Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rachel Maddow runs through the most recent President Obama conspiracy theories.

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Here is the transcript courtesy of Politicususa: 

The president faked the unemployment rate, he made it up. also the president is bulldozing President Reagan’s childhood home…Sounds terrible, to say that President Obama is personally going to bulldoze something related to Reagan, even if he isn’t? And do you remember Ring Gate? At World Net Daily where Rick Santorum works now. President Obama’s supposed wedding ring is really a secret I am a Muslim ring. “The ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years has the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith.” Did I say the ring means he is Muslim? No, I meant gay. It secretly proves he’s gay. It is a wedding ring, but it is a gay wedding ring, you can see why it would be confused. It is about the whole other theory that thinks he is gay, so the world thinks he is gay-married. 

Over at Breitbart, they have been upset about this picture of the president throwing a football. In that corner of the right-wing media, President Obama was not actually throwing a football in this photo. You see, you can tell because he is looking slightly up there. That is just unexplainable. why would you do such a thing? Clearly it is doctored? there is no way in football, you always look to the down or to the side unless you’re a secretly gay-married Muslim, bulldozing Reagan. 

Now this is the latest one, according to the right, this is not really the picture of the president shooting a gun. Yes, when the New Republic asked the president if he ever shot a gun, he said yes, he was skeet-shooting at Camp David. The White House supported the claim by tweeting out this picture of the president shooting skeet, and that’s when the cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs right wing fired up the conspiracy machine. According to them, this is not really the picture of the president shooting a gun, you see they can tell because the president is shooting with the gun sort of too flat. It is too straight. See, now, he is too straight. then there is the errant smoke where it shouldn’t be. Also his stance, bad form, can’t be real. Also a little pot belly. no, I’m not kidding, that was actually part of the argument against the veracity of the picture, you can see his tummy, where you actually had a jelly donut. where he wears a Muslim ring and a gay ring and doesn’t really play football, he just looks like he is, where him having a little poochy belly means that the vast left wing conspiracy is photoshopping for political capital on gun control. You know how they do.

You know whenever I see a new Obama conspiracy their I always think to myself, "You know it is just proof that they have absolutely NOTHING they can legitimately use against this President."

And that makes me smile.


  1. fromthediagonal1:09 PM

    Agreed! But never "misunderestimate" the desperate and the gullible, because that is what Murdoch and his minions at FOX and other so-called news outlets thrive upon.

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    It would be hilarious if it weren't so dog-gone frightening. People that buy into this garbage are the same part and parcel that seriously think Sarah Palin is fit to be president of the United States of America.

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    How about the headline on yahoo news that says the President can use drones to shoot down Americans anytime, anywhere at his pleasure.

    1. Do you think that Cheney/Bush felt that they couldn't? This is a horrible holdover from the Bush Imperial Presidency, and if the right had been as vocally opposed to it THEN, as well as the 'Patriot Act" and illegal spying on citizens, maybe we couold have ended some of this crap. But no, somehow if the Republican claims to be King, it's all fine. It is never fine. Not then, not now.

  4. Balzafiar2:09 PM

    "Also his stance, bad form, can’t be real."

    According to their standards his stance can't be a real stance because the Republican standard is based on whether or not a man can touch both stall walls in the men's room with both feet, and is only performed when one or both of the other stalls are occupied by another male.

    It is a well-documented Republican male-to-male bonding acceptance ritual they practice, popularly known as the "wide stance", and was named after one of the foremost expert practitioners of the maneuver, former Republican Senator Larry Craig.

    When one of the males is accepted by the other, he is joined in his stall by the other competing male(s) and they engage in various types of male bonding activities in celebration.

    So yes, his stance isn't real by their standards, but no Republican or Republican apologist should accuse President Obama of bad form or being unreal.

    He's the most real man in Washington -- all man, all the time.

  5. She forgot the 'nipple' outrage, that proves the picture was taken in the cold and snow, and that all those green trees and the grass are fake!

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Thanks for the nip tip. I knew zip about it.

      Badge Man on the Grassy Knoll

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    And did you know that the Bible that Obama used to be sworn in was really a Koran with a Bible book jacket on it? Pretty Sneaky I'd say. Those blahs, Not to be trusted. i

  7. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Speaking of crackpot conspiracy-theory websites, whenever I visit C4P, I always get the impression I'm at Stormfront: Hello Kitty Edition

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I do not think there are any actual ADULTS in the gop. With McCain's temper tantrums, Santorum's assinine statements, Boehner's bawling. It is almost believeable that they try to outdo each other for which one can be the most ignorant.McCain HAS to be in his second childhood, or else senile. He gets more outrageous every year.

    1. Anonymous4:24 AM

      I like the lowercase gop. We don't need to dignify this group of do-nothing, know-nothing, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, addle-pated, hare-brained, weasel-dicked, not-playing-with-a-full-deck-if-you-know-what-I-mean puke-bags with upper case letters.

      I feel better now.

  9. Wow, that poochy belly. It doesn't look like a square pillow so I fear he actually may be preggers!! Dang that Biden!

  10. SHARON4:33 PM

    I think it is all wonderful to behold..finally the true identity of the GOP is unveiled for the entire world to behold. Too bad they don't believe how the dinosaurs died out cuz that is where they are heading.
    I love this new idea of Obama "flooding" the congress with gun control and immigration and not to mention Chuck Hagel...pea brains exploding everywhere.

    On another note....for those of you with Netflix, watch the new series House of Cards. They have posted the entire 13 episode season, it is so damn good with Kevin Spacey leading the pack of the real vile underground of DC. It is cheap enough to just subscribe for a month to watch this series.

    1. Anonymous4:01 AM

      We are watching the "House of Cards" shows. It's based on the British original series and, except for making the evil guys Democrats, it's interesting. There just aren't any Southern Democratic senators these days. And I'd love to hear Lawrence O'Donnell's take on the series - he knows how the Senate works for real. Kevin Spacey's wife in the series is just as nasty as her spouse, maybe worse.

  11. Anita Winecooler7:41 PM

    Oh yeah, his stance is wrong, has to be photoshopped, in fact that's not even the real President Obama, it's a muslim biracial gay married crisis actor with a paunch!

    The GOP are experts in all things to do with guns. Sarah Palin with her finger on the trigger, aimed directly at the cameraman, Larry Craig's "stance" and who can forget the Cheyney shoots his lawyer friend?

  12. Anonymous9:05 PM

    In my opinion he should have never allowed that photo to be released to the press or anyone else. We all know the media and the right wing would run with this. The Whitehouse should have given the press the big middle finger when they asked him to show a picture of him skeet shooting. It's none of their business or anyone else's what he partakes in on his time off. And he definitely shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone.

  13. Anonymous3:10 AM

    I am so sick and tired of the way President Obama is treated by some 'on the other side'. They are nothing more than assholes and will find themselves in big trouble in the next two-year election. Vote the Republicans out of office every chance you get! They are nothing more than obstructionists and trouble makers.

  14. Anonymous3:12 AM

    This president has a flat stomach and is in such good shape. Most the Republicans are fat, white guys with stomachs hanging over their belts. Ugly fellas they are - inside and out. Vote them OUT!!!


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