Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things that you cannot get put in jail for in Alaska, exploding 300 lbs of explosives that do $15,000 of damage. Really? Even if you are named during the trial of a domestic terrorist?

I know that many of you read about that huge explosion near Riverbanks that happened earlier this month, because I received the link about a dozen times.

I am sure that you would naturally assume that causing such a monster explosion and doing so muhc damage would result in a conviction for SOMETHING. But you my friend would be oh so wrong.

Courtesy of Newsminer:  

The criminal case has been dismissed against a Fairbanks man who was accused of setting off a destructive explosion last month in the Chena Ridge neighborhood. 

Following the explosion, Fairbanks chiropractor and business owner Guy “Chris” Mannino was charged with felony criminal mischief, the crime of recklessly putting the property of others at risk. 

Neighbors said shockwaves from the blast, which was heard as far away as North Pole, did at least $15,000 in damage to windows and other property. 

Alaska State Troopers said there was evidence Mannino detonated the blast and recommended a felony charge under the theory that blowing up more than 300 pounds of explosives put more than $100,000 in property at risk. 

A Fairbanks grand jury disagreed last week. Asked to indict Mannino to continue the prosecution, the grand jury returned a “no true bill” instead of an indictment. 

“The grand jury, after careful deliberation, decided that Mr. Mannino’s conduct was not criminal in nature,” Fairbanks District attorney Michael Gray said by e-mail. 

Because the grand jury failed to indict, the state cannot again pursue the case unless new evidence emerges. In some cases the state can pursue misdemeanor charges if the grand jury does not indict, but in this case the misdemeanor version of criminal mischief corresponds with the crime of intentionally damaging up to $500 worth of property, not Mannino’s alleged reckless conduct.

Now look I live in Alaska, and I know that there are a lot of things you can get away with up here that would have your ass in jail for years down in the lower 48. You know like firing your weapon into the air at night, driving your snowmachine down the middle of the road, raping a reindeer, you know things like that.

However you might assume that setting off an explosion that does $15,000 worth of damage and puts $100,000 worth of property at risk, would get you SOME time in jail. Right?

So I thought to myself who does this Guy Mannino fellow know? And why is his name vaguely familiar?

And I found that answer in a transcript of the Schaeffer Cox trial put together by our friend Jeanne Devon over at the Mudflats. This is from a portion of an FBI surveillance tape that was played in court, of a conversation between FBI informant Bill Fulton, defendant Lonnie Vernon, and the other FBI informant JR Olson:  

The next snippet of conversation talks about grenades and fuses, C4 explosive, and silencers, which are also called ‘supressors.’ This conversation takes place the night after the convention. 

 FULTON: That whole — that’s what I’m saying, but you also want good ones… They have to be brand new but off the books. I know a couple of gun shops in the area. That’s not a problem. 

VERNON: Really, no kidding? 

OLSON: That’s all I want to know. 

FULTON: That’s prepay, and you’re going to wait six months for it. 

VERNON: Really, no kidding? 

FULTON: Yeah. because they’re going to want cash, and in order to make it clean it’s got to get lost… It’s not like they can just order one up. 

VERNON: You can’t grind the numbers, weld over it and that kind of stuff? 

FULTON: No, no, no, no, because each one of those is accountable. 

VERNON: Oh, I gotcha. 

FULTON: You see what I’m saying? So, let’s say that I go to him and I give him a thousand dollars, okay? It’s going to take a while for him to order the piece to begin with, because it’s not like anybody stocks them. Order it, get it shipped, do the paperwork, get it lost, and then get it to me, yeah. 

VERNON: I was going to ask you, you don’t deal with an Mannino, do you? 

FULTON: Who’s Mannino? No. 

VERNON: Okay. 

FULTON: Who is he? 

OLSON: He’s a dealer. 

VERNON: No, no, no, no, no, no. He’s a tour president and everybody — he’s in the ‘dot gov’ thing. He is a worm … 

FULTON: Okay, who is this asshole? (…) 

OLSON: He’s a chiropractor. 

VERNON: He’s the one that — he’s a meddler. 

OLSON: He’s got class three. 

VERNON: Oh, yeah, he’s got — he’s got explosives and everything. But, if you try to buy… 

OLSON: Don’t deal with him. 

VERNON: If you try to buy something from him, all of a sudden you make the list, on his list, and all of his buddies are the cops, FBI, everything. He is such a smartass. 

Here is what Jeanne wrote about the guy they were talking about: 

The twerpish, wormy, meddling, smartass, chiropractic asshole turns out to be a Dr. G. Chris Mannino from Fairbanks – a chiropractor who also happens to be a Class 3 gun dealer. If he is the same G. Chris Mannino that has (or had) a business called Arms & Equipment, and was listed as a Class 3 dealer in Fairbanks.

Okay so now do you get it?

Perhaps if you are a regular Joe Blow in Alaska, and you blow a giant hole in the state, you might go to jail. But if you are a gun dealing chiropractor, with ties to certain militia members, and lots of cop buddies, well....

Things that make you go, hmmm.


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    So, on a happier note. THIS made my morning.

    1. Uh....excuse me Krazy....did you READ what you just posted or it did you just go by the title? Because this is what's in the article dumbass...

      "Mama of the Year may have let the nighttime ritual slide.

      So we brushed our teeth and took turns peeing.

      “Mama, why does your vagina have a tail?”


      “Oh, that’s a tampon.”

      “What’s a tampon?”

      (Once upon a time when I used to read books on parenting–before I had kids–I learned that when it comes to tricky questions about where babies come from, you should only answer the specific question asked. Think hostile witness on the stand and get serious.)

      “Tampons go inside your vagina.”

      There's more...but I had to stop and laugh!

      You are so damn C R A Z Y Krusty! LOL!!

    2. Anonymous10:20 AM

      I don't understand your comment Gina. I found that little write-up amazing and funny - most of all real and what all parents experience with their children at some point.

    3. really fed up with all this12:39 PM

      I'm with 10:20. What is wrong with this blog is all the irraTIONAL libels and focus on other peoples problem. When everyone in the town thinks its' ok to be shooting and blasting in their backyards then FREEDOM!

      A jury of their freedum loving peers says open fire and then what can go wrong.

      So then someone tries to take the duiscussion to tampons and GINA STARTS RIGHT IN!!!


    4. really fed up with all this12:39 PM

      "tries to take the duiscussion to tampons"


      "tampons"...WTF again!

      You're still C R A Z Y.....TROLL!


    5. Anonymous6:38 PM

      More tampon talk. Seriously.

      Or wait, let's talk about our favorite douches. Mine are the two book ends (Steve Doocey and the other guy, Not-Doocey) on Fox & Friends with Grechen. How about yours?

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Things that you cannot get put in jail for in Alaska:

    1. Sex Trafficking
    2. Breaking and entering
    3. Destroying school buses

    1. Actually it depends on who you are, if I did those things my ass would be in Hiland Mountain for a long time.

    2. Anonymous10:18 AM

      It's a good thing they're rare and people just talk about them without real knowledge because they're ignorant and gullible (namely B&E and buses)

    3. cjprof10:35 AM

      Breaking and entering is "rare?" Are you serious?

      Or maybe you just mean it's rare among Palin kids...

    4. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Maybe 10:18 AM should research Dylan Kolvig's Dad's party boat that was torched. Bristol and Track 'CAIN'T GET RIGHT' boozed and used drugs there. Dylan was sleeping with Bristol. It is very mysterious how 'fires' happen to some of those with negative information about the Palins. If the former friends don't leave the state like the Kolvigs, accidents happen to them. Todd Palin has dangerous associates.

  3. hedgewytch7:59 AM

    I would be interested to know why this person decided to blow up all those explosives at once.

    Getting rid of extra?
    Wanted to make a big bang?
    Just for the hell of it?
    Trying to make a new lake?

    1. fromthediagonal8:15 AM

      hedgewytch... how about his competition deciding that he was getting too much business and needed a reduction in inventory? Just a thought.

    2. My dad worked with dynamite and nitroglycerin as a young man. He said old dynamite would start to “sweat” and become unstable and very dangerous. Maybe blowing it up was this man’s solution, but why he wasn’t penalized is beyond me.

      Militia members and cops hanging together; is this one of those “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

    3. fromthediagonal10:31 AM

      Darlene... I hope my thought does not bear merit, but how about "great minds think alike"?

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Two more innocents pay the price of gun violence:

    Bipolar Granny kills grandkids, self

    In another sad ending - a bipolar Grandma who was authorized to pick up her Grandkids at a Connecticut day care, picks her two grandchildren 2 years old and 6 months old - takes them to a secluded area and proceeds to shoot and kill the two kids and herself. A revolver and suicide note were found in the vehicle at the scene.

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    America...fuck, yeah!!

    (although in this case, it's Separatists...fuck, yeah!!)

  6. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Stuff gets....."lost". And if you just happen to stumble upon their little game, well, then you get "lost" too. They're all in bed together, it's incestuous.

    AKIAC: (page 4)

    Alaska Information and Analysis Center – In September 2009, Gov. Sean Parnell designated the AKIAC as Alaska’s fusion center. Similar to fusion
    centers elsewhere in the nation, AKIAC is a collection and dissemination point for information that needs to be shared between public safety, government, and private entities in the overlying effort of increasing
    public and infrastructure protection.

    Prior to 2011, the AKIAC remained more as a concept than an actual functioning information center. In 2011, the AKIAC made significant progress towards being an instrumental part of protecting Alaska against internal and external threats. With the addition of personnel through partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, the AKIAC is now comprised of a commissioned Alaska State Trooper lieutenant; a DPS specially commissioned employee that works as the Critical Infrastructure Key Resource (CIKR) liaison to the Alaska Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management; a DPS civilian criminal justice technician; and two federal partner agency employees.

    The partner agencies are the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Western States Information Network (WSIN)



    "Domestic Terrorists (Sovereign Citizens/Shaffer Cox)
    were caught with what seems to be many of our missing items."

    United States Senate
    Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
    Carl Levin, Chairman
    Tom Coburn, Ranking Minority Member

    (4) Francis “Schaeffer” Cox Case

    DHS also pointed to work by the Alaska Information Analysis Center (AKIAC)
    regarding Francis “Schaeffer” Cox, an Alaskan militia leader who was arrested in March 2011, 545 and convicted in June 2012 on charges stemming from a murder plot against federal officials.546

    Here's some extra credit:

  7. Well each of those that sustained damages should take this moron to court and sue for the damages. Probably a series of small claims court cases. That will probably annoy the idiot more than anything else.

  8. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Fairbanks is trying to compete with China's air quality by burning anything and everything God or man-made put on this earth that will take a flame. It's great for the kids and elderly respiratory health. But freedom damn it.

    Now they are willfully covering for destructive, deranged fringe individuals? People let this wormy twerp put his hands on their spine?

  9. Anonymous11:51 AM

    News for ALASKA!

    Shell Suspends Drilling for Arctic Ocean in 2013

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced Wednesday that it will suspend its offshore petroleum drilling program in the Arctic Ocean for 2013, taking a break to make sure it can do so safely.

    The company announced it will "pause" exploration in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska's northwest coast and in the Beaufort Sea off the state's north coast to prepare equipment and vessels for drilling in the future.

    "We've made progress in Alaska, but this is a long-term program that we are pursuing in a safe and measured way," Shell Oil Co. President Marvin Odum said in the announcement. "Our decision to pause in 2013 will give us time to ensure the readiness of all our equipment and people following the drilling season in 2012."

    Environmental groups opposed to drilling cheered the announcement.


  10. The only thing left to do is pursue civil suits against the guy who lit the sticks for property damage. Good luck with that.


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