Monday, February 04, 2013

With Scott Brown out Massachusetts Republicans are so deperate they are thinking of recruiting Romney. No, not that loser Mitt, they want his wife or son.

"What you're not even going to ask me? Well I would have said no anyhow...probably."
Courtesy of the Boston Herald:

Massachusetts Republicans are desperately scrambling to find a strong Senate candidate to replace Scott Brown, with some even trying to persuade Mitt Romney’s wife or son to jump into the race to avert another electoral disaster. 

The former GOP senator’s decision to stay out of the June 25 special election surprised and angered some Republican leaders, who said it will make it much harder to beat a Democratic opponent without Brown on the ballot. 

“I’ve had several people call me and ask about Ann Romney,” Ron Kaufman, a longtime friend and aide to the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate nominee, told the Herald.

You know I don't usually like to encourage Republicans as a rule but I would like to give my full throated endorsement to this idea.

Please, oh please, oh please let one of the Romney's run for this seat. I would LOVE to see another one of them get crushed by a Democrat, while Ann bitches about how lucky "you people" are that another member of her precious family has deigned to sully themselves by seeking political office, for the "good of the country."

But if I may make ONE suggestion, instead of Ann or Tagg being drafted as the candidate, can we have Josh Romney instead?

He just seems to have the laser like focus that one expects from a robot from Dimension X a candidate for the Senate.

Okay seriously, does he ever even blink?


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    "they want his wife of son." I hope that you mean that they want either Ann or one of the kids to run. Great idea. Their only political experience was being related to a former governor of the state, or helping him campaign-- first against McCain, then against all of the other Republican clowns and finally against President Obama-- a record to proud of.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    American psycho.

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      LOL... That is one scary-ass face.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Ann won't do it! She has MS and running would be horribly stressful to her. Plus, they know a Romney would not be elected! But, it would be fun to watch!

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Ann is a mean-spirited, entitled airhead who once was quite attractive. But age and resentment (for WHAT???) have done her in. She seems of barely average intelligence and certainly lacks in the empathy department. Who are they kidding?

    2. Anonymous12:54 PM

      Sounds like someone ELSE we "know."

    3. DetroitSam10:30 PM

      I have a friend who has suffered from MS for the past 25 years yet she manages to live a full and productive life. Also, neither she or her husband are rich, or even well off.

      Ann Romney doesn't/never had anything to stress her out.

      Besides, just what could she or Tagg bring to the table?

  4. 1) Who are these clueless wonders that think Bad Lovey would be a popular, electable, candidate?

    2) What will Tagg's selling point be? That given the chance to go to Washington, he will "take a swing" at the President?

    3) Or perhaps Tagg's winning strategy will be to talk about how he made sure to keep a hospice out of *his* neighborhood?**

    Glad to see all those head-scratching, soul-searching republican retreats have led to nothing but dandruff.

    **If this wasn't Tagg, my apologies, but frankly, the Romneys aren't worth any more time than it ever took any of them to research and speak only verifiable truth.

  5. "Okay seriously, does he ever even blink?" (referring to Josh Romney)
    Right after his tongue zaps that fly buzzing around. {blink} Hiss!

    1. HA!!
      Of course he blinks -- every 12.678 seconds. Read the manual!

    2. Good one, Nefer!

  6. PalinsHoax10:20 AM

    Typo in headline? Should that be "his wife OR son" ?

    Love all your articles, Gryphen.

  7. Anonymous10:27 AM

  8. Anonymous10:44 AM



    1. Leland10:55 AM

      HEY! A new sitcom title!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Robots ALL!

  10. Leland10:55 AM

    The only placeI have seen the kind of look that is on Josh's face in that photo is on the face of a religious zealot.

  11. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I find it hilarious that they didn't ask Mitt and I'm pretty sure Mitt wouldn't allow Ann to run because who will "mother" him....

    My guess is that he can't function without Ann.

    1. DetroitSam10:31 PM

      Are there any Mormon women in politics?

  12. Anonymous11:25 AM

    el oh el!

    These shitbirds are turning me into a Democrat.

  13. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Never happen. They might be asked to disclose personal financial reports. And we know how the Romney's are loathe to discuss their finances.

  14. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Which Romney is that?

    Doesn't matter....only commoners blink. :-)

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      In the family photo, he is the one wearing a white shirt and khaki's. Oh, wait a minute, that's what all of the Romney sons wear for the family photo. Just like dad.

  15. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Tagg Romney's only public/political experience was to keep a hospice from being built in his neighborhood and to get approval for a Mormon temple in his neighborhood. We know their priorities.

    1. fromthediagonal5:32 PM

      One looks like an enforcer, and the other like a zealot... don't know about the rest of 'em.

  16. Balzafiar11:54 AM

    I want the closeted gay one to run; it's probably the only way we'll ever get to elect a gay* President in today's world.

    *Yes, I know about the other ones; that's why I added "today's world".

  17. Randall11:56 AM


    WHY in the world would they even CONSIDER Queen Ann?

    ...because they have no one else.

    That's it, that's all:

    Ann Romney has so many Cadillacs, Mitt wasn't even sure how many she has...
    and when she talked to interviewers she talked down to them,
    referred to them as "you people"
    and to the rest of us as
    "those people"
    as in "those people don't deserve to have any more"
    ...remember? (That was when she was asked why they wouldn't release more than one year of Mitt's taxes)

    Good luck with that, is all I have to say.

  18. Ann Romney: We've 'given all you people need'

  19. Anonymous12:18 PM

    You'd look like Josh, too, if you had to watch while your daddy was getting stomped in a debate by "that one."

    1. Anonymous12:59 PM

      So much for "never let 'em see you sweat." It was POURING off daddy that night. I was LAUGHING.

  20. Cutting funding for education...this is where the GOP chickens come home to roost. Stupidest idea ever! I hope they do it too.

  21. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Fresh off the Baltimore Ravens' Super Bowl XLVII victory, Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke out in defense of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in a new interview with none other than Russell Simmons.

    "Being the first pioneer publicly accepting same-sex marriage in the three major sports was difficult at first but the more people scrutinized me and ridiculed me, the stronger I became for the issue," Ayanbadejo told Simmons, who has also been praised by a number of advocacy groups for his own defense of LGBT rights. "It was like lifting weights; the resistance made me stronger, stand taller and speak louder for LGBT rights!"

    Despite the recent furor regarding anti-gay comments made by San Francisco 49ers' players in the weeks leading up to the NFL championship game, Ayanbadejo added, "The NFL culture has come a long way from four years ago. The younger generation of players are a lot more open-minded, forward thinking and accepting of the LGBT community."

    Having previously vowed to use the Super Bowl as a platform for same-sex marriage and anti-bullying measures, Ayanbadejo also noted, "This isn't a fight for gay rights, this is a fight for human rights."

    A new #Time4Marriage video featuring Ayanbadejo also appeared on YouTube today (see above). In the clip, produced by the Respect For Marriage Coalition, the football star urges, "Join me and the majority of Americans who support marriage equality -- it's the right thing to do."

  22. Anita Winecooler12:50 PM

    And who will run for Potus? The empty chair?

    Josh reminds me of "American Psycho", except Christian Bale is easier on the eyes and just acting!


    Three words for the GOP.

    "Bring it On"

  23. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I think that Romney's kid ought to skip running for anything and just head for reality TV or DWTS. He could also call Bristol for some advice about how to make something big out of being the kid of a former governor, a former governor with presidential ambitions.

  24. AKinPA1:10 PM

    I read this article in the Herald yesterday. Next to article with Romneys' (mother and son) names listed along with 6 -8 other GOP and you could for who should get the nomination. I voted just so I could see the results. Ann came in first with 50% of the vote. The son who sounded like he was named by a Palin came in 2nd with 26% of the vote. When will they ever learn?

    Ann: a woman who never worked outside the home, has no college degree, thinks campaigning is so hard and has lousy taste in tee shirts. Heck, even Palin has more qualifications.

  25. Anonymous1:25 PM

    The republicans think that running losers will somehow bring them victory. I hope they do run the entitled losers. mitt'sons and bitch wife need to have their asses kicked to learn some needed humility.

  26. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Meh-lite for Senate!

  27. Anonymous3:08 PM

    hahaha, love that line! and our Pres too!


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