such a nasty POS, why else would he be protecting her ass?
    Well AK make sure to check if she files for her FREE money this year!

  4. Anonymous5:57 PM

    The original reports made McCain look like a total asshole. The unedited version makes McCain look like a SENILE total asshole. Take your choice.

    1. ibwilliamsi7:05 PM


    2. Anonymous5:05 AM

      I think McCain enjoys inflicting pain with an audience to stroke him.

  5. The video that hit the blogs WAS rather brutally edited, but in this version apparently not done by the TV station that broadcast the shortened video, McCain didn't do himself any favors in his behavior towards the woman.

    It was nice to see she got several rounds of applause for her statement, but the audience crassly also applauded McCain's "assault weapons ban will never pass congress (because a majority of reps won't vote for it)". Nice bunch, sorta like the morons at the Republican primary debates.

    Then McCain went off the rails for good when he bleated the usual Republican talking points about Chicago gun deaths being caused by handguns. Not a word about straw purchases, or domestic violence ending in death despite legal purchases (a la Adam Lanza's mother).

    1. Anonymous4:29 AM

      Our Congressman (Dr. Dan Benishek R-MI) would have added to McCain's bleat that it's really a matter of "human dignity" and that additional gun laws couldn't have any effect. I think that all modern members of the GOP have had to pass some kind of callousness test to get into politics. They seem to be devoid of sensitivity or human decency to a person.

    2. Benishek is my congressman and I think he is loathsome. He is a doctor and campaigned on lies about Medicare. He wants nothing more than to destroy it and leave seniors without health care. He also voted against Sandy relief. He is scum.

  6. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hey, John McCain, your daddy and grandpa opened ALL the doors and what did you do? Finish next to last in your class, crash planes, sing to the enemy, yet paint yourself as a hero that the low-info bought hook, line, and sinker. It's ALWAYS been about you, and you call people names who call you on it.

    Sounds a certain veep you chose, doesn't it? Look how that worked out, and you're just as pathetic as she is in "WAAAAAAA" attention-mongering, "it should have been mine" department. Be darn glad you lost, you wouldn't be alive today had you.

    A pathetic, shriveled up loser whose protege is following suit.

  7. ibwilliamsi6:15 PM

    "This is an obvious case of selective editing to distort what Senator McCain actually said at Wednesday's town hall meeting," Rogers said.

    You'd think that someone as savvy as a Captain in the US Navy/30 year US Senator would know that video cameras are easily available to everyone and a great way to protect yourself from "selective editing".

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      One thing McCain is not is 'savvy.'

  8. He's a contemptible old pig, that's what he is, and yes, I at one time had respect for him too. Nevermore.

    1. Anonymous7:08 PM

      I love you, Lynne! You always tell it like it is! McCain's so-called "maverick" nickname is self-served. He never was a maverick...if you go back and examine McCain's voting record...he always voted the Republican Party line. Always. he may have talked tough, but it was always just

  9. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I'll wager McCain was pissing in his pants when he saw this guy. I sincerely wish the guy had hung McCain from the rafters for all to see!
    McCain is an old, retarded, Republican white fat guy that should no longer be in office. He is a mess and thank God he and Palin lost the race to our wonderful president!

  10. I bet McAsshole doesn't have the cajones to treat Gabby and Mark the same way he treated that woman.

    1. I do wish her husband had been there. Jerks like McCain think it's perfectly fine to talk down to women.

  11. Anonymous6:56 PM


    Michelle Obama is on Jimmy Fallon tonight!! (Friday)

    A short video segment has been released -- What a kewl First Lady!!!

    I've decided -- When Hillary wins, Michelle should stay on as the First Lady!!!

    1. Anonymous8:05 PM

      But wait, if Michelle is first lady to Hillary wouldn't that make them gay?

      Just kidding! But who knows what it would be like 100 years or less from now. A gay couple in the white house... it could happen!

      Michelle for VP would be great though. She probably won't take on any big titles like that until Sasha & Malia are at least graduated from high school. Being a parent is her first priority. I love our first family & Michelle is awesome and a wonderful role model!

  12. AJ Billings7:43 PM

    Jim Wright has a very timely and accurate assessment of how far off the rails John McCain is lately

    It's obvious that either senility or dementia is playing a part, and the crabby old guy is not playing with a full deck. He's beginning to sound as demented as Granny Grifter, minus the word salad and the shrieking voice.

    If Paylin actually tries for his seat in the Senate, I just hope the good people of Arizona can defeat her.
    $arah could cause a lot of trouble as a Senator with her racist, sexist, and nasty partisan religious bullshit rhetoric.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Sarah Palin wouldn't be elected dog catcher in AZ much less senator. Give me a friggin' break! She's an idiot and fraud and there are so many proven things out there about her that she'd never rise out of the sewage!

  13. Anonymous8:01 PM

    "selective editing" Hmmmm....where have I heard that excuse before?

    Oh that's right, it was the mother of all trick questions by Katie Couric "What do you read?".

    Next thing you know McCain will be claiming Mrs. Teves was a gotcha plant in the audience.

  14. Anita Winecooler8:35 PM

    Oh, I don't know, I'm firmly supporting the father of the victim, but does he realize John McCain has a trained shooter in his circle of friends? YEP no other than Taawd PAlin from "Stars earn Stipes".

    Oh, hell, MR Tevis could take them both down blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back.

    But McCain is a coward. Doesn't have the common decency to properly apologize to the mother for the horrendous way she was mistreated by him AND his staff. How callous can they get? A form letter from another tragic event?

  15. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Thanks for the Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Obama 'mom dancing' youtube link.

  16. Anonymous12:42 AM

    So....pragmatism...the refuge of old fools and politicians.....and when the two converge....look out!

  17. Anonymous5:14 AM

    anyone that respects John McCain, the canary, doesn't know the man or what the traitor did.

  18. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I hope the father whips John McCain"s dumb old ass.

  19. majii7:27 PM

    McCain may be griping about selective editing, but imo, even his off target acknowledgement of her son's death is despicable. His response was intended for someone who has served in the military. This informs me that it is his patented one-fits-all response to everyone he meets. I'm glad the Teves' are finally seeing that they've been supporting a political party whose politicians couldn't give two sh*ts about them and what they've gone through. I'm beginning to believe the results of a recent poll I read that revealed that only @ 24% of voters today identify themselves as republicans. I sent McCain a tweet yesterday thanking him for driving more Americans out of the Republican Party.


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